The shrink said that I should write down everything that I can remember about my life, thirty years worth of living is a hell of a lot to put down on paper so I think I'll just hit the high points, there's a hell of a lot of those too, come to think of it. Basically the shrink reckons that I'm being driven nuts by my repressed feelings of guilt which was not why I went to see him in the first place, the reason I went to see him was to find some way to turn off my sex appeal before it killed me, his laughter at my request was not at all encouraging.

After a couple of sessions the shrink decided that my problem was guilt about something that had happened in my past, hence the scribblings, pity he didn't tell his secretary that was what was wrong with me, if she jumps me one more time I'll scream. Life's hard being an unwilling God's gift to women (and men if they can catch me)!

I suppose I should start with my family, well, there was my father, he was a randy bastard, then there was my mother, now she'd fuck anything that held still long enough. Both my parents worked long hours so most of my time was spent with childminders during my formative years, nevertheless I still saw a lot of my parents and, in hindsight, it was strange the way my mother was always touching me and holding me.

Then there was my older sister Emma, she was four years older than me and always seemed to be fascinated with my John Thomas, in certain respects she took after my mother, like wanting to be fucked by anything in trousers even before she got old enough. Finally there was my brother Mark, the oldest child, six years older than me and a raving poof, or so we discovered when he turned thirteen. Strangely the uninhibited nature of my family coincided with my birth or so I was told.

I suppose it all started when I was six, it may have been earlier for all I know, but that's when my memories start, it was the childminder and the randy cow must have been fifty if she was a day. Naturally at that age I was innocent and curious about everything and the first experience that I remember was while I was having a bath after some fun with mud.

I can still remember the woman scolding me for getting all dirty as she scrubbed me clean, I didn't mind baths too much so I was merrily splashing around in the water and, quite by accident, I wet her dress. The woman gave me a glare then stripped off the wet dress before getting back to scrubbing me, I'm damned if I can remember her name after all this time, but I do remember that she had boobs as big as footballs, I also remember bashing them a few times until she scolded me.

Having successfully cleaned my upper half she started in on my lower half, she had me stand and lathered my nether regions and that was when it happened, it was as though someone had flicked a switch, one minute she was washing me, the next she was tugging my Wee Willie Winkie. Not only that, she took one of my hands and shoved it into her bra, I can still remember the squeal she gave when I grabbed hold of her huge nipple and tried to milk it like a cow's teat, I hadn't a clue what I was doing, but I knew that she was enjoying it and I was getting something from it too.

A little while later she got me out of the bath, whipped of her volumous knickers and put my hand to her big hairy twat, well I pushed and pulled at it and nearly lost my hand in her fanny, but it did the trick. With a squeal she started shaking while I flopped around with my hand caught in her suddenly tight pussy. That was it for that day, as soon as her shakes ended the woman pulled my hand from her pussy and the fun was over, she made me promise not to tell anyone what had happened and while I puzzled over this she dried me then got me dressed.

From that day on the woman would get me to 'handle' her while I was in her care, it got to the point that she would wear no knickers and as soon as the door had closed on my parents she'd grab my hand and stick it up her fanny. I can't really say that I got excited about any of this, hell I hadn't a clue what was going on apart from the fact that this woman kept getting my hand sticky.

It all came to an end after a couple of months when either from guilt or fear the woman told my parents that she could no longer look after me, but things weren't that bad as I had started school and only needed a part time minder anyway.

My new minder was a much younger woman, newly married and very much in love with her husband, she would pick me up from infant school and look after me until either my mother or my father came to collect me later in the evening. Shortly after I went to this woman, I think her name was Rosalind, she began to act rather strangely, she'd pick me up from school then rush me back to her home and shove me in a chair before rushing off to her bedroom, about half an hour later she would return looking flushed and breathless.

Innocent little me didn't have a clue as to what this all meant, but with the hindsight of experience I guess she was rushing off to have a wank, I suppose if I had gone to a mixed school my 'problem' would have been spotted, but it was all boys together so no-one noticed except Rosalind.

Again, with the hindsight of experience I would have known that the way the other boy's mothers pawed me whenever I came in contact with them would have told me something was not quite right. Anyway Rosalind looked after me for two years, in other words through infant school and part of junior school before telling my parents that she could no longer look after me.

The reason for Rosalind being unable to look after me was an event that occurred just after my eighth birthday, she'd met me at the school and escorted me home as usual, but this day my curiosity maded me ask why she always disappeared as soon as we got in her front door. I can still remember her reply clearly as she stood in the hall fidgeting.

"You have a strange effect on me Paul," she'd sighed, "I have to go upstairs or I'll do things to you."

"Why not do things to me then?" I replied in my innocence.

I can still remember the sigh Rosalind gave as she knelt down in front of me, she leant forward and kissed me and that had been that, standing up she took my hand and led me up to her bedroom, closed the curtains, stripped naked and then told me to get undressed.

Puzzled I did as she asked then lay on the bed beside her when she asked me to, even at eight I was a randy little sod, though I didn't realise what it all meant at the time, but I soon found out.

Guiding my every move Rosalind had me stroke her body, play with her tits and nipples then finger her pussy until she cried out and shuddered, all the while she pleaded with me not to tell anyone what we did and between pleading she kissed me.

The finale came when Rosalind had me finger her near to climax then pulled me on top of her shuddering body and guided my stiff little cock into her pussy, it didn't take me long to figure out what to do or that I really liked it and when I finally dry climaxed inside her I felt better than I ever had in my life. So vanished my virginity.

When the act was completed Rosalind held me and cried, her voice cracked as she sobbed out an apology for what she had done and that very night she told my parents that she couldn't take me any more.

My parents tried five other childminders over the next few months, but each one told my parents that they couldn't take me after only a few weeks, in one case after only a day, every one of them was quick to point out that it was nothing that I had done that had prompted their decision.

Rather than try to find a new childminder my parents decided that my brother was old enough at fourteen to take care of my sister and myself after school, this of course meant that I walked home by myself or in the company of other kids who lived near to us. Oddly there was never a lack of mum's who would drag their kids out of their way just to walk me home, well it seemed odd then.

Anyway, once I was home I was in the care of my brother as was my sister, sort of, the pair of them bossed me about while arguing between themselves as to who was in charge, on the whole though I was left pretty much to myself and would lurk in the bedroom I shared with my brother while he and my sister argued.

The years passed quite quickly, being mainly in the company of my family or my school mates very little happened, there were a few odd events, mainly with the mothers of other boys, but compared to what had happened with Rosalind they are hardly worth mentioning.

It was when I hit eleven that things started to get 'interesting', by then I knew a bit more about sex and understood what had happened with Rosalind in the physical sense even if I couldn't figure out the why of it, at about that time my brother, who was then seventeen, informed us that he was gay. If an atomic bomb had been dropped it wouldn't have caused more of a stir than that announcement. For me it explained why my brother was always watching me when he was wanking in our room.

After a while we all grew used to the idea and life returned more or less to normal, I must admit that I was a bit more cautious around my brother than before, not that it did me a lot of good in the end.

I'd done my eleven plus and school had broken up for the summer holiday, mum and dad left me in the care of my brother and sister while they went out to work, but as I was older I had a bit more freedom to do as I wanted especially as Mark and Emma had affairs of their own to attend to.

So it was that half my time was spent either out and about with boys from my school or on my tod at home, the other half was spent in the company of either my brother or my sister, but never both, they seemed to have worked out some sort of rota between them. Thus it was that I found myself home alone with my brother one damp and blustery summer day. For some reason my brother Mark kept following me around the house, I can remember his eyes burning into me wherever I went, but he was my brother, and apart from being a wooly woofter his actions didn't concern me much.

About mid-morning I decided to go to our room and have a read, Mark came with me and while I lay on my bed reading he lay on his bed watching me. A little while later he got up, undressed and lay back down again, I didn't pay him much attention I'm afraid as I was engrossed in my book.

When I did eventually glance up I saw Mark lying there wanking himself, there was nothing unusual in this so I went back to my book. A few minutes later I became aware of Mark standing by my bed, I looked up at him wondering what he wanted. My brother was bigger and much stronger than me so when he reached down and dragged me to my feet there was little I could do about it except yell, The next minute Mark had me on my knees in front of him and was pushing his cock at my mouth. Of course I clamped my mouth tightly shut only he held my nose until I was forced to gasp for breath through my mouth and in his cock went. So I did the only thing that I could do, I bit him, hard!

With a yell Mark jumped away from me and grabbed his cock, his face was filled with anger as he looked to see if there was any damage to his pride and joy and I decided that it would be wise to get out of the room only I didn't act fast enough, his fist hit me in the gut before I had taken more than a step. Gasping I doubled over and my brother grabbed hold of me and kneed me in the balls, when my eyes uncrossed I was half naked and the rest of my clothes were on their way off, naturally I struggled, but another fist to the gut put an end to that, wheezing and naked I was pushed face down on my bed.

There was a momentary pause in which I partially regained my breath, but before I could capitalise on it my brother had his hand on my back pushing me into the mattress, thank God his cock was thin and short because the next thing I felt was him pushing it at my arse. A second later his cock burst into me making me scream as pain shot through my behind. He must have lubricated his cock because it was sliding in me easily as he fucked me. Yelling and wriggling I tried to get him to stop, but it was not to be and as Mark groaned and pushed into me one last time I felt a spreading heat in my bowels.

When my brother eventually moved off of me I called him every name I could think of then threatened to tell our parents, it didn't seem to faze him at all as he stood there wiping his cock with a towel and grinning down at me.

I can truthfully say that I got no pleasure from that incident, it was my first experience with homosexuality and it was definitely an unpleasant experience as were all the other times my brother screwed me, but he never got me to suck his cock which was one small triumph.

Later that evening I told my parents what had happened, dad frowned and mum sighed, but apart from that they did bugger all which was how I ended up as my brother's doll, I learnt that it hurt less if I just let him get on with it, but I never enjoyed it with Mark.

Emma didn't get home until late on the day Mark fucked me so she didn't find out about it until the next day, it was her turn to stay home with me and she was very sympathetic to my plight, or so I thought.

Not an hour after we were alone she took me up to her room, undressed in front of me then invited me to get 'comfortable' as well, when I hesitated she barked out an order at me.

As soon as I was naked my sister pulled me down on the bed and began to kiss me, she took my hands and guided them to her tits and pussy and I remembered the incident with Rosalind, wiser now it was obvious what my sister wanted and though I felt a little stunned by what was happening I had less objections to her attentions than to my brother's. So I fucked her.

Boy did I fuck her, she was wailing and thrashing and bleating under me or on top of me, what the neighbours must have thought was impossible to guess, what Emma thought was no mystery at all, she was loving it! It seemed that apart from being above averagely endowed cock wise I was also a 'long player', at least that's what Emma reckoned, all I know is that I enjoyed fucking my sister a lot more than being fucked by my brother.

Unfortunately Mark came home early and heard what was going on, that evening he took great pleasure in telling our parents, the hypocritical bastard, dad frowned and mum sighed, but apart from that they did bugger all for which I was extremely grateful, although Mark wasn't too pleased about it.

When he bitched about the fact that Emma and I were at it even more dad sighed. "If its good enough for you its good enough for Emma," dad declared then buried his nose in a paper.

Though the comment was rather cryptic it shut my brother up and made my sister smile, I wasn't quite sure whether to smile or frown, but I knew it would do me no good to complain. In this way I became the plaything of my sister as well, not that I objected too strongly to that. But it did get a little tiring being buggered by my brother one day and fucked by my sister the next. I was praying for the holidays to end when mum decided to take a couple of days off work to be with me. I felt relieved that she would be around to protect me from the predatory actions of my siblings, boy was I in for a shock!

The first day she was home mum booted Mark and Emma out of the house, grabbed my hand and dragged me up to her room, now my mother was an attractive woman with plenty to offer in all departments, but hell, she was my mother and I nearly wet myself in surprise when she undressed and told me to do the same.

I protested and begged her not to do this, but mum was adamant, in the end I gave in to her and stripped, barely were my clothes off my back than she was pulling me on top of her. To my shame I have to admit that fucking my mother was better than fucking my sister, probably because mum was more experienced and really knew how to excite a man. It was my mother who sucked my cock for the first time and who also taught me how to lick pussy, I must admit that I liked pussy licking and never lost an opportunity to indulge myself from that point on. This time no-one told dad, though I think he must have suspected.

It became the pattern for me to get fucked by Mark, then by Emma and then by my mother, even after the holidays ended and I went to my new school the three of them found time and the opportunity to fuck me at least once a week.

By the end of that summer holiday I had to be the most experienced lover going and all courtesy of my family, the only one who never touched me was my father and I think even he was tempted at times. Thank God I didn't have any other relatives!

The new school was a mixed school, not only were there girls there some of the teachers were female as well and this really made life complicated for me, complicated and very tiring. How I made it through school at all is a miracle I have yet to work out.

Right from day one I found myself the target of every female in the place, I just had to walk into a room and all the girls would look my way and as for the teachers, hell, I was always in detention and it was always the women teachers that put me there. Mind you most of those teachers were quite attractive, but it was the principle of the thing. I was there to learn not get laid, I got enough of that at home! Yet not a day went by without me being accosted by one female at the very least, the incidents are to numerous to list so I'll hit just a few of the high spots.

Five days after joining the school I had my first detention, it was handed out by my math teacher, a Mrs. Green, mind you I was surprised to be getting detention as I hadn't done a damned thing to deserve it, I hadn't even cleared my throat so I was all ready to protest when I reported to the room where said punishment was to be held. Opening the door I found the room to be empty, I was in two minds whether I should go in or wait outside, but I decided to go in and at least be able to sit down while I waited, five minutes later Mrs. Green arrived.

She was a woman in her late forties, well preserved I suppose, but not the sort of woman I would normally pay much notice to, apart from anything else she was married, but it didn't seem to bother her any, oh no. As she closed the door I heard an ominous click that sounded just like a door being locked, I still was puzzling about this when Mrs. Green came over to where I was sitting, pulled me to my feet and kissed me. I will say one thing for her, she certainly knew how to kiss.

Before I knew what was happening she was leaning back on a desk with my cock in her pussy and her legs wrapped around my back, I had been more than a little surprised when she'd pulled me to her, but to discover that she was wearing no knickers had been a shock. Nevertheless I did the business, fucking her long and slow the way I liked it, after all if I was going to get assaulted I wanted to get something out of it too.

Just for the hell of it I opened Mrs Green's blouse while I was humping away, I can't say that I was that interested in her boobs, but it added to the pleasure of the moment for both of us, her more than me I think. When I eventually filled her with my seed my math teacher gave a little yelp just like a dog, through the bliss of my climax I had to stifle a laugh at the noise.

As soon as my cock showed signs of wilting Mrs Green pushed me off her and stood up, she looked dishevelled and her knees seemed a little wobbly, but she also looked satisfied as she told me to go home.

Needless to say I didn't bother mentioning the incident to anyone, based on the lack of action from my parents when I had spoken up I thought it would be a total waste of time. I was right about that, because one of the other members of staff had seen what happened or at least part of it and had reported the event to the school's headmistress.

The very next day I was summoned to the presence of the headmistress, I was ushered into her office and the secretary was told that the head was not to be disturbed for anything, five minutes later this figure of authority was riding my cock like there was no tomorrow while I tried to figure out how I had ended up on my back on her floor.

The next really memorable event came in the second year, as usual I had hidden myself away in a quiet corner of the school field in an effort to keep out of the clutches of the female pupils and staff, it was too risky for me to be seen in the open so I never got to make friends of my own sex, but the last thing I had expected was to be hunted down by a pack of the bitches.

I had barely hidden myself behind some bushes when there was a rustling and three faces peered round the bush at me, they were all sixth form girls, well developed young women, I hesitate to use the term 'ladies' as they were anything but ladylike in their actions.

Blinking in surprise I looked at the six grinning faces peering at me, where the hell the other three had come from was a mystery to me, but I didn't want to hang around to solve it, like a greyhound from a trap I was off and running only I felt more like the hare as they leapt after me. Putting it bluntly I should have zigged instead of zagged because I ended up in an isolated corner of the field with no way forward and six hungry girls behind me, turning at bay I pressed my back to the thick concrete fence and whimpered as they reached out for me.

I was still whimpering when they eventually left me alone, gathering up my clothes I dressed, wincing at my aching cock and wishing that I could go home, walking gingerly across the field to the school I headed back to class for my math lesson only to receive a detention for being late, thank God I had the rest of the afternoon to recover.

In the third year I had my very first school medical, I was feeling quite relaxed about it until I discovered that the doctor was a woman, she had taken one look at me, licked her lips and told the supervising teacher to put me aside until she could examine me more closely. I don't know about anything else, but she certainly examined my cock closely by eye, hand, mouth and pussy. Christ did she make the most of me and the worst part about it was that she was the ugliest woman I had ever clapped eyes on, she would have scared the shit out of Quasimodo. She was just so ugly, but a cock is stupid and doesn't give a shit what it pokes, I just kept my eyes shut.

There were around three hundred girls in the school plus ten women teachers, if I escaped the clutches of any one of them it must have been a sheer miracle and then when I went home one of my family members would grab me. I can't say that it wasn't fun, at times it was absolutely fantastic, but God was it tiring and at times, like with the school doctor, it was sickening.

When exam time came around I had no problems with them, I was too concerned about who would grab me next to worry about a little thing like exams which was probably why I did so well. Mind you I was nabbed every time I set foot outside the examination hall, but I made it through the first five years and hit the sixth form with a plethora of 'O' levels and a grim determination to remain unmolested while I studied for my 'A' levels.

So much for grim determination, I had just set foot inside the door of the sixth form block on the first day back when a slender female arm reached out of a tutors room, grabbed my arm and pulled me into the room with a speed and strength that just wasn't human. As the door slammed shut I was being groped by a female that seemed to swarm all over me, her hands were everywhere and boy did she work fast, my cock was out and being wanked before you could yell 'rape', not that I had a chance to yell for I was being kissed hard at the same time.

When I at last got to see the face of my attacker I didn't recognise her, looking up at her while she bounced up and down on my cock I wondered just who the hell she was, at the same time I went through the usual motions of reaching up to the woman's tits. Some time later I shot my seed into her pussy and groaned as she ground her pussy on me, when she finally got off me I sighed, got to my feet, put my cock away and headed for the door.

"By the way," I said over my shoulder as I opened the door, "Who are you?"

"I'm you're form tutor," she smiled dreamily while I groaned quietly "Mrs. Ryan."

The next two years were a blur of female bodies, no matter where I tried to hide or what I did they tracked me down, thankfully my home life was a little easier, Mark had gone to live with a boyfriend and Emma had got married and moved away which left just my mother to cope with. Despite all this I managed to study my course, usually in such unlikely places as locked inside a cupboard, until I was found, or sitting on the roof of the sixth form block, until I was found. There didn't seem to be one damned place that I could go that I wasn't found, even the boys toilets weren't a safe haven as I found out when I tried using it as a hiding place back in the first year.

I thought that things couldn't get any worse until dad got a new job and had to give up giving me a lift to school as his work place was in the opposite direction, using public transport didn't worry me at all, until I actually used it that is. The first time I stepped onto a crowded bus I felt calm and relaxed, working my way down towards the back I hung from the rail and let my mind drift, a moment later I was staring down in disbelief at the hand working its way into the front of my trousers.

"Do you mind?" I yelped at the blushing woman that owned the hand.

"Sorry," she replied pulling her hand from my trousers with reluctance "I just couldn't seem to help myself."

It was the story of my life, but it was also the first time that it occurred to me that maybe all the woman that attacked me couldn't help themselves. It was my first experience with hindsight and I realised that everything seemed to happen shortly after I would appear on the scene.

Slapping the wrist of the woman in front of me while moving my bum away from the woman sitting behind me I tried to puzzle out just what the hell it was about me that caused women to act the way they did. It wasn't my looks, though I wasn't bad looking there were plenty of men much better looking, so what the hell was it?

I had to put the problem aside to fend off the stroking and grabbing hands of the female passengers, I breathed a sigh of relief when I finally got off the bus, though my relief was short lived. With a yelp I ran from the bus stop with a bunch of fifth form girls from my school close on my tail, I made it to the safety of the sixth form block only to fall victim to Mrs Ryan.

Half an hour later I staggered out to the main block and sank into a chair, the sound of female voices nearby had me out of the chair and into the loo's in an instant only to reappear when class had started.

To be honest it's a miracle that I didn't die of exhaustion with all the females of all ages, shapes and sizes that got their hands on me, and women say men are only after one thing! Between being groped and fucked at school and at home and being fondled and even wanked on the bus ride to and from school my cock should have dropped off, but it remained intact. I suppose that it had something to do with all the unwanted practise I got. Nevertheless I made it through to my 'A' levels, something I hadn't thought I would manage. Not because I was stupid or anything, but because I was constantly getting attacked by women.

The next time I hear a bloke say that he wished women would fall all over him I'm going to punch him in the mouth, its sheer hell most of the time.

Anyhow, I made it through school more or less in one piece, those last days when everyone went round saying their farewells were sheer torture for me as the 'farewells' I got from the females at the school were extremely physical. When I staggered, pardon me, walked out of the gates for the last time it was with four goals in mind, first to get a job, second to get a driving licence, third to get a car and fourth to find out what it was about me that made women lose all control.

The first was easy, I applied for the best job I could find and for once my curse worked in my favour, the personnel officer that interviewed me was a woman, by the time I got away from her I had the job and a starting date of three weeks hence at the beginning of the month. As I left the building I swore to myself that if I ever came across a woman who's eyes didn't shine with lust thirty seconds after they saw me I would marry her.

Getting a driving licence wasn't so easy, I'd been taking driving lessons as soon as I hit seventeen, after being mauled by a gay instructor and sucked off by a female instructor I finally got an instructor that wanted to teach me to drive instead of fucking me, the test date was the week after school broke up. When I got to the test centre and signed in I groaned to discover that my examiner was to be a woman, I'd been feeling nervous enough already, but this bit of news was enough to make me quake in my shoes.

However, I waited by the car and when the woman appeared I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was very attractive, but I still hoped that she could keep her hands and other parts to herself, I really wanted my licence. We got into the car and as I went through my pre-pull away check I caught sight of the lustful glow in the eyes of my examiner as I looked in the mirrors.

Things went quite well for all of ten minutes then she directed me down a side street that ended up nowhere. As fast as I got the hand-brake on she was in my lap, which took some doing in a small saloon, but this woman managed it. She also managed to get her knickers down, my cock out and into her pussy and all in the space of a few seconds.

With little choice I fucked her the best I could while wondering how long it would be before I could get another test and if I could specify a male examiner the next time, preferable a straight one. All the time I was thinking the examiner was bouncing up and down on my cock and yelling her head off.

By the time I climaxed the car's windows were all steamed up and the examiner was sobbing in ecstasy, at least all the years of getting jumped and humped had taught me how to satisfy a woman, I just wished that they would stop leaping on me.

Sliding back to her side of the car the examiner adjusted her clothing while I opened the windows to let all the hot air out, then it was back to the test centre where, to my immense relief the woman passed me. "That was the best ride I've ever had," the woman commented as she got out of the car.

Part three of my four part plan was next on the list, for years I had been saving every penny I got and between gratuitous gifts in return for favours received, my pocket money and money from a few odd jobs I did I had enough to get myself quite a decent motor. Highing me down to my local purveyor of used bangers I chose my car, it was an estate car, not what I had intended getting, but it was the best on the lot and was just within my price range.

The deal was done, I coughed up the dough and they coughed up the keys, I drove the car home without tax or insurance and prayed that if I was pulled over it would be by a female copper, but I wasn't pulled over. The very next day I made the car street legal, the relief I felt at not having to suffer the indignity of public transport again could not be described.

Then at last came part four, I'd made an appointment with my doctor, who was a male and straight, the time had come to at least find out what was going on with me and women. When I went into the doctor's surgery I gulped, the person behind the desk was neither male or my doctor, it was female, damned attractive and no doubt a doctor, but nevertheless it was a female.

"Come in and sit down," she said looking at me with lust filled eyes.

"Uh maybe I had better wait until I can see a male doctor." I suggested pressing my back to the door.

"Don't be so silly," she said firmly, "come over here and tell me what the problem is."

So I sat in the indicated chair and launched in on my problem, while she listened the doctor started to squirm in her chair, her eyes gleamed with ever growing lust and I wasn't sure that she was listening to half of what I was saying.

"Take your clothes off," she breathed then pulled herself together somewhat and repeated herself in a more professional manner "Take your clothes off and I'll examine you."

Knowing full well where it would all lead I sighed and stripped in that order, she had me strip down to the buff then told me to lie on the examination table. I did as I was told and a few moments later she joined me, her method of examination was exactly the same as the one used by the school doctor, her on top thrusting up and down on my cock while I squeezed her tits. When I climaxed she sat still for a few moments shuddering then got off me.

"Lord I'm sorry," the doctor apologised with a blush, "I really don't know what came over me."

"That's why I wanted to see a doctor," I sighed, "to find out why women and homosexuals lose control around me."

Well she tried to examine me, but her hands were shaking with the strain of keeping them off my cock, in the end she gave up, sucked my cock and advised me to make another appointment to see my own, male doctor. I got dressed and went out to the reception and booked the new appointment while studiously ignoring the lustful gaze of the receptionist.

The next day I went to the doctors again, this time it was my own GP I saw, the locum I had seen the day before had already spoken to him and had admitted that she had violated my person. After examining me my GP stood back and scratched his head.

"Well whatever the cause is I can't find it." he sighed "I've never heard of anything like it either, if it wasn't for the fact that the locum told me what she did I would have said you're nuts. I really don't know what to suggest, there isn't a specialist that I can refer you to, sorry."

That ended my first attempt to find a reason for my effect on women, but I was determined to find the answer and maybe even a solution to the problem. It was a new craze hitting the scene that gave me the first clue as to why woman kept jumping me, aromatherapy, something in my mind went 'hey, hang on' and I got in touch with my doctor.

"Hmm, yes," he mused when I met him again, "I suppose its possible. Maybe something like pheromones, I'll send you to an endrecrone specialist."

The following week I started my new job, I had been looking forward to it and walked into the building feeling bright and breezy, when I staggered out that evening I was feeling shagged out, literally. It started with the receptionist catching me and dragging me into a store cupboard, then the personnel officer had me in her office, within five minutes of being placed at my desk I was surrounded by female employees, between them they fucked me right through to lunchtime.

I avoided the canteen when I saw how many women there were in it, not that it did me much good because I went to the lift to get back up to my floor, the lift doors opened with a ting and I found myself facing a pair of secretaries. Before I could back away two pairs of hands had grabbed me, dragged me into the lift and locked the lift between floors before ravaging me, by the time lunchtime was over I was knackered. All through the afternoon I tried to be inconspicuous, but it was just like being at school, no matter what I did I got caught and fucked, thankfully there were only twenty women in the building even if it did seem like hundreds.

Life fell back into the old routine of me trying to look everywhere at once ready to run at the merest hint of a female presence and like before it did me not one whit of good, with exhausting regularity I was grabbed wanked, fucked and sucked until I was going cross-eyed. I thought about leaving, but it dawned on me that wherever I went it would be the same story, better the terrain I knew than a new place with no hiding places.

My appointment with the specialist came through and I cursed when I realised that the hospital I had to go to was so short of parking space that I would be forced to get there by tube, even worse it would be during the rush hour that I would have to travel. That journey was nightmare, the carriage seemed to be filled with nothing but women and they lost no time in touching me up, one woman went so far as to suck my cock between stations while the train hissed and hummed in the middle of a tunnel.

What I hadn't expected though was the reception I got at the hospital, though I should have, most nurses are female after all. It was like running a gauntlet to reach the clinic and I didn't make it unscathed I might add, even the clinic itself wasn't safe, female receptionists and nurses closed in on me from all sides until I was rescued by the very man I had been sent to see.

"I can see what the problem is." the doctor commented shutting the door to his office in the faces of a dozen nurses "Has it always been like this?"

"It's been like this ever since I can remember." I sighed.

Following an full examination the specialist took some blood and urine samples and told me to come back in a week, he opened the door and peered out into the corridor then signalled that everything was back to normal. I took one step outside the door and my personal curse struck, female eyes turned in my direction closely followed by their owners, with a yelp I took off like a rocket and didn't stop until I was a hundred yards away from the hospital. The trip home was as much of a nightmare as the outward journey had been and this was despite the fact that the rush hour was over.

When I went back to the hospital the following week the doctor was waiting for me outside, he led me to his office by a twisted route that avoided contact with other staff, safe in his office he broke the news to me.

"Well there's definitely something there," he sighed, "unfortunately we can't identify it. Your whole system seems to be saturated with a unique pheromone and you already know the effect it has on the opposite sex."

"And gays." I muttered.

"Yes well," the doctor coughed "I'm afraid that until we can identify this pheromone there is little we can do to help you. The problem seems to be that outside your system the substance loses its potency after a few days, what I'd like to do is to have you in for a few days so that we can run some tests."

"In?" I gasped, "You mean in the hospital?"

"Of course." he frowned.

"You have got to be joking!" I gasped out, "Me trapped in a ward with all those nurses, not to mention the female patients and the visitors."

"I'm sure we'll be able to protect you," the doctor reassured me.

Like a fool I let him talk me into it, a date was arranged for me to come in and he escorted me out the way I had come in.

Protect me? Hell the doctor and his bevy of male orderlies were nearly killed in the rush, as for me I was shagged to exhaustion before they finally managed to beat the crazed bitches off. Nevertheless they managed to do their tests and came up with a big fat zero, the doctor tried masking the pheromone with other scents, I still got molested, but at least I smelt good while it happened.

It was after the wife of one of the hospital governors got her hands on me that the doctor admitted defeat, I left the hospital at the speed of light and even that wasn't fast enough! Three times I was collared before I reached the safety of the street, resigned to my fate I headed for home doing my best to ignore the gropes, strokes and squeezes I received along the way only to get waylaid by my mother as I walked in the door.

It was my mother jumping me that prompted me to get a flat of my own, I was earning a good wage and could easily afford a nice place near to the office, but the idea of all those female estate agents left me cold. Nonetheless I went flat hunting that weekend and struck lucky first time, I didn't even get molested, well not by the estate agent anyway, he was a straight male.

It took a few weeks to sort out all the paperwork, but at last I moved into my new, fully furnished home, it was relief to be able to close the door on the world and not have to worry about being leapt on by my mother or any other female come to that, I thought that I was in heaven. Then came the eye opener, living alone was all well and good, but there comes a time when one has to go shopping, up to the point I moved into the flat my mother had handled that little chore, now I had to do it for myself.

Walking into the local superstore for the first time was a terrifying experience, they had these air blowers right at the door, cool in summer, warm in winter, the damned things wafted my pheromones into the store and almost every eye turned to me, married women with kids and husbands in tow, shop staff, old biddies, young nymphos and gays they all focused their attention on me.

Trembling I went about my shopping, the store was fairly full of customers and staff yet there was an ominous silence that seemed to follow me around the aisles, I'd almost completed my shop with nothing having happened and was just beginning to relax as I headed for the milk, the last item on my list. Without warning a hand snaked out from behind a row of canned goods, I didn't even get a chance to yelp as I was pressed up to the shelves and kissed hotly, gathering my wits I struggled free of the woman and headed away at a near run grabbing a container of milk in passing.

It was as though the event had been the signal to raise the hue and cry because when I looked over my shoulder it seemed as though every woman in the place was heading in my direction, ahead of me the check-outs were empty of staff and I whimpered a little at the thought of getting trapped in the store with this mob of randy women. Then I spotted a lone check-out manned by a male member of staff, at a run I headed for his till and dumped all my goods on the conveyor in armfuls. I think he must have got the idea that I was in something of a hurry to get away because he was whisking the goods through the bar- code reader as fast as it would take it.

When I looked up from loading my goods back into the trolley I looked up and gulped, I was facing wall-to-wall femininity, pulling out my wallet I waved ten pound notes under the nose of the bemused youth on the till, he took the notes and started to fiddle around for my change. So far none of the women had come through the tills to surround me, but I knew it would only be a matter of time before this happened, there were girls as young as ten and women as old as the hills themselves licking their lips and watching me lustfully.

"Oh fuck!" I yelped when the mob took a step in my direction.

I bolted without my change, the trolley rattled and shook as I hit top gear, behind me there was a collective mutter and one glance sent me into overdrive as the women surged forward through the tills. Thank God the car unlocked by remote, I had the boot open and the trolley empty in seconds flat, slamming the boot shut I leapt into the car and hit the central locking just as the car was surrounded.

For ten minutes the mob of randy cows milled around the car while I sent up a prayer that my scent would stay inside the car, my prayer must have been answered because the crowd started to thin as the women came to their senses. When I finally drove away from the store it was with the terrifying thought that I would have to go through this every week!

In desperation I saw doctor after doctor, quakes, specialists, nutters, anyone who I thought could help me, but to no avail. I even tried the church, have you ever been hunted around a church by a group of randy nuns, no I don't suppose you have, well let me tell you that it is an experience I would have liked to miss out on too, I ran screaming from the church when I finally managed to escape.

It was all too much for my poor shattered brain and I had a sort of nervous breakdown, nothing too serious or that warranted me being carted off to a funny farm, thank God, but enough to get me to go and see a shrink. Needless to say the shrink thought I was nuts even though he had been forced to beat his receptionist off me, so started the first of many sessions, Christ did that receptionist have hands and she used them every time I went to see her boss. The upshot was this document which I have kept sort of up to date whenever I get the time and the energy.

EUREKA! Believe it or not the shrink came up with the answer to my problem, to cut a long story to the bone he had consulted with some of his other colleagues and discovered that one of them had a patient with a similar problem to mine only it was a female and she was getting the same treatment from men and lesbians, screwed to death. The shrinks set up a meeting between the two of us and it was lust at first sight, her pheromones hit me like a brick wall and mine did the same to her. When we had sated our lust for a moment the shrinks sent a group of men and women in to join us.

Both of us cringed at the sight of the intruders then gasped when nothing happened, deeming it safe the shrinks came into the room and gave us their theory. According to them our pheromones cancelled each other out, even though mine affected Ruth and Ruth's affected me no one else came under their influence. A little experimentation, after the shrinks had retreated from the room, showed that as long as Ruth and I stayed within ten feet of each other we were safe, an inch over that and watch out.

It goes without saying that we were more than pleased with this, Ruth was a gorgeous woman, the sort I would have sought to marry if I hadn't been cursed and her view of me was the same so we got married and lived happily ever after. Well sort of, but that's another story.


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