The day again was starting as one that offered no relief to Patty Lewis from the job of being a stay at home mom. Looking around her kitchen, Patty saw that all the dishes were in the dishwasher, and the counters had been cleaned and everything put away from having feed her family. Patty looked at the door on her refrigerator, and read where both of her children were having school club meetings, after school ended for the day. They would not be home until at least six in the afternoon.

Donnie Lewis, the typical sixteen-year-old male, was also a high school student, who obtained straight A's and enjoyed athletic events to the fullest. Being the football team starting quarterback since his sophomore year, and now as a junior, was the baseball team's leading pitcher. Another trait of Donnie's, was his ability to attract girls, and he took advantage of his good looks, and sports stardom.

The younger of the Lewis children, Denna, was a lovely teenage girl of fourteen. Denna had the features of her mother. Her body was developing into a leggy girl, and she was already five-seven, with firm young 32-B breasts and a waist line of twenty-two inches. Her hips were only thirty-two inches, full and round, which rolled when she walked, without Denna needing to emphasis her stroll and catch boys attention.

For the past few months, Denna was finding that her rounded hip were drawing attention to her that she found uncomfortable. Boys were constantly patting her buttocks, and with the exception of two males, Denna would turn and slap the offending boy on his face for touching her.

The two people who did not get slapped for expressing their enjoyment of her round hips, were her brother, Donnie, and Mr. Jackson, her twenty-three-year-old science teacher.

Husband and father of the family, Doug Lewis, at forty years of age, was away from home on business trips almost weekly. The trips he took for the company he worked for would be from a day or two, to a week or more at a time. Doug was an electrical engineer, and was a vice president of the international company that he was employed with. That he found women available on his trips he did not discuss with his wife, and she never asked him if he was faithful to their wedding vows, and he was not about to confess to his infidelity.

Drying off from her shower, Patty, looked at her image in the mirror and knew she was still an attractive woman, even if her husband seldom told her so, and even worst, she was lucky if she had sex once a week. Walking into her bedroom, Patty selected a thong pair of underwear from her dresser to slip up her legs and around her waist, and the small patch of material covering her mons and vulva, did not encase her massive growth of pubic hair.

In another drawer of her dresser, Patty picked up a lacy bra, then tossed it back into the drawer, and going to her walk-in closet, selected a tan colored linen dress to wear. After slipping the dress over her body, Patty wondered if anyone would notice her nipples pointing out from the front of her dress.

Patty had breasts that were 34 C-cup, and they sagged just enough to cause her breast to giggle when she went braless. Entering the garage from the kitchen, Patty got into her Lexus, and after backing out of the garage, lowered the door on the garage with the remote, then headed to a nearby Denny's. Pulling into a parking space at the restaurant, she got a morning paper out of the machine, and entered the restaurant. Looking around as she walked in, Patty moved over to the counter and took a seat.

Having been in the restaurant several times, the waitress, Bev, recognized her and placed a cup of coffee and a glass of water on the counter in front of her. "Same thing today for breakfast, or something different this morning, Patty?" the waitress asked.

"Same, but make it a bagel instead of wheat toast this time." Smiling at Bev, Patty laughed and asked, "Don't suppose you have a husband around, as mine is out of town again?"

Reading the paper and eating her breakfast at the same time, Patty did not notice the young man who sat down next to her. Folding the paper to the next page, Patty hit the young man with her forearm, and turning toward the man as she apologized, saw he was extremely handsome. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit you," Patty said to the young man.

Looking into her eyes, the twenty-something young man smiled at her and told Patty, "My pleasure, and I should have been more careful while looking at the menu."

Bev was back with Patty's order, and seeing Joe next to Patty, said, "Watch out for stud muffin here, Patty, as Joe likes women more than beer." Then Bev smiled and commented, "He took me out once, and it took a week to get over him."

After Bev walked away, Patty and Joe spoke about their families, and Joe was surprised to here she had two children, who were sixteen and fourteen. "You look like you're maybe thirty, and not forty." After speaking over their breakfast, Joe asked Patty, "Perhaps we can have a cocktail when I stop working around four this afternoon, as I only have a few sales stops to make today."

Finally Patty decided to accept the offer to meet with Joe at TGIF at four o'clock. Driving back to the house, Patty decided to go shopping instead and turned around and drove to the mall. Walking through the mall, she went into a store featuring some stunning early summer dresses in the window, and Patty selected four different dresses to try on.

Finally she decided to purchase the red dress with s weave of green blue and brown pattern in the material. The dress fit snug on her body, and she saw that her nipples were practically visible through the material.

Walking down the mall, Patty went into a shoe store, found a shoes and matching purse that worked perfectly with her new dress. Looking at the stockings on display, Patty selected a pair of suspender hosiery to wear with the dress. Thinking she might as well dress sexy if she was going to meet a strange man and cheat on her husband.

"I will not be having sex, just because I will have a drink and assuredly dinner, with Joe, so he will never know I have sexy hose on when we meet this afternoon," Patty said to herself.

Walking down the mall a little further, Patty entered the Prestige Nail Salon and had her nails done in a shade that was nearly identical to her dress. Satisfied that she was ready for an evening of pleasure and companionship, Patty found it was nearly noon, and she decided to head for home and spend the afternoon preparing for her night out.

Slipping the dress on over her head, Patty stood in front of the mirror and saw she looked stunning and knew Joe would find her attractive. Then fear set in as Patty thought about the fact she was close to breaking her wedding vows. Yet her mind told Patty that she had a right to enjoy an evening out, as her husband was without doubt seeing some girl while on the West coast attending another business conference

For the past two years, Patty had been reading notes and phone numbers in the suits Doug would leave for her to unpack after one of his trips for the company. Patty had telephoned a couple of the numbers to see what the person on the other end of the line would sound like, and the last one she called, sounded like a girl of eighteen.

Each time she found a note or some items with a name and phone number, Patty had written the information in a small address book she had purchased to record the names and phone numbers, and some with an address, of the women her husband was likely seeing when he traveled. Last week when she had updated the book, Patty fund that the count of women was nearing one hundred and fifty.

Without a bra on, Patty could see her nipples pressing against the material of her dress, and were on display, as her nipples were almost always hard. Touching of her nipples, by even a tee-shirt, made them become firm and pointed. The dress she was wearing was smooth silk, and the feeling of it against her breast buds caused them to pucker and stick out firmly by at least a half inch.

Looking at the clock, Patty saw it was three-thirty, and she decided to leave for her rendevous with Joe, and she was only a five minute drive from where they were to meet. Entering the cocktail lounge, the crowd was thin at this time of the day, so she selected a seat at the bar, and where she could see almost the total lounge area. Four o'clock came, and Joe had not shown up, and by five, Patty decided that she had been stood up, and felt foolish to believe a woman of forty could be with a male in his early twenties.

Paying for her drink, Patty went to her car, and decided to drive to another lounge where a few of her friends hung out. Entering the establishment, Patty was surprised at how large the crowd was and she could not find anyone she knew, so she moved around the bar, and a young man asked if she would like his seat, as he was about to leave. Thanking the young man, she smiled and told him, "You're the nicest man I have meet all day."

For several minutes Patty and the young man spoke, and finally he said he had to leave as his girlfriend was expecting him, as they were going to a movie. After the man was gone, Patty was thinking about how she had acted so foolish in planning an evening with someone that wasn't her husband. Then she felt someone touching her arm, and a voice asking, "May I squeeze in to order a drink?"

Turning to her right, Patty saw a young man, who had the most beautiful dark hair she had ever seen. The bartender asked for ID, and then spoke to the young man, "Happy belated birthday, so your legal by one week, so what will you have?" "How about a Horse- collar, and just a touch of lemon, please," the younger man replied.

"So, you just turned twenty-one, happy birthday, and allow me to buy your drink," Patty said in a soft voice. "Thank you, that is nice of you, and I'm Andy Proctor, and you are?"

Looking into the deep brown eyes of the young man, Patty could see he was studying her face and likely trying to determine her age. Smiling, Patty told Andy, "Well, I'm Patty Lewis, and I enjoy being nice to handsome birthday boys, no offense intended, about your being a boy."

For the next several minutes they conversed and Andy told her that he was working as pharmacy tech, while still attending college to become a pharmacist. The crowd by now was rowdy and it was hard to carry on a conversation, and Patty asked, "How about you and I going to a nice restaurant for dinner, and it will be my treat for your birthday?"

Patty was not thinking about a romantic evening, but she had found it enjoyable speaking with Andy, and wanted something to eat, and was dressed to have dinner in a nice restaurant.

Leaving the lounge, Patty, asked Andy, "Why don't you ride with me, and we can pick up your car after we have eaten?"

Over dinner, Patty found herself impressed with Andy and over dessert and coffee, they told each other about their personal lives. Patty did not indicate that she thought her husband was cheating on her, but that his being gone had finally made her decide to have a night out. Andy spoke of how he and his childhood sweetheart had busted up only a month ago, and that she was pregnant by someone else.

Listening as he spoke of how it made him feel to have someone else be with his ex-girlfriend, Patty could understand the hurt he was suffering. Andy had not been intimate with her, during the past year, as they had wanted to wait until they were married, but his ex informed him that she had been with others during high school and his first three years in college.

Dinner was over and Patty asked if he would like to go with her someplace and dance? Andy suggested a club he went to, even though the crowd was younger, he knew, "No one will guess your forty, if the age thing bothers you."

Knowing that his comment was not an insult, but he was being sensitive of not having Patty feel uncomfortable in a younger crowd, she laughingly replied, "Now don't you worry about your mother being your date for the evening, Son."

Arriving at the club, Patty found a line had formed outside the door, waiting to enter. The doorman saw her drive up in her Lexus, and seeing how she and the young male were dressed motioned for them to enter. Both Patty and Andy listened as the cat-calls were shouted by some of the crowd as they were escorted into the club. Patty had been around enough to know that such service deserved a tip, so she slipped a twenty dollar bill into the hand of the doorman. Once inside, they found that the bouncer had a table for them.

For the next two hours, they danced and enjoyed the atmosphere in the club, and several times as they were dancing, Patty felt hands playing over her hips and on her legs. During one number two girls approached them, and said, "Mind if we cut in?"

Patty found herself dancing with a young girl that was obviously gay, and was the male part of the twosome. As they danced to the slow tune, Patty felt the girl move her hand up and cup her breast, and her fingers had parted and captured her stiff nipple between them.

Patty listened as her dance partner told her, "My god, but you have perfect nipples, and I told Jennifer, that I just had to feel them, and I hope you don't mind?" Saying nothing, Patty just allowed the girl to play over her breast until the song ended, the said, "You are the first girl to ever do that, and had it been a male, I would have slapped him, but your touch was nice." Then Patty turned and walked back to her table to where Andy was waiting.

"Let's get out of here," Patty said to Andy.

They left immediately, and as they were driving away from the club, Patty asked, "Where can we go and be alone, do you have your own place?" Andy informed Patty how to get to his place, and she pulled up in front of a very nice condo, and wondered how Andy could afford to reside in this gated community, as Patty had acquaintances who lived in the complex.

Once they were inside the condo, Andy showed her around and then they ended up in the kitchen and sat at the counter, and Andy poured some red wine for them. Within moments, Patty was listening to herself speak about her family, and especially how she suspected her husband of cheating. Patty then realized she should call her home, and let her children know she was okay, and using her cell phone, spoke with Denna.

After ending her telephone call, Patty felt Andy move behind her, where she was seated on the stool, and when his arms wrapped around her, she leaned back against his young body. Moving her head and twisting at the same time, Patty brought her lips up to those of the young boy of twenty-one. They kissed gently at first, then Andy became a little aggressive and moved his tongue into the mouth of Patty, and it dawned on her, that she could not remember the last time her husband, Doug, had French kissed her.

Patty felt the young hands move down and cup her breast, and felt her body become heated with desire. Her nipples seemed to grow and became so sensitive, Patty reached up with her own hands and cupped those of the young boy in hers. Breaking the kiss, Andy looked at Patty and asked, "Should we go to my room?"

Without speaking, and knowing she was about to commit adultery, Patty rose from the stool, and turned and faced Andy. Her arms reached around him, and again was kissing him, and her body was pressed tightly against his. Looking in his eyes, as she broke the kiss, Patty simple asked, "My age doesn't bother you?"

"No, does mine you," Andy asked as he took Patty by her hand and begin leading her into his bedroom. Then he told her as they stood alongside his bed, "You are only the second girl I have been with, and that was only four times, so I hope you won't be disappointed."

"Andy, its been twenty years since I have been with another man, and you will be my third, so we are even." Patty enjoyed hearing Andy refer to her as a "Girl".

Andy watched as the woman reached behind her neck, and was evidently unbuttoning her dress, then she reached down and pulled it up over her body until she had removed it completely. His eyes took in the suspender hose, and the thick mass of pubic hair surrounding her sex, and then his eyes looked at the nipples that had captured his attention all evening as he had observed them poking against her dress.

"Your beautiful, you're absolutely stunning, and don't remove your hose," Andy remarked as he saw Patty set down on the bed and start to pull them over her hips. Andy was soon nude as well, and Patty was surprised to see the size of the manhood that hung down from his groin, and watched as it was starting to stiffen with the blood that would make him completely erect and capable of entering her body.

Patty reached out and took his hardening penis into her hand, and leaning over, kissed the thick head of the rising member. Opening her mouth, she drew the young penis completely into her throat, and this was something she had never done before. The few times Patty had attempted oral sex on Doug, she could not complete the act without gagging.

Now she had her mouth around a penis, half again as thick as her husbands, and as deep in her mouth as she could take it. Doug had a long penis, and it was at least eight inches in length, but Andy had perhaps six and a half inches. But it was extremely thick.

Moving back from his penis, Patty moved to the center of the bed, telling Andy, "Now, I'm ready, don't make me wait, just take me." Watching the young male move until he was above her body, Patty held her legs pulled band and apart, and resting her feet flat on the bed.

"You have a lot of hair, and you're terrific looking, and I want to be in you," she heard Andy saying as Patty felt his body move down onto her own.

Andy was now ready to ease his erection up into the woman under him, and he was surprised when her hand reached down and moved his manhood between the lips of her sex. When he started to enter the warm and wet slit of the petit woman, he felt she was tighter than his ex had been. Working slowly, Andy moved in and out of Patty, and his erection was gripped in the hot opening between her labia.

With a surprise drive of his hard penis into her welcoming sex, Patty felt the head hit the back of her sex. "Ugh, god that is deep, oh Andy, your in me more than I have ever felt, umh, oh god it is so good!"

Andy loved hearing the comments from the older woman, and knew that he was receiving the ultimate praise from the woman he was making love with. ":Patty, I don't think I can hold off, oh hell, I'm cumming, ohhhh, yeses!"

"Let it cum! Oh, yes Andy, give it to me, it is alright. Now ANDY! YES! I feel it, cum lover!"

Patty had felt the young man ready to cum within no more than a minute, but she knew that he was overly excited, as she was only the second woman he had been with. Her hips rose up from the bed, and her hands grabbed onto his smooth young hips, and she pulled him deep into her sex, so deep it almost was painful. Patty loved the feeling of the young male body on top of her as he ejaculated, and she knew he was living a fantasy in being with an older woman.

"OH Patty, it is so... good, yeah, I'm still cumming, oh god it is so wonderful, and you feel so smooth and fresh like," Andy poured out in his expression of sexual gratification.

Patty held Andy in her arms as she felt his erection shrinking and pulling out from her sex, as her vaginal muscles squeezed the last of his semen from his penis, and pushed him out from inside her body. There was no frustration on the part of Patty in feeling Andy climax so soon, unlike the feeling she had when her husband would finish within a couple of minutes, leaving her hanging for the need to orgasm.

Patty thought of the hundreds of times over the course of their marriage, how she would roll onto her stomach, bunch up the sheet and rub herself off after Doug had went to sleep almost immediately after sex between them. Over the years, Patty had read and spoke with her intimate friends about masturbating after sex with Doug, and found that the majority of wives must also do the same. Now she was at peace from the sex with Andy, even if he did get his trigger quickly.

Patty was running her hands up and down Andy's back, and at times would run her fingers across the crew-cut hair covering his head. The action caused her to think of her own son, and that she knew that she would never regret her actions of the evening.

Moving Andy from her body, Patty begin to kiss his body and moving her face down until she had her lips poised over the growing erection of the young man. Using her tongue, she licked the juices from their coupling, from the now erect penis. The taste was different than that of her husband, Doug, and she had never licked his penis after he had shot off in her, so tasting her own fluids, was a first for her.

Moving her mouth up and down on the hard member of the young man, Patty soon had him almost completely in her mouth, but could never get her lips to feel his pubic hair crushed against he lips. Then she pulled her mouth away from the hard-on, and lay on her back, asking Andy, "Please, Lover, take me - lay over me and make love to me, now, please dear Andy?"

Moving between the sleek thighs of the older woman, Andy felt again the act of a woman grasping his penis in her hand and guiding it into her wet and hot inner body. "It is so hot - and so wet, oh Patty, I - I love you," Andy moaned out as he felt the grip of the woman's pussy around his cock.

Patty was so caught up in the feeling of the long penis slipping up into her sex, and hearing the expression of love from the young man, she replied, "Andy, I love you, also!" Hearing herself express the words of love, Patty lost control of her feelings, and her body began the strongest effort ever in taking a man.

Never had she moved and cried out as she begged Andy, "Ride me deep and hard, oh fuck me, FUCK ME ANDY!" Within moments Patty was climaxing from one orgasm to another, and never in her life had she uttered the word "fuck", when having intercourse, and she was certain that she likely had thought the word in her lifetime, but never said the word. Now Patty was asking Andy to fuck her, over and over she expressed the word.

Patty lay in her own bed, and looking at the digital clock on the night stand, saw it was four in the morning, and her body felt sore from the actions she put forth during the five times she and Andy had engaged in sex together. Patty had told Andy that she would likely never see him again, but she finally agreed to take his phone number before leaving his condo and heading home.

Now she lay under the coolness of her sheets, and could feel the wetness seeping from the slit between her legs. Sleep came quickly for the sex pleasured woman, and just before her eyes closed, Patty thought that she had never felt so sexually satisfied before in her life. Then as she drifted off, thought, "I cheated on my husband but I don't care."

Had Patty know the truth of what happened after she spoke with her daughter, she likely would not have been so willing to enjoy the evening, and be able to fall asleep so easily.

"Was that mom on the phone," Donnie asked his sister, as he quickly slapped her light on her rounder hip?

"Ouch, don't slap my butt, and yes it was mom, she is going to eat out with some friends tonight."

Quickly, Donnie reached out and again lightly patted his sister's right hip. "Cute buttocks, you know little sister."

Jumping onto Donnie, who was seated on the sofa, Denna landed on his lap and pushed him back on the sofa until he was laying on his back. The action by Denna had only been playful, and not intended to be sexual, as she started rubbing around on her brother. Donnie did not attempt to get away, and soon was lightly slapping his sister's cute butt. His other arm had been penned under him when his sister landed on him, and his hand was cupping her firm left breast.

Denna felt her brother's hands on her hips and the other holding her breast, and the feeling was something she didn't understand. This was the first time a boy had touched her breast, and as she wiggled on top of her brother, she felt what she knew was his penis, and it was hard, against her crotch. Sensations soon ignited her body, and she felt her first true reactions of a male-female sexual desires.

For several minutes nothing was said by either of the two siblings. The Donnie felt his sister press her pubic area against his, and he wondered if she was having a climax. During the few times he had dry-humped with Cindy Williams, he knew what it was for a girl to climax. Cindy would never let him touch her under her clothing, and now Donnie decided to go for broke.

"Denna, I really like you, and if you want to, I would like to make it feel even better for you, lets go to my room, please?"

What was going through Denna's mind, Donnie would never know, but when he heard his sister speak if a breathless manner, and tell him, "OK, but not all the way, cause I've never done even this before."

"Sure, we will just be close, like we are just now."

After entering his bedroom, Donnie closed and locked his door, then started undressing immediately, without saying anything to his sister. Denna watched as her brother removed all his clothing, and when he was down to his shorts, she was surprised when he slipped them down over his hips, and off his legs. There in front of her was her brother's hard thing.

When they were younger, they bathed together, and Denna remembered how she would touch his little thing and it would get hard, and how it felt when her brother had pushed his finger against the opening between her legs. Now she was seeing a grown boy, and she was excited.

"Your turn to undress," Donnie said with a quiver of nervousness in his voice, knowing that he was nude in front of a girl for the first time, even if it was his sister.

Denna was scarred, and she bite and chewed at her lip as she looked at her brother, and tried to decide if she wanted to undress in front of her brother. "Will he try to have sex with me, and will I let him, my friends that have had sex says it hurts the first time, should I undress?"

Denna was thinking these thoughts and many more as she stood in front of her brother, and her fingers moved to unbutton her blouse. Once it was undone, she slipped it from her shoulders and off her arms. Tossing her blouse onto a chair next to her brother's bed, she reached down and unsnapped and then pulled the zipper down on her Levis.

Pushing the pants down over her hips, then down her legs until they were tangled at her feet, Denna stepped from the pants, and stood in front of her brother in her bra and panties. She was nervous, and felt that she had more to expose than her brother did as she reached to unsnap the clasp at the front of her bra. Then her bra was on the chair with her blouse. Turning around, so she wasn't facing her brother as she pulled her panties off her body, she kicked them and they landed under the edge of her brother's desk.

Holding her right arm across her breast, and her left hand over the hair at the top of her sex, Denna turned and faced her brother, who had lain down on the bed, and his erections was sticking up in the air. Looking at his sister as she cover her body's private areas, Donnie asked, "Would you let me look at you, and your really pretty, Denna."

"Thanks, and your thing looks big, and it is so hard, isn't it?"

As she spoke, Denna moved toward the bed, still protecting her innocence by covering her breast and pubic area. Moving onto the bed, she moved her hands and for the first time in both of their lives, the siblings were seeing a grown body, and their sexual desires unfolded completely.

Denna at first lay on her back, next to her brother, then she turned onto her side and lay so she could see her brother. Neither of the two know what they should do, but Donnie moved and as he did, pushed Denna onto her back.

Moving his body on top of his sister, he used his knees to push her legs apart. Denna was hold her legs together, to keep her brother from gaining entrance to her body, but she wasn't certain what she should do under the conditions they found themselves in as they were now one on the other.

No words were spoken as Donnie forced the legs of his sister apart. His body lay on his sister, and his erection was probing against the hair covered labia of his fourteen-year-old sibling. Donnie moved his face down and begin to kiss and suck on his Denna's firm nipples, first one, then the other.

Slowly Denna parted her legs a little more, as the suction on her breast was causing her to feel tingles between her smooth thighs. Both of the siblings felt the head of Donnie's penis slip inside the labia of the Denna's sex.

For Donnie, the need was simply to be completely inside the warm and various skin folds of the young sex of his sister. "Oh Denna, it is so nice, oh, sweetheart," he cried out, as he felt himself sinking all the way into the gripping sex of his sister."

Denna was not certain what she should do or say, and they she felt a sharp sting inside her sex, and she knew her own brother was about to take her virginity. Now Denna decided she didn't want to have sex and as she started to pull her hips away from the erect thing entering her body, she felt her brother shove quick and hard into her The force of the entry was almost brutal in feeling as she knew her brother had just split her cherry.

"AWGH, NO! NO! DONNIE, I DON'T WANT IT! OH, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" Denna cried out as she felt her own brother tare apart her maidenhead. Her fist struck lightly on her brother's back and after a while the smarting and tearing feeling was past. For Denna the next five minutes was not bad nor good, it was as if she was in a time zone that didn't exist.

When she felt her brother ejaculating, Denna knew what was occurring, and she wondered, "Will I become pregnant?" Denna listened as her brother cried out his release, and she realized that this was something she would remember all her life, giving her virginity to her own brother.

Donnie cried out, "OH, Denna, it feels so good, oh little sister, you are so nice!"

After several minutes they spoke about what they had done, and within a half hour, were again coupled in the act of sex. This activity was pleasant for both, and they were surprised when Denna reached an orgasm.

Again that night they became as one, and this was something that both knew would be repeated between them in the future. It wasn't until the last time they engaged in sex, that they saw the blood on the bed cover, and they both took it to the washer to clean it before their mother returned home.

While waiting for the washer and dryer to do the bed cover, they engaged in sexual foreplay, but Denna told her brother she was to sore to have sex again. Denna found out how to jack-off a boy, and Donnie knew that it was better than when he did it to himself. While stroking on her brother's penis, Denna found herself wondering about her teacher, Mr. Jackson, and...



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