Not exactly innocent, but being kissed does not make a fifteen-year-old girl knowledgeable about the facts of life, except what one learns from friends, magazines, movies, or even xxx rated video films. My life seemed to change drastically after my parents divorced. My extended family was a mixture between my mother's siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

The same could be said of my father's family, but they seemed to divorce me, when mom and dad separated, so I didn't see them that often. My favorite person to be around when I was younger was my Uncle Dave, my mother's younger brother. For no reason other than to be comfortable, I would walk around the house in just my panties, and when my breast started to grow, a bra.

There were times when Uncle Dave was in our home and I was dressed in just my underwear. Uncle Dave would tease me and was always playful with me, but made no sexual moves towards me, ever. I started to develop when I was just a few weeks from my thirteenth birthday.

Uncle Dave became a little more reserved towards me after that, and I wanted his attention, and I sometimes fantasize Uncle Dave was my "boyfriend" and I would use him in my fantasy as I masturbated. Never did I experience any personal contact with Uncle Dave that wasn't strictly on the relationship of family.

Then I had an opportunity to be alone with my favorite uncle for a four day hiking trip. Would my desires to be close to my uncle finally become more than something to masturbate to in my mind? Only one problem was present in my thoughts of sex with my uncle, my breast were so small, and was sure nothing would ever happen between my uncle and myself, with tiny breast.


When you live in the city, and an opportunity arises for a teenage girl to take a camping trip with your favorite uncle, your life doesn't seem to get any better. Joanne, my mom, told me her youngest brother, who was thirty-two, had called and invited me to go camping with him for a five-day camping and hiking trip. I had just returned from the local city swimming pool with my best friend Tammy, and after hearing all the details from mom about the trip I called Tammy.

"Tammy, I get to go with Uncle Dave for a camping and hiking trip in the mountains." The place we were going to hike was the Blue Ridge Parkway, that winds through mountains where the lush trees and beautiful pastures, that also has winding creeks." For the next twenty minutes we spoke about the trip and Tammy continued asking to let her go with Uncle Dave and me.

Tuesday morning I was up at five-thirty, and by six o'clock, Uncle Dave and I were headed for the mountains. After two hours of driving, we pulled off the interstate and ate breakfast at a Cracker Barrel. While enjoying my breakfast, Uncle Dave teased me about my growing up, and not being the skinny kid he used carry on his shoulders. I returned the teasing and remembering that he was four years younger than my mom, told him. "Well Old Man, when we hike those mountains and you get tired, you just let know and I will give you a piggyback ride."

"Let's see, you're fifteen now, so you are probably given your boy friends' piggyback rides, or possibly other kind of rides, Miss Sexy."

"Uncle Dave, you are impossible, I don't even have a boyfriend, but I know what you meant." Then I add, "You're the only man I would even consider letting do what you're insinuating," I said with a grin on my face and sarcasm in my voice.

"Thanks, guess that is a compliment, but don't tell your mommy if we do anything, Little Girl." The tone of Uncle Dave's voice told me that he was not going to stop teasing me, so I looked at him, and asked, "Well Big Boy, are you going to share your sleeping bag with me and protect me from the Big Bad Wolf?" With a very soft pitch to my voice I asked, "Or are you the Big Bad Wolf?"

"Perhaps protect isn't the operable word, Little Red Riding Hood, and don't forget what the Bad Wolfe did to Riding Hood." Uncle Dave laughed and added, "You have grown since I saw you over Christmas."

"Now if I remember correctly, the Big Bad Wolf got in grandma's bed, and when Little Red Riding Hood, went to see granny, the wolf jumped out the bed, grabbed Little Red Riding Hood, and ate her." Then I acted really serious, and asked Uncle Dave, so are you going to eat me?"

"Have you ever been eaten, or will I be your first?"

"Uncle Dave you are impossible, and I know what you are saying and you know what I just said, so tell me the truth, would you like me for dinner, or at least dessert?" After we both laughed at exchange, I told Uncle Dave, "I've never done anything, and I'm really a virgin, and hope you believe me. But, I will let you be my Big Ba Wolf, and won't object, if you would like that between us, really and truthfully, Uncle Dave."

"Merlee, you just gave me an invitation that no sane person could refuse, uncle or not, you are very pretty, and right now you should not tempt me. What have you done with boys, if you want to tell me?"

"Nothing really, and no boy has ever touched me, and other than kissing, I'm so pure the kids in school call me Snow White, or Little Virgin Girl, and that is sometimes hard to live with. One day I thought about letting Johnny Menion do some things, but I got scared and told my friend Tammy we needed to leave before we got in trouble. Uncle Dave, Tammy is really cute, and she had let Johnny's brother, Rick, remove her top and bra, and she wanted him to undress her all the way and would have let him do it to her, if I hadn't gotten scared and said we needed to leave."

"Sounds like Tammy is ready for sex, so are you ready, Little Red Riding Hood?"

"Uncle Dave, I might be, but would you want to do it with your niece, and not be upset when I didn't know what to do?"

"This is a strange conversation, and I'm glad you mother isn't listening, so guess we best get on the road, and no, I would be honored if I was ever allowed to be your first, or any other time, OK?" Walking from the restaurant, I smiled at Uncle Dave and reached out and held his hand in mine. "Thanks Uncle Dave and I will do whatever happens between us, and let you show me how to be nice to you, if you want that between the two of us," I answered?

Back in the car, we drove another four hours, then we reached the entrance of the Parkway, paid the toll, and drove to where we were going to hike and camp out. Fixing our backpacks so they were well balanced, and each of us filled two canteens, we placed the packs on our backs, and fastened the others so they were secure and centered on our backs and shoulders.

Picking up our hiking sticks, we headed out for the trail, and within a few minutes were enjoying the beauty of the woods. Around three in the afternoon, we reached a small green pasture, and the wild flowers were in full bloom.

No matter which way you turned, you saw the brilliant blues and golds of the summer flowers, and of in the distance we watch three deer as they grazed on the grass near the tree line.

Following the trail, we reached the point where Uncle Dave said he wanted to hike into the trees and away from the main path. As we walked, we snacked on our trail pack of goodies, and then we finally crested the high hill we had been climbing. Reaching the top, we looked around and down below, we saw the most wonderful scene, and I took several photographs of the valley and the creek that ran in a meandering way from one end of the valley to the other.

Uncle Dave let me take photographs of him with the valley as a backdrop, and then he took several of me. Removing my tripod, I attached the camera to it, and using the timer, took photos of us together.

While waiting for the camera to click the shoot automatically, I moved my face up and kissed Uncle Dave lightly on his lips, and heard the camera shutter click as my lips were on his. He reached down and lightly slapped my butt, and I told him, "You have to pay to play." I had heard that expression in a movie or read it in a book once, but when I said it, I realized what it meant, and embarrassed myself.

"You certainly have a red face, Little Girl, did you do, or say something I don't know about," Uncle Dave asked, and knowing full well what I had said was making me turn red. Then he looked at me and said he thought he would switch to his hiking shorts before the hike down into the valley, as it is going to be really hot in the afternoon Sun. With that he removed his backpack and removed his hiking shorts from the pocket which contained extra underwear, socks and shirts.

I watched in amazement as he removed his levis and stood in his jockey shorts. The front of his shorts was pushed out and I knew what was hiding behind the material, and felt a strange excitement pass through my body with the knowledge. Then I heard him tell me, "You should wear shorts also, as the levis are not made for hiking in the sun."

I removed my backpack, and placing it on the ground, got out a pair of shorts. My mind was a blur as I removed my pants and stood in front of my uncle in just my panties, which were just a little bigger than my pubic area in the front. Looking at Uncle Dave, I saw his eyes were looking at me and they seemed to drill holes in my panties. As I stepped into my shorts, and pulled them up, his eyes never left my crotch. "Like what you're seeing?" I asked.

"Most assuredly, you have beautiful legs, and the Big Bad Wolf would love to share a sleeping bag with the pretty damsel in distress, so is the offer still good for tonight?" Then laughed as I saw he had been taking photos of me as I changed, and had held the camera at his side as he took them.

"Uncle Dave, you're an idiot, you took pictures of me in my panties. You're a pervert. You know that?" Then I surprised him and myself and added in a teasing voice, "Have the camera ready when we reach the creek because I'm going to swim nude there too!"

"That, Merlee, will make my day, and I hope you're serious, as you know I do photographic work for a living, and you for a model would be wonderful." Then he smiled and said I looked wonderful, and asked if I had brought my bathing suit with me?

"Yes, it is a one-piece, with a French cut up the side of the legs, but it makes my legs look fat." Then we replaced out backpacks, and headed down the long walk to the valley floor below us. The distance across the valley was likely a couple of miles, or so it seemed as the sun was hot like a typical July afternoon, as we walked facing it.

It was nearly seven o'clock in the evening by the time we had our camp set up, and we used our small propane stove to cook our meal of dried foods, mixed with water from the stream. After cleaning up the material from out meal packs, we decided to go for a swim.

Uncle Dave stripped off his clothes in front of me, and when he removed his jockey shorts, his manhood was hanging down between his legs, and he had hair covering his chest and it ran all the way to his pubic area. Smiling at me, he walked over and stepped down into the stream and yelled out, "Damn, it is cold; my balls are going to freeze off!"

Hearing his exclamation, I commenced laughing and decided if he could be nude, I could be, also. Removing my clothes, I wondered what mom would say if she knew I was naked in front of her brother. After removing my sports bra and panties, I walked slowly and with a timid look on my face as I approached my uncle, and saw his eyes were traveling up and down my body as I neared the creek.

Being nude before Uncle Dave me ill at ease, and I was certain he would laugh when he saw my 32-A breast. Other than my mom, and the girls in the shower at school, no one had ever seen my body nude. Now I was being looked upon by the man who I had used in my masturbation fantasy.

"Stay there, let me get my camera, I want some photos of you as you walk through the grass and then into the water." Smiling at me as he walked past me, Uncle Dave told me, "You are truly a lovely young woman."

He didn't say a girl, but Uncle Dave called me a woman. I knew that our being nude was wrong, and his taking photographs of me nude was also wrong. Yet I felt like it was my time in history of womanhood to share myself, not in a sexual way, but as a woman desired and seen nude for the first time by a man.

After obtaining his digital camera, Uncle Dave got back in the water, but as he passed, I saw his penis was sticking out in front of him. My mind told me he was excited in viewing my body in the nude, and this caused me to feel desirable, even though I knew it was not a proper condition for either myself or my Uncle Dave.

When Uncle Dave told me how to walk and how to move my arms, he was taking photos after photos, and as I entered the water, it was so cold and my mouth cried out the shock my body was receiving from the cold water. "My god, Uncle Dave, it is cold, and I don't know if I want to get any deeper than my knees, and you know why, right?"

Smiling as he said it, he told me, "I can see two reasons sticking out from your gorgeous breast, and I mean they are sticking out, and puckered up at the same time." Then he had me move in various poses and to tell him what I was feeling in his photographing me while I was nude. "Turn a little to your left, Love, yes, like that, now lean back just a slight bit, perfect, now walk toward me and splash the water lightly with your fingers."

Looking down I could see my nipples were puckered up, and they seemed to be twice the length I had ever seen them before. Finally I was only a foot from where Uncle Dave was standing, and I could see his penis was sticking straight out and slightly upward from his body.

Tammy and I had often discussed about boys and how their things must look when they are excited. Just a few weeks ago, Tammy had told me she saw her twin brother in the nude, and he had a boner on, and it stuck almost straight up in the air.

She had touched it, but when he asked her to do remove her housecoat, and she was in only her panties, she had taken them off as well. Tammy told me she had let her brother touch her breast and even between her legs. When he pulled her down on the bathroom floor, and got between her legs, he started to put his penis into her sex. When that happened, Tammy said she became afraid, got up from the floor, and ran from the bathroom where she had seen her brother nude and they had almost done it.

After telling Uncle Dave about Tammy, he told me if Tammy was like myself, he could see why her brother would want to have more than just a look at his sister.

Uncle Dave asked me to smile and to move my hands over and around my face and hair and then he asked me to cup my breast with my hands and to pinch my nipples with my fingers. He was taking photographs the entire time, and had stepped back about three feet from me.

"Jump up as far into the air as you can, and spread your legs far apart," Uncle Dave asked me. How many times he shot me I didn't keep track off, but he eventually kneeled down in the water, and I knew he was photographing me between my legs as I jumped up, and I made certain my legs were really wide, so wide apart that it hurt to have them stretched that far apart.

Finally, he walked over to the bank and placed the camera on the grass, then walked back to where I was standing. I watch as his thing bounced up and down as he walked in the water to me. The movement of his penis up and down and even kind of sideways was amazing to me. Uncle Dave smiled at me, and knew I was looking at his erection. "Do you enjoy seeing me excited, and being hard from looking at you, Merlee?"

Without thinking, I replied, "Yes, I've never seen a man's thing before, and is it actually hard from your looking at me in the nude, be honest and tell me the truth, Uncle Dave?"

"Yes, and you are truly a lovely person to view nude." Then Uncle Dave was standing directly in front of me, and perhaps a couple of inches were open between our bodies. I could feel the end of his penis touching my stomach. I wasn't scarred, but my body felt an unknown tenseness. That our closeness could lead to sex didn't enter my mind only that some Being was taking over my mind and body. My arms reached out and hugged Uncle Dave, and I pulled us tightly together, then his arms were around me.

I felt uneasy in allowing my body to be seen by my uncle, especially my small breast, and sparse pubic hair. There was no way I could stop from asking Uncle Dave for the truth about my body. "Uncle Dave, I need to know the truth, do you really think my breast are nice, and not to small?"

"Merlee, your breast are perfectly shaped and pointed and look to be firm and your nipples are the most exquisite I have ever looked upon."

Looking at Uncle Dave, I wondered what he thought about the thin growth of hair over my sex, and if I was really cute. "Uncle Dave, is my hair, down there, ok, or what?"

"Your perfect all over, and I hope to prove that to you in the fullest way possible, or should we stop what our actions are leading up to, as you are only fifteen, and the decision is yours, Sweetheart." After hearing Uncle Dave speak about how I looked and how he thought I was really pretty, I knew that I would let him do all those things I had visualized while masturbating.

"Be gentle," I spoke in a light whisper to my uncle, as I turned my face up so he would kiss me.

There could be no doubt what I had insinuated with my comment, and my uncle did not fondle me in any way, but asked in a soft voice, "Merlee, are you still a virgin?"

In a soft whisper, I replied, "Yes!" My body felt the hairs on Uncle Dave's chest, and they were exciting to feel them on my nipples and breast. He picked me up in his arms and carried me over to the grass and lay me down gently.

"Do you want to continue, and you know what will happen, don't you, Merlee?" Then he lay down beside him, and looking in my eyes, asked, "Do you wish it to be more romantic and we'll wait until it is dark, and we can see the stars, or we cannot go all the way, the choice is yours?"

"Oh, Uncle Dave, I-I'm afraid, but I would like it to be dark and the stars out my first time." Then as I felt him hug me, I spoke about our being related. "We will be having incest, won't we, but I will never tell."

Uncle Dave told me that it would be incest, but he could not have believed how I had changed. Had he known how I had grown over the past six or so months, he wouldn't have brought me with him camping. We lay side- by-side, and weren't doing anything but hugging each other. Uncle Dave was stroking my back with one hand, and he asked me, "Merlee, do you understand all about having sex, or what people do when they give each other pleasure?"

For a while I explained what I knew from reading and seeing in movies, and what Tammy had and I had spoken about. When I informed Uncle Dave about a sex movie Tammy and I watched that belonged to her father, and how we wondered if we could take a man's thing in our mouths.

Uncle Dave had moved so his penis was laying between my thighs and was moving it back and forth so it caressed my sex. His one hand was on my small breast, while the other was stroking my back and down to my hips, then back up and would even caress my face.

The feelings in my body were unlike anything I had ever felt before, and the closeness made me hug my Uncle Dave's neck. "You can be the Big Bad Wolf, but don't do it yet, I want it under the stars, as it seems romantic that way, and you will be my first, please believe me, Uncle Dave."

We got up, dressed and walked across the meadow to where the hill started, and we found a rock outcropping, and we climbed up a short way, then sat back and looked out over the valley. The view was beautiful, and Uncle Ted told me about his time in the military, and how he once sat on a dead tree during a night training patrol, in Washington state when he was stationed there.

Both of us looked and spoke about the beauty of the countryside. Uncle Dave had been in Bosnia and that was why I hadn't seem him for several months. The life of people where he was stationed was terrible due to the war, it made him understand life much more, and that he wanted nothing more than to survive and get back to his family.

While we sat and watched deer come across the valley as it got darker. Uncle Dave asked me it I was ready to return to our camp. My mind told me what that meant, and I shuddered and moved against him. Uncle Dave took me in his arms, and pulled me tight against him. Then he stood up, reached down with his hand, helped me stand up, and we commenced walking back to camp.

We had a light-weight tent set up that we would sleep in. I thought, tonight is my honeymoon, and my castle was the tent we were going to sleep in tonight. My mind said we were in some strange and distant land, all being romantic to my fifteen-year-old mind. Uncle Dave asked me if I would like a cup of coffee, as he was going to fix some on the small propane camping stove. "Great idea, and how cold will it get tonight, cause it seems like the temperature has dropped considerably?"

"Most likely around the fifties, and we are higher than you think above sea level, so I guess we will need to snuggle together tonight." Then the water was heated and Uncle Dave mixed the instant coffee in the water, then handed me a cup. Looking at me, he asked if I was happy and glad I had came on the hike with him.

"When mom said you called and invited me, I was really happy, as we never go any place since mom and dad divorced." "You know I had no idea, in any way - shape or form, that I would be nude with you, and would let you know you could have me." As I sipped my coffee, my mind created a question that had been in my mind since we were nude at the stream.

I had to ask him, "Uncle Dave, did you invite me so you could maybe have sex with me, and be honest, cause I won't be mad, but I want to know if that is why you asked me along?" The question was long and I knew that if I didn't say it all at once, I would turn chicken and perhaps ruin our trip.

"No, Merlee, it wasn't until I saw you nude, and you are truly beautiful, and I must say it, your tits are the best I have ever seen." We looked at each other, and I was amazed when he said "tits" instead of breast, but it did not bother me when he used the slang word, as I knew it was not used in a disrespectful manner. Then he asked, "What size are your breast?"

"They are 32 A-cups, and I wish they were bigger, and not so hard feeling." When I told Uncle Dave that, I was certain he found them small, and I knew they were pointed out and were like a funnel in shape. My nipples were somewhat longer than the girls I saw when we would shower after gym class, and they were so fair in pink color, they appeared as if they were off-white.

"Tell me the truth Uncle Dave, you see women's breast all the time when you photograph them, and are you serious when you said my "TITS" are the pettiest you have ever seen." When I used the word tits, I was excited, and spoke it louder than the other words, and Uncle Dave busted up laughing, and shouted loudly when spelling the word, "T I T S" and must have scarred all the animals around.

After a second cup of coffee, I looked at Uncle Dave and asked him, "May I get ready for bed first, even if you have seen me without clothing?"

"Yes, that would be nice, Merlee, and make up your mind as to what you wish to happen."

"I have already, Dave, my mind is made up as to what I wish to happen," I replied, knowing within the next hour I would no longer be a virgin. "Dave, from now on it will never be Uncle Dave, you understand, don't you, DAVE," I said with excitement in my voice?

Entering the small plastic tent, I undressed, and in my backpack, found my deodorant and lipstick, and after fluffing my hair, spoke in a soft voice, "I'm ready, Dave, come in."

When the flap of the tent pulled back, and I saw Dave at the entrance, I moved forward, with my beach towel in my hand. "Under the stars, Dave, or should I say, Big Bad Wolf, remember?"

Helping me from the tent, he took the towel I offered him, and spread it out on the ground. He held me close and eased me down on the make shift wedding bed, or at least that is how I thought of the towel, as I reclined on it. His nude body shown in the moonlight, and I could see his erection, and it seemed larger and rose high and upward from his body toward the stars.

Dave lay down beside me, and both of us were on our back, and I looked at the millions of stars as they twinkled in the sky. Never had I seen so many stars, and the moon was full, and the light across the sky settled down onto us as we held hands.

Moving my hand in his and downward, Dave placed it on his erect penis, and for the first time in my life I was feeling the firmness of a male organ. The stiffness and smoothness of the object surprised me. While I was holding him in my hand, Dave rolled onto his side, and his lips were soon on my face and then on my lips.

I had been French-kissed before, but when Dave moved his tongue between my lips, he begins to lick all around my teeth, on the sides, the back of back teeth. Then his tongue was licking and pressing with some strength against the insides of my mouth, licking my gums and wherever else it could caress. My hand gripped the male member in as tight of a grip that I could do. Then I felt the most unique feeling ever to pass across or through my body.

Dave moved his hand down and was gently rubbing his palm over and around my stomach, in a circle like motion and his finger tips would brush the curls adoring my mons. When Dave's fingers would slip across the top of my sex, they lightly touched my clitoris. The feeling became so intense when they rested at the top of my vagina, and Dave pressed a finger tip on the prepuce covering my clit, and it seemed he was flipping my clip.

I lay looking up at the night of stars, and when I felt a male suckle my nipples for the first time, while a finger was stimulating my clit. With involuntary movements my hips raised up from the towel I was laying on. My eyes opened and closed, and each time they opened I remember how Dave and I had said under the stars if we were to do it. My mind knew what was going to happen as Dave kissed his way down across my stomach; them his lips were kissing my pubes.

Dave positioned himself between my legs, and his face was directly over my vulva. My body begins to quiver as his lips pressed onto the prepuce, and his tongue found my clit. For the next several minutes I enjoyed the oral stimulation I was receiving from Dave. "Oh, Dave, it is so wonderful, and don't make me wait any longer, do It."

The large form of my uncle moved up over my body, and when he guided his manhood to the entrance of my sex, I was looking at the stars. I knew that in a short moment of time what was going to happen, and it was a one time occasion. Tammy and I had often exchanged ideas of what it would be like to have a boy take us. Now it wasn't a boy, but a grown man, and my Uncle, who was about to take my virginity.

During my fantasies, I had often envisioned giving my virginity to some boy, and most likely at our senior prom, now it was going to be under the stars, with my uncle. I was excited and scared of what was about to happen, and the fear of the unknown is, in my opinion, what makes people search for other things. Then I felt a man's penis, pressing against the lips of my sex, and knew that I was going to be penetrated.

Will it hurt, and oh god, he is starting to push it in me. Uncle Dave's penis I knew must be large and I assumed it was fairly larger than some, after what I had seen in the movie with Tammy.

The large head of Dave's phallus was attempting to part the puffed lips of my labia, and then I felt a pressing feeling, as that large head entered past the second set of lips guarding the entrance into my uterus. Slowly I felt Dave stretching me open, and moving into my body, then he pulled completely out from my sex, then reentered, and repeated this over and over, and my desires for more and deeper penetration, forced my hips up to meet the next entrance of his penis into me as he pressed into my body.

The action of my raising my hips upward, caused Dave to press against my virginity, and I felt a stinging sensation in my sex. "OH, DAVE," I moaned out somewhat loudly. Then I felt him again pull out of my body, then I told him, "Dave, I want it this time, and I promise to be brave, and I'm watching the stars for both of us, take me, Darling Dave." It stung inside my sex s he split my hymen, and I moaned out, "Easy... I feel... OH GAWD DAVE! Easy... EEEEE!"

When I felt his firm member, again seemingly trying to part my labia, and slip into me and my hips again rose up from the towel. Dave with a forward and quickly and forceful thrust into my sex, spilt my hymen, and then I would cry out, "Dave, oh Dave, don't move it in me for a while, don't move, it stings, but feels wonderful at the same time, and the stars are blinking at us."

In my mind, I thought how romantic I was feeling under the stars, having just that moment lost my treasured gift a woman can give a man, my cherry. Now at the age of fifteen, I was a woman, thanks to my Uncle Dave.

Without asking if I was ready and a couple of minutes had passed, Dave begins to move back and forth in my sex, and my hips would rise up to meet his strokes. Dave told me that each time he was ready to go off, he was going to stop for a moment, as he wanted my first time to be long and perfect. For at least a half hour, or so it seemed, he took me as a man takes a woman in sexual union. Then I knew he was ready to give me his semen, and he moaned out that he was going to cum, "I better pull out, oh hell, I'm going too cum.:

I moved my legs up around his body and my arms reached down and my hands grabbed his hips, I pulled him into me as I whispered, "Give me you body, all of it, Dave!"

Dave shoved deep into me and I felt his body spasm against mine, as he ejaculated into my welcoming body. Any thought of becoming pregnant was lost in the moment for both of us. When I opened my eyes, I saw the stars, but I also saw Dave as he was holding himself above me on his hands. His eyes told me all I needed to know, that he loved me as much as I loved him.

Dave moved from atop me, and told me to lay still, and he would get something to wipe me between my legs. I reached out with my hand and caught his arm, telling him, "No, Dave, let our bodies enjoy the wetness."

"Merlee, I must tell you, your bleeding some, from losing..." As Dave was saying that, I interrupted him, saying, "Yes, I know about a girl and her first time, and they sometimes bleed, but my bleeding is from you, and I want it on me tonight."

Dave moved onto his back next to me, and I rolled onto my left side, and moved my leg up over his body, pressing my opened and bleeding wounded sex against his thigh. My arm lay across his chest and my hand reached up and caressed his face. My lips begin to kiss his hairy chest and I moved my lips to where I could suck his tiny brownish nipples.

Within the hour, we again were enjoying the feeling of our bodies giving the other the sexual release we wanted. On the second time of having sex, my body responded and I cried out, "Its happening, oh my darling, Dave. I'm cumming!"

Then the night air seemed to become chilly, and I decided to go into the tent. "Now that I'm a ruined woman, I might just as well go to bed with you, Mr. Big Bad Wolf, and besides it is getting cold out here." I jumped up and when I did, felt the pain from moving so fast, and cried out, "Gees that hurts, more than when you went in me."

We got into the small tent, and had fastened our sleeping bags together, so it made us one large area to sleep in. While we were cuddling with each other, I asked Dave how many women he had been with. He laughed as he said, "One, just you."

There have been other females, but you are truly the first woman, he also told me. When he asked me to tell me about my sex life, I was honest and told Dave about masturbating, and that even Tammy and I had watched each other get off. I told him how, Billy, a boy who lived down the street from me, had invited me to watch TV a few days before, and we were in his basement rec room.

"Would you believe, we had no more than got in the room, and he took his thing out and wanted me to play with it?"

"Did you?"

"No, he did it himself and he shot his stuff all over his hand and it got on his pants." Dave laughed when I told him, "Billy reached out and rubbed his stuff all over my face and even on my mouth, I was so mad, I reached out and slapped him and ran home."

Dave told me about some of the women he had been with, but I was the first virgin he had ever been with. He told me that his ex wife, he found out after they were married had worked in a Nevada brothel on weekends, while attending college in Nevada. Dave had discovered, after being married for five seven years that she was having sex with any guy she could find.

One day he went to his house for some film he needed to develop and found her with three guys. As he was fighting with the three guys, Darlene had told him about her getting it on it the brothel, so he could take a long walk off a short pier, and he turned around, looked at her, and taking her by the arm, grabbed her clothes off the chair, along with those of the three men, and took her to the front door, opened it, and shoved her out the door and she was outside in the nude. The three men ran out after her to get their clothes and Dave said he slipped the dead bolt on the door and the sliding lock and wouldn't let her.

Someone called the cops and they were there before the four of them were dressed. The police arrested all four for public indecency. Then Dave said he got a divorce, and had never found it to his liking to remarry.

When we went to sleep, I don't remember, but I awoke to a strange sound, and Dave woke at the same time. We could see a shadow on the tent side, and realize it was a deer. "SCRAM," Dave shouted, and we saw the head of the deer lift up on the side of the tent and then it was gone.

Laughing at what had happened, we snuggled up in the bed roll and before long, Dave was taking me for the third time. He was excited, and he went off in a few minutes. The feeling of his cum running out of my sex, and down across my anus, was a warm erotic feeling, but as it passed onto the bedroll, it became cool, where I lay.

The next morning, we had a leisure love making sessions, and I tried to perform oral sex, but could not get over the feeling I would gag. After we were done, "Dave said, ok, now lets go wash off, as I feel sticky between my legs, and I will bet, you look like one bloody mess."

Leaving the tent and into the morning sun light, I could not believe how my legs, pubic hairs and even my butt, had traces of my virgin blood on them. I looked at Dave, and I started laughing, and his complete groin and pubic hair were red with my blood. The blood had dried and was cake like at the base of his penis, and his pubes were matted together with the blood and our body juices.

The second day of hiking, brought us to a waterfall, and Dave had some type of instrument he could tell exactly where he was, and a map that showed the area. As we walked Dave told me how he had been trained in the Army ROTC and OCS to read maps and determine distance between points on the map.

That was the first I knew that Dave had been a Lieutenant and a Captain in the military, as an US Army Ranger. When reaching the waterfalls, it was around two in the afternoon, and there were several other hikers who had already set up their tents or lean-tos.

Those who were there greeted us, and as soon as Dave and I had our tent erected, we fixed a snack of tuna and boiled water as it fell from the falls, until Dave felt it was okay to make soup from the packets of dry concentrated beef and noodles.

Dave made some hot coffee, and as we were enjoying the hot drink, three of the dozen or so couples and families that was already set up, walked over to visit with us. They all assumed that Dave and I were father and daughter, so we did not challenge their beliefs.

As we drank our coffee, the one couple asked if we objected if they swam in the nude, as they and some of the others who were camping belonged to a nudist resort.

Laughing as he responded, Dave told the man, "Not to make this sounds improper, but those women will assuredly look great, sans clothing, but I'm not certain how my daughter will look with no clothes." Then he added, "The last time I can remember seeing Merlee nude, was when she was a little squirt of three or four."

"Daddy, I'm not a prude, but look, the others are undressing, even the kids, and some look my age, but I want to be in my suit." Then I entered the tent and put on my bathing suit, crawled from the tent, and walked over to the falls. Several of the kids came over and they were unconcerned that I was dressed, while they were nude.

For over an hour, we all swam, stood under the waterfalls, and I looked over at Dave and saw he was nude. Moving over to where he was seated on a large rock with some of the other men, I climbed up and sat down next to Dave.

As I talked, I looked through my dark sun glasses and studied the men and women, and was surprised to see that Dave had the largest penis of any of the men. That made me wonder if that was why it took me some time to accept him, when I asked him to just do me. A couple of the boys asked me if I wished to take a walk up to the top of the falls, but I declined, as I thought they wanted sex.

After swimming, Dave and I dressed in our hiking shorts, and we walked over to the far edge of the falls, then we climbed to the top. After we reached the top of the falls, we sat on a rock and looked down at the camp, and watched the people milling around. Then I asked Dave, "Are we going to sleep in just one bag tonight, and do something?

"Why not, didn't you notice I pitched our tent away from the others, so we could have some privacy?" Smiling at me, Dave told me, "Don't be too loud if you climax, or they will know what the sound is from."

After an hour, we walked around to the opposite side of the rocks and tried to see what we could see if we walked that way the following day. "The map has the area as fairly steep and most likely it is rock, but it appears that there is another valley about two miles from here."

Dave showed me how to use the gadget he used to show him exactly where we were, and then how to read the map. I could understand a little of what he was saying, "Reading maps and this equipment isn't something one comprehends in a few minutes crash course," Dave told me.

By the time we got back to camp, the others were already eating, and I helped Dave fix our dinner, and I made the coffee. After eating and cleaning up out plates, we joined the others around a small camp fire they had built. Everyone joined in the singing of ballads and country songs, and one man play a harmonica.

The kids my age and younger joined in the singing, and then each person was asked by the leader of the nudist group to tell something about themselves. Two of the men had been Army Rangers, and Dave and they were soon discussing the careers, and had actually served together, but not in the same company.

Around ten o'clock, we all decided to call it a night, and if we were all around when the others got up in the morning, we can enjoy a few more minutes together before heading out for our hike. Dave and I crawled into our tent, and we undressed and got into our bedroll. We lay holding each other and then I decided to try and make oral love to Dave.

I eased my face down and the let my lips slip down over the head of Dave's penis, and talking just past the crown of the head, and moved my mouth up and down as Dave asked me to do. For several minutes, I moved my lips downward over the head, and then back up until my lips were simply kissing the tip. Dave asked me to tease the end with my tongue when I was kissing the end.

Then as I was moving up and down on the thick manhood, I felt Dave's body stiffen, and he whispered, "I'm going to cum, now, oh, Merlee." His penis ejaculated his body fluid into my mouth, and I chocked on the liquid, and yet I continued sucking on him and swallowing his juice until he was finished squirting his stuff into my mouth.

After I moved back up and lay beside Dave, he started playing with the hair over my sex, and his lips closed around my nipples. For the next twenty minutes or so, Dave used his fingers to bring me crashing down in a climax. I found it necessary to stuff my hand in my mouth to stop from screaming out as I went off.

Dave was hard again, and he got between my legs and soon was pushing into my body. The feeling this time was different, and I moved my hips up and down with his stroking of his penis into my open sex. When Dave went off, he whispered, "Merlee, I'm going off, and you feel so good."

We went to sleep in each other's arms, and when we awoke in the morning, we heard the others speaking and getting their tents or lean-tos dismantled. Dave looked at me, and said, "Let's wait for them to leave, then we can enjoy ourselves, and swim in the nude, but I want you, feel how hard I am."

"Dave, I saw the other men at the falls when they were nude, and you are bigger than other men, aren't you?"

"I guess, but sometimes the size isn't the main thing, but yeah, your correct mine is a little bigger, thanks for noticing," He laughingly told me.

About an hour later, we had taken our tent down, fixed some powdered eggs and dried ham, and our usual coffee, and ate breakfast. Then we walked to the falls, and removing our clothing, washed off in the water, especially the sex from out private parts.

Before we left our tent, Dave and I made love, and he went off twice in me, before I climaxed with him the second time. As we swam, Dave explained that women did not necessarily climax each time they had sex. Once we were washed off, we dressed, and helped each other with our backpacks. Then we climbed the rocks and headed out for the next valley we had seen located on the map.

That day was the most perfect of the total hike, the valley was awash in wild flowers, and we saw deer almost each time we turned to look and spot one. Walking toward the East, we found what was assuredly an old homestead, and Dave took a reading on the property, and looking at the map, so it was a landlocked piece of property that wasn't on the map with the park.

That night when we made love, Dave introduced me to doggie style sex, and I enjoyed feeling him, bounce against my hips, but I told him, "Dave, I like you on top, and I can hold you in my arms and with my legs, and I love your chest hair rubbing on my nipples and breast."

When he went down on me, I climaxed over and over, and when he entered me, he told me, "Hell Merlee, you're so wet and open. Damn, but it is good to feel your pussy so open. Oh hell, I'm cumming! Merlee, I love you." After Dave was finished going off, he moved onto his side and pulled me into his arms.

"Dave, you said you love me, but is that like a man and woman, and they are in love, or are you saying it because of the sex?"

"Merlee, I love you, the woman, you as a child and my niece are loved, but it is love!"

I went to sleep in the arms of my uncle, and I woke up around three in the morning and had to pee. I slipped from the bedroll, crawled from the tent, and walked about ten feet away and peed. Moving back into the tent, I lay on top of Dave, after I crawled into the bed roll, and it woke him.

I told him why I was up, and for a few minutes we talked, then he lay over me, and we enjoyed the bliss of joining our bodies. I climaxed in just a short time, and as I did, my mind was running the words of Dave, "I love you," through my mind.

We woke the next morning, and I felt sore around my sex, but I did not stop Dave from making love to me. Before he was ready to cum, I asked him to let me do it with my mouth. I had no more started moving my lips up and down his male shaft than he filled my mouth with his male fluids. The act of swallowing his cum was something I enjoyed doing and I still cannot describe the taste or lack of such from his juices.

Our last night on the hike, we were about four hours from where we had left the car in the lot. We had our usual meal and this time there was no stream to wash off our sexual joined fluids. The next day was Sunday, and Dave said he was going to call his sister, and ask if she had a problem in our spending a night in a motel. He told my mom, "I will get a separate room for Merlee, but it is later than I planned on reaching the car, and it is still a long drive."

Mom told Dave that he could get a room with two beds and not to waste money for separate rooms, after all, you have been together every night in a small tent, so a motel isn't any different, except more comfortable.

That evening we ate out, and Dave, drove to a nearby store and purchased me a skirt and blouse that I could wear to a restaurant. The local town had a nice place to eat, and we enjoyed the meal, then we went back to the motel. In the room Dave undressed me, and took several photographs of me, some dressed fully, in bra and panty, and several nudes.

When we got in bed, Dave went down on me, and I climaxed extremely hard. Dave had me get on my hands and knees, and I assumed we would do it doggie style again. Instead, he was soon placing his penis at the entrance of my anus. I knew that some people did anal sex, but the idea had not entered my mind for Dave and me. For several minutes' Dave moved his penis around my anus, then he begins to shove it against my sphincter muscle until it started opening.

When the head slipped in, I cried out, and told him it was like it was burning and it was something that I allowed to happen, but it was more for Dave than myself. During the several minutes Dave was having anal sex with me, could do nothing more sob out my feelings. Feeling Dave stoking deep in my anus was unbelievable, and I soon got into the rhythm of being sexed in my anus.

While Dave was taking me from behind, I loved when his groin would jar against my hips, and he would rub his pubic hair around on my hips. When he went off, Dave shouted out, "Merlee, I cumming - sweet shit, I'm cumming."

The night was short, bit we enjoyed the sex until we were exhausted and fell asleep. The next morning we had breakfast, and after buying gas, started up the highway for home.

For the first two weeks I was home, Dave did not call, them he pulled up in the driveway, and mom greeted her brother with a big hug, and as she fixed coffee, we all sat around the kitchen table talking. Finally Dave asked mom, why don't the two of you come live with me, I have a home big enough for all of us, and you can find work where I live.

Two months later, mom had sold our house and we moved into Dave's home. Three days later, on a Saturday night, the three of us went out to a very expensive restaurant, and as we walked in, everyone was speaking and greeting Dave. The steaks were delicious, but my favorite part of the evening was a complete surprise.

Mom looked at me, then Dave, then back at me and spoke in a whisper so others in the restaurant could not hear her, "Merlee, I know you and Dave had sex, so why don't you start sleeping with him, if the two of you wish to continue whatever you start on your hiking trip?"

"Mom, do you know what your saying?"

"Yes, but you must be careful and not get pregnant, and I will take you to the doctor for birth control, but in the meantime, you must use condoms."

Dave and I still live together, and my mom remarried and is happy after the past few years of being a new bride. I have now turned twenty-four, and my affection for Dave is still strong. We have spoken about our future and my wanting children. We are planning on taking two week or so trip to Hawaii, and after that, we will likely separate, and try to find a new life with another partner.

Dave told me about a week ago that he and my mom, his sister, had sex together a couple of days after mom and dad were divorced. The reason, according to Dave was simple, mom was wanting sex, and her and my dad had not made love for a year or more, and from then until the divorce was final, she had done without the comfort of sex. The sex only happened twice, and mom was never mad or said anything about myself and Dave sleeping together.

Now I'm about to be divorced after three years of marriage, and no children. I was checked by my doctor and found out I would never be able to have children. My ex told me I was not perfect if I couldn't have children, and he was soon into one affair and then another. I looked in his pockets and found a note of where he liked to meet girls, so I went there one Friday night after work.

I walked into the bar, and saw Justin with a girl who appeared to be sixteen in one of the booths. I ordered a large fruit drink, and as I walked past the booth where my husband was seated with the young teenage girl, I pretended I had tripped, and spilled the drink on the two of them. Smiling, I apologized and turned and walked over to where a good looking young man standing a couple of feet away.

Then I asked him loud enough so Justin and everyone near by could hear me, "How would you like to make love to me tonight, my husband is impotent?" What Justin said to the girl I don't know, but she looked at me, then back at him, got up from the booth, and walked out of the bar.

After the girl left the bar, and Justin wiped the mixed fruit drink from his suit coat and pants, then he walked over to where I was standing and told me, "You're an arrogant bitch of a woman, you spilled the drink on purpose, and I should just slap the crap out of you."

The young man I was speaking with, and two of his friends, grabbed my ex, and took him to the door and told him to leave before he was hurt. When Justin tried to tell them I was his wife, I looked at him and said, "You, I have never seen before, and sure as hell after this handsome man beds me tonight, will never wish to see you."

I left with the young man, Rick, and we spent the night in his bed from around seven, until eight the next morning, when we showered, dressed and went out for something to eat. I drove my own car, and told Rick, it was a one time thing, and then as I was ready to drive away, told him, "That was my husband last night, but it won't be long until I hang ex with that term."

Justin asked me several times to get back together after that night, and he was constantly asking if I slept with the guy from the bar. Finally my attorney filed a restraining order against him, and he stopped calling me. The day of the divorce, my attorney said that Justin wanted to speak with me in the judge's chambers, and we would all be present, including two large bailiffs.

I finally agreed to meet with him, and as he pleaded for a chance to get back together, I looked at him and told him, "Justin, you said I wasn't perfect because I couldn't become pregnant, and then I found out you were seeing at least ten other women, and one must have just turned sixteen, the one I found you in the bar with, and you want me back, no way." The judge said that he would grant me a divorce, and suggested that Justin sign the papers in his office and save himself the embarrassment of having people hearing in open court, what he had listened to in his chambers.

Dave has asked me to move back into his home once more. Mom has said she has no problem with our decision to share a home together. The first day of May we moved into gather, and that first night it was as if we were back under the stars from that time when Dave made me a woman, and I lay watching the stars.

Mom and I were speaking one day as we had coffee at a diner, and she laughed and said she would be happy to go with us, when Dave and I take a two week hike and camping trip through Yellowstone this summer, in July.

We had just finished speaking about how Dave and I first became involved, and she related how she and her brother were involved on the two occasion. I looked at my mom as she smiled at me, and told her, "Mom, I know why you want to go along, but you will just have to remember that those times, and you know something, I love you for understanding."

My mother gave me that silly grin I remembered as a little girl when she would tease me, and she asked me, "How many men have you known?" Perhaps other women would find such a question from their mother as inappropriate, but I and my mother share more than just the same genes. I replied, "Three, and then I told her about Rick, and she loved the story of my spilling the drink on Justin, and then saying he was impotent.

Again my mom got the impish grin, and said, "He's big, isn't he, Dave, I mean?"

"Yes, and when I told her about the group of nudist, she asked me what I thought at fifteen seeing so many naked men?"

"Mom, it wasn't strange, nor was it embarrassing, but I wonder if your husband would like to go with us to Yellowstone, and the four of us could camp out together?" Then I added, "You know, it might be a great idea for Stan and you to go with us, and that way I can see what you get every night, but mom, is this a normal conversation between a mother and daughter?" Then I laughed and told my mother, "We could exchange husbands, under the stars."

Mom didn't know the meaning behind the comment, but we are all four going to Yellowstone for two weeks at the end of July. Dave said he would enjoy viewing his sister nude again.

When I asked if that was all he would like on the trip, he looked at me and replied, "No."



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