Chapter 2


Josh held the legs of the fourteen-year-old girl that he had repeatedly raped, in his attempt to drown her. Having seen lights from police vehicles, at the place where his victim's father and mother had camped, Josh decided to drown the girl after the vehicle lights were seen driving from the area.

Walking with the girl back around the lake, he walked into the water, and after having Jami swam out several yards from the shore line, pulled her under.

Jami knew the man was trying to drown her, and she struggled for a while, then decided to play as if she had drowned, and stopped struggling. Within a few moments Josh assumed his victim had perished. Josh's lungs were in need of air and he rose to the surface of the lake water, and looking about found the direction to the shore. Shortly after he had surfaced, he noted that the body of the young girl had floated up and he noted she wasn't moving. Josh mistakenly thought the girl had drowned, and he swan to the shore edge of the water, then started back to his cave home.

Jami floated and only moved her hands enough to stay afloat. As a member of her school swimming team, Jami knew how to stay afloat without showing she was still alive. Her body turned in the water as if it was being pushed around by the wave action of the lake water.

Her body was sore, and the tenderness and burning sensation of her sex, which had been raped by the man, was soothed some by the cool water. Finally, Jami saw the man had disappeared around the corner of the lake shore, and she swan to the shore, and arriving at the spot where her parents had set up the tent, found her parents auto was not around, and knew her parents ha left for the night. Moving quickly into the tent, Jami got a change of clothing, dry shoes, a jacket, and a towel, and went down the road that led to the highway.

About a half mile from the camp site, Jami stopped behind some brush and undressed, dried off with the towel and then dressed in the dry clothing. The night air was cool, and the jacket gave her warmth. Before slipping on her panties, Jami had attempted to see if her sex looked different, but was unable to do so. Moving her fingers downward, she brought them up between her swollen labia. The entrance was different, but she didn't realize it was because her virginity had open the entrance between her legs.

Walking down the roadway to the highway, Jami relieved the horrific assault she had suffered from the strange man in his cave home. Reaching the highway in another hour, she decided to head for the park headquarters building. After another half hour of walking she reached the building, and saw police vehicles in the parking lot.

"HELP ME, SOMEONE HELP," Jami screamed out as she saw the policemen and policewomen standing by their cruisers. Hearing the screams of the young girl, they ran to where she was standing and shouting for assistance.

The police knew who the girl was, and after she confirmed that she was Jami Davis, they called her parents on their cell phone. Awaking from the ringing of their telephone, Don and Beth Davis both jumped up from the bed to answer their phone.

Beth ran into the kitchen and took the receiver from the wall phone, while Don answered the phone in the living room. Hearing the sobbing voice of their young daughter, they spoke to her for about five minutes, then a police officer got on the phone. "Mr. and Mrs. Davis, we are going to take your daughter to Sumter General Hospital emergency room."

Don and Beth dressed, got into their automobile, and Don reached almost a hundred-miles-per-hour as he speed to the hospital to meet up with their daughter. Pulling up to the emergency room entrance, the distraught parents were soon in the emergency room curtained area where Jami was setting on a gurney. Beth looked at her daughter, and knew what she had suffered, and vowed to settle the score with whoever had raped her little girl of fourteen.

With a tenderness he had never shown his daughter previously, Don, hugged the small frame of his daughter and told her she would be alright. Tears flowed from the eyes of his precious young daughter, and then the police and doctors asked if they could take samples of the assault from their daughter.

Jami was given a hospital gown to put on, and she walked into the restroom with a nurse, who explained that she would need to do a "rape test" work up, and explained what would need to be done. Enduring the examination, was unpleasant for Jami, but she understood the need for the test.

The police had feared that any semen from the man who had raped her, may have washed out of her body openings, but the nurse told all concerned that there was tremendous DNA available to gather. The clothing that Jami had been wearing when she assaulted and the attempt to drown her were also taken by the police.

After another two hours, Jami was taken home by her parents, and when they arrived home, Jami went into her room and changed into her night clothes. Beth and Don knocked on her door and Jami told them to come into her room. For about ten minutes, the three of them spoke and Jami told her parents the complete story of what had happened.

As her parents were leaving the room, Jami asked, "Dad, Mom, may I sleep with the two of you tonight. The parents looked at each other, and nodded their heads in approval. Jami followed them to their room, and climbed onto the king size bed, and asked her parents, "May I sleep between the two of you, please?"

The next morning, the ringing of the telephone woke them, and looking at the clock, Don saw it was nearly ten o'clock. Answering the phone, he listened as a police detective spoke about needing to meet with all three of them so could determine where the cave was that the suspect was living in.

Driving to the park headquarters, after stopping for a fast food sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches, the were met at the park by at least fifty police officers. The park rangers, knew about the cave, and the man who lived in it, and were able to point out on the map exactly where it was located.

Plans were made to move into the cave area from the back side of the lake, and with police dogs, and heavily armed police officers, the parents and Jami were asked to remain at the park headquarters until they had the subject in custody.

The police soon had the cave area surrounded, and using a bull-horn, ordered the man out of the cave. Instead of the man responding in his voice, he answered with automatic rife fire, and three officers were hit, two who died instantly, and one with a gunshot wound to his left arm.

Gun fire from the police was soon ripping through the trees surrounding the entrance of the cave. Then the police stopped firing, and two SWAT team members climbed down from the top of the rocks where the cave was located, and through several canisters of tear gas into the cave. Within a few minutes, the man walked out the cave with his hands in the air.

During his trial, Josh Browning sat passive and forced his young rape victim to tell her story over and over. Acting as his own attorney, he questioned Jami as to how he happened to find her nude? "Did you not undress in front of me, and asked me to undress and swim with you?"

The district attorney objected, but the judge overruled the objection, and told Jami she must answer the questions she was asked.

Josh, was now ready to insult the parents and the young girl, as he knew he would be sentenced to life in prison, with no possibility of parole, so he wanted the world to see and her the girl as she cried on the witness stand.

"Miss Davis, did you not walk up to me, and seeing me nude, and being erect, reach down and asked if you could suck me off?"

The district attorney screamed out objection, but again was overruled. The DA listened as Josh, acting as his own attorney, was attempting to prove that Jami had given permission and it was her idea to have sex, and was their any indication or bruises to prove he had attempted to hold her under the water until she drowned.

"Now, Miss Davis, did you perform oral sex on me and did you not tell me that I was the first person you had had oral sex with?"

"Yes, but..."

"You have answered the question. Did you not ask me to lick you between your legs, as your girlfriends had allowed such sex to be performed on them?"

"Yeah, but only because you said I would be able to le..."

"You answered my question and don't add to my questions unless I ask for more than yes or no, and your honor, would you so order the witness?"

"So honored, Miss Davis do not add to your comments.

"Let me understand something, did you walk to my cave with me and not wear your clothing?"


"When we reached my cave home, did you not tell me you found my cave home comfortable, and you walked on your own over to the bed and lay down with your legs apart?"

"Yeah, I did, but..."

"our honor, I again ask you to instruct the witness to only answer my questions and not put additional information to her response."

"So ordered, and Miss Davis, please respond as I informed you previously."

"When I approached the bed, Miss Davis, did you not tell me you were a virgin, and had considered having sex with a boy named Robbie, and had allowed him to view you nude?"

"I, I, yes."

When I lay down on the bed, did you or did you not reach down and take my penis into your hand and lean over and perform oral sex on me, without my asking you to do so?"

"Yeah, but I, yes."

"Now Miss Davis, and I understand the questions are difficult for you to answer, but I must ask you follow the instructions of the judge and answer them truthfully."

"OK, I will."

"Miss Davis, when I was laying next to you on the bed, did you not pull me on top of you, and ask me to place my penis into your sex? I believe you referred to your sex, as your Thingy" and you told me at the time you were a virgin, but wanted sex?"

"Kind of."

"Your honor, the witness is not following your instructions."

Judge Rheinhart was aware of the manner and direction of the questions Josh Browning was asking, and knew he was trying to show the jury that the sex was consensual, and there was no attempt to kill the girl, but that she was saying she was raped to cover up her sexual activity. The judge was now wondering if the girl had not went with the man willingly, and that he was only guilty of having sex with a minor, which would get the man no more than five years.

"Miss Davis, if I must instruct you again to answer the question as asked, I will be forced to curtail this case."

Looking at the young girl, Josh remembered how she appeared when he first saw her nude, and how her sex had pulled apart, and then she peed in front of him.

"Miss Davis, did I not find you urinating, and when you saw me, you stood up and finished urinating onto my leg, and you were straddling my leg, now answer me, yes or no?"

Jami was extremely embarrassed as she remembered what the man said was true, but she had not intended for anyone to see her peeing. For almost a half-minute, the court room was still, and then a weak, "Yes," was uttered by Jami.

"Would you respond again, and louder, so the jury is able to hear your response?"




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