A very fatigued Joseph Benton walked through the garage entrance into his home office on a Tuesday evening in late March to see a shadowy figure lurking behind his desk in the dark.

"Hello, Joe," the figure said softly. "Have a seat. We've got lots to talk about."

Joe couldn't identify the face of the figure in the darkness, but he was sure he knew the voice. Joe tried to control the anger in his voice. "What are you doing in here?"

"Like I said, we have lots to talk about."

There was a brief pause as the man turned toward the hall light, partially illuminating his features. There was little doubt in Joe's mind from the moment he heard the deep voice, but now as the dim light hit the man's black face, Joe knew for certain that this was the man who'd come into his life to torment him. This was the black man who'd taken Joe's loving wife, Mary Deanna, and turned her into a slut for black cock.

"Do you remember how it was that first time, Joe?" the figure sitting at his own desk asked. "Do you remember how your body acted like a traitor and jumped immediately erect as you saw your sweet Deanna taken for the first time by black cock?"

"Stop it."

"Do you remember the dozens of times that your body responded like an animal? Like a dog in heat, and it was all you could do to keep from humping the furniture?"

"I don't have to listen to this!"

"No, you don't have to listen, Joe," the man seated in the darkness said. "But you will. That's the kind of man you are. You can't help yourself."

"That's not true!"

"Now who's lying to whom?"

The figure in the darkness stood up, and Joe could see clearly what he already knew. It was Robert, his wife's black lover. This was the man that she'd left him for emotionally, even as she stayed with her husband and children. This was the man who'd turned his life upside down.

But Robert was right, because all this was Joe's own fault. He'd wanted Mary Deanna to fuck another man--a black man. He'd left plenty of clues on his computer and hidden in notepads. Mary Deanna was no fool. So, she'd chosen Robert to make Joe's dream a reality. But what they hadn't expected was that Mary Deanna would choose Robert over Joe once the special anniversary gift was all over. Worse, she was over six months pregnant with a baby that Joe knew instinctively would be black, even if neither of the three of them were certain who the father might be.

Christ. His family was going to shit! They'd been teasing him about how Mary Deanna's timing had made them parents at such a mature age -- she was forty, and he was forty-two. They didn't even suspect the real truth. What a scandal this would be.

"Things have progressed out of your control, Joe," Robert said. "There's no stopping circumstances, there's no slowing the juggernaut out there. It's going to roll right over you, and you don't even have the good sense to get out of the way."

"I didn't ask for any of this," Joe sputtered.

"Don't kid yourself, Joe," Robert muttered. "You set the wheels in motion, and now you can't stop them."

"So, what do you suggest, smart-ass?"

"I suggest that maybe you can at least get that thrill all over again, Joe," Robert said, standing up and walking toward the door. "I suggest that there are greater thrills in store for you, if you just open up to them?"

"Now you're just being cryptic."

"Maybe." Robert shrugged. "And then again, maybe not. Don't make any plans for Friday night, Okay?"

"Crap!" Joe had the sudden urge to spit. But he didn't want to mess up his office.

"Just keep Friday night open. That's all I ask." He walked out the doorway and into the light.

"Shit!" Joe swore. "Shit, shit!"

Robert kept a bit of a smirk on his face. **"He'll torment himself for three days fighting it, and then he'll give in," he thought. "He can't help himself."**


Friday morning seemed dismal as ever. Early March always felt overcast and dreary. Bethany Benton wanted to toss her cookies again this morning, but she waited until she left the house, and threw up in the side yard. Mrs. Gold next store saw her, but she didn't really say anything. Bethany would have to be careful not to vomit in the yard again for a while. Maybe the nausea would ease up soon. Mom's eased up once she started to show. But, once Bethany started to show, she'd have brand new problems.

**"Mom," she thought. "How's mom going to take this?"**

Deanna loved Fridays. Not just because it was the last workday of the week, but because Friday nights were usually her nights to be away from home. Friday night was her night to dine out, to party hearty, and to fuck her favorite man--her black lover. She quickly dialed an in-house number from her desk.

"So where are we going tonight?" an eager Deanna Benton asked Robert on the phone. "I'm looking forward to a real adventure with you."

"Well, you're in for a real adventure tonight, but I'm afraid it's not going to be with me," Robert replied. "Carlton, Frankie, and Jamal are going to meet you at the Leopard's Club tonight at seven-thirty. They're going to buy you dinner, take you dancing, and treat you like a real lady until midnight. After midnight, I'm afraid their going to treat you like the slut we all know you can be."

"Robert, I was looking forward to seeing you tonight," Deanna whined softly.

"I know that, but something unexpected has come up, and I'll be tied up for a while. Look, be good to the boys tonight, and not only will they give you a special treat, but I'll make it up to you personally."

"Robert," she whined half-heartedly once again. One of her co-workers heard her whine and frowned at her. She wanted to stick her tongue out at her co-worker.

"Now, be nice, Deanna," he scolded her. "And don't forget, one of those three men might be the father of your baby."

"It's not fair!"

"I know it isn't, honey, but you of all people know that life's unpredictable."

"Robert," she said quietly into the phone, hoping that the people around her desk wouldn't hear her. "I wanted you to be the father of my baby."

"That's sweet, Deanna. That really is," Robert answered. "But some things in life don't always work out."

"Where are you going to be tonight?"

"I've got personal business, honey, and, that's all I can tell you," Robert told her. "As much I wish that it concerned you, it doesn't. Not just yet, anyway."

"I'm going to miss you," she said out loud, and then Deanna dropped her voice to a whisper. "I'm going to miss your cock."

"It's just for tonight, Deanna," he said. "Tomorrow everything will be back to normal." **Almost.** "I'll talk to you soon, sweetheart."

He enjoyed Deanna Benton for what she was -- a forty-something year old white wife with a real craving for black cock. Robert enjoyed the fact that humiliation was just another fact of life with Mrs. Benton. But the real mortification factor here lay with Joseph Benton. There was a man obsessed with his own puffed up pride versus his own deep-seated need for visual and visceral stimulation.

Robert remembered the night he'd cuckolded Joe. Mary Deanna Benton had done it for the purposes of giving her husband of umpteen years a salacious anniversary gift, but Robert saw through her immediately when she went incredibly wet and unbelievably loose for his jutting cock. By the time the night was over, Deanna Benton was Robert's woman. And Joe's traditional hold over his wife was merely a receding memory.

But it wasn't enough for Robert. Because he knew it wasn't enough for Joe. Joseph Benton was one of those men who needed to have it rubbed in his face time and again. Robert was Joe's nemesis and his savior all rolled into one. So they video-taped and photographed Mary Deanna in hundreds of poses with Robert. Each event was more staggering, more outrageous than the last time. Oral, anal, multi-partner, double penetration, triple penetration -- it was all the same sort of addiction to Deanna Benton, but to Joe, each outragious level up was all the more degrading.

Finally, on Halloween, Robert arranged for a man Joseph Benton fired from his factory, along with eleven other black men to fuck Joe's sweet little white wife on video-tape. That tape made Joe the joke of the factory. The black factory workers had seen the tape first, and their hurtful remarks drove him crazy. Eventually, just about every white employee working for Joseph Benton had seen bootlegged copies of the tape as well. Robert made sure of that. Just as he made sure that people around the warehouse offices where he and Mary Deanna worked began to see her take a dozen different black men sexually.

But there was one huge difference. Deanna Benton no longer cared. She didn't care that people knew, she didn't care what people saw. She even didn't care that she was pregnant with a black baby. A matter of arithmetic told her that this baby wasn't going to be Joe's child. Unfortunately for Robert, those same calculations would prove that it wasn't to be his baby either. That left one of the twelve men at Halloween as the father of her child.

Oh well, in the meantime, Deanna discovered the pleasures of fucking while she was pregnant. That had never been allowed by either Joe or Deanna when she carried her first three white children, but this was to be different. Black men automatically demanded sex, even if a woman was pregnant. At first, Deanna thought it was dangerous or painful or at the very least uncomfortable for the mother and the baby.

Surprise! Deanna discovered that she loved long slow careful sex while she was pregnant. Men treated her big belly like a badge of honor, a beauty mark, and a sign of virility and vitality. Apparently even black babies didn't protest in-utero like she'd been told white babies would.

"Old wives tales," she muttered. "Emphasis on old."

So Deanna sailed through the weeks of her new pregnancy with a new found freedom. If she wanted to make love, she could. If Mrs. Benton needed attention or just a long long cuddle, she could have it. But most of all, if she just needed a good fuck, Deanna could have that too.

Friday night:

Robert made sure Bethany's two brothers had been given the money to take their friends to the movies. That would leave Robert plenty of time to make his plans work. And, of course, his friends would keep Mary Deanna busy for the night. Let's face it, on a hot Friday night one dick was as good as another. All week long Robert had been hinting to Bethany that he had something special planned for Friday night.

For the first time, he confided his plans in Bethany. Very coolly, very calmly he told her that tonight he'd take her sexually in her parents' bed.

"What?" she cried out. "Are they going out someplace?"

Robert just nodded. "No. We'll have an audience."

"No! Robert, no! Oh, God. Do we have to do it in their room?" Bethany's voice trembled. "Couldn't we make them come to the motel?"

"It won't be any easier at a motel, Bethany," Robert held her tight as if to protect her. "At least we're only doing this one parent at a time."

Tearing up in confusion and frustration, Bethany trembled and shook her head over and over.

"They had to find out about us one way or another, Bethany." Again he waited for her thoughts to sink in.

"No, Robert," she whispered through her tears. "This is wrong."

"You have to be strong, sweetpants, do you think you can do that?"

She shook her head again. "Robert, I-I'm scared."

"That's perfectly natural," Robert replied tenderly. "This whole thing is going to be hard on you, but you can do it."

She continued to let the tears flow. "I don't know if I can."

"Bethany, do you love me?"

She held back her tears for a moment, and then nodded. "Yes," she said softly.

"Then you'll do it for me."

"B-but daddy likes to take pictures or videos or worse! He might even get his gun..."

"Oh, that's it!" Robert laughed. "I can guarantee you, Joe won't be shooting anything. Not pictures -- not guns. He's made an agreement with me tonight. I'll see that he keeps his word -- one way or another."

An few hours later that night, Bethany saw exactly what Robert meant. She'd walked into her parents' bedroom wearing only her white terrycloth bathrobe and a pair of red bikini panties. Bethany glanced to the side and saw her old man bound to the chair.

"Holy shit," she murmured.

Joe was tied up. Handcuffed to the chair, tied with rope, and duct taped over that. To top it all off, his mouth was plastered shut with duct tape. However, most disturbingly, Bethany's father was also totally naked. **God, he looked pitiful naked, Bethany thought. No wonder Mom preferred Robert. Next to Robert her Dad looked like a pale second rate copy of a man.**

"Here's your surprise, Joe," Robert said leading Bethany in with his hand in the center of her back. He took hold of Bethany's terrycloth robe and slipped it gracefully away from her shoulders and torso. "Here's someone much more important to you than Deanna, am I right?"

Joe struggled against his gag and groaned out a swell of protests that no one could understand. **What was his baby doing here?**

"Oh, c'mon Joe, lighten up," Robert said bending down to catch Joe's eyes. "This will be fun." Robert turned toward the teenager. "Let's take those panties off, Bethany. Show your father what you did for me."

Bethany blushed a deep red. She glanced over toward her father, but refused to look him in the eye.

"Let's go, girl! I gave you a command," Robert said. "We haven't got all night."

Bethany sat down on the bed, and then slid down onto her back. Robert did a slow calculated roll back of the tiny double triangle of her thin bikini panties. Joe felt the blood in his temples pound and his face redden. Drums seemed to beat steadily in his head.

"See, Joe, isn't she beautiful?" Robert said proudly as he ran his fingers over the smooth flesh. "She shaved her pussy nice and smooth for my black cock. Didn't you, Bethany?"

"That's r-right, d-daddy," Bethany stammered out an answer. "Robert p-prefers a shaved p-pussy."

"I love a nice tight white pussy, Joe." Robert whispered close to Joe's ear. "And when it's shaved smooth, that's just dynamite."

Joe struggled against his bonds to no avail. He wailed against the duct tape strapped across his mouth. But the tape held as did the rope and the handcuffs. Joe knew Robert would take no chances of his breaking free this time.

Now that his daughter was completely naked and sprawled on the same bed as the black man. Joe couldn't help it. His erection slowly became terribly hard, as he watched the two of them together.

"Mary Deanna hasn't excited you like this in a long time, has she, Joe?" Robert said, as he laid Bethany on her back against a pillow and with both hands, he grabbed at her legs. "No, you needed something new to make your life more exciting. Spread your lily white knees, honeychile." Robert slowly adjusted himself to fit in between Bethany's legs.

Robert turned back Joe once again. "You needed to lose something even more valuable--something even more vulnerable, didn't you, Joe?"

He took his time arranging Bethany's body just the way he wanted her. Robert took Bethany's arm and laid it carefully over her head. He bent one knee just enough to show her father how perfect a centerfold picture he could make her. Then he slowly ran his dark brown fingers along her smooth white flesh.

"Bethany's good, Joe," Robert said. "Real good. I taught her the same way I taught her Mama. You remember how I taught her mama, don't you?"

Joe squirmed in his chair again, as Robert slapped Bethany's thigh to make her spread her legs farther.

"Well, Bethany's even better in some ways, Joe."

Joe's eyes went wide as if he were watching a thirty second clip from an mpeg on the internet. He could see Robert's large black erection start to slide effortlessly into his daughter's welcoming pussy. She could have been any of a dozen young women from the **Blacks on Blonds** website. She looked like any one of them. But Joe knew that his daughter wasn't of legal age yet. Oh, my poor baby. Goddamn him! Goddamn Robert.

"Ohh," Bethany gasped. And something stirred in the back of her mind, and she murmured a question. "Can you fit it all the way in nice and deep?"

"Would you like me nice and deep, Bethany?"

"Yes, Robert. Please?"

"Is this deep enough?" Robert said, as he slid forward. Within moments they moved in an incredible practiced harmony.

"Yeah," she answered with a long moan. "Much, much better."

"Tell your Dad about what's moving around inside you," Robert said.

"That's a h-huge c-cock, Daddy," she stammered.

"Nobody's spoiled her, Joe," Robert said, as he and Bethany matched rhythms as she balanced him on her thighs. Soon his huge black cock was buried deep inside her. The girl's abdomen undulated against him like some sort of exotic harem dancer. "She hasn't had to rely on some stupid boy to teach her everything wrong. No, Bethany understands that sex is a beautiful expression of love between two people."

Robert commanded Bethany to hold tightly to him. Slowly, carefully, Robert balanced her as he sat up and then as he stood up. Robert and Bethany were making love in a standing position or rather, Robert was standing while Joe's daughter had both her arms and legs tightly wrapped around his body.

Joe looked at his daughter's serpent-like movements jealously. Why did it have to be Robert?

"Whoa, Joe! Look at you," Robert said looking at the man tied to the chair. "You can't touch her yourself, she's too close, too precious, but you do see what the rest of the world is going to see in Bethany. She's one fine fuck, Joe, my man. A very loving and glorious fuck."

Joe couldn't help himself, as much as it disgusted him, he had an erection. Robert had made Joe's daughter's white body work like so much potter's clay in his black hands, and all Joe could do was respond with an erection. **You're one sick fuck, he told himself.**

**Squish!** Bethany and Robert's wetness slurped and smacked loud noises in the confines of the closed quiet room.

"Oh, yeah," Robert said. "Listen to that." He shifted his position, dropping her carefully down on his cock. "Baby, you sound as wonderful as you feel."

Bethany giggled. "Thank you."

"No honey, thank you!" Robert answered thrusting in once again. "I don't think I've ever had better."

Bethany squealed with delight as her body responded to Robert's plunging and thrusting inside her. Sex was something she could understand, something she knew how to control. So what if her dad was tied to a chair, she had Robert's undivided attention for the full night now. As always, that was enough for her.

"Should we tell him, Bethany?" Robert whispered in her ear. "Or would you rather cum first?"

"No, let me cum," Bethany gasped out loud. "I want to cum!"

"Then that's just what we'll do," Robert told her. He helped her by picking up her weight down at the ass and pulling her up. Then Robert let Bethany slide rapturously down his erected black cock. "You fit so perfect my little mother--"

Bethany's squeal drowned out Robert's voice.

Joe listened to his baby girl moan, pant, groan, and gasp, until all of a sudden Joe could see Bethany shudder and tremble in a wracking orgasm. "Oh, Christ! My baby," he tried to say, but, of course, no one could understand him with the gag stuffed in place.

Joe looked down at his lap again, and saw that he still had an hard erection sticking up. He wanted to cry out. He wanted to take a knife and cut his erection from his belly, and maybe -- just maybe -- he could turn that knife on Robert. If only he could emasculate Robert, all his problems would be solved.

Bethany moaned, followed by Robert's gasping shudders as he came. Shit! Joe could tell he wasn't wearing a condom. She was fucking him barebacked just like her mother did. What if Bethany was unprotected? She couldn't be on the pill, could she? Didn't a teenager have to have her parents' permission for that?

Robert strained and grunted. The perspiration popped out of every open pore on his body. "Arraugh!" And from the musky aroma filling the room, Joe knew that Robert had climaxed. "Oh, yeah!"

There was a pause while the two of them moaned and shuddered in each other's grasp. Robert leaned down and placed her against the bed trying to support both of their weights. Bethany held tightly to Robert until he let her settle onto her back on the bed.

"Every time I come in this little white girl's pussy, I swear the world is gonna end," Robert muttered. "Aaurgh. I'll bet your daddy would like to know how many times I've cum inside you, Bethany, don't you think?"

Bethany laughed. "I don't know if I can count the number of times."

"Me neither, but then just once is enough, isn't it, Joe?" Carefully, he rolled off of Bethany. "Let's watch that cum roll out of her cunt like so much cream filling. Show your father, sweetheart. Show him whose cum is bubbling around inside your pussy."

Joe squirmed again, and tried to say something beneath his gag. Bethany's wonderfully pristine pussy was coated, even saturated with the sticky whitish translucent liquid by-product of Robert's orgasm. Joe watched fascinated, as his daughter squeezed a large gushing glob of semen out from inside her vagina. His beautiful white daughter had been marked and inseminated by this large black bastard.

Robert's eyes sparkled. He seemed to read Joe's mind. "Jesus, Joe. I think some motherfucking nigger has just fucked the shit out of your white baby girl. What could be worse?"

Behind his gag, Joe sobbed. For a moment there was almost silence. The only sounds in the room were Joe's soft sobbing and Bethany's and Robert's quiet panting.

"Tell him what could be worse, Bethany."


"You saw how accomplished she was, Joe. This wasn't Bethany's first time." He looked at the white teenager. "Was it Bethany?"


"We've made love before, haven't we, sweetpants?"


"Go ahead and tell your father, Bethany."

Not only was she naked on her parents' bed, but Bethany Benton suddenly felt emotionally stripped. She wanted to cry. Christ, she'd let Robert fuck her in front of her father. Just so Robert could prove a point. He'd hinted to her that her old man might have some sort of perversion, and she sensed that some of that was true. But this wasn't right. This was pulling the scab off an unhealed wound. Now she was going to hurt him like he'd never been hurt.

"I can't, Robert." "You have to tell him sometime, sweetpants, do you think he'd take it better coming from me?"

Bethany shook her head.

Subconsciously, she touched her breast. It hurt. That's right. Her breasts were both tender and swollen for a reason -- a very good reason. Bethany took a deep breath before she spoke. "I'm going to have a baby. Daddy." Then she paused. "Robert's baby."

Joe tried to scream, but all he could manage was a moan. He closed his eyes and cried.

Robert threw on the topper. "A black baby, Joe. Not only is your wife, Mary Deanna, going to deliver a black baby, but now you're gonna have a black grandchild, as well. Isn't that something?"

Joe couldn't see past the flow of his tears. He couldn't decide whether to be livid with repressed rage or to be sad. Mostly Joe was stunned by the circumstances surrounding tonight's events. Robert had caught him totally off balance, as usual. Now both the women in his life belonged to that bastard, and there was very little Joe could do about it.

Joseph Benton heard a car pull into the driveway. **God, don't tell me that my boys are home already, he thought.** Downstairs he heard the front door unlock. Joe whole body slumped. **Please, God don't let the boys see me like this!**

But the shoes on the stairwell gave off the distinctive click of a woman's high heels. The feminine figure didn't pause for a second as she began to push open the bedroom door. "Joe, what is Robert's car doing in the driveway--"

Mary Deanna Benton took one look at the three naked figures in her bedroom and screamed. "No!" Like a woman enraged, she went right for her teenage daughter and hauled back to strike her.

Robert intercepted her arm. "Stop it, Deanna!"

Bethany slipped past her mother and ran into her own room.

"You left me with those three goons, just so you could fuck Bethany?" she shouted.

"Calm down, Deanna," Robert said grabbing the forty year old white woman and holding her close to him.. But he saw all the signs of pure jealousy raging in Mary Deanna's eyes. Unlike Joe, whose torment was a calculated humiliation, Joe's wife was possessive and demanding. She didn't mind having multiple cocks assail her, but the man she'd chosen for her lover couldn't fuck around with someone else.

"Calm down! Calm down? You chose my daughter over me, Robert," she growled at him. "And then you tell me to calm down."

Mary Deanna looked down at her husband, naked, gagged and bound to the chair. "You sorry piece of shit. Was this your idea, too?"

Joe wanted to cry. He tried to tell her that it wasn't his idea and that he was just as much a victim as any of them, but the duct tape was still covering his mouth.

Mary Deanna broke loose from Robert just long enough to reach over and rip the tape off Joe's mouth in a single movement.

Joe yelped out in pain. "Not my idea. His. Robert's!"

"And you just sat there and watched him fuck our daughter, you sleaze-bag!"

"No, I--" Once again he began to struggle in the chair.

"No? Where were you when all this was happening? Out for a fuckin' beer?" Mary Deanna sneered, then her voice changed. "You're all tied up, Joe, where could you go?"

"Y-you're right," Joe sobbed. "I-I couldn't move."

"Goddamn that little whore," Mary Deanna growled. "I'll kill her."

"You'll do no such thing, Deanna," Robert interjected. He grabbed Deanna by both arms and held her tightly. "That little girl is carrying my baby--your grandchild."

"What?" A newly pained expression came to Deanna's face.

Still hanging on tight to Deanna, Robert stuck his head out into the hallway. "Bethany," he called.

"What?" a small voice answered back from behind the closed door.

"Please go down into the driveway and tell Jamal, Carlton, and Frankie to come upstairs, would you?"

"I can't." the voice shouted.

"Yes, you can," Robert replied. "Deanna won't bother you. Those men are going to take your mother someplace else for the night."

"Uh, all right," Bethany answered as she cautiously opened her bedroom door. Wearing her red plush winter robe because her white terrycloth robe was still in her parents bedroom, she locked eyes with her mother, as she slowly began to walk out into the hallway.

Deanna's eyes softened. "You-you're pregnant?"

Bethany nodded tentatively.

"You're sure?"

Again Bethany nodded. "Mm-hmm."

"Is it Robert's baby?"

"I-I've only b-been with Robert," Bethany stuttered. "He-he taught me."

Deanna let loose a huge sigh. "I'll bet he did." She turned back toward Robert. "Why?"

"I'll tell you," Robert said, glancing at Joe. "But not here -- not now."

"Oh, Robert," Mary Deanna began to sob. "I wanted my baby to be yours."

"I know," he answered softly. "Maybe next time." He turned toward Bethany still standing in the hallway. "Go on. Go down to the driveway and bring those three men upstairs."

Joe struggled against his bonds. "Turn me loose!"

Deanna and Robert answered simultaneously, "Not on your life!/Absolutely not!"

Still holding Deanna by the arm, Robert leaned in close to kiss her. "Do you want me, Deanna? Would you like me to fuck you tonight?"

Her eyes caught his. "Yes," she whispered. "I'd like that very much."

"Take off your clothes," he ordered. "You're gonna take four men in front of your husband, tonight."

Deanna Benton nodded, and then she smiled.

"Wait a minute! Do I have to watch?" the tied up white man cried out.

"Of course you have to watch, Joe," Mary Deanna stated as she stripped out of her skirt and blouse. "That's what you do best."

By the time Bethany led Jamal, Frankie, and Carlton upstairs, Mary Deanna was taking off her bra and slipping out of her panties.

"Gentlemen," Robert said. "We've moved this party to Deanna's bedroom. Is there anybody here who isn't in the mood for a little white pussy?"

The three men laughed.

"The only request we've had is that I take the little lady first."

"Shit!" Jamal said looking at Bethany. "Looks to me like you've already had a little white pussy tonight."

"Mm-hmm," Robert grunted. "But this time Bethany's going to stand over next to her father while her mother and I renew acquaintences. Isn't that right, Bethany?"

Bethany felt her skin flush. She hadn't wanted anything like this to happen, but she kept her mouth shut. Although the other two men began to undress keeping their eyes focussed on Deanna and Robert moving together on the bed, the oldest of the three, Carlton, walked over next to Bethany. He stood next to her a second looking at her, and then he slipped his hand inside her robe.

Bethany pulled back.

Joe caught their movement and grunted out a small protest. "Hey!"

"Not a sound, Joe," Robert said. "Do you want the gag taped back on again?"

"Oh, this is sweet," Carlton murmured, as he tugged Bethany's robe open to get a peek at her breasts. "Very sweet."

But Bethany's eyes caught the thrill that crossed her mother's face as Robert fit his long thick cock up against her mother's pussy. Her mother glowed in ecstasy as Robert thrust gently, but resolutely into her open cunt.

"Do I look like that?" Bethany wondered. Did she show the same joy--display the same hungry excitement? She didn't realize that she'd whispered her question out loud.

Carlton, who had been visually examining Bethany's unclothed body, heard her whispered question and chuckled. The watched the young woman gasp. Indeed, Bethany caught her breath as her mother groaned under Robert's tutelage. She couldn't help staring. This was her own mom on the bed with the man who'd taught Bethany to fuck; yet this was the same man who'd taught her mother to be a fuck-slut. Bethany couldn't believe the contortions of pleasure that had begun to cross her mother's features.

Deanna didn't care that she was naked or that she had an audience of five people watching her and Robert fuck. Deanna was just happy to be making love to the man she loved, and she openly showed it. Deanna moaned with excitement.

Poor Daddy, Bethany thought. Poor, poor Daddy.

When her mother came in Robert's arms, every other man in the room held his breath and then breathed out very slowly. She could see that everyman in the room wanted to bury his dick inside her mother until it was his turn to spray Deanna's insides with hot sperm. Bethany had no idea that her mother's black lovers coveted Mary Deanna's pussy so much. No wonder her mother was pregnant with an unknown black man's baby.

Bethany realized what her father already knew, that Mrs. Mary Deanna Benton was a damn good fuck.

Robert climaxed next. Sweating and grunting, he released a large pool of semen into her mother's cunt. They laid together for a few seconds, and then Robert said, "Who's next?"

"I think Frankie and I should go together," Jamal suggested. He turned to his companion and asked him. "What do you think?"

"I think I want her ass," Frankie answered,

Jamal smiled. "Good choice." Jamal laid down the bed and he pulled Deanna toward him. "Climb up on top of me, sweetcakes. Frankie and I are gonna take you for one helluva ride."

Mary Deanna stifled a delighted squeal as she carefully squatted atop Jamal's erection. Bethany held her breath as her mother's pussy sank down to engulf his free standing erected cock. Deanna let out a soft moan as her body took Jamal's erection deep into her cunt.

"Look at you -- all blown up in the belly like that, Mary Deanna," Jamal said. "That little thing inside your tummy might just be mine, don't you think?"

Mary Deanna giggled. "One thing's for certain, Jamal, I doubt very much that this little baby is going to turn out white."

"Stick your ass in the air, woman," Frankie ordered as he came up to Deanna from behind. He poked one small finger into her puckered anus. "Let's get you ready."

Bethany could see a tube of lubricant in Frankie's hands, and he carefully began to oil up her mother's ass with his finger. But Deanna Benton continued to move with the black man lying below her, while his cock probed the tissues of her pussy.

Bethany found herself sweating with the anticipaton of everything that was happening.

In a matter of moments, Bethany saw the thick black dick line up with her mother's ass. She heard Deanna yelp in shock as Frankie pushed forward. The scene before her made Bethany's face, neck and chest flush with an intensity she had never felt before.

Then a strong black hand reached out and grabbed Bethany's upper arm. "C'mon, little one," a new voice said. "Let's go to your room."

Bethany paled and shrank back. "N-no!"

"No!" Joe called out. He twisted in his chair.

"Shut up, Joe," Robert said immediately slapping Joe in the face. He turned back to Bethany.

"It's okay, Bethany." He gestured down the hallway. "I already know for sure that this baby is mine. You can't get pregnant twice."

"But-but..." she sputtered.

"Buck up, sweetpants," Robert continued. "This will be fun. You're gonna be good to my little girl, ain't ya, Carlton?"

"But, Robert," Bethany said hoarsely. "I-I thought I was yours?"

Robert nodded and took her arm. "As a matter of fact, you are mine," he stated. "So you'll do what I tell you. Now go back to your bedroom with Carlton."

Nearly as confused and as humiliated as Joe was at the moment, Bethany reluctantly followed Carlton out into the hallway.

"Which way?" the black man demanded.

Bethany let her shoulders slump. "Follow me."

Carlton placed his hands on the plush terrycloth robe Bethany wore. "Slip your arms out, sweet cheeks."

Bethany let Carlton remove the robe from her body. She was totally naked, totally vulnerable as she led the black man back to her room.

"Go sit on the bed, girl," Carlton ordered. "You can watch me get out of my clothes."

Bethany did as she was told. The mahogany brown skinned man was well built and very masculine, she thought. When he finally slipped off his boxer shorts, Bethany paled and breathed out a silent whistle. Carlton's cock was easily a match for Robert's dick--just as thick and maybe even longer! She wasn't positive about the latter, but she was definitely impressed.

Bethany gulped. "You-you're big!"

"Glad you noticed, sweet thing. I'm rather fond of Old Angus. He gets the job done."

A puzzled look crossed Bethany's face. "Old Angus?"

Carlton chuckled again. "Yeah, named after Black Angus steaks -- really prime meat."

Raising her eyebrows, Bethany nodded. "I see."

Carlton walked over to her bed. "You're gonna do more than just see, sweet cheeks, lay down on the bed."

"Lay on my back?" Bethany asked, as she scrambled toward the center of the bed.

Carlton nodded. He didn't feel like going through any preliminaries; so he was glad to see that she was still seeping a bit of semen from her cunt. "Robert told me about you."

"He did?" Bethany cautiously spread her legs to allow Carlton easier access to slip between them and press up against her loins. This isn't as frightening as it could have been, she thought to herself. Hell, he's just another black man. Let's face it, every cock that had ever gone up between her thighs had been black.

Carlton fit "Old Angus" solidly against Bethany's pussy. He rubbed his cock slowly up and down the receptive slit between her labia once, twice, three times, even more times until Bethany's pink labia parted slightly to allow him access.

Bethany gasped as he pressed forward, driving himself an inch or two inside.

"Ooo!" she moaned.

"There we go," he murmured. "That wasn't so hard, was it?"

The teenager lookd up into his face and smiled eagerly. "I dunno. Seems pretty hard to me!"

"I like you, sweet cheeks," Carlton replied. "My guess is that you're your mother's daughter."

"Is that good?" Her eyes widened as he pushed forward a few more inches. "Oh! Wow!"

He grinned. "Nothing in the world like a good fuck to make your night special."

"God," Bethany whispered. This older black man felt great too! "Carlton how old are you?"

He laughed. "You don't really want to know."

"Are-are you as old as Mom?"

"She's what forty-something?" Carlton carefully pushed forward and then withdrew his dick from her vagina.

"Yeah," Bethany answered. She'd fallen into matching the rhythm of Carlton's hips and thrusting penis.

"I'm close, I guess. How old are you?"


"Jesus." The black man came up from clenching her tight. "I had no idea you were that young!"

"I'm old enough," she giggled. "Don't I feel old enough?"

"So you do." Carlton dropped back down into the clench and resumed stretching her pussy with his **Old Angus.**

For fifteen minutes they stayed close him within her-- close to each other. Really stayed with each other! Bethany rode Carlton's black meat like any well trained young pro. He was just a man, she thought. A good sized gentle lover who was being very good to her. But slowly Bethany could feel that his whole attitude changed -- he'd become frenzied.

"Carlton," she whispered. "Do you want it?"

His breathing had become labored. "Want what?"

"D-do you want to cum in my pussy?" she murmured.

He laughed, and then he answered. "More than anything."

Like a chant, she repeated her words. "Do you want to cum in my white pussy?"

"Yes! More than anything!"

Bethany gripped him tight while she laid under his clasp. "Do it."


Suddenly the built-up pressure behind his penis exploded, and Carlton quaked. His testicles spurted and sprayed out everything they'd been hoarding. But the only exit his sperm had was buried deeply inside the young white teenage girl.

"Ohh!" Bethany moaned. She could feel it pumping and spilling into her insides. "Oh, my God, your cum is so hot!"

Carlton growled out a deep slow laugh. "I still got it, you know, baby."

Another voice spoke from the doorway. "I take it you two enjoyed yourselves."

"Jesus, Robert," Carlton said, looking up toward the door. "She's even better than you said she was."

Robert laughed. "All you gotta do is ask permission, man. She's yours when you need her."

"I don't know," Carlton replied. "If this was mine, I'd think twice about sharing her."

"Shit!" Robert snorted. "As long as I know her baby's mine. That's all I care about."

"Really?" Carlton grunted as a bit more of his sperm puddled and pooled inside his teenage partner.


"In that case, lemme have her for a few minutes more," Carlton suggested.

Robert shrugged. "You want a wake up call?"



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    Awesome story....Would love to hear more adventures of Deanna, Bethany and Robert.