I hated working Saturdays, as I considered it part of my weekend free time, but being a high school teenager, you took a job when you could get one, especially a job paying more than most. It was now eleven o'clock, and all my friends had dates, or were hanging out, all setting around where fifteen or more cars and trucks could park without problems from the police.

Usually we were all together at Billy's dads farm out of town about eight miles, and after the sheriff had pulled down the lane one night, to where we gathered, and tried to give us crap, Billy's dad confronted the sheriff and the county officials and threatened to sue them if they harassed his son and his friends in the future. Billy's dad was an attorney and had filed a temporary restraining order against the sheriff. In the legal part of things, the sheriff had been guilty of trespassing as he did not have a search warrant to enter the property.

Looking at the clock, I saw another half hour had passed, and it was now eleven-thirty, and I doubted if my friends would still be at Billy's father's farm, that all of us called simply, "Billy's", but I decided to drive out to see, if I didn't find anyone I liked on the street uptown.

Checking all the exit doors, and making certain the alarm system was activated, I walked out the back door of the Daisy Burger Joint. Strolling to my Camaro convertible, I hoped in and headed to the main drag in our small town to see if my friends were still hanging out. Finding no one on the street, I headed for Billy's. I did not notice the car that had followed me from the parking lot at work, of trail about a block behind me as I drove up town.

The entrance to Billy's was about a hundred yards from me, and I saw the headlights of the auto that had been following me from town. Thinking it was one of my friends, I did not pay any attention to who it was. Arriving at the place where we gathered, I pulled up next to the picnic shelter that Billy's dad had built a few feet from the large farm pond, with a small pier. I got out of my car, and started to walk to the shelter, when I saw the car that had followed me pull up next to my cr.

I watched as four guys exited the 56 Ford Crown Victoria. They were unknown to me, but decided they must know Billy, to have came here. Looking at the four guys as they approached me, I spoke to them. "Hi guys, you friends with Billy?"

"No, we just drove out here after you, as you waited on us in the Daisy, and you were telling a couple of girls about the hangout place you and your friends went to."

"Oh, so what are your names, and where are you from?"

The driver of the Crown Vic said he was Jeff, and then he introduced the other three guys. "So I'm just Jeff, and that lanky one is Doug, and the ugly one is Marty, and the short dude is Skip."

"So what is your name, Marty asked me," and where are the others you spoke about?"

Looking at Marty, I saw he wasn't at all ugly, but was so good looking that any girl would love to be seen with him. I asked them their ages and Doug said he was twenty-one, and Marty was the youngest one at nineteen. Skip spoke up and said he was the old man of the group at twenty-tow, and Jeff spoke up and told me he was twenty."

Marty walked over and stood next to the picnic table I was seated on, and asked, "Okay, you know our names and ages, so who are you, Sweetcake?"

"Sorry, I'm Judy, and I turned seventeen, a month ago yesterday, so I guess we're even now." I watched as Skip got a case of beer from the trunk of the Ford, and placed it on the table near to me. Each of the guys picked up a beer and opened them, then Marty opened one more and handed it to me.

I seldom drank alcoholic drinks, and at first wasn't going to drink the beer when it was handed to me. I changed my mind and took a swig of the cool liquid, and then I became uncomfortable, as all four of the guys were now standing around me in a close circle.

Nothing had been done to me that caused me to feel like I was in danger, but I had no personal space left around me by the four. Then I watched Doug go the Crown Vic, and take a portable CD player from the back seat and bring it over to the table next to the one I was seated on.

Soon a hard rock tune was playing and I saw Doug move back to where the other were standing, as he joined in the group, he stood directly in front of me, and placed one of his feet up on the bench seat of the table I was seated on.

Before leaving work, I had removed my uniform, and dressed in a pair of low rider shorts, cut high up on the legs, and a tube top. Wearing the tub top did not allow me to wear a bra, and the cool late night air caused my nipples to become hard and point through the elastic material of the top. The other three moved within a foot of me, and I couldn't see Skip, but could sense him up close behind me on the table top.

"Guys, I guess it is time for me to leave," as Billy and the others evidently weren't coming out here tonight, or they have already left and went home. Then I felt Skip move up behind me, and evident he had moved so he was no more than a few inches from me, and I saw his legs stretch out along side me body.

"Hey guys, what say we walk down to the dock and take a boat ride," I said in an attempt to not be surrounded by the others. "The key for the lock on the boat chain, and for the ignition on the boat is on the top of that beam, up there," I told them. Standing up, my legs were straddling Doug's leg he was resting on the bench seat, and I tapped his leg, and smiling, asked him, "If you let me get the key, we can take a ride."

Doug moved, and I reached up and took down the keys, and thought if I kept them from being so close to me I would feel safe. Walking down to the boat, I unlocked the log chain that secured the boat to the pier, and then started to untie the tarp covering and pull it from the boat. Each of the four guys joined in, and Marty and Jeff put the tarp inside the shelter one of the four tables.

Jeff reached out and took the keys from my hand, and said that he had his own boat and would be the captain on our cruise of, "Get Lucky Lake." I caught the meaning of his comment, and yet I knew we needed to take a ride on the lake and keep them occupied.

Starting the boat and the five of us were soon cruising across the night air, and the small outboard engine was somewhat quite, and I was feeling better about being alone with the guys. They had not touched me, nor had they indicated there would be any trouble for me, yet I felt fear from being with these four strangers.

Jeff was soon cruising around the edge of the lake, which covered nearly three hundred acres, and dipped in and out of wooded areas along the shore line. Each of the guys had now drank at least two beers and were on their third, and they insisted I have my third one. My senses were becoming dulled on the alcohol, and when I felt Marty pull me into his arms and against him, I accepted his comment that if I rested against him, I wouldn't be cold in the night air.

When I felt the boat stop, I saw that Jeff had pulled into a small inlet on the lake, and I had no idea exactly where we were. "Come on, let's take a walk and see what it's like in the trees," Jeff said.

I looked at him, then the others and told them, "Guys, I need to get home." For the first time since I had been with the four of them, I considered I would soon be raped. Previously I had felt uncomfortable and afraid, but only now did I think that I was in danger and that I would not leave this place without being assaulted.

I turned to walk back to the boat, and Skip pulled me into his arms, and held mine inside his arms and I was trapped. Doug closed the distance between us and reached out and stoked my hair and then his fingers were moving over my face. The next thing I felt was my body being turned around in Skip's arms, and pulled down onto the ground. "Stop it, let me up, you're going to get in trouble if you don't let me go, NOW!"

My comment was wasted on the four of them, and within moments my arms were held by Jeff and Doug, and Skip reached out and caught my tub top in his hands and pulled it down around my waist. My breast were now exposed to the eyes of the four guys, and the moon was full, and the moon light allowed me to be viewed almost as if it was day light. "NO, STOP, PLEASE, LET ME GO, TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF ME!" Skip was gripping my breast in his hand and his fingers were squeezing my hardened nipples.

"Damn, for what must be 34-A tits, they sure are hard, and look, they stick up from her chest," Skip said to the others. No one had ever touched my breast, and what the four guys didn't know, I was a virgin, and did not believe in sex until a person was married. All of us who hung out at Billy's were not into sex, and now I was about to be raped, of that I was certain.

Pull her shorts off, someone said, and I froze as I saw Marty move his hands and start pulling my low rider shorts and the thong pantie I was wearing down from my body. Soon I felt my tub top being pulled down over my hips and off my legs as well. I was completely nude.

"Please, stop - don't do anymore, let me get my clothes back on, PLEASE STOP, I'M A VIRGIN, AND..." And then I felt hands touching me all over. And then I listened as Skip told the others, "She doesn't trim the hair on her pussy, and it is so soft."

"Hold her down, and don't let her hands loose." Then I watched as Skip moved down between my legs, and I saw his face moving down toward my sex. I knew he was going to perform oral sex on me, and I tried to twist away, but I was trapped.

Within a minute, a mouth was covering my pubic hair, and then I felt Skip push my legs open wider with his shoulders, and he moved his face onto my sex. His lips and tongue were now moving around on my thing, and I felt his tongue move from his mouth and being to lick my sex, and I could feel him pushing it between my labia.

When he licked across my clitoris, I could only cry and beg him to stop. My hips were soon moving up and down from the feelings his tongue was providing me. I didn't want to enjoy the oral sex, but I could do nothing to remove his moth form my sex. My tears and pleas for the four of them to release me, was for nothing, so I thought to enjoy what I was getting, wanting it or not. I could feel stimulation from his tongue moving all around my clit.

Finally I felt Skip rise up from between my legs, and I wondered if I was now going to be left alone and the four men would return me to my car. Instead I watched as Jeff stood up, and removed his clothes, and I was looking at the first male penis of my life. The others stood up and they also undressed. I started to get up but Marty and Doug put their feet on me and forced me to lay back down.

Then they were all undressed, and my eyes moved from one the boys to the other. Their penises were all erect, and I saw Jeff was almost twice the length and around as the other three. My body froze, and my tears and cries for them to let me go, and not to rape me went unheeded. Then I watched in horror as Jeff kneeled down over me, and his hands gripped my tightly squeezed shut legs and forced them open.

The moon was blocked from my view as the body of Jeff moved over mine, and then his erection was pressing against my sex. I felt him move his hand down and move the end of his penis inside the lips of my sex. "STOP! OH PLEASE! NO DON'T! I'M REALLY A VIRGIN! DON'T DO... AUGHHHHHH!"

My voice cried out as I felt Jeff drive his hard penis into me, and when he pressed against my virginity, the pain struck me as if I was being penetrated by a sharp burning stick, then Jeff simply split me virginity in half, and he was buried inside my sex.

My stomach hurt as he drove up into me, in and out, he took me until I felt him ejaculating inside me, and then I feared I might become pregnant. I understood about sex and I knew he was spewing his sperm loaded semen into my teenage and highly and likely fertile body.

Jeff moved from between my legs, and I felt Marty take his place, and I was lucky in one respect with Marty. Where Jeff must have rode my body for nearly ten minutes, Marty finished almost as soon as he started. But Skip took his place and he was brutal to a fault, and he simply pounded his erection in and out of my body, for at least five minutes.

Thank god I thought to myself, three down and only one to go, as Doug moved over me, and then he was slamming his erection into me with so must force, that when he hit his pubic bone against my mons, I knew he was going to leave it bruised, as I could feel him striking my insides with hard and brutal lunges of his penis inside my bleeding and sore sex. How long Doug took me I can not say, but when he was ready to ejaculate, he would stop moving, stop his need to ejaculate, and then commence moving back and forth in my torn open sex.

Some where during this time, I felt my nipples being chewed and saw that Jeff was nursing and chewing my left nipple, and Marty was sucking the right breast completely into his mouth.

Finally I felt Doug jam into me hard, and then pull back out, only to shove up into me so hard I wanted to pass out to stop the pain he was doing to me. Doug had pushed my legs up until they were resting on my breast, and they were spread wide so he could ride me deep and hard. I knew that only my upper back, shoulders and head were touching the ground. I was bent double and my sex was being abused worse than when Jeff had taken my virginity.

My sobs and pleas went unanswered, and went I felt Doug ejaculating inside me, I felt a moment of relief, and then a strange sensation occurred, as I felt my clitoris being rubbed by Doug's pubic bone. I climaxed from being gang banged. I cried and sobbed out my feelings, while they mixed with the tears of my being raped.

Doug moaned out, "Hell guys, she's cuming off, shit, she is going off, I'll be dammed."

I started to curl up in a ball, but as I begin to turn onto my side, Marty moved over me, and again I was being raped. Nothing seemed to stop the guys and they each took me twice, and Jeff the third time, and he had me on my hands and knees when he took me for his third time. Thinking of how many times they had done me, I couldn't believe I had been taken nine times.

The guys were using their hands to wash me off, and even though they fondled my breast, there touch was gentle. Marty was strange and he would cup water and let it ease down over my breast. Jeff used his hands to move the cool water over my bleeding sex. I started to feel better now that they were gentle in their helping me ease the pain from being gang raped.

After they had finished raping me, they joked about my having been a virgin, and how Doug had gotten me to cum. I was surprised by them, as they had held my arms, when walking me into the lake and that I was thankful for. When I had stepped into the cool water up to my hips, I had commenced washing between my legs, and when the four guys helped wash me, the water eased some of the soreness between my legs.

When I moved my hands down to clean between my legs, I moved Jeff's hands away from my sex. I felt the damp red from my torn virginity, and the nine ejaculations of their semen. I put on my clothes while they dressed, and Jeff told me my tits were perfect. There was no way I could answer his comment, and when Doug asked if he could have my panties, as he was the only one who got me off, I simply handed them to him.

We got back to the shelter house and there was three sheriff's cruisers there in the parking area. Five deputies were standing at the dock when we docked the boat. One of them asked if we were alright. There was no way, I was going to let anyone know I had just been raped. Our town had only about 2,500 residents, and I knew that I would be the talk of the town forever.

The guys said everything was fine, and had just been out for a boat ride. One officer shined his flashlight on my face and I knew he could see I had been crying, but I told him I was fine, and that I had wadded in the water, and washed my face in it, but it was so cold, I about died.

After the officers left, I looked at the guys, and asked them, "Why - why did you do this to me, just tell me why, that is all I want from you and I didn't tell the cops you raped me, so why?"

Jeff smiled at me, and with a cruel look in his eyes, replied, "Shit, Judy, if you want, we'll stop here a week from now, and we can take another boat ride, that's what you told the cops, right?"

I walked to my car, got in and started the engine. My mind attempted to fathom why I had not told the cops I was raped. Yet knew if I had, I would be branded in my hometown forever as the girl raped at Billy's.

I started to cry, and looked at the guys, and somehow knew next week would possibly be a repeat of tonight. What if I'm pregnant, but knew that was not likely as my period had ended two days ago.

What would I do a week from now, would I...?



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