First Encounter


They started out as just friends......

Rick was a married man of fifty. Six feet tall and in great shape, he worked out three times a week and it showed. He had broad shoulders, strong arms and his waistline was only a couple of inches bigger than it had been twenty years before. His hairline was receding, but not too far and his hair, once dark brown was now salt and pepper with gray streaks at the temples. His eyes were large and dark and his features though not strikingly handsome were refined and attractive. He was dark skinned with a strong jaw and an aquiline nose, all traits from his mother's side of the family which was of Eurasian ancestry. He'd recently grown a goatee and had thought of shaving it, but the favorable comments it generated from the women he met made him think twice.

He was an Architectural Designer by profession, but painting and music were his main interests. His hands showed it. They were artist's hands with long dexterous fingers and very soft palms.

Rick had a large sexual appetite. He wasn't blessed with an enormous cock. But what he had he used to its best advantage. He had stamina and a very active imagination. He loved using those artist's hands as well as his mouth on a woman. In short, he sucked pussy like a champion and there wasn't much else in the way of sexual pleasures that he considered out of bounds. His love-life with his wife Cynthia had become a little stale and he sometimes strayed, but he kept her satisfied and that seemed to be enough, at least up to now.

Sara was thirty-five, single, blue eyed and pretty. Her face was finely chiseled with high cheekbones, a small turned up nose and full lips. She was petite at five foot four and had a great figure. She had a thirty four inch bust with full perfectly round breasts and light brown sensitive nipples that became hard at the slightest touch. Her waist was trim but with a little belly fat that she couldn't seem to get rid of. It bothered her, but to some members of the male sex was kind of attractive. Her full hips were in perfect proportion to a round bottom that sat perfectly atop a pair of slender legs.

Between those legs was what she privately thought of as her best feature. Sara possessed a fabulous pussy. A perfect triangle crowned with a soft oval nest the same auburn color as the hair on her head. Her pubic hair had grown suddenly at the age of thirteen into a wonderful little patch that hadn't changed since. Below that fine fur was a plump pair of outer lips that seemed to always have a rosy pink glow. And encased within them, two soft folds that opened to reveal a small tight hole with a clit that concealed its little pink inner orb from view. She was proud of her pussy, but wished it got more attention.

Sara was a sexual creature in her own right. More so than she liked to admit even to herself. She'd married young, still a virgin at twenty-one. It was a strange marriage. Her husband was of Asian descent and from a very conservative family. The young couple lived with his parents who treated them more like brother and sister than husband and wife. The marriage produced no children and lasted just three years. Sara could count on one hand the times they made love in that brief and unsatisfying period.

In the years since her divorce at twenty four, she'd only had a few boyfriends. Not one of them was anything great in bed, including Josh, her latest. She had begun to think maybe there was something wrong with her own sexuality. But that wasn't really the case, as she was about to find out. Sara's uneventful love-life was about to change and very dramatically.

On the day they met, Sara's blue eyes were looking out from behind some very fashionable glasses which Rick thought were kind of sexy. He'd never believed in the old saying that "men don't make passes at girl's who wear glasses". Quite to the contrary, he found glasses on the right female face to be very attractive. And to his thinking, Sara had the right face.

The girlfriend of one of his wife's co-workers, he first met her at his house. Cynthia and he had invited some people from their respective offices over for an afternoon cook-out. It was a warm spring day and everyone was having a good time sitting on the patio, drinking wine, eating and laughing at Rick's slightly off color jokes. Sometime in the course of the afternoon there was a request that he play the guitar and sing. In his youth he'd been a good musician and singer, but now he only entertained at parties, and rarely.

As he played and sang Sara began to feel a slight attraction. She'd had a lifelong desire to perform herself. Her father, a Southern Baptist minister, was also an amateur musician who would sometimes let her sing with his country and western band when they practiced. Maybe that was the source of her fascination now. But she wasn't thinking that, she only knew that she liked his voice and his ribald sense of humor. It was a pleasant afternoon and the party ended with plans for the two couples to get together again.

The next time they met was at a happy hour with some friends from Cynthia's office. Then it was his turn to notice her. He'd thought she was attractive the day of the party, but hadn't thought much about her since.

After a few drinks, the talk turned to music and she was urging him to take up performing in public again. She mentioned the times when she "practiced" with her father's group as a little girl and that she now sang Karaoke at every chance just to get in front of an audience.

"C'mon Rick", she said. "Don't you think it would be fun to get out and play again? You're really great and I know people would come to hear you."

"Who'd want to come hear me?" he replied. "I gave all that stuff up years ago. You're so excited about singing in front of people. You should get in a group and realize your own dream. You're cute and if you can sing like you say you can, well, you'd probably make a splash."

Then someone at the table mentioned that the two of them should try singing together sometime. The suggestion intrigued him. He'd wanted to form a duet with a female partner years before, but had never found anyone suited to his style. What about it? Could she have enough talent to make it work? She certainly had the looks. Pretty face, tricky little figure. If she really could sing, then her looks and his musicianship might be enough to get them noticed.

"What the hell, he thought. At least we could have a few laughs trying."

"Okay Sara. If you really want me to get back out there, I will. But on one condition."

"What's that?" she asked.

"We do a duet. Can you sing harmony?"

"I don't know. I've never tried. You really mean it? You want me to sing with you?"

"Yeah, sure. I've always wanted to try a duet with a female singer. There's quite a lot of music I know that is suited to a guy/girl two part harmony kind of thing. Like I was saying, you've got the looks. With you up front, we just might get some attention."

So it was settled. They formed a partnership and as the weeks passed, they started getting a repertoire built up. But something else began to happen besides musical creativity. At first the e-mails they traded were all about the music. What songs would they learn? Where would they play first in public? But gradually, imperceptibly to them both, something else began to happen. They started confiding in each other more than just musical ideas. They talked of art, philosophy, life dreams and aspirations. All those things that two people talk about who are moving past just being friends.

Then one day Sara acknowledged to him that her feelings, at least in some ways were more than platonic. She tried to chalk it up to his filling the role her father had when she was just a little girl. That explained some of it, but it didn't explain away the physical attraction that was becoming stronger and stronger for her.

For his part, he admitted that she was attractive and he was certainly flattered by the attention of a younger woman, but they "must be adults about this" and realize that sometimes feelings even though acknowledged, are better left not acted upon. Of course Rick was not above taking advantage of an opportunity for an extracurricular affair. But he felt that this one could be a little explosive. Cynthia was Josh's supervisor and the repercussions of an affair gone bad between him and the love interest of Cynthia's subordinate tempered his more lustful urges, at least for awhile.

But Sara's feelings didn't diminish or go away. They only got stronger. She felt guilty. She loved Cynthia as a friend and in many ways considered the two of them to be like a family to her.

Then Josh began to sense something was wrong and started objecting to the "innocent partnership". He began to question why they had to have so many practice sessions alone. And even though nothing physical had happened between them, he started pressuring Sara to abandon the friendship and musical partnership altogether.

She rebelled at this. "How dare he assume that this was anything more than a good friendship?" she thought. "Yes she had feelings for Rick (which she had not confided to Josh) but she had all that under control." She also didn't tell him that sometimes when they were in bed, she thought of Rick.

The day came when he gave her an ultimatum, "Chose, me or the music."

She chose the music.

Sara began to spend even more time with Rick and Cynthia. Dinners at their house with late night practice sessions. Phone calls at work and on the way home in the evening. E-mails all day long. Their correspondence continued to take on more of a romantic flavor, even an erotic one. They told themselves and each other that it was all in fun. Just two grownups having a few laughs. But that didn't explain the way she thought of him at night, in her bed, when her hands would stray to her breasts and then between her legs.

One day in conversation with Cynthia she mentioned that she had tickets to a really great concert, but since the break-up with Josh, had no-one to go with.

Cynthia immediately suggested, "Why don't you take Rick?"

"Oh no Cyn, I couldn't ask you to do that"

"Do what? You're our friend. I know Rick would like to see that show and he'd be glad to help you out. I'll mention it to him."

"Okay, but only if you are okay with it." She replied.

In truth, Cynthia was not completely "okay" with it. She knew that nothing had gone on in a physical way between her husband and Sara. But she sensed the attraction and that it was growing. Their marriage had not been in great shape for some time and she suspected that Rick had affairs in the past. But she still had enough faith in him to let it go. So in spite of her misgivings or maybe because of them, she told him about the concert and her wish that he "help out their friend" by going.

There was something else that Cynthia didn't tell Rick. She didn't even like to admit it to herself, but the idea of him making love to another woman excited her. She'd even fantasized on more than one occasion about him making love to her and someone else at the same time. When she tried to come to terms with that excitement and her fantasies she just got confused and frustrated. So she buried it as deep as she could inside and continued to play the role of trusting wife. But her naivet� was about to be dissolved.

For his part, Rick didn't go into it looking to exploit the situation. Of course he thought that it was a pretty unusual circumstance for Cynthia to suggest that he take a much younger and quite attractive woman out on what amounted to a date. And he was excited by the idea. But he had no real plan to make the evening anything other than an enjoyable night out for two friends.

The concert they were going to see was a performance by a well known female singer/songwriter whose forte was soft rock and romantic ballads. The venue as it happened was an arena just a couple of blocks from Rick's workplace.

On the appointed evening, Sara met him in the parking lot at his office and they went to a local Mexican place for a light dinner before the show. Dinner was not so special. The drinks were watered down and the food was less than inspiring. But he talked of so many interesting things and she looked so great that they didn't care.

When they left the restaurant the conversation took a slightly erotic turn.

"I'm reminded of a line I read in a book once," he said.

"I have no doubt it's both profound and very wicked." She replied. "Well go ahead and tell me so I'll fall in love with you even more than I already am."

He looked over at her, at first serious and then smiled as they laughed away the sexual tension, "She took him to her room, and shared with him a joyous and refined carnality."

They laughed again at the incongruity of the words. But her hand strayed to his and squeezed very tightly.

After parking her car in the lot at Rick's building they walked the short distance to the concert. It was a warm and pleasant evening and she was excited by the circumstance and his company. His last remark had left her wondering just how "joyous and refined" a carnality would be with him.

Once they were seated, the conversation continued in other less dangerous directions. He told her about things he'd done in his youth, the books he'd read, the places he'd been. Then the house lights dimmed and the warm up group came on.

He was passionately describing his vision of their own stage show when Sara interrupted him.

"You know what I'd like?" she asked.

"No, what?"

"I'd like to spend a week just looking at the world through your eyes."

The melted look she had in her eyes at saying this told him he'd better try to diffuse the situation.

"Well Sara darling, in my world the grass is blue and the sky is green." He said this in the most lighthearted and kidding manner he could. But it did no good.

A slightly quizzical look crossed her face and she said, "Really?! Well does that mean that right now I'm really upside down and instead of my mouth you're talking to my asshole?"

The smile on her lips spoke of irony and implied a joke. But the seriousness in her look and tone of voice spoke of something else. He felt his cock begin to stir.

Looking back in her eyes with the same seriousness, he replied, "No, but if that were the case, it would be a very different kind of conversation than the one we are having now."

"Oh? And what kind of conversation would it be?" she asked coyly.

"A very deep and probing discussion that I am quite sure you'd never forget," he replied.

She had a reaction in her crotch similar to his, but accompanied by a distinct buzzing in her head.

She smiled, looked down, raised her eyes to his and asked, "What would happen I wonder, if I suddenly rose up out of my seat, flipped over and you were presented with that end of me?"

That was it. All restraint left him. His cock which was just beginning to rise jumped in his pants. He took her face gently in both hands, leaned in very close and looking her right in the eyes said, "Sara, I'm sitting here looking at your lovely face and beautiful mouth with it's lips so full and breath so sweet. But let's pretend, for just a moment, shall we? That it's as you said and I'm "face to face" with your bottom which is I'm sure, very lovely in it's own right. Smooth skinned cream colored cheeks so soft and sensitive that you shudder just a little as I very tenderly kiss them. First one and then the other."

He kissed the now blushing cheeks of her face, first one and then the other.

"Then Sara darling, I'd gently part those marvelous globes like two halves of a ripe papaya to reveal the pink and perfectly puckered rosebud nestled there. And only after I savored the sight and intoxicating scent of it for a moment or two would I very gently put my lips to it and kiss, just like this."

He kissed her mouth softly. So softly in fact, it felt like a feather had brushed her lips.

"Then, while my lips were still in soft contact with it, I'd let just the tip of my tongue flick out and swirl gently around and around that marvelous little puckered ring. And just as I heard you softly moan I'd gently but very firmly push my tongue up inside."

And as before, he performed those actions on her mouth that he'd described doing to her ass. Her lips parted and he pushed his tongue inside in what to Sara was the most erotic kiss she'd ever experienced.

Her head was spinning and she couldn't feel the seat she was sitting in. He had just described doing the most wicked thing to her. Something so nasty, but so erotic. Something she'd never dreamed or imagined anyone ever doing to her. And yet, he made it sound like the most beautiful, tender and romantic act she could ever experience. She returned the kiss, passionately. He had made her feel beautiful and completely wanton at the same time. She was more aroused at that moment than she'd ever been in her life and wanted nothing more than for him to do just exactly as he had said, down to the last detail.

Her pussy was soaking and her tits were straining in the sheer silk lace of her bra. As he touched them, she put her hand on his fully erect cock. She could feel it's heat, even through his pants and squeezed hard.

Just as he was thinking of the erotic irony of kissing and probing her mouth as a metaphor for tonguing her asshole, he heard a loud, "Ahem!"

Engrossed as they were in the moment, they had failed to notice a young couple who had sat down directly behind them. In the stadium style seats, the guy and his date were looking almost vertically down on Rick and Sara and had seen and heard everything that had transpired.

He looked up at them and smiled. The girl looked daggers back and glowered at him while the guy was grinning from ear to ear.

Sara who had barely noticed the interruption was trying to find his mouth again, but he pulled away from her probing tongue, and said, "Darling, let's find someplace more private. Shall we?"

At which comment the girl said, "Yes! By all means find someplace more private. Like a motel room!"

Her date was more magnanimous. "Hey man. Don't leave on our account." he said smiling.

The girl gave him a sharp blow to the ribs with her elbow, crossed her arms and legs, pointed her nose in the air and turned her back to him in a huff.

Rick looked at the girl, then at the guy, still wincing from the elbow and said in his best Sean Connery brouge, "Terribly sorry old sport, but it looks like the shop's all closed for you this evening."

The guy started to reply but the girl answered first.

"You got that right mister!" and gave the sorry fellow a look that said if he opened his mouth again, the next elbow would land in a much more southerly location.

Rick didn't waste anymore time with the unhappy couple. Looking around he saw an empty section of seats at the very top of the arena and got an idea.

Sara was panting, her mind still reeling from the incredible fantasy he'd just described, their kiss and his hands on her tits. Her hand was still hot from his cock. She hadn't even noticed or heard the exchange with the couple.

"What was that you were saying about marvelous globes?" she asked groggily.

Rick just grabbed her hand and led her up the stairs to the darkened and isolated section of seats.

They sat down just as the featured act came on to an ovation.

He sat her closer to the stage so he would be behind her and she could watch the concert. This position also allowed him complete access to her breasts and crotch from behind. Pulling her back into his chest he reached around and cupped both her tits through her blouse. His mouth found her neck. He kissed and nibbled the sensitive skin and flesh there as his hand found it's way inside her top.

Pushing aside the sheer fabric of her bra, he cupped one tit and pinched the nipple which swelled between his thumb and forefinger causing her to draw a breath in sharply and arch her back.

His other hand was between her legs. He could feel the heat from her and when he cupped her crotch in his hand, the wetness that had started to soak through the silk of her panties. The delicate lace pulled aside easily and his fingers sank into the folds of her pussy.

She moaned, "What are we doing?"

"We're making a dream come true." he answered. "And it's about time."

"Ungh, oh God that feels so good. But we can't keep this up here."

"You're right. C'mon!"

"Are we leaving?"

"Yes, but we'll be back in a little while."

He stood and she got to her feet, unsteadily at first. The height of the seats in the arena coupled with the spinning in her head from his probing made her dizzy. Putting a hand under each of her arms, he almost picked her up off her feet as he led her out to the concourse.

"Where are we going? There's no place we can go in here."

"Oh yes there is. Follow me."

He'd seen what he was looking for, the sign for the restrooms. When they got to the ladies room he ushered her inside as she halfheartedly protested.

"Somebody will come in."

"No they won't. She's just started her set. Nobody's going to leave the concert to come in here. At least not for a little while."

He backed her up against the stone lavatory counter and kissed her hard.

His hands cupped her ass as he lifted her up and set her down on the stone. Her legs were wrapped around him and she was groping for his zipper. He helped her out there, unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out. Looking down as he guided her hand she took another deep breath. His cock was red and fully erect with a bead of pre-cum just beginning to leak out of the hole in it's purple head.

She grabbed him and pulled, bringing his cock fully out of his pants and feeling the heat of him even stronger than before.

"Oh God, Rick. I've wanted this for so long. But what about...."

"Shhh, don't talk, there's no one but us right now."

Reaching between her legs, he ripped the lace panties off of her and cupped her pussy with his fingers as his tongue found hers again. Then he put a hand under each of her knees and brought them up until the heels of her shoes were resting on the edge of the counter. Her short skirt had ridden up and her bare ass was resting on the stone. In this position she was fully opened to him and he sank to his knees to fully appreciate the sight, scent and taste of her.

"Rick, please not here, I've's too dangerous. Just make love to me darling, please."

But he wasn't listening. He'd thought of this moment many times and he wasn't going to miss this opportunity.

Her pussy was even more beautiful than he had imagined. The reddish brown patch of hair covering her mons was soft as silk and held the musky scent of her sex, stopping just above its full fleshy outer lips.

"Jesus. You've got the pussy of a teenager." he said as his fingers spread those outer lips revealing the pink wetness inside. The inner lips of her pussy opened to his touch like the petals of a flower and he marveled at how wet she was. The inside of her hole was shining and slick and a single drop of cum was slowly running from her slit down to her asshole. His tongue caught it just at the instant it hit that sensitive hole and she shuddered as he probed her most intimate spot. Running his tongue back up to her pussy he let it dart in and swirl around until he found her clit.

He first kissed and then started to suck the sensitive orb. She took his head in both hands and pulled him up to her. Her pussy filled his mouth and he sucked hard running his tongue up into her before sucking her clit in between his teeth.

She was almost to the point of tears now. Incredibly aroused by the situation and the way Rick was licking and probing her she ground her pussy into his mouth, wanting to cry out loud but not doing it for fear of being discovered.

She'd never felt anything like this before. She'd never done anything like this before. She'd only heard and read of these situations. Now being in one, she was at the point where ecstasy and exhilaration overrides any sense of restraint.

When he moved from sucking her clit and licking her pussy back to her asshole she almost lost it completely. His tongue invaded the tight puckered opening and probed hard, sending a shiver up her spine and into her brain. She'd never experienced anything like it. Christ, she'd only had her pussy licked a few times before and then reluctantly. Not that she didn't like it. But she'd been brought up in a very repressive and morally strict home. Her mother had filled her with so much guilt about sex that she had never let anyone do anything the least bit "out of the ordinary".

Maybe that's why she had become involved with Josh. It was certainly no wonder why her mother loved him. She'd undoubtedly sensed that he possessed the libido of a eunuch. Their rare lovemaking sessions typically consisted of a little kissing and a grope or two, before he'd get on top of her, grunt a couple of times and come. Never once in the two years they'd been together had he taken the time to even try satisfying her. Invariably she'd end up "helping herself" after he rolled over and began snoring. And inevitably, she'd feel guilty for doing it. "Thanks, mother!"

Rick was completely different. Sara felt it in the things he said and wrote and in the way he looked at her. And she had responded to him, saying things she'd never said to any man before. She felt it in the heat of his touch even at the slightest contact. He was unlike any other man she'd been with and now as he probed her with a tongue that felt like a hot poker, she knew she'd do anything he told her. There was no part of her that he could be denied and no instance where she would not surrender to him. She also knew that her mother would hate him. That satisfied her immensely.

But she wasn't thinking too much of those things at the moment. She was just riding the waves of pleasure that washed over her again and again in response to his probing tongue which was again in her pussy.

"Oh, God! Yes, oh yes, lick me. Suck me, suck my pussy. That's it, suck me!" She was surprised when those words came out of her mouth. But she loved it, loved the wanton abandonment that had her in it's power.

He licked her asshole again...."Oh Rick, that's so nasty. I don't know if I, if you should...."

"If I should what?" he asked, looking up into her eyes from between her legs. He pressed the tip of his tongue into her ass again. "This? Lick your sweet spicy little butt-hole? You asked what would happen if I was presented with this end of you. Now you know. And as I told you, it's going to be a conversation you'll never forget." Then he pushed his tongue so far up in her she almost felt it in her belly and she went over the edge.

"Oh yes, do it! Do it! Stick your tongue in my ass! Nobody's ever touched me there till now. It's yours! Lick it! Fuck my ass with your tongue. Ungh, you're gonna make me cum. Oh, Rick!"

She felt like a slut for saying those words and feeling the way she did, but she didn't care. In fact she loved it. All the years of repression, melted away in that one instant and she actually felt herself starting to cum from the incredibly wicked and delightfully dirty feeling of his tongue in her ass. She sucked a long breath in and arched her back driving her ass down on his face.

Sensing that she was on the verge, Rick stopped and stood up. His cock was painfully erect now, straining to the point where he thought it might split right down the middle. As he moved into her it sank lengthwise in the furrow between her outer lips, the head resting on her clit, that was so sensitive she moaned, "Oh God, Rick. Fuck me, fuck me now. Please!"

He began rubbing the head of his cock up and down the length of her slit, pushing it down hard when it met her clit.

They were both looking down at the sight of his cock riding up and down her pussy when he stopped again. He positioned the head at the opening of her hole, looked in her eyes, then kissed her deeply and drove into her.

She didn't stifle the cry that came from her mouth this time, but it was muffled in their kiss. And he kept kissing her, probing her mouth with his tongue as he began to slowly but very powerfully fuck her, the strokes of his cock matching those of his tongue.

She sucked hard on his tongue as he fucked her, more forcefully now. The taste of her pussy and ass was on his lips and in his mouth and she loved it. Her own scent filled her nostrils and the deeper she breathed, the more aroused she became. She was like an animal, panting and sucking his tongue, trying to suck it down her throat.

She ground down on him, forcing his shaft to rub her clit on every thrust. He began fucking her faster and harder. He could feel his own orgasm coming on, the tightness in his balls, the swelling in the end of his cock. She felt it too and her pussy began to spasm, gripping him with every thrust. She kissed him again deeply and then drew back, looking in his eyes as she went over the edge into the abyss.

Her eyes rolled up in their sockets and she threw her head back as he picked her up off the countertop, his hands cupping her ass. He was holding her up, her legs wrapped around his back as he fucked up into her, and came so hard he had to choke off his own cry of ecstasy. Their mouths came together again as his cum shot up into her, hitting her cervix and triggering a corresponding contraction in her pussy with every spurt.

They screamed into each other's mouths as their climax reached it's peak and then drank each other in, tongues entwined as wave after wave hit them.


When it was over and the convulsions of their cumming stopped he looked into her eyes before kissing her again, softer this time. She nestled her face into his neck as they began to catch their breath.

He set her back down on the counter and pulled his still hard cock from her pussy. She felt the cum run out of her and wished she could hold it in as it puddled on the stone counter under her ass. He seemed to sense what she was thinking and put his fingers over her hole as if to stem the flood. Two fingers found their way inside. When he withdrew them and held them up to her face, they were covered with their mingled juices and smelled of their combined sex.

He licked first and then inserted them into her mouth. She sucked on his fingers, relishing the taste of his cum mingled with hers.

He smiled at the sight of her greedily lapping at his cum soaked fingers.

"What are you smiling at?" she asked a little coyly.

"You are a very naughty girl, my dear."

"Me? What about you? You have got to be the most wicked and nasty man I've ever met."

He kissed her again before asking, "What? You didn't like what just happened? Don't tell me that this was just an irrational moment for you and you don't want to experience any of this again. You knew what I was like before coming in here."

"Well, I thought I knew what you where like, but I had no idea how far you would go. And no, I'm not saying I don't want to experience it again. It's just that...."

"Just that what? Nobody's ever done that to you before? When you were a little girl your mother told you that good girls never let anyone put their mouth "down there". And she was only talking about your sweet little pussy. If she had imagined that one day you'd let this wicked and very nasty man stick his hot tongue up your little ass, she'd have gone into apoplexy. Am I right?"

"Yes, but how did you know my mother was like that and said those things?"

"Sara, darling. I've been around the block, not once, but a couple of times and there's one or two things I've learned. In addition to your mother being so uptight, I'll wager that your father tried on at least one occasion to do to her what I just did to you and got scolded for his efforts. Some men just don't know how to talk to a woman and some women have no idea just how pleasurable "forbidden" sex can be."

She was about to reply with a remark that he sure knew how to talk to her when they heard activity out in the concourse. Putting themselves back together as quickly and completely as they could, they rushed out of the entrance to the restroom almost knocking over two very surprised looking young women who turned and watched as the fleeing lovers made their way through the crowd and back into the arena.


  • Anonymous said:
    1 year ago
    I have gotten fucked at two different concerts. Once with my girlfriend as we stood up near the stage. I puller her skirt up, pulled her panties to the side and slid right in. Another time I met a girl I went to school with. She asked if I wanted to smoke some weed. We went typo the section of the arena back behind the stage where no one was. We smoked the weed then began to make out. Pretty soon she was bouncing on my cock to the beat of the music.