I will be 56 next month and I've been a widower for just under two years now. My wife had been ill for five years before she passed away. I loved her and was okay with the fact that my sex life had ended with her illness, but it was difficult sometimes, because at the time I was only 49 and not ready to call it quits, sexually.

Anyway, to make a long story short, my wife of 30 years passed away and I was left alone to fend for myself. Over the years my wife and I hadn't gone out of our way to make new friends or to maintain friendships from our youth so by the time my wife died I had no one I could call close. Only business acquaintances.

I was never really a lady's man and once my wife was gone I just seemed to shy away from everyone once the workday was done. I had a house to take care of and that's about all I did other than work. Oh! I did read lots of sex stories on the Internet, mainly at Kristen's collection. (Which I'd been doing ever since my sex life came to an end.)

Then one day I was out in the front yard on my hands and knees weeding the lawn, when this pretty Chicano girl wearing one of those paper-carrier bags, (you know the type, one of those companies that pay people to go around and stick advertisements on door knobs) came up to me to hand me an ad.

She looked down at me and smiled saying something about how nice my yard looked. I responded with a mumbled reply about when you had nothing better to do, you could make even a gravel pit look nice.

She laughed at that and then asked me if I were married. I stopped digging at the weeds for a moment and sat back to look up at her. She looked back at me with confident dark eyes and a smile on her lovely face.

Momentarily, I wondered what it would be like to make love to this pretty girl. I know that sounds perverted, a 55, almost 56 year old man thinking about bonking a fresh young girl, but keep in mind that I hadn't had sex in years and it was only a passing urge.

But then it happened.

I must have snapped, maybe it was reading all those erotic stories on the Internet, or maybe it was the fact that this pretty young woman looked... "Interested" in me. Whatever it was, I thought a thought that I would have never thought under normal circumstances. I asked, "So, how much does it pay you to go around the neighborhood handing out those advertisements?"

"They pay us $25 a day and tell us that if we don't hand out all the ads they'll find out and not pay us."

I could see a guy walking down the other side of the street with the same type of paper-carrier sack slung over his shoulders. He looked like a Chicano too. I wondered if they were related. I don't know why, but I felt I had to ask my next question quickly before this guy interrupted the moment.

So I asked, "What if you could make $100 a day for say two hours of work?"

"Cheez man! That would be so fine," she said, enthusiastically. Then with a thoughtful look in her eyes she came back with that old joke we've all heard before, "So who would I have to kill mister?"

We both smiled, but my heart was in my throat as I said, "No murder required. What I'd want from you is sex." To make it perfectly clear I went on to say, "I'll pay you $100 if you would have sex with me."

Even today many months later I still don't know how I worked up the nerve to ask that question of a perfect stranger. All the alternative 'negative' possibilities that could have taken place have since run though my mind. But at that moment I was attracted to her and needed some sort of human contact and, well, I just didn't think.

I held my breath waiting for her response. In my day (when I was her age) if some old man had asked a young woman a question like that she would have most certainly responded negatively, but what with all the moral decay that has taken place in this country over the past 30 years I didn't know what to expect.

I guess I expected her to ridicule me or something, but then she answered with an unsure tone of voice, "Um, I'm not sure... I can make $25 every day doing this, but if I mess up today they won't hire me back..." her voice trailed off.

I was in shock. I know that I'd asked the question, but deep down I really didn't expect her to consider it. I was even more determined now; I had a real glimmer of hope. "I'll tell you what. I'll hire you every other day to come her and make love to me. Let's say, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That'd be $300 a week, $1200 a month. That's a lot more than you'd make handing out advertisements."

Just as the last word was out of my mouth the Chicano guy walked up to us. He and the girl exchanged a few words in Spanish and then the girl waved him off and the guy shot a hostile look at me and trudged away down the sidewalk.

My new acquaintance turned back to me and said, "That's Jorge, he's my boyfriend. I told him that I might have a job here and for him to continue on and that I'd meet up with him later."

"So does that mean we have a deal?" I asked, feeling stirrings in the pit of my stomach that I hadn't felt in years. (With the power of hide-sight, I now know that feeling was unbridled anticipation.)

"Well... you aren't dangerous are?" she looked a little worried.

"Listen, I can understand why you would think I'm strange. After all I'm a stranger to you and I've just asked you to have sex with me. But the truth is I was married for over 30 years and my wife died. She'd been sick for years before she died and well, I haven't had sex for over 6 years now and I really want to experience those feelings again."

She didn't look totally convinced, "So why don't you meet up with a lady your age and date her?"

"I guess because I don't know how, or maybe I'm just too shy."

"You don't seem shy to me," she giggled. That's when I knew we had a deal.

I asked her in to the house and she complied. Because I hadn't planed this I needed to take a shower and asked her to take one with me. She wanted her $100 up front and I dug through the dresser in my bedroom and came up with the money.

Then I was watching her firm brown body come into view as she stripped in front of me. When she was naked and looking at me with an expression like, 'Come on, let's get this show on the road,' I was suddenly embarrassed.

I hadn't been naked in front of woman, other than my wife, in over 30 years. The last time I'd been with a different woman I'd been in my teens and I had a decent body back then. Now I was almost 56 and sagging. Although I knew there were a lot worse 56 year old bodies out there I couldn't help wondering what a young female would think of a potential sex partner who looked like me.

Finally I swallowed and took the plunge; I stripped off my gardening cloths and hurried into the bathroom, the girl followed right behind me. I turned on the water and stepped into the shower stall. She was still right behind me.

As the water cascaded over us I stopped for a moment to enjoy the sensation of being naked and wet with this pretty young creature so close and so accessible. Then it hit me that I didn't even know her name so I said, "My name is Andy, what's yours?"

She giggled and said, "I guess if I'm going to screw you I ought to let you know my name. I'm Maria, nice to meet you Andy." She reached out and took my prick in her hand and shook it like you would with a hand in a normal greeting.

We both laughed at this and of course I was instantly erect.

Maria "Oohed" when she saw me expand into full erection. Her eyes focused on mine as she stepped up close, pushing her breasts against me and began to slowly masturbate me standing there with the water showering down on us.

Then we were soaping each other up and then we were feeling each other up and then I was on my knees eating her out and after a while she was on hers doing the same to me. During this time my past sexual experiences kept flashing back to me, the time's I'd been like this with my wife, it filled me to bursting, I think at that moment I loved this girl. Not like husband and wife, but because she was willing to share her body with me. It was one of those perfect moments.

Finally after I'd cum, (Because there was no way I could hold back with that sexy young thing massaging me, sucking me and all around arousing me.) we dried each other off and headed into the bedroom.

I didn't suggest it and she didn't say anything either, but we had unprotected sex, and at that moment I wouldn't have had it any other way. It was glorious. Even months later I still relive the moment my cock sank home into her warm wet love hole. The glorious feeling of it! It was just too much for my mind to process.

As I sank home that first time my body jerked uncontrollably and I emptied myself into her. I didn't even think I could cum that fast anymore, (especially since I'd already cum only a few minutes before) but I did. She held me close as I sobbed my need to her. We lay in each other's arms for a quite a while, me still inside her.

Then just like a teenager I took her again. And to my amazement I came a third time and the really amazing thing was that she came along with me. It wasn't in perfect unison but before I was done cumming her tight young body spasmed underneath mine and her breath began coming in ragged gasps as she ground herself against me in obvious pleasure.

That first time was better than my 'real' first time because I knew what to expect, but I'd been without sex for so long that I felt like a virgin in a way. The fact that we both knew what was coming just made it all that much better.


Maria came to my house three days a week for almost 22 months. Then she and her boyfriend got married and they moved back to Guatemala. She said that she wanted to bring her baby up in their homeland. I congratulated her on being pregnant and wished them well.

I never did ask her whose child she thought she might be carrying and she never offered any information on the subject either. But I can't help wondering.



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