Jeff and Joy had been together for a couple of years, since she turned twenty. She was nuts about him. She'd do anything to make him happy in hopes that someday he'd settle down a little, marry her and be a good husband for the rest of their lives. He was good looking, had a fine sense of humor and was the best lover she'd ever had.

He did scare her a little, though, because he seemed a little mysterious at times. He'd disappear for a day or two every now and then, telling her it was "business." He also wanted some things sexually that she just wasn't up for. He was always trying to get her to bring one of her friends to their bed and wanted to put his thing "back there."

If Joy knew what went on in Jeff's head, she'd have run away as fast as she could. She looked at him as they lay there in the bed, they'd just had sex and Jeff had dozed off. He'd just eaten her until she'd cum and then fucked her. She could feel his cum dripping down her ass-crack. She quietly left the bed, trying not to wake him, and headed for the shower.

But she needn't have worried about waking him -- Jeff was already awake and feigning sleep. He was worried about a little business problem he had and worried about what to do about Joy.

Joy didn't know about two big secrets that Jeff kept from her.

Jeff's first big secret was his side business, drugs. He didn't use them, but they provided a nice little side income for the guys at work who did. He was in a little bit of trouble now. He'd lost two grand he'd collected from the guys at work.

Buck, his dealer over in Ohio, had fronted him the supply just this once with the rock solid promise that Jeff would pay today, when Buck passed back through Dover. Wouldn't you know this would be the time he'd fuck up and lose the cash. It was Sunday and the ATM would only give him three hundred bucks; he owed buck two grand. Well, he'd always been square with Buck and vice versa, so he'd just go talk to him, give him the three hundred and drive all the way to Ohio tomorrow night to pay the rest.

Jeff's second big secret was that he could care less about Joy. He strung her along, telling her he loved her, because she was beautiful and an excellent lay. Joy was just under five feet tall but had tits that belonged on a six foot tall girl. Big, firm, well shaped and all natural. Her breasts were spectacular. The first time she'd pulled off her shirt in front of Jeff he couldn't help but say "wow," which caused Joy to smile and blush. Her nipples were very long and wide an sat on top of two smooth, puffy aureoles. Her nips got hard at a moments notice.

Lots of times women with big tits carry a lot of fat, but not Joy. Her waist was slim and she had a tiny ass with firm, round cheeks that just touched each other when she tightened her buttocks. On the front side, she had a pronounced mound that she kept shaved bare. With her innocent, little-girl face, wide eyes and curly brown hair, the small ass and shaved cunt would make her look like a 13-year old, if it weren't for those magnificent large tits. Once you saw those tits you knew she was a full-grown woman.

Her cunt was tight, as you might expect for a small woman, and she got excited quickly when Jeff stroked her clit. Her cunt lips would swell up and she'd get so wet, her cunt would drip. When Jeff got his cock into that little cunt, she'd kick her legs in a way that made her cunt hole flex and squeeze around his dick. Jeff could barely last five minutes in that squirming pussy before he filled it with jizz. Christ, that girl knew how to fuck.

Too bad she was so goddamed clingy. It was "marriage this" and "marriage that" and "When can we move in together," and "I love you, Jeff, do you love me, Jeff?" That and the fact that she wouldn't let him fuck her ass and wouldn't swallow his cum drove Jeff crazy. He kept thinking about getting rid of her, but then they'd wake up, like this morning, and she'd grab his sleep-hard cock and give him one of those smooth-cunted jizz-inducing fucks that would make him decide to give it a few more days.

When they were both up and around, Jeff told Joy that he had to run an errand over in Lincoln, out in the farm country on the town limits of Dover. He'd be back in a couple hours. She insisted on coming along. Nothing Jeff did could persuade her. He wasn't sure Buck would like that much, especially since Jeff was bringing him bad news. He thought it over for a while and figured that it couldn't hurt after all. One look at Joy would soften any man's heart a little. He and Buck could talk in another room while Joy admired the countryside.

So Jeff said, "Sure, let's get going," and they hopped into his car and headed out to the country.

When Buck came into Dover to sell drugs to Jeff and a couple of other small-scale distributors, they'd meet at an old farm house out in the middle of 50 acres of corn. Jeff didn't know the whole story, but he'd heard that Buck had inherited the farm from his grandfather a few years back. Instead of selling it, Buck used it as a safe house of sorts. The farmhouse was in the middle of the land on a small hillock. From the roof you could see for miles in all directions. When Buck was dealing, he posted one of his cohorts on the roof to watch for trouble.

As an added bonus, Buck leased most of the farm land to a small farm coop in the area. They raised corn, mostly, but in between the corn there was some high- grade marijuana that Buck harvested in the late summer. It was a small piece of his drug sales, but turned a good profit for the cost, which was near zero. Buck's other sales covered the gamut from illicit pharmaceuticals to crack, acid, ecstasy and speed. Jeff dealt mostly in pot and speed, but would occasionally pick up a little bootleg Viagra or vicodin for some of his office mates.

As Jeff and Joy approached the farmhouse, Jeff saw the lookout talk into a cell phone and, shortly after, Buck stepped out onto the front porch. Joy was yammering a hundred miles an hour, "look how beautiful it is out here wouldn't it be great if they could live in a place like this someday? Ohhhh look at the glider on the front porch couldn't you just imagine having lemonade out there on fourth of july?"

Jeff stopped the car in front of the big porch and stepped out as Buck came down the front steps. Buck was six four and powerfully built. He had a shaved head, a goatee and was wearing blue jeans and a blue work shirt with the sleeves cut off. He wasn't smiling at first, then Joy stepped out of the car.

Jeff could see Buck's face change from tough to molten goo as Joy's legs swung out of the car and she stood up to face Buck. She had on a short skirt and a snug tee with a vee-neck. The AC in the car had her nipples popping through her light summer bra and tee. Her curly hair was in a bun in back and she looked like a schoolgirl and a whore all at once.

Before Jeff could even say hello to Buck, Joy was in his face asking if she could try the glider on the front porch. Buck stammered, "sure," and watched her as she ran up the steps, her firm tits jiggling only slightly and the short, light skirt bouncing up her legs. After she had perched on the glider, Buck turned back to Jeff and said, "Come on in."

Inside the house, there was a big room with a TV and a few mattresses on the floor. This was Buck's "guest room" when his distributors visited. Upstairs there were several bedrooms where fieldworkers would stay when it was crop time or when there was pot to be processed and packaged, as was happening now.

Buck led Jeff into the farmhouse, shutting the door behind them. Jeff's eyes adjusted to the darkened room. All the shades were pulled. A window AC kept the place cool. The mattresses were up against the wall. Along the back wall was a long table and a compactor machine. Three guys sat there working the leaves off bales of freshly picked marijuana plants and dropping them into the compactor. The compacted bales were tied up in burlap and were stacked in the corner of the room.

There was one couch in the corner, Buck sat down and signaled for Jeff to do the same. Buck said, "Okay, dude, you bring me something?"

Jeff dropped his eyes and replied, "We need to talk about that Buck." Jeff pulled the $300 he got from the ATM from his pocket and handed it to Buck. Buck didn't take the money, and didn't seem to even look at what Jeff was handing him. His eyes became hard and he said, "Looks a little short to me, dude."

"Yeah, that's what we need to talk about, Buck. I collect the money I owe you, but somehow lost it. I have the bucks, but I couldn't get the whole two thousand on a Sunday with the banks closed. I'll have the other seventeen hundred by tomorrow and can drive it over to you in Ohio."

"Well, Jeff, that's a great plan, but a little fucked up. I'm headed down to Mexico tonight and I need that money before I go, so you're gonna have to find me the dough today, pal."

Buck's face showed he wasn't kidding around. He'd gotten up off the couch and was leaning over Jeff. He looked huge.

Jeff stammered and said, "You know I'm good for it, Buck. I'll pay you an extra three hundred after you get back, I just can't get to the money today -- you understand that, don't you."

Buck's eyes spit fire, "Yeah, I understand, you little bastard -- I trusted you by fronting the drugs this one time and you fucked me. You don't do this shit, man -- you just don't do this. Now what the fuck are you going to do? Huh?"

Jeff's mind raced but came up blank. "I d-d-don't know, Buck. I can't get the cash today."

"Well you're going to have pay today, you fuck. How about that goddamed truck of yours -- you could give me that."

Jeff was stunned. His truck was brand new and worth at least twenty five grand, surely Buck didn't expect him to turn over a twenty five thousand dollar truck for a seventeen hundred dollar debt? What could he do, though?

Jeff asked, "Buck, that truck's worth a lot more than seventeen hundred and, besides, how would I get home?," he asked, chuckling.

Buck didn't laugh, "Well that would be your problem, wouldn't it?"

Jeff felt like he'd faint. "Buck, I can't give you my truck."

"Well, you're going to have to give me something, because I don't want to have do that old fashioned leg breaking shit on you, but somehow you're going to pay and you're going to pay today."

Buck just looked at him while Jeff thought. Suddenly he had a plan. He could kill two birds with one stone.

"Well, Buck, I saw you looking at my girlfriend when we pulled up. Maybe she could work off my debt?"

Buck thought for a minute and a glimmer of a smile came back to his broad face. "Would she go for that?"

This time Jeff smiled and answered simply, "How the fuck do I know?" and started laughing.

Buck started laughing, too. "Well, this might work out. You know that you owe seventeen hundred, so I'd expect that she'd work with all of us." Buck indicated the three guys baling pot across the room.

"Four guys?," asked Jeff, a little shocked.

"Yeah. Problem with that?" asked Buck.

"I guess not," said Jeff. He started thinking. This would surely get rid of Joy. If he left her with four guys to fend for herself, she might want to kill him, but she'd definitely stop hounding him about marrying her. The downside was, he'd have to find a new fuck -- probably not as good as Joy, but what the hell.

"Okay, Buck. The deal is, I owe you nothing, you do whatever you can get away with with Joy, and we still work together when you get back -- okay?"

Buck replied, "Close. We're done as business partners. I don't want to see your sorry ass again. I'm still going to have to hustle around and dig up the cash I need for my trip and that's a pain in the ass. You only get one strike with me douche bag, and you had it. I'll keep the three hundred for my trouble. Now get the fuck out of her and tell Miss Tits to get her cute little ass in here. Is THAT a deal?"

Jeff sidled toward the door, stammering, "D-deal. T- thanks, Buck..."

Outside, Joy started yammering about how beautiful it was out here, the second he hit the door. Jeff sat beside her on the glider and listened until she wound down a little. He said, "Joy, I have to run a little errand, why don't you go on inside for a while and keep Buck company while I'm gone."

Joy said, "How long will you be gone?"

"Just a few minutes -- Buck would like to show you the house -- why don't you head on in. I'll be back in a jiffy, okay?"

"Well, alright. But hurry back." She kissed his cheek and headed into the house. Jeff ran for the truck and got the hell out of there before the shit hit the fan. When Joy found out that Buck planned to fuck her whether she wanted it or not, she'd be plenty pissed off at him. He didn't know that Buck wouldn't be the only one in the house to bang her.


Joy was still all chipper when she came into the house. She held her hand out for Buck to shake. Buck shook her hand, but was looking at her tits and exposed midriff.

"Jeff said you wanted to show me the house?"

Buck looked confused for a moment, then chuckled, "He did, did he? Yeah, sure -- come on."

"These guys here are my associates, Cajones, Snake, and Squirt," Buck indicated the three guys working in the corner. Cajones was a short, Hispanic looking man with an army of white teeth and a broad smile. Snake was about six four, black and lanky. Squirt was a stocky guy with red hair and freckles.

"Pleased to meet you all," said Joy, extending a hand to each of them. If she realized they were packing dope, she ignored it.

Buck said to Squirt, quietly, "You got a blue?"

Squirt said, "Sure," opening the pouch of a backpack on the floor. He popped open a bottle and handed a blue pill to Buck.

Buck dry swallowed it, looked at Joy for a second and back at Squirt -- I think you guys should have one, too.

Squirt looked at Joy, then back at Buck and got a big grin. He and Buck both laughed and Squirt said, "Sure thing, boss," as he pulled out three more of the pills and handed one to each of the other guys.

Buck glanced back at Joy and told Squirt, "Maybe we should make it two."

Squirt laughed again, grabbed a few more pills for the team, and stared at Joy.

Joy was a little uncomfortable, "C-c-can we go upstairs now?"

Buck grabbed her arm and led her up the stairs. Joy half stumbled behind him. This thing just didn't seem right to her. At the top of the stairs, Buck led her to the left. There was a disheveled bedroom with clothes on the floor. Posters of half and completely naked women were on the walls.

Buck grinned and said, "This is the bedroom. What do you think so far?"

Joy could answer. The place was a mess and the women in the pictures on the wall were disgusting. Still, she wanted to be polite to her host. "It's n-n-nice, I guess."

"Take a look at this,' Buck said. He sat on the bed and pulled a photo album out from under the bed. "This is kind of my family album," he said, tapping the bed with his palm.

Joy melted at the thought of this massive, powerful man wanting to show her his family album. She smiled a little and walked over to the bed and sat down beside Buck.

Buck put the album on his knee and pulled Joy close with his other arm.

"These are some pictures of me and the guys here at the house," Buck said. "I think that you'll like them."

Buck opened the book to a picture of Buck and the guys that he'd introduced her to downstairs standing behind a tall woman in just a bra and panties.

Joy asked, "Is that one of your sisters or cousins, she's very pretty."

Buck smirked, "She's one of Cajones' sisters." He turned the page.

Joy gasped. The next page had four picture of the same girl. Her bikini was gone, she was completely naked In the first picture, she had her hand on a man's hard penis and her tongue was out, as though about to lick it. In the second, half the penis was in her mouth. In the third, he hand was blurred on the shaft of the man's penis and her mouth was open near its tip.

A glob of sperm was shooting out of his organ and seemed to be going right into her mouth. In the final picture, the girl looked at the camera, with a smile as globs of sperm dripped off her chin. The cock in her hand was smaller and a drop of sperm hung off the end. The cock was still shiny with spittle.

Joy, indignantly asked, "What is this?"

It's Cajones' sister, Vanessa. She works in the movie business and was nice enough to show us a couple of tricks. You know who that guy is?

"No." Joy answered meekly. She couldn't see the guy's face in the picture, so she had no idea.

"It's Cajones, stupid," Buck said, laughing.

"It's her brother?" Joy asked, incredulously.

"Yep, but that was just the warm up," Buck turned the page and there was another series of pictures of the girl, this time her full body in profile. She was on her knees and the one called "Cajones" was behind her, fucking her. The one that Buck had introduced as "Snake stood in front of her, his cock buried in her mouth.

Joy was offended and wanted to run, but couldn't take her eyes off the pictures. The one in her mouth was buried to different depths in her mouth, from all the way to just the head. His cock was thin, but very long, and in some of the pictures it was buried all the way to his balls. How could she swallow all of that?

Joy snapped to attention and shut the book. "I need to go." She started to stand up and Buck pushed her back down, firmly, but gently.

"No, you haven't finished reading the book yet, you don't want to be impolite, do you?"

Joy became indignant, "I don't want to see any more of that disgusting book, I'm leaving." Again she started to stand up.

Buck pushed her back more firmly this time. He wasn't smiling. "No," he said, " You should stay and finish looking at the book."

Joy got a little scared. She tried to calm down. She looked down at the book and opened it again. She thought, "What can it hurt -- at least I can stall for time until Jeff gets back."

She opened back to the page of Vanessa and her brother Cajones and Snake. The last picture on the two page spread showed Cajones' face in ecstasy and Snake with grabbing his long, thin cock in front of Vanessa's wide open mouth. His hand was a blur on his cock.

Joy turned the page. The next two pages were close-ups. The left hand page showed Cajones with his ecstasy face then a series of pictures of his cock sliding in and out of Vanessa's pussy. White sperm was foamy around his cock and in the last couple of pictures, his cock had deflated and fallen from her pussy. Gobs of white sperm dripped from Vanessa's swollen pussy lips.

On the right hand page there were close-ups of Snakes cock in front of Vanessa's mouth with his hand on the cock. Gouts of sperm shot from the cock directly onto Vanessa's waiting tongue and lips. Joy could see the thick globs of semen on her tongue.

Joy shut the book again -- "Really, Mr. Buck, I've seen enough, I really should go home now." She suddenly jumped up and ran for the door, the book falling to the floor. As she rounded the door sill she ran smack into Cajones and Snake, who were standing at the top of the stairs. They grabbed her and lifted her off the floor, carrying her back into the room with Buck.

They tossed her onto the bed as Buck slammed the door and locked it behind him. Joy was really freaked now, for when she looked up, she realized that neither Snake nor Cajones were wearing anything below the waist. The cocks she had just seen in the picture were on display in real life. Joy stared in disbelief.

"What are you guys doing? This isn't right. I'm not interested -- so just leave me alone," Joy said, panic in her voice. She started to get up and Snake held her down, his hand pressing hard on her left tit. His hand squeezed it, feeling her up. Meanwhile, Cajones grabbed her thin skirt and pulled it off with a quick motion, her sandals yanking away with it.

Joy struggled harder, and Cajones answered by grabbing her other tit through her tee shirt and holding her with both hands squeezing her tits. He squeezed very hard and she yelled, "That hurts, quit it."

Cajones, in a heavy Latin dialect, said, "Then don't move around so much."

She remained still for a second and Cajones' grip shifted to a gentle massaging of her breasts and squeezes on her nipples through the tee shirt. At the same time, Snake grabbed her white cotton panties and whisked them down over her legs.

When Joy felt the air hit her exposed pubis she screamed and struggled again. Cajones let go of her and she jumped up. She was face to face with Buck who had a huge knife in his hand. He held it to her face and said, quietly, "Take off your shirt and bra and get back on the bed.

Joy started sobbing. She had no doubt he's use the knife. She slowly stripped off her shirt. She wore a thin summer bra which her nipples were shadowed through. She popped open the front clasp and her breasts were exposed. As the bra hit the floor, she realized she was completely naked. She sat back on the bed.

Buck said, "Open up your legs, let's see that cunt of yours."

Joy was sobbing and crying and didn't hear him at first. Cajones grabbed her left nipple and twisted hard, shouting, "Do as the man says."

Joy shrieked, "OOOOWWWWWwwwww! I didn't' hear him," she sobbed, "What did he say?"

Cajones leaned toward her and grabbed her nipple again. She flinched and cried some more, "Don't do that again!." Holding her nipple, he leaned over his mouth close to her ear and said, "Spread your legs wide so we can see your cunt. That's what he said." Cajones stuck his tongue into her ear and she jerked away.

She heard what he said and started weeping. She slowly opened her thighs a little and whimpered, "Don't make me do this, please!".

Buck said, "Put your feet up on the bed and open wider."

Joy hesitated and Cajones twisted her swollen nipple again.

"Owwwww!," Screamed Joy and quickly put her feet on the bed and opened her thighs wide. Joy tried to calm down and the tears slowly dropped from her eyes. She wiped her eyes and saw Buck with a camera taking pictures of her wide-spread cunt. Cajones stood on either side of the bed, looking at her naked body. They were stroking their cocks which had grown to the full sizes she'd seen in the pictures.

Cajones' penis looked a lot like Jeff's the same size and shape, but with still with his foreskin. Joy had never seen a cock with the head covered like his. He pulled it back and forth and she could see the head was wet and shiny. Snake's cock was unreal. It was extremely long. It had to be twice the length of Jeff's, but a lot thinner. It, too still had the skin and when Snake pulled it back, she could see a long thin head, almost pointed. His cock made a squishy sound as he stroked it.

Buck had a bulge in his pants, but was focused on the picture taking.

Cajones reached down and put his hand on Joy's cunt. She instinctively snapped her thighs shut and Snake snapped out a hand and yanked her black curly hair. She screamed and Snake said, "Open your fucking legs or I'll smack you again!"

Joy whimpered and opened her legs. Cajones rubbed his fingers between her cunt lips. He liked that she had so little hair down there. Her cunt was really wet. Usually when they force fucked one of these cunts, they were dry.

"Hey, Buck, she's wet," said Cajones.

"Yeah, I'm not surprised. She was all indignant like about your sister's pictures, but she was also squeezing her legs together while she looked at them."

"Let me feel," said Snake. His fingers joined Cajones. Snake thrust his middle finger straight into Joy's quim. It was wet and his finger slid right in. Joy groaned, "Nooooo, please."

Cajones stuck one of his fingers in beside Snake's. It was tight, very tight, but plenty slippery. Cajones pulled his finger out and sniffed it.

"Hey, no wonder she's wet. You been fucking your little boyfriend this morning, chicky?"

"That's none of your fucking business, you fucking animal!," Joy was getting pissed now.

Cajones grabbed her hair and snapped her head back, shoving his wet finger under her nose. "What does this smell like to you, golden girl? It smells like sperm to me."

Joy said, " I don't know."

Cajones pinched her nostrils shut and when she opened her mouth to breath he wiped his finger off on her tongue, releasing her nose.

"Maybe you can tell if it TASTES like your boyfriend's cum then. How about it?"

Joy spit and gagged a little, shouting, "Yes, he fucked me this morning, is that what you want to hear, you assholes?!" and she burst into tears again.

"Don't cry baby," said Snake, mockingly, "We don't mind sloppy seconds, especially since your cunt is still so nice and tight." Snake thrust another finger in beside the first and wiggled them in her cunt.

Joy screamed and squirmed around, sobbing.

"Besides," continued Snake, "if your cunt gets too loose, we can always find a different hole." As Snake said this, he took one of his wet fingers from her cunt and slid it against her asshole. Joy flinched and tightened up and it took all of the strength in Snake's fingers to get the wet digit to breach her sphincter. It did and popped inside the hole. Joy wailed, "Nooooooo, not there!"

Snake's fingers were long and thin like his dick, but it still was really, really tight in her butt hole. He pushed his finger in to the palm. It was hot in there and the asshole clamped so hard on his finger he started losing feeling in his fingertip.

"Shit," said Snake, "This is fucking tight and hot!" and he actually giggled.

Buck said, "Move your ass over, Snake. Let me get a shot of your fingers in her cunt and ass."

Joy continued to sob and the flash went off and Snake's fingers wiggled around in her fucked cunt and virgin ass. She kept her eyes closed so she didn't have to see their faces. Suddenly, she felt something against her lips.

She opened her eyes and was looking straight into Cajones' pubic hair. His cock tip was just touching her lips, the precum further wetting her tear-soaked face.

She twisted her head away and Cajones grabbed her long curly hair, twisting her mouth back toward her cock. He swung his leg over her upper body and planted his ass- cheeks on her breast, squashing them against her chest. He said to her, quietly, but with a clear threat, "You're going to take my cock into your mouth and lick it until I cum. If you bite me, or even drag your teeth," he turned his head back to Buck. "Tell her, Buck."

Buck's face leaned close to her, the shiny knife blade was close to her nose. "What'll happen is that I'll do two of the following three things, cut off your lower lip, cut off one of your nipples, or slit your nostril like Polanski did to Nicholson in "Chinatown," Capice?"

Joy cried and said, "Yes, I understand, but then will you let me go?"

The three of them laughed. Buck said, "Are you kidding? Once Cajones is done Snake and I will be all heated up. I suspect we'll want to test you out, too. And then there's old Squirt downstairs, I'm sure he'll be up to see what's going on. And, shit, by the time he's dumped his load, I'm guessing Cajones will be ready again."

Joy was shocked. They intended to gang fuck her! Where the hell was Jeff? Oh my god, what would they do to her? Joy wailed and tears poured down her face.

Cajones didn't give a shit, he pushed his dripping cock forward into her mouth.

Joy started to choke and Cajones twisted her hair really hard. She screamed and he jammed his cock all the way into her mouth. Joy choked as his cock head went down her throat. She gagged and sputtered.

Cajones said, "Holy shit, you should feel her throat squeezing around my dick!" He adjusted his position, lifting his ass off her tits so that he could start a fucking motion into her mouth.

He slowly pulled his cock out until the flange of his cock-head caught on her lips, then pushed back in again. Again she choked and her gagging throat stroked his cock.

Cajones knew he wouldn't last long at this rate, but who cared they have all night. As he pulled his cock head back to her lips he barked at her, "Hey, how about a blowjob, honey. Use a little tongue on it, don't make me just fuck your throat."

Joy heard his and tentatively licked the flange of his cockhead. Buck groaned, "Oh shit, that's it, baby, a little harder."

Joy licked more firmly and Buck groaned again. He pushed forward, into her gagging throat and then pulled back out so her tongue could slather his cock head.

Buck reached back and grabbed her left hand and moved it to her cunt. He said, "Now one more thing, baby. Wet your big finger in your cunt." She hesitated and Snake, who stood watching and stroking his cock hit her in the shins with his fist.

Joy gave off a muffled scream and bit into Cajones' dick ever so slightly.

Cajones jerked his cock from her mouth, rock hard and dripping with precum and saliva. He twisted her hair and slapped her hard on the face. "Buck, she bit me. Where's your knife?"

Buck stepped forward and Joy shrieked like an animal. "Nooooo, PLEASE DON'T CUT ME." and wept, saying , "oh, god, oh god," over and over.

Buck grabbed her ear lobe and pulled while Cajones held her head. Buck took the knife and cut off her earlobe just above her pearl earring.

Joy shrieked in terror, more than pain. And she shrieked even more when Buck showed her the earring, still in the piece of earlobe and red with blood.

Joy shrieked and shrieked and sobbed in terror. When she'd calmed down enough and Buck had stopped the bleeding from her ear Cajones said, "Okay, we mean business, now don't bite me again."

He grabbed her hair and pushed his dick against her lips. His dick was only half hard now, but Joy had fallen into line and licked at the frenum of his cock like a pro. He pulled his foreskin back to expose his cock-head fully and her tongue had him back to full turgidity in seconds. He let her lick and said, "Okay, now put that finger in your cunt like I asked you."

Joy quickly complied while Snake got close to her cunt and watched.

Cajones said, "Is it good and wet?" He pulled his cock out so she could sob, "I think so."

Cajones said, "okay, then," and put his swollen cock back into her mouth. "Lick it," he reminded her. She continued her hot tonguing of his cock-head.

"Now, then, I'm going to keep fucking your mouth and you're going to take your wet finger out of your cunt and put it into my ass."

Joy hesitated and Cajones twisted her hair. Joy squealed around his cock head and he shoved it down her throat and held it there. Joy choked around his cock- head, his balls against her chin. Joy was afraid she suffocate and quickly complied with his order.

She pulled her wet finger from her cunt and raised it to his ass. Her finger poked between his cheeks, just over her chin and his balls. She probed until she found the little hole and pushed forward.

Cajones let in a sharp intake of breath as Joy's finger went into his ass. "More," he growled, "Get it all in there."

Joy whimpered and winced. This was disgusting. She'd never done this before and couldn't understand what the hell he wanted this for. Nevertheless, she pushed her finger harder and, wet with Jeff's cum and her juices, it slowly slid through his tight sphincter.

Cajones said, "Now wiggle it around while I fuck your mouth."

Joy's finger was squeezed tight in his ass but she moved it the best she could. Cajones moaned, "Oh my God," so she figured she must be doing it right.

Cajones started slowly fucking her mouth. On the out strokes her tongue worked right on his sensitive tip. On the in strokes her throat, choking, squeezed his whole cock-head. Her finger in his ass rubbed against his prostate and built the load in his balls to the boiling point.

He started fucking her mouth a little faster. His balls, which had reached down over her chin a moment before, had retracted to just touch Joy's chin. He was ready to blast a huge load.

Cajones started moaning and fucking harder into Joy's throat. He felt himself coming to the point of no return. Joy's finger was tickling him to a spectacular load. He really wanted to shoot on her face, but he couldn't resist her swallowing his cum.

He pulled his cock out so that her tongue worked the head. Her finger twisted in his ass. Her tongue on his sensitive head brought him over the edge.

Joy felt Cajones' cock throb in her mouth. His asshole squeezed her finger. Suddenly, Cajones' cock throbbed again and a massive blast of semen shot against the back of her throat. His asshole squeezed her finger so much it hurt. Cajones jammed his cock forward into her throat. Joy choked on the cock as gout after gout of semen blasted straight down her throat into her stomach. She could feel him cumming, the cock pulsing in her throat in harmony with his sphincter squeezing his finger.

Joy couldn't breath. She coughed and choked and a fine spray of Cajones' cum sprayed out of lips through the tight seal at the base of his cock.

Cajones blasted a half dozen huge wads of cum followed by more, smaller spurts. His cock softened and shrunk, giving Joy enough room to breath.

Cajones slowly slid his dick from her lips. It was covered with his cum. Joy's eyes were watering from the choking. Cajones grabbed her hair and said, "Lick it off."

Joy complied, fearful that they would cut her again. She licked off the cum that she could see. Cajones said, "Pull the skin back and get the rest."

Joy pulled back Cajones's pointed foreskin. A blob of cum stuck to the tender head. Wincing, she licked it off and swallowed it, struggling not to gag.

Cajones said, "Oh, you can take your finger out of my ass, too, baby."

Joy pulled slowly pulled her digit from his sphincter and Cajones got off her chest.

Buck said, "Lick off your finger.'

Joy's eyes bugged out. Surely she didn't want him to lick her finger after it had been in Cajones's ass?

Buck held up his knife, "Do it."

Joy whimpered and tentatively put the dirty finger in her mouth. She choked, but licked off the finger. Suddenly she gagged and a threw up a wad of Cajones' cum onto her tee shirt, which lay beside her head.

The three men laughed.

Joy still lay on the bed with her feet on the bed and her thighs spread. Snake was fully hard to the point of bursting after watching Joy blow and finger fuck Cajones. His long, pointed pencil-cock stood straight out in front of him, It was slick with precum from his rubbing it as he watched Cajones fuck her mouth.

Snake skun back the foreskin and climbed between Joy's spread legs. Joy looked down at the long thin cock as Snake bent it toward her open cunt. Joy knew it was hopeless and just groaned.

Snake rubbed his pointed dickhead over her cunt lips, nestling it in the hole at the bottom of her lips. He pushed forward. Even though Joy was tight, Snake's dick was so thin that it slid easily through the snug sphincter of her vulva. It was plenty slick in there. Joy's body had reacted to all the sex in spite of her disgust and terror. On top of that, Jeff's ample load from this morning was still sloshing around in her cunt. With all of the juice, Snake slid half his thin dick directly into Joy's cunt.

Joy cried quietly as the foreign cock slid into her cunt. Snake pulled back a little to rewet his dick and slid forward again. As he hit the two thirds point of his lengthy cock, he hit bottom in Joy. Actually, he'd bumped up against her cervix, causing joy to flinch in discomfort. When she really worked at it a couple of her lovers had bumped her there, but only when their dicks were shoved in to the balls. She looked down and saw a good four or five inches of cock still outside her cunt.

Snake knew this feeling. He'd bottomed out in every woman's cunt he'd ever fucked. He also knew that if he jiggled his cock just right he could get it to slide through the tight mouth of her uterus and get a few more inches of his cock into her juicy cunt. He shoved hard.

Joy yowled in pain. The cock felt like it was rearranging her cunt, which, in a way, it was. Snake hadn't gained any headway with that shove, so he lifted her legs up onto his shoulders and shoved hard again.

Joy screamed at the top of her lungs and cried, "stop it, stop it, there's no where else to go!" But she was wrong.

Snake twisted his hips a little and felt the bottom of Joy's uterus pinching around the tip of his cock. Slowly, but with all his might, he slid forward. Joy's eyes opened wide and she grunted, "Oh shit, Oh shit, what are you doing, you fucker?"

She looked down at the juncture of their crotches and saw that Snake's cock was sliding, ever so slowly, further into her cunt. "Where the hell was all that penis going?," thought Joy. She could feel a stretching deep inside her, her whole cunt felt full.

Snake had managed to wedge his thin cock-head through Joy's cervix and into her uterus. No cock had ever been that deep before. Snake's cock head even bottomed out in there, the head wedged between Joy's ovaries and two more inches of the base of his cock still outside her cunt.

Snake started fucking in long strokes, popping his cock all the way out of her cunt, then slamming it in until it banged against her cervix and into her uterus. Joy was screaming and crying every time he banged at the back of her cunt. His cock slamming against the back of her twat was smashing against her gonads and it was like getting kicked in the balls every time Snake hit bottom.

Snake paid no attention to Joy's shrieking, he had a problem of his own. Even though she was relatively tight and he was in as deep as he could go, she was so slick with the Jeff's cum and Snake's precum that he wasn't getting much friction. His balls felt like they would burst with cum, but his narrow dick wasn't even getting the squeeze that it needed when it shoved into the mouth of her uterus. Maybe he should jerk off on her face, that would be fun.

Or maybe?

Snake had an idea, but he figured he'd better check with Buck first.

Without taking his cock out of Joy or her legs off his shoulders, Snake looked and Buck and mouthed the words, "Come here."

Buck walked closer looking down at Joy's cunt lips, wrapped around Snake's thin pecker. There was a layer of white foam that had built up on her cunt from Snake's plunging.

Buck said, quietly, "What?"

Snake whispered in his ear, "I ain't getting enough rubbin off this cunt. She's all filled up with cum already -- can I try her ass?"

Buck stepped away, laughing, "Be my guest -- Let me get down there so I can get pictures."

Joy was grateful that Snake had stopped shoving into her cunt, even though she could feel his dick deep in her hole. She heard the men whispering, then Snake slowly pulled his cock out of her cunt. Maybe he already came in me, she thought.

She looked down just as Snake's cockhead pulled free of her pussy. As it cleared the lips, it sprang up and slapped him in the stomach. He was still rock hard. Joy figured he hadn't cum yet, not with a cock that rigid. What was he doing? Snake pulled on Joy's legs, lifting her part way off the bed, so that the backs of her knees were on his shoulders. Her ass was now barely touching the bed, and her neck was bent and her head was cushioned only by her mounds of black, curly hair.

Snake grabbed his ridiculously long cock and bent it down toward Joy's cunt. The pointed cock-head slid over her clit and the lips of her cunt. The juices of their fucking were dripping down her crack and onto the floor. Snake followed those drips, dragging his cock over her cunt lips, snagging it in her cunt-hole for a moment, before he continued to slide it downward.

Buck could see the shiny red head of Snake's cock as it nestled with its tip against Joy's pinhole-sized rectum. Joy had an asshole that barely showed a wrinkle. With her legs spread over Snake's shoulders, Buck could just see a dot with smooth firm flesh around it. He wondered if she'd ever been fucked there before.

Joy felt the tip of Snake's cock press against her rectum. "Oh my god, not that!" she thought. She shouted, "No not that, you can't fuck me there, it's not right. Nobody's ever done that before."

This just egged Snake on. He'd never found a cunt that could take all of his cock, but, if he shoved hard enough, he'd managed to get all of it into a couple of women's assholes, much to their chagrin. He had no doubt he'd make the whole thing fit into this one's asshole, too. He'd make her first assfuck memorable.

Snake shoved forward. Joy screamed, "NOOOOO!"

From his close-up view through the camera, Buck could see Snake's dick straining at the hole. His pointed cockhead flattened out against the resisting sphincter. Snake backed up and checked his aim. He was dead on, but that thing just wouldn't open. He pushed again. Again, Buck could see his cock-head flattening out against Joy's ass-crack. Buck had an idea and reached over slapped his hand hard against Joy's ass-cheek.

The sudden smack on her ass caused Joy to unclench for a second and Snake's cock snapped forward, half the head embedded in Joy's ass. Joy shrieked in pain. With a beachhead gained, Snake slowly slid forward, the resistant band of muscle squeezing his glans almost painfully. Suddenly, his head cleared her sphincter and it snapped tight around the back of Snake's cock-head.

Joy was panting and grunting in pain, tears poured down her cheeks.

From Buck's point of view it looked like Snake's cock had disappeared into a wall of solid flesh. As Snake pushed forward, Joy's ass bulged inward, the stubborn asshole clinging to it's spot at the back of Snakes glans. Snake pressed harder and her sphincter slid along his cum and pre-cum slicked shaft.

Joy felt his cock as a painful stretching of her previously pristine anus. It felt like it was ripping each time he thrust. She also could feel the head of his cock plowing into her guts a little at a time. She screamed and cried for him to stop, but Snake still had two thirds of cock to go.

Cajones had gone downstairs to get Squirt. He wouldn't want to miss this. Cajones had come back into the room with the red-haired man whose eyes nearly popped out of his head as he saw the beautiful girl naked on the bed, Snake's cock sliding into her butt.

Cajones was fully hard again. The "Blues" that Buck had taken and told them to take earlier were a new powerful version of Viagra. Cajones' cock was not only hard, but growing to proportions it had never achieved before. Squirt dropped his pants, too. His cock was quickly swinging into its full size, as well. He walked around the bed, admiring Joy and stroking his cock.

Joy was groaning and crying from the pain in her ass. Squirt reached over and squeezed her tits. She looked up at him and realized another hard cock was going to take her and started weeping in shame.

Snake pressed his cock forward, slowly but surely. The juices toward the bottom of his cock were starting to dry out, so he pulled his dick free of Joy's ass. There was a squishing sound as it popped free. Buck got the picture as Joy's ass snapped shut. Her asshole was red, but didn't appear to be getting any wider.

Snake shoved his cock back into Joy's cunt a couple of times to get it good and wet again, then pulled it out and pointed it at her tiny asshole. Joy shrieked, as she went through the pain of the initial penetration all over again. Snake didn't wait for his cock to dry out this time -- he pushed his cock like a plunger into her ass. It went in as far as before and then into fresh territory.

Joy was screaming in pain as Snake's cock-head spread apart her intestines. She could feel the cock deeper and deeper in her body, until it felt like he was shoving up against her tits. It hurt like hell and she screamed the entire time, even when Snake had stopped moving because his pubes had smacked up against Joy's ass-cheeks.

Snake had every inch of his cock buried in Joy's virgin asshole. He was babbling incoherently, "My god is this hot, is she tight, holy fuck does this feel good."

Snake started fucking Joy's ass in long, slow strokes. He'd pull his cock all the way out until her tight anus pinched the head of his dick and then plunge into the hot depths of her intestines. Joy whimpered and cried, "Oh Jesus, Oh fuck, it hurts, you're killing me, take it out, please."

Snake just kept fucking her, though.

By this time Squirt was hard as a rock and ready to fuck something. The blue pills had him so hard it hurt. He hadn't fucked for a week and wasn't anxious to wait around. At the same time, he didn't want to miss the sight of this chick's ass getting fucked for the first time. Squirt looked down at Joy's big tits and decided what he wanted to do.

He climbed on top of the bed his legs on either side of Joy's head, facing her cunt.

Joy saw him climb over her between her sobs and thought, "What now?"

Squirt bent his cock down and pressed it against Joy's lips. Joy turned her head away and Cajones immediately shouted at her and grabbed her hair, twisting her mouth back to Squirt's cock. Joy knew better than resist and, sobbing, opened her mouth. Squirt dipped his cock into her mouth and said, "Wet it good."

Joy slobbered on his cock. He shoved it to the back of her throat, but not enough to choke her.

Squirt took his cock out of her mouth and put it between her big, firm tits. He told her, "Hold your tits together around my cock." Joy did as she was told.

Squirt began fucking between her tits. God, it was nice, soft, yet firm and just tight enough with her spit around his cock. He could feel her nipples pressing against his lower stomach, just above his pubic hair. In front of him, he had a perfect view of Snake's long, thin cock sliding in and out of Joy's too-tight asshole. Every time he pulled back, her sphincter clung to the shaft, bulging the flesh between her ass cheeks along with it. On each in-thrust, the flesh pushed in, the ass muscle too tight to slide easily along Snake's shaft.

Squirt just needed one thing to make this perfect. He lowered his ass and told Joy. "Lick my asshole."

Joy couldn't believe she heard him. She'd had her eyes shut to blank out as much of the nightmare as possible, besides, the pain of Snake ramming into her ass was all she could think about anyway. Did he say, "Lick my asshole"? Surely he was kidding, but when she opened her eyes, there was the open asscrack of the man fucking between her tits. She could see the red hairs on his ass and the small brown ring of his anus right in front of her face. Cajones pulled and twisted her hair again. "You heard him, bitch, DO IT!".

Buck's long knife blade appeared between her eyes and the asscheeks. She gasped, whimpered, and stuck out her tongue.

Cajones got in close to look as Joy's tongue made contact with Squirt's tight anus. She tentatively touched the opening and Squirt let out a little moan. She was too slow for Cajones, though, and he jerked her curly black hair again and said, "Stick it in, NOW!"

Joy whimpered and pressed the tip of her tongue against Squirt's wrinkled asshole. Squirt rocked his ass as he fucked her tits, but his butt hole stayed steady enough so that Joy could press her tongue tip into the ring. Slowly her wet tongue began to sink into Squirt's ass. She started to gag and pulled her tongue away and Cajones quickly yanked her hair. She started crying, but stuck her tongue back into Squirt's ass.

Joy had a long tongue -- it was sexy as hell when she was playing and stuck it out at you. It was even more sexy now as she bored it into Squirt's ass. Squirt was moaning, "Oh Jesus!" over and over as he was on sensory overload. He was watching this beautiful chick's virgin ass being fucked by Snake's long cock only a foot in front of his face.

He could see her cunt, open and red and covered with slick juices from just being fucked. His cock, inflated to bursting from the situation and the pills, was stroking between the silky tunnel of Joy's big breasts, the nipples hard and poking into his stomach and pubic hair. Finally, topping it all off, Joy's long tongue was sliding in and out of Squirt's sensitive asshole.

The whole situation was too much for Squirt -- he hit the point of no return before he even knew it was coming. He could feel the spasms starting and his balls pull ed up hard. Joy's tongue was mashed by his contracting asshole as his cum started to pump.

Squirt didn't get that name for nothing. He was famous among the sleazy chicks in town for his ability to blast cum further than anybody they knew. His cum muscles were so strong that his jism stung when it smacked against exposed flesh. None of the women would let him cum in their mouths or on their face because of the violence of his blasts.

When Squirt started cumming this time, his powerful PC muscles squashed Joy's tongue so hard, it hurt. She started a tongue-tied scream as she found her tongue trapped in Squirt's spasming asshole.

Meanwhile, up front, Squirt's first wad of cum fired out from between Joy's big breasts. The power of the shot sent it skimming up Joy's belly, over her cunt and splattering onto the base of Snake's cock, just as he was on an outstroke from Joy's ass. The hot cum surprised Snake, but not unpleasantly, it took a little of the pinch off Joy's tight ass grip as he slid his cock back in, slicked with Squirt's hot cum shot.

Squirt, meanwhile, didn't want to waste the surprise load, and quickly lifted his ass off Joy's face, painfully ripping her tongue out of his spasming asshole. He grabbed his cock and started swinging it toward Joy's mouth.

Before he got there the second blast of jism smashed against Joy's right nipple, stinging the tender flesh as it was splattered with the thick white man seed. Before the third shot fired, Squirt got the cock-head to Joy's lips. Her mouth was still open and her tongue out and Squirt's dick followed her wet tongue right through her lips as his third rocket of pecker juice blasted through his prick hole.

Joy felt the cock hit her lips and, as split second later, something stung against the back of her throat, making her gag. Her mouth was filled with a thick, salty liquid and Squirt's thrusting prick. As she gagged her throat opened and Squirts cock-head jammed down her gullet. Joy could feel sting after sting in the back of her throat and the swelling and contracting of Squirt's prick head as his supersonic jism blasted into her guts.

Squirt's anus, wet from her ministrations, pressed against her nose. Joy's delicate nose sank into the slick hole. Squirt's pulsing anus and cock-head squeezed and throbbed around Joy's nose and throat. She couldn't breathe, all she could do was swallow the pint of cum that Squirt's overcharges prostate and balls dumped down her throat.

Meanwhile, Snake hit his limit, too. The sight of Squirt's jizz soaking Joy's tit and his cock jamming into her mouth plus the slick lubrication of Squirt's cum on his cock and the cock milking squeeze and heat of Joy's virgin asshole sent him over the edge.

Snake jammed his cock as far into Joy's tight asshole as he could and held it there as his cock-head swelled up and blasted his thick, gooey cum deep into her bowels. Shot after shot of his man goo filled her ass and surrounded Snake's long dick with it's hot viscous flow.

Snake and Squirt just moaned and pressed their spasming cocks into their respective orifices as they fired their Viagra induced ejaculations into Joy. They held there until their cocks had started to soften.

Cajones was dripping precum by this point. His cock had barely gone soft because of the drugs and the sight of his cohorts enjoying Joy's body had him ready to burst again.

As Snake's cock softened and plopped out of Joy's abused anus, Cajones shoved him aside and rammed his cock into Joy's cunt. No need for lube -- between his own precum, the juices that had dripped from Snake's cock when he fucked her, Jeff's load of jizz from the morning, and the drops of Squirt's first load that had rained onto her labia, her cunt was slick as snot. Cajones was in to the balls with one quick thrust.

Squirt finally finished cumming and pulled his wilting cock from Joy's mouth. Joy gasped for air as soon as he cleared her mouth. Her tongue was covered with his jizz and her nose wet from his ass. Before she could catch her breath, though, Snake was sitting on her tits, wet with Squirt's cum, and jamming his own cum and shit stained cock into her open mouth.

Snake's cock was less than half it's normal length, so at least he didn't choke her with his cock, but Joy was too dazed to realize what the odd taste was. She automatically slathered Snake's cock with her tongue, wiping it clean and swallowing. When she looked up and realized that it was Snake, who had just been buried in her ass, she choked and cried and knew that she'd reached a new low.

When Snake was satisfied his cock was well cleaned, he flopped off the degraded girl, lying beside her. Squirt lay on her other side, stroking his wet and deflated cock.

Joy was coming back to her senses and felt Cajones hammering at her cunt. It didn't hurt and wasn't choking her and didn't taste or smell like someone's ass, so Cajones's fucking was like a vacation for her.

Cajones didn't like the way the girl had stopped whimpering and decided to do something about it. As he fucked her, he pinched a few strands of Joy's sparse pubic hair and yanked.

Joy shrieked in pain.

"That's more like it," thought Cajones, and gave another tug. Again Joy yelped with the sting of his attack.

Cajones kept tugging her pubes with one hand and grabbed her clit with the other. Joy's clit had swollen up from the fucking, her body responding as it was intended, in spite of her terror and disgust. Cajones twisted the little bud of her clit violently.

Joy cried out and sobbed, "Stop it, stop it, leave me alone -- hurry up and finish fucking me and leave me along, you prick!"

In her twisted skull, Joy figured she'd make him cum and get him off her, so she rotated her hips and squeezed his dick with her cunt muscles.

"Jesus," grunted Cajones. Her cunt was like a vacuum cleaner on his cock all of a sudden. It squeezed and milked his dick and brought his second load of the day to the surface. He fucked her harder and faster while Joy rotated her ass and hips, getting the response she had hoped for.

Cajones' dick leapt inside Joy's vagina, spouting thick gouts of jism which mixed with the remnants of Jeff's from the morning. Cajones' balls were in overdrive, probably because of the pills, and he blasted shot after shot of cum from his big balls, into Joy's bruised cunt.

As Cajones stood up and stepped away, Joy figured she was off the hook for a minute. All three of her molesters had cum in the last five minutes. But she didn't know that these guys were supercharged by the blue pills. Snake had been stroking his cock from the time he took it out of her mouth. The sight of her hips undulating around Cajones' cock had him back at full staff again.

Before Joy could even breath a sigh of relief, Snake had grabbed her arm and rolled her onto his body. Joy moaned, "No, Please," but her protests were getting tired and resigned.

Snake jerked her into position over his body. Her grabbed her tits and squeezed them. He lifted his head and licked her nipples, unexpectedly tasting Squirt's cum on one of them. Down below he rocked his hips, pushing his hard cock toward Joy's open loins. His dick hit her asshole first, and Joy yelped.

"If he's going to fuck me anyway, I hope he'll at least stay out of my ass," Joy thought. So she reached down and grabbed Snake's cock between her thighs and placed the head at her dripping snatch. She lowered herself onto Snake's long dick.

Snake moaned as his cock was enveloped by Joy's hot, dripping twat. He could feel Cajones' cum squeezing out around his prick as Joy settled onto his cock. Joy started bouncing up and down on his revived penis.

This wasn't the fuck that he'd seen Cajones get. She was just bouncing on him. None of that good ass motion that had inspired his cock back to full staff.

Snake barked, "Come on, baby, move your ass."

Joy bounced faster.

That wasn't what Snake wanted. He grabbed Joy's throat with one hand pushing her upright and bitch slapped her tits with his free hand.

"Come on, cunt, give me some of that ass motion like you gave Cajones!"

Joy cried and started twisting her rump as she humped at Snake's prick. She put all the moves that she knew, undulating her ass so her cunt twisted and torqued around Snake's long cock. She grabbed him with her cunt muscles, too. Snake put his hands behind his head and watched Joy's beautiful tits jiggle as she fucked the shit out of him.

Well, by now Squirt had revived, too. Joy's gorgeous body and face, her writhing hips and her cunt settling onto Snake's dick had him reheated, too. He rubbed his cock, still soaked in Joy's spit and watched the show for a second. It wasn't long before he needed more, though.

Squirt got up off the bed and walked around, taking a closer look at the spectacle of Joy and Snake copulating. He stood behind them where he got a great view of Joy's cunt lips sliding up and down the substantial length of Snake's prod. A puddle of Cajones' cum had dripped off Joy's lower lips onto Snake's pubic hair and balls. Above the juncture of their organs Joy's ass flexed as she worked her cunt around the deeply buried cock.

Between the firm flesh of her ass-cheeks Squirt could see the tiny pore of Joy's anus. It was red and a little swollen, but still looked as tight as any asshole Squirt had seen. Just a little of Snake's cum still dripped down the seam between her ass and cunt.

The tiny opening was irresistible to Squirt. He pushed on Joy's back, getting her to lean down onto Snake, pressing her nipples into his chest. This brought her ass up and spread the cheeks, opening her de-virginized ass ever so little. Squirt stepped forward and pressed his dickhead against Snake's balls, soaking it in the slippery jism that had dripped from Joy's cunt. He then raised his cock and, grasping her hips, lined up the tip with Joy's anus.

Joy felt Squirt's cock touch her sore asshole and shouted, "No" and began to jump up off the bed. But Snake knew what was coming, he'd felt Squirt's dick rub against his cum-soaked balls. Besides, they'd done this before. Snake wrapped his arms around Joy before she could jump up, holding her close to him.

Joy struggled and screamed and, not getting free, bit Snake's shoulder. Snake grabbed her hair with one hand and with the other, yanked the other earring out of her ear, ripping the earlobe. He took the pointed end of the earring and jammed it into Joy's tit. She shrieked and fought, so he did it over and over and told her to shut the fuck up. Joy's tits were bleeding from all his little puncture wounds before she finally stopped screaming and struggling and just moaned and cried in pain.

Once she stopped the fight, Squirt resumed his attempt to fuck her ass. Snake's cock had barely managed to fit, and Squirt's was twice as wide. That, coupled with Snake's cock already jammed up her cunt and this wasn't going to be easy.

Squirt nudged his glans against her sphincter and Joy flinched and whimpered. Snake held her steady, her breasts dripping blood onto his chest. Squirt pushed forward fast and hard and his cock-head wedged open Joy's ass to a diameter it had never before achieved. Joy howled in agony, her anus spread wide behind Squirt's intruding cock-head.

Squirt kept shoving forward. He was supercharged from seeing Joy's blood and listening to her whimpers. He pushed hard and his cock slid the rest of the way into her ass. Her ass was filled with cum already and his cock-head slid in easily, but the shaft was pretty dry... it ripped at the flesh of Joy's tender sphincter. She wailed out loud as his cock scraped the skin off her asshole and from the sudden stretching of her sensitive colon. She was packed with cock. Squirt was stretching her asshole, ripping the sensitive colon deep inside her ass. Snake's thin dick punched into her womb, bumping the back of her cunt, causing a sharp pain deep inside her twat.

It only got worse when Squirt and Snake began fucking her simultaneously. Instead of alternating, they both pulled their dicks back at the same time, momentarily relieving the pain and pressure in her holes only to redouble her agony as they slammed forward together, tearing her asshole and slamming into the back of her cunt.

The two of him fucked her this way for a while and when she stopped sobbing and screaming a little, Snake would yank her hair. Squirt increased her pain by sticking his thumbs between her ass-cheeks, on either side of brutalized anus and stretching them as far apart as he could. He could see her asshole stretch open on either side of his cock, which seemed to be stretching her to breaking already. He could see blood collecting on his cock and around her sphincter. He'd started tearing her asshole. This got him hot and he fucked her even harder. She was tighter than hell. He could feel Snake's thin cock wiggling around on the other side of her colon.

Snake could feel Squirt's cock, too. He loved it when they doubled up on a chick like this. His cock didn't stretch many holes, so the pressure of Squirt's bigger cock up against his made the hole a lot tighter than it would be if her were fucking her alone.

Both of them fucked harder and harder, slamming into Joy until her cunt and ass-cheeks began to bruise.

They went over the top at the same time. Both of them shoved in hard and their cock's swelled up, stretching her holes even more. In spite of their previous fucks, both of them shot big wads of cum into Joy's holes. Squirt's rocketing cum-shots stung the rips in Joy's ass and she wailed in pain as the cocks dumped their pearly loads in her two lower holes.

The two pulled out of their respective holes. Joy dripped cum from both holes and blood from her ass. She was bruised and exhausted. Her ears were still bleeding onto the bed and her right tit, where Snake had perforated it with her earring, was soaked with tiny spots of blood.

Cajones was hard again and he climbed between Joy's thighs and plunged his Viagra-swollen cock into her cunt. It was look and slick with jism from so many pricks. Cajones plunged into her cunt a couple of times, then switched to Joy's asshole. Joy shrieked as her as was pried back open.

It was starting to get loose even in there with all the jism sloshing around. Cajones amused himself by switching back and forth from Joy's ass to her cunt and back, stroking his cock in between. Gradually he managed to work up to another ejaculation and pulled from Joy's ass to squirt his weak load onto her face.

Cum flew into Joy's eyes and stung her. She protested, "It's in my eyes, it stings."

Snake jumped up and laughed. "Here," he said, "Let me wash it off for you."

He stood beside Joy's head and she lifted her eyes back to him, expecting him to hold a towel. Instead she saw his half hard cock hanging over her face just as Snake let loose with a stream of hot piss.

The forceful stream splashed right into Joy's eyes. She screamed in protest and Snake aimed his stream into his open mouth. Joy choked, spraying his piss everywhere. The piss on her lacerated ears stung. Snake continued to soak her face as Squirt stood up to join in the fun. Squirt washed her perforated tits with a stinging yellow stream of his own. Joy howled in agony from the indignation and the salty smart of the urine on her breasts and ears.

Cajones, fresh out of Joy's cunt and ass joined in, as well. He hoisted Joy's legs up, so that she was almost standing on her head. Jumping up onto the bed, he began to piss on Joy's cum-frothed cunt and anus. As his stream got to full flow he shoved the tip of his cock into her dilated cunt-hole, filling the orifice with piss. When he pulled out a wash of piss and the mixed jism of many ejaculations came washing out of her cunt and splashed down onto her face. Snake and Squirt directed their streams to wash away the clotted semen as it splattered onto her face.

Cajones pushed his squirting dickhead into Joy's torn asshole. Joy felt her ass filling with the urine. She couldn't be more humiliated. Cajones stayed plugged into Joy's ass until he finished draining his bladder. He twisted Joy's hips toward her face and his cock plopped out of her ass. Joy's shredded asshole managed to hold in the sloshing liquid for a second, then it all came squirting out of her ass, splashing down onto her face. Piss, cum, blood all splashed onto Joy's face and tits. She sobbed in humiliation as Snake and Squirt helpfully rinsed away most of the slime from her body.

Joy rolled away from the wet part of the bed, onto her stomach and whimpered into a pillow on the end of the bed. At least they were done, maybe they'd let her go now.

But she was wrong. They weren't letting her go and they weren't done. She'd forgotten about Buck.

Buck always went last, because when Buck was done, there was nothing left for the rest of them.


Buck loved to fuck more than anything. He especially liked the feel of a tight hole around his cock -- the tighter the better. Years before he'd gone to Europe with some of his drug money and spent a small fortune to satisfy his fetish.

He'd learned of the cock building process in a newspaper article. With skin from other parts of the body, these skilled surgeons augmented the human penis.

They couldn't do much for length, but Buck was already almost as long as Snake, so that didn't matter much. What they could do was make a cock thicker. This, of course, made holes feel tighter.

Buck had gone back for surgery three times.


Joy heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper close to her face. Buck had moved in front of her and had unzipped his fly. She didn't even look up, hoping that whoever it was would go away. Buck flopped his cock, three-quarters erect, out of his jeans and, grabbing Joy's curly hair yanked her head up right in front of his dick.

It took a second for Joy to focus on the sight in front of her. What she saw looked like a super close-up view of a cock. The head was small, but the rest of the cock was proportionally shaped. Then she realized the real size of what she saw.

Buck was stroking his cock, which quickly swelled to full hardness. Joy gasped, "My god," she thought, "this can't be real."

The cock she looked at had to be as big around as one of those 24-oz beer cans that Jeff was so fond of. It was longer than one of those cans, though. The thing was huge and getting thicker and longer as Buck stroked the shaft.

"Touch it," Buck ordered.

Joy reached up a hand, grasping the shaft. Her hand didn't even go halfway around it. It was hard as a rock.

"Lick it," barked Buck.

Joy put her mouth on the tip of the cock. The tip was more or less normal sized. Joy felt the slippery, tasteless slick of precum on her tongue. She licked the tip and Buck pushed forward. Soon the thick part of his cock reached her lips.

Joy stretched her mouth wide, but the cock didn't fit. Suddenly Joy realized that he might try to fuck her with this thing. "God, no. He'd tear her apart!"

Buck grabbed her hair and shoved forward, "Come on, you twat, you can take more than that."

Joy's jaws were stretched to the limit and only the narrow head was in her mouth. She was afraid her teeth would nick him and he'd beat her. Instead, Buck laughed and pulled out, "I know, baby, nobody can take this thing. It's like a horse's. But it'll fit into your cunt just fine."

He was going to fuck her. Joy wailed, "you'll kill me, you'll tear me apart, please don't. I'll give you money. I will. I have almost $2000 in my checking account."

"Baby, don't you know, money can't buy me love! Besides, this is already costing me two grand. That's what your boyfriend owes me. He can't pay, so he left you here. If he'd asked you for the money things would be different, but after watching the boys here have so much fun, I'm afraid whacking off is out of the question. I need a nice tight hole."

Joy slowly registered everything he had said. First, he was going to fuck her no matter what. If he didn't kill her, he knew it would hurt like hell. Second, Jeff had left her like a common whore. He knew they'd fuck her and he'd left her here! She loved him and he treated her like a piece of property!

Joy started crying uncontrollably as Buck twisted her over on her back. "Hold her open boys, while I grease up," he said. Squirt and Snake each grabbed a leg and Cajones a first full of her black curly hair. Squirt and Snake held her legs wide apart, exposing her damp pussy lips to the air.

Buck had reached into a small dresser beside the bed and pulled out a squeeze bulb that came to a point on the end, a jar of clear liquid and a bottle of KY.

Buck squeezed the air out of the rubber bulb and put the end in the bottle of liquid. Releasing the pressure on the bulb, it sucked the liquid up into the rubber syringe. Buck put down the jar and opened the big tube of KY. He squirted some KY on the end of the rubber bulb and walked over to Joy.

Buck shoved the pointed end of the bulb into Joy's sore cunt and squeezed. The bulb discharged its contents into Joy's ravaged cunt. He held the bulb there for a second and, pulling it away, he pressed on her stomach just above the pubic bone and the liquid came squirting back out, over the edge of the bed and onto the floor. Joy whimpered and whined in reaction to the bulb entering her cunt and the blast of cold liquid. She moaned in humiliation as the liquid squirted back out of her cunt.

Then Buck refilled the bulb and, this time, stuck the nozzle into Joy's shredded anus. It was still a tight squeeze and Joy screamed and cried as the nozzle pressed into her butt hole. The liquid stung like hell on the bloody flesh inside her asshole. Joy cried, "It hurts, it hurts, stop it," but her cries met deaf ears.

The solution was powerful "pucker" inducer that Buck had discovered. Like alum, but able to work on the flesh of the vagina and anus as well as in the mouth. It had salt in it and that stung the hell out of Joy's bloody patches. Her cunt would be tighter now than when she came in.

Now that the boys had "rinsed her out" and Buck had followed with the "pucker" rinse there wasn't enough natural lube to squeeze in a prod like his. Buck liked it tight, but he didn't want to scrape the skin off his dick, after all, that extra dick skin had cost him a fortune!

Buck slathered his hardened meat with the KY until there was a thick shiny layer of the lube covering his hard-on from the balls to the sensitive glans. He walked over to Joy and wiped the rest of the lube on his hand on Joy's cunt lips. He stuck a couple of fingers into her cunt, lubing it a little for good measure, "Shit, she was super tight."

Buck told Squirt and Snake to lift her up a little, bringing her cunt up to the same level as his cock. Joy's neck was bent on the bed, she was resting on her head and the backs of her shoulder. She looked up her body, between her two big breasts and saw Buck's massive organ, shiny with lube, headed for the widespread juncture of her thighs. She started to struggle, but could move very little with the three men holding her.

Buck touched the swollen, pointed head of his wide dick to her slicked pussy lips. He slid the glans from her clit to her cunt hole and back, working it in between the lips. Positioning his piss hole directly on the opening to her vagina, Buck slid forward.

With all the lube Buck had used, there was no problem with his cock catching on the flesh of Joy's tender cunt. The problem was getting Joy's cunt hole to stretch to accommodate the massive girth behind Buck's cock-head. Buck kept pressing forward, as Joy whimpered and gasped. Slowly the muscle rings at the front of her cunt stretched around Buck's dick.

Joy's eyes bulged from her head, "Stop, please, that hurts like hell. I've never had anything that big in there, please don't."

But Buck's balls were ready to burst. Christ, she was tight alright. Buck could feel the muscles of her cunt sliding down his cock-head. Slowly but surely the opening of her cunt expanded over Buck's cock until she was stretched over the enormous shaft of his penis. Buck rested with a third of his dick in her cunt. It took a lot of pressure to slide into the resisting hole and he was ready to blast his load already from the silken slide of her juicy cunt around his cock.

Buck looked down. Not only was her cunt hole stretched to breaking around his cock, but the lips were pulled tight around his big dick. The outer lips, normally wrinkled and loose were stretched taut and smooth to accommodate his phenomenal girth. Her clit was mashed against the top of Buck's dick and when he wiggled his cock forward and back, the clit actually was pulled in and out of Joy's cunt hole with his cock. It was like she was fucking her own cunt as he did.

This thought spurred Buck on. He told the boys, "Hold her tight," and with a mighty thrust, buried the last two thirds of his horse-cock into Joy's twat.

Joy didn't expect the sudden expansion -- the walls of her small cunt suddenly spread wide in front of Buck's organ. His cock head slammed into her cervix. Unlike Snake, Buck was much to big to slide into her womb. Instead, his powerful cock just shoved and stretched her cunt back into her guts. Her ovaries were crushed between her insides and Buck's cock-head, and, like a kick in the balls, all the air went out of Joy's lungs and she shrieked in agony.

Buck pushed hard, relishing the feeling of his balls lying in Joy's ass-crack, his pubic hair entwined with Joy's sparse cuntal forest. Buck flexed his PC muscles so that his cock expanded a little and Joy shrieked again.

Slowly, Buck pulled his cock out to the flange behind his sensitive cock-head and, just as slowly pushed it back into the depths of Joy's cunt. When he hit the back of her cunt and kept pushing, she squirmed and whimpered as her sensitive sex organs were mashed into her guts.

Every time Buck slid in, the super-tight grasp of her cunt stroked the sensitive frenum of his cock head and nearly brought on his ejaculation. He rested again, pressed deep into Joy's diminutive cunt. He looked down at her tits, now bloodied and bruised, but still magnificent.

He admired the view of her vulva stretched tight around his cock again. This time he noticed something else. He could the long, wide bulge of his cock inside her rising up from her pubes to her navel. Like the little mounded trail a groundhog leaves when he's burrowing, Buck's huge dick left a bulge in Joy's belly.

Buck reached down and traced the line of his cock in her cunt. He could feel the pressure on his dickhead, just under her belly button. He slid his fingers down her belly and could feel the pressure on the back of his cock, all the way to the spot where her cunt lips were stretched impossibly around his cock root.

Suddenly, Joy stopped moaning and said, "Don't, Stop!"

"What the fuck is your problem? I'm not even moving," said Buck.

"Please don't press like that, " said Joy.

"Like this?," said Buck, running his palm down her stomach, following the bulge of his cock.

"Noooo!," wailed Joy and started crying from humiliation.

Then Buck figured out why. He was smashing Joy's bladder between his palm and his massive cock. This time when he pressed, Joy couldn't hold back. She started to piss.

With Buck's cock in her cunt, her urethra was pretty well jammed against his cock shaft. The piss came squirting out of her pisshole and dribbled back into her cunt and down her asshole and Buck's balls.

Buck said, "What the fuck?" and looked down. As he looked, his cock slid slightly from her cunt, pulling the seal off her urethra which began to spray a fountain of piss up Buck's belly from where it flowed back down their pubes, over Joy's belly and tits and puddled around her neck.

Buck started laughing. As he pulled his massive cock in and out, the stream direction moved. Pulling back her cunt flesh pulled out with his cock and the stream bent back toward Joy's head. Buck moved his cock until the stream of yellow liquid arched up and splashed back down onto Joy's face. Joy tried to move her face out of the way, but Cajones held her hair tightly.

Joy gasped and sputtered as her own piss washed over her face, into her nose, into her eyes and even into her mouth and down her gullet. Joy sobbed and whimpered in humiliation, inhaling her own piss and coughing and choking until her bladder was empty.

This turn of events really got Buck hot for some reason and he stopped fooling around. He began to pound his dick flesh, from tip to root, into and out of her grasping cunt. He needed to cum, his balls were busting.

It only took about ten quick thrusts before his balls rose in his sack and he felt the spasms start deep in his balls. His dick swelled and twitched in her cunt once, firing no jism this time. Then the dam cut loose.

Buck pushed hard into Joy's cunt, eliciting another scream from her, as his cock swelled, stretching her cunt even more, and the rush of sperm raced down his massive prick.

His cock was jammed against the back of Joy's cunt and it kept the cum from getting out of his cock at first. Three spasms fired, with the cum backing up. The pressure built and built until Buck's nuts hurt. He pulled his cock back ever so slightly and cum rushed forward.

The first spurt was massive and powerful. Joy could feel it fill her cunt. Shot after shot of hot gooey semen blasted into her cunt, filling what little space was left in her sensitive girl hole. Buck just kept cumming and cumming. He looked down at her cunt and could see the ridge of flesh his cock made in her belly pulsing with his orgasm.

As the jism filled her cunt a little bulge mounded up where the tip of Buck's cock ended at Joy's belly button. Buck thought he was imagining things, but it got bigger as his ejaculation slowed after about ten healthy bursts of cum.

Buck reached down and pressed the lump with his hand. As he pressed harder, the pool of cum built up pressure in Joy's cunt until, coupled with a slight shrinking of Buck's big dick, built the pressure to find its way out.

With a sudden rush, Buck's cum came squirting back, around his dick and out of Joy's cunt with a juicy farting noise. Jism sprayed around Buck's balls and across Joy's pussy.

Buck slid his cock out of Joy's stretched cunt. Wow, what a fuck!

Buck's cock was still nearly fully hard when he slid out. He'd be ready to go again soon. The other three were already going again. Snake and Squirt each held Joy by a foot and stroked their dicks with the other hand. Cajones had let go of Joy's hair and stroked his cock over Joy's face.

Buck could see that all three of them were close to shooting another load! Damn, these blue pills were something. Buck would have to buy more of these. He was flattered that his performance with Joy had the boys so fired up again. She was some show all by herself, though.

Buck stroked his own dick idly as the other three whacked themselves to a frenzy. Squirt came first. He wasn't called squirt for nothing. He should be spent by now, but his dickhead swelled to a shiny purple color and began firing. Rockets of creamy white jizz fired from his cock. The first one shot over Joy and splattered right onto Cajones' throbbing dick. Squirt adjusted his aim and sprayed a dozen more stinging shots over Joy's face and tits. She jerked her head, but Squirt was quite an aim. Cum fired up Joy's nose and into her eyes and gasping mouth.

Cajones came next. The wad of hot cum had added extra slickness to his stroking and brought him over the edge. Cajones had big balls. He came gallons, but didn't shoot rockets like Squirt. Before Squirt fired his last shot onto Joy's face and chest, Cajones' swollen penis burped out big gouts of cum. They only fired about an inch, just enough to fall onto Joy's face. The globs were so big that they made a "splat" sound as each wad landed on her forehead, her lips and cheeks.

The sight of Joy's face, completely masked in jism was all Snake needed. His long dick was nearly over Joy's face, even as he held her foot. He edged a little closer to her head, his long pencil-dick pulsing out in front of him.

"Open your mouth," he barked at Joy.

By reflex, Joy obeyed. Squirt's and Cajones's mixed sperm, pooled around her lips, fell into her mouth.

"Open wide, and stick out your tongue," said Snake, as he frantically pumped his man meat. Just as Joy followed his order, the first blast shot from Snake's dick. He held the head over Joy's open mouth. His cum splashed off her tongue and flowed to the back of her throat. Joy's mouth filled with cum. She closed her lips for a second and swallowed.

A blast of Snake's cum ricocheted off her lips before her mouth reopened. As Snake finished firing the rest of his wad into her open mouth, Cajones and Squirt used their dicks like squeegees, pushing the cum down Joy's face and into her mouth, where it mixed with Snake's. Joy kept swallowing, knowing they'd beat her if she didn't. She was beaten and ready to die.

Buck liked the show. The cum of three different guys running down the girl's throat got him hot as hell. He was ready to go again, thanks to the pills.

Buck went to the nightstand and got the KY. He slathered his dick again. He'd need it bad for this.

The boys were high-fiving with their free hands while they continued to stroke their dicks. What did the ads say, "If you have an erection for more than four hours, see a doctor?". Looked like they'd go twice that long at this rate.

Buck made a low whistle to get the boys' attention and made a signal for them to turn her over. They looked at Buck's prod, now fully engorged again and shiny with the KY. This would be good! They grabbed Joy and rolled her over onto her stomach and grabbed her legs, yanking them apart.

Cajones grabbed a pillow and, as Squirt yanked her up by the hips, Cajones shoved the firm, thick pillow under Joy's lower belly. With her legs spread and her ass up, her dripping snatch and tiny bleeding asshole were completely exposed.

Joy was limp and resigned to their ministrations. What else could they do to her that they hadn't already done?

She felt a wet touch at her bloody anus. "Shit, she thought," one of them's going to fuck me in the ass again." She cried, but she felt like she'd had the worst.

She looked up and could see all three of the guys who had just cum on her standing in front of her. Who was behind her?


"NOOOOOOOOO, NOT THAT," Screamed Joy. "Please, you'll kill me, I'll bleed to death!"

Buck loved her screams. He held his rock hard bat at the entrance to her bowels. Underneath, her cunt oozed a steady stream of his jism onto the pillow. Buck nudged his cock head at her tiny anus. He pushed forward.

Slowly, the regular-sized head indented her ass flesh and popped in, as Snake's had. Joy just grunted. This was now familiar territory for her. But then Buck kept pushing.

His lube-slicked pole pressed down toward the pillow under Joy's stomach. Buck leaned into it, little by little, until nearly all his weight pressed against the resistant orifice.

Joy shrieked, "Oh Jesus, NO! NO! NO! Stop! You're going to tear me! I'll bleed to death if you shove that thing in there."

Her screaming only egged Buck onward. As Buck leaned harder and harder on to his rock hard pole, her ass suddenly gave way. Her anus had stretched only a little more. It had reached the point where there was no more room to stretch and, like a rubber band, her sphincter had torn. When the band of flesh snapped under Buck's weight the entire huge pole of his cock slid into Joy's body.

Buck fell forward with thump onto Joy's prostrate body. His cock plowed into her intestines, ripping it's own path as it went. Joy screamed once at the top of her lungs and then blacked out from the pain.

Buck kept fucking, but she was loose now. Her asshole had ripped apart and he'd punctured her bowels in three places and burst her bladder. There was nothing but loose guts to fuck now and not enough pressure to cum. Buck plunged in and out a couple of times, his cock covered with blood from Joy's body.

Joy was limp and unconscious. It was like fucking a loose dishrag.

"Shit," said Buck, pulling his bloody dick out of her ruined ass. He flipped her over and flopped his wet dick between her tits. Pressing them together he fucked them until he blew his load over her neck and chin.

Joy stayed out cold as each of the other three guys took one more shot fucking her tits and her cunt.

They left her there on the bed, bleeding from the ass, covered in jism and unconscious.


Late that night Jeff snuck back to the house. The others were all gone. He found a window ajar, opened it and went in. The place was cleared out. No drugs, no cash, nothing. Jeff went from room to room, searching for any sign of Joy.

At the top of the stairs, he found a bedroom with sparse furnishings, a small dresser and table and a bed stripped to the springs. No mattress. There was a clean patch on the floor. Looked like a carpet had been here recently, but it was no where to be found now. Jeff searched the end table and dresser drawers. Nothing.

He was puzzled and ready to give up when he noticed something glint between two of the old floorboards. He pried it out with his pocket knife. It was a pearl earring, like the one's Joy always wore. Jeff didn't see the little piece of ear that had fallen further between the floorboards.

All he knew was that he'd dumped a two grand debt and Joy had left his life.



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