Sheila awoke with a start. Something was not correct in her little world. Cool air wafted over her nude body. 'I don't sleep nude.' She thought to herself. A quick glance downward told her that she was indeed nude, and lying upon a very hard floor, her back was freezing. She sat up and gasped. Lying about her were the other members of her little family.

Her husband, Joseph, laid right next to her, snoring gently. Next to her, on the other side was her elder son Randall. And beyond him was their other son, Charles. She peered around with unreasonable worry then a look of relief crossed her face when she saw her baby, Miranda, their only daughter, in the room as well. All of them were naked, however, and this immediately set off alarms in her head. She quickly jumped up and shook Joseph's shoulder. He did not awaken, simply snorted then shifted.

With a start, she realized they were not nude, but each had a thick, heavy collar of steel about their necks. The room was tiny, only about fifteen feet to a side, and there was only one large king-sized bed. Each wall was made of some sort of black glass, probably two-way, she thought sourly.

"Good, you're awake." A tiny voice said in her ear, it came from the collar. "Nice family you have there."

She looked around then quietly said. "What do you want?" She asked. "We have little money."

"It's not about money, Sheila, and you know it." The voice intoned. "It's about truth."

'Great, a loonie.' She thought. "Please, let us go. "We won't tell anyone..."

"Stupid bitch." The voice hissed from the collar. "You won't tell anyone anyway. Now, we will begin soon with the fun, so you should relax while you can, Sheila."

Tears were streaming down her face. "Please stop." She said quietly.

"I wish I could." The voice said. "But I HAVE to do this, you have to see."

There was a tiny beep from one of the collars. Randall sat up yelling. "What the he ..." He yelled, then stopped, seeing his state of nudity then immediately seeing his mother's own nakedness.

A staircase appeared in the floor, the panels covering it sliding aside smoothly on silent rails. "Go down the stairs." The collar-voice said to both of them. "Now." It added.

Sheila balked and shook her head. "No."

A jolt of pure pain shot through her body, sending her sprawling across the floor, it was not enough to force her to loose control of her bowels, but she had to force herself not to pee. She cried out in agony and her son ran to her.

"Leave her!" Said the voice in his collar. "Or you'll be right beside her." Randall ignored it and bent to comfort his mother, he was a healthy lad, and was much taller than his mother already, even at age sixteen.

A massive shock caused him to twitch and fall, flopping like a fish, upon the floor. "I warned you, next jolt goes to your little momma." The voice said. Randall gritted his teeth at the pain and found he could not move voluntarily. The pain ceased as suddenly as it had come and they both could sit up. "Now go downstairs." The voice said again.

They both rose slowly to their feet and did as he said walking down the stairs slowly. Randall took his mother's hand and tried to sooth her mind. "It's okay mom." He said. "We'll be fine."

"I wish that were true, Randall." Sheila looked up at her son. She was proud of all her children, but Randall held pride of place, being the more handsome of her sons. He was tall, broad shouldered, and well-muscled. She shocked herself by looking down at his manhood and even judged it to be well above average, far larger than her husband's she estimated.

Wondering if he had seen her looking at his organ, she flicked her eyes upward and caught him looking at her round breasts. He turned away quickly as they reached the final step and walked into a dark room. The inky blackness concealed what was before them.

"It's good that you like one another." The voice said to both of them. "But you don't have to wonder for long." A light came on, illuminating a bed in the center of the room. Behind them the doors over the stairs slid shut almost silently.

Sheila got it first, gasping. "No." She said.

"You will learn to stop saying that word." The voice said. "Next time I hear it, I shock your lovely son, and not as softly as I did last time."

Reflexively she said. "No!" Then covered her mouth with both hands. "Wait!"

It was too late, the boy laid out on the floor, twitching to beat the band, and even frothing at the mouth some. As she screamed, he lost bladder control and urine jetted from his prick and splattered all over his body and even on her some as his nozzle twitched and flopped about. After a moment it stopped, and her son laid there panting. "Oh God! That hurt." He moaned.

"Go wash him off." The voice commanded. Sheila heard water spraying in the corner behind her. Another light had come on and was illuminating an area with a shower head. She took Randall's hand and helped him to stand. Both went over to it and he rinsed under the flowing warm water. "There, that's better." The voice said. "Help him get all clean."

Sheila reached out with one hand and rubbed her fingers over the boy's chest. The taut muscles of her son's broad chest made her somewhat excited. She remembered when his father had been so buff and had been able to turn her on just by taking off his shirt. The voice in the collar said. "You like that, don't you Sheila?"

She nodded slightly, fearful that her son had heard the question, but he must not have, he just looked at her oddly. "Mom. What is he going to make us do?" Randall had pieced things together, too, now."

She looked at her handsome son. "I think he's going to make us have sex." She said, swallowing, and flicking her eyes over her son's body again.

"Compliment him." The voice urged her.

She blinked a couple of times, then said. "You're so handsome, Randall. I love your eyes, they're so like mine, it's like little mirrors to me."

Randall must have gotten the same command, she thought. "Mom, you have really nice boobs." He said, stammering. "And a great butt." He finally added. Hearing those words from her eldest son was wrong, she knew, but they also excited her some, sending warmth to her groin.

"Look at his cock." The voice urged her. "He really does like you." The voice sounded self-satisfied, but she looked, and he was swelling with an erection. It was as she had thought, he was big. Far bigger than Joseph. He was only half hard now, his penis arching gracefully from his body and still pointing downward, but already it was longer and much thicker than her husband's. "Compliment it."

Sheila forced her eyes up off of the swelling organ, though she really wanted to keep watching it grow, to see how big it would get. Gazing up into her son's eyes, she realized she was panting slightly. "Y...You have a huge cock, it's beautiful." She said finally.

As she finished speaking the words, her eyes automatically drifted back down to the swollen cock as it had finally begun to point up slightly, curving. It was thicker than her wrist now, and over half the length of her forearm. She gasped at seeing it fully erect for the first time ever, and seeing it at all since he was seven or eight.

The water turned off and the light clicked off as well. "Go to the bed. Both of you." The voice commanded.

Sheila peeled her eyes away from her son's massive rod again, and turned and walked to the bed. She was not worried nearly as much as she was turned on now, she was about to be fucked by that massive pole. As she walked she felt her thighs grow moist with juices flowing from her puffy cunt lips. She heard her son behind her, walking. 'Is he checking out my ass?' She wondered.

"Stop at the edge of the bed." The voice said. "Bend over and move your legs apart."

She did as she was told and her son stopped just behind her. She glanced down over her shoulder and saw her son standing there looking intently at her ass and her twat beneath it. "He's going to fuck you in a bit, but I thought since you were the mother, you should be served first."

She gasped as her son knelt down behind her and moved his face forward, a look of worry and expectation on his young face. Then she felt his mouth on her cunt. She looked forward again and panted as she felt his young, energetic tongue slip from his lips and lap at her labia and clit. After a moment, she shifted her legs to spread them farther, and allow her boy better access to her cunt. He took advantage of the opportunity afforded him and buried his tongue deep into her slit. She moaned out loud at the added stimulation and caught herself pushing back toward him with her whole body. "You're a fine slut, Sheila." The voice siad. "Do you like your son's tongue in your box?"

"Yes." She whispered between her panting breaths. "I do."

The voice chuckled evilly in her ears. "Tell him that, he's unsure of himself." The voice said. "Let him know he's doing well."

"Randall, you're doing that very well." She murmured, her voice slurring a little. "You're very good at licking me, it feels wonderful." At her compliment, he seemed to double his efforts, taking hold of her hips and forcing his face into her crotch, lapping deeply and repeatedly at her soft cunt opening. She grunted as he did this and felt an orgasm approaching.

"You have one minute to orgasm, or he gets the juice." The voice said.

Focusing her mind on enjoying the sensations and on the utter naughtiness of the whole situation, she found it quite easy to reach her climax, pushing her hips back against his face she screamed out a powerful release, yelling his name and God's in one breath as she released. He kept lapping for a long moment after her knees would have buckled from the orgasmic release she had just achieved, but he held her up, easily, and kept lapping and licking her cunt and clit.

"Now sit down and turn toward him, you're going to suck him off before he fucks you." The voice said. "He's young, he'll get it right back up, don't worry." Sheila sat and urged her son to stand before her by grabbing his hips and moving him into place just before her face. Again she was stunned by his huge size. He would barely fit in her petite mouth, but she would take him in as best she could. When her hand grabbed the base of his organ, he gasped and she saw a glistening mass of pre-come slide out of the tiny slit at the end of the massive pole.

Sheila leaned forward and opened her mouth, her son was watching her intently as she wrapped her full soft lips about his cock and drew him into her for a few inches. She had only about a third of it in her mouth when it ran up against the back of her palate. She tasted his pre-come and loved the full feeling his organ gave her mouth.

She longed for another place on her to be filled as well. But he had told her to suck him off, not just suck him. She began to slide her lips up and down the long, thick shaft, feeling the bulbous head moving in her mouth. Her hand began to assist the motion, stroking the long portion of shaft she could not orally accommodate.

"You want him to fuck you, don't you?" The voice said. "You CAN say no this time, if you really want to." He told her. She took her son deep into her mouth and shook her head. Randall gasped as she did this and grabbed the back of her head. "No, you don't want to say no? Or, no you don't want him to fuck you with that huge cock?"

She pulled back and looked up at her son, slipping the thick pole from her lips. "I want you to fuck me." She said, answering the voice in a manner he had not expected.

"Wow, lady, you're something. I've never seen a woman slut out so quickly." He said, with a trace of respect in his voice. "Lay back and let the boy fuck you. As a reward for being a good little slut."

She slid back on the bed and laid back. Her son was receiving instructions, as well, she could tell. His eyes would defocus for a brief moment as the voice spoke to him. He crawled up over her and looked down into her own blue eyes. "Mom, he told me to fuck you." Randall said.

"I know, Randall, it's okay." She said, stroking his golden hair with her slim fingers.

"Tell him you'll satisfy him with oral later if he likes." The voice urged her.

She brushed a lock of his hair from his eyes. "I'll suck you off another time, promise." She murmured. The boy smiled wide at that and finished moving into position over her body. She could feel his big organ against one thigh. "You need me to aim, Randall?" She asked.

Randall nodded, his face marked by a little embarrassment. "You probably should, I don't know how."

She smiled. "It's okay, you will in a moment." She said, and reached down between them. Taking hold of his stem at the root, she pointed the large round head at her opening. "Now push down."

He pushed, and, to her amazement, it slipped right in. She was so wet, she probably could have slipped a Hummer in there right now. It still hurt some, though, she had never even personally seen a cock as big as his, much less had it in her. As inch after inch disappeared into her welcoming cunt, she groaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain. She had never felt anything like this massive pole spreading and sliding deep into her. "Oh, Randall." She said, unbidden. "You're so big."

Randall smiled. "I know he's making you say that, but thanks, mom." Randall answered. He got that distant look for a second, then looked at her with wide eyes. "You really like it?" He asked, stopping him inward motion.

Sheila's face turned deep red. "Yes." She said quietly, her eyes filling with tears. "I'm sorry, but I do."

Her son smiled down again. "It's okay, mom, I like it too." He said. "You're really warm and soft inside." He said as he bottomed out, his balls coming to rest against the soft cheeks of her ass. He received another command, apparently and began humping into her, pulling half his long organ from her then thrusting it back into her tight hole. It made squishing sounds as it pulled forth, creating suction behind it, so massive was the displacement of his thick pole.

Sheila grunted with each thrust, though, and began to push upward to let him go deeper into her. The muscles of her belly burned with the unfamiliar effort, but she was in pretty good shape, and would keep it up as long as she could. "Oh, God, please forgive me." She whispered, then grabbed her son's shoulders with both hands and wrapped her slender legs around him locking her ankles together. Once she was positioned, she began to fuck him back, pulling herself up to meet his every powerful penetration. "I love you, Randall." She grunted into his ear as she felt another climax coming over her.

Her handsome son smiled at her. "I love you, too, mom." He said quietly, still pounding into her forcefully, and not even breaking a sweat. His broad smile and loving expression was burned into her mind as she climaxed a second time, squeezing her eyes shut and shouting out.

"Yes, Randall, fuck me good!" She screamed as the orgasm raged through her body. She almost wet herself after all, but managed to regain control just in time. Still he pumped into her, like a machine. She grunted over and over as he increased the violence of each impact.

"You can come, Randall, it's okay." She said.

No sooner than the words flowed from her mouth than he squeezed his eyes shut and grunted loudly. She felt jets of hot semen filling her womb and vagina as her son poured them into her. "That's it, son, feed it to me." She whispered as the twitching of his cock subsided and he slowed down, then stopped fucking her. There was a audible slurping sound as he drew his cock from her distended hole. She felt between her thighs with her fingers. "God, you wore me out, Randall."

The boy smiled. "Is that good?" He asked.

She reached up again and grabbed his shoulders, lifting her body up to kiss him soundly on the lips, he tried for a moment to draw back then remembered that he HAD just fucked her. They kissed a long moment, her tongue sliding into his mouth, then coaxing his tongue out and into hers. After almost a minute, she fell back onto the bed. "Yes," she replied, finally, "it is good."

The voice finally spoke up again. "Very well done, you two." It said. "It's good to see people enjoy themselves and each other. It almost restores my faith in God, almost."

Sheila sat up and looked around. "I hope you did enjoy it." She murmured. "You're pretty sick to make us do what you did."

"Like you didn't enjoy it, you slut." He said from the tiny speaker. "And I use that word as a great compliment. I saw you pulling him into you like a bitch in heat."

She blushed at those words. He was right, she had just enjoyed it, and had definitely taken an active and unbidden role in making the sex better with her son. She looked back at her handsome little boy, who had just used her cunt like no man ever had. She could still feel his come sliding out of her cunt in a slow dribble. There was a faint hum from the ceiling and a plasma screen television lowered from the top corner, just under the doorway from the stairs. "Enjoy the show." The voice said and she heard a tiny click from her collar.

The plasma screen flashed into life, showing a room almost identical to the room she was in now. Her husband was walking into it. Joseph had Miranda in his arms, carrying her. She was awake, however, and when he laid her upon the bed Sheila began to weep. She knew the man was about to make her dear and loving husband take their sweet daughter's virginity.

Randall sat up on the bed. "What are they doing?" He asked. "Oh, damn." He whispered after that, realizing what he was seeing. The tone of his voice was not terrified or offended, though. Sheila looked at him and realized he was fascinated.

"Don't you get it, the man's making your dad molest little Miranda." She said, her eyes welling with tears. "You're nearly a grown man. So it's not like you're not physically ready for what just happened." She sobbed. "It's going to hurt her a lot." She murmured at last.

"Um. Mom." Randall said, running his fingers through his unruly hairs. "That's not really true." His face turned nearly purple from embarrassment.

"What the hell do you mean?" Sheila asked him.

Randall cleared his throat. "Well, Miranda isn't a virgin, not for two years now." He finally said.

"What!" The mother screeched. "You fucked your sister?" She said accusingly, pointing to the monitor.

Randall curled into a small ball upon the bed, weeping. "Yes." He said. "We didn't mean it to happen, mom." He said as she stormed toward him, with murderous eyes. "It just happened." He said. "You and dad wouldn't let me out of the damn house to meet other girls, so I became interested in what was available."

Sheila stopped. "You're saying if we had let you go out and fuck neighborhood girls once in a while..."

Randall sat up again. "Yes." He interrupted her. "If I could have found someone to do, other than Miranda, I would have." His voice was accusatory now. "Hell, I couldn't even go to school dances and just rub against some girl for a few minutes. Miranda was available, and more importantly, willing."

Staring at him with wide eyes, Sheila gaped at her son. "I never realized how upset that made you." She murmured finally. "I suppose we were kind of asking you to not be a teenage boy."

On the monitor Miranda was sitting on the edge of the bed, it was obvious they were being given similar instructions to what she had received. As she watched in rather shocked horror, Miranda took her father's cock into her mouth and began bobbing her head back and forth enthusiastically. "Your daughter is a very willing little minx, Sheila." The voice said from her collar. "I only had to ask her to make her daddy happy, and she did the rest."

Miranda stopped slurping on her dad's organ and pulled it out of her small mouth. "Daddy, he wants you to fuck me." She said. Jacob nodded and watched passively as Miranda laid upon her back and spread her legs wide apart. "Don't worry, you won't hurt me." She said, smiling slightly. "But please don't be mad that I'm not a virgin."

Jacob nodded. "I know, darling." He murmured as he got into position over her. His erection standing hard between them. "I guessed about Randall and you a long time ago." He pushed his cock into her opening and she moaned, pushing upward to meet him right off. Her daughter was a little minx, wasn't she. Within seconds, the little girl had her legs around her dad's waist and was giving as good as she got.

Sheila's tears stifled as she realized she was growing wet from the show before her eyes. Miranda moaned out Jacob's name numerous times during their sex, and when the little girl had a climax it was loud enough to cause the plasma screen's speakers to rattle. As the couple cooled down afterward she confided that Jacob did not hurt her like Randall did, and she liked that.

"You're all doing very well." Said the voice in Sheila's collar. "Only one son to go."

Randall got that distant look on his face and stood up from the bed. "I have to go upstairs." He said and left the room. Sheila waited expectantly, then her younger son walked down, with Miranda's hand in his. "Mom." He said. "What's going on?"

Sheila comforted him with a gentle touch on his shoulder. "A man is making us have sex with each other." She explained. "But, Miranda, why are you here?"

Miranda looked at her mother a moment. "The man said since Charles had to wait the longest, he should get both women." She said.

Charles said. "He's telling me to sit on the bed."

"Do it, Charly." Sheila said. "He will hurt you if you don't, or Miranda or me."

Sitting on the bed, her younger son, not nearly ad physically endowed as his older brother, looked somewhat pitiable. However he was decently build in the manhood department, Shiela noticed, as his cock was swelling. Miranda knelt before him and began to kiss and stroke his thigh. "He told me to give you head, Charles." She whispered.

"You join her." The voice commanded Sheila from her collar. "Both of you suck the boy's cock."

Miranda knelt beside her little girl and watched as Miranda began to suck his pole into her little mouth. After a few strokes, she held the base and pointed it toward her mother. Sheila moved down and began to suck it, as well. They alternated about every ten strokes, with Miranda always holding the base.

"You lick up and down one side, while the girl does the other, and kiss over the top of the head." The voice said. Sheila complied, running her lips and tongue up the right side of the lad's shaft and watching Miranda's pretty green eyes moving up the other side. Several times their tongues ran into one another, but they were going to kiss anyway, so what of that? Sheila thought.

As their mouths moved to the tip of the cock, Miranda's hand moved to the back of Sheila's head and her small, slender fingers knotted into her thick brown hair. Sheila moved her own slender fingers into Miranda's dirty blonde hair and they kissed each other deeply. Their tongues jockeying for position and their lips smashed painfully together. After several moments, Charles, feeling forgotten touched Sheila's cheek.

The boy moaned as his mother wrapped her hand around his sister's and they began to stroke him in unison. As his climax built in his loins he noticed that they had stopped kissing and were again sucking on the head and shaft of his cock, Miranda's mouth over the end and mom's running up and down the shaft, occasionally pausing to suck his mostly hairless balls into her mouth. Sheila watched in fascination as the boy grunted and came into Miranda's mouth. Her daughter did not flinch even a little at this task, and Sheila wondered how much experience the young girl had with giving head. When he finished groaning, she lifted her mouth off of the boy's still-hard cock.

"Kiss her." The voice in her collar said.

The girl had her lips pressed together as she moved to kiss Sheila. As their lips joined she felt Miranda's tongue open her lips and opened her own mouth to receive it. What she got, instead was a mouth full of her son's sperm. The two continued to kiss as they swapped the semen back and forth for a while, swallowing it slowly over time until they both had empty mouths.

Miranda giggled. "I've never done that before." She said, smiling at her mother. "It was kinda fun."

Sheila stopped herself before she could say something hurtful to her little girl. What would it serve to try to get Miranda to feel bad about what was happening? None, she decided, actually, it was probably good that the girl was enjoying this activity, it would keep her from being scarred by it, assuming any of them lived out the day, which Sheila somewhat feared was not the case.

As they stopped kissing, the monitor came on again and showed Jacob on the bed on all fours, with Randall poised behind him, with that massive cock at the entrance of his dad's anus.

All three in the room watched in fascination as Jacob's face contorted into a look of pain as the boy slid his huge rod into his father's ass, inch after inch spreading his dad's sphincter and filling his bowels with cock. Sheila did not even realize until well after she had started, that she was stroking Charles' cock again. "Very good, mom." The voice said. "Spread your legs, and let your little girl eat you."

She did as she was told, transfixed by the images on the monitor. He husband was being mounted and used by their elder son, and after a few minutes of the use, he seemed to be rather enjoying it, moaning and reaching down to stroke is own, smaller rod.

He kept looking up and to the right. Then Sheila realized the two were watching a monitor like she was, and watching as Miranda kissed her way up her mother's thigh, then buried her slim face into her mother's cunt, lapping and eagerly sucking on the labia and clitoris. Sheila leaned back and moaned loudly as Miranda's tongue wormed its way into her and she slurped at her juices. Charles moved up behind his sister and pushed his swollen member into her well- lubricated cunt, causing her to moan into her mother's pussy as she did so.

On the monitor, Randall grabbed his father's hips and began to fuck him harder and more enthusiastically as he received instructions. Jacob, for his part, received like a champion, and began to thrust back and truly seemed to not mind being hammered by the massive cock his son was feeding into his backside. He was, overall, larger than his son, but the boy's prick looked like a telephone pole ramming into his dad's butt, spreading his cheeks wide and forcing his anus into a fat 'O' around it's large girth.

Sheila cried out as she came again, screaming out Miranda's name and causing Jacob and Randall to both regard the monitor with curiosity for a moment, before Randall grunted and obviously began to fill his dad's rectum with semen. As he finished this task, he got that look again that indicated he was being told to do something. He pulled his pole out of his dad's ass and lowered his mouth to the gaping ring. He placed his lips around the hole and sucked. His cheeks caved in as he drew hard with his lungs.

Finally, he stopped, and then grabbed his dad's head as he sat up to look at his son. Prying his dad's mouth open, he dribbled the come he had just sucked out of the older man's ass. Jacob received the semen and swallowed it handily. Then the two men kissed deeply as the boy stroked his father's cock.

Soon, he was on all fours, and Jacob was getting into position behind him. Miranda distracted Sheila as she squealed out her own little orgasm, again screaming very loudly, but mercifully, her voice was muffled by having her mouth buried in her mother's cunt.

"Time to eat your little girl out while Charles fucks you." The voice in her collar said. Miranda was already standing up and moving to lay on the bed with her head up against the headboard. Sheila moved between her daughter's smooth thighs, and looked at her sparsely- haired cunt. She then buried her mouth into it, her tongue darting into the little girl's tight opening and tasting her juices.

Miranda moaned as she watched her mother's blue eyes over her own pubic mound, with her slim nose poised on top of the fine hairs of her pussy. The daughter reached down and grabbed the back of her mom's head and twined her fingers again through the long hair there. Both her hands now forced her mother's mouth into tighter contact with her sweet slit.

Sheila felt her son's hands on her curved hips, then felt him push his cock into her wet and well-used cunt. He began fucking her hard and fast, ramming his pole to the hilt into her then pulling back until only the head stayed in her. The mother grunted with each thrust of her son's hips and groaned as her daughter ground her cunt into her lapping mouth.

She was nearly mad with bliss when she climaxed again, this time even more forcefully than the others. She grunted and moaned and her legs almost shot out from under her and she bit her little girl's labia as she tried to stifle the orgasm. Her head spun wildly as she came down off the incredible rush of the release and then she felt her son firing his semen into her cunt, filling her yet again, as her other son had done earlier.

Remembering she had a chore, she redoubled her efforts on her daughter's opening, lapping fiercely at her little girl's clit. The girl wriggled and ground her cunt into her mom's face, pulling hard on her hair. She screamed one more time, arching her back and pulling Sheila's hair so hard that the mother winced at the pain.

The young girl relaxed as the mother slowed with her tongue, and Sheila felt Charles withdraw his spent rod from her abused slit. She finally let her legs collapse and fell to the bed, panting, and Charles fell beside her, his arm over her back. They kissed a long moment side by side, only half-turning to see one another.

A loud noise from the monitor brought Sheila's attention back to it. Jacob was yelling as he spent his come into his son's backside. Now he was leaning down to do the same thing Randall had done. Sucking his come from his son's ass, he transferred it to the boy's waiting mouth. Then they again kissed.

"You've all done well, tonight." The voice said, and then added. "Now go upstairs and receive your reward."

All five family members climbed the stairs and saw, sitting in the middle of the floor, a picnic basket. Inside was a six-pack of beers, and a large variety of foodstuffs. It was not until this moment that they all realized they had not eaten in hours.

They devoured the food and swilled down the beer in record time, actually chattering and laughing as they ate. Like they were really on a picnic. A door hummed against the wall, and they saw a little bathroom beyond, though it offered no privacy, being just a sink, toilet and shower head emerging from the wall of a smooth-sided stall, like an RV's bathroom.

"Enjoy your evening folks. I will speak to you again in the morning." The voice said into their collars, then there was a click as the collars switched off.

They found the two bedrooms were still open to them and they could go down to the large beds to sleep that night. The kids all got put into one bed for this first night, just so that Sheila and Jacob could be alone.

"What will we do?" Sheila asked him quietly as they laid together on the bare bed.

"I have no idea." Jacob replied, stroking her arm. "I'm not even sure what we're up against."

Sheila smiled at him in the dim lights of the room on night-setting. "I have to admit, I came more times today than I can ever remember."

Jacob chuckled. "Me too." He said. "I also have to admit, I really liked watching you with the kids."

Sheila gasped. "I can't believe that." She said. "Well, I would never have thought you the type to take a fucking like you did from Randall."

"That boy's hung like a mule." Jacob said, with a sound of pride in his voice. "He seemed to work you over pretty good with it."

Sheila giggled. "Was it that obvious?" She asked.

"Only a lot." Her husband replied. "Well, the screaming gave you away, and the moaning."

She kissed his neck and reached down toward his organ, it was already stiff. "You want me to call Miranda? Or maybe Randall?" She asked him with a sly grin.

Miranda came down the stairs. "I couldn't sleep, mom." She said muzzily. "Charly and Randall both wanted to do me, and I didn't want to."

"What are they doing then?" Sheila asked.

The daughter giggled. "Each other." She replied. "Charly is doing Randall right now, and they say they're gonna switch when he comes."

"Come on, angel, you can sleep with us, then." Sheila said, scooting aside and making room between herself and Jacob. "We won't make you do anything." She told her daughter.

Miranda crawled up between them, smiling. "Well, I could be talked into a little stuff, but not two guys at once."

Sheila's hand slipped up her daughter's thigh. "Maybe your daddy would like to watch you and me play a while?"

Jacob smiled broadly. "Of course I would." He said.

Miranda smiled at her father and mother. "Okay." She answered.



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