Hello, Jenny here again with another story of how much I love raping other women. Remember how my first conquest had been Angela, my neighbour, when I was only 16. Well, for days afterwards I'd been terrified that she'd go to the Police, (this was before I realized how shameful being raped by another woman is.)

As time passed I realized I'd got away with it, and as more time passed I began to want to do it again, not with Angela. Because although I sort of semi-raped her (in a sort of semi-non-consent thing.) a few times more that Summer her semi-consent took a lot of the enjoyment out of it. I began to look elsewhere for a new victim. About a year later, I found her.

Miss Johnson was a new teacher at our school, straight from teacher training college, naive in a lot of things and I knew I could turn that to my advantage. She was youngish (mid to late 20's), quite pretty and slim with mid-length black hair. I fancied her from the first day I saw her and studied her on the sly for the 6 months or so it took for my plan to reach fruition.

The thing was she was actually a really nice person, very easy to get along with and always willing to help any of her pupils with their work, if I wasn't already planning to rape her at some point I'm sure we could have become good friends. But I didn't let this get in the way of my plan.

By now I was studying for my university entrance exams and Miss. Johnson was my tutor, because of this the usual teacher-pupil relationships got blurred and when I explained about a problem I was having with a particular aspect of my work Miss Johnson suggested I come to her house that evening to discuss it further. When I asked if her husband would mind she told me she wasn't married. That was the sort of information I could work with.

I should say here that there was nothing sexual in her invitation, she was as straight as an arrow, unfortunately for her that's exactly how I like my victims -- unsuspecting and unwilling.

But I wasn't so stupid as to jump on her the first time I went to her house; my first visit was just to ingratiate myself with her and to see how easy it would be to rape her. I guess we were really quite similar people -- she was shy and didn't go out much, I was a bit of a loner, so our evenings at her house were very pleasant, after a general schoolwork she'd open a bottle of wine and we'd watch the soaps on TV.

So it was pretty easy to get into a routine of me going to her house. The other thing that stopped me raping her straight off was that I'd decided to buy a vibrator and that meant a trip to the city, which I couldn't afford for a month or so with the money I got for my 18th birthday.

I guess no porn-shop owner cares or moralises about who their customers are, a sale is a sale and this guy was no exception, besides I'd been getting stuff from him for about 18 months now so he did ok from me, he knew my tastes and had once recommended a video to me, he said it was extreme lesbian bondage/rape stuff but I found the bondage too consenting for my liking. So when I went in and bought a large vibrator and a pair of handcuffs he didn't even raise an eyebrow.

That night and for the next few weeks I used the vibrator on myself, whilst all the time fantasizing about using it on Miss. Johnson.

In the weeks leading up to my rape I debated with myself whether to use the handcuffs on Carol or not, in the end I decided against it even though I'd tied Angela's wrists and ankles. I had two reasons for not using them, one was that I knew physically I could easily overpower her, and the other was just to see how much more of a thrill it would be if my victim wasn't restrained.

Finally the week arrived when I knew I was going to rape my teacher, I arranged my visit as usual with her after my last lesson with her in the morning and must admit I couldn't concentrate on any subjects in the afternoon because my mind and body were in such a state of anticipation.

After school I rushed home and just had to bring myself off as I showered, then I dressed in preparation; medium length denim skirt, no tights or knickers or anything that could get in the way and a baggy t-shirt with no bra underneath, then after supper I popped my vibrator into my school bag, said bye to my parents and went off on the hunt.

Carol was as helpful as ever with my study problems and we got them out of the way quite soon and she went off to get the wine while I turned on the TV. Soon we were sitting side by side on her sofa in front of the mid- evening soaps. After a few sips of wine I started.

I slid my hand onto her jean covered thigh and squeezed it, Carol was momentarily nonplussed but gathered her wits enough to remove my hand, so I simply replaced it slightly higher up her leg and gave another gentle squeeze.

"Err, Jenny' I don't think this is entirely appropriate." She said reproaching as she moved my hand for a second time.

"Oh it's very appropriate for what I have in mind, Carol." I said as I put my hand on her lovely leg for a third time "You see, I want to fuck you and I don't care if you want me to or not." With that I grabbed her hair with my other hand and pulled her face towards mine, as I crushed my lips onto hers and took advantage of her surprise to force my tongue into her mouth I used my free had too pull her blouse from inside her jeans. She attempted to push me away and managed to break out kiss.

"Jenny," she cried "Stop, stop, what are you doing?"

I was now almost on top of her on the edge of the sofa now, and I squeezed her jaw tightly with my hand. "Don't you fucking well dare try and stop me, you bitch," I snarled at her terrified face, only inches from mine, while I was threatening her I continued to pull her blouse from inside her jeans and in only a few seconds I had it totally out and.

As I pulled at her blouse some more, I heard the buttons begin to pop apart. I then started to fumble with the button on her jeans and easily undid it, but before I could go any further with a sudden wailing sound of anger/fear/whatever she launched herself up from her sitting position and pushed me backwards on to the floor. Momentarily stunned I watched in panic as Carol lurched up and headed towards the door.

"Jesus!" I thought, "If she gets out of the house I'm in a lot of trouble." I flung a hand towards her legs and caught hold of one of her ankles and did just enough to make her stumble to the floor, in a flash I was on top of her and pinned her with my body. I twisted one of her arms up behind her back producing a weird cry, with my other had I pulled savagely on her hair.

"Bitch, that was a mistake. I warned you not to stop me, now I'm really pissed off." I shouted at her.

"Jenny, Jenny." She sobbed as I pulled her hair harder and forced her arm further up her back. "Please stop, let me go, please, I won't tell anyone, just let me go."

"Too fucking late," I hissed. "I've wanted to do this for a long time, and even if you did tell who do you think would believe you? You ask an 18 year old pupil into your house at night and we have a lovers tiff that's how it's going to look isn't it Carol?" I laughed as I said this and wrapped my legs round hers immobilizing her even more. As I did this my skirt rode up and my bare pussy rubbed against her thigh and I came and clamped my legs tighter around hers.

Thoroughly aroused now I fumbled for the button on my skirt and undid it, then I whipped off my t-shirt, now one of us was naked it was time to work on the other. I let her arm go just long enough to literally tear off her opened shirt then I unclipped her bra and slid it off her. As she lay face down on the floor I placed both hands round her neck and choked her a bit, just to scare her you understand. Releasing my grip a bit I put my mouth next to her ear.

"Right you bitch, that's just a taste of what I can do to you, now I' m going to take your jeans off and you're not going to stop me are you?" Her gasps for breath told me she wouldn't, so seizing my chance I leapt up, pulled her shoes off, and the pulled her jeans down and off leaving her only wearing a flimsy pair of briefs. As I looked down at her I felt a new surge of sexual ecstasy as I realized this gorgeous thing was mine now.

I pulled her over onto her front and for the first time she realized I was naked, before she could react to this I knelt over her and pinned her arms at he side under my knees, I smiled down at her.

"Right, Carol, now you've some round to my way of thinking I'm going to show you what I have I mind."

With this I lowered my breast down onto her face, she naturally tried to turn her head away but I soon pulled twisted it back round.

"Lick them, bitch." I ordered and yanked at her hair suddenly causing her mouth to open and I forced one of my nipples in. " Good, lick it now, that's right." Knowing she had no choice she obediently set her tongue to work, I could feel my wetness oozing onto her stomach as I ran my free hand down to her panties, she bucked underneath me as I slid my fingers under her waistband and between her lips, I worked my fingers in and out as I made her lick each nipple alternatively.

This was better than I'd ever dreamed and I knew it was only a matter of minutes before another orgasm would engulf me. So I sat up and worked my body up towards her face until my thighs were around her neck and my pussy was inches from her mouth. She looked up at me, eyes bulging almost in terror.

"Please, Jenny, not that, anything but that." Her voice was now little more than sobs, this of course just served to increase my sexual high.

"What's up Carol? never licked a woman before?" I jeered at her. "Never once wanted to go down on one of your pupils. That's all I'm here to do, Carol, to help you act out your fantasies. Now be a good girl and lick it."

I held her face steady as I pushed my pussy onto it, at first she resolutely refused to open her mouth and all I could feel were her hot tears on my thighs, but a few twists of her hair forced her to give in to my demands and her tongue began to probe tentatively between my wet lips. This was all the stimulation I needed and came almost immediately flooding her mouth with my juices.

My knees were hurting now from the carpet but I wanted more of Carol's tongue so, holding her tightly by the hair, I got up and maneuvered us over to the sofa where I sat down and pulled her into position between my open legs.

She immediately began to lap at my pussy as before and I slumped back on the sofa, it was a thrilling sight to see this beautiful woman going down on me totally under my control and it was only a couple of minutes before I came for a third time, clamping my thighs firmly round her face as I did.

When I released them she gasped for breath but I gave her no time for that and pulled her up from the floor and brought her face right up to mine so I could kiss my juiced from her lips. She was totally subdued now and made no resistance as I forced my tongue into her mouth or licked my sweet taste off her face. This passivity gave me an idea, and I reached down and with one sharp tug ripped her briefs off.

"Open your mouth." I ordered and as she meekly complied I stuffed them in. "I bet another of your fantasies is spanking your girls, isn't it Carol?" I mocked as she shook her head, "Well, how about one of your girls spanking you, does that turn you on?" More wide-eyed head shaking. "Tough luck, bitch, 'cos it sure as hell turns me on."

With that I slid my right leg round so she was outside it and then forced her over my lap, realizing what was about to happen she yelled into her makeshift gag but I grabbed her left arm and twisted it up behind her back till her yells were replaced with a sharp expression of pain.

"Little old me with Miss. Johnson naked over her lap for a spanking what would they say in the staff room I wonder?" As I mocked her I began to spank, relishing as each blow jiggled her lovely cheeks, I laid it on as hard as I could until I could her muffled sobs to my satisfaction. Her legs were slightly apart and I could see her pussy lips almost pulsating with each blow. I knew what I wanted to do now.

From where I was I was just able to reach round and grab my bag, from it I retrieved my vibrator, now for it's christening.

"Guess what I have here, Carol." As she turned her head to look I switched it on and slid it between her legs. I pushed her legs wider apart and had to restrain her as the head of the vibrator began to push between her lips "Relax, Carol, you're not going anywhere until I'm done so just let it in."

It took a couple of minute for her futile struggles to stop, and they only did when the vibrator was fully in, I turned the speed up to it's maximum and moved it in and out a short way. I brought her hand down from its twisted position and forced it down to between my legs.

"Come on, bitch, finger me." As I said this I rammed the vibrator up as far as it would go, producing a tremendous jolt right through her body.

This also had the desired effect of getting her fingers to work on my pussy, and again I came as I worked the vibrator in and out. Recovering swiftly I pulled the vibrator out rapidly and rolled her off my lap onto the floor, moving fast I pulled her by her hair onto the sofa and positioned her on her back, she was crying loudly but I couldn't have cared less as I forced the vibrator into her mouth.

"Suck on it, that's right suck on it good." I cooed as I jammed it between her lips causing her to gag, the I lowered my lips onto her tits and kissed and bit them, they felt delicious in my mouth and I had to finger myself to another climax as I bit harder, relishing Carol's screams from beneath the phallus.

Momentarily drained I slumped down onto her sweating body and gradually removed the vibrator form her mouth; it was covered in a mixture of saliva and her come juice.

"Please, Jenny, let me go please," She sobbed, but I was in no mood to listen, the glistening shaft of the vibrator gave me an idea of what to do next.

"Shut it" I snapped and looked round for her panties, she'd need to be gagged for what I had in mind, finding them I stuffed them into her mouth and rolled her onto her front. Then I slid an arm under her waist and hauled her up so her knees were under her and her bum was raised in the air, it was still red from the punishment I'd given it earlier, but it was still gorgeous and I couldn't resist kissing it and pressing my face against it.

I pinned both her hands behind her back and put my weight on her so she was unable to struggle as I turned on the vibrator again and gently pressed it against her anus.

God, how she struggled as she realized what final indignity I as going to inflict, but she couldn't resist for long as I eased the head in inch by inch, her head was on one side now and I could see the tears running down her cheeks as I managed to force the plastic dick in all the way, I then turned tit up to it's maximum speed and left it in her hole as I freed my hand to slip it between her legs and finger her pussy. For the last time I climaxed and draped myself over her back.

Without saying a word I pulled the vibrator form her arse-hole and wiped it on her back, then put it back in my bag and got dressed. She lay on the couch the whole time, not daring to look up, just sobbing.

When I was dressed I lent over her and pulled her head up by her hair.

"Right, I enjoyed that, I wouldn't bother telling anyone if I were you. After all, who'd believe you? I'm only a schoolgirl, it won't look good for you, would it?" I jeered at her, I didn't think she'd reply and she didn't, I also didn't think she tell anyone either. She was still crying when I left her house.

She was off sick for a week after that, and then my exams started so our paths never crossed again, I heard later she left teaching that summer, I just shrugged. I was about to enter the world and as I walked around it, it just seemed to be full of potential victims; I knew I was going to enjoy myself...



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