Often while making love, my husband, Nick, would say something like, "Brenda, Baby, you are so hot. I wish I could see you take care of a hot young stud and see the look on his face as he tasted your sweet nectar." This little expression would make me as well as Nick, rise to a higher state of arousal.

He never really pushed the issue so I was never sure if it was just a way of getting us hornier or if he had a fantasy of really seeing his wife being taken by an eager young stud. He knew that it drove me wild and when he was about ready to shoot his load, he would start talking about having me give a young guy some hot mature pussy. Of course it worked as we both climaxed and fell into a state of exhaustion, snuggling up and drifting off into a sound sleep.

At this particular time in my life, I was 39 years old and thinking of the possibility of actually experiencing a young man, and I had one in mind. He recently started to work at the same place I was working. He needed money to start his college education and had accepted a position in the stock room. We seemed to hit it off from the start. He was a nice looking young black with very dark skin.

I could see that he admired my 5 ft 9 inch, 140 lb body, as his eyes would rove up and down my body. I really liked to be admired by any man but to be admired by a young black guy was a unique compliment that made my pulse race every time I saw him. I felt that I knew what he was thinking and I surely was having some very erotic thoughts about him. My fantasy was developing into a plan to make it all come true, hummm, I wonder if Nick would like his fantasy to become a reality. After all he was always bringing the subject up. I would have to test him, I was thinking.

I found myself dressing for Josh, (the young black man at work), and wanting him to notice me and give me that "I like what I see" look and imagining how he was being affected by this white wife. I was wondering if it was true that many black men want to get into a white wife's panties. I know that I have secretly wanted to feel a black man covering my body and pumping his black seed into my husband's private garden. I knew that I wanted Josh to be the mine and was hoping that Josh wanted me to be his white honey. I knew what I wanted and now had to convince my husband to live out his (and my) fantasy.

During our lovemaking one night, Nick again expressed a desire to see a young stud doing his hot wife. I whispered to Nick, "Honey, I think that would be so hot. Would you like for me to do it for you? Do you want to watch me give a young stud the time of his life?"

"Well, sweetie, I would love it if you want to do it," Nick blurted out. "The thought makes me so horny. Would you do it for me? Would you enjoy it?"

"Actually it sounds like a lot of fun. I think I would like it, but only if you want me to do it," I replied.

"Oh Baby, you are so hot. I want you to do it and let me watch," Nick said. "I will see if I can find someone who is interested in a hot wife. I will start looking."

"You may not need to do that as I have someone in mind that I think would like to have me, if that is OK with you. We have a new employee at work, a young man that has been looking at me with longing eyes and I think I can work on him and see if he wants this wife to take good care of him," I said. (I was wondering what Nick would think being that Josh is black.) I continued, "Of course I would want you to meet him and see if he meets with your approval."

It was all set and I started putting my plan into action by first working on Josh. The employee's rest room was in the stock room so I found that I needed to go to the bathroom more often than usual. (An excuse to see Josh and have a little chat.)

I headed to the stock room to implement the next stage of my plan, approaching Josh and said that he reminded me of my black friend in high school. I got my best coy shy smile and said, "He liked to kiss me, and I really loved it."

I stood there smiling and waiting for it to sink in when I saw beads of sweat break out on his forehead as he moved toward me and I offered my lips to him. He nervously put his lips to mine and we kissed for a few seconds. I said, "Yes Josh, that brings back memories. Hope we can do that again sometime."

"I liked it also, Miss Brenda," Josh said as he smiled and I went back to work, knowing that I had stirred some erotic thoughts in Josh's head. From then on, each time Josh was alone in the stock room and I went there, we kissed and kissed some more.

It was not long until Josh was pushing his manhood against my womanhood and placing his hands on my butt pulling me to him as I slowly moved my mound against his hard rod. I would go to the rest room and my panties would be wet with clear slick passion juice caused by this horny black man making me have erotic thoughts about him and me.

It was time for my husband to meet Josh so he came by one day at noon and I called Josh from the stock room and introduced him to Nick. I could see that Nick was surprised. Nick said to Josh, "My wife has spoken highly of you. She is not easily impressed."

Josh responded, "Miss Brenda has helped me a lot on my new job. She is really nice to me."

"That is nice Josh. I am sure she enjoys helping you out here and will continue to help you, and I am glad you two get along so well. She seems to really enjoy her job much more since you started to work here."

(I felt that Nick was surprised at Josh being black but I could also tell that his words had double meaning by the way he said them.)

That evening I asked Nick if Josh met his approval. He responded that he was surprised that a black guy turned me on but he was impressed with Josh and thought he would do just fine. A few days later I told Nick how I had progressed with Josh and that I was ready to make the final move and thought I would ask him to visit me on Saturday night and that I would tell him my husband was on a hunting trip for the week-end. Nick had already planned how he would watch.

First through the living room window then move to the next bedroom where he had a chair and had cut a hole in the wall and covered it with a one-way mirror. He had a stool he could sit on and watch. I would leave a dim light on in the bedroom so he could see (Of course I wanted to see my young black lover as I played with his beautiful black pole and jewels before I empty his sperm filled balls).

Friday came and I went to the stock room to see Josh. We met and kissed passionately as was our routine by now. I got a shy look on my face and said, "Josh would you like to come to my house Saturday night? My husband will be gone all week-end on a hunting trip so, in case you did not know, I want you very much. Do you have the same feelings about me?"

"Yes Miss Brenda. You are always in my thoughts when I go to bed. You are very beautiful. Anyone would be glad to have you. My Mom has always told me to never get mixed up with a white woman especially one that is married.

"Well, Josh do you always do what mom says?" I asked.

"Sometimes I do, but in this case I think I will take my chances. Oh, yes I want you so bad. I will be there."

I could hardly wait to get home and tell Nick. Nick was delighted and said he could hardly wait to see the young black stud in my honey pot sampling my nectar.

Saturday night came and I selected red satin panties and bra to wear as well as a black skirt and white knit top. Although I love nylon stockings, I though they would get into the way so I dressed bare legged with red satin flats. Josh and I were about the same height and I didn't want to feel taller than him.

I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. I was feeling like a young virgin teen ready to get her cherry popped. I was a bit nervous as Nick hugged me and whispered, "I will be watching so bust his black balls good." Nick went into the garage to wait for the moment we both were anticipating.

I was wondering what Josh would wear when I heard the door bell ring and as I opened it I saw a young black Josh standing there in a white satin jogging suit, oh my how handsome and enticing he looked. I motioned him in and closed the door as he turned and we kissed hard and passionately knowing that we were going to do what we both had wanted for days, have some uninhibited hot sex. "Geezee you look sexy tonight," Josh said.

"Thanks Josh," I responded, "And you are really hot looking in your white jogging suit. Makes your beautiful black skin look so sexy."

I moved us to the living room couch where Nick could have a good view (after all it was his idea). We started necking and kissing like two teen-agers on a date as we eagerly groped and explored each other's bodies as the sexual fires were heating up inside both of us. I knew that he had a black rod that wanted relief and I had a white pussy that was going to eagerly give him relief and I would be enjoying every minute of it.

Now I decided it was time to move to the bedroom for some serious exploring of each other so I took Josh by the hand and we went into the bedroom. I turned and asked Josh to remove my top and as he did it revealed my red bra clad breast. Josh looked at them and said, "I love red but I think those white lobes need to be free," as he unhooked my bra and it slipped to the floor. He kissed my breast and suckled my nipples till they felt like they wanted to flow with fresh milk (although I knew it was impossible). I looked down and had a fleeting thought of a black baby suckling my white breast, as I watched his closed eyes and his lips closed around one of my hard nipples. He looked so beautiful.

I then unzipped Josh's top and removed it as I kissed his manly chest through the kinky hair and licked each nipple. I moved on down and slid his bottoms down to reveal some white silky nylon boxers hiding his erect black pole. I was shaking all over as I removed the boxers and gently kissed the head of his pole and licked the clear liquid that was now seeping out of the slit.

I felt his black balls in their sack and thought of black walnuts and how I loved walnuts. I played with them as I sucked on his chocolate pole as he moaned and pushed toward me. I soon realized that I had to stop if I wanted to save those black seed for my white honey pot. I moved onto the bed and opened my legs wide as he moved between my legs and removed my black skirt and red panties revealing my wet swollen lips.

He started licking the honey that was seeping from my honey pot. He then found my clit and sucked on it till I was almost having an orgasm and I knew it was time to invite him into my husband's secret garden to plant his seed. He moved over me and I felt his black rod slowly entering the forbidden flower (the one his mother warned him about). I pushed against him as he entered burying it deep inside me as he moved in and out making me groan and moan as he whispered to me how he needed me and how good I felt.

I told him that I was all his and to take me the way he wanted me. The sweat was now pouring off his black skin onto me as we slipped around and held on tightly. He and I were now working in unison to satisfy our lusts. He was now banging me hard and fast as I pushed up to him and met every stroke with a thrust of my own.

I then felt his joy stick began to throb as I blurted out, "Oh sugar, you are making me your bitch, I am all yours sugar, take me, TAKE ME!! OH YESS!!" and then I felt him spurting as he emptied his black balls into my waiting white womb, thrusting deep as he shot his black seed. "Oooh baby, you busted my balls, oh baby, I'm a goner." I was well into my orgasm by now and shook and shook and then fell limp.

We lay there a few moments as we calmed down from our mutual orgasm, feeling very satisfied and contented, just gently hugging and kissing and relaxing. He then moved off me and lay on his back as I moved over and laid my head on his kinky haired chest and snuggled up and went to sleep knowing that we were both very well pleased with our love making. I was certain that Nick had seen and heard it all and I hoped that he was good with it all and was not jealous.

I awoke as the morning sun sent bright beams into the bedroom. I looked at my young black lover as he laid there, his black body looking so lovely in the morning light. His black pole was now deflated and resting up for another time. I took pleasure in knowing that I had bested the young black man, and that he had made me have the best orgasm I could ever remember.

I knew now that I wanted to give Nick another show and to give Josh some more of the best white wife he had ever had. I was hoping that both wanted the same very soon.

Josh arose late for work and rushed out. I went looking for Nick and found him on the bed in the other bedroom naked from the waist down and it was very apparent that he had shot his load and went to sleep. Poor guy!

Later when Nick arose, he said that watching me with the young black stud was more than he had ever expected and hoped I would do it again soon. He said that seeing his black balls slapping my white bottom gave new meaning to getting "Black Balled."

"Well honey, if you liked it so well I guess I will have to do it again just for you." I knew that I wanted it again as much as he did, but I surely would not tell him that as it might hurt his ego, hummm. I knew that Nick was going to be out of town a lot now (wink) and Josh was going to take his liberty with his wife. (wink, wink, wink) Even today, just remembering the times with Josh make me so horny I feel like spreading my legs wide for the next set of black balls I see.



  • Anonymous said:
    2 years ago
    I made the mistake of being alone in a small bus station with to young black boys I was afraid at first then they made my body cum alive I wish I could find then again I go down to the bus station at least once a week