Chapter 1


Jami was bored and looked around the camping area where she and her parents had pitched their tent, and made a stone circle to have a fire for cooking. Her parents, Don and Beth, had decided to go fishing about an hour previously, and Jami had declined their offer to go with them.

Looking around the tent, Jami was unable to find her bathing suit and she decided to walk to the lake, and then find a place where she could swim nude, or at least in her bra and panties. Walking down to the lake, Jami looked around but could not see her parents fishing, and decided they were likely off to the right of where she stood, as her dad always liked to fish at a cove about a half mile down the lake.

Going to her left, Jami started hiking to a place where a small stream entered the lake, and after about 30 minutes, she reached the place where she would swim. During her previous trips with her parents to the lake, and this was at least four times each summer, Jami had explored the banks of the lake and found this place that she had decided was her secret hideout.

A tree had fallen since she was last at the lake, and it made a bridge across the stream, and Jami saw it could be used to make small dives or at least jumps into the lake water.

Looking around, Jami saw that there were no others in the area, and as she started to remove her top, realized that she had not worn a bra under her top. OH well, she thought, no one will see me, so she pulled the top over her head, and her pointed 32-A breast were exposed.

Kicking off her shoes, and reaching down, Jami pushed her shorts down over her hips and off her legs. Standing in only her panties, Jami decided she would also remove them as she didn't want to wear them back to camp, wet. Hooking her fingers in the waistband of her panties, she slipped them down and off her legs.

Jami was a blonde and had soft hair that covered the fatty mons of her pelvic area. The hair was fine, and grew down the labia of her sex, but was thin and allowed her slit and lips around it, to be visible.

Climbing up onto the fallen tree, Jami allowed herself to fall into the water. "It is cold, oh it is so cold," Jami said aloud, as fell into the water that was almost breast high on her five foot body.

For several minutes, Jami swam around in the lake and finally back up into the stream. Climbing out of the water, Jami moved over to a spot where some brush was growing, and squatted down and peed.

Jami had not seen the large whisker faced man, as he watched her undress, swim, and now answer Nature's call, and urinate by the brush.

Josh was a man of forty, who had decided to live a life of lonesomeness, and had found a cave, on the other side of the lake. It was near the lake, and where he set up house keeping. The limestone cave was fairly large, once you entered the small opening, and Josh had planted pine trees around the entrance to keep the wind and weather out, as well as provide a means to hide the entrance.

During the days, Josh would hunt for ginseng and other root items that he sold to stores in the resort area. This gave him a good income, as the roots were highly sought after, and he had heard that a lot of them were sent to China.

Over the past few years, Josh had found an old bed, and bedding to make a place to sleep, and an old chair was also found and added to the household. A small battery operated radio, which Josh listened to at specific times of the day, was also a part of the items in the makeshift home. Various house hold items, such as pots, pans and knifes and forks were also included.

A kerosene heater was added to the items in Josh's home, and with a tarp to place over the entrance in the winter, the cave became warm and comfortable, regardless of the weather.

During the years Josh had been living in the wild, he had only been with a few women, and they were women he found walking the streets and wanted money for sexual pleasure. Now Josh was viewing the pure and delightful beauty of a young nubile girl, and one he was certain was a virgin.

Before Jami had moved to the brush to pee, Josh had moved down behind the brush so he could view the young girl as she played in the water. While watching the girl, Josh had become erect and had taken his erection from his shorts and was lightly stroking it as he viewed the round hips and small breast of the girl. When the girl climbed out of the water, her legs parted, and Josh could view the open lips of the girl's pussy.

With the quickness of a striking snake, Josh's hand reached out and clasped around the girl's mouth. Jerking her backward, Josh felt the girl peeing on his leg, where his shorts didn't cover. The warm, splashing urine, gave Josh a huge sexual feeling and as he pulled the girl to him, his cock brushed against her naked body.

"Um - umg - sstttoooppp," Jami cried out with her hand covered mouth, and her words were unable to be more than a whisper, as Josh held his hand tightly over her lips. "Don't try to scream or get away, and you won't be hurt, do you understand, and if you do, nod your head," Josh told the girl.

Jami nodded her head in to let the man know she understood what he wanted from her. Quickly, and tightly, Josh bound the hands of the young girl, and then placed a gag over her mouth so she could scream out for help.

Josh forced the girl to move to lake and then he walked her around the lake, never leaving the water, in the event someone brought dogs in to search for the missing girl before he was done with her. The walk around the lake was nearly five miles, and finally Josh led Jami up from the water and into his cave home.

Fastening the girl to the bed, Josh undressed, and his eyes were now raping the girl, and Jami knew what he was doing with his eyes. Moving over to the bed, Josh untied the girl, and then removed the cords from her arms.

Pushing her onto her back, Josh looked at the quivering body of the young girl, and asked her, "What's you name girl." With tears in her eyes, and her voice stopped by the gag, she tried to let him understand it was, "Jami Davis."

Josh leaned over and told her that he would remove her gag, but she must not scream, and again asked her what her name was. Jami told him, "Jami, Jami Davis, and please don't hurt me, just let me go, Please?"

Josh immediately placed the gag back on the girl's mouth and knew if he didn't she would soon be screaming. Looking at his captive, Josh moved his hand out and caught her left breast in his large hand. Jami tried to protest behind her gag as she felt a male touch her body in a sexual way for the first time in her life.

Leaning down, Josh took her right nipple between his lips and felt it harden and as he sucked on her young nipple, moved his face down onto her stomach.

Using his lips to lead the way, Josh soon had his mouth over the fine hair covering her vulva. His tongue moved into the folds of her young slit, and he licked the tightly clenched opening until he felt the lips part and her slit becoming moist.

Moving up over the young girl, Josh positioned his thick cock at the entrance of her tiny sex. "NO! NO! OH STOP PLEEESE!" Jami was crying out behind her gag, and knew she was about to be raped. Her hands were striking the large man over her, and her blows were only adding to the enjoyment for Josh.

The thick head of his cock parted the never before opened lips of the fourteen-year-old girl, and as Josh shoved into the sex of the wiggling and screaming girl, he gave a massive shove. His large thick male organ tore through the thin veil of skin that made the young girl a virgin, and previously untouched.

Josh gave a mighty and forceful shove and ripped through the hymen of the girl. Feeling the hips of the girl pull back from the smarting and stinging sensations of her virginity being torn from her body, Josh reached under her and grasped her young round hips in his hands.

Squeezing her round shaped ball of her hips, and moving the middle finger of his right hand to her tiny puckered anus, Josh begin to ride the girl hard and deep.

"OH NO! STOP! IT HURTS!" Jami was screaming as she felt the man raping her. After several minutes, she felt the man become stiff and he shoved into her very deep. The pain of feeling the man so deep in her small body caused Jami to pass out.

Josh knew the girl had passed out, but he was in the act of ejaculating and as his male seed left his penis, he jammed his thick cock as deep into the girl as he could reach. As he shot his cum into the girl, he knew when she passed out, as her legs became limp and fell to each side of him, along with the arms and hands that had been striking him.

Pulling the girl's hips up in the air, Josh rode the girl hard and them pulled from her body and let her limp body settle onto the bed. Looking down between her legs, he saw his cum and the evidence of her torn cherry leaking from her opening. The small sex did not close immediately as Josh pulled his cock from inside her body. Josh was amazed to see how it closed, as if in slow motion.

An hour later, Josh was again taking the young girl, and knew that the authorities would likely be hunting for the girl in another hour or so. For the third time Josh was taking the girl and she was crying and sobbing out how it hurt. Josh had loosened the gag enough so he could enjoy hearing her cries and begging for him to stop raping her.

For Jami, the rape was terrible, but within another half-hour, she felt the man place her over the arm of the chair, and move behind her. Jami had no knowledge of anal sex, but when she felt her tiny anus being forced open by her rapist, she felt the final act of rape, and she considered it the most brutal and hurtful of what had occurred with him in the past few hours.

Darkness had settled across the lake and hills surrounding it, and Josh walked out from the cave to see what was happening on the opposite shore. Looking across the lake, Josh could see lights moving around the shore line, and part way out into the lake. For three hours, he watched the lights from the authorities searching for the missing girl, then they left the area, and the lights disappeared, as if one at a time.

Retiring to the cave, Josh again took the girl in a brutal rape, and this time, lasted for a long time.

After he was done, Josh dressed, and picked up the sobbing young girl, and cared her down to the lake, and walked to the opposite side with her body over his shoulder.

Reaching near the point where he had found the girl, he laid her on the ground, and again raped her in her anus. "Put your clothes on girl, and do it quick," Josh told the girl.

After Jami was dressed, Josh took the girl back into the water and led her in the opposite direction of how they had traveled to the spot where her clothes had been left.

Moving out into the deeper water of the lake, Josh dove under the water, grabbed the girl's legs by her ankles, and pulled her under the water. Josh had taken a deep breath before diving under the cold water, and as he felt the girl struggling to free her legs from the man's grip, Josh felt her movements cease.

Josh moved closer to the shore, then walked back to his cave.



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