I visited the University of Alberta last summer for a conference. Deciding to make a vacation out of it, my wife of one year, Anne, came along; we were planning to tour the Canadian Rockies after my meeting. We chose to stay in a cheap place in Edmonton so as to have more money for the rest of our trip.

While not poor, we were saving our pennies. With this in mind, imagine our surprise when we found out one of housing options was the dorms at U of A. The rooms were cheap--$15 a person a day. The cheapest hotel was $55 a day. For four nights, we figured we could "rough it" in the dorms. Anne and I joked about reliving our college days.

We arrived in Canada on Tuesday afternoon. We picked up our rental car, and proceeded to the dorm. It was a classic�huge, 4 separate towers connected by internal walkways, big cafeteria, cinderblocks, ugly carpeting, murals by past students on the walls. We checked in and were informed that we would be up on the 7th floor of Henday Hall.

The dorms were about 1/4 full; most of the other residents were people attending conferences, and kids attending various camps. After parking in the lot, we hauled our gear up to our room. It was a total flashback for both of us. I don't think either of us had been in a dorm since college (12 years for me, 10 years for Anne).

After getting turned around once, we finally located our room, which had a nice view of the city. The room had two single beds (drag), two desks, two small chests, a closet, and two chairs. All furnishings seemed to have been purchased in the 1950's. Also included were linens, which was a good thing because we had forgot them. However, the towels were very small� about 18 x 36 inches. They reminded me of bathmats. There were 3 bathrooms on the floor�2 for men, 1 for women. One was at the beginning of every hallway. The main area had the elevators, washing machines, and lounge.

After settling in, I made way to the bathroom where I ran into Jim, another conference attendee. He informed me that a lot of people from the conference were staying on our floor, as well as a bunch of college kids who were coaching waterpolo camps for younger teens. Jim said the kids were pretty nice and fairly quiet because they had practice and games all day. I was happy to hear this as I did not want to be kept up all night by wild teenagers. Jim and I agreed to catch an early dinner.

The three of us ate at a nice Italian restaurant near campus. Anne had a few drinks which made her chatty and frisky. She kept grabbing me as we were walking back to the dorm. I mentioned that I would like to check my email, and Jim informed me that there were rooms with computers for just such a purpose. All I had do to sign out a key from the front desk.

Jim went up to bed and Anne and I went to the front desk. She seemed disappointed that we were not going up to the room to fool around. Reluctantly, we got a key and headed to bowels of the dorm. The computer rooms were in a long narrow hallway. Each door had a tiny window that was about head high. The rooms were small, and contained two computers, separated by a divider. I signed in and was catching up on my email, when Anne started to kiss and lick my ear. Her one hand stroked my hair, while her other rested on my thigh. "Let's go up stairs," she whispered in my ear.

"In a few minutes, I am almost done."

"Please. Now, I want you now." She squeezed my thigh.

"Oh, I'll take care of you in due time," I said.

Her hand went to my crotch. She outlined my cock, which was growing harder. I closed out of my email. "Don't you want me?" she asked. She kissed me on the cheek and rubbed my cock. I started to squirm. "I want you to eat my pussy," she whispered.

"Maybe," I teased. She pouted. "Maybe if you're good to me."

She got a wicked smile, and said softly, "I'll swallow your cum, if you want."

"I want. I want now."

Suddenly more lively, she asked, "What if the other person comes in? We'll get caught."

"This place is dead. No one will come in." She looked hesitant. I unzipped my pants and fed her hand inside them. Her faced changed to a seductive smile. She undid my belt buckle and unbuttoned my pants. I shifted my chair and self 45 degrees to the left. My wife tried to pull my dick out, but the situation was awkward, so I raised my butt and pulled my pants and underwear down.

Anne focused her attention on my hard cock. She stroked it a few times, and then leaned over to lick it. In order to be more comfortable, she moved to the floor and knelt in front of me. Her tongue moved up and down my cock. Looking me in the eye, she smiled. She was in the zone. I leaned back and enjoyed my blowjob. My breathing was deepening and my pulse was up.

I heard some noise from the hall�some people walked by the door. Glancing over, I saw a face pass by in the window. After a moment, the face returned. It was a student. His eyes bugged out and his mouth hung open as he stared at my wife giving me head. Suddenly, a second head appeared, from the lower part of the window. It was a woman�another student.

It was obvious that they were together and she was too short to see through the window completely. They stared. I stared back, and started to smile. Being watched was turning me on. I flashed them thumbs up. I was certain they would realize they were caught, and run away, but instead they gave me thumbs up back. I was surprised.

Anne was doing a great job on my cock. I was building toward my orgasm. I felt the slight tug in the base of my spine and it told me I was about to have an orgasm. "I'm gonna cum," I breathed. My wife sucked harder. "Swallow my cum," I said loudly, "swallow, swallow, swallow!"

My load left my dick and entered Anne's mouth and throat. The excitement of being watched helped produce a large amount of jizz, and my wife momentarily choked. But being an expert cocksucker, she regained her composure and took the remainder of my cum. She backed off my cock, sat back on her legs and smiled. A small amount of jizz leaked from the corner of her mouth.

I lazily glanced at the door; our spies were still there. I leaned down and kissed my wife. Our tongues danced. Some guys find snowballing or tasting their own cum gross, but I find it exciting. I also find that it encourages my wife. I leaned back and let out a sigh. "You are one fine cocksucker, you know that." Anne sat back in her chair and giggled slightly.

Pulling up my pants, I announced, "Now it is my turn to please you."

"Here?" she asked.

"Yeah," and my hands went to her tits. I kneaded them and leaned in to kiss her again. My tongue reached deep in her mouth. Over her shoulder, our viewers were still there. I brought one hand down to her crotch and started to rub. Using the palm of my hand, I built up friction. Anne moaned a little.

"Get those pants down so I can lick you," I ordered. I moved back as she stood up and lowered her pants.

She pulled one leg over her shoe, so I could have better access to her pussy. Anne leaned back in her chair, while I got on the floor. Her pussy was full and open. Her juices were running. I circled her lips with my fingers, then plunged one inside. She sighed. Spreading her lips with my fingers I lowered my mouth to her clit. I sucked on it, then moved my tongue across it. She squirmed a little.

I knew that she was so turned on that it would not be long before she came. I moved one hand under her shirt and squeezed her tits. I alternated sucking her clit and flicking it with my tongue.

Finally, I settled on sucking. This drove her over the edge for within a few minutes, she started to breath deeply and moan. Her pussy pulsated as she came. Her orgasm lasted for over 30 seconds. Eventually, she calmed down and I backed off. Looking at the door's window, our two friends were still there. After Anne started to put her pants back on, they left. We got straightened up and departed.

We returned the key to the desk and retreated to our dorm room. After brushing my teeth, we settled into our single beds. I was still horny�my dick would not calm down. Anne went fast to sleep.

The conference began in earnest the next day, as did a record heat wave. The temperatures spiked as did the humidity. I was in one long lecture after another all day. Impromptu meetings after the final talk allowed me only 10 minutes to run up to the room to meet Anne. We had to go to the annual banquet, which proved to be good in some ways (the food and the company) and bad in others (the speeches and the lack of adequate air conditioning).

By the time we got back to Henday Hall, it was 10:30pm. Despite the length of my day, I was still fairly awake. Anne on the hand was drunk. She had had 3 full glasses of wine and 2 beers a the banquet. She wasn't walking straight. Also, she was real horny. She gets like that when she drinks.

The dorm was even hotter than the banquet hall. It had to be 80 degrees in our room. Opening the window didn't help. The moment we walked into our room, my wife was all over me. She grabbed me and pinned me against the wall. She tongue-kissed me and pressed her body against mine. I was enjoying it, to say the least. I was feeling horny, but also very hot and sticky. I really needed a shower. I broke our embrace and told Anne that I felt dirty, and wanted to get clean. She seemed disappointed by that comment, but noted that she was sweaty too.

"We should take a shower together, like at home. Wouldn't that be daring? Sneaking into the girls' shower room together?"

My dick surged to great heights with that suggestion. I never had a girlfriend while I lived in the dorms, but I always fantasized about doing daring things. "Yes," I said, "let's do it. But� we can't do it in the women's showers cause if I get caught there, people will call the police. But if you get caught in the men's showers, people will just smile."

She kissed me hard and said, "Okay."

We quickly stripped down to shorts and tee-shirt. We grabbed our towels and soap (I made sure to grab the key). My wife got her shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, and louffa. "Why are you taking all that?" I asked.

"I was going to wash my hair," she replied. Whatever.

The men's bathroom was at the end of our hall. The room was separated into two parts. The first was the largest and had a row of sinks, several urinals and a row of stalls. The second room was through the first, and off to the right; it contained 6 shower stalls. Each of the showers was separated by a half-wall (going from slightly below the 9 foot ceiling to about a foot above the floor).

The stalls themselves had parts; the first had hooks for your clothes, the second was the shower itself. Each section was separated by a sheer curtain, but the curtains did not go all the way; they only covered � of the opening. There were benches under the windows across from the stalls.

We had to operate stealthily. Anne waited in the main area of the floor, out by the elevators, while I went into the men's room. The coast was clear, so I gave my wife the thumbs up and she quickly joined me. We practically ran to the shower stalls, and chose the last one. My dick was hard. We quickly stripped and entered the shower. I was so excited, my cock hurt. Anne and I kissed like crazy and rubbed our bodies together under the hot water.

Eventually, we broke off our embrace and began to soap each other up. She washed me and I washed her. We paid particular attention to our crotches. I soaped up her pussy to a fine lather. I even clean her ass, and shoved a finger inside. She stroked my cock with soap until it foamed. She even shoved a finger up my ass too. I was done, but she wanted to wash her hair. I stepped out of the shower, grabbed my towel and clothes, walked out of the stall, sat on the bench and began to dry myself. It was natural for me to do this because, after all, it was the men's room. But what would Anne do?

Suddenly, I flashed on an incident I saw happen back in college. Our big rec center had two locker rooms�the main one, and one by the pool. Once I saw a woman walking in the main hall with only a towel on.

She was moving between the locker rooms. There were dozens of people in the hall, and most could not take their eyes off of her. Her loose tits under her towel jiggled as she walked.

A devious grin came over me. I quickly dressed as Anne continued to wash her hair. I grabbed her clothes, but left her towel (which was very small). I wanted to see my beautiful wife jiggle as she walked down the long hall to our dorm room. "Almost done?" I asked.


"I'll go check to see if the coast is clear." I scampered off into the other room. No one around. Just then, I heard a some talking from the hall. The students had returned. I poked my nose out the door and saw several of them standing in the doors of their rooms talking (just like all college kids do in their dorms). I went back into the shower room.

Anne was now drying herself. "Chris, where's my clothes?" she asked with urgency.

I merely replied, "Coast is clear," and slowly left. I walked down the hall. I said a few "heys" to the students. Only three doors were open, but one was directly across from our room. In it stood two guys and a women. I opened my door, walked in, and put our things away.

I made my way back to the door and peeked into the hall. There at the other end was my wife, timidly walking out of the bathroom. No one noticed her. Even at the distance I could tell that her face was red. Also, she was having a difficult time keeping the towel covering her. Because of its size, the towel barely wrapped around her body, much less could be hooked or knotted so as to stay on without holding it with her hand. As well as the towel, Anne had only a bottle of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, and the louffa. These things she found difficult to hold while trying keep covered.

I could see her tits jiggling as she walked. I got an instant erection. Then she dropped the shampoo. It made a hollow sound and all the people looked at her. They stared as she tried in vain to pick up the bottle. As she bent over, the opening slit of the towel became a mighty gap. At the right angle, you could see most of her body. Picking up the bottle, she rushed down the hall. I was enjoying this show of accidental (purposeful on my part) exhibitionism.

As she approached the door, I closed it. I watched through the peephole as she came to the door, tried the knob, and upon finding it locked, knocked. I was feeling very devious and very horny, so I stripped out of my clothes. She pounded. I put the chain on the door and opened it. "Yesss?" I said in a creepy voice.

"Let me in," she insisted.


I could see the embarrassment increase in her face. I also notice my neighbors across the hall staring at us. "Just let me in, please."

"Wrong." And with that, I reached out and grabbed her towel. I think she was too stunned to know what was happening. I pulled the towel in and closed the door. I heard howling and looked out through the peephole. Our neighbors were laughing it up. The fisheye lense allowed me to see my wife trying to cover herself up with her hands.

She knocked again. "Please."

I opened the door with chain on, and asked, "Password?"

"I don't know."

"Something you like to do is the password."


"Wrong." I closed the door.

She knocked again. I opened. "Password." She looked at me with concern. I also noticed she had forgotten to cover up her body.

"Say, 'I'"




"To fuck!"

"To fuck. Now let me in."

"All together, and louder."

Anne said loudly, "I like to fuck!" I heard my neighbors gasp and giggle.

"Okay." I closed the door and unhooked the chain and opened it wide. I stood there completely naked with a huge hard-on. "Get in here and prove it!" She ran in and grabbed me. I started to close the door, when I notice she forgot the shampoo, etc. in the hall. I reminded her of this and opened the door wide. The three kids continued to stare. After she retrieved the items, I shut the door.

I thought she was going to be super pissed at me, but instead she was super horny. She pushed me down on the bed and got on top of me. Our mouths kissed like it was the end of the world. She grabbed my dick and mounted me. I slid right in because she was so juicy.

My wife bounced up and down on me like I was a wild bull. It was so intense. She sat back and really started to ride me. I squeezed her tits as her pussy squeezed my cock. I began moving my hips the best I could. I placed one hand down to her clit and she exploded. She moaned and wailed like I have never heard before. Her orgasm was intense; it felt like she was going to break my dick off.

After she calmed down, she got off me. I had yet to cum. My cock felt like it was going to explode. She grabbed it with her hands and started to jerk me off. Within ten seconds, I exploded all over her hands and my chest. Some of it reached my neck. Anne immediately went down on me. She cleaned my cock, her hands and then my chest.

We kissed a bit, then she fell on to the bed next to me. She let a huge sigh, then started to giggle. "Wow," was all she said.

"Wow," I replied. After a moment, I continued, "That was incredible. We have to do that again. You really got excited by showing off."

"Yeah. At first I was scared, but I became more and more turned on."

"I thought you would be mad." My dick started to spring back to life. "But it turned me on too to see you being ogled by those guys. It made me feel lucky that I married to such a sexy woman." We kissed and assumed a cuddle position. Eventually, we fell asleep.

Thursday was a repeat of Wednesday�meetings and speeches. Although interesting, I had a tough time staying awake after lunch. Once again, I had a committee meeting that ran late (I hate the petty politics of these things). By the time I got back to the room, it was close to 8pm. Anne was waiting impatiently for me. We hooked up with a couple of other attendees, and went out for a nice dinner. My wife drank heavily, again. I was just pleased that she is a happy, funny, and horny drunk. We said goodbye to everyone (most were leaving the next day) and stumbled up to our room.

It was like d�j� vu; Anne was all over me, but the heat and day was making me feel sticky. "You want a repeat of last night," I asked as I rubbed my wife's crotch.

"Yes," she said, "but no taking my clothes."


"Also, I want to fuck in the shower."

"That sounds like fun." We gathered our things and headed to the men's room. The coast was clear so we quickly made for the second stall. Stripping naked, we entered the shower. Under the hot water we pressed our bodies together. My dick was hard and was getting squashed between us. We disengaged, and began to soap each other up. I made sure to concentrate on my wife's beautiful tits and pussy.

When we were soapy, we smashed our bodies together and rubbed them. Her slick skin was such a turn-on. Rinsing off, we kissed again. I turned my wife around, and slowly bent her over a little bit. At this angle it was easy for me to work my cock inside her pussy. Eventually, I made it all the way in, and we just stood there enjoying the moment.

Suddenly, we heard a ruckus from the outer room. Voices drew nearer to the shower room. I knew right away that it was the waterpolo coaches coming in for an evening shower. There had to be about ten of them. My wife and I froze. I didn't know what to do, but I was turned on.

Both of us were facing the shower opening. Although you could not make details, you could see shapes clearly through the sheer curtains. We saw a bunch of them walk by, but none seem to notice the two of us; they only noticed that there was someone using the shower.

Their voices were loud, and their topic was surprising; "I am not lying. Bill, you tell him I am not shitting him."

Bill replied, "I saw it. This chick came out this bathroom wearing only a towel. Shit, when she dropped her shampoo bottle, you could see her ass and her pussy. It was incredible."


"Tell him the best part," the first one said.

"Then she got to her room, and some guy stole her towel."

"No way!"

"Way! She was standing pounding on the door naked!"

"Oh my god!"

"Was she good looking?"

"Did she have big tits?"

"Yes to both. She was a little older, but she had big tits. Damn, I'd love to fuck them."

Listening to them talk about my wife made my cock swell to its fullest. I started to saw in and out of Anne's pussy. She must have been loving it too, for she was pushing back.

Another voice piped in, "You guys didn't get to see her close up. We did. Man, she was hot. Her nipples were huge." We heard a groan from the audience. "The guy eventually let her in only after she said, 'I love to fuck' in a loud voice." More groans. I knew some of the guys were beating off listening to the story. "He opened the door naked and dragged her into the room. But also he made her go back to get the shampoo she dropped."

"Oh God," someone moaned.

"Lucky for me that Shelly was with Burt and me. She was as turned on as we were. We gave her a royal shagging," he said with an Austin Powers accent.

By now, I was fucking my wife good. Our bodies slapped together under the hot water, but no one paid attention to us. She was having a hard time breathing quietly and suppressing her moans. I increased my tempo, then felt my cum erupt inside her. I had to be quiet, but it felt so good. Slowly I pulled out, and Anne and I stood under the water. By now, we heard a few of the guys leaving. We waited patiently while the noises died down.

Having an orgasm had made tired, and I needed to sit. Convinced that there were only a few guys left, and that they were in the showers, I moved into the changing space of the stall. Anne seemed a little panicked, but I gave her a look of assurance. She remained in the shower. I had to sit, so I gathered my clothes and towel, and naked left the stall and sat on the bench across from it.

Imagine my surprise to find 4 almost naked guys still waiting for showers. Before I could act, one of the guys I recognized as one of my neighbors from last night, rushed into the stall where Anne was. I didn't know what to do. He didn't pull the curtains all the way closed so I could see that Anne's back was towards us.

I don't think he even knew she was in there until he opened the second curtain. She turned around. I could not see her face but I did see his. His eyes bugged out and a smile crept over his face. He put a finger to his mouth to indicate that she should be quiet. I also could see that his cock was now at full length and that it was a big one. My wife and this young waterpolo coach embraced. I could tell that they were kissing. All this time, I sat on the bench pretending to dry my hair, staring at them.

They separated and I saw Anne drop to her knees. She was going down on him! I could not believe it. My cock was coming back to life, so I had to put my towel in my lap to hide it. While this was happening, the three guys waiting for showers dwindled to one. Anne stood back up and turned her butt toward him. She bent over. I knew he was going to fuck her like I just did. My wife was insatiable!! Because they shifted a little, I could see her face clearly. She had her eyes closed and an expression of ecstasy. They were rocking back and forth. The tempo picked up and the guy fucking her started to groan.

"Hey, Burt, whatcha doin'? Jerking off?"

In a breathy voice, Burt replied, "No, I'm fucking that chick from last night." Anne's expression changed to one of worry, but quickly changed back to pleasure. "Man she has a tight cunt and firm tits." His hands moved to her tits.

"Well you enjoy Ms. Rosy Palm," someone laughed. Burt picked up his pace.

Soon, he said, "Yeah. Yeah! Yeah!!!" He stopped. He must have cum inside her. My wife's expression on her face changed to disappointment as he pulled out of her. I could see him rinse off a bit, then walk out of the shower. He got on his shorts, then walked past the outer curtain. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me looking at him. I just smiled. He smiled back and left.

"Bout time," the last guy waiting said, and walked into the stall. What was I going to do? Another guy for Anne? The new guy opened the shower curtain. I could clearly see Anne because he had only closed the outer curtain about 1/3 of the way. She had a look of surprise on her, but she glanced down at his rising dick and just smiled. He stepped into the still-running shower and grabbed her tits. He was too interested in my wife to remember to close the second curtain. Because of this, I had a clear view of their activities. As the stranger massaged Anne's breasts, she slowly reached for his cock. She stared at it and stroked it.

My concentration was broken when two of the other guys walked in front of me on their way out of the room. Gazing back at my wife, I saw she was now on her knees sucking the guy's cock. She was going at it fast and furious. Her head moved back and forth, as the water sprayed both of them. Her hands moved to his butt, and she squeezed his cheeks. Another guy left the room. I saw her stretch his checks and start to play with his asshole. He moaned. The last two guys in the showers left, leaving only Anne, the stranger, and me in the room.

After a minute or so, the guy started to breath heavy, his butt tightened and I could tell (but not see) that he was cumming. His load went right into my wife's mouth. Even in the rain of the shower, some of the jizz dribbled out of the corner of her mouth. After sucking him dry, she stood up. He looked wobbly, but left the shower. He grabbed his towel and made a mad dash out of the room. I don't think he even noticed me.

Anne stood under the water for moment until she looked out of the stall and saw me. Now dressed, I sat there staring and smiling. She smiled back and turned off the water. "Wow," was all she said.

"You are one hot slut, hon."

She giggled and stepped out of the shower. "That was the most exciting sex I have ever had."

"I know," I answered. "It was pretty damn exciting for me too." I stood up to reveal the huge tent in the front of my shorts. "Did that first guy make you cum a lot?"

Pausing for a moment, she said, "No. I haven't cum yet."

"Well�let me take care of that for you." I reached out and grabbed her by the hand. I guided her to the bench and had her sit. I spread her legs, got down on the floor in front of her, and started to lick her wet pussy. It was a weird sensation to lick a pussy full of juice, water, and jizz. It was tasty. Her lips were open and her clit was huge. I didn't care if anyone would walk in on us, and I don't think she cared either.

My tongue went up and down her lips and eventually settled on her clit. I licked and sucked her little red button for several minutes until I knew she was about to cum. Her breathing increased. She started to say, "Yess. Yessss." Anne came on my face. Her pussy spasmed, forcing the cum in it to spill out onto my face. I licked that up. Eventually, she calmed down, and I pulled back.

Standing up, I looked at my naked, beautiful wife. I smiled knowing that she was mine and that we were in love. She smiled back. I gave her clothes and gathered our things. When she was ready, I went ahead to scout. The coast was clear and we made it back to our room without incident. The day and night had been exhausting. Quickly, we fell asleep.

The next morning while shaving, Burt came into the bathroom. We exchanged glances. "Leaving today?" he asked.

"No, my wife and I going tomorrow morning. I have a late meeting today."

"Guess you'll be the only ones left here besides us coaches. All the kids are leaving today. We get a quiet weekend."

"How many of you coaches are there?"

"There's about 25 guys and 15 girls. They put us all on this floor."

"Not with the kids?"

"No. Thankfully, we just coached the athletics. There are others who act as chaperons in the dorms."

"I see."

I was about to leave, when Burt said to me, "We're having a little party tonight. We're getting a keg here on the floor. We won't be too loud, but you are invited."

"Won't you get in trouble with the keg?" I asked.

"No way. We're the ones in charge."

"Well, thanks for the invite. Maybe we'll stop by." Later in the day, I mentioned to Anne about the party and she said we should go. It had been a long time since she had been at a "kegger."

The record-setting heat wave continued as the conference dragged to a close with me finishing things up. The bulk of the committee work and the main speakers had been on Wednesday and Thursday. Some how, I had gotten the last slot for on the speakers' list� 5:30pm on Friday. Since my presentation was important to my career, I had no choice but to do it then. Other attendees could have cared less, so I spoke to a mostly empty room.

I swear the only reason most people were there was because their flights didn't leave until 8pm. The speech went well; I even fielded a few questions from the small audience. After I concluded, I chatted with two people I knew from previous meetings�Sandy from San Jose and Colin from Albany. Through our talk I learned that they would not be leaving until tomorrow too, so I suggested that we all go out to dinner that night.

As it turned out, Sandy was staying in the dorms; in fact she was on the same floor of Henday Hall as we were, but in a different corridor. Colin and his wife, Laurie were stay at a hotel. We agreed to meet around 7:15pm at a restaurant that someone had recommended to me. It was a casual place with lots of atmosphere and great food, in the "artsy" part of town.

Anne was happy we were not going to dinner alone. She had also heard that the restaurant we were going to was pretty quirky. She said we should wear our "party clothes" since the eatery was casual and we might go to a party afterwards. This meant that I wore my silk Hawaiian shirt and some shorts, and Anne wore a nice shirt and her very short, wraparound skirt.

Sandy was surprised to see dressed so, but once she did, she quickly changed from her business clothes into a casual skirt and top. The three of us drove together and met Colin and Laurie at the restaurant. Their clothes clashed with ours; they wore long pants and golf shirts.

The place was casual and quirky. It was also jumping. We had to wait 30 minutes for a table, but we didn't mind. The crowd was diverse but composed mostly young professional types. We all guzzled down a drink before we were seated. By the time we got our food, Colin, Anne and Sandy all had three drinks in them and were feeling pretty happy and a bit goofy. Everyone loosened up.

Colin and Laurie were in their mid 40's and had been married for about 20 years. Colin was about 5'10", liked to play racquetball, and had dark hair with a touch of gray. Laurie was definition of petit�5'1", and a size 2. She was thin, but not skinny. Sandy was in her late 30's. She was divorced and had two kids back in California. She was about 5'6" and of "normal" proportions. By that I mean that she had a little bit of meat on her bones, but she wasn't fat; she was Hollywood "fat" like Janeane Garofalo. In other words, she was shaped like a woman, not like a board with some boobs.

We all had a fun time talking about the conference, its attendees and the Edmonton. Eventually, the talk returned to the fact that Sandy, Anne and I were staying in the dorm. Laurie explained that she couldn't do that because it was too juvenile. She liked staying in nice hotels. Sandy countered that it was really cheap and that it was clean and safe. Anne added that it was nostalgic. It was like being 19 again. We all laughed at this and told each other stories of our reckless youth and living in dorms.

As our meal wound down, I mentioned the kegger happening on our floor. Stories were told by all about dorm parties that were good, or bad, but mostly, with hindsight, funny. I suggested that we all should go to the party and hang out with the kids. Laurie sounded hesitant, but Colin said it sounded like fun. Sandy said her interactions with the kids on her hall were positive; they treated her nicely and were reasonably courteous. I said the kids on hall treated Anne well too. Anne shot me a big grin with that comment.

After a little more discussion, it was agreed that we would all stop into the party, and see what was what. We also agreed that we would all leave after a half hour or so. We were curious more than enthusiastic.

After leaving the restaurant, Colin and Laurie followed us back to campus. Laurie said she was going to feel weird parading in the front doors of the dorm, but we assured her that we had keys and would use the side entrance. We also agreed that we would go up to our floor and that I would go scout the party out.

If it looked bad or awkward, I would report back and we would bail on the idea. We took the elevator up, and when the doors opened on to the 7th floor, we were greeted not by smoke, loud music and barfing kids, but by sounds from the lounge of people watching tv, some music, and the din of voices.

Hesitantly, I went over to the lounge, which was in the apex of floor, across from the elevator. Tentatively, I opened the door and looked in. There I saw about 25 people hanging out; some where talking, some (mostly guys) were watching a CFL game, and some (mostly women) were dancing in a corner. I also noticed a keg, lots of snacks, and small hint of pot in the air. Burt saw me before I saw him, and he came over. "Dude, glad you made it. Have a beer."

"Ah, thanks. Say, umm, I brought my wife and a couple of friends, mind if they come?"

"No. The more the merrier."

I returned to the elevators and told the others about the situation. They seemed to think it sounded okay. Besides, as Colin said, "I could use another beer."

No one other than Burt paid much attention to us as we walked in. I made the introductions around; Burt put on a big smile for Anne. He walked us over to the keg and food and invited us to drink and eat. We did so.

Burt went back to the game, and the five of us wandered over to the people talking. Sandy recognized some of the gals from her hall, and we struck up a conversation. It centered mostly on life in college. Us old folks related a few stories of our own, to the youngsters' amusement. Time past. The game ended and most of the guys left.

Eventually only ten of us were left�Anne, myself, Colin, Laurie, Sandy, Burt, Shelly (the woman who was with Burt the other night), Fred (the guy Anne gave a blowjob to in the shower), Matt, and Ivan. We sat in a big circle, drinking, eating and talking. We were all pretty drunk. Somehow the topic of drinking games came up. Matt said we should play 'Truth or Dare Quarters'. I knew what 'Quarters' was, but not the game he was talking about.

"Everyone takes turns trying to bounce a quarter into a cup. If you get it in, the next person tries. If you miss, you take a swig of beer. But also with this game, on top of that you have to answer a question or do a dare. You chose 'Truth' or 'Dare'.

Now the last person that missed gets to ask the question or the dare. The answer or the dare lasts for at most three minutes. You can decline a painful question, but the group can override you. The group can also say when you are bull-shitting us and we can make you say or do more. If you refuse, you gotta leave."

In our inebriated state, we all said it sounded like fun. But first came a bathroom break. While taking a piss, I asked Matt what kind of questions get asked. "Mostly about sex, stupid. It is a fun game to play with chicks. The key is to use a small cup so that people miss."

"And the dares?"

"Depends on how people are feeling." Devious thoughts ran through my head. Luckily I ended my piss, because my dick was getting hard.

We all returned to the room. Matt produced the quarter and the cup. He wasn't kidding about the cup, for it was a shot glass. "Everyone gets one practice bounce this first time around." Matt demonstrated how to do it, and then began. He put the quarter right in the cup. Ivan did too, so did Colin. Sandy came next and missed.

"Pick 'Truth' or 'Dare'," Matt said.


Matt asked, "Where's the most unique place you have ever had sex?"

Sandy blushed and paused. "Come on, answer," we shouted.

"At work," she said.

Anne said, "More! Details."

Slowly Sandy said, "It was about ten years ago. My then husband stopped by unexpectedly around lunchtime. For some reason, I was in a playful mood, and our kissing accelerated, to the point that we were making out in my office. Finally, I had to close my door and we had sex on my desk. It was great." We cheered when she finished.

Burt was up next and he missed. He said 'truth' and Sandy asked him, "How many women have you been with and who was the best?"

He didn't hesitate, saying, "Twelve. The best� probably Betty. She had huge tits and knew how to deep-throat my cock. She loved to fuck. Plus, it was really exciting cause she was 35 and married."

Anne made it but I missed. Burt asked me, "What is your biggest sexual fantasy?"

I figured I would never see these people again, so didn't hold back; I said, "I would love to go with my wife to one of those adult bookstores that has video- booths in the back. The booths would have gloryholes, you know holes between the booths so you can have anonymous sex with the person next door. Then my wife and I would have a contest as to who could suck the most cocks." I smiled. Several of the young guys were surprised. Colin and Laurie cheered. Anne leaned over and tongue kissed me.

Laurie was next and she missed. I asked her, "Same question. Tell us your biggest sexual fantasy."

"Well," she said, "I dream that I am alone somewhere, when I am grabbed by two strangers. They blindfold me, tie me up and use me."

"Use you how?" Ivan asked.

"Ummm... they fuck me."

"Is that it?" asked Sandy.

"Umm, no. They make me suck them and," she said in soft voice, "they fuck my ass." Cheers went up from the crowd. "They leave me laying there until my husband finds me. He then cleans off their cum with his tongue." More cheers. I looked at Colin, who was turning red.

Fred, Shelly, Matt and Ivan made it. Colin missed. Laurie said him, "Now it is your turn hon, tell us all your biggest sexual fantasy."

Colin hesitated. "It is just like my wife's."

"Explain," Laurie said.

"I want to be grabbed by a couple of guys, blindfolded, tied up and fucked."

"In the ass?" Shelly asked.

"Yes," Colin said quietly, "and in the mouth." Howls.

Sandy was next and missed. She was asked the same question. "I want to be with two men at once. I want them to worship my body and treat me tenderly." Applause.

Burt missed. He chose 'dare'. Sandy said, "Using your hands, find out who has the biggest cock here." He hesitated. "Go on," she said. We echoed her comment.

Slowly Burt got up. "Okay, boys, drop em." Being pretty drunk, we obeyed. My cock was rock hard when Burt grabbed it and measured it with a napkin. Slowly he moved from guy to guy. I remained standing there with my pants down and dick out. The women were getting a good laugh out of the situation, but also were staring at our cocks. Eventually, Burt announced that Ivan had the biggest.

Anne was next and she missed. Burt asked what her biggest fantasy was. She said, "I want to go to an orgy. Not a gangbang, and orgy, with lots of men and women around. At some point, I want to be the center of attention. I want to feel everyone's body against mine." Cheers from the crowd.

I made it, so did Laurie and Fred, but Shelly missed. Anne asked her about her favorite fantasy. "I want to go down on a woman. I want to lick her until she screams. I want her to cum all over my face!"

The next person to miss was Burt (I swear he was missing purposefully). Shelly asked him, "Tell us about your most wild sexual experience you have had in the last few months."

Burt looked over at Anne, and I knew what was coming. "It happened yesterday." Anne gasp. "After we got done with ceremony, we went to take showers. Everyone was there, so I had to wait. Chris," he pointed to me, "came out of one of the stalls, so I went into that one. Who should I find taking a shower in the Men's Bathroom, but Anne."

Everyone laughed.

"She just stood there, then suddenly, this strange lady was grabbing my dick. Next thing you know, I am fucking her right there in the shower. All the guys could hear it. They thought I was jerking off, but I was fucking Anne. Man, that was fantastic." He leaned over to Anne and kissed her on the mouth. She kissed him back. People cheered.

Anne was next and she missed. With a devilish smile she said, "Dare."

Burt said, "I dare you to get on this table and do a striptease for us. Remember, you only have three minutes."

She thought for a second, and said, "Okay. Chris, time me. Sandy, put some music on." We all cleared off the table. I adjusted my watch. Sandy put on a song with a strong beat.

"Go girl!" I said and started my watch.

My beautiful wife twirled around, leaned in seductively at several of the guys. Her hands went to shirt and slowly she started to unbutton it. The crowd cheered. After undoing all of the buttons, she opened one side of her blouse then the other. "Two minutes left," I said. She spun around and her blouse floated to the ground. Ivan picked it up and started to twirl it. The nine of us cheered her on as she reached under her skirt.

Slowly she lowered her underwear. All the while, she was smiling and looking people in the eye. The underwear came off. She twirled it on her fingers then flung it at Shelly. Shelly yelled. My wife moved around the table and bent over. She put her back to Burt and bent over without bending her knees. We could see her ass perfectly and the hint of her pussy.

"One minute," I said.

Anne picked up speed. She dropped the shoulder straps of her bra, then unhooked it, but left it in place. She took it off with one hand while covering her tits with the other. She threw the bra to Fred. Using both hands, she grabbed her breasts and started to shake them. She moved around and pointed her nipples at each of us as she shook. "Thirty seconds."

Anne moved her hands down to the top of her skirt, and slowly pushed it down. She acted like a pro. She lowered her skirt down without bending her knees, displaying her ass too Ivan and Colin. My dick was so hard, it felt like it was going to explode. The skirt came off and Anne kicked it to me. She then twirled and moved her hands all over herself. The last thing she did was get down on the table and lay on her back. She put her legs high in the air then moved them opened and closed, while she was squeezing her tits. "Time's up!" There was a thunderous cheer. I stood and clapped. The other eight joined me. Anne stood back up and curtsied to us.

She got down from the table and sat back on the couch next to me. I handed her, her skirt and kissed her long and hard. The music was still blaring. "You were incredible. You should do this for a living," I said.

She smiled and laughed, saying, "You wish. Clothes," she demanded. "Give them back." Only Ivan gave back her shirt. "Come on guys, give me back my bra and underwear."

The guys laughed and said, "Later." I think Anne was too drunk to argue, so she put her top on without a bra.

A bathroom break was declared. I ran off and took care of business, as did most everyone else. Going back into the room, I was surprised to find only Ivan, Matt and Sandy. The music was still playing, so they did not hear me. The two guys were right up next to Sandy, when she put her arms behind them and pulled them toward her. They kissed her face. Their hands went to her tits. "Wow!" was all I could think. I backed quietly out the room. I could stand outside the door, crack it, and watch them. Things were heating up quickly. Suddenly, Burt was next to me, "Whatcha doin'?"

"Take a peek," I said.

He did. "Wow."

Fred and Colin appeared and wanted to know what was going on. They took a look. "They've moved to the couch, and they took Sandy's bra off," Fred reported. The other three women came out from the bathroom and we told them about the scene in the lounge. All three wanted to see. Shelly reported that Ivan was now going down on Sandy and Matt was sucking on her tits.

We all gathered towards the door. I got in behind Laurie; because of height differential, I could see over her. She backed up a little, bumped her butt into my crotch, and hence my raging hard-on. She turned her head and smiled at me. I moved in closer and ground my cock into her ass. She pushed back. I looked over, and saw that Shelly and Colin were crowding my wife. The scene inside the room was heating up rapidly, as Sandy, Matt and Ivan started to disrobe.

It was at this time that my wife suggested, "We shouldn't be rude and stand here in the hall and watch them." There was a small grunt of disappointment from someone. She continued, "We should go inside and join them." With that, she walked into the room, and we all followed her.

I stayed close to Laurie. Grabbing from her behind and pulling her towards me, I whispered in her ear, "Your fantasy was made my dick hard. How'd you like to be ravaged by strangers right now?"

She grinned then leaned in to kiss me. Our lips locked. She pulled back and whispered back to me, "Yes. You and Burt. Do me now!"

By now, Ivan, Sandy and Matt noticed us. Sandy sat up suddenly and looked embarrassed. But Ivan was still licking her pussy, and she quickly succumb to his tongue and lay back down. Shelly grabbed Anne and led her over to one of the other couches. I watched as she knelt down in front of the sitting Anne. Shelly lifted Anne's skirt and spread my wife's legs. She moved her face in and started to go down on her. My wife responded by scooting forward and closing her eyes. Colin, Fred, and Burt watched and started to move toward the two women.

I grabbed Burt by the arm, and said, "Hey, how'd you like to help out Laurie."

He smiled broadly, saying, "Sure. Anything for a lady."

"Do you have some rope and something we can use as a blindfold?"

"I guess. In my room."

"Be quick and get it." He ran off.

In the mean time, I cuddled behind Laurie, whispering in her ear, "Give me a 'safe' word."

"Safe word?"

"Yeah. Some word that when you say it, we know that are not kidding. Otherwise, we won't stop." She looked at me questioningly. "This is mostly acting, so we have to know when we are really hurting you."

"Oh. Okay. How 'bout, 'banana'."

"Works for me." I went back to grinding my cock into her butt. Meanwhile, on the couches, things were getting hotter. Ivan was now slamming his dick in and out of Sandy, while she sucked on Matt. My wife was still getting a tonguing from Shelly, but Colin and Fred had moved on either side of her. Her shirt was wide open and they fondled her tits. Colin had stripped naked, but Fred still had clothes on. Fred was kissing Anne. Slowly Colin took over for Fred, as he shed his clothes. Colin kissed my wife on the mouth then moved down to her neck and started to lick and kiss it. She squirmed with delight.

Burt reappeared with some small rope and a bandana. "This work?"

"I think so. Where should we � do this?"

"How bout the laundry room," Laurie volunteered.

The three us walked out into the main hall. The laundry room was next to the elevator. "Okay," I said, "why don't you pretend you're waiting for laundry. In fact, here's fifty cents to run the drier. This will make it more realistic. Sit with your back to the door; we'll do the rest."

Laurie was shaking with excitement, "Sounds good."

"Remember, your safe word is 'banana'."

"I won't forget." She went into the room and closed the door.

"'Safe word'," Burt asked.

"Yeah. Dude this is for fun, but we are supposed to be mean and rough. If she says 'banana' then she is not kidding. We need to stop. No joking. Otherwise, whatever she says is an act." Burt understood. "Just follow my lead once we're in there. I'll put my hand over her mouth, you grab her hands and tie. Try to disguise your voice."


We slowly approached the door. The drier was running. I slowly, quietly opened the door. True to form, Laurie was sitting in the middle of the room on a chair, reading some old magazine she found. We were as quiet as can be and we approached her. As quick as I could I grabbed her and put my hand over her mouth; she immediately stiffened and tried to stand up. Burt was right next to me and grabbed her arms and put them behind her. He began to tie her up. "Scream and we'll kill you, bitch," I said in a gruff voice. I put the blindfold over her eyes.

Taking away my hand from her mouth, she said, "Whatever you want, I'll give it to you. My purse is on the table."

"We want you honey!" I laughed.

Burt chimed in, "We're not gonna hurt you. In fact you may even like it."

"No. Please. I am married."

"All the better!" I said. I began to maul her small tits. "You like that, don't you bitch?"

She moaned, but said, "No please, don't."

"She's wearing too many clothes," Burt said in a rough tone.

"Yeah!" We stood her up, and undid her pants and yanked them off. Her shoes and underwear came with them. Next we took her shirt and raised it over her head. Because her hands were tied in back of her, the shirt remained on her arms, down by her wrists. The same thing happened to her bra, which was front hooking. She stood there naked, and we laughed. "Now we're gonna have some fun," I said as I ran the palm of my hand over her pubes.

Burt and I groped her tits with force. We squeezed her nipples hard. "Banana," Laurie said. We backed off. We resumed feeling her up but not so hard. She said nothing.

"My dick is ready," I said. Still standing, we moved her over to table and bent her over it. We angled her so diagonally across the table so her head was off the other side. I moved around to her head, fished out my cock and put it to her lips. "Suck it good," I said. She opened her mouth and I slid in it. I began to saw in and out. It felt great. I was being fairly forceful. Every now and then, I would pull completely out, giving her a chance to breathe correctly and to stop us, if she wanted. She said did not use her safe word.

In the meantime, Burt was fingering her pussy. He stood back, and dropped his pants. "She is ready," he declared. With that, he moved up to her and shoved his cock inside her. "She is so wet." He began moving in and out her.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth. I thought she might say her safe word, but instead she said, "No please! That is for my husband only!"

"Well it's mine now, slut!"

I put my cock back in her mouth. My tempo increased. I knew I was going to cum soon. I pulled out, and told her, "I am going to cum in your mouth and you better swallow, if you know what is good for you."

"No!! I hate the taste of sperm."

"Tough luck," and I pushed my cock as far as I could into her mouth. I started to cum. Some went down her throat. I pulled out, but kept cumming. Some landed on her tongue, but I purposely shot a lot of it on her face. It was a big load and she looked like a mess with my cum dripping off her nose and chin.

Burt announced, "I am going to cum too!" He shoved his dick all the way in her.

Laurie moaned. Her voice change. "Yes. Yes! Cum inside me!" He did.

He backed off and we all took a breather. After a few moments, Laurie started to wiggle around, and she announced to my surprise, "I want more." Her declaration brought my cock back to life.

It was now my turn to fuck her, but I wanted her tight little ass. "You want more, eh? Good. I knew you were a slut!" I walked behind her. Burt's cum was dripping from her pussy. I moved in and put the head of my cock against her open lips. I rubbed it up and down. I plunged in for about three strokes so as to lube up my cock. Then I withdrew and place the head against her butthole.

"No!" she screamed. "Not there! Not even my husband gets that."

"Well, tonight, I get it!" Slowly, I pressed against her. I was surprised to feel her open up; she must do this often enough so as to relax like this. I was expecting her to say the safe word, but she didn't. Inch by inch, I moved into her, until I was all the way inside. I paused. She moaned. Then I started to move in and out. She moaned more.

"Yesss! Fuck my ass!" Laurie said. I did.

Burt had recovered, and moved to her mouth. She quickly took him in and began to suck. I picked up my tempo. At one point, Burt and I were all the way; Laurie was filled. Her asshole contracted a little to hold my cock in place. It was then that I came for the second time. Burt let out a yelp, and came down her throat.

I felt momentarily spent. We backed off and looked at Laurie. She just had her wildest fantasy come true; she had been ravaged by two strangers. And yet she began to squirm again. "More," she said. Burt and I looked at each other and breathed a heavy sigh.

It was at that moment that he looked over at the door with concern. I turned around. Standing there in tee- shirts and shorts were three guys who had left the party earlier. Each of them had big tents in the front of their shorts. I gave Burt a nod, but also turned to the guys and put my finger to my mouth in a shushing manner. Burt and I walked over to them. I still had my dick out of my shorts. Burt was naked from the waist down. But the guys weren't looking at me, they were staring at Laurie.

One said softly, "Burt, what the hell is going on?"

"Yeah," said another, "and can we get in on it?"

I said, "Yeah, but you have to be quiet." They nodded. "Now, this is Laurie and she is a friend. We are helping her with her little rape fantasy. You can use any hole you want, but leave her tied up and blindfolded." They grinned. "Also, and this is THE most important thing, if she says 'banana' you have to stop. That is her word to let you know she doesn't like it. Otherwise, everything else she says is an act." They agreed.

"MORE!" Laurie shouted. "I need more cock inside me!"

With that, I let the three guys by me. They stripped, and immediately went at her. One started fucking her while another got head. I looked at Burt and we both smiled.

"I want to go back and see how Anne is doing," I said. "You make sure things are okay here. Let us know when they are done."

"Okay. Plus I want a shot at her ass too."

I went into the hall and back into the lounge. The scene had shifted a bit. Sandy was now on all fours on the floor. Ivan was getting his dick sucked while Matt fucked her. When I walked in, she looked up at me and said, "You're missing all the fun." She went right back to Matt's cock.

"I had some fun of my own," I told her.

The other four were all intertwined. What surprised, and turned me on the most was the fact that Shelly and Anne were 69ing. Anne was on top, but shifted to one side. At the same time, Colin was fucking Anne from behind, and Fred was in a contorted position, fucking Shelly in the ass. My wife looked up at me for a moment and smiled. I could see cum all over her face. This was obviously round two or three. After all, they had been going at it for over 45 minutes.

I pulled up a chair and watched the action. Slowly, my dick began to rise again. I pulled off my shirt, shorts, and shoes and was temporarily content with being a voyeur.

In a few minutes, both Matt and Ivan came inside of Sandy. Exhausted, they sat back on the couch. Sandy rolled on to her side, looking at Anne and other three. She glanced over at me, smiled and waved me over. I got down next to her. We kissed. I could taste the guys' cum. Our tongues danced. She rolled over on her back and spread her back.

"Make me cum," she whispered to me.

I moved one hand down to her pussy. It was leaking cum from the guys, but also juices from Sandy. I began to rub her clit. She moaned. "College was never like this," she said. I laughed and rubbed her faster. I used my other hand to play with her tits. It took just a few more minutes for her start to moaning and groaning.

"Yes. I'm cumming! Cumming!!" she announced. Her body started to shake. After about 30 seconds, she stopped, opened her eyes, looked at me and removed my hand from her crotch. "Thank you." We kissed.

After breaking our embrace, we looked over at Anne, Shelly, Fred and Colin. Each was resting in one position or another. Anne and I locked eyes. We smiled at each other. I crawled over to her. "Happy?" I asked.

"Very." We kissed. I tasted pussy juice and more cum. I put my hand down toward her crotch, but she stopped me. "I am feeling a little too sensitive right now." We cuddled.

Burt walked back in the room, naked. He chuckled looking around, and gave me a nod. I turned to Colin, and asked, "Dude, where's your wife?"

He sat straight up and looked around. With worry, he asked, "Yeah, where is she?"

"I don't know. Maybe we should go look for her." With that, I said to everyone, "Let's go look for Laurie." I pulled up my wife and gave Fred a hand. Naked, we went into the hall.

We let Colin lead the way. "Laurie?" he said in a loud voice. No reply. "Laurie?" We heard a small voice.

"Dude," Burt said, "I think she is in the laundry room."

We walked over to it, and Colin charged in, with all eight of us close behind. The sight was something. The three guys had rolled her over on her back, stripped her completely naked except for the blindfold, and tied her hands to the corners of the table. Her face and pussy were covered with cum. Colin was surprised, asking, "Honey, what happened?" He moved to untie her.

"A gang of men grabbed me. They raped me," she said in fake sob. "They even fucked my ass!" By now she was untied, sitting up, and had the blindfold off. Laurie and Colin hugged.

"It's okay baby. Are you hurt?"

"No, but honey, they fucked me! I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault. This won't count. It wasn't your fault," he repeated.

"But look, I am so dirty." She meant she was covered with cum.

Colin must have realized it was her fantasy come true, because he said, "It's okay honey, I'll clean you up." With that, he started to tongue the cum off her face. It was at this point that Laurie noticed she had an audience. She merely smiled at us as her husband licked cum off her neck. Slowly he made his way down to her pussy.

"Don't miss any of it," she commanded. He went at it like a starving man goes after a meal.

While this was going on, I was rubbing up against Anne. Burt was rubbing his cock against Sandy's butt. Fred, Ivan and Matt had pulled Shelly on to the ground and were fucking her every which way.

After about 5 minutes, Colin stopped. He got up and kissed his wife. Anne and I had merely watched the whole thing. Burt had Sandy bent over and was fucking her ass. Soon after Colin stopped licking, Burt exploded into her butt, both of them grunting like animals.

The three guys were still going at it with Shelly. Fred was fucking her good while Ivan and Matt were getting their dicks sucked. Anne and I watched with excitement as the four's orgasms hit. First Shelly started to shake and moan. Then Fred yelled, "I'm cumming!" and held his dick inside the coed. Finally, the two guys at Shelly's head pulled back and jerked their cocks to orgasms on her face. She opened her mouth wide, and accepted what juice flew into it.

That was pretty much the end of things. It was late and we all were tired. We gathered up our clothes. Colin and Laurie accepted our proposition to sleep in our room. None of the ten of us got dressed as we went our separate ways.

We slept in later than we wanted. Anne and I had hoped to hit the road early (6am) so as to start our trip off right. But, the four of us rolled over around 7:15am. We all were still naked and had embarrassed grins on our faces. I was the first to speak; "That was a great party. College was never like this when I lived in the dorms." Everyone laughed.

Colin and Laurie got dress. We said our goodbyes. "Hope to see you at the next conference," Laurie said to Anne.

"Me too."

Laurie came and kissed me on the lips. "Thanks for everything last night."

"Anytime I can help out someone make their dreams come true, it is a pleasure for me." We laughed.

Anne, wearing only a long tee-shirt, accompanied them down the hall; she had to go to the bathroom. When she returned, we agreed that we had to take showers and leave. She also mentioned she saw Sandy in the bathroom.

We grabbed our towels. After last night, I was feeling embolden, so I did not put clothes, I just wrapped the towel around my waist. Anne pulled the shirt off, and did the same. We walked to the bathrooms. I turned to go in the Men's Room when Anne stopped me. "Hold on a second." She looked down the other hall. Sandy came out of a room, carrying her shower things, and walked to us. "Ready?" Anne asked of her.

"Ready," she said.

With that, the two of them walked past me into the Men's Room. I was surprised. They moved into the shower room. All was quiet. The two women sat on the benches and got naked. I looked at them with awe. "Don't just stand there," Anne said to me, "come join us in a shower." The three of us went into a stall and turned on the hot water. It felt good. So did they. The stall was small for two people and down right tight for three, but we made do. We had lots of fun soaping each other up and rubbing our bodies against one another. My dick got hard, but it was also sore from the night before's activities.

As much as I was enjoying myself, my thoughts turned to my vacation. "We should hit the road soon," I said as I walked out of the shower.

"I guess your right," Anne said. She hugged Sandy one last time and exited the shower. We sat on the benches drying ourselves. I was watching Sandy as she started to wash her hair (we had not closed the curtains).

Noises came from the other room, and soon after five guys entered the shower room, including Burt, Matt, and Ivan. We exchanged pleasantries, as the guys stared at my naked wife. I looked at Burt, and said, "It sure was nice of you to invite us to your little party last night. We sure had fun."

"Any time. You two heading out?"

"Right now. By the way, this shower," I pointed to the one with Sandy in it, "is nice and hot. You boys should try it."

Burt walked over, looked inside, smiled, and disrobed. "Thanks." To the others, he said, "Those other showers suck, try this one." He joined Sandy.

I heard her say, "Oh hi! Good to see you again." The other guys were in the midst of stripping when they peeked in at Burt. I saw their dicks rise.

As we walked out of the shower room, I swiped Sandy's clothes. "Don't worry, we'll put them in front of her door," I said to Anne. Both of us had not bothered to wrap our towels around our bodies; we merely flung them over our shoulders. We walked down the hall to our room. All the other doors were closed and no one saw us. Our last bit of exhibitionism had gone unappreciated.

We left the dorm within 30 minutes. I stopped by Sandy's room to give her her clothes, but she wasn't back yet. "She must still be having fun," I said to Anne. "That shower room is always lots of fun!" We smiled at each other and started on our vacation.



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