The camp headquarters was a large log structure, with a bedroom for the Rev. Bradley Marks and another room built in a corner of the "great room" in the camp lodge. A room had been built in the corner of the huge log building without windows and measuring only six by eight feet. It had a twin bed, a small dresser and a stand with a light and radio on it.

Along one wall was a small wardrobe, in which Sally Jennings could hang up a few items of clothing, including the three dresses she had brought along for her summer job at the camp.

Sally would find out later that night, when she shut the door to her private little room, that the only light available after she turned hers off was the small amount that shone under the bottom of the door. Sally was excited because she was on her own for the first time in her life. Her parents were so proud when the Reverend selected their daughter to be his aide at the church camp for the whole summer.

The Jennings were a strict family in a religious nature and Sally had never had a real date in her life and she was now seventeen. Before entering Reverend Marks' car, Sally's mother, Mindy, had told her daughter, "You be a good girl and do as the Reverend tells you and don't give him any trouble."

"Mom, I'm always a good girl and you know that, so let me enjoy my first time on my own and making some money as well."

Bill, her father, looked at his daughter and spoke, "Sweetie, the Reverend has lots of problems now that his wife is bedridden, so don't give him problems."

Reverend Marks looked at the parents and told them, "Sally is a good girl and she won't cause me any problems and I will bring her home on the last Sunday of each month for church."

Now Sally finished putting away her things and decided to put on one of her new shorts and top outfit she had purchased for camp. Standing in front of the mirror, she looked at herself as she stood in her white cotton panties and bra. Did she dare? Why not, she decided and removed her white underclothing and picked out the black bra and lace panty set that she had purchased. Before putting on the new bra and panties, she looked at her image in the mirror and saw her 34 A-cup breasts were firm and seemed hard and her nipples seemed overly large, which they were. Sally had nipples like her mother, they were about a half inch long and almost as round as a dime. In school, all her friends would tell her they wished their nipples were big like hers.

Looking down, she saw her dark pubic hair was still not thick: in fact it was so thin she could see the skin of her mons through the growth. Glancing between her pubes and the hair on her head, she thought her pubic hair was darker. The dark hair on her head was shoulder length and was naturally wavy. Reaching for her panties, Sally felt as if someone was observing her and thought it was the Devil, as she was becoming worldly in the black bra and panties and looking at her own body. Still, she believed she was being watched as she looked in the mirror and fastened the front clasp of her bra.

Neither Sally nor anyone else who ever stayed in the guest room knew that another room was on the other side of the outside back wall and that the mirror was two- way. Rev. Marks was watching his assistant as she undressed and could not believe the body of the seventeen-year-old he was not only watching, but video taping. He smiled when he saw Sally lean forward and stare into the mirror, as if she knew it was made so he could see her. Thinking back over the past five years, he remembered each of the girls who had spent their summer in the room and what had happened each time during the summer nights.

Sally finally dressed in her shorts and top, slipped on her sandals and walked out into the lodge outside. Looking around she did not see the Reverend until he suddenly appeared from the back of the cabin and she smiled as he walked toward her. "Thanks for giving me the aide job this summer, Reverend Marks." "You're welcome, and my but you look lovely in the sports clothes you have on, so watch out for some of the older boys."

"You're silly, but thanks for liking my outfit." "Sally, I'm curious. As you know my wife is now unable to be a wife and dress as she once did, but what does a pretty little girl like you wear under such a nice pair of shorts and top?"

Sally was caught off guard and she didn't know exactly how to answer his question. Then she answered, "Just underthings, and Reverend Marks, if I told you, why you would think I was a bad girl." "Now Sally, I would never think a girl as religious as you was bad, you have no bad blood in you and I accept that you are still a virgin, aren't you?" Her face turning red, Sally was at first upset by the remark, then she realised the Reverend was only being nice. "Yes, Reverend Marks, I'm proud to say I'm still pure and will stay so until my wedding night." Being a little careful in his words, the Reverend said, "Sally, with your pretty looks and the clothes looking so proper and nice on you, I would think you would wear nice blue, dark green or possibly black underclothing." He watched her eyes and he knew she wondered if he could see she had on a pair of black panties or did he know.

Either way she did not know how to react to his comments. "What say we walk over to the chapel and have a moment of silence and a short prayer," the Reverend said, "then we need to see that everything is being done to welcome out first campers in just three days time." By the end of the day, they found that all the details had been taken care of and they entered the lodge for dinner and to watch television.

Around ten o'clock, the Reverend said it was time to go to bed and he needed to make a round of the property before he retired for the night. "You go ahead and go to bed and I will be back once I have checked the property."

Leaving the lodge, he walked around back and entered the private room that looked into Sally's room. One of the delights he found in observing the young girls was when they masturbated. But he knew that Sally never had done so as he had briefly asked her during her interview. He had asked if she had carnal desires or release from such when she was alone in bed or other places. Sally had replied to his inquiry with a pure Christian voice, "OH no, Reverend, that would be against my religious beliefs to save my body for my husband."

Entering her room, after showering and dropping the robe from her body, Sally decided to wear nothing to bed as the room was warm. Standing nude before the mirror, she again felt as if eyes were watching her every move. Her hands briefly cupped her pointed breasts, and as she squeezed them with her left hand, her right hand reached down and fluffed her pubes.

Moving slowing she lay on the bed and did not cover up at first, but for the first time in her life, allowed her fingers to linger over her sex. When the feeling began to bring on unexpected sensations of desire to her body, Sally jerked her hand away and pulled the sheet up over her. Reaching over, Sally turned off the light on the bed stand and in just a few minutes was soundly sleeping.

The room was dark and Sally felt as if the sheet covering her was being pulled away from her body. Then she woke completely and felt someone moving into the bed with her and she cried out, "GET OUT OF MY BED!" "Easy Sally, it's only me, Bradley. Just relax, I'm lonely and just want to be near you." Sally was stunned that the Reverend was in bed with her and not knowing what to do as she felt him pull her into his arms.

"Go to sleep, Sally it is okay, nothing will happen tonight, I just need to feel a "woman's body" next to mine." Not moving and unable to explain her feelings of being nude with the minister of her church in her bed, Sally whimpered: she felt like she was sinning. "Did the Devil lead the Reverend into my bed because I had worn black underwear and had touched my body for the first time?"

Sally became aware the Reverend was also nude and when he pulled her into his arms, he let one of his hands rest on her hip. "Sally, don't be afraid and don't cry, you're safe and anything that happens will only be thy Maker's way." Fear crossed into her mind from the Reverend's touch on her nude body and Sally was at a loss as to what she should do. Her parents had told her to obey what the Reverend told her to do. But did that mean being in bed with him, with nothing on?

Her body was stiff with fear and when she felt the Reverend move her so she was on her back, she lay flat and her body froze, unable to move. Sally lay in the dark and she could not make out what was happening, but she felt the sheet kicked off their bodies and then the Reverend's lips were at her nipples. "Mercy, thy breasts are unique and your nipples are assuredly from the gods, they as so perfect and long, round and hard!"

"Reverend Marks, you should stop, this isn't proper." "You were sent to give me comfort and your Maker wants me to enjoy the pleasure of thy perfect form." Then Bradley moved his lips completely down over the nipple and sucked hard for several minutes. His hand was busy stroking her stomach, upper thighs and then onto her pubic covering. With gentle tugs, he pulled at the thin hair covering her mons and then he pushed her tightly clenched thighs open with his hand. His middle finger wormed its way up to slip on to the thinly haired labia and stroked the slit that was shut tight with fear.

"Open your legs for me, Sally, your Maker wishes me to enjoy your love." Then his finger was stroking up and down the slit and his finger tip settled on her unusually small clit. Lightly his finger teased her clit and when he felt her slit becoming wet, his finger again traced up and down the slightly parted sex. Moving down, Bradley soon had his mouth poised over the quivering girl's sex. His tongue came out and licked the tiny slit. "No, please Reverend, stop!"

"Remember what your parents told you, my child, do not cause me problems, obey me." Then Sally felt the Reverend move on top of her body. She knew that if he continued, her virginity would be gone and that her dreams of being a virgin on her wedding night would be a memory only. Using his hand, Bradley guided his cockhead to the virgin opening between his young charge's thighs. Bradley was amazed at how sleek her legs and thighs were, and when he placed the head of his cock between the lips of her female opening, he eased it in, until the head was almost inside the labia.

"NO, NO, PLEASE REVEREND, STOP, I'M A VIRGIN, YOU'RE STARTING TO HURT ME, AUGH NOOOO, OH PLEASE STOP!" Sally was feeling the length and width of her ravisher entering her young virgin sex and she knew the pain she was feeling was from his manhood touching her virginity. Sally felt him pull back and she sensed he was preparing to force his hard thing up into her quickly and brutally hard. "EEEEYYYYYYY, NO TAKE IT OUTTTT, GOD HELP ME BEAR THIS HORRIBLE THING, OH REVEREND YOU'RE KILLING ME, STOP, OH IT HURTS SO BAD, STOPPPPPP, NOOOOO!" Sally felt her virginity torn from inside her body as the first man to enter her split her hymen asunder.

When he pulled back to again drive up into her body, Bradley had felt Sally stiffen her body, as though she knew he was going to split her body open for the first time. He rammed his manhood as quickly and hard as he could up into the girl. Bradley loved hearing virgins cry out when he drove his stalk up into their cherry. Bradley loved looking between their legs after he was done and seeing the red evidence of their torn pussies as his semen and their blood drained from their first time's intercourse.

Two years ago he had been with Audrey Johnson and she had fought him to the end when she felt him trying to split her cherry. Audrey was a girl who had a thick hymen and it had not been easy to split it without causing tremendous pain. She would likely have been one who should have had her cherry surgically removed. Until he tried to enter her, Audrey had made no sound, did not even move or try to stop him as he rolled her onto her back. She had simply lain on the bed, legs spread wide, arms along her sides, and he had assumed her eyes were squeezed tight shut. After he had entered her, tearing through her cherry, she hit him in the face and his eye was black for over a week and his nose bled. Even so, he took her hard and rode her until she could do nothing but cry and beg him to stop. After three weeks of plowing her pussy each night, Bradley was shocked when she told him she was evidently pregnant, as she was to have started her period four days before and she was always on time. Two weeks after cam p ended and before school started, Audrey died from complications during an abortion, evidently one of the boys she had met in camp had gotten her pregnant.

Moving from her body, Bradley lay on his side and lay his right leg up on Sally. Her tears were worse than any virgin he had ever taken before and she kept repeating her question, "Why did you rape me, you knew I was a virgin and wanted to remain one until I was married?" Bradley said nothing and after a half hour of Sally constantly crying and asking why he had done it to her Bradley finally told her "Spread you legs, I'm ready to do it again."

Twice more that night Bradley took the ex-virgin and once anally. Sally felt humiliated and her body was sore and hurt. She lay in the small bed and heard her attacker snoring. Rising from the bed, she walked into the bathroom and climbed into the shower which she turned on to a very hot temperature. Her body did not feel clean and her rear was so sore, even worse than her torn open female sex.

Her mind made up, she wondered how many other girls had suffered what she had. Walking back into the room where the Reverend was sleeping, Sally got in to bed. She hardly slept for the rest of the night. When morning came, she was aware of the Reverend again mounting her sore body. "No, not again, wait until I'm not sore!" Bradley simply forced her legs open and entered her body, listening as she cried and moaned out how she was sore and it hurt so, begging him to stop.

Finally it was over and as they lay in the bed, Sally asked, "Do you do this with every girl you have as an aide?" Sally listened as Bradley told her of each of the five girls before her that he had devirginised. When he told her about Audrey, Sally became scared. Then Sally remembered her cousin, Nina, who was only fourteen when she worked as a youth aide.

"Yeah, I did her and she liked it and her mother, your aunt, was in bed with us a couple of times."

"Reverend Marks, did you do it with my mom?"

"Yes, real terrific sex, she claimed she never has it with your father any more and hasn't for more than two years." Sally was confused and then she again was being taken by the Reverend.


For the next four weeks the sex seemed to become better, but the loss of her virginity still bothered Sally. When the Reverend took her home for the church service on the last weekend of the month, Sally looked at her mother and wondered if she should tell her what she had been doing and that she knew about her. After church, Sally asked where Billy Jo, her eleven-year-old sister.

"She went back to church camp with the Reverend and he will bring her home next weekend and take you back with him."

Sally listened as her mother told her, "Reverend Marks felt you needed a break for a week to rest up from all the work you have been doing and he is proud of how hard you work."

There was no doubt in her mind that the Reverend had left her home because she had started her period as he was taking her before leaving for home from camp. God, mom knows what he is doing and she must assume he is doing me and now he will be doing it to Billy Jo. My sister hasn't even started to develop and he will have sex with her. Something is terribly wrong. He must be stopped.

The following Sunday, the Reverend returned and Billy Jo seemed to be fearful and was acting shyly, whereas before leaving for camp she was always laughing and jumping around in fun. Taking Billy Jo with her, Sally walked behind the church and into the wooded area. She stopped and sat on some large rocks and holding her sister's small hand, asked, "He did it to you also, didn't he?" "Oh Sally, he hurt me and he kept hurting me the whole week."

"Billy Jo, he will never hurt you again, or any other girl like us."

During the drive back to camp, Sally listened to the Reverend as he answered her question if he had done it to Billy Jo.

"She was the Maker's answer to a need to explore the youth of our church and she gave me her body over and over. It was a delight to have a girl with no breasts or hair covering her young little sex, especially young and innocent, unlike those of you older girls."


That night, Sally had to endure the humiliation of being taken by the Reverend as he compared her to her mother and lastly, her little sister, eleven-year-old Billy Jo as he rode out his lust atop her body. After the Reverend went to sleep, Sally got out of bed and went into his room. Behind some books on a shelf, Sally found an opening where some videos were stored.

Reading the titles, she knew they were of the girls and she put one in the VCR. It was her as she tried on the black bra and panties and even the others she had at camp. Finding the tape of Billy Jo, she watched as it showed her being assaulted during the day and evidently right after she arrived at camp.

One tape had her mother's name on it. Another with Audrey's name and her cousin Nina's name was on the label of another tape. Fast forwarding each tape she found they showed each of the girl's having sex.

Returning to her room, she took the tapes with her and picking up her clothing, going into the other room to dress. Before leaving the room, Sally picked up the Reverend's car keys and quickly left the lodge. Getting into his car, she started it and drove away. In the event that he attempted to follow her, Sally drove in the opposite direction, knowing that when she reached the Interstate, she could travel East for about fifty miles, then cut back on the old highway to her home town.

Her plan was excellent, as Bradley woke up hearing his car start and finding Sally was gone, dressed quickly and walked across the camp grounds to where the service pickup was parked. Speeding after Sally, he determined that she must be travelling at high speed. With his speed nearing ninety-miles-per-hour, Bradley did not notice the headlights moving up behind him until the flashing blue lights of the state patrol car started, his only thoughts being to catch up with Sally.

For more than a half hour the patrolman kept him occupied and finally gave him a ticket, allowing him to proceed. Now he knew that Sally would arrive home before him, so he turned around and headed back to camp. Thinking he had nothing to fear, as she knew her mother was aware he was having sex with Sally, Billy Jo and herself, Bradley decided nothing would come of his activities.


The next morning, at the chow hall, he sat down with some of the campers from his church. Finally his eyes caught sight of the Ditman's daughter, Chrissey. The bright eyed girl must have been around ten, he thought, then remembered that she could only be around eight because of the group she was eating with. Walking over to where she was seated on the bench, he sat down between her and a girl he didn't recognise.

"Chrissey, I need to speak with you, so why don't we go to my lodge office when you're done eating?"

"Sure Reverend Marks," the pretty girl said with her face all smiles. She took his hand as they walked from the chow hall to the office. As she was leaving, the little girl who had been with Chrissey, said to the girl on the other side of her, "I'll bet he is going to do something with her, or that is what my dad thinks. He didn't want me to come to camp because he says the Reverend likes little girls."

In the lodge, Bradley told Chrissey, why don't you take a quick shower and then you and I will go to town and get some supplies, as I need an assistant, because Sally had to go home." Unknown to Chrissey, she was about to become the next victim of the Reverend.

Thinking it was neat to be selected to help shop for supplies, Chrissey entered the bathroom and undressed and stepped into the shower. She was unaware that the mirror on the wall was two-way and that she was being watched and video taped. As she stepped from the shower, Rev. Marks greeted her, "Let me help you dry off, you are very pretty Chrissey."

"I - I don't think you should see me like this, Reverend Marks."

"It is all right, I'm a minister and you are one of my subjects, you must do as I instruct you in the name of thy Maker." Leading the young girl nude into his bedroom, he had her lay back on the bed. Then he begin telling her how he loved her and wanted to give her religious training that is necessary for a member of his staff to receive.

Chrissey knew that she shouldn't be touched like the Rev. Marks was doing, but she was so under his control as a minister that she did not object when his fingers touched the little opening between her legs. Watching with eyes almost in fright, Chrissey saw the Reverend undress and she was scared as his thing pointed out in front of his body.

Moving onto the bed, Bradley begin to kiss the small mouth of the pretty red haired girl and he loved seeing the freckles covering her body. He made a play of counting them and when he touched her tiny nipples he called them cute freckles and said they needed to be kissed.

Bradley kissed the tiny nipples and even caught them lightly between his teeth. Then he kissed his way down Chrissey's body, until he was licking and kissing her protruding clitoris. He could not believe a young girl could have such a large clit and his tongue and lips made the girl enjoy what she knew was improper for someone to do, but as he was her preacher she knew it must be okay.

Sally had driven directly to her uncle's house who was the sheriff of the county where she lived. Through tears, she explained what had happened to her and the other girls including his daughter Nina. Sally handed her uncle the video tapes and told him she had viewed each one just enough to knew what they contained. She said there may be more, but she hadn't looked for others, she had just driven here.

The sheriff contacted his counterpart in the county where the camp was who told him that he would be there in about two hours and asked that the county attorney be there also.

Had the sheriff asked his contact in the other county to go out to the camp he would have saved young Chrissey from the ordeal she underwent. After licking the young girl between her legs and feeling her even wriggle from his tongue moving in and out of her tiny opening, Bradley moved up on the bed between her open legs. His cock, Bradley believed, was harder and thicker than ever before. He lay over the eight-year- old and placed the head of his cock against the tiny slit that was wet from his spit and her own body juices that his licking had produced.

He shoved his cock past the hairless pussy and into the tiny slit, forcing it up into her body as she screamed and screamed out in pain, especially as he split her cherry in two. For the next hour, Bradley fucked the youngster and never had anything felt so good. "Hell, the young pussy is so tiny and tight and she screams more than one could believe."

Almost three hours had passed since he had brought the little girl into his lodge. Bradley had again lodged his cock head into the opening of the tiny slit and he was about to shove his erection up into the torn and bleeding young pussy. As he pulled back and started to shove up into the sobbing girl's ruptured pussy, a cold piece of metal was placed against the back of his head. "You make one move forward and it will be your last, now move away from the girl and get on your feet."

"Reverend Marks, you are under arrest for criminal acts against children and other charges." Bradley listened as he was read his rights and watched as the bloody pussy of his latest and last young victim was covered with a sheet and picked up and carried from the room. "Can I get dressed" he asked and looking down saw his cock was covered in the virgin blood of the eight-year- old. Instead of an answer, he was handcuffed and a blanket wrapped around his body. He was led outside and placed into the waiting sheriff's cruiser.

Arriving at the jail in the courthouse, he was photographed as he was pulled from the cruiser. Intentional or otherwise, the nude front of his blood covered body was displayed to the still and video cameras and to all who had gathered at the courthouse to see him brought into custody.

During the time before his trial, Sally found that she could not enjoy being with a boy. When school started for her senior year, Sally was often asked out but could not accept a date as she believed the boys all thought she was now an easy mark. One Saturday evening, she and her father went to a movie about a cheating wife during which she thought of her father's hurt and the divorce he had forced on his wife, her mother.

After the movie, they drove to a small diner and enjoyed burgers and fries. While drinking coffee, Sally started to explain all that she had suffered from the Reverend Marks when he performed sex with her.

"Daddy, something in me has been woken and I know what it is. It's sex, but not with a boy my age."

"Sally, you'll find someone to give you the love you want, just wait," her father replied.

"Daddy, I have found that someone and it's you. Do you understand what I'm saying?"



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