Martin sat quietly in his own little space. He could hear the sounds of people passing by outside and children laughing in the nearby playground. He knew this space well. He discovered it when he was 14, some 12 years ago while playing with some friends. He remembered the day well. Now, some 12 years later this little space had given him a great deal of excitement and pleasure and, in this medium sized town in the West Midlands of England, it had also given him some surprises.

He looked around. It was getting a little grubby through neglect and had an odour which he found quite stimulating. He was on his own and the world was passing him by outside but he liked these quieter moments, moments of anticipation.

Kingston Park was slightly to the edge of the town. It wasn't the biggest park in town, nor the tidiest. That privilege went to Queen Victoria Park which had a lake with boats in summer. It even had flower gardens and a bandstand. No, Kingston Park was a little adrift of the town centre and a little wilder too.

Quite a lot of couples walked through it in the twilight and even courting couples used the car parks on its perimeter for late night sessions. There was a secluded wooded area which was frequented in the warmer months by a sprinkling of gays. None of these activities were enough to concern the authorities as they were low key. This was probably the reason that Martin's little space had been left untouched. It was in the part of the park which was locked at night.

Kingston Park had a large toilet block near the entrance with facilities for both sexes. It was clean and well looked after though without a regular attendant. It could be quite interesting in the daytime with 10 urinals and 6 cubicles. There was nothing specific about it, only that from time to time you could walk in and find someone playing with themselves at the urinals.

In fact Martin had been lucky there a number of times. The real gem was deeper into the park where the original toilets were. The ladies toilets were rarely used and did not have soap or even toilet paper. Any ladies with an eye for hygiene would make the 5 minute walk to the main gate. Attached and equally well hidden were the gents toilets.

There were 3 urinals and 2 cubicles with floor to ceiling doors. The first cubicle was at the end of the short row of urinals and, with the help of hole in the door meant that the occupant could see clearly down the urinals and to the main entrance beyond. The real treasure was that the dividing wall between the cubicles was made of a thin but sturdy material which looked and felt like, but wasn't asbestos. It had been attached in sheets and bracketed together.

Some time in the past, one bracket had come loose and someone had engineered an oval hole about 4-5 inches around. When the toilet had been painted sometime in the distant past, the lazy painters, had painted neatly around and through the hole making it look at though it belonged there. This is where Martin sat.

In 1992 Martin had been playing football with two other school friends. They discovered the toilet when they went to hide behind it to have a pee. It seemed logical to do it inside. They then explored the cool building and when they all went inside the only open cubicle, they looked down, saw the hole but also an eye looking at then. It winked! All three ran!

Later that night, as Martin lay in bed, he got to thinking about the toilet and the eye.

"Why would someone be locked in a toilet cubicle, looking through a hole into the next one when someone was doing the toilet? They would surely see the other person's cock."

Martin felt his own cock stir. Looking at someone having a pee with their cock in their hand had stimulated something in him. He stroked his 5 inch cock to full erection and gently pulled the foreskin back to expose his pink head. He had just recently discovered "the feeling," and within the last few weeks a little drizzle of milky liquid had started to trickle out afterwards. He knew what it was. It just worried him that, while all his friends laughed and joked and spent time pursuing the girls at school, he really wanted to be with his mates playing football or going to the shopping mall to buy cd's. Anyway, his excitement was brought to a swift climax as he thought of himself looking at an unidentifiable man pissing and then stroking his cock when he finished while Martin watched him without his knowledge.

The following Saturday, Martin found himself without his two mates. One was taken to buy some new clothes by parents and the other had found another "love of his life." He found himself once more at Kingston Park. It was a glorious day in early June and he had his t-shirt and football shorts on as he wondered down to the same area as the previous week.

What Martin didn't know, is that the Kingston Park secondary toilets were well used by the locals. It was mainly a haunt for the bisexuals -- the married men, whose wives were in the nearby shopping mall and they had suggested to their wives that they would be taking a walk in the park.

Seeing little activity at the early hour of noon, Martin walked in. The toilets were empty and he walked into the second cubicle and sat down with his shorts at his ankles. His cock sprung up immediately, even with no one there, and he absent-mindedly stroked himself.

He heard someone come into the cubicle and stand as if to pee. It hadn't even crossed Martin's mind that others might have the same idea as him. All he saw was the bottom half of someone's legs as they stood at the toilet bowl. He leant forward slightly to get a better look assuming the other person would not see him too easily in the restricted light. He saw a cock!!! It was big!!!

Martin's breath came in short gasps and he leaned further forward.

"My God what a big cock."

He couldn't guess the size but assumed it to be nearly twice his but it was thick too.

"It's growing in the man's hand! It's hard! God, maybe he'll wank himself and I'll get to see!"

Little did he know he was about to get even more that that. The man turned to let his cock face the hole. Martin thought that he was really lucky that he had decided to do that.

Then the man walked slightly forward so that he was just an inch or two from the hole and Martin saw everything. He could see the foreskin slightly pulled back, the slit in the end, a little bubble of clear liquid at the end, and dark hairs coming out of the man's fly front along with his cock. The cock came straight through the hole and curved upwards into Martin's space. He gasped and just looked.

The cock stuck obscenely upwards and pulsed like some living thing. The liquid bubble dripped off the end. It then pulled back slightly and pushed back in again, then again. Martin began to get the idea and tentatively touched the tip with one finger, causing the pre-cum to lift upwards as he lifted his finger. He then gripped the big head with two fingers and gently stroked it.

A disembodied voice said," For Christ's sake grip it firmly and wank it!"

Following on, he though he heard the voice say," Stick it in your mouth and suck it."

"Suck it? How could he suck someone's pee stick?"

He gripped it firmly and started to wank as thought it was his own. This wonderful big brute had veins with hot blood in them and he could actually put two hands end to end to wank. The thing is, it was all his. It was in his locked cubicle and he could play with it. He was almost hyperventilating with excitement. He stuck the tip of his tongue out and touched the tip. The stuff tasted salty but not unpleasant.

"Yes. Yes, suck it," Said the disembodied voice.

Without even thinking, Martin's mouth went straight over the head and down as far as he could go.

"Watch your teeth," the voice yelped.

Martin retracted them and started to bob up and down. This was good! Suddenly the man withdrew and an empty hole faced him. A finger appeared and tapped it. Martin though he had to go down and listen but the finger them came straight through and wiggled. Martin guessed that it was an invitation.

He pulled his shorts fully down and lifted himself up a little on his toes to put his cock through.

The heard the voice say, "Christ, it's a kid.!

His cock stayed there untouched for a minute and he wasn't sure what to do. Suddenly a warm feeling enveloped it and the head started to tickle. It was like nothing he had ever experienced. His cock was like iron as he found himself thrusting in time with the movement on the other side. Suddenly his knees buckled and a familiar warm feeling washed over him. The difference was the intensity. Martin almost blacked out with fireworks dancing in front of his eyes. His body shuddered, his head felt warm and his cock burst. Something forced its way up his entire cock length to the tip.

The guy shouted, "Yes," so Martin knew he had delivered something into his mouth.

The warm feeling left and as Martin's cock once more was left stiff and suspended in air, he felt another warm feeling on it, like something dripping. When it finished, he pulled his cock back through and found it covered in cum -- man's cum. There was just so much of it running off the tip and up to his lightly haired balls.

As the man dressed and left, Martin played with the cum, imagining it was his. He even licked some and was surprised that it wasn't too bad -- a bit like the stuff he had tasted earlier. He had some tissue in his pocket and wiped the remainder off before leaving, feeling slightly weak and knowing that this place was going to be like a magnet in future.

He left the toilet and left the park without waiting or looking round. Feeling slightly on edge, he headed home and thought a lot about what had happened. He felt it was wrong, at least until the early evening when, sitting in his room watching television, his cock started to rear again and Martin realised he was going back.


School was really busy all week and, as the park was not really on his way home, he didn't have much chance to go again until the following Saturday. This time he made up a story that he was going for a burger with friends to allow him to get there earlier. His parents didn't really mind as his mum had some shopping to do and his dad was meeting some mates for a drink in the local pub to plan some five a side football match.

It hadn't really occurred to him that later might have been better, but at least it gave him a chance to really do some reconnaissance while it was quiet. It was during this quiet period that he realised the other cubicle was where he wanted to be. He could watch who came in and who went out and also, if he was bored, he could see guy's cocks peeing at the stalls.

There wasn't much activity, just a few people coming, peeing and going but Martin loved looking at all the cocks and different sizes. One guy actually wanked himself off without knowing he was being watched. A real turn on for Martin was when one of the older boys from school who he really fancied, came in for a pee and he saw his cock really clearly. The lad was in football shorts and pulled them down to pee showing Martin his balls, hair and everything. Martin almost came!

A younger boy came into the cubicle and sat down to pee. Martin didn't really do anything. He sat and looked carefully through. He could see the young boy leaning forward to look through the hole. He was obviously just curious. Martin sat slightly back so that his semi-erect cock could be seen hanging between his legs. Looking carefully through, he saw the young boy's cock start to rise until it was fully upright.

It looked about 3-4 inches with a little tight foreskin which stayed tightly round the top. He had absolutely no hair at all so Martin figured he was about 10. Martin stood up so that his was prominently on display and the young boy looked through the hole.

Following the lead from the previous week, Martin stuck his cock through. It stayed there for just a minute then he felt the cool fingers playing with it. His skin was pulled back and forth and Martin started to float again. He then pulled back and tapped the hole. The boy looked down. His pretty blue eyes and blonde hair were visible. He then stood up and with a little difficulty, got his little cock through the hole. Martin sucked on it immediately. He heard a little gasp.

As he sucked quite happily he heard movement outside and a man's voice saying, "Ricky, are you going to be much longer in there?"

The cock was withdrawn, pants pulled up and the little boy skittered out of the toilet just as Martin heard the man saying "Kids, what are they like?"

He heard another voice respond, "I know what you mean."

It sounded a little familiar but Martin was in such a rush to smarten himself and sit back down, just as the cubicle was filled with the new stranger.

The procedure of the previous week started with the man just sitting there with his trousers down and his hands gently covering up what mattered. Martin did the same. He was aware that some men might not want to be involved with such a young boy so he waited for a signal before exposing himself.

He became aware that the man's cock was rising under his hands. He waited still. The man pulled his hands away and a beautiful male organ sprang into site. This cock was about 7 inches long, skin slid back as it grew and the man was quite hairy around the balls. The balls themselves were soft hanging and large.

The man was obviously not concerned that it was a young person next to him who had few pubic hairs, little white Y-fronts and white football shorts at his ankles. He stroked his big cock up and down then tapped for Martin to put his cock through. Martin stood up and did so immediately. The man sucked like he was trying to empty Martin's dick immediately. This man was slightly younger than the one the previous week and Martin could feel the light bristle of his chin as he sucked his cock and then rubbed the head around his lips.

The feelings were rushing around Martin's head and he felt slightly giddy with the excitement. His balls had slipped through the hole too and the man was gently kneading then he licked them and took both into his mouth, along with Martin's cock. This was just so good! He stopped and Martin withdrew and was about to stick his face down to let the man see him better but the big beautiful man cock came through the hole. It sat there straight as a die. The big head was exposed and the foreskin partly retracted. Veins stood out all the way down the sides and it was just so thick.

Martin licked the head and heard the man groan. He pulled back the skin and then sucked the full head. He bobbed up and down just on the head trying not to use his teeth. He then held it and looked at it and decided to see how much he could swallow. He opened his mouth and took about three inches in before it hit the back of his throat. He heard the man groan some more. He tried and managed to pull the man's balls through the hole too. The hole was almost big enough and with a bit of effort, the balls plopped through. He licked them feeling the hair on his tongue. He licked the length of the cock and he gripped and stroked it up and down as he did so.

As he concentrated on the task in hand, he vaguely heard the man say something but wasn't quite sure so he kept going. The cock went even harder and a jet of cum sprayed out of the end. After the initial shock, Martin decided not to waste it so he went to put his mouth over but the second jet hit him full on the face. A third hit his cheeks just as his mouth went over the end and a further three spurts filled his mouth. It was swallowed before he could work out if he liked it or not. It was at that moment, Martin realised he loved cum. It was dripping off his face and he stood up to remove it with the tissues he had brought.

Obviously, as he heard the man dress, he wasn't going to be helped to cum so he thought he would find out how good looking the guy was by waiting to watch him as he washed his hands and left. As the man flushed and left Martin put his eye to the little hole in the door and watched. His uncle came into view!

Martin pulled back in a panic. Was his uncle there too, looking for him? How did he know? Then the realisation dawned on him. The hot man with the big cock who he had just sucked off was his uncle Jim, his dad's younger brother! Better still, his uncle didn't know. The fright turned to questions in Martin's head. Was his uncle gay or was he just randy. Did he like boys? Did he fancy Martin's friends? Then Martin realised his cock was stiff again. He couldn't leave anyway so thought he would wait a little longer.

Martin was shocked. He hadn't considered fancying his uncle but there was an excitement that he knew a secret which no one else did. It dawned on him that perhaps there were more people in this town with a similar secret and the little hole in the door, along with his bigger brother in the wall might be the key to finding them.

When Martin returned home, his dad was reading the newspaper.

"When is Uncle Jim coming to visit again dad," he asked.

"Oh I think Aunt Wendy and him are coming round next week for tea," was the answer.

"I must keep an eye on him," thought Martin.


Martin decided that perhaps he should vary the day of his day visits to Kingston Park so see if he could find others with a similar hobby to him.

On the following Wednesday, school finished early, something about teacher training. Martin had taken a change of clothing with him. An older man left the toilet as he approached and walked away without looking back. The park was much quieter but as school was out, there were a number of pupils on their way home or just wandering about in small groups. He slipped into the toilet and changed into his jeans and t-shirt hiding his school bag, with his school clothes, out of sight of the hole.

He didn't have long to wait before someone came in and stood having a pee. Martin loved to watch guys stroking their cocks as they peed. There was a steady procession for about 20 minutes before a guy in his early 30's came in with his toddler son and went into the cubicle. The little lad needed to pee and the dad was helping him. Martin sat still and didn't move. After the lad had finished, he noticed that father's eye looking through. Then he sat down with a pair of track suit bottoms at his feet.

The little boy was busy playing with the toilet roll holder (which had no paper) and the father started to stroke himself. Martin was completely flabbergasted and stayed still. This was wildly more than he wanted to do. The little lad who could have been no more than 2 or 3 was wondering round in the confined space and actually leaned over to squeeze the tip of his dad's cock at one time, more out of curiosity than anything else. The guy actually let him. Martin hadn't even got hard!

He tapped the hole and Martin wandered if he should. The guy's tapping became impatient so Martin stood up and stuck his now semi-erect cock through, straight into a waiting mouth. This guy sucked well. Martin stood enjoying the sensations. The mouth came off and the guy started to wank Martin. He felt little fingers and realised the guy was letting his little son play with Martin too.

"This is one kinky bastard," Martin thought. Martin pulled his cock back through.

Without warning, the guy stood up and pushed a 6 inch cock through to Martin. Martin may have had principles but a stiff cock is a stiff cock and after thinking for about 30 seconds, he swallowed the cock in one gulp. He held it firmly in one hand and started sucking. From next door, he could here the sounds of an impatient toddler asking when they were going and an equally impatient dad reaching climax.

Martin was so engrossed in what was happening that when the rush of spunk hit the back of his throat, he had to swallow to stop choking. He pulled his mouth off just in time to take three hard jets straight in the face. The guy pulled back quickly and was dressed and out in under one minute leaving Martin dripping cum. Martin loved the feeling and decided to leave it dripping just as the next guy came in.

This guy looked to be in his late thirties and wearing a suit. Perhaps he was a sales rep or something of that ilk. This guy wasn't wasting time either. Once he realised it was a young boy next door, his cock was through in a flash. This one was a monster. Martin wasn't too good at sizes but he figured it had to be over 9 inches and really thick as it struggled with the width of the hole. Martin knew what had to happen and he started wanking the guy with a vengeance not giving him time to withdraw.

The guy tried to pull back but Martin held on and was rewarded with his next splatter of cum. This load was thicker. The first squirt was copious and almost lazy compared to the urgency of the previous guy. It hit his face with a resounding "splatt" and was followed by two more slightly weaker jets.

This thicker cum just sat on his face and moved really slowly down towards Martins mouth. As the guy was leaving, Martin was laying back with his cock in hand enjoying the slow journey of the cum towards his mouth and dripping on to his balls. Martin's smaller jet of cum squirted to mix with the rest and he lay back for a moment before tidying to leave.


This pattern continued and Martin made a once weekly visit to the toilet over the next year. His school and home pattern didn't allow too frequent visits but perhaps this was why in all the time, no one had seen him or recognised him and he had been able to enjoy his quiet pleasure. His fascination with cum continued and the ability to suck it or let it spray over him, he found really exciting. In the year (well 4 months really as the toilet was locked over the Winter months) Martin didn't see anyone he knew though he saw his father leaving the park one Saturday as he was heading in. He managed to avoid being seen.

The next Spring came round and Martin checked the toilets regularly to see if they were open. Easter came and they were still closed and a busy April meant it was almost May before he called in again. He had been keeping in touch with his friends, none of whom had suspected his little pleasure. Both of them now had girlfriends so he often found himself on his own -- such as this Sunday.

He tried to wear as little as he could to make stripping and dressing quick and easy and today was a warm Spring day so Martin had on his Manchester United strip. He slipped in and found the second cubicle already occupied. He quickly sat down and pulled down his shorts. He couldn't make much out next door but could see some dark blue trousers at someone's ankles. The guy seemed to have a white shirt on and there was some kind of jacket on the back of the door. Martin waited.

It didn't take long before he saw the rising cock and he leaned forward for a better look. The guy stroked up and down until he reached full size. It looked around 7 inches long and circumcised. This made the head look bigger than it was. The guy tapped and Martin put his cock through, straight into a warm mouth. It was wonderful and this guy knew what he was doing. His balls were pulled through and his 5 inches were throbbing and stiff. His cock was suddenly alone, and then he felt the guy stroking it all over.

It was a wonderful sensation, almost like it was being massaged in oil. The guy's hands were all over his cock and he felt weird sensations. He then felt a little pressure and then assumed he was back in the guy's mouth. This time his grip was great -- really tight. Martin was loving it, and it didn't take long before he felt he was going to blow. By now he was beginning to shoot quite impressively. It boiled from the bottom of his balls and erupted.

"He's going to taste that," he thought.

When Martin subsided, he pulled his cock back to find a condom full of cum on the end of it. It dawned on him. He had just fucked someone! This brought a whole new dimension to glory hole sex. The guy begged him to pass the condom back, which he did. The guy then emptied the contents into his hand and started to wank himself. It didn't take long before jets of cum sprayed into the air in long arcs and landed on the floor. The guy cleaned up and Martin, as usual decided to wait till he went so he could have a look. The toilet flushed and Martin watched as a policeman in full uniform headed out of the toilet.

"Is there no end to this town's secrets," he thought.

Without giving the reader a blow by blow account (so to speak) of Martin's experiences, I will jump on for a couple of months to a Saturday in early August. A now 14 year old Martin was in position one Saturday afternoon in his favourite jeans and t-shirt ensemble (it was nicely anonymous) when he heard someone enter. His heart stopped when Rick, his best friend who was meant to be in town with his girlfriend, entered.

"Oh God! I'll bet she's outside waiting for him to go to the toilet. Please don't come into a cubicle :if he recognises me I'm dead."

Rick was the school heartthrob. He was almost 15, 5 feet and 7 inches, a well built body and wonderful blonde hair. His looks were stunning in the Mark Lester / Chris Atkins sort of way. The girls adored him and he had more than one on a string. His prowess even at 15 was legendary.

Rick came into the cubicle. Whether Rick needed to have a crap, needed a pee and was shy or knew about the place, Martin didn't know. He pulled down his jeans and sat on the seat. Martin sat as far back as he could with his hands firmly between his legs. He thought he heard Rick pee. He then saw Rick take some tissue from his pocket and seemed to wipe his cock. Martin was dying to look as he had never seen Rick's cock in all their years of friendship. Rick then leaned forward in a quizzical fashion as thought to say "What's that!"

Martin sat rigidly. Rick sat still and did nothing.

Martin felt his cock stir.

"Oh no, please stay down!"

It rose. In an effort to cover it more, his hand slipped and the dick sprung up in recoil before he quickly pushed it back.

Rick had seen it because he moved forward and pushed his head closer to the hole. Martin pulled further back. Rick sat back too.

"Thank God," thought Martin.

Then nothing happened. Just silence. Martin edged forward to look and saw a stiff cock sticking up between Rick's legs being gently massaged. The cock was as attractive as its owner. It was easily 2 inches longer than Martin's, skin slipping back gently, two beautiful soft balls hanging between his legs and a patch of blonde/red hair above. Not that Martin was looking, of course!

Martin's heart was thumping. If Rick realised that he knew the person in the next cubicle then the full macho act would come into play. He had to wait for Rick to make a move. Rick stood up and showed his full glory. Martin could see what impressed the girls. This cock was magnificent. Martin tapped the hole. It slid through.

Martin just looked at it. His straight friend's cock just inches away. He caressed it gently but judging from the thrusting movements, it was too gentle. Martin swallowed the cock and started sucking. He heard the gasp from the other side. He was determined to give Rick a blow job to remember. He could hear the gasps of encouragement as he sucked expertly up and down. Rick suddenly stopped and pulled back, obviously on the verge.

As he withdrew, Martin immediately stuck his cock through to fill the space. He wanted Rick to hold it. It took a minute or two but eventually he felt Rick's strong hands grip him and start to wank. This went on for about 4 minutes before he was left with an unattended cock sticking through the hole. As he went to withdraw, Rick's hands gripped him and pulled him back and the warmth of his mouth covered the cock.

Martin almost came immediately but thought better of it. The session was slow and enjoyable. When Rick had finished sucking, Martin sat back down. There was a moment of shuffling then his cock started to come through again. It had a condom over its entire length.

"He wants to fuck me," thought Martin. "I can't -- can I?"

Martin decided to try. He had no lubrication except for that on the condom. He licked his finger and rubbed some spit on his hole, then he pressed his small bum against the tip of the cock and started to push. Nothing happened! Rick pushed and the tip of the condom slipped in. This was going to be a slow process. It took about 15 minutes before 3-4 inches had entered Martin. It was a little painful but the thought of the cock owner kept Martin going. At 4 inches it was obvious that it was as far as the cock was going and Rick started to fuck.

"I may not have done this before, but I think he has," thought Martin.

The sensations got better and soon Rick was fucking quite firmly. Suddenly, he stopped, then pushed once, twice, then three times. Martin could feel the pumping and knew Rick's juice was pumping into him. He looked down a saw that a trickle of cum was coming out of his own cock and he hadn't even touched it! This was really something, being fucked for the first time and by a straight friend from school who certainly wouldn't be doing it if he knew who was on the other side of the hole.

Rick withdrew his wilting cock and dressed rapidly, leaving the toilet with a very guilty look on his face. Martin watched the stunning, well-built boy leave, a warm glow emanating from his tender hole. He slipped into the next cubicle with the intention of wanking himself with the smell of Rick around him. He dropped his trousers once more and started to stroke himself.

He looked down, and, discarded on the floor, was the condom. Its load was slowly leaking out of the top. Martin picked it up and pulled the condom over his stiff cock. He started to wank. It took under a minute before a jet of cum shot across spurted into the bubble and joined Ricky's healthy load. Martin buckled under the intense orgasm and it took his a good few minutes to recover.

He came another two times before he went to bed that night. Never again would Rick's stories about his prowess with the girls in school mean quite the same. Rick didn't know it, but Martin was now one of his "girls."


Martin didn't see either his Uncle or Rick at the toilet again that year. He was sure their visits were not a one off but as he could usually only make it once per week, the chance of the coincidence of another meeting was going to be difficult. He did see his Uncle in the park the following Summer but he also saw Martin and spoke to him. Both passed on their way, so if he was going in, he had been scared off by meeting Martin.

He had limited successes and, of course, on some visits, he saw no one. Martin kept himself amused watching the cocks on the few people who came in to pee. Sometimes a young guy playing football or just passing, would get randy and relieve himself with a wank. Martin found that almost as erotic as having sex with the guy.

His next memorable encounter was in September of the following year. Martin was reaching 16. After tea one night and with no homework to do, he went out to "meet friends." As he approached the toilet in the dim of the early evening, he saw two guys talking on a bench across the park. They didn't seem to pay him any interest so he headed into the toilet and set up camp in his favourite cubicle. He knew he would only have about an hour and, as the park was quiet, figured he might end up just having a wank on his own.

A few minutes later, he heard movement outside and dived to look through the hole but he was not quick enough and someone came in next door. In the fading light, he was still able to see that the guy was quite young, probably in his late twenties. He wondered if it was one of the guys from outside as he was wearing a track-suit bottom similar to his. The guy dropped his pants and started to stroke his cock right away. Martin did the same.

A mouth appeared at the hole, so Martin obliged by sticking his 6 inch dick through. It was immediately smothered with the warmth of the mouth. This was heaven! The mouth seemed to be licking up and down then enveloping him. His balls were through and they were getting licked too. The sensation was wonderful and almost as though his cock and balls were being licked at the same time! It was then he realised -- they were!

He pulled back quickly and a long, thick cock came through. This was about 7-8 inches long, the skin pulled back to expose a perfect cock head. It curved gently upwards. Martin forgot his concerns and started sucking. This was amazing. He was able to swallow more than half of the meat before beginning to gag. The guy was softly encouraging him.

After a few minutes he withdrew and Martin bent forward to have a look when it started through again so he just opened his mouth to receive it. A 6 inch, very thick, circumcised cock came through. Martin started sucking, assuming that the big cock had slipped out and someone else had taken his place. He slurped and slurped. The cock withdrew and suddenly the monster was back.

"There were two guys in there."

He realised it was the two guys from outside. The cock withdrew and there was silence, then some shuffling and the door opened. He heard a knock at his cubicle door. He opened it gently to be faced by a very attractive 22 year old who suggested he come in and join them.

"No way," said Martin, "We might get caught."

"No we won't," said the guy. "The park shut 15 minutes ago and we're the only ones here." "Don't worry, we'll show you how to get out."

Martin didn't need a second invitation and dived next door. The guys left the door ajar. The older guy was stripped to the waist with his track-suit at his feet and wearing a jock strap with his cock sticking out. The younger guy was really nice, almost effeminate, with soft blonde hair and skin which matched it. He also had a track-suit which he quickly dropped and revealed his circumcised cock.

"Fuck us both -- please," said the older guy.

This was a surprise to Martin as he was used to older guys wanting to do him. The idea still excited him though. The older guy handed Martin a condom and then rubbed something on his hole. He handed the tube to his friend who did the same. Both just stood alongside each other and bent over exposing two holes to Martin. No further invitation was required and Martin pressed his rigid cock into the older guy first. This was going on in the main part of the toilet. Martin gripped his hips and started to fuck all the way into the guy. He took it without any effort and Martin thrust like an expert. The guy groaned with delight and after just a few minutes, the younger guy shouted that it was his turn.

Martin just pulled out, moved across and stuck his cock straight in without any preamble. The guy gasped. He was smaller than his friend and Martin found the fuck much more enjoyable. He banged like Hell into the guy who squealed with delight and suddenly sperm shot out of the guys six inch cock without him even touching it. Martin pulled out and stuck his cock straight back in the older guy and hammered away at his hole. It didn't take long and he came into the guy just as the guy brought himself off.

"You were bloody marvellous," said the guys in unison. "Any time you're here on a Tuesday evening, look out for us." "Everyone wants fucked so it's great to get someone to fuck us."

Martin wasn't going to need a second invitation and the experience was repeated for a number of Tuesdays thereafter.


By the time Martin was 17, Kingston Park had a habit of always being on his route to here or route to there. He would visit at least once a week and he never got over the excitement of waiting by the hole expectantly for a cock to come through. Older cocks, black cocks, Asian cocks, boy's cocks, thick cocks, circumcised cocks; it really didn't matter to Martin he loved just being a slut and taking them as they came through.

One of his favourite things was to take the load of cum on his face and leave it. When the next guy came in, he would suck him till his load joined the first. He would keep this up until the cum was all over his face and dripping on to his chest and balls before rubbing it over his cock and balls and bringing himself to an almighty climax.

The real turn on only happened from time to time. Sparked by his chance encounter with the school heartthrob, Rick and also with his Uncle Jim, he loved having sex with people he recognised in ordinary life but who didn't know who he was. That feeling of power and knowledge was a great aphrodisiac.

Other than the encounters mentioned above, the rest had been mainly people whom he had seen around such as he man who worked in the local bank and was married, another in his thirties whom he has seen shopping with his wife at the local supermarket etc. However there were a few incidents which were almost too close for comfort.

Still calling on the odd Tuesday to meet the gay couple who liked being fucked, Martin made his way on late Autumn Tuesday to wait for them. They didn't show! This happened frequently as it was not a definite date each week. He decided to wait. The park was very quiet with rain threatening and e definite chill in the air. He heard movement outside and a young lad came in. He stood hesitantly in the main are of the toilet looking at the open cubicle to Martin's left. Martin recognised the lad. He delivered the weekly free newspaper around the area and couldn't be much more than 14 -- a little young for Martin's tastes.

"Still," he thought, "A stiff cock knows no master!"

At that, the boy left.

"Shit," thought Martin, "There may be no one else this afternoon and I'm as horny as Hell."

No sooner had the thought passed across his brain and someone else entered quite quickly. Martin stood up and looked, recognising his Uncle and Dad's younger brother again. His Uncle, by now was about 35 and good looking, but Martin's heartbeat picked up a pace. This time he knew who it was and was going to push his Uncle Jim to the limit! This guy had a son only 2 years younger than Martin and here he was looking for fresh cock. Martin was just about to sit down when the young paperboy came back into the toilet and stood outside the cubicle.

"Just like the bus service," he thought, "None for ages then two come along at once!" "Well he'll just have to wait his turn."

There was another surprise in store for him, however. He heard a lot of movement outside and couldn't see what was happening. Suddenly he was aware of two people in the next cubicle and realised his Uncle Jim had taken the boy in with him. Risky at the best of times but Jim was making no attempt to stop Martin from seeing him. He obviously didn't know it was Martin. He saw Jim kneel down and take the young lad's jeans down, followed by his little tight white boxers. The cock sprung up to almost right angles to the boy's smooth stomach and Jim took the cock down and put it in his mouth.

He looked at the hole for approval and saw Martin's eye. He continued to suck and then pushed the boy's cock to the hole for Martin. The cock came through and Martin swallowed its entire length easily. As he sucked, he saw his Uncle's cock slip in between the boy's legs and push back and forth. The boy pulled back and Martin quickly slipped his seven inches through. He felt cold tentative fingers on it, and then he felt firmer fingers cup his balls. A delicate little mouth then swallowed the tip and then most of the length. The boy was sucking him.

This was just too much! When he pulled back, he saw his Uncle fully drop his cotton trousers and white briefs and then turn round on the boy. He took something from his pocket and handed it to the boy then spread something on his hole.

"He wants the lad to fuck him," Martin thought.

The condom slipped easily over the boy's five inch cock and Jim bent over. Martin watched as the boy easily slipped into Jim's arse. It was then that Martin realised this had been a prearranged meet and was probably not the first time. He wondered if the boy was a friend of his cousin, Ray.

The boy gripped Jim's hips and started to thrust. Jim was in ecstasy! Martin stroked his cock and watched the pale white cock disappear into Jim's quite hairy hole and suddenly realised he wanted to do it. He hoped that Jim wouldn't cum. The boy stopped and pulled his cock out. In true porn movie style, he pulled the condom off his cock and started to wank.

Jim turned to face him and bent down just as the boy started to spray a fine jet of thin cum. One, two, three the four jets came out with such force that it hit Jim's face and hair, running quickly down onto his chin and the toilet floor. The little lad dressed quickly and whispered something about "next week" before leaving.

Martin quickly tapped the hole and Jim's cock came through. He took it easily. The skin was folded back to expose a red head and the cock was rock hard. He pulled the skin back further and gently licked around the head before swallowing the bulbous lump completely. He heard a groan from the other side. Martin gave a lot of sucking pleasure and each time Jim's cock started to get really firm, he stopped to a groan from the other side.

However Martin had something in mind. It was obvious that the Uncle he had sucked off a few years ago had moved on in his need for same sex fun and Martin wanted a bit of the action. He took his mouth off the cock and put his arm through the hole as far as he could. He gripped his Uncle's bare hips and started to turn him so that his butt was facing the hole. Jim quickly got the idea and started to back on to the hole.

Martin pulled a condom from his pocket and had it on his rigid cock in seconds. He started to push against the already slippery hole and met little resistance since there had been some opening of it just a few minutes before. Jim backed hard on to Martin's cock and took its full length quite quickly.

"He has done this before," thought Martin.

Martin started to fuck in time with his Uncle's movements. The bum hole pushed as Martin thrust and he heard Jim start to groan on the other side. Martin didn't care about noise now and was so far gone nothing was going to stop him.

"I'm fucking my Uncle, fucking my Uncle, fucking my Uncle," was the thought passing through his head in time with his thrusts and it took no more than 3-4 minutes before the cum churned and then forced it's way out so painfully he thought he was going to pass out. He heard Jim cum on the other side of the partition before both guys separated and collapsed.

The face came down to the hole and tried to look up at Martin, but he kept back just enough.

"Do you come here often on a Tuesday?" he asked.

"Yes," said Martin.

"OK, I'll look out for you," Said Jim.


So now a few weeks later, Martin sat in the toilet reminiscing on all these events and the incident with his Uncle. He plotted a way of taking things a little further. He had other plans for his Uncle Jim and would wait for the right time to implement them.

Over the next days, he kept looking out for the paperboy but as he didn't always do his home area, it was about four weeks after the event before he did. When he saw him he had almost finished his round. Martin walked up to him.

"Do you always like sticking your cock up men," he asked boldly.

The boy's jaw dropped. "What do you mean?" he said.

"I was in Kingston Park toilets when you were with that man a few weeks ago and you sucked my cock."

The boy's face flushed.

"Would you like to have sex with both of us?" he asked.

"Eh... yes -- I would," the boy responded.

"Do you still deliver his paper?" Martin asked.

When the boy confirmed that he did, Martin developed a plan. He suggested to the boy that he delay delivery the following week until 5.00 pm when he knew his Uncle Jim would be home (he was always in about one hour ahead of his wife), he should hand the paper over and say that he would really like to meet him the following Tuesday evening in Kingston Park toilets after dark and when the park was closed.

Martin explained to the boy how to get in once the gate was shut and told him he should tell Jim. He also told the boy to say that he was meeting another young guy there and it would be fun if they all had sex together. He arranged to meet the boy the following Friday to check out what had happened.

The lad was there ahead of Martin and with a broad smile, said that Jim had taken it hook, line and sinker and was horny as Hell for a threesome with two young lads. Martin explained that he would be in the park around 8.00pm which was after dark and the boy should come in around 8.15pm so that they were both ahead of Jim.

Well Tuesday came. Martin had been stiff all afternoon. He got to the toilet shortly after the park closed. It was pretty well sealed and few people could or would go in after dark but the little hole in the fence at the back of the park in a quiet side street allowed Martin his access. There was no one around and he quickly made his way to the toilet. It was almost a blackout in there but the dim glow from surrounding street lights gave enough vision for him to see what was happening. He went in the cubicle and waited.

The lad came in just five minutes later, obviously keen. Martin said, "Hi."

The young lad said his name was Sean and was really cute. He had a pair of tight faded denims, white t- shirt and a denim jacket. His small frame fitted really tightly into the denims and a small lunch box was visible at the front. Martin felt him and found a very stiff cock. Martin kissed him. The boy was resistant, then his mouth opened to receive Martin's tongue. Martin didn't want to take him too far before Jim arrived.

They both heard the footsteps outside and Jim entered. Martin stayed in the darkness of the shadows so that, though Jim could see he was there, he hoped he couldn't quite make out who it was.

"Hi guys," He said softly.

"Hi," both voices said in unison.

"Looking for fun?" asked Jim.

"Yes," both voices said again.

The young lad, who Martin now knew as Sean, moved forward towards Jim and wrapped his hands around his waist. Martin saw his opportunity and stood behind Jim, pressing his rising cock against Jim's denim clad buttocks. As Sean kissed Jim, Martin's hands went round to Jim's front and started to unclip his belt. He then undid the studs on Jim's fly and let his jeans drop. The shorts went next and Jim's sizeable uncut cock sprang into Martin's hands. He nuzzled Jim's neck and gripped the cock firmly wanking it up and down.

Martin let his own jeans slide down and quickly pushed his cock between Jim's legs. A gasp of pleasure came from Jim who still faced forward. Martin knew he would have to reveal himself at some time but he wanted to be well past the point of no return when he did. Young Sean had dropped his pants and was kneeling in front of Jim sucking his cock while Martin held it in place for him. His fingers danced along the shaft and entered little Sean's mouth along with Jim's cock. Jim pulled his cock out and swivelled round quickly.

Martin thought he was to be revealed but Jim dropped to his knees and took Martin's full shaft into his mouth. He cupped his balls and expertly sucked along the length. Not to be beaten, little Sean scuttled round and shared Martin's cock with him, licking his balls as he went. As Jim stood up, Martin turned round to expose his hole and Jim took the hint, burying his tongue in Martin's hole. At that, little Sean asked if anyone had a condom. Martin obliged.

Sean slipped the condom on to his five inch cock and Martin offered him a small tube of lubricant which he quickly applied to Jim's hole. Jim bent double to allow the young lad to be at the right height and Sean entered him in one quick push without any preamble. Martin again offered Jim his cock so that he had a cock in both ends. Sean's cock was small but incredibly hard as he fucked the older man while holding his hips.

"Don't cum," Warned Martin.

Sean withdrew and Martin quickly wrapped his larger organ in a condom and replaced Sean. He, too, wasted no time in entering Jim and, judging from the sharp intake of breath, Sean's fucking had not quite loosened Jim up enough for the entry of Martin's larger and thicker cock.

Martin fucked violently, holding Jim in place while he thrust his large cock in and out of his uncle's arse. Sean slipped round behind and before Martin knew what was happening, the little runt had stuck his dick up Martin's rear. It was brick hard and Martin felt it go into him. He lowered his position to make entry easier and all three started a rhythm of fucking. Martin was really close to cumming but had one last pleasure in store.

He pulled his cock out and Sean's fell out at the same time. He gripped Sean and both went round to Jim who was still kneeling on the ground with his cock in hand. The condoms were pulled off and both boys started wanking into Jim's face. Jim was in heaven facing the two cocks as they bounced up and down.

Sean came first with a spray of thin cum which jetted at least four times straight into Jim's face and mouth. Sean was still spurting as Martin's load joined him with a mighty and forceful spurt straight into Jim's mouth then on to his cheeks. The cum was pouring over Jim's chin and on to the floor.

Martin lifted Jim's chin and pressed his lips to Jim's tasting the cum mixture as he kissed him deeply. He felt Jim tense as he shot his own load on to the floor and then slumped.

Little Sean was already dressed and on his way out as Martin started to pull up his jeans. He thought that perhaps he should slip away without being recognised. At that moment Jim looked up as he wiped the cum off his face with tissue and a look of horror crossed his face as the shadowy light lit up Martin.

"Hi Uncle Jim," Martin said breezily.

"Oh my God," was the reply.

"You ARE a great fuck," said Martin. "Want to try me next time?"

Both dressed in silence and as they walked out of the toilet together and Jim tried to make excuses, Martin calmed him and brought him up to speed with their previous encounters. This silenced Jim.

By the time they were on the way towards Jim's then Martin's house, they were already making arrangements for the next meeting. This time Martin would be on the receiving end -- and he was!

They met from time to time and little Sean popped in for the odd service too but, probably for the best, Martin took a job in Germany which took him away from home so their little relationship lasted only about 6 months.

Kingston Park entrance now boasts a newly refurbished toilet block and the old one is a gardener's storage shed. The memories are still in Martin's head and the glory hole days are now of the past. Still Germany has offered Martin a sex life to look forward to rather than back, but nothing will ever take away the erotic memories of Kingston Park.



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