Beth Addams was a gorgeous, exceedingly sexy 36 year old married woman who took great pride in her physical appearance. To look at her one would think that she was still in her teens with her shoulder length true blond hair, big innocent sky blue eyes and a tight firm body that was the envy of every other woman whom she knew.

Being raised and living in the deep south she would spend a lot of time lounging around and swimming in her swimming pool. She loved to wear extremely figure accenting swim suits, usually consisting of two tiny pieces of cloth that barely covered her firm 36DD-22-36 hot firm figure.

She had been married to Bert Addams since she was 21. They had two teenage sons, Bert Junior and Bill who were both in high school. No one except those who knew them would ever guess that Beth was their mother; they thought she was an older sister.

Bert, Sr. was the local magistrate and was often out of town attending meetings of lawyers and other magistrates. He was 10 years Beth's senior and while still in fairly good physical shape had been unable to keep up with both the demands of his job and the requirements of a married man.

His job often seemed to take precedence over his home life responsibilities denying to Beth her physical wifely needs. Beth had two years earlier when she finally realized that this was to be her fate resigned herself to the chaste life.

While Beth was a very sensual and really thoroughly enjoyed sex she was raised in an old fashion, southern, hard-shell religious atmosphere. To her, her wedding vows were sacrosanct and any thoughts or urges to straying from them were unthinkable. She had never considered being unfaithful it was out of the question; her religious and southern traditions always held sway. To say that she didn't have a strong libido would have been untruthful for it was as strong if not stronger than most women.

Her sons, Bert, Jr. and Bill were a lot more progressive than their mother, but knowing how she felt about certain things they kept their sexual conquest and desires secret from her. While they went to church with their parents on Sunday and on Wednesday night, the rest of the time they were pretty sexually active, in fact several of the girls they had sex with went to the same church. Bert, Jr. the oldest, was 17 while Bill was 15; both were handsome and had plenty of friends of both races.

Both Bert, Sr. and Beth, while not fanatically racist in their thinking, were still very deeply southern in their preferences. They still believed that most blacks, or 'niggers' were intellectually inferior to whites and were still only one step away from the jungle. Bert, Sr. in his dealing with the seamier side of the black population in his court dealings was constantly berating and demeaning them as a race. When the black family moved next door to them, they were upset but being as this was their right they begrudgingly accepted the inevitable.

On one occasion while Bert, Sr., was out of town attending one of his many conferences, Bert, Jr. asked Beth if he and Bill could have some of their friends over for a pool party. Without thinking Beth agreed being as she always wanted to be a part of their life more than just being a stern, suffocating parent like Bert, Sr. often seemed to be. B

ert, Sr. would be out of town for the next 4 days so they planned to have the pool party the next day. What Beth didn't know was that the boys had already lined things up because they were pretty sure their Mom would agree. Beth also was also completely unaware that they had lined up some different drugs and liquor so they could really have an orgy. There was also the unknown fact for Beth that many of the teenage high school kids were black.

The boys figured that they could spike their Mom's iced tea early on, so she wouldn't be aware of what was happening. They had intended to put a knockout pill in the tea and then help her upstairs to the bedroom where she would sleep for several hours while they had their pool party, orgy. They had told the blacks to come late so they could make sure she was asleep before they got there. They all knew of Mr. and Mrs. Addams' feelings concerning blacks and agreed to do as Bert, Jr. requested.

The next day was a hot one temperature wise and also sexually. Bert, Jr. had taken special care to make sure that he had everything ready. Beth who had planned on helping out was wearing a pair of hot white short shorts and a halter that really showed of her full, firm 36DD's. As the guests began to arrive, all had been briefed by Bill about how to act while their Mom was present as Beth was busy making snacks and a punch.

Bert, Jr. poured her a glass of iced tea and was about to slip the sleeping pills in when one of his friends distracted him. Though he had informed his friends what he had planned to do concerning getting him Mom out of the way, he suddenly felt a twinge of guilt and doubt and put the pill down.. As he left the kitchen he handed Beth the tea.

A little later he came back into the kitchen but couldn't find the pill. He checked around and when Bill came in he told him that he couldn't find the pill, so they went to get another one. What they didn't know was that one of the other boys had replaced the sleeping pills with a very powerful aphrodisiac he'd gotten from his father's drug store.

Being as they wanted their Mom to fall asleep fast they decided to put two of the pills into her tea not knowing that it was the aphrodisiac. The effects of the double dose would cause her to initially become very groggy giving the appearance of sleepiness but later would cause her to become extremely sexually agitated and aroused. For Beth who was already had a very strong libido, this would be even more effective.

Sure enough with in several minutes Beth began exhibiting the symptoms of sleepiness and Bert, Jr. and Bill helped her get up the stairs to her and Bert, Sr. bedroom. Beth didn't understand why she was so sleepy but gladly let the boys help her up to the bedroom and help her get on the bed. They told her not to worry that they would handle everything and to just take a nice nap. She thanked them and dozed off.

Within minutes the party began to get into full swing. The drugs and booze was flowing like water and everyone was beginning to feel horny and really turned on sexually. The only problem was there were more boys than there were girls. Most of the girls were going with their dates and were not into gangbangs leaving some of the guys pretty much out in the cold. Several of the black guys were among those being left out and they resented it to some extent. A couple of them remember what Bill had said out giving their Mom sleeping pills and began talking among themselves about it and idea forming in their minds. Of course they didn't realize about the pill mix-up and they decided to explore the house while everyone else was well into the orgy.

Beth was still asleep when they opened the door to the master bedroom. She was lying on her back her long sexy white legs spread slightly the short shorts accenting her crotch area making her pussy lips outline the fabric, dampness apparent due to her reaction to the pills.. The halter which was also rather tight accented her fabulous 36DD's and due also to the action of the pills her large nipples were pushing up invitingly against the material.

The young black teenager, who themselves were extremely horny and had taken some of the aphrodisiac themselves as they were exploring the house opened the door to the master bedroom and saw the beautiful, hot and sexy Beth lying on the bed. She was still in a light sleep like state was feeling the effects of the double dose of aphrodisiac and had opened her shorts. Beth had slipped her finger down between her hot, swollen blond pussy lips and was softly moaning as she stimulated her clit. She hadn't heard or seen the black teenage boys yet. She began slowly rotating and thrusting her white hips up against her pleasure giving fingers.

The super hotly excited black teenage students stood in the open door way their dark eyes bugging out at the sight, their already swollen black teenage cocks becoming harder and pulsing, throbbing in their swim suits. They were so focused on Beth they didn't see Bill come the stairs behind them.

He started to say something but decided not to and instead watched from around the corner. He slipped into the guest bedroom which had a joining through a bathroom. Slipping into the bathroom he was able to see into the master bedroom and the large wall mirrors his Mom had installed gave him a 3 dimensional view of what was happening.

There were a total of 5 young teenage blacks who had been standing in the door. Leroy, the oldest at 18 lived next door and had secretly lusted after Beth ever since he'd seen her swimming in the pool. He quickly found out about the Addams' attitudes concerning blacks and had been ill at ease when he met Bert, Jr. and Bill.

They just as quickly put his fears to rest and they became good friends without their parents finding out. Leroy had often felt that he would like to get even with his friends Mom, to so call, put her in her place. Leroy felt that the opportunity to do so was at this very moment right in front of him and his 4 black teenage buddies. He was more or less their unofficial leader and would pretty much follow along with whatever he did.

Leroy quickly slipped off his confining swimming trunks exposing his huge, rock hard, pulsing black teenage cock. The remaining 4 black teenage buddies quickly followed suit and stripped off their swim trunks. Four more very long and thick black cocks were exposed. They were all anxious to shove them into this hot, sexy white woman and fill her with their hot virile black seed.

Leroy quickly got up on the bed with Beth and hooking his black hands in her shorts began pulling them down off her along with her tiny bikini like panties until they were totally off. Beth still was moaning and rubbing her swollen clit her eyes closed.

Knee walking up between her thighs, spreading them as he went, Leroy positioned himself for the insertion of his very large throbbing black teenage cock. A huge droplet of his pre-cum was poised at the tip as he moved it up to her blond married white pussy lips. Taking her hand out of the way with his free hand, he pushed forward, the huge black plum sized tip pushed her blond pussy lips further apart as he rubbed it up against her swollen clit.

Beth moaned her sexy white hips pushing up toward the stimulating pleasure giving thing that was slowly slipping up between her blond pussy lips. Beth opened her lust filled eyes and saw what was happening. She was beside herself with conflicting feelings. The super hotness of her sex starved married white body against the very obvious awareness that there was a black, a nigger, between her spread white legs and he was shoving his black cock into her needing hot white pussy.

Not only was he shoving his black cock into her but it was huge, stretching her as it slipped further and further up inside her. It was causing a great deal of sensation due to its size sending a searing hotness and desire through her entire body. Her hips were moving on their own accord, pushing up to help him push more and more of his long, long and thick black cock up into her. She began moaning louder and gasping in lustful passion as Leroy filled her totally and then began to thrust back and forth fucking her powerfully.

Bill peeking in was shocked, his eyes wide open looking at the action going on in his Mom and Dad's bedroom. He couldn't believe that his Mom would ever in a million years let a black fuck her, but there she was lying on she and Dad's martial bed with one of he and Bert, Juniors' friends, the one who lived next door. He saw the other 4 blacks standing around watching as Leroy fucked his Mom and knew that they would also soon be fucking her.

He'd never seen his Mom so hot, so lust filled as she humped up and down fucking Leroy back as hard as he was fucking her. He heard his Mom moaning over and over the words yes, yes, yes. She kept telling Leroy how good it felt, how she wanted him to keep fucking her.

Beth indeed was a total nymphomaniac due to the effects of the aphrodisiacs she had mistakenly been given by Bert, Jr. Her entire body, especially her pussy was a mass of nerves that was stimulated beyond belief by the large black teenage cock that was sawing back and forth in her vagina, the huge black tip hitting up against her cervix on his powerful inward thrusts.

She had wrapped her white arms around his back and was pulling him hard against her as he shoved hard up into her. Her long sexy white legs were wrapped around his muscular teenage black ass squeezing him, trying to get him deeper into her.

Leroy had never felt so stimulated before even though he had had many girls this was entirely different, this was a grown, married white woman, his next door neighbor, who was somewhat biased and prejudiced against blacks, Her white pussy was so tight, so hot and wet. This was the absolute greatest fuck he'd ever had to date; he wanted to shoot his virile black seed deep into her white married womb.

His neck muscles were tight, his teeth clinched as he moaned and grunted driving his massive black teenage cock into her white married pussy time and time again. She was going crazy with lust driving him even higher and further toward the most powerful climax he'd ever imagined possible.

Beth was having orgasm after orgasm as the young teenage black lustfully, passionately fucked her. Her husband had never been able to take her to such heights sexually. She'd been virgin when they had married and had never been unfaithful. She'd never realized how enjoyable, how pleasurable sex could be until now and she didn't want it to ever stop.

She had thought, mistakenly, that all men were like Bert, Sr. and their cocks were about the same size as his 6 inch, thin white cock was. This young blacks' teenage cock was so much bigger both in length and diameter. It was a good 11 to 12 inches long and as thick as a year old baby's arm. Leroy's gigantic black cock was giving her so much pleasure.

Leroy began to grunt louder and speed up his powerful thrusts; Beth recognizing the movements meant of his impending climax began to hug him tighter and squeeze him with her white legs that were clamped to his taunt black ass. All she wanted was for him to shoot his load deep inside her, to fill her white married pussy with his hot virile black seed.

Even though she'd been off birth control pills for some time and she was still capable of having children she didn't care at this point. She was just to far gone and wanted to give this black lover the ultimate use of her married white body, a receptacle for his semen. She then wanted him to fuck her again, not realizing that there were 4 more equally endowed teenage black studs waiting their turn to fuck her.

With one powerful final thrust, buried up to the hilt inside Beth's milking married white pussy, Leroy began the most powerful cum he'd ever produced. A literal torrent of hot, thick, virile nigger cum shot forth deep into Beth's white womb. The huge pee hole was lined up perfectly so the powerful pulsing spurts could shoot up through the opening of her cervix and into her womb. Jet after spewing jet struck against walls of her womb driving Beth to an even more powerful climax than all the others she had thus far experienced.

She began moaning and kissing Leroy as the climax sent her to heights she had only imagined. For several minutes their mutual climax continued. Leroy decided that he needed a rest before he fucked her again. As he pulled his slightly drooping black monster from her white married pussy, a glob of his cum oozed down onto the bed coverings.

Beth, who was basking in the after glow of their fuck, felt some movement between her still spread white thighs. Opening her lust filled blue eyes she saw another young teenage black positioning himself between them and holding another massive black cock that he was pointing up to her blond, married pussy. She was still hotter than a firecracker and let him shove his massive black teenage cock up into her well lubricated married blond pussy.

He immediately began fucking her with long hard thrusts causing her to immediately experience a climax. He felt just as wonderful inside of her as her previous lover. She began moaning and grunting in passion as she shoved her sexy white hips up to give him greater and deep penetration. Again she began begging him to fuck her hard, that she loved having his big black cock fucking her. It wasn't long for the extremely horny young black teenage stud to reach his climax. Once again Beth had an enormous earth shattering climax as she felt his hot sperm shooting up into her white womb.

For the rest of the afternoon the same scene was repeated time and time again, with Bill watching it all. He got such an erection as he watched that he had to relieve himself by jacking off several times.

Each of the 5 young teenage blacks fucked the beautiful, sexy married white Beth in her husband and her bed at least twice. After they had all exhausted their cum supply they left Beth lying in the middle of the bed, her white legs spread open obscenely as a steady river of nigger cum oozed down onto the bed coverings.

Bill slipped downstairs and joined the orgy that was still going strong.

For the first time in her life, even though it was aphrodisiac induced, Beth was totally satisfied sexually. She'd learned something that afternoon. She learned that she would have to find males with equally as large cocks to satisfy her. She wanted them to be young, no one over 18, and of course they had to be BIG and BLACK. The next time she wouldn't need any stimulate like the aphrodisiac because just thinking about it was enough to make her wet with lust.



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