It was almost time for summer vacation with all the schools getting out and everyone taking to the roads and going wherever people go for their summer fun. We had recently purchased some camping gear, a tent, butane stove, sleeping bags, and just the common rough tent camping stuff that would fit into the bed of a pick up truck. Our son was already out of the nest and into the work force so we were free to go and do for ourselves as we saw fit.

Little did I know how different this summer would turn out? Nick came home one day after a meeting at the local "Civic Club" (I will not name it) and said that they announced a program to help some of the underprivileged kids have a memorable summer vacation and were asking members to invite someone on the special list with them on their vacation.

He had volunteered to take one of the kids with us if it was OK by me. I assured him that it was the thing to do and was all for it. After all it is a wife�s duty to be support her husband.

When our Kid came over for our trip planning meeting, he turned out to be a young High School drop out named Ed, who had just turned 18, was shy, black, and had a nice smile and muscular body, and lived with his momma. I found myself thinking, "What a nice looking handsome young man."

I thought about how all the girls must swoon over him only later to find out that he had little experience with the girls, as he was very shy with them. I did notice that his eyes seemed to travel up and down my body as if to undress me. He might be shy with the girls but I had a feeling that he had very mature thoughts.

I found my self thinking of him and wondering if he was a virgin or if he was sexually active. Why would I think this? I don't know but I was having these little questions straying into my thoughts from time to time. I even had some crazy daydreams that included some petting with Ed imagining that I was in high school and he was the star basketball player. (I love basketball and love to watch it and the players on TV) I was a high school cheerleader and enjoyed dressing sexy for the players and fans and cheering for our guys. I loved the feeling I got from being looked at in my skimpy cheerleader uniform.

During our discussions, Nick and I planned on how we would sleep in the tent. Nick is a very sound sleeper and snores very loudly so we decided to let him sleep on one side and me in the middle so our guest would not have to be too close to him and be disturbed. When Nick is on vacation, he loves to have a few drinks before bedtime and usually will be drunk when he goes to sleep and that makes him very hard to wake up before daylight. Little did I know that this decision would contribute to Ed's memorable vacation?

Our first night in the camp ground and we were all tired. It was hot and we put our sleeping bags on the floor of the tent and slept on the top trying to stay as cool as possible and all seemed to go to sleep right away. I was the first to wake the next morning, with both guys still asleep.

My hubby was snoring away and Ed seemed to be dreaming as he wiggled some and placed his hand on top of his crotch. I looked and noted that he seemed to have an erection as his hand slowly rubbed through his pajama bottoms. I noted that they were the type that had a slit in front so that a man can take care of things if needed.

Ed seemed to be waking up as he moved his arms up and started stretching and rubbing his eyes, saying, "Hi," as he did. I could not help but glance down to his crotch and see a nice black hard cock mostly hidden but just enough showing that I was having some evil thoughts about grabbing it and making him my sweetie. I managed to control myself.

I responded to Ed by saying, "I hope you slept well. I surely did. I hope Nick's snoring did not bother you."

"Yes mum, I slept well and the snoring didn't bother me none," Ed said.

"If you want to, we can go for a walk and see what there is here," I suggested feeling that I wanted to do something with Ed for some reason. I was already feeling like we were going to be very close and friendly in spite of his shyness with girls. (I was thinking that maybe he was shy with girls and not women) I wanted Ed to have a very memorable vacation.

"Yes mum, that will be good. I will get my pants on and I will be ready," Ed said.

I giggled and turned my head and said, "I will keep my eyes away while you dress. Don't worry I won't peek," and giggled again. "I will just keep my shorts on." (I had slept in some light loose fitting nylon shorts and a loose fitting T-shirt)

We strolled down to the river and walked along the banks slowly and looking and chatting. I soon realized that our hands had met somehow and we were holding hands like a couple of young lovers as I squeezed Ed's hand and he squeezed back. We came to a bench by the river and we walked over and sat down, still holding hands and I decided to place his hand on my thigh and my hand on top of his to see what would happen.

We continued to chat as if what we were doing was natural. I knew now that I was trying to seduce him and I think he was harboring the same thoughts. I started acting like a young girl again, and would say silly things and lay my head on his shoulder as he put his arm around me and run his fingers through my hair. I asked Ed if he had a girl friend. He said that he had never been close with a girl even though he wanted to. He did not feel at ease with a girl.

I then asked him the question that was burning in my mind, if he had been intimate with a girl. He seemed nervous as he answered saying, "I�ve never been able to go very far.") Guess I am just shy. We chatted for a while and walked back to our camp site to find that Nick was just getting up.

We had a good day with Nick and Ed fishing and laying around and talking. I took another walk by the river pondering what had happened between Ed and me, if anything. I thought maybe I was putting too much into our morning walk. Maybe Ed was just being nice to me. I knew what I wanted and hoped Ed did as well.

We went to bed the next night and I again had on loose fitting gym shorts and a large T-shirt. Ed had on his pajamas. Nick had drank himself to sleep and was snoring as I drifted off to sleep to be awakened sometime by Ed being next to me and pushing against my leg with his hard cock. I though, "Wow, what is happening?"

I soon realized that he was likely still asleep and was doing what boys do sometimes in their sleep. I had to admit that it aroused my sexual desires somewhat. He seemed to roll back and continue sleeping. I lay there awake wondering if I should do anything. I am twice his age. No I should not. He doesn't want me really; he is just reacting to his nightmares. As I lay there he rolled over toward me again and started pushing against my leg with more vigor this time. I noticed that his black erection had slipped out of his pajama bottoms and was fully visible. I now was very horny and my mind was all mixed up as to what to do. I decided, to heck with it, if he "raped" me in his sleep,(of course I would encourage it all that I could) it is not my fault, so I turned to my side with my back toward him, pulled my shorts down and moved my butt back till it met his bare cock as he pushed against my naked butt.

I reached back and spread my cheeks as he pushed and the head found a wet slipper slit to enter. The pushing stopped for a moment and my heart skipped a beat thinking that I had pushed this event too far and too fast. I then felt a hard thrust as he went deep inside me and started to push in and out and he encircled me with his arms pulling me close as he drove his black rod home.

I lay still letting him have his way with me as I didn't want to disturb or change what was happening in case it was a dream. As he pumped harder and deeper I felt his cock start throbbing and pumping his young black sperm into my now ready white womb. (Oh my, I thought. What if he breeds me?) I didn't care; as I was so horny there was no stopping us now. I wanted all he had.

I loved the thought of being the one to take his virgin cock and pump it dry. I wanted him to be satisfied and over his shyness. He soon stopped and laid still. I lay as still as I could not wanting him to know that I knew what was happening. He soon rolled over and lay on his back.

I stayed still for a few minutes then turned toward him and could see in the moonlight that his eyes were open and he seemed to be in deep thought. I moved next to him and kissed him on the cheek and said, "I just had this most enjoyable and memorable dream about you and me."

"Yes," Ed said. "I had one too. I hope you are not mad at me. I could not help myself. I have never felt this way before. I knew sex was supposed to be good but never knew it was this good. Of course that made feel like a really hot mom.

"Oh, Baby, don't worry. I wanted it to happen and it did. You are so sweet and I want you to know that I am yours any time you need me. I am just as surprised that you would be attracted to a woman twice your age."

"Thanks, Miss Brenda, I am so happy now, you are so good to me. I will never forget this vacation," as an exhausted Ed drifted off into sleep with his head nestled in my bosoms. He was my baby now. I now knew that he wanted me as much as I wanted him and he was going to have one hell of a fucking vacation. It would be one that we would both remember the rest of our lives.

I awoke the next morning wondering if I had been dreaming or was it for real. I looked over at Ed and he looked so peaceful as he slept. I looked at my husband as he continued to sleep soundly. I lay there thinking about what would happen tonight when we went to bed again. My sexual desires were again being aroused as I thought of my young black lover getting "pussy whipped" by his newfound white mistress. I knew I wanted him on top of me tonight and I wanted to feel my own climax as I closed around his swollen manhood pumping him dry once more.

The time finally arrived. Nick was the first in bed after several drinks and immediately started snoring as usual. I knew that Ed and I could do what we wanted and Nick would never know anything. Ed lay down on his bag as I began to get ready for the night. I decided to dress in front of Ed but made like a timid little girl. "Now don't look at me as I dress or I will tell Mom. Hide your eyes," and I giggled. I was hoping it had the effect I wanted and it did.

As I removed my clothes, Ed covered his eyes and looked through his fingers and said, "I can�t see anything," and laughed. I cupped my breast in my hands and moved to Ed, kneeled down and then bent over him lowering my hard nipples to his waiting mouth, as he took each in and suckled them like my baby. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was feeding my black baby my white mom's milk. I moved my hand down to his crotch and felt his manhood. I whispered to Ed. "I think Mom's baby boy is a big boy now and needs to be treat ed like a big boy."

I pulled his pajama bottoms off and lowered my head to his waiting cock, licking the clear liquid from the tip and gently nibbling down to his black balls, knowing that they would soon be pumping me full of their seed. I could tell that Ed was very aroused. I decided to ride his pole tonight and take control of my young eager lover.

I moved up and placed my lips on his as we kissed deeply, I moved my womanhood over his manhood and moved up placing my wet lubricant along his shaft, then with a slight humping motion had encased it in my hot waiting canal as he moaned and shoved it deep grasping my butt with both hands pulling me hard against his black body as he pumped hard and deep. I had made myself so horny thinking of this all day that I was ready to explode as he said, "You are making me fucking horny, I'm going to blow my nuts."

"Go sugar. I'm all yours. Shoot deep and all you have sweetie. You are so good, baby." With that I felt my orgasm coming as his cock spewed his seed in me. I rammed my tongue deep into his mouth as I shook all over, and then went stiff, and then I collapsed exhausted in his arms, as he gasped for air.

I knew that we both had reached our peak at almost the same time and that our orgasms were out of this world. I moved over to my sleeping bag and went to sleep knowing that the next night would provide us with more beautiful sex with my sweet young black lover. This old woman had made him into a real man.

When the vacation was over and we headed home on the last day, I remarked to my husband that I was pleased that he had decided to show Ed a vacation that met the objective of the program, "A memorable one," and that I felt certain that it was just that. I had to control myself to keep from screaming out, "I sure had a memorable one as well."



  • Anonymous said:
    1 year ago
    I used to go camping by myself in the Smokie Mountains of Tennessee . One trip I was making my dinner when three black teens stumbled out of the woods. They were lost. I found out they were camping at the park about three miles away. I told them since it would be dark soon it might be best to stay at my ca,spite till morning. That night I enjoyed three hard black cocks. They hiked back and got their gear and came back for the rest of the week. I ended up pregnant from that trip and have a beautiful baby daughter.