It had been several years since Jodi had slept with anyone else, and our sex life was adequate. Not spectacular, but good enough. She was now 38 and was losing interest in some activities. In particular, she seemed to almost completely lose interest in sucking cock, and had definitely decided she didn't want me to cum in her mouth any more. She said she didn't know why, but it just started turning her off. I thought this was strange considering her past experiences and the fact that she had probably swallowed a few hundred of my loads over the years.

Anyway, back to the story. Let me describe her. She is about 5' 4", somewhere around 125 pounds, good body, about 36-27-35, short dark black hair, radiant blue eyes, and a pinkish complexion. She has terrific legs and a round, firm ass. She does have some scarring from giving birth to 3 children by C-section (which has kept her pussy very tight). She is in good shape, though the scarring has created a small paunch, which is often mistaken for a slightly big waist.

Pressures of life had started getting to her and she made a habit of getting away on her own for a few days each spring. Until this year, it had been a trip to visit her parents and sisters. However, her family recently moved to within a two hour drive and she saw them a lot more often, so that wouldn't do this year.

In talking with Kerri, a mutual friend of ours, they decided to go on a short trip together - down south where the weather was warmer. They decided on Myrtle Beach since Jodi got a substantial discount at a hotel there, which was affiliated with her employer. They took off on a Sunday night and planned to drive through the night and arrive there in the morning.

Let me take a moment to describe our friend, Kerri. She is blond and very sensuous, but not the thin attractive type. She has a few large features, including her breasts and ass, and sometimes has a slight weight problem. But, she carries it very well and is very cute. She also has a wild streak. She spends a lot of time screwing around and has even visited swinger clubs with one of her previous employers. Back to the story.

The trip driving down was uneventful. They spent most of the time talking about normal subjects and taking turns napping. After 6 or 7 hours, they started talking about sex. Jodi mentioned to Kerri that I always told her it was okay to fool around, as long as she told me about it. Kerri thought that was really cool and commented that perhaps they would have more fun than they had originally thought.

They arrived and checked-in to their room, with 2 queen beds, and promptly crashed for a few hours. Then they dressed and spent a few hours exploring the hotel and surrounding area, just taking it easy for the day. Around 5:00, they dressed up and went to one of the local pubs for Happy Hour and apparently had a great time. Several men were buying them drinks, talking, and flirting with both of them.

One guy even started feeling Jodi's ass and bare legs right in public. Jodi has terrific legs and an incredible ass. Now, I don't want you to think I have a model for a wife. She isn't as hot as Cindy Crawford for example, but she does have a nice body a great ass. She said later that the act excited her, but not the guy.

The ladies left the bar shortly after happy hour, ate dinner, and went back to the room to sleep. In the morning, they ran into the bartender from the pub at a local breakfast joint. They talked for a bit and he mentioned he also worked at another pub and they should come by for happy hour there. He said he got off work there at 8:00 and could show them some other places around the area that were fun and interesting. They told him they would think about it.

They spent several hours on the beach, getting appropriately sunburned and generating some very distinct tan lines. Returning to the room, they decided to take the bartender up on his offer and dressed for Happy Hour. Both women had taken one dress. Kerri's was surprisingly conservative, while Jodi had taken a short blue number that looked dynamite on her, especially with her blue eyes.

They arrived at the pub and it took only a few minutes for a crowd of men to gather around them, each one jockeying for their attention. The women had skipped lunch and snacked a little on the happy hour snacks at the pub. That little bit of food didn't do much to dull the effect the alcohol was having.

Before they realized it, it was 8:00 and John, the bartender, mentioned he was off- duty. They said they were ready and the three left. Jodi found John to be quite attractive, as did Kerri. Kerri told me later that she wasn't going to compete with her though as she wasn't quite as discriminating as Jodi was. I guess there is a compliment for me in there somewhere.

They visited two other local hangouts, quite nice by their description, and had added to their little group. John had run into two of his friends, Bob and Frank at "The Grotto", a local up-scale hangout. The five then went to a Mexican place for some food and Margarita's. They talked and flirted. John had linked himself to Jodi while Bob had latched on to Kerri. Frank sort of bounced back and forth between the two of them.

They all danced and hands were all over the two women. Jodi was pressed against John as he ran his hands down her back and over her ass. Later dances with the other two guys had the same results. There was some touching and feeling going on, disguised as dance moves or innocent rubs when getting in and out of the booth they shared. During one slow dance, Jodi could feel John's extremely hard cock press against her thigh.

They soon left for another place whose name I don't know. Here, they found another booth, but it only seated 4, so they had to squeeze together. The ladies excused themselves to go to the restroom. There, they talked about how hot they were getting. Jodi told Kerri she found John attractive and was surprised she could create such a prominent reaction in his pants. She told Kerri it was filling her with a lot of self-confidence. Kerri told her that she was pretty sure John wanted to fill her with something else.

Kerri said she had to fuck something or she would explode. Jodi said she was hot too, but just didn't feel right about it. They worked out a system to use the room they shared. Jodi wanted Kerri to feel she could have a place to go with a guy if she wanted to.

Kerri was grateful and they returned to the table. The guys had spread out a little and suggested the ladies sit on laps to fit into the booth. Kerri sat on Bob and Jodi parked herself on John's lap. After a few minutes, Jodi could again feel John's rigid cock. He was wearing drawstring sailing pants and she had on the short dress, so there wasn't a lot of material between them.

More drinks came and they talked and laughed. Jodi occasionally wiggled to get more comfortable, which also caused John to get even harder - and Jodi hotter. She enjoyed he little game they were playing. Had Jodi not been on John's lap, there is little doubt he would have been making quite a tent in his pants.

The drinks flowed and soon Jodi felt John's hand working its way along her hose and up to her inner thigh. She gently removed it, but it returned a few moments later. This time, she didn't stop him. Kerri and Bob had gotten up to dance, leaving Jodi, Frank, and John in the booth. Jodi took the opportunity to slide off of John's lap and onto the seat.

The song ended and another one began. Jodi looked to the dance floor, but there was no sign of Bob and Kerri. She assumed that they took off for a little privacy. Meanwhile, John's hand had found its way back to her thigh and she found she was enjoying it. The alcohol and sexual electricity in the atmosphere added to her cooperation.

Twenty minutes passed, it was now after midnight, when Kerri and Bob returned to the table. It was obvious they had been fooling around. It wasn't so much the ruffled clothes, messed-up hair, streaked make-up, or the rosy cheeks that gave it away. It was the little trace of cum on Kerri's neck that was the real give- away.

Kerri remarked that it had started to rain, and was really coming down. John mentioned that he had his car next door and would be happy to give them a lift back to their hotel. They accepted and the five left and piled into John's car. It was a 2-door coupe, so it was a little crowded for Kerri, Frank, and Bob in the backseat. No complaints were heard from any of them though.

The ride back was about 10 minutes long. John had the CD player cranked up with country music, which is Jodi's favorite. Just before they pulled into the hotel lot, Jodi turned to ask Kerri something and was surprised to see Kerri's head in Frank's lap with her mouth completely filled with Frank's cock while Bob was fingering her pussy. Kerri stopped sucking long enough to tell Jodi to go on up without her and she would be "home" later. John suggested to Jodi that he walk her to her room, not so much for safety as to give the other three a few moments of privacy (or opportunity).

At the door to the room, Jodi told John she had a great time gave him a peck on the cheek. He asked if she was going to invite him in. She replied that she just didn't feel right about it, being married and all. John said he understood and asked her if he could at least have a proper kiss.

Jodi saw nothing wrong with that and asked that he wait a moment so she could just put her purse and coat in the room and run to the bathroom - she had a lot to drink and had to really go badly. She returned after a few minutes, wrapped her arms around his neck and planted her lips on his. He leaned into her and snaked his tongue into her mouth.

They remained lip-locked as he ran his hands over her back and down to her ass, as he had done while dancing. This time, though, he lifted her dress and ran his hands to her cheeks to gently knead them. He was surprised to find bare flesh. Jodi broke the kiss and embarrassingly told him she didn't bother putting her panty hose back on as she didn't want to keep him waiting too long at the door. He leaned down and kissed her again, with no resistance. Then he slipped one arm under her and lifted her up. He carried her into the room, their lips still sharing the kiss, and deposited her on the bed.

She sat up on the edge and pulled the drawstring to his pants, which fell right to the floor, once they had cleared their only obstacle � a very stiff penis. She was now staring at the hard cock she had felt earlier in the evening. In her slightly inebriated and very aroused state, she thought it was magnificent. It wasn't too large or too thick, what seemed to be a really good shape with a head that would make any woman happy. It was also about 8 inches long, a bit more than she had seen in a long time.

She planted her lips on the head and took it into her mouth. She sucked on a few inches and then told John she wanted him to cum. She couldn't fool around on her husband, but she felt a little guilty for causing this erection for hours and couldn't send him off without tending to it. She then slid her mouth back over his cock, taking all of him. She held him in her throat for a few seconds, and then withdrew. She repeated this action faster and faster while she gently massaged his balls with her free hand.

She stopped for a moment to adjust her position. She found that moving to be on her hands and knees on the bed put her at the perfect height for his cock. This position also caused her dress to ride up over her ass, giving John a great view of her firm cheeks. She told him to cum in her mouth and sucked his cock back into it. She made deep strokes over his cock and took it into her throat. He placed his hands behind her head and started humping his cock into her. He was obviously enjoying the expert blowjob he was receiving.

His cock harder and she knew he was going to cum soon. She was getting pretty hot herself, but refused to let herself go with this man. She had decided to masturbate after he left. Then, he pulled her hard to him, burying her nose in his abdomen and his cock into her throat.

She felt the cum rush up the shaft and spurt into her throat. Just as that happened, something hard slid into her exposed pussy. Whatever it was, it slid all the way into her on one stroke, aided by her pussy being so wet. She tried to look, but John held her head tight on his cock, making sure he pumped his entire load into her.

The hard object in her pussy retreated a bit and then started moving back into her, fast and deep. Each stroke sent chills up her spine. John released her head and she slid her tongue across the underside of his cock as he withdrew, then she turned her head to see what or who was treating her pussy so very well. Frank grinned at her as he grabbed her hips and thrust his cock all the way in on the next stroke.

Something clicked inside of her and she was suddenly shaking with an orgasm. She pushed back on him to get him as deep as she could while she moaned and shook. After it subsided, she pulled away, but it wasn't to stop. She wanted to see his cock. She found a good 10 inches of engorged flesh staring at her.

She sucked on it and told him that she liked his cock too and wanted him to shoot into her mouth so she could make sure he felt as good as he had made her feel. Let me note that her preference with other guys in the past was to have them unload in her mouth and to reserve her pussy for me.

She couldn't quite get all of his cock and she started gagging when there was about an inch left, but went after him in earnest. It took her no time at all to get him there. It happened so fast that she didn't even get him into her throat. She prefers to do that so she doesn't have to taste it. She always said that swallowing for a few seconds was one thing, tasting it for the next few hours was entirely another.

His cock started spurting on one of the outward strokes when just the head was between her lips. She started to slide him in but the first squirts were making her gag again when the cock-head even got near her throat, so she ran her tongue over his cock and sucked for all she was worth. She took his whole load in her mouth. When he was done squirting, he kept moving in and out of her mouth so she had no real choice but to swallow. After a few minutes, she removed her mouth and then licked his cock clean. She said she was very surprised to find she didn't mind the taste of his seed.

Meanwhile, John's cock had returned to its original hardness and he slid it into her welcoming pussy. That was all she needed as she started to orgasm again, She looked at Frank and noticed that his dick was still hard. She leaned forward a bit and took him back into her talented mouth. She licked and sucked Frank like she was starving while John worked his cock in and out of her very wet pussy.

After that moment, John and Frank worked her over real good, though it might have really been Jodi working them over. She rode each of them, took them into her throat and deep into her pussy, but only let them cum in her mouth. She spent much of the time with a cock buried in her pussy while working her lips and tongue on the other.

About 3am, they were winding down. Jodi was on her hands and knees again, sucking on Frank's long cock while John was catching his breath. Despite her taking all their loads into her mouth (I understand it was about three from each of them), they were all quite messy and slippery. Her pussy's juices were all over her legs and ass, and all three of them were drenched in sweat.

John found his cock hardening again as a result of watching her suck on Frank, and had decided to slide into her pussy for one last fuck. She let loose a low moan when he slid his hardened member into her now loosened and extremely wet pussy and pumped her with slow, deliberate strokes, pushing his cock in as far as possible on each stroke.

She started bucking against him and this created a rhythm where John's cock would be sliding into her pussy as Frank's cock slid out of her mouth, and vis-a- versa. Then, Frank's cock started pulsing, so Jodi pushed forward to try and take all of his cock into her throat - she didn't want to miss a drop. She succeeded just as his cock started shooting.

What she didn't realize was that she moved too far forward and John had momentarily slipped out of her pussy. He had his own rhythm going and was pushing forward when she stopped. Since his cock had popped free of her pussy, it was naturally a little higher and well lubed from her sopping cunt. Before he or Jodi realized it, his cock-head had just passed the entrance to her tight sphincter.

She squealed a little with Frank's cock in her mouth. While Frank was still coming, she moved back to release his cock so she could tell John to take it out of her ass, that it was uncomfortable and she didn't want it there. In moving back from Frank though, she actually forced John's cock a little deeper.

John naturally liked this tight new experience and took this movement to be encouragement, so he slid his whole slippery length into her ass. A long guttural sound came from the lips wrapped around Frank's dick and she clamped down on her sphincter muscles to discourage or prevent John from going further. Again, he took this for encouragement and pushed as hard as he could to completely impale her.

Jodi's lips released Frank's cock and she told John she wasn't interested in that (at least not at that time) and please take it out. She said it hurt and she wasn't into it. He started to do just that, put did it very slowly with little pushes back in for each inch her removed. He told her he was trying to be careful.

Meanwhile, she was relaxing more and his slight movements were beginning to feel good. By the time he had only the head left in her ass, she figured "oh, why not?" and surprised him by pushing slowly back onto him, taking his cock back into her ass. She told him to just take it easy. John started moving his cock in and out of her now willing rectum slowly but purposefully. He made sure she took all of his length on each stroke before pulling back.

After a few minutes, Jodi got more accustomed to this anal invader and she began to really enjoy the sensation the cock in her ass was creating. She settled down a bit and began licking on Frank's cock again. It soon returned to its original hard state and she found herself with hard cocks sliding into her ass and mouth. John fucked her ass for several minutes. Then she felt his cock stiffen and a great warmth filling her insides.

She didn't know exactly why, but she later told Kerri that she had never felt so much a sensual woman as when she felt John's cock shooting his sperm deep into her bowels. There was so much of it; it surprised both of them since he had already had three other orgasms.

Frank asked if he could try her ass too. Again, feeling guilty for not doing it and secretly wanting to have that feeling again, she asked John to pull out and clean up. She took Frank's cock into her mouth and made sure it was hard and wet. Then she told Frank she was ready but to please take it easy, as he was longer and thicker than John. She stayed on her hands and knees and arched her back, jetting her ass into the air.

Frank immediately got behind her and started his cock into her ass. She dropped to her elbows to raise her ass more into the air and give him a better angle for penetration. She had taken a good bit of it when he couldn't get any more in. She looked back to see at least 2-3 inches still to go. They pumped against each other trying to get more, but he felt he had hit bottom.

They fucked like this for a while when Frank said he wished she could take it all. Jodi was now feeling loose and really into it. She liked how it felt when John unloaded so deep and she wanted to see if it would feel even better with Frank shooting even deeper. Feeling challenged, she removed his cock and told him to lie down. She faced him and straddled his cock, poising its head right at her puckered asshole.

She slowly sat down, rotating her ass at the same time, and ended up taking all but an inch of it. She got up and turned away from Frank and sat on his cock again, but had the same results. All but an inch was in her ass. John had returned and told her to just relax and enjoy what she already had. She started riding Frank's cock slowly up and down while John kissed her and played with her pussy.

Then, without warning, John pushed down on her shoulders and she let out a little scream. She looked between her legs and found she now had all of Frank's long cock buried in her tight ass. She waited a few moments to adjust to the new depth, and then started riding him again. Up and down as his cock slid into her ass. It was much deeper than John's was, both due to it being longer and the angle they were at. Frank tried to reach her breasts, but she was just a little too far, so she leaned back. She found she could lie on his chest and let him take over the work of stuffing his meat into her hole.

John leaned down and took her clit into his mouth and she came right away. He licked her open pussy lips and inserted his tongue into her canal and she came again. She said that she had had enough and that Frank should hurry up and cum in her ass. She was too tired to continue.

While Frank pumped away at her ass, she felt him get harder and harder. Meanwhile, John had positioned himself between their outstretched legs and slid his cock into her pussy. She was so slippery that his whole cock slid all the way in on the first stroke. Her eyes went wide. She came again very hard and screamed that she felt so full. The two men pumped her together. She felt Frank's cock get as hard as a rock then he buried it all the way into her ass in one strong thrust and she felt his cock twitch and the now familiar warmth spread in the depths of her bowels. She swears he was so deep that he was coming in her belly.

Then she felt John get really hard and knew he was about to shoot as well. She pushed him off and arose to slide Frank's cock from her now loosened and well-used ass. She positioned John on his back while she straddled his face and slid her mouth over his cock. She licked and sucked like she a mad woman, wanting only to have what the cock had to offer. John was also busy running his tongue over her clit ad into her canal. She started cumming again and her lips tightened around his cock. She then took it deeply into her throat, burying her nose against his balls when it started pulsing and his seed spurted straight down her throat.

All three of them were exhausted. She thanked Frank and John for a great time and told them that she needed to get some sleep. They got dressed to leave. Before going out the door, she dropped to her knees in front of each of them, pulled out their cocks and gave them a few gently goodbye sucks. She said they deserved it for treating her so well. She took a quick shower and fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

She awoke about 10am to find Kerri and Bob going at it in the other bed. Kerri had her legs on his shoulders while Bob pumped his cock into her pussy. He soon climaxed and they both plopped to the bed. Kerri noticed Jodi was awake and asked her if she enjoyed herself. She said yes. Kerri mentioned that she and Bob fooled around a little in the car, and then came to the room when John and Frank didn't return. They saw the wild sex scene and decided to go out for a few more drinks, returning to see Jodi being double-fucked and swallowing John's cum.

Kerri told Bob she had to shower and asked him to wait for her and they would get breakfast. As soon as Kerri started the water, Bob got up and sat on the edge of Jodi's bed. He said he knew her name and address and he would tell her husband everything if she weren't nice to him. She asked what he meant. His reply was to stand, place his hands behind her head, and draw her head to his now hard cock. Jodi was upset, but she always takes the easy way out.

She figured it was easier to do it than to not do it, so she went to work on his cock. It wasn't as long as Frank's, being about 7 inches, but it was much thicker. She wanted to get it over with so she went all out on him. She sucked, slurped, and licked his cock, then deep-throated it. She licked his balls and he moaned. Then she sat on the edge of the bed and placed her hands on his ass, pulling him into her mouth and throat. Soon, she had his cock shooting into her mouth. It was too thick to fit into her throat. There wasn't a lot of spunk and she thought that was it and lay back to relax.

Bob had other ideas and told her to rollover on her stomach. She noticed that his cock stayed hard. He climbed on the bed and, without warning, threw his weight on her. She felt him push his cock into her pussy. It occurred to her that she was surprised to not be sore from the previous evening's festivities. He started pumping deeply and she was responding, getting wetter and wetter. His thick cock was stretching her pussy and she really loved it. He pulled her onto her knees (her favorite position) and found he could get all of his cock into her. When he did that, Jodi started another orgasm.

As her muscles were convulsing, he stopped pumping her and withdrew his cock from her pussy. In a matter of a split second she felt his cock press against her asshole. She was still in the throes of her orgasm and was barely aware as he started inching his cock into her ass. He told her to relax and she tried. He was so thick she thought it wouldn't fit, but she didn't count on the effects of some good ass-fucking the night before and her hole opened right up and swallowed the head of his cock with ease.

After he had worked all of his cock into her ass, which wasn't as difficult as he or she thought it was going to be, he grabbed her by the hips and really started banging into her. He slipped one hand down to play with her clit and she started cumming again. She hated it since she wasn't exactly a willing participant, but she body told another story as her second orgasm of the morning hit her.

She couldn't believe she was being taken somewhat involuntarily, being fucked in the ass when she didn't want it, and was having an orgasm. The spasms of her sphincter muscles during her orgasm must have set him off as he then emptied himself into her bowels. Her ass received its third load of spunk in less than twelve hours.

He quickly got up and told her not to say anything or she would be sorry. He grabbed a towel that was on the floor and cleaned off his cock. A few minutes later, Kerri came back out of the bathroom. She and Bob then dressed and left. Jodi fell back asleep, feeling completely sucked, fucked, and reamed out.

When Kerri returned a few hours later, she started talking about how great Bob was. She said it was amazing that he stayed so hard after he came and always managed to be able to come again. She said Bob had come inside each of her orifices at least twice during the night. She though he was done for the night as they went to breakfast, but he had Kerri suck him off in the car. Jodi smirked and thought about Bob's loads she still had in her belly and in her ass.

When Jodi got home she told me the story, at least up to the point of kissing John goodnight at her door (amazing what gets left out of these things). The other details came to me in a badly written letter signed by Bob with no return address. How do I know it is true? There were a couple of color inkjet prints, thumbnail sized, that looked as though they came off of videotape or something. There was one of Jodi with two guys, one in her pussy and the other part way into her mouth. Another showed her sitting on one of the guys, facing away, clearly showing his cock in her ass.

There was no doubt about it. Kerri also let a few of the details slip during some of her visits (after I plied her with a lot of alcohol) and they basically confirmed enough of the story for me to believe it is true.

I later confronted Jodi several months later about it and, at first, she said she had gotten drunk and may have slept with a guy there. She said she woke up the next day completely hung over and not sure of what happened. She said she was sorry and would make it up to me.

That night, we went out, with her wearing the same blue dress and drank and danced. When we got home, I realized she was indeed a bit (a lot?) drunk and took her to the bedroom. I re-enacted as much of her initial moments with John as I could recall.

It was amazing how she took over after a couple of minutes and duplicated the fantastic blowjob I had heard about. She then almost passed out. I woke her after a few minutes and had her on her hands and knees. I then fucked her pussy until, unlike John and Frank, I shot my load into it. My pussy.

I looked at her and had a mental picture of her double- teaming Frank and John and my hard-on never went away. I felt her cut and it was so wet and slippery with both of our juices that I grabbed her hips and slipped my erection back inside of her. She started moaning and breathing hard and then her orgasm hit. I pushed her head down to get a real nice angle and gave a few hard deep strokes to further help her orgasm, then I slowed down as she came back to earth. She relaxed and I slowly stroked in and out of her cunt.

I had an idea and removed my cock from her pussy and placed the head at her asshole. Being the gentleman, I asked her if it was okay and got a moan (or was it a grunt) in return. I pushed forward and when I was about halfway in her head came up off of the bed and before she turned around she said "John, you already came in my ass, its Frank's turn". I pushed hard and went all the way and started shooting into her rectum. She turned her head and saw me and seemed quite surprised.

The next morning, she avoided me for a while then came into my study and spilled the whole story. She thought I would hate her and want a divorce. I got up from my chair, walked behind her and wrapped my arms around her, making sure I felt her breasts in the process.

I kissed her neck and told her it was okay, I know I married a very sexy woman and have to live with the fact that other guys will want her, I could live with this indiscretion if she could and, in some ways, it really turned me onto her even more. And for now, all I really wanted was to bury my cock in her ass again. I then bent her forward over my desk, lifted her sundress, and pulled down her panties. I dropped my shorts and started to push my cock into her ass.

She said, "Make sure you shoot it deep inside of me this time or I may have to call Frank."



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