Jennifer Jones was, by all accounts, an extremely attractive woman. At 5'9" and 130 pounds, she worked hard to maintain the body that had opened the doors to a promising porno career for her. Her natural 36d's and youthful looks had porn producers begging the tanned brunette to appear in their films. But despite the fact that this work often managed to satisfy her powerful sex drive, Jennifer soon decided to quit and take a shot at teaching high school, where she could aid the community and fulfill her secret desires to at least watch the youthful flesh.

Because of her inexperience, Jennifer was only able to get a job at an public school. Jennifer taught gym, health, and the occasional math class. Because she enjoyed dressing in tight revealing clothes, her math students (usually the boys) had trouble concentrating on their work, and usually had low scores. One or two of the girls in her gym class had noticed her watching them in the showers and complained to the principal. But because Jennifer was all too willing to use her skills learned from her previous job to "get to know" her bosses and coworkers, her problems were always swept under the rug.

Unfortunately for her, she had to spend one particular Friday afternoon keeping her eye on a few trouble students who had gotten detention. Making it worse, Jennifer was extremely horny because she had been so busy over the past couple of days that she hadn't gotten to play with herself at all, something she usually did several times a day!

The rest of the faculty and staff had already left school for the day, in expectation of the upcoming holiday weekend, leaving Jennifer frustrated, horny, and alone with a few trouble students. On her way to the classroom that doubled as the detention hall, Jennifer stopped in the teachers lounge to have a drink from the mini bar that was the secret of the school, hoping to calm her frayed nerves.

On her way to the detention hall, Jennifer looked over the list of students who were supposed to show up, and she sighed. Not only were they each a handful in their own way, but they were some of the most attractive students at the school, so not only would she have to deal with troubled students, she would have to be tempted by these nubile youths!

First on the list was Jason. Jason was a tall and athletic black boy, who would probably be a star on the basketball team if he could keep his grades up and stop dealing drugs.He was one of those smart asses with lots of potential, but not enough strength to fulfill that potential.

Next was Jesse. Jesse was one of Jason's buddies, but usually only got in trouble when hanging out with Jason. Jesse was a big, white boy, who pulled decent enough grades to allow him to star as a linebacker on the football team. Jennifer guessed that he probably got detention for being too loud in a class he had with Jason.

Third on the list was Ted. Ted was a lanky white boy of average height. His family was wealthy, and Ted obviously planned to mooch off of them for the rest of his life. He barely bothered with his grades, preferring instead to spend all his time and money getting high. His tendency for come to school high was probably what landed him in detention.

Jennifer groaned when she saw the next two names on the list: Summer and Trisha. These two were in the rich girl clique and were constantly fighting to be the leader of their little group. Trisha was actually Ted's fraternal twin sister, but you would never know it. Besides obviously looking different, their personalities were like night and day.

Trish was a focused girl who got good grades, and had plenty of extra curriculars. She was on the cheerleading squad (Jennifer licked her lips just at the thought of this) and the student council. She was a stunning blonde with medium-sized breasts that perfectly complemented her slender figure. She always put on the "good-girl" act to suck up to adults, and make herself look better than Summer.

Summer was different. Her parents were extremely wealthy, and she never pretended that she would be a good girl, like Trisha. She was a little slut and enjoyed the fact that everyone knew it. The petit red head always dressed in the most revealing clothes she could find, and her d-cups were probably paid for by her parents. She had an "I'll take what I want" attitude, and looked down on Trisha's act. These two always fought when around each other, and keeping them in line would be an extra chore.

But then Jennifer saw what the lesson plan was for this detention was. Remedial health class, topic: Sex Ed! Suddenly Jennifer got an idea on how she could take care of the students, the lesson, and her libido at the same time! It was a long shot to pull it off, but she was in a mood to take a risk. She quickly stopped in the ladies room.

Looking in the mirror, Jennifer put her hair up in a bun, to give her a sexy, but authoritative look. Then she took off her bra and panties (which were soaked since she began thinking of this plan). Jennifer then put back on her pink silk blouse, which she only buttoned enough to keep it from completely hanging loosely. She then took out her contacts and put on her glasses, for that extra authoritative look to offset the rest of her slutty outfit.

Putting her underwear in her purse, Jennifer looked at herself one last time in the mirror. She smiled as she noticed how her heels made her boobs stick out more, then took her things and went to the detention hall.

Standing outside the door, she took a deep breath before opening the door and walking in. She as she walked in, she saw Jason and Ted already in the room, completing a drug deal. She smiled and pretended not to notice for now as she walked to the front, deciding to use the information later in her plan. She sat behind her desk before the two noticed her.

They played it cool, assuming that since she hadn't said anything, she must not have seen anything. Jennifer's computer was hiding her chest, so the boys didn't notice her slutty outfit yet. Jesse walked in, sat by Jason, and the two began joking loudly and laughing. Soon, Summer walked in wearing a blue micro- skirt and a very low cut black blouse.

She ignored the hooting and whistling of the boys, and sat in the desk immediately opposite to mine. Jennifer peeked her head around the computer screen and smiled at her. Summer winked and spread her knees before crossing her legs, making it obvious both that she was not wearing panties, and that she wanted Jennifer to see it. The little minx was flirting with her teacher! Jennifer winked back and pretended to go back to work. Soon Trisha rushed in, barely avoiding being late.

She had clearly come from cheerleading practice, because she was still wearing her little gym shorts and t shirt that Jennifer often saw her wear when she would watch the cheerleaders practice under the pretense of being there to be an adult supervisor. She sat in front, but a few seats away from Summer.

Now that they were all there, Jennifer took the key for the door from a drawer in her desk and stood up, giving the students their first view of their teacher in her skimpy outfit. Trisha looked surprised, but said nothing. Summer smiled wickedly at Jennifer and licked her lips provocatively. The boys began whistling and joking.

"Damn, Ms. Jones! You gonna strip for us?" laughed Jason. Jesse and Ted laughed and stared at Jennifer. This just encouraged Jason more, so he said "You look like you're up for some fun, you gonna let me get a piece?" Trisha looked at the laughing boys with disgust.

Jennifer put on a stern look and faced Jason, "Jason, shut up and pay attention!"

"What makes you think I'm gonna listen to a ho like you?" spat Jason, his ego bruised from being told off.

"Because if you don't, I'll have no choice but to tell the police about the drug deal that I just saw between you and Ted. I know you can't afford another run-in with the law, and I know Ted's dad doesn't want his son to be arrested, and I know Jesse doesn't want his friend to get in trouble," Jennifer retorted as she looked at each of them, "so you three are going to be good, and be my helpers today if you want me to forget about that, aren't you?" Jason and Ted, surprised just nodded, and Jesse nodded as he tapped Jason on the shoulder to let him know he had Jason's back.

"Good. Now as for the remedial lesson for today's detention," Jennifer walked around to the front of the desk and leaned back against it with her legs crossed. "I see that we are supposed to do Sex Education." There were a few giggles. "Well I think the usual lesson plan is a little... boring. So we're gonna do a live, interactive demonstration. Any objections?"

"Are you serious?" Ted's excitement was curing him of his previously half-stoned state. "Sure am!" Jennifer replied casually with a smile. Summer and the boys cheered, but Trisha blushed and walked toward the door.

"Ted, Jason, stop her." Jennifer commanded. The two boys quickly stood and put her back in her seat, taking seats on either side of her to keep her from getting up again.

"Please, I don't want to do this! Just let me go and I won't tell!" Trisha begged. Summer laughed, "Yeah right, miss goody-two-shoes would probably run out and call everyone to tell on you as soon as you look away!" "Shut up, Summer!" Trisha snapped back, "Just because you're a whore who will get off on this, doesn't mean I have to be here!" Summer just laughed.

Jennifer smiled at Summer. "Good point, Summer!" She walked to the door and locked it with her key. "Jesse, please make sure that all cell phones and other devices are on my desk immediately!" Jesse, eager to please, confiscated everyone's communication devices and put them on his teacher's desk. Jennifer put them all in a drawer and locked it. "Now, you'll all get your things back at the end of detention if you're good. Now I think we should start with a volunteer."

Summer raised her hand immediately and the guys laughed. Jennifer smiled. "Thank you, Summer. Come up to the front of the room." Summer stood up slowly, but eagerly. As she got to the front of the class, she turned and winked at the other students. Trisha crossed her arms and pouted.

"How about stripping for the class, Summer? Do a good job!" Jennifer said. Summer began swaying to imaginary music, running her hands over her body and through her hair. She turned her back to the class, and then pulled her blouse over her head and tossed it onto the desk. Summer then cupped her large breasts in her hands and turned back to the class.

The boys were whistling and cheering loudly, while Trisha watched with interest despite her reluctance to be there. Summer removed her hands from her hardened nipples, turned around again, and bent over as she removed her skirt. As it fell to the floor, the class was treated to a nice view of Summer's pussy and ass.

Trisha's hands fell to her desk, and Jennifer could see that Trisha's nipples had hardened, revealing her enjoyment. Having completed stripping, Summer stood and faced Jennifer, arms behind her back, thrusting her chest out, with an angelic smile on her face that belied her slutty nature. "Was that good enough?" she asked.

"Excellent!" replied Jennifer, "I see that you shave your vagina." Jennifer smiled. "Yeah, I like the way my pussy feels this way," replied Summer unabashedly using the sexier term.

"Me too," Jennifer laughed. "Well I can see that you're an experienced young woman, Summer." "You got that right!" sneered Trisha as she interrupted her teacher.

Jennifer looked at Trisha sternly. "First of all, Trisha, there is nothing wrong with being experienced like Summer. Second of all, keep in mind that your grade in health class is determined by how you do in this detention, so I suggest you try to be more cooperative like Summer here! Lose the attitude!"

"I'm sorry, Ms. Jones" Trisha looked down, ashamed for being reprimanded and not wanting to jeopardize her grade.

"Now, Summer," said Jennifer, turning her attention back to the red head, "Tell us how you like oral sex to be performed on you, and pick out another student to perform it on you."

"I like it when they make sure to spend time on my asshole, and I want... Trisha to do it!" Summer said with glee, realizing the opportunity she had. "No way!" Trisha yelled, "that's sick!" Jennifer frowned, "Trisha, I thought you were going to have a better attitude! Do you want to let your grade suffer?"

Trisha pouted, but realizing she couldn't leave, she caved in. "Fine, just don't give me a bad grade! I need all A's to get into a good college!" She rose from her desk and headed toward summer, who smiled confidently as she climbed on the desk and spread her legs. The boys watched in awe, and Jennifer noted the considerable bulges they had formed in their pants. Trisha started to kneel in front of Summer, when Jennifer stopped her. "Ah ah ah, I want to see you naked too!" Jennifer said, one of her hands starting to drift into her own blouse. Trisha hesitated, so Jennifer said "Ted, why don't you help your sister undress?" Jennifer's pussy was practically dripping just from saying that.

Ted got up so eagerly that it was obvious that he had wanted to see his sister naked for some time already. Trisha put up a little resitance, but she was so humiliated at this point that she had practically given up. "Stop, Ted!" she wailed "you're my BROTHER!"

Ted laughed "So what? You're still hot!" He pulled her shirt over her head, and then removed her little shorts, revealing her pink thong. He took his time with that, and Jennifer then held her hand out for him to give it to her. She examined it and smiled, then handed it to Summer.

Summer laughed and said, "wow, look at this wet spot! You must really want to eat me out!" then she tossed the panties to Jesse and Jason who laughed and waved them in the air. Trisha just resigned herself to the situation, and kneeled in front of Summer's pussy. She began licking it tentatively at first, and then she clearly began to enjoy it because she licked faster and faster before sucking on Summer's clit.

Summer moaned and began fondling her breasts. Trisha then moved lower and began tonguing Summer's little asshole. Summer giggled, "If I had known about this before, I wouldn't have wiped so well!"

Everyone but Trisha laughed, Trisha was too busy enjoying her work. "Trisha, Summer, why don't you two get in a 69 now?" asked Jennifer as her hand was inside her blouse, playing with her nipples. The girls obediently climbed on the desk in a 69, Summer on top. Summer began sucking on Trisha's clit, and Trisha gripped Summer's ass with both hands and raised her head as close to Summer's ass as she could, and began licking feverishly.

Summer insterted a finger into Trisha's pussy, which was neatly trimmed. "So, you're not the virgin bitch you pretend to be!" exclaimed Summer. Trisha just moaned into Summer's pussy.

"You boys strip and stand up here and strip," ordered Jennifer. They eagerly complied, revealing three erect cocks. Ted's was the smallest, but still large at 8". Jesse's was equally long, but a little thicker, and Jason's was 10" and slightly thicker than Jesse's.

Jennifer hiked up her skirt and lay back on the floor, legs spread. She gestured for Jason to come service her, and for the other two to attend to the busy girls.

Summer climbed off of the desk and bent over, presenting herself to Ted. While Ted slid into Summer's pussy, Jesse entered Trisha, and Jason entered Jennifer as she rubbed her clit.

"Damn, Ms. Jones! You're tight!" Jason said, as the other boys pounded the other girls. "That's nothing," Jennifer said with a grin, "try this!" She guided his cock to her asshole, and he pressed in with a grunt. Jennifer moaned as Jason's cock slowly filled her up.

Meanwhile, Jesse was sliding in and out of Trisha's pussy, gripping her knees for extra forces. Trisha closed her eyes and bit her lower lip while she squeezed and kneaded her own tits.

As Summer bent over, she leaned against the desk with one hand for support, while she reached one hand back to rub her clit. Ted was sliding in and out of her pussy slowly, as he spread her ass cheeks with his hands and pressed his thumb into her little asshole. True to her nature, Summer didn't hold anything back as her loud moans bordered on screams. Jennifer took extra pleasure in watching Summer's tits swing around while Ted fucked her.

Jennifer had a wicked idea. "Summer, Ted, come here!" Reluctantly they stopped fucking each other and went over to their teacher. Jennifer whispered something to them, as she eased herself off a disappointed Jason's cock. Summer and Ted gasped, then smiled and went over to Trisha and Jesse.

They whispered something to Jesse, who laughed and pulled out of Trisha quickly, and Ted took his place between her legs! Trisha opened her eyes when Jesse pulled out, and looked horrified when she saw her brother. "Ted, what are you doing?!" she yelled. "You're my brother, you can't fuck me!"

Summer and Ted just laughed, while Summer climbed back on top of Trisha in a 69. "You know you want it, Sis! I know I do!" Ted said. Summer began licking Trisha's pussy with such skill that Trisha soon forgot her disgust and horror, and began licking Summer's pussy while she stuck a finger in Summer's eager ass. Ted then eased his cock into his sister's pussy, while Summer sucked on her clit. Trisha just moaned and accepted it.

Meanwhile, Jennifer guided Jason to lie down on the floor, where she climbed on top of him, her back to his face, and lowered her ass back onto his cock. She leaned back as Jason reached up under her blouse to play with her tits. Jesse then kneeled between their legs, and slid his cock into his teacher's cunt. Jennifer leaned back on her arms, while Jason unbuttoned her blouse, allowing it to fall open and her tits to spring free. Jason squeezed her nipples hard, making her moan louder as Jason pounded her pussy.

Summer was licking Ted's cock as it slid in and out of his sister's pussy. She slid an arm around Trisha's hip and suddenly inserted her middle finger as far up Trisha's ass as she could. This made Trisha cum immediately, and her spasming pussy made Ted cum and milked his cock for everything. Jennifer, knowing what Trisha's moans and Ted's grunts meant, said, "Trisha, keep it all inside you! Your grade depends on you getting knocked up by Ted!"

Trisha, still overwhelmed by her orgasm, and broken into a complete slut, just managed to say between gasps, "Yes, Ms. Jones!" Summer giggled, knowing that not only would she not only have to deal with competition from Trisha in their group anymore, but that she would be able to make her into her own little slut if she wanted.

Hearing all that pushed Jesse and Jason over the edge, and they both shoot their loads deep into Jennifer at the same time, making her cum harder than she ever had! "Summer, come clean me up!" Jennifer ordered, as Jesse and Jason pulled out and stood up. Jennifer sat in her chair with her legs open for Summer, who eagerly kneeled in front of her. Jesse and Jason stood on either side of Jennifer, as she ran a finger around and over each of their softening cocks. Summer sucked the cum out of Jennifer's pussy and asshole, and keeping it in her mouth, she stood. Jennifer leaned her head back, with her mouth open, and Summer positioned her mouth over her teacher's, and allowed the cum to drip out of her mouth and into her teacher's.

Jennifer pulled Summer's head down to her own and kissed her so that they could swap the cum of the two boys between their mouths as they kissed. They broke apart and swallowed what was in their mouths as they smiled. Jennifer then began to lick and suck on Jesse's softening cock, which was still covered with his cum and her juices.

With little encouraging from her teacher, Summer began sucking on Jason's semi-hard cock, which was covered with cum, and some of her teacher's shit! Jason began to harden again, while Jesse waited until his teacher has his cock in her mouth.

"Here's a present for you, Ms. Jones!" he said as he laughed and pissed in her mouth! Jennifer, unsurprised, pulled her mouth back a little and aimed his cock into her mouth, so he could see while she watched his reaction. She let him fill up her mouth and then allowed it to overflow and spill down her chest. She winked at Jesse, then threw her head back and gargled with the piss before swallowing as she rubbed the spilled pee into her boobs.

Trisha, meanwhile, was sucking and stroking Ted's cock to bring it to full erection again. When he was hard again, he moved back between her legs, pushed them back a little, and then plowed hard into her ass! Trisha squealed in pain that soon turned into pleasure. Jennifer got up, climbed onto the desk, and squatted over Trisha's face.

Thinking she was to lick Ms. Jones' pussy, she leaned her head up, tongue out. But then Jennifer took careful aim, and peed down her throat! Trisha sputtered and choked in surprise, but she accepted it gleefully, having been completely turned into a little slut slave. Jennifer peed seemingly forever, and Trisha wasn't able to keep it all in her mouth, so it spilled over her face, into her hair, and dripped over the table and the floor.

Jason, meanwhile, had bent Summer over the chair, and was spearing her asshole for all he was worth, while Jesse moved in front of Summer so she could suck on his hardening cock. When her mouth wasn't full of cock, Summer was squealing and moaning so much you'd think she was having the world's longest orgasm!

Jennifer shifted her weight a little, and began to strain and poop on Trisha's chest! "Damn, Ms. Jones! You're NASTY!" laughed Jesse as he watched.

"You don't know the half of it!" Jennifer responded, with a wink. She lowered her butt a little and used it to smear some of the warm, fresh shit around on Trisha's chest. Then she moved forward over Trisha's mouth. Trisha, in turn eagerly began to clean her teacher's soiled ass with her tongue.

Ted, seeing all this, couldn't hold back any longer, and with a load groan, he blew his second load of the day deep into his sister's ass.

At the same time, Jason slammed his cock deep into Summer's ass and shot his own cum in her ass. Summer just moaned and mumbled, her mouth full of Jesse's cock.

Jennifer turned around and leaned forward between Trisha's legs (squishing some of the shit on Trisha's chest between their bodies) as Ted pulled out. Jennifer sucked the cum and shit off of his cock, then pulled Trisha's legs and ass up high, so that Jennifer would be able to suck the cum out of her ass. Jennifer sucked and scooped with her tongue, and when she couldn't get anymore cum, she stuck her finger in Trisha's ass to scoop out more. All the while, Trisha giggled as she alternated between cleaning the shit off her teacher's ass and licking her pussy. Jennifer turned around and kissed Trisha deeply, allowing Trisha to taste her brother's cum mixed with her shit, while Jennifer tasted her own shit.

Meanwhile, Jason had left his cock buried in Summer's ass as it softened, allowing him to do what he was waiting to do: piss into her ass! As he released his stream, Summer pulled Jason's cock out of her mouth and giggled. "Oohhh, that feels gooood!" She reached her hand back to rub her pussy as he gave her a piss enema, and began to scream from the orgasm that hit her, so loud that it was a good thing that the building was empty! She then took Jesse's cock all the way down her throat, and swallowed, causing him to cum immediately.

Jennifer climbed of Trish and stood next to her. She took a piece of poo from Trisha's chest, and traced it around her breasts, then slowly up her neck, and around her lips, and then put it in her mouth. Trisha moaned, smiled, chewed, and then swallowed.

The boys, spent and gratified, began to get dressed. Summer stood up, and walking awkwardly to keep the piss in her ass, managed to climb onto the desk and squat over Trisha before releasing the piss in her bowels. Trisha just smiled and rubbed in into her hair, like she was in the shower. Summer then climbed back down and gave Trisha a surprisingly tender kiss before getting dressed too.

Jennifer picked up Trisha's shorts and shirt, and used them to wipe herself off. Then she got dressed too. As Trisha began to get up, Jennifer used her shorts and shirt to wipe Trisha down, and then clean the mess off the desk and floor. She then returned Trisha's now extremely soiled clothes to her.

Trisha blushed, knowing that she would have to walk around in public wearing clothes soaked with piss and shit, but she dressed happily. Jennifer addressed her detention students. "Good job today everyone, A's all around. Trisha, of course your A will be suspended until you've confirmed to me that you were impregnated by your brother." Trisha, who obviously was embracing her new role as a nasty slut, smiled and said, "Yes ma'am."

"Well, that's it for detention today, students. I hope you learned a lot. I look forward to seeing you again. Perhaps we can plan on summer school together, or maybe some 'personal tutoring'" Jennifer said with a wink. The students cheered for their new favorite teacher. They couldn't wait for their next detention!



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