After years of planning, Patrick Finn finally made a trip to Ireland, home of his ancestors. For three weeks, he saw the sights, met distant relatives and completely immersed himself in Irish culture. When his three-week trek across the Emerald Isle was drawing to a close, Patrick had a very strange experience in Limerick County.

He was driving alongside a vast green field when he saw a faint rainbow in the sky. Much to his surprise, it seemed to be emanating from the field. Patrick stopped his car and got out, trudging into the thick grass and clover of the field. After walking a ways he found the source of the rainbow; a small black cauldron filled with gold coins. "I must be dreaming." Patrick said. He knelt down and picked up the pot of gold. It was small, but it was still very heavy. Patrick took the pot of gold back to his car and set off for the hotel.

Once he was back at the hotel, he examined the pot of gold more closely. Each coin in the crock was stamped with a four-leaf clover emblem. He scooped out a whole handful of coins, but the amount still in the crock remained unchanged. Patrick sighed, "This can't be real." he said.

"Aye, but it is real!" Patrick looked up at see a tiny woman sitting on top of the pot of gold. "And so am I!" Though she was only ten inches tall, she in perfect proportion to a full grown woman. She was dressed in a green tailcoat and knickerbockers. She was wearing white stockings and brown shoes with gold buckles. She had long, bright red hair underneath a green bowler decorated with a shamrock.

Patrick leaned in closer, "What are you?"

She smiled, "Oh, me shamrocks and shillelaghs! Don't you know a leprechaun when you see one?" She stood drew herself up to her full, but still tiny, height. She took off her hat and bowed, her red hair, cascading down over her face, "Fiona O'Flanagan's me name!"

Patrick looked at her suspiciously, "Okay, Fiona, answer me this: did I fall while kissing the Blarney Stone, or drink myself to death at that pub in Kilkenny?"

Fiona laughed, "You're not dead, me boyo, and you're not dreamin'. I'm a real leprechaun!"

"Prove it." Patrick said.

Fiona sat back down on the pot of gold, "Since you found me pot o' gold, you're entitled to wishes."

"How many?" Patrick asked.

"As many as I think you deserve." Fiona said smugly.

Patrick sat down on the bed, "Alright, I wish for a corned beef sandwich on rye bread." Fiona smiled and snapped her fingers. There was a flash of green and gold light and when it cleared, a sandwich was sitting on the dresser between Patrick and the leprechaun. Patrick looked closely at the sandwich, "No way."

"Aren't you gonna eat it?" Fiona asked.

Patrick picked up the sandwich and took a bite. It tasted great. "This is really good!" he said, his mouth full. Once he finished eating, stood up, "Can you really grant any wish?" Fiona giggled and nodded. Patrick sat down, "Well, this trip was very expensive. I wouldn't mind having my money back." Fiona snapped her tiny fingers and a green briefcase full of emeralds and diamonds appeared next to Patrick's suitcase.

Patrick looked at the contents; "Whoa... there has to be millions in jewels in here."

"Give me a challenge!" Fiona said.

Patrick paced around the room, thinking of what to wish for. World peace? And end to hunger and disease? Since he couldn't think of something big to wish for, he decided to wish for something a bit simpler. "Okay, I've been in Ireland for three weeks, and I haven't had sex the whole time."

Fiona jumped to her feet and snapped her fingers. There was another flash of green and gold light and when it subsided, Fiona had grown to the size of human woman. Now that she was so big, Patrick could see how beautiful she was. Her fiery red hair was in great contrast to her fair white skin. Her cute nose was covered with tiny brown freckles. She had full, ruby lips, striking emerald eyes, large, round breasts and long, slender legs. The only thing that made Fiona look less than human was her slightly pointed ears.

Before Patrick could respond, Fiona snapped her fingers again. In a flash of green and gold, both Patrick and Fiona's clothes vanished. The sight of Fiona's fair, freckled flesh made Patrick's cock hard. Fiona put a hand on his chest and kissed him before she pushed him back onto the bed. The leprechaun climbed onto the mattress next to Patrick.

He kissed Fiona's neck tenderly, drinking her scent, which was distinctly similar to clover. Fiona purred lustily as Patrick moved down her neck and kissed her large breasts, paying particular attention to her sensitive pink nipples. Fiona moaned as Patrick moved down her soft white belly and past her bright red pubic hair. He kissed her inner thighs before he started on her delicate pussy lips. Fiona started grinding her hips against Patrick's face, her sweet juices pouring into his mouth.

After a few minutes of teasing Fiona's bright pink button, she came. Her thighs held him in place as her come flooded Patrick's mouth. "How do I taste?" Fiona asked.

Patrick licked his lips, "Magically delicious." he said cockily.

"Lie down." Fiona instructed. Patrick lay back on the bed while Fiona straddled his legs. She wrapped her long, slender fingers around his meat and pumped a few times, coaxing it back to an erection. She examined his seven inch cock, "Not bad, but I bet you wish it were bigger." Patrick nodded and Fiona snapped her fingers. Sparkling green and gold light surrounded Patrick's cock. Slowly, it started to grow larger in front of his eyes.

Patrick always wanted a larger cock, and now that it was happening, he could hardly believe it. In a matter of moments, Patrick's manhood had grown to almost fourteen inches, bigger than he had ever dreamed of. "There!" Patrick said.

Fiona snapped her fingers and Patrick's organ stopped swelling. "Now that's a real shillelagh!" Without another word, Fiona gripped the base of Patrick's huge new cock and spread her lower lips. She groaned with pleasure as his massive club started sinking into her hot leprechaun cunt. Once he had come to rest deep inside her, Fiona leaned over and kissed Patrick. Patrick was amazed that the slender nymph could take all of him.

For a while, both Patrick and Fiona remained motionless, just letting Patrick's huge shaft throb deep inside Fiona. Then Fiona started gyrating her hips, her tight cunt gripping Patrick's cock eagerly. Patrick put his hands on Fiona's slender, freckled hips and helped her to move. They started slowly then began to speed up. In a matter of moments, the room was filled with the sounds and smells of hot, passionate sex.

Patrick reached up and grabbed Fiona's generous breasts. Fiona threw her head back and started shouting in Gaelic. After a few more vigorous pumps, Fiona came, her cunt gripping Patrick's huge cock hungrily, drenching him in her clover-scented sweat and come. The sexy leprechaun's orgasm was too much for Patrick. His own powerful orgasm exploded from his loins, his hot, massive seed flowing into Fiona's hot body.

Fiona collapsed on Patrick's chest, breathing heavily. Patrick brushed her long red hair out her eyes and kissed her gently. "Now that was a good wish." Fiona said. Completely sated, Patrick wrapped his arms around Fiona and fell fast asleep.


The next morning, Patrick awoke to find himself alone in his hotel room. He sighed sadly; sure that he had dreamt the whole thing. He sat up, yawned and rubbed his eyes. That's when he saw the case of jewels that Fiona had conjured for him. It was sitting on the dresser where the pot of gold was the night before.

He lifted the sheet and checked his package. His fourteen-inch pole was now soft, nine inches long and still sticky. Patrick lay back on the bed. The trip to Ireland had been the best thing he'd ever done.


Back at the field, Fiona was carrying her pot of gold. She set it down about ten meters from the road and snapped her fingers, the rainbow reappearing. With another snap of her fingers, she returned to her normal height of ten inches. She hid in the clover, waiting. Most leprechauns hid their gold where no one could find it, but Fiona was different. She loved granting wishes... especially since almost everyone wished for sex.



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