Jeanie lay very still. She knew she was seeing something she wasn't supposed to see. A dim light was on in the other end of the darkened camper. She could see Mr. and Mrs. Harrison lying side by side on the double bed. Nancy and Josh were kissing. They were lying on top of the cover, with their feet towards where Jeanie lay in the sofa bed.

Next to her was Alex, the Harrison's retarded son. Jeanie could see that the two adults were dressed for bed, and they were just lying there together with their arms around each other kissing.

Jeanie couldn't believe that she was here. She had been dying to have a real good vacation and two weeks ago, Mrs. Harrison had called her mother and asked if Jeanie would like to go on vacation with them to sort of baby- sit Alex. Alex, who was fifteen, was mildly retarded and could be a real handful sometimes. The Harrison's had told her that he had the mental capacity of a six year old.

Since Jeanie had always like little children Alex was sort of appealing and had never been bothered by him. The Harrison's had opted to keep Alex home rather than institutionalize him and it was real stressful. Her mother had agreed and they had stopped in the middle of the night to pick her up at her house. They were going to drive during the night so that they would be at the camping park before morning.

Alex had been sacked out on sofa in the middle of the travel vehicle when she got on board. He had waked up and they had talked and giggled for a while before going to sleep. She liked Alex even though she knew of no one else who would tolerate his occasional outbursts, except the Harrison's. They had just fallen asleep in their clothes there on the sofa bed together. Jeanie was on the right side of the bed, towards the back of the vehicle and Alex was snoring next to her.

"Too cozy," you say? Hardly. She had been told by the Harrison's that not only was Alex mentally six, but he was "very immature, both physically and mentally," in other ways, too. She wasn't sure what that meant, but she gathered that letting her "sleep" with Alex wasn't a "risk." Well, at thirteen, she wasn't much of a "risk" either, but lately boys had taken on a whole new dimension to her.

Jeanie had half-wakened when she felt the big camper bumping over rough terrain. Shortly after this she had been vaguely aware of the Harrison's moving past where they slept to the back of the trailer, and realized that they must have reached their destination. She had just about dozed back off when she heard Nancy giggle. She had peeked to see what was going on and discovered that they were smooching. Nancy had on a short gown and Josh had on pajamas.

Now as she watched, she saw Josh sliding his hands all over Nancy's big tits, and then she saw him pull the strap of her gown down and take hold of her bare tit. As she watched, she saw him lower his head to her breast. With his head in the way, she couldn't be too sure, but she had the impression that he was kissing her tits.

Josh slid down on the bed a little, and, as he moved, his crotch came into Jeanie's view. She almost gasped aloud at what she saw. His pajama pants were bulging! From the way his pants were sticking out, she knew he had an "erection" as the books on sex called it. Then she saw him slide his hand up between Nancy's legs, pulling her gown up as he did so. When he reached her crotch, she opened her legs and Jeanie saw him slide his finger right up inside of her pussy!

From the angle she had, she could actually see his finger disappear through the brown hair and go up her slit. She saw Nancy reach down and slide her hand inside the waist of Josh's pajama pants. From the way Nancy's hand was moving back and forth, Jeanie knew that Nancy was stroking Josh's penis. She held her breath as she watched.

After several minutes, she saw Josh raise up and slide over on top of her aunt. She saw Nancy pushing his pajamas down, and she almost gasped when his butt came into view. She had never seen a man's butt, and she was very excited at getting to view this one. She realized that she was "sexually aroused" as the books called it. She knew her virgin 13 year old pussy was wet with juice. She had played with her pussy a few times and knew the excited feeling.

She saw Nancy pull her legs up, her knees sticking up on each side of Josh's thighs. She knew that they were about to have sex, or "fuck" as some of her more experienced friends at school called it.

Jeanie saw Josh's buttocks tighten as he pushed against his wife, and she realized that he must have just put his penis inside of her vagina. Jeanie almost giggled out loud. She was thinking in the terms which she had seen in the books. Her friend, Jill, would have said that he just stuck his dick in her pussy. As she watched, she saw his buttocks tighten and relax as he thrust into his wife and then withdrew.

Jeanie lay very still and watched his butt, looking at the way the muscles tightened and relaxed as he repeatedly thrust and withdrew, thrust and withdrew. Josh was doing it faster now. His buttocks were clenching and relaxing at a much faster rate. She could hear Nancy sort of moaning and groaning in time with Josh's thrusts. It sounded like she was really enjoying what she was getting. Jeanie saw Nancy's hands slide down over Josh's ass.

Nancy had hold of his checks, pulling and pushing, encouraging him in his thrusts. Suddenly, she saw Nancy's legs jerk upward and heard her begin to kind of moan and cry. She saw Josh shove forward hard and hold tight up against her. His buttocks were clenched tightly and she could hear him gasping and groaning. She realized that they must be "climaxing" and that his organ must be shooting his stuff up inside of her.

After a few moments, they lay still. Jeanie was hoping that he would raise up and that she would see his dick when he pulled it out of her, but he got up and pulled his pajamas up before she could see anything. He then went off to the bathroom leaving Nancy still spread- eagled on the bed. Jeanie drifted off to sleep.


Jeanie was awakened by a hand shaking her shoulder.

"Jeanie, rise and shine," she heard Nancy's voice. Sleepily, Jeanie rolled over onto her back. She had been having the most wonderful dream. She had been watching Josh's bare butt, thrusting and pushing. But it had been her he was thrusting and pushing into!

Looking around, she saw that Alex was sitting up beside her, rubbing his eyes. Nancy laughed at them.

"You guys got a lot more sleep than we did last night, and we're having to wake you up," she laughed at them. "Come on, I've got breakfast ready." She motioned toward the front of the vehicle, and Jeanie saw that the booth-like table was set with pancakes. Josh was putting forks on the table. The kids didn't need any more encouragement. They scrambled off the bed and headed for the table.

After breakfast, they all went out together to look around the camp ground. They were parked in a wooded section near a river. There was only one other vehicle in that section of the park, a big conversion van, parked three campsites away. There was a small building next to the conversion van which Jeanie guessed was some sort of bath house. Their campsite was all the way on the end of the row, and it had a picnic table and a campfire circle.

They walked down the road past the conversion van and when they rounded a curve in the drive, Jeanie saw a swimming pool ahead. Beyond the swimming pool, there were more campsites, and what looked like a lodge. They walked on down to the swimming pool, and discovered that there was a concession stand alongside it. The kids went around to inspect the pool while Josh and Nancy walked on down to the lodge.

As they departed, Nancy told her that Alex could swim in his jams, but she had to take Alex into the ladies side while she changed as Alex should not be left alone. "I hope no one else is in there," she laughed as they continued on their way.

Jeanie was relieved as she had never seen Alex naked, or any male outside of babies she had babysat and a few wrinkled pictures her friends had shown her once. She had once walked in on her parents as they were watching an "adult" video. She still kicked herself for being so absorbed in the TV that she had not really noticed what they had been doing on the sofa. Were they ever embarrassed? But she was younger then.

Only recently had that incident returned to her imagination and with vengeance. Actually, now that she thought of it might have been fun to "dress" Alex, maybe some other time. The thought of that excited her, until she remembered Nancy's "immature" speech. Well, she would find out herself.

The ladies dressing room was empty, thank goodness. She told Alex to face the other way as she undressed. Jeanie had always like to undress sensually, even before she had even heard of the word. Her mother had raised her to admire and respect her own body and she had often told her how nice it was and how much better it was going to be.

Even now, some nights when she had trouble sleeping her mother would come to her room and give her a massage to help her sleep. Those nearly full-body massages were wonderful and tingly, especially when she traced her budding breasts and nipples and around her genitals. Her mother would sort of go into a trance when she did that, but Jeanie loved it. Once her mother said, "Someday a nice young man is going come along and do this to you and you will see why being a woman is so great." She was beginning to get the idea already.

Anyway, she obviously had taken too long as when she was finally ready to slip on her bathing suit she noticed that Alex had turned around and was facing her. His face was expressionless. He said nothing. But then a great big smile came to his lips. "I like you, Jeanie," he said.

Quickly, she finished dressing and told Alex to hold still while she took his shirt and shoes. He stood stock still.

They spent about an hour playing around alone in the pool. Jeanie was afraid Alex would be a pain, but he turned out to be really fun. They could play tag and all sorts of games as well as just paddle around. At one time during their game of tag he got a little rough and insisted on hugging her, but she just held his face and looked straight at him and told him to stop. Actually, she wouldn't have minded it except she was getting excited by all of the body contact and was embarrassed that someone would see them.

Nancy and Josh returned then. Josh offered to take Alex back, as Nancy wanted to take a shower. She said Jeanie could join her. That sounded rather interesting as she enjoyed being with naked women, at least her mother and her friends. She had taken many showers and baths with her mother, which she encouraged. They could talk woman-talk, she said.

They quickly undressed and went into the shower area. It was one big area, and was not divided into stalls. Jeanie turned on the shower and began soaping herself. Nancy was a tall, elegant woman that men would call well-built. Her breasts were fairly large and firm, jutting out proudly from her chest. Her stomach was slightly rounded, and her hips curved pleasantly down to lovely long slim legs.

Jeanie was much shorter and slim, tiny compared to Nancy. Her budding breasts were much smaller, being about the size of tennis ball-halves and her nipples were pink and delicate. She had a flat stomach and the hip curves were just beginning to show. She also had lovely long legs.

As Jeanie lathered herself, she glanced at Nancy and saw that she was facing directly toward her and was washing her pussy, her legs slightly apart, giving her a look directly between her legs. Then she turned around and dropped her soap on the floor and bent over to pick it up, with her ass pointing straight toward Jeanie.

When Nancy straightened up, Jeanie saw her glance towards her. Well, how about that, Nancy knew she was being watched and she was showing off. For several minutes, the two females continued to wash themselves and cautiously display themselves to each other.

Finally, they turned off the water and moved to the dressing area. Jeanie sat on a bench, with her knees straight towards Nancy and spread her legs, drying her pussy in full view. She glanced at Nancy. Surprisingly, Nancy looked at her and nodded approvingly.

"You are going to be a beautiful woman, Jeanie," she said. "I pray you find a man who will also appreciate your beauty and womanness. You obviously approve of me, too. I trust you would approve of my sensuality also, as they go hand in hand. Josh and I are out here to try to get something going in our lives, marriage, that is....Oh, hell, our sex lives.

"You understand what I mean don't you?" But before she could say she didn't, Nancy continued, "Jeanie, I think that sexual intercourse is just about the greatest thing there is. I could fuck (that term doesn't offend you, does it?) all day long, but Josh doesn't want to. I am lucky to beguile him into doing it once a week. Once when I was desperate I got him to screw me five times in three days, but then I got afraid he would not be able to get it up and then he would really be a problem. He also has a tendency to skip the preliminaries and stick it right in. We go through K-Y like mad. I had an affair once with this great guy (but he was married and it got messy). He knew how to do it. Wow, did her ever," she trailed off.

"I sure hope you find a caring, sensitive guy like that.

Believe me it ain't the size of the cock that does it, no siree. I also had a sort of an affair with another lady. That was nearly as good. I can see where the lesbians could be well satisfied. It is all in the caring and sharing. Big macho men with big cocks are a pain and I don't mean physically. Why our vaginas can birth a baby with a huge head, so no cock's ever too big."

"I am sorry, Jeanie, I just got carried away. I just sort of see a kind heart in you, someone who would listen to my frustrations without blaming or belittling. I sure hope you don't mind. Do you?"

"Of course, I don't, Mrs. Harrison. Although..."

"Cut the 'Mrs. Harrison' crap. My name is Nancy."

"You know, I say you and Josh doing it last night?"

"You did? Well, that's great, well, no it wasn't, I mean, you didn't see a great example of screwing, but I am glad you saw us. It is sort, well, makes us intimates, doesn't it? That wasn't one of his worst times, but I was just as horny after as before. Did you like watching?"

"Actually, I did. What does it feel like, I mean, having someone put something inside of you? It sounds gross to me."

"Well, now, Jeanie, if just anyone came along and said, 'Hey, let me put this pretzel up your twat,' well, I would agree with you. But when some gentle, caring guy (or gal, as the case might be) has got you higher than a kite, it feels like you've died and gone to heaven when he sticks his cock (or most anything) in you. Believe me, Jeanie, it may seem gross, but God sure knew what she was doing. And I know God is female, because after men screw it's all over, but we, women, just keep right on going, if we don't let the bastards turn us off. Stick with me, Jeanie, and I'll show you."

At that she got up, still stark naked, and went over to her. She reached down and gave the young girl a big hug. Since they were both naked there was a lot of skin to skin contact, and was it neat. She lifted her right up (Nancy was no shrinking violet) and held her off of the ground. She set her on the bench and stepped back to look at her at arms length.

"Yes, Jeanie, I could easily become a big, big fan of yours," she said as she slowly let her gaze drop down and take in my whole body. Then her soft delicate hands also took the same trip. "My, my," she whispered as her hands gently fondled Jeanie's ripening breasts. Jeanie's nipples quickly stood erect to greet Nancy's touch. Her warm hands then traced Jeanie's youthful contours to her slim hips. Then she carefully took Jeanie's hands and placed them on her own ample breasts, encouraging her to play with her nipples as she had done.

The tingling sensations were driving Jeanie crazy and when Nancy reached around and enveloped Jeanie's small, but firm, buttocks and stretched further to trace between her legs, she could stand it no more.

"Nancy, I am going to faint," and she went all wobbly.

Nancy grabbed her and set her down on the bench. "I am so sorry, Jeanie. I had thought that maybe this wouldn't have been quite so new for you. I just about came just looking at you. It wasn't fair of me to take advantage of you like this, forgive me."

Having learned about the finer things in life in the last few moments, Jeanie protested as adamantly as she could. "Nancy, I have never felt so wonderful, so needed and so wanted, as I did just then. I guess it is just too much for me all at one time."

As Nancy helped her dress, she smiled and said, "Jeanie, you have not seen the last of me. We are going to continue this, well, conversation of ours, again. I might let you in on a little secret a little later also."

As she finished dressing herself, she said, "I am trying my damnedest to get screwed all week, so could you please try and keep Alex out of our hair as much as possible. I sure don't mind having you close by anytime (and she emphasized the "anytime"), you might learn something useful, you never know. But I don't know how Alex would react to our fucking, so the writing is on the wall. You, young lady, however, are in for some intensive lessons, I hope, so keep your eyes open."

On that note, they left the shelter and headed back to the camper.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spend hiking and messing around the camper. After a late supper Nancy winked at Jeanie and suggested that they all hit the hay early. Josh objected, saying it was the shank of the evening and besides there was a party at the lodge.

At that Nancy said, "Speaking of shanks, Josh, let's talk about yours." That shut him up, as he quickly looked over to see if either of the kids had caught on.

Josh took Alex in back to change. Jeanie quickly slipped into her baby-doll under the admiring glance of Nancy. "I can't wait," she said, just before the men returned.

Alex came back with pajama bottoms with no shirt. Josh suggested Alex sleep in the back and Jeanie could take the couch. Nancy suggested that the kids could watch a little TV before going to bed, so the kids piled onto the sofa as Nancy and Josh left for the party.

On her way out, Nancy stopped by Alex and Jeanie on the pretext of kissing them each goodnight, but she whispered, "In the glove compartment," to Jeanie. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do," she chided in departing.

The kids sat quietly for several minutes. "Now is my chance to further my education," thought Jeanie.

"I wonder what's in the glove compartment." There was only one way to find out, look. She went up front and opened the glove box. Just junk. But she searched through it and, lo and behold, she found a video. She didn't have to look closely to guess what it might be about.

"Want to watch a movie, Alex?" "I suppose so. Is it Disney?" "Sort of," she smiled back.

"Did you really like what you say this afternoon, Alex?" "Yes, it was neat." "Would you like to see me again?"

"Ya, that would be great, Jeanie."

She got the movie going. It was one of the Grade C- types. No plot, just screwing. It blew her mind. As she sat enraptured by the movie she totally forgot Alex was next to her. She still thought it sort of gross, but just watching brought that tingling sensation back to her loins. But the insensitivity and near violence of the men and indifference of the women, was a near turn- off for her. "It sure looks like the men enjoy that, but I am not sure the women do," she thought.

When it was all over and her breath had come back, she remembered Alex. She looked over and saw him stretched out on his side where he had started, only now, he was sound asleep. "Nancy sure was right."

So now what should she do. She put the video back and returned to the sofa. She didn't feel like sleeping. She wished Nancy was here.

She went into the bathroom. She was going to take the ponytails out of her hair. She stood in front of the mirror with her pajama tops pulled up and looked at her tennis-ball-sized developing breasts. They were nice. Not big like her mother's or Nancy, but both women liked hers, so they must be all right. Her hand crept down to her loins. She wanted to get all wobbly again.

She closed her eyes and let her mind wander back to the afternoon in the shelter. She felt the tingling between her legs again and a strong need to touch herself there. Before she realized it, she had a finger deep into her vagina and another over her little bud- clitoris rubbing it in a circular motion.

At that moment she heard, "Wa'cha doin?" Alex rudely asked.

"I should ask you that, Alex," she returned, quickly pulling her hand out of her pajama bottoms and dropping the top back down. "You shouldn't be spying on me."

"I wasn't, I just had to go to the bathroom and you were here."

She didn't know what he had seen, but she wasn't sure she cared as the pleasant sensations had not diminished. "Go ahead, you won't bother me."

At that he unbuttoned his pajama fly and pulled out his penis. Now, she certainly was no expert on these things having only a few minutes before even seen much of penises. She knew that they did grow much bigger when erect and all of those she had seen in the video were erect and, of course, huge. Alex's was actually small compared to them, but it had a certain fascination about it, even flaccid. She stared at the soft pink thing, about five inches long and as big around as, maybe, a garden hose. Alex held it complacently in one hand and let out a horse-like stream of piss. He sort of played at making a design of bubbles in the toilet bowl and seemed disappointed when finished. She would have loved to take it in her hand and see what it was like.

As Alex was stuffing it back into his pajamas, she hesitantly inquired, "That is very nice, Alex, may I look at it some more?" "Ya, you don't have one, do you?" "No, but I have something nice, too."

What Alex said next almost caused her to keel over: "I know. Ma lets me see hers and if I'm good she lets me play around it. It is fun to mess around in there, but it gets messy and I have to wash my hands and I hate to wash my hands and Ma sure acts funny. She gets all excited and bounces around and screams, but she won't let me stop. She says someday maybe she will show me some more things to do. Can I play with yours?"

Well, with an introduction like that, what could she do? Trembling with anticipation, she managed to get out, "Sure, let's go back out to the sofa; it's too crowded in here."

They both rushed back out the narrow door, and just like the Keystone Cops, they wedged themselves. This was the second time Jeanie could actually recall touching a Jim's bare skin. This time the touch was more electric than in the pool.

After some struggling they freed themselves and raced for the sofa. They tied, and flung themselves down on the narrow mattress.

"Tell me what your mother does now, Alex." "She just takes off her clothes and lays down on the bed. Then she tells me to get a big gob of spit and lick it all around her house until it is real wet, then she tells me to pretend the little man is a soda and then I get to play with the little man and go in the house."

"I don't know what all of that means, but I will take my pajamas off and you show me. It doesn't hurt does it?"

"Well, sometimes she acts like it, but I wouldn't hurt a flea, and she won't let me stop and I don't know."

In no time she had her pajamas off and was stark naked before a person for the second time today. She stretched out on her back on the sofa. Alex seemed to enjoy looking at her body, or at least that is what she thought. Her body was starting to take shape and she wasn't the skinny kid she used to be.

Her legs were slightly apart and bent up at the knees. Alex could see the smooth white of her inner thighs. He placed his hand gently on the inside of her thigh and softly squeezed. She didn't pull away or tell him to stop. He felt an electricity flow through his body that he had not felt with his mother. He hesitated.

Jeanie felt the electricity too. She wasn't sure what to do because she was so excited.

She felt his vacillation. "Is something wrong, Alex?" "I dunno. I feel sort of funny."

"Is it a good feeling or bad?" "I dunno, kinna good." "Well, Alex, I feel great please keep going."

At that he boosted himself up onto the sofa and somehow got himself lodged between her legs. The sofa was really not meant for this type of activity, but it was not going to stop either of them.

He leaned down and just before be buried himself into Jeanie awaiting pleasure box, he said, "Gee, you don't have so much grass around your house as ma does and where is the little man? On ma, he stands up very straight. When he is standing up and I just touch it, ma just whoops. It's fun seeing her go crazy. Maybe you don't have a little man."

As he was talking, his hand motion slightly intensified as he gently stroked her soft inviting thigh. His hand had inched its way up so that he was now feeling her crack. He could feel her moistness as his finger explored.

Before Jeanie could say anything, he lowered himself down so he could lubricate the premises. In one fell swoop, Jeanie felt herself leave the world of children and enter the sensuously delightful world of adults. The first touch of his tongue on her private parts caused her great anxiety, it violated all she had been taught, but the exquisite sensations could not be denied.

She writhed and twisted and might possibly even have escaped, but Alex was used to "an active partner" and held her firm in his grip. Slowly and lasciviously his warm tongue found her every fold and recess, bringing hot saliva to moisten and oil and leaving a tingling she had never imagined in her wildest dreams.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm... That feels good!" she said softly. Encouraged by this, Alex renewed his efforts and planted a juicy kiss right on her mons. The sensation was exquisite. He uttered not a word as his warm lips and tongue played games of passion on her genitals. Only when he had finished lavishing and lathering her and bringing her near to the brink of her first climax, did he pause.

He backed away and with the tender touch of a practiced lover he gently found the entrance to her vagina.

Jeanie had heard that women had something called a G- spot, maybe he was searching for that, but she would never know if he found it or not, as she had her first orgasm and it nearly blew her mind. She didn't even care if Alex heard, but everyone else in the rest of the world surely heard her reaction. Her scream of ecstasy rose and rose reaching a pinnacle just as the lightening flashed through her brain and a gush of emotion flooded her body. This was what Nancy had talked about. She was right. It was the greatest thing.

But this outburst had not the slightest effect on Alex. He once again replaced his gentle hands with his probing tongue, which continued it's explore, satiated its wanderlust. It was almost painful, but all Jeanie could do was moan and hope he didn't stop. No one had ever done that to her before and it felt so good.

Alex's his hands were not idle. Eventually, almost by accident it seemed, they crept around to her buttocks. Slowly and sensuously his warm hands stroked her, not in a lewd way, more like play. He didn't seem to miss a contour. The feeling aroused even more of her, if that was possible.

"Alex that was great, please don't stop. Do it again exactly the way you did before, please."

Alex obediently nodded, sending additional shiver of passion up her spine and snuggled down deeper in her crotch. With a few quick stabs with his tongue he finally found her clitoris, which had swollen to a visible size and peaked out from under its protective fold.

"I found the little man, Jeanie," he cried. "So that was what he meant," Jeanie thought, "Boy, is this great." After many delicious minutes feeling his expertness raise her once again to dizzying heights, she involuntarily arched my back under the urging of his warm hands still massaging my buns. Another sharp cry erupted from her as a second and more intense climax arrived.

Alex paused for breath, now. He rose and knelt above her with a kindly smile on his face. "Did you like that?"

She was beyond speech, but her smile must have satisfied him for he asked no more.

She looked down at herself. She was all pink and white, stretched out on the sofa. Her smoothly rising ivory breasts were each crowned with a little pink nipple, proudly erect. Her smooth white legs, her inner thighs, gently curved to meet at, then feeling like her very soul, her crotch, where the silky pubic hairs nestled all around her passionately rising mons. The virginal labia swollen and ripe and, of course, her dear little clitoris, although hidden from her view, was stoutly erect, hungering once again for human contact. And now the moistness oozed out of her vagina, down her crack to disappear in the mattress below.

At that instant she heard laughter. It was Josh and Nancy returning. Quickly, she sent Alex off to bed in the back and got her pajamas back on nearly the right way and crawled under the covers to wallow in her own cum. All she could do was feign sleep as the lights were still on in the camper.

"Oh, look she fell asleep before she could even turn the lights off," Nancy said as she leaned down to kiss her on the cheek. "That's funny," she said and paused. Jeanie nearly died, but she only said, "Nothing," when Josh asked what it was.

"Wasn't that a total dud, Josh?" she said. "Nah, I thought it was great. I like those guys." "To hell with those guys, Josh, let's fuck." "Not tonight, I am tired and it was a hard day, besides we did it last night."

But Nancy wasn't going to give up that easily.

"How do I look?" she said as she stepped out of her clothes in an instant. "You always look great, Nancy, you know that, but put something on, Jeanie is right there." "Ah, she's out cold. Come on give me your big cock, macho man."

Jeanie could just see out of the slits of her eyes that Nancy had reached around the slowly disrobing Josh and unzipped his pants. "Let's see what ya' got, big guy."

Jeanie never saw, because Nancy moved around him and slid her body seductively down his front. She fiddled there for just an instant and his pant mysteriously slipped to the floor. Quickly she pulled his under shorts down and let out a low mournful moan. "Josh, it's magnificent."

Josh's protests were apparently in vain as he stood stock still. Jeanie could still not see what was going on, but her ears detected a sort of slurping noise. Silently, she rolled over slightly so she could see better, but all that was readily visible was a hairy rear end. She could see the muscles in his buttocks tighten and relax and very slowly his pelvis sort of started moving towards Nancy, then away.

His swaying became more exaggerated and Jeanie could hear him panting and groaning over a background noise of something like someone slurping soup. Suddenly the noise stopped and in a low passionate voice Nancy said, "Take me Josh. I want this big cock in me. I want your cum to fill me up." "No. Keep it up. That feels great, Honey. I like it this way."

The struggle that ensued was hard to follow. Two practically naked adults (Josh still had on his shirt) proceeded to wrestle like little children. Only when Josh accidentally knocked something off of a table did he stop and say, "OK, dammit. Only be quiet about it or you will wake up Jeanie."

He turned around and looked directly at Jeanie, but she had her eyes closed, anticipating his move. Nancy moved around Josh and grabbed a couple of blankets out of the cupboard and threw them on the floor. As she lay down, practically right next to Jeanie, she glanced over at her and gave her a big wink.

"Over here, Nancy, we can't do it right next to her. You know all of the noise you make." "No, this time I'll be quiet. Come here, quickly, Josh, I want it now." "Damn woman. Never seems to get enough of this," he whispered as be came over and knelt down between Nancy's wildly spread legs.

It was then that Jeanie got her first good, close up, real life look at an erect penis. She gasped audibly, but Nancy, possibly expecting that reaction, continued babbling on about what a he-man he was and how he was hung and other tidbits of wisdom. Jeanie saw that Josh's cock was obviously very wet as it glistened in the dim light from the camper ceiling.

He leaned over and placed his hands next to Nancy's waist and planted a juicy kiss on one erect nipple and practically fell on her. With virtually all of his weight on her he reached down with both hands and grabbed his penis. His hips bobbed around for a few seconds like a bouncing ball. Jeanie was still breathless from seeing his cock it all its exposed glory. She knew what he was going to do now (she had paid attention in sex education class, after all), she just couldn't see anymore.

Then he paused and with a groan of almost pain his hips crashed against Nancy. She let out a subdued whoop of delight and wrapped her elegant legs around his waist. Then with another sort of slurping noise his hips rose as if pulled by a string and then sunk back into Nancy. With each return, Nancy moaned a seemingly dreadful moan, but her hands, around Josh's back, betrayed her intent to have him continue.

"Shut up. You'll have that kid waking up." "That's OK. She could learn something here." And glanced again over towards Jeanie, faking sleep. For an instant their eyes met and Nancy smiled at Jeanie.

Josh's response was unintelligible as his hip motion rapidly reached a fever pitch and he lowered his face to Nancy and kissed her hard on the mouth. With a groan of his own he gave a final lurch stopped.

"Please, just a little longer," Nancy whimpered, as she desperately tried to continue the rocking of her hips. But she was pinned by the full brunt of Josh's weight.

As Josh tucked his head down next to Nancy's, she turned towards Jeanie and with an odd expression on her face gave out a guttural cry and squeezed her muscular legs until Josh cried out in pain. "Aaaaarrrrgggghhh, that was SO GOOD!"

At that he rolled off and as he got up he said, "That ought to hold you for a few days."

"God, she's a heavy sleeper," he continued as he passed Jeanie on his way to the bathroom, his limp cock flopping and dripping all the way.

When he was gone, Nancy got up and leaned over Jeanie. "That wasn't one of his best shots, but it still felt good. Wait until you do it, Sweetie. I hope you enjoyed the view."

Jeanie winked at her and snuggled further under the covers as Nancy gave her a moist kiss right on the mouth. "Ginger," thought Jeanie. "Now where would she have gotten ginger." With her fingers dancing around her own clitoris, Jeanie finally went off to sleep with a smile on her face and anticipation in her heart.

The next day found all of the campers rested and full of vigor. Josh declared this the day of the hike. He said, "Let's all go together. Togetherness is best."

So off they went. Most of the time Josh and Nancy lead the way. Jeanie and Alex both giggled about the way that Nancy sort of clung to him on the trail. But they set a furious pace.

About noon, they stopped to eat lunch. Nancy said she had brought something along especially for lunch and said she needed a small fire. She gave instructions for setting things up to Jeanie and said that she and Josh would be off to forage for firewood. Josh said he could get it, but Nancy insisted to going too. Jeanie tittered as they went off arm in arm. She really wanted to follow them, but she couldn't leave Alex and she was afraid to take him along.

After about forty-five minutes they returned, sans firewood. Nancy had a big smile on her face and Josh had this sort of satisfied look about him. Their clothes were all messed up. Nancy gave Jeanie a great big wink and real cozy hug when she got back.

All Jeanie could make out when she hurriedly whispered in her ear was something like, "much better." Only after they had sat down did they realize that they had forgotten the firewood. With a rosy red face, Josh said he would go some, "alone, this time." He was back inside of five minutes with enough kindling for five fires.

The buckwheat pancakes were great, but it was not clear that either Josh or Nancy notice them. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed once that Nancy had slipped her hand inside of Josh's shorts. She disappeared a long way and Josh squirmed a lot as he tried to maintain some sense of composure. He didn't succeed too well. After lunch, Jeanie suggested that she and Alex do some searching around a hillock close by. Nancy though it was a great idea, but Josh nixed the idea. "We should all stay together," he said. That seemed to put a pronounce damper on the party the rest of the afternoon.

When they got back Jeanie renewed her suggestion that she and Alex take off to go swimming. Since Josh wasn't within ear shot when Jeanie made the offer Nancy gave permission and with a passionate hug she bid the children off. "Take your time, she fired after them. "We will. Enjoy yourself" Jeanie replied. The big beautiful smile in response was not lost on Jeanie. The scheming little girl was busily working on a plan to get back and view the entertainment.

But the fates were not with her as Alex wanted to really swim. So Jeanie had to content herself to playing make-believe tag and water football with Alex. The physical contact was a delight for her, but it was frustrating as her vivid imagination allowed her to see the intimate encounter between the impassioned adults.

After an hour or so they returned to find Josh alone. "Nancy went off to take a shower. We were invited to a party again this evening, I hope you don't mind." "Nah, we'll get along."

Jeanie had an overwhelming desire to return to the ladies shower, but couldn't figure out a way to do it. In dejection, she just sat down and waited. Alex came over and tried to console her, even though he didn't know what was troubling her. As he put his arms around her, she felt a twinge of something very nice. "Maybe this won't be so bad after all," she thought. But Alex, obviously concerned interrupted her thoughts leaning very near her face and whispering, "Maybe we can look at each other again when they are gone."

Jeanie about fell off of her chair, but she composed herself enough to smile back and say, "Ya. Don't tell anyone."

"I know, Ma, doesn't want me to talk about that sort of thing either, but you are my friend, aren't you?" She leaned up and kissed him right on the lips. He knew what the answer was.

Nancy returned looking like a million dollars. Jeanie caught her before she entered the camper where Josh and Alex were. "You sure look beautiful, Nancy. I wanted to come down to watch you shower, but I couldn't figure out how to do it."

"Thanks, I sure would've liked you there. I suspect that Josh is going to stay a long time tonight. How would it be if I pretended to have a headache and come back early, after Alex has gone to sleep?"

Jeanie hadn't expected that. "Well, maybe things were going to happen here, Nancy. Last night Alex saw me naked and he showed me his penis." "Did he say anything, Jeanie?"

She paused for such a long time that Nancy had the answer she dreaded. "Oh, God, Jeanie. Please don't tell anyone. I have been so desperate for some type of affection. We never screwed, Jeanie, believe me."

"I know. He was quite clear about certain things and I assumed others. He seemed to enjoy you as much as you enjoyed him."

"Well, Jeanie, you already know that he isn't as 'immature' as I had implied, but I am not sure he knows enough to fuck. If you want to let him play with you like I do, go ahead. You will enjoy it, but I doubt that anything else will happen. He may be physically able to fuck, but I am not sure that he would want to or be encouraged to. He never seemed to get, how do you say it? Turned on with me? He does have a nice penis doesn't he?"

"It is the first one I had really seen, except for babies. Then I saw Josh's and we saw those movies."

"Oh, forget those movies. You never find those in real life. But I have found that size isn't everything anyway. It's not what ya' got, it's what ya' do with it, that counts."

At that the men stepped out and wondered what the girls were talking about. "Oh, just girl talk, Josh. You wouldn't understand. Let's be off and let the kids enjoy some time away from the adults," she laughed. The joke eluded Josh, but he was anxious to leave anyway.

After they left, Jeanie, nervously fixed some sandwiches for them to eat. She really wasn't hungry, but Alex ate ravenously. If she hadn't have know better she would have been disappointed in Alex's lack of interest in their evening's activities. As it was, he acted like this was any other evening. "Calm down, Jeanie," she told herself. "Maybe nothing interesting will happen anyway."

After the dishes were cleared up she turned around to figure out what to do next. Alex had placed himself squarely in front of the TV and was watching some innocuous program. "Would you like to do something else, Alex?" she hoped. "Nah, let me see this program."

Now she was disappointed. She decided that she should take the upper hand, that is what Nancy would do. She went into the bathroom and again changed into her baby- doll pajamas. She was tempted to leave off the panties, but thought better of it. She went over to Alex and sort of snuggled up to him. He responded to her putting her arm around him by doing the same to her, but his mind was on the boob-tube. Then she saw it. The TV cord ran right past her beautifully-turned foot. If she could just sort of get it wrapped around her and just sort of pull it sideways, it might just pull out of the socket.

"What happened," Alex cried as the TV went blank. "Fix it, Jeanie."

"I'll try, but I don't know much about these things. After about five minutes of fiddling around with the TV. She got the bright idea to elicit Alex's help. "While I fiddle with the antenna, up here, could you get underneath me and turn those knobs," she tried. He complied by snaking his way between her and the TV, but she had left him little room. "Isn't this cozy?" she said. "Ya', but I want the TV."

Jeanie persisted by having him continue to twist the knobs as she sort of writhed against him. At one point she actually got his head beneath her pajama tops.

"Now," she thought, as she pretended to topple backwards, pulling him over on her. She very nearly got the TV also, but thankfully not. As she lay sprawled on the floor with Alex draped over her, she wanted to just grab him and kiss him and do other things, but couldn't quite do it.

"Oooooh, I think I hurt myself," she cried. Alex quickly scrambled up and helped her up. "Help me to the sofa, please," she said. He laid her gently on her back and leaned over. "What can I do?"

"I seem to have hurt my chest, could you look at my chest and see what I did?" He slowly lifted her pajamas, but she urged him to take it off altogether. He sort of stared at her lovely upraised breasts and exciting little erect nipples. "Please massage them, they hurt so much."

"I know how to do that, I have done that for Ma."

Jeanie just lay back and closed her eyes and basked in the gentle tender touch of Alex. He first gently kneaded around her small, but soft breasts, like he was kneeling a scone. His touch was warm and passionate. Then his fingers crept up to her ivory mound and traced around her tender areola several times, finally spiraling in to the awaiting nipple, turgid with passionate blood. She moaned in ecstasy as he delicately and unknowingly raised her ardor.

He slowly leaned down and with just the very tip of his tongue he touched just the tip of her nipple. The electric shock brought a wave of heat over Jeanie and she writhed in a delicious climax. He continued his interest in her sensitive nipples and her orgasm continued unabated for several minutes.

Finally, when she could stand no more she reluctantly reached up, cupping her own breasts under his electric tongue. "Enough, I can't take anymore, Alex."

"OK," he said and moved back. Jeanie just wanted to lie there and bask in this delightful feeling. Nearly oblivious to her surroundings she did not detect the actions of Alex in removing her pajama bottoms until fait accompli, or nearly so. When she realized it she almost objected, but then thought, "What the hell."

As they finally slipped off, she said, for no apparent reason, "How do I look, Alex."

"Nice, real nice. You look much neater than Ma."

Some how she had lost any inhibitions. Maybe it was the warm room. Or maybe it was the barely perceptible feel of warm hands gentle caressing her body. Her mind wandered off into the Netherlands as he delicately stroked her stomach, round and around, slowly edging down her sides to the outside of her thighs. Then ever so slowly he felt his way around to the marble-white virginal inner thighs and gently fondled the sensuous curves leading towards the awaiting cavern of delight.

Quickly she found herself rocketing out of control. She thrashed and twisted beneath his passionate petting. Her mons heaved in time to her heavy, almost labored, breathing as his fingers crept closer and closer to that warm moist receptacle beckoning him ceaselessly and irresistibly. Nearer and nearer, until just as they reached the soft labia and he began to trace the delicate line up to where they met and the exquisitely hooded clitoris residing in anticipation, Jeanie was racked once again by the passion of still another orgasm. She could not hold back the verbal sign this time and the low moan scaled upwards, just as the charged emotions inside of her body soared, and ended in an animal-like cry of pure delight.

But Alex was seemingly not detracted as his warm fingers gently moved the soft covering hiding her erect clitoris and began tracing the base of that lovely and sensitive organ. Slowly he crept up that tiny organ, the home of such immense feeling, until with exquisite care he reached the top, the very tip, and another impassioned wail fell from her lips.

The ensuing moments of pause were broken only by her laborious and loud panting. He leaned over once again and followed the exact trail left by his fingers, with his hot tongue this time. Twice on his way to the very tip of her clitoris she was overcome with passion and released the passion and lustful sensations within her.

Finally she could bear no more and slowly closed her legs, seemingly banishing him from her privates.

Alex simply said, "Jeanie, what's wrong. I can do a lot more. Ma usually wants me to keep going lots longer than this. Did I do something wrong."

She was speechless, and just barely had the strength to reach up and enfold him in her arms. He allowed himself to be brought down to her side.

As he lay beside her on the sofa. He said, "Jeanie, I sure feel funny. What is going on?"

In a low hoarse whisper she asked what he meant.

He said, "Look."

She looked down and saw that his pajamas were bulging. Her heart stopped. With a weary smile stealing to her face she slowly got up and knelt next to Alex.

"Here let me look," as she slowly unbuttoned his fly and with trembling hands spread his pajamas open. His once flaccid penis was now at half staff, striving to erect itself against all odds. She was enraptured as they both watched it pulse with his excited heart beat and slowly, almost imperceptibly, creep up and up and up until finally it stood tall and proud and nearly as big around as her wrist.

"Oh, Alex, it is wonderful. Can I touch it."

"Sure I'd don't care, but I don't know what caused it to do that. Will it go away?"

"Sure. Together we can make it go away, but first I want to examine it."

A slight string of drool escaped Jeanie's lips as she bent over his erect cock in the dim light of the camper. Slowly she reached out, scarcely daring to touch it. She was fascinated by this bulging, apparently hard staff, that pointed straight up as he lay back on the sofa. As Jeanie stared intently at his tool, she stopped just short of grabbing it.

Her eyes drop down to take in the lose sack that dangled between his legs and rested on the sofa. Gently, she reached down and picked up his testicles, exploring each new wonder. After she had investigated each fold and lump, she eagerly allowed her hands to find and lock themselves around the base of his slowly throbbing penis.

While still holding firmly with one hand, maybe to keep it from getting away, her other hand began a miraculous journey up the craggy sides, following fascinatingly a distend vein until it disappeared just beneath the base of his foreskin. As she continued up she squealed with delight as she found that his foreskin moved. Slowly she retracted it on its moist tracks until the flaming glans was revealed in all of its glory. Her other hand was fascinated by every pulse in Alex's body each bringing a new surge of blood to enlarge his organ.

Slowly she leaned over, just as he had done, and sought to run her tongue over his stiff staff. When she was about half way up his erection she heard Alex moan and felt his hips begin a rhythmic pattern up and down on the soft sofa.

In just a short time his movement reached a fanatical pace and as they both stared in awe, open mouthed, Alex's wad shot up, nearly hitting the ceiling. Neither child could say anything as yet another gigantic shot surged upwards. For what must have been a minute they watched this magnificent performance, each succeeding ejaculation slightly less then the preceding one, until only a little oozed from him and ran down his erection.

"My, that was amazing," she finally said. "It sure was. I have never felt anything so wonderful in my life. Is that what you feel like when I play with your little man?"

"I am sure it is. Can I still play with your BIG man?" "Sure, it feels nice."

She leaned down once again to continue her impassioned licking and to her surprise discovered the elusive ginger. "So that's what it was," she thought. The very though sending thrills down her spine.

She had heard from some of her more "worldly" friends of how men tended to screw and go on to other pursuits almost immediately and of how their dicks shrunk back down in size after they screwed so she longed to continue her play before that happened. She was much more fascinated with this manly post before her than that flabby dangly she had seen in the bathroom yesterday. For another few minutes she continued her relentless excursion around and up and down his sturdy projection, but it just continued to stand tall and throb in tune with Alex's breathing.

As she leaned back to once again view that magnificent creature one of her hands fell down to her own crotch. As she just stared at his in awe her fingers slowly sought her puny erection and fondled it producing a surge of electricity inside that seemed to demand release.

She lay down next to Alex, lying quietly on his back. Reaching over she encouraged him to roll on his side until he was facing her. She reached around him, pulling him to her and kissed him, hard, on the lips. This was the way one is supposed to kiss, she thought. Encouraged, he reached around and hugged back, but his still stout erection prevented him for doing more than just sort of leaning over.

The sticky-damp glans lodged in the middle of her stomach bringing a sigh to her lips beneath the deep kiss. While he held her tightly she allowed one hand to drift down to his penis once again as the other continued to play around her clitoris, then creep down to her labia and slowly enter the hidden reaches of her vagina.

"Suppose this was him," she thought. Then as her blood fiercely pounded in her head, she spoke out loud, "Why not."

"Alex, let's sit up."

"Nah, this is fun. I like it."

"I don't want to stop, but I've got a better idea. Take off you pajamas and sit in front of me cross-legged." They did. And for a few long moments they just sat there hungrily soaking up the beauty before them.

Alex reached out to gently cup her small, but luscious, breasts in his warm hands. Jeanie extended her hand and caressed his nipples. A slow, fervent kiss exchanged their lips several times. Cautiously, at first, their tongues explored, as their hands softly and hesitantly meandered among the delightful hills and valleys of each other. Their nipple stood at rigid attention, hers being like lovely, ruby flowers stretching out to Alex. He paused a moment to delicately plant a warm, moist kiss on each sweet breast. Their fingers continued to enjoy their romped as children at play, which they were.

One of his hands crept up to stroke Jeanie's hair and fell lovingly to gently massage her shoulders and back of the neck and ear; the other stole lower to her delicately smooth, creamy white inner thigh and delicately inched to her pubic area. It was still dripping wet with her vaginal juices from her too numerous to count orgasms. He gently traced the contours of her pubic mound and played with the sparse, but soft and downy pubic hair. He tenderly frolicked over the mons and cautiously ventured further.

Her hands were far from idle as she caressed his chest and arms and followed the contours down towards the deep and dark nether regions. As she reached the mound of soft hair surrounding his still rigidly erect penis, it quivering and quaked and maintained it urgent pose, proud and majestically upright. With supreme sensitiveness she once again slid the foreskin back to expose the glistening head at which she marveled a few minutes before.

Her finger traced the edges of the glans around and followed it up to the narrow closed orifice. Oh, so, gently she lifted his stiff and forbidding penis up and looked it head on. Her soft fingers then touched a large serpentine vein and followed it full length, wondering lazily as she went.

When she reached the root, the source of the enormous organ's strength, she extended her hand until she totally enveloped the rigid staff. The other hand stole down still lower to the testicles. In the heat of passion they were loose and pliable. As she valiantly tried to capture and hold one, Alex caused her to start.

Once again he had found her clitoris that focus of urgent passion. But not until after he had deliciously sought the hidden depths of her creamy pink vagina, the love-shrine. Her fluids were perfect to moisten and lubricate his touch. With exquisite care and tenderness he surrounded her exquisitely sensitive flower and caressed every crevice and tip. Jeanie gave a reflex intake as he reached the tip. Her moans were equaled only by his. Alex dallied with trembling hand as shivers of passion waved through Jeanie's graceful body.

Together they lavished joyful touch upon tender touch on each other as they shared this exquisitely lovely and passionate moment. As their soft and gentle frolicking continued their breathing meshed into one.

Imperceptibly each clung to the other. At no time did their eyes wander from each other, being constantly focused on their finger's meanderings, awed by the innocent and sweet "children" at play in their enchanted meadow.

As one they looked at each other. The electricity of the moment was awesome.

Their eyes again dropped as Jeanie untangled her lovely long legs and laid them on either side of Alex. They both trembled in fear of the unknown, but they played as a perfect team. As one of his hands continued his caress of her neck and back, the other alternated between his tender awakening of her clitoris and sensitive probing of her warm cave of joyful love. In turn one of her hands sought Alex's back and pulled him closer and the other continued the game of tag with his testes.

As passion overtook them she slipped her hand up once more to his turgid, pulsing penis and as Alex parted her labia and exposed the warm entryway of her vagina she allowed the softly rounded head to run around the lips ever perceptually creeping closer to the warm, dark cave, as her flowing juices graciously covered the magnificently erect crown. They both shivered in anticipation.

"Have you ever been inside a girl before?" she asked him.

He shook his head.

They both watched in utter amazement as the now self- activated penis followed the lead shown him. With faint help from Alex and Jeanie the splendid shaft slowly penetrated until the tip disappeared between the exquisite labia, swollen and incredibly sensitive. It was a good thing he was so hard, or he never would have gone into her that far. His penis was gripped in a seeming death grip, but it was truly a grip of life. They strained, but little happened.

Desperately, she gasped for him to lie back down. He tried unsuccessfully to do that while still locked together, but almost immediately he came unlodged, a high-pitched cry of dismay emanated from his lips. She remained kneeling over him, straddling his waist. She reached back and found his pulsating penis, rock-hard and wet from her own fluids, just behind her. She leaned back a bit so she could feel its massiveness press into the velvety separation between the snow- white twin domes of her derriere. He groaned at that contact.

Jeanie leaned forward onto him and gave him a big wet kiss right on the lips and they tongued each other sloppily. His hands had come up to stroke and caress her back and slide down to squeeze those firm and flawless hemispheres.

She knelt up and moved back, then crouched over him. His penis was standing up, stiffly, at maybe a forty- five degree angle to his stomach. With a trembling hand she grasped his penis and lowered herself till it once again rested against her delicate labia.

Then slowly she lowered herself onto his scepter. He fit so snuggly inside of her that when maybe a third of him was in, she stopped and tried to relax.

The two children clutched each other tighter.

He sighed and she pushed down and back, thrusting more and more of his proud penis into her.

Their hips slowly began a rhythmic oscillation, perfectly in tune, together quickly and desperately, apart, slowly and reluctantly. But the way was too much for this sturdy stallion. After many, many minutes of determined effort, with sweat enveloping both children little progress had been made. Their breathing coming in gulps, their hip gyrations rapid, but of short length due to the diminutive path.

Then he loosed a low guttural grunt and pulled her hips down and she had almost all of him in her.

The two children shrieked and fell together as their juices mingled for the first time.

She could feel his spasms and the sensation of him inside of her and his hot semen squirting, folded into her climax. Her soft and gentle vaginal flow mating with one gigantic gush after another of precious semen penetrating to the very depth of her soul.

Neither Jeanie or Alex were disappointed in his lack of penetration, rather they were ecstatic at feeling something that most adults have never even felt -- exquisite simultaneous orgasms, perfectly in tune. Every part of their bodies behaved in mirror image of the other's. Perfection is the only term to describe it.

For more than fifteen minutes the sat linked together feeling the flowing of their own essences consume them. It was impossible to say that each was not fully slaked. Yet, Jeanie was still higher than a kite and Alex, well, Alex was still harder than a rock.

Then Jeanie moved. It might have been that she was trying to extract herself, but it was more a squirm to find a more comfortable spot, after all, they had been locked together in this position for over thirty minutes. Anyway, as she moved, she felt something that could only be called a shock. A bolt of electricity radiate from her vagina, surging throughout her body.

"Oh, Alex, that was wonderful, wasn't it?"

"Ya'," and as he added the words, "Let's do it again," they once again parted and moved together in perfect union.

Only this time it was different. They looked down, sensing a new freedom. As the blood rushed a flush of heat to their faces they saw Alex's manhood slowly sank out of sight, the way paved by his monstrous ejaculation. As if watch departing friends, Jeanie and Alex gave pause when he was totally immersed inside of her.

Only then did they once again look up to gaze into each other's eyes. Snuggling closer, they remained locked, totally engaged.

Still lovingly gazing at each other, they sat linked in ecstasy for close to fifteen minutes. Then at a moment virtually without sign, she squirmed and uttered a delightful squeal. She was writhing and twisting as she lay impaled on his grand pole. She let myself slide forward onto him, so her lovely breasts pressed into his body and just let her hips go, rolling and rocking and sliding up and down.

With obvious reluctance his engorged and turgid rod emerged from its comfortable home for a short moment and then disappeared again with relish into the inner reaches of pleasure. Each removal, sheer agony; each return, utter elation.

As the gentle rhythms of their swaying pelvises gradually increased in intensity, their breathing took on a certain urgency. With the heavy breathing their pelvic pumping followed suit. The dogged clutch-release of Jeanie exactly tuned to the earnest thrust-lingering withdrawal of Alex's hips.

His magnificently sturdy and shimmering penis, never flailing, begged to remain inside Jeanie, but it was not to be...yet. The fluid noises of their combined juices, a slight squeak from the far reaches of the camper and their passionate breathing were the only sounds.

He was jerking his hips up, thrusting into her crazily. She sat up and back and let all weight press down hard onto his stout manhood. She glanced down, past her heaving breasts and her swollen mons and to her delight saw his giant penis stretch her labia far apart and disappear deep inside her.

Precisely on cue their breathing became more like grunts and groans as the heated motion of their bodies became more spontaneous and impulsive and less restrained.

As their exertion approached the agonizing stage (to a casual observer) the sensuous groans became a constant barrage of erotic and carnal grunts. Jeanie attempted to control the fantastic thrusts of Alex, just to make them linger, but to no avail.

Alex's moans reached a hysterical level. Jeanie assumed he was going to explode again and leaned forward on top of him again holding him close, enveloping him with a passionate kiss. She rotated her hips so that her mons ground into him. Her throbbing clitoris was now fully exposed to his violently crashing pubic bone at full penetration and the smooth upper side of his slippery charging cock the rest of his stroke.

For one instant Alex withdrew his towering, flaming rod and then blindly plunged himself to the hilt into Jeanie. This last gigantic heave brought Alex into a previously unreached inner sanctum. Simultaneously, he erupted with a monstrous and guttural primeval cry. She felt his dick flex as he creamed once again inside of her. Each pulse sent her towering orgasm screaming even higher.

Jeanie fought her urge to scream and only partially succeeded. A shrill wail of ecstasy bubbled from her lips along with the cry, "Oh, no, God! Don't let it be finished! Bring it back." Their simultaneous cataclysmic orgasm gushed. An enormous mass of semen, seemingly Alex's total life's energy, spewed forth to penetrate every cranny. As he strove to extract the last vital drop in her, she cling for dear life with her graceful long legs and lithe arms enfolding him.

A thick mixture of their juices slowly seeped from between her labia to flow freely over them and the bed.

They lay panting like a feral animals, motionless, except for an occasional throb from his swollen penis still fully clamped in her vagina. She nearly passed out.

With utter joy, they lay spent in each others arms for more than a half an hour.

Their reverie ended as all good things must, unfortunately, when they both heard over their deep even breathing the unmistakable breathing of a third person.

Jeanie opened her eyes first. She was greeted with the shock of another pair of misty blue eyes gazing back at hers. With a start that jolted Alex back to reality, they both sat up to be confronted by the presence of Nancy. "Nancy, my God, I'm sorry," Jeanie said as she tried, with limited success to extricate herself from Alex, their legs were still linked passionately and his amazingly enduring penis still hard and still buried deep inside of her.

"No," Nancy nearly yelled, "No, don't get up. Let me watch you. It would be cruel to disturb you two."

But instinct was the winner, for their entanglement loosed just as she finished her plea.

Nancy's eyes opened wide as she was attracted to the slushing noise of their parting and beheld his still erect penis.

"Alex, I... I don't know what to say." But she couldn't take her eyes off of him. But Nancy also had eyes for the now beautifully budding Jeanie. Never letting her eyes cease their quick darting between the two lovely children she reached down and loosened her shorts, pulled then down. As she kicked them aside, practically tore her shirt off, two buttons flying off and disappearing somewhere.

Quickly she climbed on the sofa and straddled Alex's legs. She leaned down and planted a wet juicy kiss on Alex's amazed mouth. Without hesitation, she also firmly kissed the still trembling Jeanie on the lips. "Help me, please, Jeanie. Please, I need it, too," she moaned as she took Jeanie's hands and placed them on Alex's extended penis. "Please, help me."

No more urging was needed. Jeanie sat up and with both hands trying to quell Alex's magnificently throbbing staff, she tried to point it in the general direction of Nancy's vagina. With a sly smile, she rubbed it to long-wise through her labia from bottom to top. Ending with a quick cross-wise stab at her clitoris.

Nancy whispered through her soft hair now flowing down over her face and Alex's as she turned away from where she had buried her face, "That's OK, Jeanie, I saw the whole thing. I don't need any preliminaries. You kids were better than any video I have ever seen. Just let me get it in me."

Jeanie, complied by urging his staff back down her mons until the tip disappeared between her labia. Slowly she lowered herself, with a groan of ecstasy, enveloping the upright penis. No time was lost as Nancy began a wild ride of passion. Alex remained virtually motionless beneath the onslaught. Although Nancy's lovely hips rose and fell relentlessly and furiously, she, surprisingly, was not the first to cum.

With little warning Alex gave a shrill cry indicating release of still more semen, in the name of passion. Nancy practically collapsed when she felt the steady pounding of the discharges inside of her, but she continued her unrestrained pace with only an imperceptible pause.

Obviously that act did not hinder their travails. For another five minutes their heated thrashings continued.

Then Nancy gurgled some unintelligible words, screamed, "My god, I can't take anymore. Let it be. NOW!" And she fell on poor Alex.

It was not clear whether his expulsion of breath was do to her weight or still another discharge of cum. The beatific expression on Nancy's face, just visible through her tresses would tend to support the latter. For nearly a minute, she grunted again and again in time to Alex's ejaculations. Each one caused her to clinch her buttocks visibly. Jeanie ran her hands over each luscious mound as if to try to coax more from it. The heat she felt was enormous.

Nancy just lay there on Alex sort of whimpering. Jeanie could see tears in her eyes. She leaned over and kissed them away.

"God, Jeanie, was it like that for you?" she gasped.

After a few minutes, as Jeanie continued to gentle stroke her backside and back and shoulders, she lifted her head and said, "Now that's the way to get fucked, Jeanie. Forget everything else you've seen.

"My God, he's still hard as a rock. Alex why didn't you tell me about this. His mother's the last to know, I guess."

Nancy hump up, nearly severing her connection with Alex. Looking under her she moans, I want it again, but, Jeanie you deserve it, not me."

At that she slowly, ever so slowly, slipped juicily off of his towering rod and rolled off and stood up. All down the insides of her legs trailed the residuals of their passion. She reached down and took Alex's manhood in her mouth, rolled her tongue all over his glans, pulled off, gave it a parting peck and smiled. "It is up to you Jeanie to try to quell his fire. Can you take him again?"

In an instant Jeanie grabbed Alex and pulled him on top of her. Alex's still stoutly erect penis caused him some dismay as he found himself on top of her. It wound up sort of bent against the sofa between her wildly outstretched legs. Nancy reached over the frenzied thrash, and now passionately kissing, couple and encouraged Jeanie to raise her knees up off of the sofa.

With a sign, whispering, "Such innocence," she grabbed Alex's hips and bodily lifted him off the sofa so that his manhood hung grotesquely down, pointing towards the impending haven.

With much affection she gentle stroked him, not wishing to part with this wondrous device. But soon, no doubt spurred on by Jeanie's hips flailing upwards and around trying to find that object she longed for, she finally held it lovingly in her hand and gently guided towards the awaiting hot and moist aperture begging for a companion.

As soon as she placed his glans between Jeanie's labia, Jeanie gave a cry of delight and bucked her hips violently upwards. Her legs flew up nearly catching Nancy's head and clinched Alex's pelvis for dear life. Nancy was barely able to observe Alex slowly sink from sight into Jeanie's vagina. The vision sent shivers of passion up and down Nancy's spine. Her knees nearly buckled as she grasped her own loins to allow herself to emulate these two happy children.

It was clear that Alex didn't really know what to do. And Nature was in no hurry, while Jeanie spent about five minutes attempting to sort of prime the pump. With most of her strength she was able to dig her bottom into the sofa and pull away from his penis a fraction of an inch, then slam back up into him. By doing this in tune to the frequency of the sofa mattress she was able to accomplish much. Although she was expending fierce effort it would never have appeared to a passerby that she had anything but joy in her heart. It is amazing what wonderful things joy can do.

Finally, Mother Nature got through to Alex's mind or whatever as Jeanie felt him join in the rhythmic cadence of their joined pelvises.

As Nancy approached her self-induce brink she wondered if Alex and Jeanie would climax together again. The thrill of the thought sent a shudder coursing through her body. As she probed the depths of her own body, Alex's extraordinary penis was probing deeply into Jeanie. And Jeanie opened wide to accommodate that stallion-cock. Their mouths seemed to be joined just as securely as their loins and their frightening pace continued unabated.

All three lucky people moaned and groaned under their burdens of passion. Only once did one falter when Jeanie cried in seeming anguish that she was finished, but Alex continued and proved her wrong. Her climax grew and grew and with a gigantic out rush of pent up emotion Alex and Jeanie reached that supreme crescendo.

Neither had the strength to cry out this time as his bodily fluids poured into and through her. Again and again he gushed fourth his semen. Again and again her vagina thrilled to the feeling of fulfillment, accepting as much as she could and disgorging the rest to the sofa until a pool lay beneath them.

With a shiver they lay still. Nancy leaned over them whispering words of congratulations and love.

Nancy lay down next to them, cuddling the happy pair on the narrow sofa.

After about ten minutes, Alex struggled free of Jeanie's wildly splayed legs and rolled over off of her and against the camper wall. "Gee, Ma, that was great. But look it, it's still sticking up."

Both women stared aghast at his penis, still erect and still oozing semen from its single eye.

Jeanie rolled off of the sofa and knelt next to Nancy as they marveled at this wonder tool. Ignoring any protestations from Alex they alternately fondled and kisses and licked and sucked it. In boisterously lewd glee they ravished his stalk until they saw it straighten slightly and swell even more. One, who knows who, delicately embracing his testicles with her sensitive fingers, squealed in delight as they turned and twisted in her hand.

Then suddenly Alex shooed them both away and all three saw him eruption with another gigantic wad of cum which sailed high up and over to his chest. Immediately another followed, and another, each choosing a slightly different direction to fly depending on the magnitude of the jerk in his penis, until it seemed there was cum everywhere. (One must not forget that each lady had a steady stream emanating from her recently ravished vagina, also.)

The two ladies instinctively clapped in unison at this fantastic display.

When the fireworks display ceased in a few moment, they were almost relieved to see Alex slowly shrink. Jeanie, with a cry of anguish, reached out to support it as it wilted and shriveled. Slowly his foreskin was restored to it place of prominence.

Sleep enveloped him and all was quiet for a few moments.

Nancy broke the silence, "Jeanie, you could never have had a better introduction to the joys of sexuality than you did here."

"It was pure heaven, Nancy. How can I ever thank you for showing me."

"It was not me, thank him."

"No, Nancy, it was you who allowed me."

And Jeanie, still kneeling before the prostrate Alex, turned to Nancy. "This is what you showed me." And she reached up and pulled Nancy down to her and kissed her passionately on the lips. It was not a short peck, it was a lingering, deep and loving one that lasted for several minutes.

Nancy responded in the only way she knew how. She reached up and cupped those delicate trembling breasts in her still-moist hands and caressed the exquisitely sensitive alabaster skin.

Jeanie very slowly, in time to unheard, but intimately felt, music, pulled Nancy to herself. They hugged, full length, as they had so longed to do. And it was wonderful.

It was an incredible feeling, another glorious feeling for Jeanie. She had never quite felt like this before. Before it was almost like manipulation, now it was togetherness unimagined. There was no lust in her feeling, just love. So close, yet so different. She felt she was opening up and absorbing another to form a total entity. At last. True fulfillment, she thought.

Jeanie's knees could no longer hold her up and Nancy slowly easer her to the soft rug on the camper floor.

When she was prone, she gazed up into Nancy's radiant eyes and carefully and clearly mouthed the words: "I Love you."

Nancy leaned down and kissed Jeanie. It felt like the first time. The feeling in her body was totally different, almost foreign, yet it made her feel whole. It made her feel heavenly. Her kiss was warm, heartfelt and deeply passionate. As it lingered, Nancy gently caressed Jeanie's lips with her tongue until Jeanie consented and parted them.

For what seemed like minutes she explored everywhere, beginning with her lips, then her teeth, and, like someone scouting new territory, didn't miss anything. But it was done in such a way that it never felt like an invasion or violation. It felt like, "Hey, Jeanie, this is me. I want to share me with you, but take me along." And she did.

Jeanie felt as one with Nancy as they lay snuggled on the carpet.

Seemingly refreshed by this "first" kiss Jeanie lay back with Nancy bending over her, first kissing, then playfully licking her mouth, her face and eyes, her ears and her throat, her bare shoulders.

Nancy slowly and cautiously allowed her warm hands to slip down, down until then rested on the small twin domes of Jeanie's budding breasts of velvet. Nancy's eyes never left Jeanie's. For a few moments they lay there comfortably.

Then Nancy's hands gently cupped Jeanie's firm young breasts like they belonged there. Jeanie's already erect nipples seemed to struggled to gain their rightful place in Nancy's kind and sensitive fingers. With utmost tenderness these fingers stroked the ruby areola, the sprouting nipples until they became as hard as a penis.

Those Loving hands delicately departed sadly her breasts to continue their journey. Spontaneously, with no effort to moderate her voice, Nancy cried out, "My god, I never realized you were so beautiful!" As if star-struck, she just sort of stared with her mouth hanging open.

Slowly Nancy's eyes absorbed what seemed like Jeanie's entire being. Again, Jeanie did not have the slightest feeling or hint of licentiousness, it was two people sharing themselves. The feeling of this woman in all honesty telling her what was, quite obviously, a simple fact, filled Jeanie with love for Nancy. The tears filled Jeanie's eyes.

"What have I done," Nancy cried when her eyes again found Jeanie's, saw the tears and pulled her close. Jeanie reached her slender young legs around Nancy's elegant thighs to ease her concern. She also reached out and gently cup Nancy's luscious and full breasts in her warm hands. She extended her hand and caressed her determinedly stiff nipples. Another slow, fervent kiss exchanged lips several times.

As they held the kiss long and hard their hands wondered silently over each other. Their hands softly and hesitantly meandered among the heavily bedewed hills and valleys of each other. Their nipples stood at rigid attention like lovely, ruby flowers stretching out. Their fingers continued to enjoy their childlike romp.

Nancy stole her hands lower to Jeanie's delicately smooth, creamy white inner thighs tenderly stroking the satin skin. Then delicately inched towards the rising mound at the apex of her shapely young legs, to that place so rich in erotic senses.

She ran her fingers carefully around the blossoming labia. Nancy's affectionate hands gently followed Jeanie's pliant labia slowly tracing each layer from end to end, slowly approaching that hollowed grotto. Jeanie's hips began to move.

Before entering, however, Nancy's finger found Jeanie's clitoris, that blood-rich bud, that flower, the seat of driving passion, still achingly hard and proudly erect. She rubbed her finger gently back and forth over it, causing little groans of pleasure to bubble from Jeanie's lips.

With exquisite care and tenderness Nancy surrounded Jeanie's exquisitely sensitive flower and caressed every crevice. Jeanie gave a reflex intake as she reached the tip. Her moans were equaled only by Nancy's. Nancy dallied with trembling hand as shivers of passion waved through Jeanie's graceful body.

Then she slowly began to let the tip of her finger delve down into Jeanie's crack. She used her fingers to pull her labia wide open, showing the juicy pink interior. Then, while using the thumb to keep tender contact of Jeanie's clitoris, Nancy slid her forefinger down and began to slide the fingertip towards that fierce grotto. Down, down she went, finally into that wet, juicy slit and right up into her hot vagina. Jeanie groaned as Nancy's finger rhythmically slid in and out of her hot humid cunt. Stroking, caressing, searching, Nancy continued slowly exciting Jeanie more and more.

To Nancy this was the most delicious moment of all. She had found the long sought after the hidden depths of Jeanie's velvety pink vagina, the love-shrine. The mixed fluids of Alex and Jeanie were perfect to moisten and lubricate her touch.

Nancy paused to look down at the beautiful sight. Her finger was slowly sliding deeper and deeper into the juicy little crevice. The soft thin pubic hair hid none of her slit from her view. Slowly, she inched her finger deeper until she was twirling her fingertip in the very depths of heaven itself.

They flew together higher and higher under the gentle lead of Nancy touching, caressing embracing Jeanie's very soul and her warm, moist vagina. She pressed onwards harder, deeper. Their hearts quickened in response. They could feel their breath catch release simultaneously.

They were in an uncontrollable, sensual whirlwind. Both were trying desperately not to let it get away from them. They both felt like they were falling, tumbling joyfully over and over into an abyss of soft sensual pleasure. Neither had ever felt this exact feeling before and neither wanted it to ever pass. This was like no addiction imaginable.

Slowly and steadily they climbed (or were lead by an unseen, invisible force, together). For nearly twenty minutes they ascend.

There was no real peak in their simultaneous climax, only a crest. Slowly they approached the zenith. They happily dallied on the crown, as smooth as Jeanie's mons heaving in a steady rhythm, of the mountain for many, many minutes and then slowly drifted down the other side.

Words were inadequate to describe it and an outsider could never have comprehended anyway. It will suffice to say that the joy was delightfully and deliciously inexplicable.

Nearly a hour later they reluctantly retrieved the cold real world. With gentle smiles they kissed and rose and parted. No words were spoken as the night closed in on them.



  • Anonymous said:
    4 years ago
    read at least 100 stories on this sight, and this one by far is the most tender and erotic i have read, nice work!!