Hi, it's Jenny here again, remember how I've said before that women will rarely report a rape if their rapist is another woman, I guess the shame and shock is too much. Even if they have a witness they won't report it, to prove this here is the story of the time I got to fulfill one of my really longstanding fantasies -- to rape two women at the same time.

This is how it happened, I was down in the West Country on business for my company, and it had been a successful trip on both fronts, business and pleasure. I'd got a few new contracts for my firm, and if the commission from those wasn't enough on my last night I'd picked up a pretty little thing in one of the local pubs, went back to her place and raped her on the living room floor. That though, as they say, is another story.

I left the hotel about 10 in the morning, I could have stayed a bit longer, but the sight of one of the chambermaids in her short skirt would probably have proved too tempting and too dangerous.

I had what I call my tool-kit in my large handbag on the seat next to me, it contained all I need to get started on some unsuspecting woman: several pull tight cords, a knife, for intimidation purposes only of course, some lengths of tape, large scissors, tube of ky jelly, a large strap-on dildo, and a couple of vibrators. I had it on the seat because I was still feeling incredibly horny and hoped I might be able to give some poor girl hitchhiker a lift. The poor dears always seem to trust women more than men.

Anyway, I was heading out of town through a quiet little district, when I saw two young girls unloading furniture and the like from a transit van. I don't know why but something made me pull in a couple of hundred yards up the road, and I sat there for a few minutes watching them in the mirror. They were both young, possibly late teens more likely early twenties, both quite attractive and, more important as far as I was concerned, alone.

An idea began to form in my head, if I could get in their place and get them separated for even just a few minutes I could finally get to rape two girls at the same time. It would require a large slice of luck but I'd been lucky all trip and if the circumstances didn't work out I'd just walk away -- there was bound to be a hiker out there somewhere on the way home.

So I got out of the car and, clutching my toolkit, headed up the road towards them. They were still humping stuff as I approached.

"Hi girls, moving in are we?" I asked as nonchalantly as I could.

The dark haired one, the older one I guessed replied first, "Yeah, seem to have been doing it for ages."

"Haven't you got any boyfriends to help you?" I asked innocently, praying the answer would be no.

"Nope, just me and Rosie there," she said indicating her younger blonde friend. Bingo, I thought, first part accomplished.

"Well look," I put in. "I just live round the corner, let me give you a hand for a few minutes, you look like you could do with a bit of help."

"Thanks, that would be useful. I'm Amanda, this is Rosie."

"Same name as me," I lied blithely. "'Cept I prefer to be called Mandy."

So I put my bag in their hallway and helped carry some stuff for them, it wasn't very arduous, and it gave me a chance to check them out. Rosie was about 19, blonde and slim. Amanda was about mid-20's, dark and slightly heavier build. They worked at the same place and had decided to move in together simply to save money.

While carrying stuff in I'd noticed they both had double beds in their rooms, and I knew two things; my pussy was already starting to tingle at the thought of what I would do to them, and I was more than a physical match for them individually but I couldn't see any way of getting them apart. It looked like my luck on this trip had finally run out.

Then Rosie spoke, "I'm off to take the van back and pick my car up shouldn't be much more than half an hour. Amanda, why don't you make our new neighbour a coffee? she looks like she could use one."

"Thanks," I grinned. "Do you mind if I christen your loo?"

"No, help yourself, see you later."

"How many sugars, Mandy?" Amanda asked as I headed towards the loo with my toolkit in my hand.

"Just the one."

I sat on the loo for a couple of minutes until I was sure Rosie had gone. I couldn't believe my luck, as I tucked 4 of the cords, and a length of tape in the waistband of my jeans and hid them with my t-shirt I reflected on how naive these girls were, if I was a strange man there was no way Rosie would have left me with her friend, but a strange woman, that's different. Then slipping my knife in my back pocket I went in search of my first victim.

Amanda was in the kitchen gazing out of the window, noiselessly I approached and suddenly struck; I clamped one hand over mouth, pulled her head back, and placed the knife against her throat. "Don't make a fucking noise, bitch, or I'll kill you. Understand?"

She tried to nod her head despite my tight grasp; the clear terror in her eyes caused a tidal wave between my legs. "Do as I say and you won't get hurt, understand?"

Another nod.

"Good, now slowly unbutton your shirt, remember I have a knife."

With shaking hands Amanda undid her loose shirt and I quickly slid it off her shoulders onto the floor, then I pushed her bra straps down her arms until her bra was around her waist. " Now kneel down and put you arms behind your back"

The meek way she obeyed caused another surge in my pussy as I slid one of the cords onto her wrists and pulled it very tight, causing a cry of pain, then I placed the tape over her mouth and dropped my hands to her jeans unbuttoned them and pushed them down slightly, this provoked a major reaction from behind Amanda's gag but I just ignored it and lay her down on the floor on her front, moving swiftly to her feet I pulled her shoes off and yanked the jeans down and off, then her knickers.

Before she could kick her legs too much I slipped another cord onto her ankles and bound them tightly together. Still saying nothing I pulled her to her feet and, ignoring her muffled pleas, hoisted her onto my shoulder in a fireman's lift. I then carried the first part of my prize into one of the bedrooms, totally oblivious to her cries. I couldn't understand what she was saying anyway, probably just as well.

The feeling of her thigh rubbing against my cheek was too delicious for words, and my first plan to wait until I'd got Rosie as well was put on hold because I knew I couldn't resist having a little play with helpless Amanda. I carried her over to beside the bed and then bent down so I could gently lower her feet to the floor.

I sat down on the bed and looked up at her standing frightened beside me. She certainly had a gorgeous body, lovely legs and magnificent breast, not too large -- just as I like them, I couldn't wait to get my teeth into them. She was shaking slightly with fear as I spoke.

"I think we'll wait for Rosie before we get the party started, but in the meantime I must say that you two are very foolish letting a complete stranger in your house, supposing I was a thief or something, like maybe a rapist, oh I forgot, I am." Her eyes widened as she took in my last sentence, for one minute I think she thought I was a man dressed up, but I carried on regardless. "For being so foolish I'm going to punish you."

Without an more explanation I snaked my right arm round her waist and pulled her over my lap, I unclipped her loose bra and dropped it on the floor, I love to spank women, especially when their bum was as inviting as Amanda's was, but I knew I didn't have much time before Rosie got back, so I only gave her about 2 dozen slaps, just enough to make her cry. Then I forced my hand between her thighs and placed one of my fingers against her pussy lips.

"Do you like that?" I sneered. She shook her head, so I forced my finger in suddenly causing her to cry out from behind her gag. "Tough."

I pulled her back onto her feet only to force her onto the bed. Because I didn't know exactly how long I'd be before I returned with Rosie I tied her knees together so that she couldn't even begin to think about going anywhere. Just as I was about to leave the room I turned and looked at her.

Seeing her naked and bound proved too much and although time was short I ran over to the bed and lay next to her. I began to lick and suck her breasts; every now and then I'd give them a sharp bite, which produced a delicious sort of electric shock reaction in Amanda.

"Oh God," I gasped. "I'm going to have some fun with you two." At this Amanda's eyes widened again and a muffled stream of what I guess were objections started from behind her gag.

"Well, I want to get started to also, but it would be rude not to wait for Rosie, so I'll just go and sit by the door for her. She'll be with you soon, honey." Then with one last savage bite of her tender breasts I left the room in search of my second victim.

The wait for Rosie's return was agonizing, interrupted only by the faint sobs coming from the bedroom. But finally from my vantage point I saw Rosie coming up the steps to the house. I had all my stuff ready, this was it.

As soon as she shut the door I pounced, I covered her mouth with one hand and placed my knife against her throat.

"Don't say a fucking word and your friend will be ok. Just do as I say. Understand?" An attempted nod told me she did. "Now kneel down, slowly. Drop your arms to your side."

As she did so I quickly grabbed her t-shirt and pulled it over her head, then replacing the knife at her throat I slipped her bra down her arms. "Take your arms out of your bra and put them behind your back." As soon as she complied I slipped the cord on her wrists and pulled it tight, then put the tape over her mouth and lent round and undid the top of her jeans. As I'd done with Amanda I the pushed her onto her front on the hallway floor and pulled her shoes and jeans off and bound her ankles together.

She was mine; I could feel a sense of relief flood over me. I'd done it, got two girls at my mercy, and I was going to have the time of my life. I pulled Rosie to her feet painfully by her hair. "Well, shall we go and see where Amanda is?" then I hoisted her onto my shoulder and carried her through to the bedroom.

The look on Amanda's face as I came in carrying her flat mate was a mixture of disappointment and apprehension, as she realized they were both in the same state. I roughly dropped Rosie onto the bed so that she sort of bounced into Amanda, and then the truth dawned on her swell, and she started to struggle and yell from behind her gag.

I watched her with amusement for a minute, then tired of her noise and slapped her across the face. "Shut up, you bitch. You're both mine now, and I intend to have some fun, whether you enjoy it or not is neither here nor there, but just shut up. I've got a knife and if either one of you makes any sound I'll cut the others throat, understand?"

Of course I wouldn't use the knife on them but it had made a hell of an impression on them so far, so I thought I'd reinforce that impression; I ran the blade lightly down Amanda's thigh then swiftly sliced through the cord binding her knees -- I'd need to get her legs apart very soon.

Then I sprang off the bed and disappeared from the room but only to get my bag containing my strap-on and vibrators. I re-entered and placed the bag down, I almost came just watching the two bound girls, lying on the bed waiting for me, eyes wide with fear of the unknown and yet knowing all too well what was about to happen.

I undressed quickly, and was pleased at the expression of horror in their eyes as I attached the strap on around my waist, I took a bit of time squeezing the lubricant onto the phallus so I could savour their fear more, then I climbed on to the bed and knelt at their feet.

"Right, girls, who's first?" The only answer was a lot of muffled shouting, so I decided on Amanda. I pulled her thighs apart and positioned the tip of the dildo on her pussy lips,

She bucked her hips and literally whined with fear, but I pushed in further and further until I was fully inside her, my face was only inches from hers now, and I could see the tears running down her cheeks. She shook her head violently as I started to thrust in and out, I used my right hand to push in between Rosie's legs but she clamped them tightly together to prevent this so I started to choke Amanda with my left hand.

"Let me in there you fucking bitch, or I'll choke Amanda here." I hissed at Rosie and she suddenly relented and I pushed two of my still greased fingers into her pussy. God, it felt so good to be doing this; fucking one girl with my strap on and fingering the other at the same time.

I kissed Amanda's face all over, loving the salty taste of her tears. "God, you feel good honey." I whispered as I pushed my strap on in as far as it would go, then dropped my mouth to her shoulder and bit it hard causing another wild moan from behind the tape.

I pulled out of both of them suddenly and knelt over Amanda, her eyes were clenched shut but I didn't care as I began to bite and chew her magnificent breasts. I lay myself across her so I could feel her body bucking beneath me, this was turning me on so much I could feel an orgasm coming on but I wanted to be inside one of them when I came so I swiftly turned my attentions to Rosie. Her body was skinnier than Amanda's, but still nice in it's own way.

Her eyes had a mixture of fear and hatred in them as I pulled her legs apart and placed the head of my strap on in her pussy lips. I'd make her suffer for the hate later. I lowered my face until it was only inches from hers. "Did you think I'd forgotten you, little one? Did you think I only wanted to play with Amanda?"

As I mocked her I thrust myself in to her pussy causing her to shriek into her gag. I hope she saw the smile on my face before I dropped my lips onto one of her nipples and gave a sharp bite. Her body twisted up in pain and I had to push down on her shoulders to keep her flat. "Where do you think you're going, you little slut? I know you're enjoying this as much as Amanda did."

Amanda was at this point lying in the foetal position sobbing to herself facing away from us, so I stopped briefly to lean over and pull her onto her other side so she had to watch.

"Don't want you getting jealous, Amanda, don't want you thinking Rosie's getting anything you didn't," I told her then returned to the job of fucking Rosie.

My orgasm was close now as I thrust in faster and faster. "God, Rosie, you're good" I grunted before, as the orgasm swept over me, attaching my mouth to her neck and giving her a painful love bite. Then I collapsed on top of her, momentarily exhausted.

I was far from finished though, leaning down to grab the knife I waved it menacingly near their faces. "Right, you fucking bitches, I'm going to remove the tape over your mouths now, if either of you scream I'll cut the others throat, understand?" I ran the dull edge of the knife over Rosie's throat to reinforce the threat.

Both girls nodded their agreement, so I peeled the tape off Amanda's face first. As she gulped the air in to her open mouth I clamped my lips onto hers and forced my tongue in, raping her mouth with mine, forcing her back down onto the bed as I did so. Then I turned my attention to Rosie, but before removing her tape I hoisted her into a sitting position against the headboard, I pushed her knees apart and ripped the tape off causing her to cry out in a low voice. I didn't kiss her; I was going to rape her mouth with something else.

Then I gripped Amanda under her arms and moved her into a kneeling position between Rosie's legs, as I forced her head downwards she suddenly realised what I had planned and resisted, vainly. "Get your head down there, slut, lick her out." I harshly commanded.

"No, please don't make me do that." Amanda whimpered as I forced her face nearer and nearer to Rosie's crotch.

"Fuck off, you sick dyke" Suddenly Rosie exploded with rage at me. I was non-plussed for a second, then calmly got the knife pulled Amanda's head back by her hair and placed the knife against her throat, then I looked Rosie square in the eye.

"Say that again and your friend bleeds, understand?" I hissed and Rosie went quiet. I then rammed Amanda's face into Rosie's pussy. "Lick it, lick it real good, let me see your tongue working" I urged before moving into position behind Amanda's upraised arse, it was such a beautiful sight that I couldn't stop myself biting it on both cheeks, then as I pushed her bound hands higher into the air so her face was forced further into Rosie's pussy I slipped my strap-on into her pussy and started to thrust in and out.

I could hear Amanda gasping for breath as her face was ground against her flat mates pussy lips by my pumping action, and I noticed Rosie's face going through some changes -- obviously Amanda's tongue was hitting the target now and again.

Suddenly I pulled out and sprang to my feet, I moved up towards where Rosie was sat at the top of the bed, grabbed her hair, and as she opened her mouth to cry out rammed the phallus in. "Suck on this, you want sick? Lick your friend's juices. Taste good, does it?" Of course she couldn't reply, all I heard was a gagging sound as I pushed the phallus in, as far it would go. I held her head tightly until I thought she sounded like she was starting to choke, then I let go and stepped back and looked down. The sight of Amanda too fearful to stop licking was too arousing and I had to quickly get behind her so as to be fucking her as my next orgasm came, as it did so I slid my arms round her and cupped a breast in each hand and twisted them causing her to cry out.

Both girls were crying now, but I had no intention of stopping now. This was just too intoxicating for words; 2 nude, tied girls totally at my mercy, so I had no intention of stopping when a tearful Amanda begged me to let them go.

"No fucking chance," I snarled "You're both mine until I decide to let you go. I've hardly begun to enjoy myself yet. Besides, Rosie wants to repay the licking out you gave her, isn't that right Rosie?"

Rosie barely managed a shake of the head before I dragged her from her sitting position and replaced her with Amanda, and then forced Rosie into position, face down, between Amanda's legs. A quick flash of the knife was enough to quiet any objections from either girl.

I watched Rosie for a second or two just to make sure she was actually licking, encouraging her with a blatant lie. " Good, the sooner you make her come the sooner this will be all over." While saying this I was spreading more lubrication on my strap-on, then I positioned myself behind Rosie's upturned bum, kneeling on the backs of her legs because I knew she was going to go wild when I started my next assault.

After a few flicks at her pussy lips with the tip of my phallus I spread her buttocks and placed the glistening tip against her anus, as I expected she suddenly reared up. "No, no, not that, please" She pleaded, but I just placed the knife against her throat.

"Get back down and keep licking, I'm a sick dyke, remember, and this is what sick dykes do." With that I pushed her face back down again and started to push the strap-on into her tight hole. God, how she squirmed. I guess she would haves screamed as well if her face hadn't been buried in Amanda's crotch.

The squirming turned me on no end as it moved the strap-on against my pussy, and I watched the black latex slide inch by inch into Rosie's hole. Finally it was in all the way, and my thighs were pressing against Rosie's, I began to ease it in and out as I reached under her to pinch her tits as they swung in time with my movements. Her muffled shrieks were now reduced to sobs so I pulled her head back by her hair. "Lick her." I ordered, and pushed her face back down and rubbed it there.

When I finally stopped arse-fucking her and pulled out she slid sideways onto the bed and lay there crying. I can honestly say that I was as near as I'd ever been to being totally lust crazed. I knew I had to bugger Amanda aswell, and by the look on her face she knew it too.

"No, please no, no that. Why can't you let us go? We won't tell." Her pleadings as I manhandled her into position caused me no concern.

"Shut up, it's you turn now." I flourished the knife in front of her face, "Be a good girl like Rosie, and it'll soon be over." I had her kneeling upright as I said this then I pushed her forward so her arse was upturned in front of me. It was such a beautiful sight I couldn't resist kissing and biting it, this caused her to scream a bit too loudly for my liking so I put a strip of tape back on her mouth, hopefully this would hurt.

I greased the strap-on again and placed its tip against Amanda's anus, I slid one arm round her waist to control her bucking hips and started to push in. At first her resistance prevented any penetration but as I pushed harder it began to sink inside. I was glad I'd re-gagged her, as even through the tape her protests were pretty loud. Her hips slowed down after a minute or so as I got further and further inside until I was all the way in. I slumped forward onto her back my face nuzzling her neck.

"God, Amanda, you are wonderful," I whispered as yet another orgasm coursed through me. I forced her forward so she was lying flat on the bed with me on top and began to pump in and out, as I did so I forced my hand under her and into her pussy and began to finger fuck her in time with my strap-on thrusts. Eventually I had to stop -- I was running the risk of sexual exhaustion and I still wanted these two to eat me out.

Both girls were crying now as I rolled them onto their backs side by side, I made sure they watched as I unfastened the strap-on and let it fall from me, and then I made sure they watched as I went to my bag and produced a very large vibrator. Rosie was the only one who could speak at this point and all she could say was "Jesus, no."

"You've both practiced licking each other, now for the test." I said as I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself on top of Amanda, I straddled her face with my thighs until my pussy was only inches from her mouth; her eyes were wide and watery as I ripped the tape from her lips. I grinned at her as I turned the vibrator on and moved it down her body to her pussy.

As it began to force it's way inside I forced her mouth onto my pussy. "Come on, bitch, get your tongue in there." At first there was no reaction from her but as I rammed the vibrator in harder it seemed to act as a spur and her tongue to dart about, first around my lips and then inside.

I was so worked up I exploded in her mouth almost instantly, seemingly crushing her cheeks with my thighs in my intensity. I pressed them tight for a few seconds then relaxed, and let her head drop back, her mouth gulped in the air through glistening lips as I shifted over to repeat the scene with Rosie. As I was astride her face she couldn't see where the vibrator was, so I gave her no warning before I slammed it into her pussy and ground my own onto her mouth. It was just as with Amanda, as soon as Rosie's tongue reluctantly found it's way inside me came.

Finally I knew I'd spent myself, I sat with Rosie's face between my legs for a minute or so as I let my body calm down, then I heaved myself off her. Both girls watched as I got dressed without saying a word, they must have feared the worst as, after I'd put my toys back in my bag, I came back to the bed and re- taped their mouths.

As I still had my knife in my hand, but this was just to render them silent as I performed the final indignity of giving them a massive love-bite on each breast. Their wriggling and muffled howling as I did this turned me on so much that I nearly wanted to start the whole thing over again but I knew I couldn't. Guessing that Amanda was the more traumatized of the two I slit her the bands on her wrists and, gathering up my bag, quickly left the house.

Within two minutes I was in my car and away. That one would live with me for a long time and I knew I'd have to go along way to get anything that good again. While I was driving home it suddenly occurred to me that I'd left Rosie tied up at Amanda's mercy. I wondered if Amanda had taken advantage of the situation to do to Rosie what I'd done to them both. I doubted it but it gave me a lot of pleasure to think of it.



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    4 years ago
    Love it their is nothing hotter than lesbian rape to bad they weren't sisters forced to eat each other out