Joyce Ann had just won the Fair Queen Pageant and tomorrow would be showing the Black Angus' steer her father had purchased for her. The steer was from the best breeding stock in Scotland and was only six months old when shipped to America. At 17 years of age, Joyce Ann felt like nothing could ever ruin her dreams and plans for the future.

She hadn't noticed the two men following her throughout her walks around the midway and into the beef barn. Wanting to be alone, as she bed down her prize steer, Joyce Ann walked to the beef barn alone. Within moments she found her life turned upside down and thought back to winning the queen contest over15 other girls.

"...and the winner is, Joyce Ann Harden, our new Walker County Fair Queen. Look how beautiful she is and has tears in her eyes." Joyce Ann had walked across the stage to accept her crown as the county fair manager spoke into the microphone, announcing she was the winner of the fair's queen's pageant.

From ten rows back in the audience two men watched the pretty and extremely shapely young blonde be crowned the fair queen. They noticed the curve of Joyce Ann's legs that showed below the hem of her mini-length dress. Especially noticeable to them was the swell of her 36C breast that pushed out from her body and the cleavage appearing above the v-cutout top of her dress. The round globes of her smooth skinned breast, they knew would be capped by very pink nipples, centered in the areolas of Joyce Ann's glandular organs.

Looking at his buddy Glen, whose eyes never stopped roving up and down Joyce Ann's body, Tom "Nutty" Johnson knew they would reach new heights if they got their quarry from the fair grounds into their old RV camper. Without exception they had traveled the United States, stopping at county fairs and preyed on unsuspecting young girls who won their fair's queen pageant. Sometimes they would have to settle for second or third place winners. Other times they couldn't get to a girl to fulfill their carnal desires and hateful needs.

The image of Joyce Ann being stripped of her clothing and his hands touching all of her charms and secret indentations, filled Glen "Dubba" Fergus' brain with lust of the worst kind. Dubba looked at his travel, and sexual deviant companion, Nutty, and wondered which of them would get her first. There was always a point of friction between them as who would be the first with a girl. Nutty, from Dubba's perspective, was selfish and wanted to be the first to crack a new victim. Especially when they discovered, the girl was still virgin.

Glancing back at the stage, Dubba watched as Joyce Ann swirled as she turned at the edge of the stage and her dress bellowed out from her legs. Man he would love to have been in the front row when she turned as her dress flipped out and showed her legs. Dubba was certain those in the front row had seen her panties as she moved and her dress flowed from her silk encased legs. Even Nutty had noticed how her dress moved from her legs and as he turned to speak to Dubba, he found another set of eyes watching him. Damn, is he a cop or why is he looking at me with such interest?

Having served a prison term for crimes against women, Nutty, like all criminals, had developed a sense from viewing a person, that he could assume the man was a cop. Cops had a unique smell Nutty believed, and they gave off an aroma that told they were on the legal side of the law.

Quickly, Nutty sensed that the man viewing him and Dubba, that he wasn't a local hick cop, but a state man, and more likely a federal agent. The latter he guessed, as the demeanor of a federal agent was of assurance and certainly. Then he looked back at Joyce and his mind forgot the man with the piercing eyes. "Man Dubba, she is a beaut and looks so damn pure," Nutty said as he watched Joyce Ann leave the stage.

The crowd was large for just a county fair and Nutty and Dubba was unable to move so they could get behind the stage as the queen left the stage. They followed the crowd out from the grandstand onto the midway of the fair grounds. Had they looked, they would have noticed supervisory special agent, S/A, Greg Sizemore of the FBI following them as he tried to analyze why the two out of place looking men were of an interest to him.

Twenty years of working as a case agent had given S/A Sizemore considerable insight into the way criminals conducted themselves. The two men he was shadowing did not flash into his mind from a visual or wanted poster image, but he knew they were not here just for the fair.

The agency had received a request from a multi state task force formed to assist in investigating the kidnapping and sexual assaults of young girls who were the county fair queens. Tonight Greg had come to the fair to view his next door neighbor's daughter, Joni, as she competed in the queen's pageant. Observing the two men, who appeared out of place with the balance of the crowd, his FBI training took over and he visualized these two as assuredly the possible suspects wanted for questioning by the task force.

He especially noted how their eyes seemed to pry the clothing off the girl who had just won as queen. Just when he decided to stop them and ask for identification, several young high school boys moved between him and the two men. His view was lost and when he was able to view where he had last seen where the men had been, and they were no where to be seen.

Dubba had spotted Joyce Ann walking alone toward the beef barn and had pulled Nutty in that direction, and told him where the girl they were stalking was likely headed. Both men were keyed up, especially Nutty. This girl he knew came from the top dog in this rural county.

Following about ten steps behind Joyce Ann, Nutty saw her walk over to a large well groomed walking hunks of steaks. Looking at the sign on the trunk of supplies behind the black steer, Nutty saw this was his prey's animal. And she his, he thought to himself. Man, but she's one-hell-of-a-woman. "Well Dubba, should we make an acquaintance of the pretty girl?" Nutty asked in a whisper.

While trying to determine where his two out of place men had gone, S/A Sizemore had stopped a county deputy sheriff and gave him a run down on the two men and his suspicions. The deputy knew the Harden family, as did everyone else in Walker County. Deputy Sheriff Jack O'Brien said he knew Joyce Ann had her prize Black Angus Steer in the beef barn and perhaps she went there.

"Maybe they are trying to kidnap her as we've been alerted several fair queens have been kidnapped and sexually assaulted after winning the crown. Believe it would be best if we head for the beef barn and I'll notify our men to be on the lookout for her and the two men you described."

While walking to the beef barn, Deputy O'Brien informed S/A Sizemore all he knew about the assault and kidnapping of fair queens at county fairs in at least eight states and perhaps as many as eleven. His information, S/A Sizemore realized was undoubtedly from the bureau's notification to all law enforcement departments and agencies that may face the type of crime where fair queens' could be subject to criminal acts.

When they arrived at the barn and walked to where the Harden steer was tied, they saw Joyce Ann's newly awarded crown and a pamphlet about the queen contestant laying on the straw behind the steer.

Both law enforcement officers knew they had a major crime scene and they called for assistance and requested fellow officers watch the gates and permit no one to leave the fair grounds. Deputy O'Brien contacted the sheriff and briefed him on the likely case. Sheriff Neal Dillon immediately contacted the local police departments and all surrounding law enforcement agencies and road blocks were immediately set up

While law enforcement officers began their activity, Nutty and Dubba had stashed Joyce Ann into their old camper and had driven quickly to an abandoned farm about twelve miles from town and pulled inside the old hay barn and closed the large doors so no one could see their RV. While Nutty had driven the RV, Dubba had forced the new queen to undress until she was only wearing a thong panty and high heel shoes.

Once, Dubba had found it necessary to slap the young girl to let her know he was serious about removing her clothing during the ride to the farm. After the girl removed her dress, she did not remove anything else. Dubba looked at the girl and told her, "Girl, get that bra off, I want to see those hooters of yours, so do it now! Take off those pantyhose, and be quick about it, then put those shoes back on," Dubba commanded the girl, and slapped her on her leg.

Nutty could hear the sobs from the pretty Queen and wonder if Dubba would attempt sex with her before they would arrive at the farm. Looking in the rear view mirror, he watched Dubba as he kept the girl in line and forced her to disrobe.

Now they were parked and he walked to the back of the RV so he could look at the prize they had captured. His first image was of a tearful face that looked absolutely perfect with the exception of the tears in her eyes. In addition the look of fear that appeared to be an expression of terror was etched on her face. Nutty determined she was the best of all the girls they had ever gotten from the county fairs.

Now his eyes looked over her breast, pointing out from her chest like two funnels shaped like perfect cones. Joyce Ann's breast showed they were highlighted with pointed nipples that seemed too small for the size of her teen breast. The men observed that Joyce Ann's chest heaved from the anxious and apprehensive emotions of being kidnapped.

Thinking to herself, Joyce Ann determined that they wouldn't dare harm her, as she was the daughter of Melvin J. Harden, the state senate's president and local power broker. "Why my daddy has more money than almost all the other residents of the county combined," Joyce Ann thought and spoke out loud before realizing she was doing such. "Give me my clothes and let me go home before my daddy and the sheriff come here and get you."

With a nod of his head, Nutty gave a signal to Dubba that meant to fasten her hands, and at the same time he placed a strip of duck tape over Joyce Ann's mouth. Then in slow, drawn out words Nutty spoke in her presence for the first time, "You promise not to screen or make any other noise and I'll remove the tape." "What's your choice, on or off?"

In a muffled voice that was easy to understand, Joyce Ann's sounded out, "OOOFFFF!" Pulling the tape gently from face, Nutty watched as her eyes turned toward Dubba who was behind him. Looking backwards he saw Dubba was nude and sporting a very large erection and the frightened look in the girl's eyes said it all.

Hell, she was still cherry, no doubt about that, from the panic in her eyes, Nutty could tell. After all the girls he and Dubba had taken, as they had this one, he recognized the fear only a virgin gets when she knows her first time is going to be from being raped. Her mouth opened and she started to speak but knew not to scream or her mouth would be taped again.

"Let me go, please? Don't do this to me. I'm a good girl and have never done anything with anyone, even my boyfriend. Please?" Joyce Ann spoke in a pleading and sobbing voice. Looking at Nutty, Joyce Ann sobbed as she told him, "My daddy is very rich, he will give you lots of money if you turn me lose, really he is wealthy."

Dubba walked to the girl and knelt down in front of her and rested on his knees as his hands reached out and commenced to pull her panties down. Joyce Ann hadn't enjoyed her breast being exposed to the two men's view, but now her most private part of her body was being uncovered. "No, don't take them off," Joyce Ann asked as she thought even Mark, her boyfriend, hadn't seen her nude?

The only sexual activity Joyce Ann permitted Mark was to touch her breast through her clothing and then only for a brief instant once each night. Usually Mark did this as they talked in his car in the driveway after he brought her home from a date. Several times she had considered letting him reach inside her blouse or under her sweater and feel her bra-covered breast, but had never granted Mark this right of bodily contact.

Slowly Dubba pulled her thong panty down her legs and forced her to step out of them as he kneeled in front of her. Now her body was completely nude with the exception of her heels. Her mind reeled as she felt Dubba press his lips against the small dancer's strip of pubic hair, she kept trimmed on her Mons Venus. She remembered seeing a girl's pubic hair trimmed like she had hers in a magazine of exotic dancers, her best friend Nancy had given her to read.

"No, please don't do that." "Oh no, I beg of you." "Please, won't you stop?" "I'm really a good girl and have never ever done anything in all my 17 years."

Her pleas were ignored as Dubba used his hands to reach and grasp the insides of Joyce Ann's long and soft legs, just about the knees, and then he moved her legs open. His face moved inside her spread thighs and he could smell fear coming from her vagina. Damn but virgins smell different Dubba believed. He had taken enough girls like he was now, to know the different aroma girls produced in fear by those who were virgins and those who weren't.

Dubba moved his tongue from inside his stench-filled mouth of rotten teeth to brush across Joyce Ann's moistening love canal, nestled between her smooth upper thighs. One thing Dubba loved looking at really close was a young girl's pussy before it grew hair along the lips guarding its entrance. Once the hair grew on the lips of a female opening they weren't as pretty, even though most girls shaved the hair off their Temple of Hymen. Dubba believed in his warped mind they weren't as smooth and lovely as those which had never grown hair along their slit.

Dubba remembered the time they had been trying to score at a small fair in Iowa and had no luck as each of the girls ended up being chaperoned by her boyfriend. They attempted to get a girl of about eight or nine from the midway to show them where the cattle's barns were, but she ran off.

After leaving the fair grounds they had headed down a state road instead of traveling the interstate, they found they weren't as likely to be stopped by a state trooper on back country roads. Nutty was speaking about their being unable to score when they noticed two women standing next to a Lexus sedan with a flat tire. Pulling up behind them, Dubba said, "It's not young but they look good from this seat, so let's help and change the tire for them and see if we can maybe get relief."

As they approached the Lexus, they saw both women were very attractive and likely around 45 years old. Each wore coordinated skirts and blouses and their legs were trim and covered in extremely sheer hosiery. Their pumps were the latest leather style of shoes and undoubtedly cost a couple hundred a pair. Looking at Nutty and whispering to him, Dubba commented, "They look good enough to me, so lets play it cool and see how things go."

"Hi ladies, need some help," Nutty inquired?

"Thank you, Yes." "Your kind for stopping as we don't know anything on how to change the tire and our cell phone won't pick up a signal so we are unable to call AAA for assistance," The taller one with just a hint of silver splashed through her hair, informed Nutty.

For the next ten minutes the men changed the tire and introduced themselves. The lady with the silver streak in her hair introduced herself as Harriett. The other lady, Doris, was a platinum blonde and without doubt had her hair done by a very expensive cosmetologist.

Both of the women had watched with interest as Nutty changed the tire and Dubba made small talk with them. Nutty was placing the lug nuts back on the wheel when he glanced at Harriett and he was able to view her thighs almost to her crotch as she was kneeling and observing him work.

The narrow expanse of Harriett's legs that was visible to Nutty told him that they had definitely found some action. Turning to Dubba, Nutty said he was about done, but needed the gage from the RV to check the tire' air pressure. Dubba knew this was the signal they had agreed to, if the prospects were good for taking the two women. Walking back to the RV, Dubba went inside and picked up the tire gage. Before leaving the RV he reached above the passenger's compartment and opened the cabinet.

Reaching inside he picked up the 10mm revolver and returned to where Nutty was still kneeling at the car. Dubba could see that Nutty was having a great view of Harriett's legs and evidently those of Doris as she was now kneeling on one leg while listening to Nutty express foolish comment about the tire. "OK, just as soon as I put this last lug nut on, you'll be ready for your ride," Nutty told the two women, and they did not catch the dual meaning of the comment.

Within a split second, Dubba pulled the revolver from his pocket, and pointing it at the women told them they were to do as they were told or he would shoot them. In order to put fear into them and prove his point, he fired a shot into the ground near where they were standing.

Both women screamed and asked they be allowed to leave, and they would give them their money and jewelry. "My husband is waiting for us at the country club," Doris informed them, but her face told the men she was lying. Harriett slapped at Nutty, but with his left arm blocked the blow from striking his face. Nutty's right hand appeared so suddenly and struck Harriett across her mouth she didn't see it rushing toward her face.

"You're a crazy woman. You want the crap beat out of you? Just try that again," Nutty told her as he grabbed her with both of his hands and shook her back and forth extremely hard and fast. "Now you get in the RV with me and Dubba you take Doris with you in her car."

Walking Harriett to the RV, and after they got inside, told her to sit in the seat next to him. "Lady, if you try anything, you're dead." Then he added, "Do you understand?"

"Yes." " Just let us go and we'll not report you," Harriett spoke with a weakness in her voice as if she knew she might be killed.

Looking over at her, Nutty told her, "You sit there and be quiet. Now take off your shoes and hose." When she didn't act soon enough, Nutty reached over and grabbed her breast in his right hand and squeezed it very hard. "Do it now or I'll stop this thing and strangle you. By the way, you have large solid titty." Nutty told her with hatred in his voice. Harriett knew fear more than she had ever thought was possible. She wondered what would happen to her and Doris and would they be murdered, let go or would they be held for ransom?

Driving the Lexus was a dream for Dubba as he felt the power from the engine and the feeling of the car as it seemed to almost float on the roadway. "Doris is this your car or Harriett's," Dubba asked the attractive platinum blonde seated next to him as he drove.

"The automobile is my husband's and would you explain what you and your crude friend plan on doing with us," Doris asked?

Looking across the seat to where the attractive woman sat facing straight ahead, but with her head turned slightly toward him, Dubba saw a look of disgust and hatefulness directed toward him. "Lady, you wanna knew something, really quick like, you best get off your high-horse."

"Another thing, pull that skirt all the way up to your waist right now or I'll shoot you in your leg." Dubba threatened her and pushed the gun against her left thigh, to emphasis his point and force her cooperation.

Doris cried out in alarm when Dubba jammed the gun extremely hard against her leg and knew she would likely have a large bruise from his action. Still she was defiant and looked at him and spit in his face as she told him, "Your stupid if you think I'll expose my body to you."

So quickly did Dubba react to Doris' actions, Dubba reached over and grabbed her hair and pulled her head over and banged it against the steering wheel. The swiftness of his pulling and slamming her head didn't allow Doris any time to protect herself. Tears came to her eyes as the pain shot through her head. Doris had never been struck or hit in her 46 years. Now fear overtook her body and her mind was fogged from the blow she received as her head struck the steering wheel of her husband's car.

While she watched her attacker, she saw him bring the gun down and point it at her leg. Without saying anything she reached down and pulled her skirt up under her until it no longer obstructed the view of her legs she knew the crazed man next to her wished to see. Thinking to herself, she realized no one would be looking for either Harriett or her for a few days as their husbands had traveled to Europe for business.

Five miles down the road Nutty turned into a lane that led to the farm house and barn they had rented for a month. Once they arrived at the house, Nutty opened the garage door and Dubba pulled the Lexus inside so it wasn't visible to anyone who just might stop by. "OK, Miss Doris lets go in the house and make you more comfortable," Dubba told her as he reached out and grabbed her breast.

"You are very crude and have no respect for women," Doris told him as he molested her. To emphasize that she was to adhere to his demands, Dubba stuck the woman in the center of her back. The blow was hard and served its intended purpose, Doris lost her balance and landed on the ground extremely hard. She felt pain as she realized she had scrapped her legs and knees as she fell. Tears came to her eyes, and felt the man kick her in the stomach. "No, stop, I'll do as you want," Doris cried out.

After they got in the house, Nutty spoke with a threatening voice, telling them, "Now ladies you will do as we tell you and we might let you live. Fail to follow our instructions and you will be shot between those pretty eyes that look as if they would like to see us die on the spot. Do you understand what I just said to you?"

Both Doris and Harriett nodded their head in agreement that they understood what they were just told. "Can't you just let us go," Doris asked, with fear causing her voice to quiver?

"We will never tell what has happened if you let us leave," Harriett added.

Smiling as he walked toward them, Dubba stopped a foot in front of the scarred women, saying very sternly, "Take off all your clothes. Don't speak again unless we ask you something and if you're not undressed by the time I count to 20, one of you will be shot! Understand?"

Harriett started to say something but when Dubba pulled the hammer back on the automatic he was holding, she stopped in mid-word. By the time Dubba reached the count of 18, both women were nude. Their bodies showed the excellent care their husbands' money allowed them to pamper themselves and stay in shape. Doris was undoubtedly the more attractive of the two, and her pubic hair was chestnut colored with flicks of silver. The mass of hair covered her from just below her navel and reached from hipbone to hipbone.

"Spread that gorgeous legs Doris, I want to see how far down that lovely hair reaches between those great thighs," Nutty told her.

With fear in her body, Doris knew she must do as told by the man intently staring at her personal and private area of her body. Moving her legs about six inches apart she thought that would appease the man. Instead she saw him wave the gun in a motion that told her she must open her legs much wider to give the man a better view. When she hesitated, Nutty fired a shot from the weapon that hit the floor between her feet. Doris and Dwayne, her husband, didn't have children and except for her physicians, no other man but, her husband, had ever viewed her nude body.

"OK, now both of you put your hands behind you and don't try anything funny," Dubba told them. After they had done so, he moved in back of them and placed handcuffs on both of them. Then they led the two women into the bedroom where two beds were located.

"No, please don't hurt us," Harriett cried out softly when she realized her worst fears were coming true and it was obvious the men were planning on raping them.

Harriett had only made love with her husband and one other man in her life. She had an affair with a young man still employed by her husband's firm. Jack, her husband, was never aware that just two years ago she had committed adultery with Javier, a 22-year-old from the firm's office in Spain. Javier had arrived to train on an accelerated program for the engineering department. The program would take four years to complete and them he would return to lead the Spanish office's liaison position between the US and Spain for the plastic design group.

The illicit sexual relationship started when Harriett visited the office one day to have lunch with Jack. After arriving at the office, Jack informed her that an emergency had developed and he must attend a working luncheon. As they were walking down the hallway from his office, Javier walked by, and Jack stopped him and introduced him to her. "Javier, how about you take my wife to lunch for me and it will be my treat?" "You both like modern artists so you should have common point of discussion."

Over lunch Harriett found herself surprised with Javier's knowledge of modern artists and his ease of conversing with a woman 26 years older than himself. One thing led to another and they made arrangements to attend the showing she had invitations for later that week. She asked Jack if he minded if Javier escorted her to the showing. Jack didn't enjoy modern art and this allowed him a means to escape another such show. Also he reminded his wife that he would be in Chicago for two days over that time.

One thing led to the other and she was in Javier's bed an hour after they left the show. Harriett had been shy about being nude in front of Javier, and had him turn the lights off as they undressed. The light shining in the window provided on enough light to show that Javier was erect, and Harriett could see his young manhood appeared overly thick, and assuredly longer than her husband's penis.

Moving onto the bed, Harriett felt another man press his body to hers, and for the first time in her life, she was fearful of sex. Only Jack has ever known my body, Harriett thought, as a the lips of a stranger moved to kiss hers. Javier moved his right hand down and lightly stroked her breast, and in spite of her desires, Harriett felt her sexual desires commence.

When Javier moved his lips across her neck and down onto her breast, Harriett cried out, "OH, Javier, that is gentle." For the first time in her life, Harriett felt a man's lips nursing at her breast. Still lower Javier moved his lips, until he was kissing hair covering the fatty mons. Twice in her marriage, Jack had performed oral sex on her, and she had not responded to the feeling, as she was unprepared by his actions.

Feeling Javier move his tongue out and lick between here labia, and then feeling it against her clitoris, Harriett, was soon in the deep rush to climax. "Javier, oh Javier, no one has ever done this to me, I'm... I'm... Javier. YES! YES! I'm cumming! God yes! Oh my Javier, NOW!"

With her hands gripping onto the young man's head, Harriett climax three times in succession, and each time, a thick discharge of her female juices poured from her sex.

Javier could not believe how the woman he was with was climax, and hearing her tell him no one had ever done oral sex on her, his ego made him give her constant pleasure.

After feeling her relax the death like grip of her hands on his head, Javier moved up over the firm body of the older woman, and eased the crown of his penis into her opening. Reaching down with his hand, he was amazed at the large amount of wetness he found between Harriett's legs.

Slowly he worked his manhood into the slick and gripping slit of womanhood. Javier know that he was finding Harriett's sex to be the first one he'd ever experienced that seemed to be milking his erection as he went deeper into it as he moved back and forth

"OH JAVIER!" Harriett cried out as she felt the young man's penis reach as deep into her body as he could place the thick firm member. Over and over she cried out the name of the young man between her thighs, and as he drove in and out of her, her hands were raking up and down his back. Harriett did not know that her nails were scratching so hard on the young man's back, that she was leaving visible marks, and in some place the red marks were easing blood.

Within less than a minute of feeling the hard phallus stroking in and out of her body, Harriett cried out her surrender of another climax. "YES, OH YES! JAVIER, OH ITS SO WONDERFUL! NEVER HAS IT BEEN LIKE THIS! AUGH! OOHHH JAVIER!"

They had both exhausted their bodies in lustful release, and Javier, with pride in his voice asked Harriett if her husband had ever went down on her. Harriett told the young man the truth, and even descried how her husband's manhood was not as big as his. During the next fifteen minutes, Harriett shared the complete details of her sex life with her husband, and at times they were graphic in nature.

By the time they had discussed each of their sex lives, Javier was again erect, and this time he entered the body of the older woman in a straight and forceful drive that almost knocked the wind out of Harriett. The total time, she begged him to be harder and to take her deeper, and when she felt Javier ejaculate into her body, she climaxed with him.

For almost five months she and Javier continued their secretive and forbidden tryst. One evening while Jack was out of town, she and Javier were entering his apartment building, when a couple she knew from the club, where she and Jack were members, walked out as they were about to walk toward the entrance. That night she stayed all night with Javier and he made love to her several times. They both were aware of the risk they were taking was too great and they ended their affair.

Now Harriett believed she would be raped for the sins she had committed with Javier as punishment for her adulterous behavior.

Nutty moved her onto the center of the bed and began to fondle and nurse on her large and firm breast. His teeth would bite at her exceptionally above average sized nipples and suck with voracious and devouring action as if he expected milk to flow from them.

Whether she liked him or not, and especially the prospect of being raped as well, his mouth was doing the same as Javier had done. In spite of herself, Harriett was becoming sexually excited by his actions. Then she felt him move from her breast to rest his face on her sex, and move to position his body so his penis was at her mouth.

Although Javier had ever performed oral sex on her and she could never consider doing such on a man. The concept of taking a man's organ, used to eliminate body fluids into her mouth was abhorrent to Harriett. "No, don't do that. I've never done it on anyone nor had someone do such a despicable thing to me. Please, I'll do anything you ask, only not oral sex."

Hearing such an attractive older woman state she had never done oral sex on a man, made Nutty crazy with lust. Thinking he was about to be the first for her to take orally, created wicked thoughts in his mind on how he would do her orally. He enjoyed feeling the woman respond to his oral love making, that Nutty forgot about her taking him in her mouth.

For more than 20 minutes he licked her vagina from top to bottom and moved his tongue inside her opening in a manner as if he was pushing his erect penis in and out of her. Finally he started to flutter his tongue across her clit and after a few minutes felt her body become alive in desire. Her voice told Nutty that he was building her toward a climax from oral sex.

"No. I-I... feel that. Stop before I do it. NO! I can't help myself. God, forgive me but it feels good! Now!"

The other two, hearing Harriett was unaware that she never had uttered any sound when having sex with her husband, and had done so only during her affair with Javier. Now she was vocal as she had ever been with Javier, and felt such a shame in forgetting the memory of the young man bringing her pleasure, she wanted to die.

Nutty loved hearing her and especially the way her hips rose up from the bed and her strong thighs squeezed his head between them. This is better than getting a virgin he thought as Harriett had informed him, she was almost 49 years' old. How could her husband have never given her oral sex? Man, and I just made her come going down on her for her first time like this.

Then Nutty moved up from the bed and got the key and unlocked her handcuffs' from her wrist. "Don't try to escape or I'll shoot you.

Do you understand?"

Harriett was still feeling the climax from oral sex and her mind couldn't comprehend how she could have allowed her body to respond to such an act of sex. Then she felt Nutty move between her legs and she told him, "I'll not try to escape, but let me leave here after you're done."

Harriett felt him entering her body and until now she hadn't been aware how small his penis was. He must not be more than four inches long, and not much thicker than a man's thumb. Still she was being raped and if he was only an inch long, she would hate him for what he was doing. Jack was about 6 inches long and not too thick. On the other hand Javier was almost 8 inches long and just short of 3 inches across. She knew this because she was so enraptured with his size that she measured him one night during a heated sexual encounter.

Dubba had looked Doris' body over from her head to her toes and studied her front and back in detail. When he pulled her legs apart and went down on her, the hair between her legs and across her mons was the most he had ever seen. No matter what he did he couldn't keep it out of his mouth and it was so long it tickled his nose. Finally he couldn't stand to do her orally, so he jammed his erection into her in one hard driving shove. Her voice cried out from the pain she felt in his sudden and unprepared penetration of her body.

After hearing her plead for him to be gentle and not so hard, Dubba did the opposite and rode her harder than any female he had ever been with. That included the young girls and sometimes he was terribly rough with them.

Doris was crying now as he plowed into her and she still hadn't become sufficiently wet to allow him easy penetration. The strokes in and out of her dry sex was drawing the foreskin back from his uncircumcised penis. Her dryness was hurting him, also, and he wanted her to suffer more than any woman he could imagine.

After he went off in her and rested for a while, he turned her over and took her anally and this was something she had never done before or had even considered. "If I get loose, I'm going to kill you, you bastard," Doris cried out in shame and considerable pain as he tore through her sphincter muscle. Dubba continued to take her for several minutes in her back hole and he found perverse pleasure in making her cry and beg for him to stop. After several minutes he went off but remained in her rear opening until he became erect again and started over in taking her anus.

After Dubba and Nutty had rested for a while the changed partners and this happened once more before they cuffed the women's arms and ankles to each others so they couldn't escape

Awaking around three in the morning, Nutty woke the others and they made some coffee and spoke about the women's families. During this time the men learned that both of the women's husbands were in Europe, and no one would be hunting for them for a few days as they had told their friends they were going to a resort for a few days to enjoy the spa.

After three days of sex, Nutty told Dubba it was time to end the party and did he remember the road, when then drove around the lake, which was almost 500 feet below? They decided to drive the women to this point and then send the car over the edge as if they had accidentally driven off the road and fell into the abyss below.

After another round of cruel sex, Dubba shaved off the massive growth of Doris' pubic hair. Doris sobbed and tears ran down her face from having her pubic hair shaved for the first time in her life, they informed the women they were going to let them go. "We'll drive you to the place where you'll be freed and then you can tell us goodbye."

Neither Harriett nor Doris considered what their fate would be as the men drove then blindfolded and unknowingly to the cliff above the lake. Both of them believed they were at last going to be free to return home.

The men made sure the seat belts were securely fastened so the women couldn't easily release them. Nutty and Dubba each stood next to the open front car doors and fondled the women for a few minutes. Dubba asked Doris, "How do you think your husband will like your shaved beaver?" That was the preplanned signal between the men to rip off the blindfolds and using a stick to push down on the accelerator, send the car and women over the cliff.

The plan worked exactly as Nutty and Dubba planned. They watched the faces of Doris and Harriett as they quickly pulled the material away from their eyes. Both of the women looked with terror filled eyes as they realized they would be dead in the few seconds it took for the Lexus to reach the lake waters below. They would likely die of the impact of the vehicle hitting the water at a high rate of speed. The car moved fast and careened over the edge of the cliff.

Dubba let his mind remember back over the 30 or 40 some girls whom he and Nutty had taken like he was now doing to Joyce Ann, and he loved feeling the young girls become wet in passion. While knowing the fear they assuredly would go through and forcibly made to agree to sexual intercourse or be hurt and raped, gave Dubba power. Now he tasted the first signs of Joyce Ann's juices coming from deep inside her moist canal.

Feeling the young girl's smooth and silky skin from the upper portion of her sleek thighs, against his face with two-day-old whiskers, was an untold pleasure to Dubba. Boy-oh-boy, Dubba thought as he felt her polished marble smooth inner skin of her thighs on his tongue as he loved to lick then before raping then and they had gotten sweaty or covered with sexual juices.

Joyce Ann was feeling Dubba, in his mindless attempts to seduce her, she knew, with his face against her sex, made her apprehensive and then felt Nutty behind her. She had forgotten about the other man until now. When had he took off his clothes, she wondered. She could feel his phallic member against her buttocks and now she was even more afraid, it that was possible.

Then she felt Nutty's hands reach around her body and grab her breast. With one in each hand he began to squeeze and roll them under his rough hands. "I Gotta tells you, Dubba, these are the best tits I've ever felt. They are so hard you'd think they are filled with rocks."

"Wait till you taste this sweet little morsel between her legs' Nutty. She's gettin' wet like all the others when they get licked. Can I have this one first, old buddy?" Dubba asked as he rose from his kneeling position in front of the now sobbing girl.

"Tell you what, we'll cut the cards and high card gets first crack at this pretty queen," remarked Nutty and both laughed at the term crack. Taking the cards from the stand next to the RV bed, Nutty shuffled them and made the first cut and drew the ten of spades'. Dubba was surprised to see he had cut the queen of hearts. "Damn now, is this a sign or what? Crap, can you believe it, the Queen of Hearts, just like this pretty thing here," he said as he reached for her breast.

Then Joyce Ann looked at the man called Nutty. He wasn't as dirty but he was a large man and when she looked down at his manhood her eyes were of disbelief. His penis was no more than four inches long and very slender. Looking back at his friend Dubba she saw he was over twice as long and very thick. She realized that his manhood had gained in size as he had been licking her legs and even between them. She wanted to leave and go home.

Joyce Ann's mind thought about how she had once believed she would allow Mark to make love to her on the night of their senior prom but wanted her first sexual encounter under a beautiful romantic setting. Now her first time would assuredly be from rape by two crazed men.

She remembered one night, while parked in her driveway after a date, Mark had taken his thing from his pants and placed her hand on his penis. She remembered how hard and smooth it felt as her hand wrapped around it and she had kept her hand on it for a considerable time.

When she removed her hand from holding Mark's thing, he had placed it back upon his hard manhood. Then he asked her, "Just stroke it for me, sweetheart," Mark had whispered in her ear as he begin kissing her.

While she felt Mark respond to her touch, she considered letting him make love to her. Then he started making odd sounds and his hips moved all around on the car seat and he turned kind of side ways and faced her as she continued stroking him. Joyce Ann knew she was jacking him off as she and her friends had discussed this aspect of sex.

Her memories of Mark asking her, "Oh, Joyce Ann, do it faster and hold me tighter in your hand. Now - now - Yes, it's coming! Oh Joyce Ann," Mark cried out as he shuddered and she felt him wetting her hand and she knew it was getting all over her new skirt. It felt so warm and slick and she continued to stroke Mark's penis until he had to ask her to stop as it was so sensitive.

That night was the closest Joyce Ann had ever came to letting Mark make love to her as she knew passion so full that she considered asking him to drive somewhere and make a full woman of her. Yet she held back and now regretted Mark not being the first to make love to her. Now she was about to resign herself to being raped and wasn't certain how to accept her fate.

After she had stroked Mark off, Joyce Ann had gone into the house and in her room, had looked at the wetness on her skirt. Joyce Ann's memory of the event was still fresh in her mind even though it had been almost six months previously.

In her room she had removed her skirt and saw that some of Mark's stuff was thick and hadn't completely soaked into the fabric of her skirt. She moved the skirt to her face and smelled it but detected no order, Then she let the tip of her tongue touch the wet stuff and tasted and licked it from her skirt. She was surprised the taste wasn't unpleasant and understood why her friends enjoyed given head to their boyfriends.

Crying softly Joyce Ann once more begged her captives to release her and let her go home. "I'll never tell anyone about your taking me and make me undress or you touched me. Please let me leave, oh please?" Joyce Ann's body was shaking in fear and knowledge she was about to be raped. Then her fear became so intense, she felt ready to urinate from the unpleasant experience and danger she found herself in with the two men.

Dubba moved so he was directly in front of Joyce Ann, leaned over and began to kiss and suck her nipples. She couldn't control her need to urinate and Joyce Ann felt pee escape from her body. She saw the look of pleasure on Dubba's face as it splashed onto him as he suckled at her breast. "Oh, no. Please, please stop. Let me go home. I want my daddy and mommy," Joyce Ann sobbed out in both fear and the fact she had lost control of her body functions and peed.

Feeling the warm jet of pee land against him made Dubba more than ready to take the pretty girl. "Hell Nutty, I'm going to get her first, so you let loose of her. She's mine first!"

Not wishing to argue with Dubba, Nutty decided to let him take her first. He never could understand why his manhood was so much smaller than not only his friend's, but other men also. Moving behind his captive, Nutty removed the bindings from her wrist as he wondered if she'd be like some girls they had taken and end up holding onto them once the two of them had made love to her.

Leading his prey onto the bed, Dubba forced her to lie down and Nutty held her wrist so her resistance was somewhat held in check. Not wishing to take her immediately, Dubba moved down and begin kissing her pubic area and lower stomach. When his mouth moved directly onto her sex, Joyce Ann cried out, "NO! STOP! Don't do that to me. You're sick and I don't want you to do any more; let me go, oh please?"

After a few minutes in getting her wet between her legs with his mouth, Dubba moved up and lay on the shaking teenager's body. Man she felt good to be on top off and her skin was so soft and smooth. Dubba, using his right hand, directed his hard erect manhood to the entrance of Joyce Ann's virgin sex.

Joyce Ann was so afraid of what it would feel like when the ugly and bad smelling man penetrated her body. Again she was begging him to let her go and her complete body was now a mass of shaking flesh and bones. Then she felt the initial entry of his thing as it parted the outer lips of her sex. "No! Don't do this to me. I'M A VIRGIN! God! Stop! It's too much. Oh it hurts!!" she cried out as she knew he had entered her deep enough to push against her hymen.

By now Dubba could only think that he wanted to do her really hard and make her cry out in pain as he took her cherry from her perfectly formed body. This girl was definitely the best they'd discovered to rape and assuredly the best looking and stacked like a brick outhouse.

This girl's virginity, Dubba felt would be a tough one to bust through. Damn he wanted to hear her screams as he punched into her never before opened sex. Drawing his firm and overly large penis almost completely from Joyce Ann's body, he felt she was wet enough to drive in hard and deep. Dubba was ready to make her scream out for his pleasure when he tore apart her virginity.

For the past few minutes Dubba had probed within the teenage girl's sex with short and easy strokes. Each time he touched gently against her cherry she'd whimper and beg him to stop, leave her alone, don't it hurts. Now Dubba was poised to take her cherry hard and fast as possible. When he jammed into Joyce Ann's unprepared body for the pleasure of hearing her cry out, he tore into her youthful sex and split her cherry asunder with his hard sexual appendage.

Joyce Ann felt something was about to happen as her rapist seemed to be teasing the entrance of her sex. What she hadn't expected was the sudden and horrendous sharp drive of the man's penis through her virginity. "OH MY GOD! STOP. You're KILLING MEEEE! No, oh no, please it hurts. No, don't move. It hurts so much. Please stop." Yet her cries of anguish and pain were exactly what Dubba wanted from her. Why, why was this happening to her, especially after having won as queen at the fair?

Hearing a virgin scream as her cherry was busted was one of the best parts of raping a girl, Dubba believed in his crazed and tormented mind. Dubba knew he was making this one cry and she was begging him to stop, or finish, but get it over with so she could go home. Then he felt the stirring in his testicles and his need to go-off. He continued to drive deep and hard inside his young victim's tender and ruptured vulva.

"Damn Nutty, if she isn't the best we've ever had, she certainly ties with any other girl we've had like this. Yeah, I'm gonna come. Oh Queenie, you make me feel so good! OK, Queenie. I'm cumming in your pussy. AWG. Damn!" Dubba moaned as he ejaculated his sperm deep inside the torn and bleeding vagina of the girl spread open under her.

Wedging himself tightly against the teenage girl's pubic area, Dubba rotated his groin in a rubbing motion. This permitted him to shoot his come deep in her body and against Joyce Ann's cervix. As he probed with his manhood, so he could feel her wither and shudder under him as he shot off inside her tender sex.

Dubba continued rubbing his crotch against Joyce Ann until he pumped the last of his sperm inside her vagina. One fantasy Dubba had when he went off in a girl he was raping, was the hope he'd knock her up and she'd have his baby.

Joyce Ann lay sobbing and shaking as Dubba moved up from her body and off the bed. Now she believed, falsely, her ordeal was over and would be allowed to leave. Curling up in an almost fetal position, her cry from having her virginity taken by force was worse than she would have believed.

Then she felt the other man moving her onto her back and enters her bleeding and sore sex. "Please don't. No, more," but she realized he wouldn't stop and he would take her as the other monster had done.

She remembered this man's penis was small and shouldn't be as painful as the other brut of a man. She was wrong, he worked himself into her, placed her legs onto his shoulders and bent her double. Her sex hurt and she was sore. Even with this man's penis being small, he made it hurt because of the manner and way he drove into her torn open body.

After what seemed forever but was only about three minutes, Nutty announced he was coming and when he pulled his shrinking penis from her vagina, Joyce Ann thought now she would be free to leave.

She wasn't knowledgeable enough to understand some people want sex more than just once when having intercourse. When Dubba again forced her legs apart and drove his large thing inside her body she lay back and froze in her feelings.

Joyce Ann didn't move or cry out but was numb and her voice useless in protest against being raped. The humiliation of being forced to let Dubba possess her and have his way with her, she now understood the act of being degraded. The teenager hoped her tormentors would soon be done with her.

Her hopes weren't to be fulfilled for another five hours as Dubba and Nutty took her over and over. At one point she was forced to take Nutty's small thing in her mouth and he told her, "Suck me and don't bite or I'll knock your teeth down your throat." The degrading act of oral sex and Nutty's penis thrust down her throat almost made her sick to her stomach. Joyce Ann knew she'd never be able to do this for her boyfriend Mark. Ever!

While the rapists were attacking Joyce Ann repeatedly, S/A Sizemore and Sheriff Dillon were reviewing maps of all the area within a 25-mile radius. They had plotted each farm or outbuilding they determined was likely vacant and set up a search grid for those buildings to be checked by deputies or other agents. The FBI field office S/A Sizemore worked out of had reviewed incidents of fair queens being abducted and sexually assaulted.

DNA evidence proved the same two men had committed the terrible crimes against all the young females. Law enforcement agencies had found the pattern where two strange men had been involved in all the prior cases. Their suspicions were strong that this case was one where they were dealing with the same kidnappers and rapist of the previous 34 teenage girls in six states. In one case the assault was against a junior fair board queen winner, an eleven-year-old prepubescent girl.

Had S/A Sizemore asked Dubba about the 11-year-old girl he would have found the comments sickening. Dubba would have told him how she screamed when he burst her cherry and buried his hard erection inside her underdeveloped vulva. The screams and her wriggling as he literally plowed his manhood in and out of little Cheryl, made him take her seven times over a 24-hour period.

Dubba would have loved to brag about his rape of the young child to the Special Agent. S/A Sizemore would have heard Nutty brag about his sexual grotesque antics when he raped the little girl, and about the same number of times his partner drove his male prong into the girl. Nutty loved how she jerked like a slick eel as he did her.

When they were done with her after more than 24 hours, they simply drove to a trash pit and throw her lifeless, but still breathing form, on top of trash. She hadn't expired immediately but they could never determine the exact length of time she must have lived. Her partial remains did not offer any evidence as to DNA or other evidence that could be presented in a court of law.

However all law enforcement investigators knew for certain she was another statistic in the Fair Queen Case files. The duo would go to a public library and look through newspapers or sign onto the library's internet connection to read details of their crimes. Each time after their last criminal act, they stopped at the next small town to plot their next abduction and rape and find out about the last crime they committed.

After satisfying their lust on the teenage girl, they lead her from the RV and up the stairs into the loft of the old barn. Once they had reached the loft, they found boards and with the rope from their RV, they tied Joyce Ann up. They arranged the boards so she was spread-eagled and her arms and legs were held in an X configuration. Her legs were spread and the labia of her sex were partially open.

Both Nutty and Dubba always liked leaving the girls spread open so whoever found them would view their torn open pussy. They received tremendous pleasure in knowing they had been virgins and the girl's pussy would show evidence of her busted cherry.

The teenager was uncertain if anyone would ever find her as she could not cry for help as they had put a gag over her mouth. She hurt between her legs and she knew whenever someone found her they would view her ravaged body and especially the private area between her legs. Joyce Ann could feel the remnants of her rapists' sperm running from her vagina and down the furrow of her hips, Why did this happen to her?

Her mind returned to wondering if she'd be found or she would die, laying tied up like she was. She thought about what it would be like to die and especially not to have food or drink and starve to death, if not discovered. She wondered if that way of dying was painful or what it would be like. She even thought perhaps some animal might eat her flesh after she was dead, brought indescribable and dreadful remorse to her mind.

After tying up Joyce Ann as they wanted, Dubba couldn't help but see how beautiful she was and said, "I want her once more, Ok with you, Nutty?" Not waiting for an answer he had already unfastened his pants and Joyce Ann saw he looked bigger than when he'd taken her previously. Joyce Ann understood it was possible he got off on her being so exposed and her sex so prominently displayed. "Not again," she cried out as she felt him enter her bruised and extremely sore sex.

This time Dubba seemed to take forever in reaching his pleasure from her body. Joyce Ann's torn and bleeding sex seemed to become alive as she felt the dirty man taking her for his fifth time that night. For whatever the reasons, she felt her body adapt to being taken by a man, even if he was her rapist.

Joyce Ann at first tried to stop the feeling of pleasure and the building of what she knew was a pending climax. She had masturbated since she was nine years old and knew the feeling of sexual gratification being generated in the depths of her loins.

No she thought. I can't enjoy this feeling of sex. This isn't right but her hips strived to move upward for the penetration of a man deep in the recesses of her sex channel. Dubba also felt her responding and was surprised. "Man, Nutty remove the gag, I want to hear her; she's gonna come. I want to hear her and to kiss that pretty mouth."

Nutty removed the gag and even though Joyce Ann tried to stifle her verbal expression of passion she finally moaned out, "No, oh no I can't let it feel good. I can't stop it, as it feels good," and climaxed while having sex, and it hit her and she gave up trying to stop from going off.

Dubba couldn't believe what was happening with the teenage girl and this was the first time any girl had climaxed while they were raping one of them. Damn he liked how she was trying to move her hips up to take even more of him inside her torn and bleeding vagina.

They got off together and they expressed their feelings in utterances of, "Ugh, Ohs, Yes," and Joyce Ann was unable to stop from telling her rapist, "More. Yes. Don't stop. I can't help how it feels."

After he went off, Dubba could feel the girl's pussy gripping and releasing his still erect shaft as if milking him with the lips of her pussy. Dubba moved his lips onto hers and she opened her lips and returned the probing of his tongue in the age-old act of French kissing.

Joyce Ann thought about allowing him to French kiss her, when early that evening she couldn't stand the smell of his breath. Now her passions were so aroused, she wasn't certain she had been forced to submit to sexual intercourse by these men. Most of all she enjoyed Dubba's tongue probing between her soft and yielding lips and licking her teeth and tickling her tongue. She enjoyed his tongue in her mouth. Her own tongue met his thick probing digit with her smaller one.

Finding how Joyce Ann had given her body to him sexually, Dubba decided to release her from the restraints that held her to the wooden boards. After about another hour, Dubba was ready to take the girl again. Nutty had gone back down the stairs to the RV and evidently to sleep. Moving the girl so she was now available to his carnal desires he decided to go down on her. This time Joyce Ann didn't feel so exposed to his desires and not have some need to explore the feelings from oral sex.

Dubba moved his face between her legs and started kissing and licking her pubic area in gentle and touching moves with his tongue and lips. Within a few minutes Joyce Ann found her hips begin the rhythmic play of sex from Dubba's tongue. She could not believe how different it was now she had climaxed only a short while before.

Her hips were held fast in Dubba's large hands and she had his head held tightly in her own hands and moved his face as to where she desired his tongue and lips should touch between her stretched out stiff legs. Sounds from her voice was music to Dubba's ears as he heard and felt the teenager meeting his desire for her to climax against his oral ministrations. Then Joyce Ann could no longer contain her desires and her orgasm overwhelmed her and she cried out in release, "Yes. Oh yes, take me like that."

After she had climaxed, Dubbba moved up between her shapely legs and entered her parted and swollen labia with his again large manhood. This time Joyce Ann welcomed him inside her hot and sore sex, and attempted to assist him in his need to feel her take him deep. Yet even Dubbba could feel the need to make it pleasant and not hurtful for the teenager.

Dubbba could feel his climax about to explode when he heard the door of the building open and then listened to the RV driving off at a high rate of speed. Gun shoots followed, and then other vehicles took off in the direction of the RV. Dubbba knew that law officers were now after the RV with Nutty inside. The cops evidently figured that Dubbba and the girl was also inside and pursued the RV.

Jumping up from between the girl's legs, he saw her sex was kind of opening and closing as if it had been robbed from the release it was ready to give up when the police arrived and Dubbba had pulled out of her. Moving quickly Dubbba realized that neither of them had clothes they could dress in as they were in the RV.

Dubbba remembered the old house on the property had some furniture inside and he had seen it through the windows. "Come on, lets go see if we can find any clothes in the old house before the cops come back. You can wait here or take off walking with me. It's up to you Queenie."

Rising to her feet, Joyce Ann followed Dubbba to the old house and found the door was unlocked and they started looking for clothing. In two different bedrooms they found clothes that they could wear. The shoes they found weren't the correct size but they slipped them on and headed out toward the woods about a half mile away.

"Where are we going?" Joyce Ann asked.

"Not sure but if I stick around the cops will be back and I'll be in jail the rest of my life, or executed. I'm hoping to find a passing train or something we can catch a ride on or maybe steal a car. Do you want to stay or go with me?" Dubbba asked her.

Joyce Ann couldn't understand the feelings she had but knew she was unable to let Dubbba leave her behind. "Guess I'll go with you for a couple of days or so if it's not a problem, OK?"

The next day Dubbba found a car and after hot wiring it, he and Joyce Ann took off and stopped only long enough to get a newspaper. The headlines told about the kidnapping of the Fair Queen and how the police had shot it out with one of the suspects driving a reportedly stolen RV vehicle.

The girl wasn't found and the police were also looking for another male suspect they believed was involved in her disappearance. The story detailed how 35 girls had been abducted and sexually assaulted. Joyce Ann's father was offering a reward of $100,000 for information leading to her return and the capture of the remaining suspect.

Two weeks later a man and his teenage daughter crossed into Mexico and arranged for passage to Brazil. The Simpsons were tired of the rat race and decided to get away from society for a while they told anyone who might ask why they traveling. Unknown to those they met and talked with, the man had made a sizable withdrawal from a bank in Mexico City that he and a former business partner had placed in the bank over the past five years. The money was equal to the amount stolen from several banks and grocery stores robbed during the same time period.

Arriving in Brazil the Simpsons' obtained an apartment overlooking the ocean. Later on that day they moved into their new home. They relaxed together in a JACUZZI that evening and then enjoyed sex together almost the whole night. Alex, the father of the two, looked at his young 18-year-old daughter after they had climaxed together and told her, "Finally we finished what was interrupted so suddenly a few weeks ago."

Not saying anything the dark-haired girl moved her head onto her father's lap and took his strong and firm erection into her mouth. She loving conveyed love on her father, an act of incestuous love for him by performing oral sex until his seed flowed into her mouth.

The face on the dark-haired beauty reflected her own pleasure in her oral manipulations on his slowly softening manhood. She continued to kiss and licked away the last remnants of his sexual release. Looking up into his face, she whispered, "That was wonderful, I didn't believe it would ever be possible for me to complete such love again." The young girl said with a lustful look in her eyes, "Father, my darling Alex, will you take me in such a way?"

Alex looked down at his pretentious pretty daughter and told her, "You're truly wonderful and I understand what you mean. Most assuredly I will always desire you in such a fashion of love, Yes."

For the next eight years they lived as father and daughter to the outside world but in the privacy of their home they were a very incestuous couple. No mention of their previous lives that brought them together in an act against the purity of the young girl was ever discussed.

There were times when the dark-haired beauty would stare at the sleeping form of her lover and imaginary father and remember he had been the first man to make love to her. Somewhere in her mind she knew it started as an involuntary and violent encounter when he tore away her virginity.

Now she only knew how gentle a man he was in assuring she reached her ultimate plateau of love. She didn't always have an orgasm with him, but found she received small ripples through her body when she didn't cry out her love in release. She truly knew love from this man she called father.

Then Alex passed away. A few weeks later a young woman arrived in a Midwest town and was warmly greeted by her loving father, who was now a United States Senator.

Her mother, was an invalid, confined to a nursing home after suffering a massive stroke. When she visited her mother the next day, she found a frail woman who smiled as her eyes gazed upon the young woman standing next to her bed. The daughter believed a knowledge passed between them that they were mother and daughter. Sorrowful tears formed in the eyes of the younger of the two women, and she turned and walked from the room.

Her father's chief of staff, Mark, greeted her the next afternoon when she stopped at her father's local federal office. The "chief" introduced the young woman standing next to him as his wife, Brenda, of five years. Funny the young woman thought, as she remembered that Brenda was the runner-up in the Fair Queen Pageant which she had won almost nine years before.



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