Tommy was our prisoner, his face covered with Steve's cum drizzled onto him from Annie's hot mouth. At first, I was a little surprised by the sadistic way that Annie was treating Tommy, but then I got turned on by it, and judging by their hard-ons, Steve and Tommy were enjoying it too.

I felt a little sorry for Tommy. He was trying desperately to get some relief for his aching cock. Annie quit giving him head just as he was about to cum, and his cock has never wavered. Still standing at attention and demanding. After Annie finished coating his face with Steve's hot jizm, I figured that Tommy would get off. I reached over and stroked his cock a few times. He started thrusting up and he exploded with another load of love lava. Annie and I decided to let Tommy lay in his come for a while. Annie said she had a better idea, she waved us out of the room and closed the door, leaving Tommy blindfolded and tied to the bed, prone for our next attack.

We went downstairs to the living room, and popped in an X rated videotape. Annie and me sat on the couch, and Steve sat on the easy chair. As the action started getting hot, Annie reached over and started to rub my breast. I had never had my tits played with by another girl before, but she seemed to be an old pro. She knew her way around tits, that's for sure. Her hand was soft but firm, and she had a definite plan in mind, as opposed to the mindless pawing that Tommy had subjected me to. I decided to reach over and play with her tits. I started rubbing them lightly, the way that I wished Tommy would do with me. Carefully squeezing and lightly caressing. I'm not sure which felt better, her playing with my tits, or my playing with hers. I suppose I got the better of that deal.

After a few minutes, Annie leaned in closer and gave me a kiss. A big old wet tongue splashing teeth gnashing kiss. I was in new territory, but I figured what the hell. I was determined to explore myself this weekend, and I was ready to do just about anything. Annie and I made out for a few minutes then she got a little daring. She started to rub my clit. She put a finger into my snatch, pulled it out and sucked it loudly. Then she kissed me again, letting me taste my pussy juice. It was different. I decided to do the same for her. She moaned when I invaded her twat, and she truly relished the taste of her own pussy as well. Before we went any further, she looked over at Steve and said, "Let's go!"

Steve, who had a raging hard on from the show on the video combined with the show on the couch, obediently followed us back up to Tommy's room. We opened the door, and Tommy's cock was still rock hard. Apparently, the anticipation of coming action got him really excited, Annie was like a director. She got 2 rubbers out, one she gave to me, and one for herself. She told me to do as she did, so I followed her lead.

She ripped open the package and put the rubber in her mouth, between her teeth and her lips. I did the same, thankful that they were not the lubricated kind. She gingerly wrapped her hand around Tommy's cock, and I did the same to Steve's throbbing manhood. She lowered her mouth to his head and lowered her mouth down his shaft, wrapping his meat in the rubber. It was a little tricky, but I got it done. She instructed me to get on all fours, doggy style, but across Tommy's body. I did, and she licked her fingers to help moisten my already swollen cunt.

Steve, who knew what Annie was up to, lined up to fuck me from behind. Annie continued rubbing Tommy's cock, and fingering herself. She watched closely as Steve entered his first pussy. He was a little unsure of what to do, but my thrusting my hips back into his gave him the idea. In just a few moments, he was pumping away like there was no tomorrow. My tits were rubbing across Tommy's belly, causing him to moan. I was growling like a wildcat and Steve was grunting like he was plowing me for his life.

Meanwhile, Annie was getting hotter watching this action, and decided that she needed cock. She straddled Tommy's hips, and lowered herself onto his pole. It took a little wiggling, but she managed to get him all the way inside her. In no time, they were bucking like wild horses, moaning, panting and groaning.

I couldn't believe that Annie was enjoying this as much as she was since she was so mean to Tommy earlier, but she was screaming in ecstasy pretty quick. It was a wild scene, as you can imagine. The four of us fucking like mad all on top of Tommy. Finally, Steve started to cum and filled our condom with his spunk.

Tommy was just about to do the same to Annie. Annie was lifting herself entirely off of his cock, then back down to the base. It seemed that every thrust was getting deeper than the previous one. Tommy grunted and Annie grunted and we knew they came together.

It was extremely exciting watching Tommy and my best friend screwing. It was also exciting fucking some other guy while laying across my captive boyfriend. Steve pulled out of me, and Annie climbed off of Tommy.

The evil grin on her face told me that she wasn't done with him yet. She peeled the rubber from his shrinking cock, as he tried to catch his breath, then she reached over to get the rubber from Steve's meat. She carefully held them so as to not let any drip out, and she slowly lowered them into Tommy's mouth together. She ordered Tommy to suck the cunt juices off of the rubbers, which he begrudgingly did for a few minutes.

Then, she pulled them out and turned them upside down and let them start dripping into his mouth. Tommy started to turn his head, but she shoved them into his mouth and demanded that he suck them both dry. With his mouth to full to complain, he relented and cleaned the rubbers. He licked and sucked them. If I didn't know better, I'd think he liked tasting the cum. Or maybe he liked being humiliated.

Annie whispered to him that she wasn't done with him yet. She said she would be right back, and left the room, taking Steve with her. I had no idea what was going to happen next. Tommy had tried to talk to me, to explain that he was sorry for what he did to Annie, but I had no idea what he was talking about. Obviously there was more than just standing her up that I wasn't aware of.

Annie came back in with a Tommy's parent's video camera. Steve didn't look too happy, but I noticed his cock had sprung to life again. Annie told Tommy to prepare himself for a huge surprise. She positioned the camera on a stand by the bed, and pointed it at Tommy's head. Still blindfolded, Tommy was clueless, but the stirring in the room led to a stirring in his loins. I decided that I was just going to sit back and watch Annie work.

Annie went into the bathroom and pulled out a jar of Vaseline. She had Steve grab Tommy's legs from above his head and hold them out, spreading his virgin ass cheeks. She smeared a bunch of grease all over Tommy's ass, then inserted a finger in his bunghole. She got two fingers in and Tommy started squirming.

Steve kept looking around nervously while holding Tommy's legs high. Finally, he bent his knees and laid his cock on Tommy's face. Tommy opened his mouth to say something, only to get Steve's tool on his teeth instead. Annie reached down beside the bed and grabbed the vibrator that Tommy used on me the night before.

She pointed at the video camera and mouthed the words, "Tape this!" to me. I got up and grabbed the camera and got the action in the viewfinder. Without saying a word, she rammed the vibrator up Tommy's ass as far as it would go, and she turned it on. Tommy was slipping and sliding, trying to get the thing out of his ass, or maybe trying to get it further in. At this point, I'm not sure which. He finally loosened up enough to where he was actually letting Steve fuck his face.

Annie started pulling the vibrator out, then thrusting back in, like she was fucking him. His cock started to twitch and he shot another load all over himself. Then, he started bucking and flopping around. He had had another orgasm from the buzzing toy violating his anus. With me now concentrating the video camera on his face, Annie pulled off the blindfold just as Steve dumped a load of spunk into Tommy's face. Tommy tried to lick it as best as he could. He never did see the video camera.

Tommy fell asleep right after that, the vibrator still humming as it fell out of his ass. Steve collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep as well. His cock brushing against Tommy's thigh. Annie had a smile on her face as she said that the next time Tommy fucked with her, this video would go to all our friends. She took me by the hand and led me to Tommy's parent's room and the spacious waterbed.

"C'mon, let the boys sleep. We have some playing to do, don't we?"


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