I read your story on sex with a dog and I enjoyed it a lot. I too have sex with man's best friend.

The first time was not near as great as yours. It was more forced on me. I was 17 at the time, I had done my thing with a few local boys before but was still kind of inexperienced.

I was at a friend's house party, the type with no adults around. Plenty of loud music, beer and some smoke and whatever else people brought with them.

I was having fun and dancing and smoking and drinking and doing jello shots and, let's face it, things I had never before.

It was getting late and people were leaving and I was sitting on the recliner in the family room, not only feeling the room spin but watching it spin. I was about to toss it all on the floor. I guess I passed out on the recliner and that would not be the first mistake I made that night.

One of the guys thought it would be funny to undo my blouse and spread it open, showing the world my bra. I was pretty much out of it and only barely knew what was going on but I was too drunk to do anything but lie there.

I heard several voices, both guys and girls I think. Someone, I'm not sure what gender, undid my bra and lifted it up to my neck. My boobs were now in full view of everyone, but I was helpless to do anything about it. And if the truth be known I didn't really care at that moment.

Then it felt like I was putting my head to my chest, but I was not the one doing it, they were leaning me forward and removing my blouse and bra. I knew I was now naked from the waist up but still I couldn't seem to respond.

Without my blouse on, my low rise jeans were not covered at the waist and my thong straps on the side could be clearly seen by all. I was remotely embarrassed that I was exposed like that, but then I felt hands kneading my breasts and forgot about my pants.

Even in my drunken state it wasn't too hard to figure what was coming next. I skinned a cool breeze on my legs and soon felt a cold presence on my butt. To my amazement my jeans were now gone and my bare bottom was on the cool leather. It did not take long for my panties to leave me also.

There I was, laying on the recliner chair stark naked and so drunk that I couldn't do anything about it. All I could do was thrash my head back and forth and mumble a bit.

Then there were hands on me again and some disembodied faces and someone spread my legs so my feet dangled out to the sides of the chair. I knew they were looking up close at me and touching me. I also knew that most of the guys at this party probably hadn't seen a naked girl up close and personal before. That thought made me want to giggle.

Someone put a beer in my hand and a bag of chips on my belly. A bright flash went off. Someone was taking photos. I just mumbled unintelligibly.

I lay there like that as people came and went. After a time when I came around again, the place was quieter, some of the party goers had left and only the hardcore party people still remained.

What happened next started a landslide of the most unheard of things. I was awakened to laughs and howls. What I was unaware of was the family dog had stuck is face in the bag of chips and was eating some. They had spilled out on to me and down to my crotch. Then someone took the bag of chips off me and whipped off the crumbs.

But what happened next was way out there. The dog stuck is nose into my crotch and began to lick up the few crumbs that were still there. I then heard a new sound for the people who were still there. I had an idea of what was going to happen when someone said that dogs liked peanut butter.

Still too drunk to react, but knowing what I was on display and being played with against my inclination, I felt a hand on my crotch and then a cold wet feeling pushing against my crotch.

Then I can feel my body being slide down the chair and feel my feet hit on the floor and then my butt is hanging over the foot rest on the recliner. My now covered crotch is being devoured by the family pet.

I want to protest, in fact I do, but words won't form and I just lie there, noise and feelings and people and words being said and it was all out of my control.

I was every which way all at once. The tone of the room was changing. I could make out a word here and there and it all was happing and then not. I heard one of the girl's remark how the dog's dick was poking out from the folds of fur. It must have been funny because there was more laughter.

Then I felt hands all over me, sliding me down to the floor. The hard wood floor was cold on my backside. Then I was feeing the dog digging for its prize. I couldn't tell what it was doing, but warm sticky sensations filled my crotch area and vaguely I was surprised that it felt pleasant, I squirmed under that attention feeling slightly aroused.

Not sure who, or how, but someone turned the dog to its side and took my hand and put it on the dog's long wet doggie dick. Then they were moving my hand all over it until for whatever reason I took over that job myself. I guess since I'd been eaten out by a dog I might as well jerk him off. I obviously wasn't thinking straight.

They watched it all. They moved the dog over me in a 69 position. I felt my head lifted and a pillow now supported it. They pushed my face under the dog's belly and pushed my head towards the dogs now dripping extended dick. I felt it touch my lips and felt it begin to enter my mouth and whatever happed next was all me.

All the while bright flashes were going off.

I knew I was sucking a dog and I was doing it with all the energy I could muster. Maybe I didn't really know it was a dog's dick. I think I convinced myself that I was doing a boy, but with my cunt now on fire with need and this dick in my mouth, I was gone to the sensations of the moment.

I do not know who or when, or just how much I was in control, but I rolled over and got on my knees and stuck my butt in the air with my face on the floor and mumbled that I wanted to be fucked, that I needed it bad. I'm not sure if anyone could understand me, but I felt the dog climb on my back and hands helping guide him into me.

Then I felt the thrusts and the floor rubbing against my face. I felt his paws on my back and I felt my body fill with his massive dick. I think I was even thrusting my cunt back at him. I heard gasps and words about a ball of some sort.

I had the momentary fear that the dog might stop what he was doing to play with a ball. Then I was thinking that if this dog left me for a ball I would kick his ass.

I groaned as I felt what seemed to be a fist at my pussy lips. My boyfriend wanted to fist me once but was never able to get it in and that's how it felt. This time I was pushing back and he was bucking forward. I clearly remember reaching back and grabbing his doggie dick and pushing it deeper in me.

There was a bulge in his dick that I was pushing and pushing and I was moaning and moaning. I gave a death grip on his dick and thrust it hard, I needed to feel him deeper in me. Then he thrust all the way and I felt my hand now pushing up against my outer pussy lips.

Now I was filled and thrilled and bucking and yelling and was just going crazy. I could feel my insides tearing and filling and any minute I was going to explode in ecstasy.

Then I felt him speed up his thrusts and take shorter strokes and begin the his furry body began to shutter. He let loose with a huge load of warm squirts that seemed to go on forever.

I was numb and thrilled and my body began to jerk uncontrollably as my orgasm reached its zenith. I think we came almost at the same moment. It was something else!

It was a few minutes later when I felt someone was pushing me over onto my side. Suddenly I realized that there was this pulling sensation between my legs. Once my passion had been exhausted, all I could feel was this incredibly "full" sensation in my cunt.

The pain was getting worse and worse and for whatever reason I jerked myself forward and it felt as if I tore my cunt to my belly button. I laid flat on the floor and rolled over. I was fully awake now and I was sobbing. That's was when I heard everyone remark about the blood and ask why there was so much.

I lifted one leg up and heard the girls gasp. Someone yelled get a towel. I felt pressure and searing and pain and then nothing.


I woke up later still on the floor with a blanket over me and bloody towels everywhere. I heard people in the kitchen talking and on the phone. I shakily stood up and walked towards the kitchen. As I stood in the door way they all looked at me and they jumped up in excitement. I looked down and saw nothing but a red stream running down my inner thighs and pooling on the floor at my feet. I felt no pain, I was just cold.



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