Alois sipped his wine and watched with some amusement as his father sucked a young boy's cock. The boy sat on the table with his legs open, and Francois cupped his balls with his left hand, one finger of which was inserted in the boy's anus. Alois remembered how Francois explained that by wiggling the finger in a boy's bottom, you could speed up his ejaculation.

Apparently Alois' father was very thirsty because this was the third prick he'd feasted on since they got to the Club, and papa's finger was still quite busy.

A boy a bit older than Alois came to their table. He was naked save for a pink ribbon tied over his nuts that did little to conceal his half-erection. The balls were spilling out on either side of the satin band. "May I offer you my asshole, sir?" the boy asked Alois. Alois smiled and said, "To fuck or to eat?" His accent was obvious.

"Oh, whichever sir," the young man said, his pretty blue eyes sparkled. Alois noticed the boy wore lipstick and mascara and had his nipples rouged and pasted with something that made them erect.

Alois decided it was now or never. Up to this point Alois had virtually no homosexual experience, just a couple of blow jobs given and taken with his Parisian cousins, and one memorable penetration. Recalling how tight the other boy's asshole had been on that occasion, Alois swallowed his misgivings and said to the entertainer, "I do believe so. Why not bend over this table?"

"Yes sir."

Alois stood and undid his belt, letting his pants drop. He had no shame about being nude in public, being a naturist at home. The club boy giggled happily when he saw Alois' erection. Little could he have expected something so grand!

Francois Gagnon headed the French legal delegation to the UN's Committee on International Economic Cooperation.

Posted to New York, rather than the expected Geneva, Francois decided it would be ideal to bring his children Alois and Marie Suzette along. They could practice their English and see the wonderful city. Yvette, his wife, had no interest in going, preferring instead an extended vacation in Paris with her sister's family.

Alois and Marie Suzette were incestuous lovers and quite open about it within the family. Both parents had no problem with this bohemian lifestyle, and the children happily engaged in sex with their parents as well when the occasion warranted it. Francois had heard Americans were open-minded about many things but quite retrograde in their attitudes toward sex, so he had the children pose as his son and son's girlfriend. They were of approximately the right age to pass for that, and people would be far less scandalized at the idea of a teenage girl having sex with a boyfriend than if they knew the two were sister and brother.

Alois was a boy of fine physique and very handsome. He had dark hair and brown eyes and a smooth swimmers body with a powerful chest and strong upper arms like his father. He easily passed for 18 or 19, despite his lack of facial hair (he hardly needed to shave once a week). Francois took his son to a Chinese tailor and bought fine silk suits and an assortment of gentlemen's chapeaux.

With Marie, Francois struggled to find a middle ground. On the one hand she was unmistakably young, just turned 13. Her face was that of a precious child, and for this he had the housekeeper help teach her all about makeup. Her body, on the other hand, was budding perfectly into that of a young woman. She had breasts noticeably larger than most girls that age, and they were truly exquisite--fair, almost translucent, soft and round. Her nipples were practically always erect, and usually remained so even on those rare occasions when she was not sexually aroused. Marie Suzette's hips had not kept pace with her bosom, but her thighs were plump , lending credence to her absolutely exceptional behind. The little girl was the lucky inheritor of her mother's genetic line. Francois wanted to have Marie show her youth while basking in her sexual maturity.

So Francois took his daughter to one of the finest shops of Fifth Avenue, one that was very discreet, and bought his girl a wardrobe of expensive and stylish clothes that accentuated what she had and concealed what she lacked. Now, just as Alois passed for someone older, so Marie Suzette now might be thought sixteen or so.

Of course, at home, when they were casual, especially when they lounged around naked playing sex games, their youth and vitality were unadorned. So too when they went out "clubbing" where the exhibitionism of youth was encouraged. Francois always checked for the security of the clubs his children so loved, making sure there were no police. The last thing he needed was a scandal.

Francois had clubs of his own he attended. His law firm had maintained a membership in a club back home that catered to men with "special needs", and there were affiliates in New York City that welcomed him without charge as reciprocity. While in France he only went to his club weekly but in New York, without his wife, he indulged his passion three or four nights a week. He found the more he went, the more he wanted.

"Cheeky little bastard," a man at the next table muttered. Francois turned his head to see what was up. He recognized the fellow from the newspapers, an industrialist of some sort. Overweight, florid from drink, a huge cigar smoldering in the ashtray next to his cocktail. Clasped to the big swell of his belly was a naked young boy, who could not possibly be more than eight or nine, and the little fellow was rubbing his face on the man's breast, through his shirt. "I'm sorry sir?" the boy apologized not knowing for what.

"Your little ass," the man explained almost angrily.


"Well, it's giving me another erection, boy! Do you realize how long it's been since I've had a proper erection?"

"No, sir. You are married I fear, yes?"

"Yes, damn women. Here, child, let us retire to a room." So saying the man stood, his pants tented, and took the boy by the wrist and led him to a private room. Alois and Francois looked at the cute little butt, so pink and round.

"I hope he's not endowed like you," Francois told his son.

"Yes, papa. I think it would kill the boy."

Alois was beginning to relax on his first visit to an "All Gentlemen's Club."

He could still feel the heat of the entertainer's delectably tight young ass. Alois had surprised himself by the almost immediate passion he had developed for the boy. The concupiscent complexity of feelings had overwhelmed him, making him spill hugely and deeply.

"How did you like it?" Marie Suzette asked her brother as they got ready for bed.

It was past midnight and Marie's eyes were dark. She'd been out "clubbing" herself with a man called O'Toole. He was a wild and imaginative lover who basked in Marie's youth, insisting she go unadorned to show off her illegal sexuality. She'd enjoyed several partners in the preceding hours. Of course, that made her hornier than ever.

Alois sat on the bed removing his shoes and looked up to his sister who stood topless at the dressing table holding her breasts up for his perusal. He smiled. They were lovely.

"I fucked a boy up the ass," Alois said. He stood and undid his pants, letting them fall, then picking them up and folding them and putting them on a chair.

"Oh Alois!" Marie gushed, "That's wonderful, wonderful! Did you like it? Did you cum hard?"

"Yes, it was very good. I was surprised at how good. The boy was a bit older than me, three years older maybe. He was almost like a girl, his bottom plump, you know?"

"Yes, yes, tell me all about it!" Marie was enthusiastic, for she had long wanted her brother to start experimenting with other boys. So saying Marie stepped out of her stained and terribly wet panties. There must have been a cup worth of semen in their crotch. Alois' eyes alighted on her hairless pussy, so maddeningly beautiful.

"It was so strange, Marie," Alois said with deep reflection. "You know how reserved papa can be? Well, at the Club he was so different. He seemed younger, more daring. He laughed easily, even told ribald jokes. He was so charming with the other guests."

"Papa is a very charming man," Marie Suzette pointed out.

"Yes, yes, but...well, he was just so different."

Marie wanted to know more about Alois' experience. "What was the boy like, the one you fucked? Did you just fuck one?"

"Oh no, two. That boy and an older man. They call them entertainers. And I tried to suck one but I couldn't get him to cum somehow, I guess I'm no good at that." Alois smiled despite the embarrassment of that last statement. He stood up, now regally nude, his penis thick and heavy against his thigh.

"Come here, Marie, kiss me, I want you," he said. Marie was resplendent with her high soft breasts and her narrow waist. Her knees had lost their knobbiness as she'd gotten taller. Brother and sister melted into each other's arms kissing deeply. The fragrance of Marie's hair excited Alois and his penis stirred.

They got in bed and pulled the covers and turned out the light. Then Marie said, "Wait! I forgot to put out my cigarette!" She got out of bed and her eyes found the glowing ember in the dark and she went over and stubbed it out. Back in bed they cuddled and kissed and she said "Alois I'm not going to fuck you until you tell me all about it, everything. This is so wonderful! I'm so proud of you!"

"Okay, okay, Marie," Alois relented, preparing to tell the whole story.

"It's called Dante's," Alois began, kissing his sister lovingly, stroking her hair. He turned to lie facing her, his thickening member warm against her slender thigh. "Papa showed the doorman a card and we went in. It was dark in the foyer and a young woman took our coats and hats. That was the only woman I saw there."

Marie put a small hand to Alois' muscled chest, clasping a nipple between her second and third fingers. "Yes? Go on."

"We were shown to a table and papa ordered us drinks, which were served by a naked boy younger than me. Almost all the staff and entertainers are young, Marie. I asked Papa about that and he said most of the guests want youth, but there were a few men in their late teens or in their twenties. There was recorded music and the air was redolent with the smell of flowers. It was a very nice place. Quite Georgian, I believe the term is. Ornate, fleur de lis, that sort of thing, but definitely British in decor."

"I want to know about the fucking," Marie insisted, her little cunt churning with excitement.

"All in due time, sister. You asked me to tell you all about it, so let me tell it.

"Anyway, papa flagged over a waiter and said 'Fetch us two boys with erections, about twelve.' I couldn't help but smile when papa said that. It was obvious he has very definite tastes." Alois chuckled in the dark, one strong hand gripping Marie's buttocks.

"So the boys came and we sucked them. Papa was very ingenious and made his boy cum almost immediately, wiggling a finger in the boy's bottom. I tried as hard as I could but for some reason my boy couldn't cum. His penis was small and wrinkly and more like my little finger crooked than a real penis, I think. But his testicles were so perfect, Marie, you should have seen them. Like little candies. I will never forget how they smelled when I sniffed them. I even licked his hole!"

Marie shivered when Alois told her that. She rubbed her head against his arm, snuggling under his pit, nibbling the side of his chest.

Alois said, "My cock is completely hard now, Marie, do you want to fuck?"

"No, not yet. Tell me more."

"All right. Papa ordered I think five boys, almost one after the other. He just sucked and sucked. The younger they were the better, it seemed. He made them all cum.

"Then an entertainer came over and offered me his anus, to suck or perforate as I chose. I decided to get it over with. I must admit, Marie, I felt of two minds. On the one hand I was eager to dispense my sperm, but on the other I felt it more appropriate to seek out a girl for this use, you understand?"

"I know," Marie consoled her brother.

"Anyhow, I mounted him, with him over the table. His bottom was round like a girl's, and he wore lipstick and mascara. I think he was gay probably. I could see spots of sperm on his anus and for the first time I really looked at a man's rectum. It was like a girl's I suppose, but a bit hairy, and this one had a small protuberance on the left lower quarter of his bud, very small. The tip of that was shiny and whitish, and I wonder now if it might have been what they call an anal wart?"

Marie thought about it, trying to remember health class. She finally said, "I don't know, Alois. I don't think I ever saw one of those. But you fucked him, right?"

"Oh, yes! Most definitely. When he saw my cock he smiled so happily. He acted like I was some kind of god or something. I have to admit I haven't felt such power coursing through my veins since that night with the witch Nonette.

Anyway, I greased him up with the compound that they have on each table, and forced my penis into him, and to my pleasure I was able to go in all the way on the very first thrust. Papa watched me and gave me encouragement. He said 'Do not be gentle, Alois, these entertainers are men, hard stuff, not like those girls you use. Fuck him.' I did just that. The entertainer asked me how large I was and I could not remember how to convert metric to British measures, and papa told him 'Eleven inches, and nearly eight in circumference.'

I was grateful for papa doing that because at that point mathematics was beyond me. The heat, the fit of that entertainer's bottom was truly more than I ever expected. I came so hard in him I almost collapsed.

Marie was so excited she was chewing on Alois' underarm hair, and her body shook with orgasm. She actually pulled out one of his hairs with her teeth, causing Alois to convulse in mild pain and squeeze her head with his hard bicep.

"Marie!" he barked, "Oh God!" and he pulled her face to his and kissed her, licking her nose, her eyelids. "I want to put it in you, please!" he begged.

"Soon, Alois, soon, but tell me the story," Marie Suzette insisted.

"Papa said 'When you finish with one you send him away. No cozening and girlish twaddle, you have your cum and get the boy out of your sight and then take another. That's the mark of a true man.' So I bade the fellow leave.

Actually, I was rather smitten by him, if you can understand. It's hard to explain. But yes, I sent him away. Papa of course kept ordering one boy after another. I was amazed at how much sperm he drank, and the more he had the more he wanted. He was like a hungry bear. Finally I asked 'Papa, aren't you going to fuck someone?' and he said 'I've been waiting for you to ask, Alois. Yes, now let's go to a room together and have some real fun!'

"And so papa and I collected our clothes and drinks and went to a room called a 'semi'. That means semiprivate. Many of the guests like a cross between the open groping of the salon and the quiet of a private room. There were three other guests there and six boys, ranging in age from about eight or nine to sixteen. The guests were like us, well dressed, refined. Papa pointed out to me the Swazi Ambassador to the UN, whose cock is bigger than mine. He was fucking one of the older boys.

I took a very pretty Negro boy who was a little younger than me, and I sucked his cock. It was uncut and rather smelly, but he had the most delightful buttocks, so dark they were purple, and smooth as a juniper jelly. His anus was almost white. When he spurted in my mouth I was taken by surprise. I swallowed it, and it was sweet. Not sweet in some euphemistic sense, Marie, I mean actually sweet. I understood what men mean when they talk about 'the nectar of the gods'. I sucked the boy again. Funny, he never said a word the whole time.

"Papa meanwhile was kissing a little boy and stroking his long hair, making love to him in a very passionate way. He looked North African, Berber. Blue eyes, dark skin. 'Come watch,' papa said and I got on the floor to see better, while the boy sat on his penis. I had never before seen a cock go into a male anus at that angle, and I believe the child must have done this a lot before because his aperture opened easily while papa slid his manhood into him.

The little fellow was stretched open so widely I could not believe it did not hurt and yet it must not have, because he was whimpering and licking our father's chest and terribly excited. When papa came it was very intense and the sperm bubbled out the hole, unable to be contained. He was sunk all the way to his balls in the boy. Papa swung him around so he was facing me and his penis was maybe only an inch long and hard as a little bean. I flicked my finger over it and the boy whispered something and then there was a little slickness on the tip of it. I think he came."

"Oh my God Alois!" Marie groaned, and she had three fingers inside herself now.

"This is so hot!"

"There's more," Alois cautioned. "You wanted to hear it all, yes?"


"I put my cock in the boy's mouth!" Alois told her, as the same time he inserted his middle finger in Marie's womb.

"You didn't! You did! Oh, Alois, I am so happy for you!" Marie had hardly dared hope for this. Though more than two years younger than her brother, Marie Suzette Gagnon was really the sexual dynamo of the family, far more open minded than her brother, and she desperately wanted to guide him to a carefree life of unbridled bi-sexual promiscuity. Slowly her dream was being realized, thanks tonight to her father's taking him to a men's Club. It made Marie's little pussy quiver to hear her brother confess to initiating a sex act on the one inch penis of a seven or eight year old foreign boy.

They snuggled and kissed. Alois' member was insistent against her cunt and she let him push it in. Her eyeballs trembled in the dark as he entered her wetness. "You fucked another man though?" Marie wanted to hear.

"Yes, I 'ordered', and how funny that sounds, it's like calling for a pizza or something, I ordered a man. I said to the server, 'Nineteen, white, eight inches.' Papa smiled at me like I was a professional. In a trice there was a man there, just what I'd ordered. His cock was hard. I told him to prepare for an anal penetration and he just pulled open his ass. It was almost funny, Marie. I fucked him and came."

"Did you do it standing?" Marie pestered.

"Yes, why did you ask?"

"I always think of men doing it standing, I don't know why."

"Well, that's what happened. I spent pretty hard too."

Now Alois concentrated on his little sister. Her cunt was like slimy warm rubber bands around his throbbing hardness.

Alois fucked her slowly and with intense devotion. His open palm lay on her pubis, feeling his hardness through her tummy. He continued the story: "So at last papa was tired, and we decided to leave. On the way out the girl gave us back our coats and hats and we gave her a large tip. One hundred dollars. Papa explained that all tips were divided among the entertainers after the clients left, the girl at the coat stand only got a dollar. So I gave her a ten- dollar bill myself. She was very pleased by that.

"Then we stood at the door for the cab. Apparently there is one cab company for that place. You wait a bit but there is no judgment, you know?"

"I want to ride you, big brother," Marie told Alois.

"Yes, do," Alois sighed.

He lay flat on his back and Marie straddled his broadening hips, his massive erection two thirds of the way inside her stretched young pussy as she rose up to peck his nose and lick his eyelashes. "Like a pony," he moaned.

"You're the pony," she corrected.

Alois lay dreamy and content. "That boy with the mascara," she went on, "Was he gay really?"

"I think he must have been," Alois said.

Marie was not so sure. She was very skeptical about male homosexuality. In her opinion, men were by nature bi-sexual, and homosexuality was primarily a feminine thing. But then again, maybe it existed. What did she know, she admitted to herself, for she was only a girl.

Nasty Alois, she thought, he is doing that thing to me! Indeed, her brother was doing the one thing her little body could not take without going into continuous convulsions: he was licking and chewing on her throat as she stretched out over him trying to form wings like an angel and envelope his adolescent manhood. Funny how of all the sex parts of her oversexed body, this non-sexual neck of hers was the most sensitive of all.

Each loving nibble rocked her, knocked the wind out of her. Then he lifted her up with his powerful arms and made her swelling bosoms depend over his mouth. Rocking her about as surely as a mariner steers a sailboat, Alois made both nipples conjoin between his teeth, and pulled them taut. With all eleven inches of his prick in her, she felt his upward thrusts. Her whole body was stretch like a bow.

Now it happened to her, what had happened to Alois once. Yes, a year ago in the village, when Alois and Beatrice and Francine had gone out clubbing. That night the three of them had met the ancient witch Nonette, who took Alois into her womb and was galvanized back into youth. Hundreds upon hundreds of years old she had been, ancient, haggard, and wizened.

And when Alois and Nonette coupled the world had stopped in its orbit and a cascade of light had descended upon them. Now in this New York condo, brother and sister fucking and in love, the light shone down on them again. Alois opened his sleepy loving eyes and beheld his sister's radiance, emanating an electrical effulgence.

"Please put your semen in me," Marie Suzette begged him.


He reached up and took her shoulders and pulled her down again, and bit her throat. He bled his sperm into her.

"Oh my God Alois, you're like a vampire!" Marie cried out melting.


"Yes, fuck me."

"The blood is the life!" Alois laughed, as Marie's left hand squeezed his balls, feeling them contract.

His ejaculation was of a strength hitherto unknown to either of them.

In the morning Marie would awake and actually find pooled blood on the sheet. She was not having her period, as she always took her pills and skipped them anyway. There was nothing wrong with her vagina. She lifted Alois' penis while he slept and with the utmost gentleness opened his urethra. A tiny blister. He had actually burst a cell from the intensity of his ejaculation. Poor boy. Oh, dear sweet brother!

Marie curled up under the blanket with her hair wrapped around her brother's penis. Soon enough he would wake.


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