Back in the day when ff.net allowed erotic stories like these, one reviewer wanted to know more about why & how I liked to jack off in front of girls as a teenager. I wrote most of this as a reply to her email, later I expanded it and posted it on a few sites. It's an essay and not a story but it's raw and explicit so why not share?

I like to jack off in front of a girl for the rush of adrenaline. It always makes me excited and nervous to know that I'm going to get naked (while she stays clothed) and that I'm going to show her in full my cock and balls and all they and my body go through from the moment my little, soft penis twitches to life to the point when I ejaculate, shivering and shaking for her.

Most boys might be too shy or embarrassed about it, fearing they might be humiliated by her but I'd rather let her see what's going on because, I guess, I'm an exhibitionist and I don't mind if she laughs or makes fun.

I like to do it in my room 'cause it's just most comfortable there, but I can do it (and have done it) in many other places. But in my room, the girl usually sits on the edge of the bed so that when I stand in front of her she gets to see everything from the right perspective.

If I'm hard, I'll hug her so my privates brush against her face. That pressure on my cock, especially my cock head, gives me an added little bit of pleasure. It all makes my dick throb and I ask her if she can feel that. Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't, but I like her to feel it...it's like, I want her to feel what just the thought of what I'm going to do for her does to my cock.

But most of the time, if it's a girl who's new to me, I'm too anxious to get an erection. I'm breathing hard and I'm shaking, so it's just too distracting to get hard right away. And, as strange as it sounds, I like it better when the encounter starts off that way.

I hold my breath when I pull my shorts down and expose my cock and balls just inches from the girl's eyes. I reach under my sac and tug it just in case any of it is caught between my legs, that way my privates hang loose. I also tug my dick if I think it's way too small and soft. Its color is just a little darker than the rest of my skin and when it's flaccid the difference is very noticeable.

My foreskin totally covers my cock head and its excess droops at the tip. My sac's looks depend on how hot or cold it is: if it's warm then the skin is loose and lighter, if it's cold then it's scrunched tight and forms these ridges that are rough (and yet smooth) and very ticklish.

I stand there like that "presenting" my package to the girl and I wonder what she thinks. I'll ask if she likes what I've got or what she sees. I get a lot of reactions, but I like the honest ones best, even if they might not be too "nice." In fact, the more "critical" the better 'cause it tells me she's looking, she's "taking notes" and maybe she'll tell other girls about what she saw (I hope!)

I feel my cock twitch and I look down and see what I'm "puffing" getting wider and longer with a series of pulses. I spread my legs so I dangle even more and I ask the girl if she'd like to cup my balls. (A lot of times I beg even if I know she'll do it.) I love it when girls hold me by the balls, there's just nothing like it, I'm in such a vulnerable position and she knows it and I hope she likes it.

I've been held a lot of ways: some like to be rough and others soft. I like it all, but I like it even more when she explores. Palming my scrot or bouncing my balls or rolling my skin between her fingers, that sort of stuff. Whatever she does, at that point my dick's twitching increases and I moan and groan. With each strong throb I get longer, stiffer.

I LOVE it when the girl rolls back my foreskin! (When she's never seen an intact boy I always reassure her that she's not hurting me.) All she does it put the tips of her thumb and index fingers onto the rim my foreskin makes when it's around my glans and as soon as I feel her touching my skin I react with a shock. A rush of adrenaline. It never fails. My heart races and my breathing gets out of control. My eyes water and my face controls like I'm holding back pain.

As she continues to retract my foreskin, sometimes my knees shake or my hips buck but usually, with a few grunts and winces, I can hold my body's reactions back.

When a girl plays with my cock and balls this way I get very erect and very excited right away. A feeling starts to build up just under the tip of my dick. At first it's like the sensations I get just when I'm about to pee.

Then, as I get more and more stimulated, that "wet" feeling gets harder and harder to ignore. By the time she's got my whole head exposed and pulled my foreskin as far back as it goes that feeling of urgency is there and it's almost impossible to keep my hands off my cock.

Now I really begin to lose it 'cause now my dick craves any and all attention. It just needs to be touched or fondled or kissed or sucked or whatever the girl's willing to do. Basically, if it's not being hurt it feels really, really good.

I spread my legs further and it exaggerates my jerky motion.

When I'm alone it takes me a while to cum but in front of a girl who's watching my every move I cum much more quickly. I wrap my hand around my shaft and stroke. I start slowly, making sure that the action takes place around the rim of my helmet-like head 'cause that's one of the most sensitive parts of my body. I end speeding the pace and as I react more erratically I get my foreskin involved by having it roll up and down with my fist.

That pressure at the tip of my dick gets unbearably pleasurable. I make gasping, grunting sounds and when I try to speak I'm so out of breath I stutter. I thrust my head about, I grind my hips. My ball sac gets smaller and tighter and with that a new sensation builds inside between my legs.

Again it reminds me of peeing, like if I my bladder was full and I really, really had to pee. That's what it's almost like. And then my body tightens, my face contorts, my teeth clench, I squeeze just like I might if I wanted to stop a running stream of pee. That's "my moment" when I know I can't hold it back anymore, that's when I start to cum.

I'm off in a daze when it happens, crying out things like "oh, god," or "I'm gonna cum" or something. For those few moments I can't control the way my body reacts, I can't stop from shaking and trembling and it becomes almost painful to stroke my cock anymore. As I shot my load, it's pure male biology at work. I just stand there, in front of the girl, totally helpless and vulnerable.

At first I found that when I was very excited I'd shot my load a few inches. But if I jacked off regularly that happened less and less. My cum then tended to dribble but I don't mind 'cause the pleasure of it is the same. The first couple of shorts the pangs are deep and exhausting but when the muscles relax and the white, hot juice drools out I get a little jolt of euphoria.

Think of it like holding onto a really heavy weight for a long time and then letting it go. When you're holding it it's frustrating (and tiring), that's what the start of my cum feels like. Then when you let go of the weight it's relaxing and that's what the end of it feels like. After a few shots, though, the intensity drops and my cock and balls go back to their flaccid state.

Soft, again, I like to ask the girl if she'd kiss or hold my privates. I love it when she's so fascinated by my body and how it works that she "explores" me without my even asking to be touched. I ease down onto her lap, sitting or straddling, and hold onto her waist until I regain my strength.

All of this, from start to finish, doesn't take more than a few minutes. And since it's just me jacking off the girl doesn't do much or say much. But by the way she's looking at me I hope she enjoyed the show. Some like watching me jerk off others like watching me cum. If I don't tell her as I stroke then I tell her after I cum that it's ok if she wants to reach out and touch my privates.

I tell her it feels so good when a beautiful girl touches my cock and how much I just need her hands cupping my balls or holding my cock or ticking my head as I squirt. What I really, really love, though, is when they laugh or giggle or get excited at the sight of my cumming. I don't know I love it but I do.


So, there you go, that's about the whole essay. I did find another, but it wasn't as coherent as this one and I don't think there's anything I can do with it. This was the best of the two and I hope you enjoyed it!


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