The new slave did not yet fully know her purpose. She sat on the floor writing to her diary while her master was watching his football game. She wasn't interested in football, but she liked to keep him company. She was glad he never made her watch the games or try to get into them, and she did realize that he found his pleasure in her so much more interesting in other ways.

She felt his eyes on her, even though she did not lift hers to meet his gaze. He was studying her as she tried to concentrate, writing down her thoughts. She could feel his stare burn through her and she wondered for how long he had ignored the game.

The master watched his slave as she kneeled softly on the floor. He noticed how her hair had carefully veiled the side of her face, as if to hide a part of her. His eyes searched the room briefly and zoomed in on a hair band that had been left on the side table. He reached over to pick it up and threw it at her. She immediately knew what to do, tying her hair up behind her ears quickly in a soft ponytail. Her face would not be hidden from him. She never looked up as she continued to write.

The master continued to watch her. Adorned in one of his favorite gowns and looking so sexy on the floor, she looked so lovely and he felt his emotions rise. His mind already screamed instant use of her. But he took his time. For several days now he had owned her and his impatience to adore her body had left him behind in his teaching. He had not believed what he had heard when she had confessed to him that she had never experienced an orgasm. Having been brought up in a very uptight world, she had never explored her own body in that way. And tonight he would see to it that she would experience her first.

"Slave," he ordered. "Prepare yourself for use."

She swiftly worked to remove all her clothing at his bidding. Buttons and snaps snapped open quickly to reveal her delicious curves. She gently put the clothing pile aside, her hands trembling only slightly, her stunning body fully naked now. She turned to face him.

He felt his bulge press painfully against his pants as he took in her heavy breasts, her tiny waist, the elegant lines of her neck, the honey milk skin that glistened attractively over her frame.

He savored the moment for a little while as she kneeled before him.

"Go to my chamber to prepare for full use and return to me," he asked.

She got up and hurried to do his bidding. Her heart beat rapidly as she tried to focus on not missing any important details as she prepared. She could already feel the thrill sit in the pit of her stomach in anticipation to his love.

Her hands quivered as she removed her hair band to comb out her hair until it shone. She checked her face in the mirror and then quickly glanced down at her crotch. She had shaved only last night but she wanted to make sure she was entirely smooth. She didn't want to anger him.

Satisfied that all was perfect, she then opened the drawer with lubricants and applied one generously into the tight opening of her behind. She checked her feet and hands to make sure they were perfectly groomed. As an afterthought she dabbed on a hint of his favorite perfume. She then returned to him.

He smiled approvingly as he saw her walk towards him, then kneeling at his feet. She was ready to be looked over. He reached out to touch her face. Her skin was flushed. His finger trailed down her cheek stopping at the corner of her lips as they immediately parted, allowing access. He entered her mouth, feeling her soft tongue and inner cheeks.

She closed her mouth and sucked his finger gently. He withdrew and traced the now wet finger down her neck. She lifted both arms, clasping her hands behind her head, her triceps exposed to him as her breasts lifted for his play.

He cupped each one and kneaded them gently. He could do this for days and he knew she would sit there for as long as he needed. He thumbed the tight peaks and she breathed out, sighing.

He then moved on down her body prodding her legs more open with his foot. She readjusted her kneeling position to make herself more available. He cupped her mound but did not enter it. He held her like that for a minute, its shaven warmth filling his hand.

"Turn over, dog position," he commanded.

She obeyed. She turned to stand on hands and knees, her back to him. He threw a pillow on the floor.

"Lie on that with your face," he ordered. "Your hands back up here, spread that ass for me."

She did as she was told, supporting herself with her face sideways on the pillow. She reached behind her with both hands, spreading the globes of her ass as far as she could muster.

"Good," he commended.

His index finger plunged into her bowels as she cringed, waiting for the ordeal to be over. He took his time, deepening the exploration. He was pleased to see that she was well lubricated. He slowly withdrew, agonizing her with the sensation.

"Feelings," he ordered.

She turned around to face him kneeling again. "I feel naked... slightly humiliated... and aroused."

He nodded.

"Walk before me, back to the room," he said.

She got up and he followed her. She walked seductively, her hips swaying slightly as she led the path enticingly back into the room.

He could not stand it. He caught up with her, picking her up and throwing her upon the bed. He noticed the slight flash of fear in her eyes as that wasn't expected. He pounced upon her, grabbing both wrists in one hand while the other grabbed the rope beside the bed.

He was going to tie her wrists together, but then he thought otherwise. He didn't want her arms to have each other for security, he tied each separately to opposite corners of the bed. They were firmly and securely in place, stretched open. She could not move them.

He then bent each knee and brought it up to her face, spreading her legs apart. She was in the frog position. He looped rope patiently behind each knee, hooking it over behind her to the hooks in the headboard so that she would be tied that way. Her feet dangled.

He tied each ankle stretching rope down to the base end of the bed. She could not move at all. Her legs were spread open, her sex beautifully displayed before him. Her tits weighed heavily, exposed upon her chest. Her legs and arms were out of the way. He decided that this would be the position in which she would cum for him for the very first time.

He reached over to grab a blindfold from a drawer. Slowly, purposefully, he blindfolded her. She was now complete.

She lay utterly naked before him, her legs spread open as he surveyed her. She could feel him walk around her, like a pacing predator, deciding the fate of his prey. Her body trembled slightly as she waited... for anything.

Finally, she felt the back of his hand upon her side, gently gliding down in a reassuring caress. "Relax my slave" he crooned, his deep voice caressing her like a dark silk.

"What are you going to do, Master?" she found her voice to ask, not even sure she wanted to know.

There was a pause before his reply. As if he considered whether she needed to know. But then it came. "We need to take care of something tonight, my sweet. Your body will perform for me. And I will give you your first orgasm."

"How..." she never finished, gasping as she felt the sharp thrust of his finger into her moist opening. She hadn't realized how wet she was, the realization taking her by mind-blowing surprise. Was her body this easy to seduce? She fluttered, panicking only slightly, as his finger continued to dart in and out of her depth.

With her body completely bound, there was nothing she could do but accept the invasive stimulus. She willed her mind to calm down as she submitted to his act. He was her master and he would do nothing to hurt her. Furthermore, her body was his... his to do with as he desired, to use for his pleasure, in any way he could conceive.

Slowly she felt more confident, and more obedient, as she focused on that thought. She felt revered in that she pleased him. Even as she lay there, not being able to do a thing, other than just accept, this thought filled her with joy. This was her purpose. And she was delighted that she could bring him this kind of fulfillment. She began finally to relax, her wet flesh yielding, accepting. Needing...

But then her confidence suddenly balked, as the things suddenly changed, his fingers swiftly changing position to encircle and touch her well exposed clit. Her thoughts of security was stripped away from her and she let out a cry of surprise, unsure of this new stimulation.

She had never done this before. The sensitivity of the area awoke her, as she unwillingly strained against her bonds. She suddenly felt helpless and uncertain of what it was she was feeling, as small jolts of pleasure attacked her with his every touch.

"Master?" she asked in inquiry.

There was no response. But the stimulation continued. She squirmed. New feelings arose in her as she fought to try to handle them. The touch suddenly felt so intense that her heart started to beat in panic and she took several gasps, her arms and legs now straining to close in to no avail. It suddenly sank in how utterly immobile she was, and how exposed, with her intimate areas being explored, forcing her to endure a pleasure she never knew possible.

The master watched his slave closely. His eyes feasted on her restless body trying to adjust and understand his persistent touch. He watched her brows as they furrowed in concern. He could almost see her thoughts. He could not believe this beautiful creature had yet to experience the wonder of orgasm. His member engorged painfully as he delighted in the fact that he would be the one to give it to her. Yes, he would watch her every breath, read her every emotion as she experienced it for the first time. And he would teach her to give in, as her body would come to need this. He would teach her to completely give in to him.

She now clenched her teeth, going absolutely still, this had to end. But his touch intensified. Now purposefully rubbing her engorged organ up and down, stroking its soft firm length, from its base at her opening to its unbearably responsive tip. Short, hard, purposeful strokes ignited her, as he watched her suffer in strain. Her body finally caved in and started to shake as tension built up. She started to moan... in alarm... in fear... in pleasure.

Suddenly and roughly, her blindfold was stripped away from her. There was only a second of relief in her mind, as she gratefully acknowledged that she will now be able to see what is going on. But that was quickly taken from her, as her focus again was forced back onto the intensifying stimulation.

"Master!" She pleaded then, looking up at him, with fearful eyes.

But he just studied her calmly and intently.

"MASTER!" she cried.

"Hush now," he said. "No harm will come to you. You will obey your body, as it gives in. I removed your blindfold so I could see your eyes. No part of your body will be hidden from me as you experience your first orgasm. You will hold back no emotions. None at all. You should realize, that just as your body, they also belong to me. And should be completely visible to me at all times. All of them."

She suddenly wasn't sure if she could take this, as she sucked in her breath, trying to understand the pleasure she was feeling. She recalled how many times he's used her thoroughly. How utterly fulfilled she was to hear him grunt in pleasure as he would spill his seed into her orifices.

She thought she was already completely his, that she had done all she was meant to satisfy, to please, to be his vessel of sexual satisfaction. But she was not ready for this, she didn't even know that such a thing could be. How could she feel so utterly out of control and not being able to hold on to a thing not even her sanity. As her body was being taken to places she did not even understand.

Tears suddenly swelled up in her eyes. She did not even understand why. She wasn't understanding anything, only that suddenly her world was shrinking rapidly to not exist beyond the sensation between her legs, she could not stand it and suddenly the fear began to sink in, in the dawn of the realization that if he would now stop, her world will collapse. The fear that he would... Building with the pleasure. Began to fight within her mind.

The words formed before she could even say them. She tried to speak.

He raised an eyebrow at her, urging her to speak up.

"don't..." she tried again "don't stop!" she begged.

He smiled callously. His stimulation slowed down purposefully, bringing her down to a level she could bear. And then her eyes widened in horror. As he stopped.

She lifted her head, unable to do anything else. Suddenly, she was glad he did. This was insane. She could not be made to feel this. She wanted to yell at him to untie her, but she knew better. He suddenly got up and left the bed for a second. She felt so alone and cold as he was gone, her legs left spread wide to expose this most intimate need. She wanted to cry. She could not stand her position.

But he had already returned. She could not see what he was doing as he crouched over her dripping area, his back blocking her view.

She jolted as she felt cold metal on her clit. Unsure of what it was, she strained to squirm and see. It felt gentle and yet unbearably uncomfortable.

"Lie still!" he snapped at her.

"M-master, what are you doing?" she begged.

"I'm measuring you," he responded quietly.

"Measuring?" she questioned stupidly.

"Yes." He replied. "I'm measuring the size of your clit in its current state with calipers. There is nothing I won't know about you. Even this detail is important to me. Things even you will not know, for this is for my information."

She held back tears, as she tried to relax and succumb to him while he did as he wished. More humiliation. How could he just measure her, as if she was some experiment, so coldly and medically, when she was burning... needing... so bad.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you," he reassured her again softly.

She felt better somehow.

"And you are," he added.

"Huh?" she didn't understand.

"You are. My experiment." He turned to face her with a smile. "You are my lifelong experiment, the only thing I am endlessly passionate about. And I will never tire of learning about you." He gently pinched her nipple as he said that. Somehow that seemed to only cause her to gush more juice for him.

She was in awe, as she stared back at him blankly. Unable to say anything. Could he read her thoughts already? Surely not.

But she was yanked back to business as the stimulation suddenly resumed.

Her lips parted in surprise, re-learning again how incredible it felt, as she let out a long satisfying moan. The next moan followed quickly, then the next. She was unsure she willed them. But they kept coming, shorter, faster, more urgent, as her body resumed its journey to a place she could not even grasp. She was on fire. His fingers were relentless. Probing, touching, caressing. She felt his other hand join in the action, as two fingers slipped easily into her pussy, and stayed there, swaying in gently, and applying varying degrees of pressure to its walls.

She felt so helpless and unable to do anything about their position deep within her body, but the stimulation on her clit kept her yielding. She suddenly felt that she would accept anything and she knew it, as her eyes tightened shut and her mouth opened again to let out another desperate long drawn moan.

The strain on her body started to be unbearable as he continued. A rushing sensation began to engulf her as she watched her body start to shake steadily. Her world caved in and she started to scream for mercy. She suddenly wanted him to stop!

"Stop! Stop, stop, stop, stop!" She screamed, tears now flowing unashamedly down her cheeks. She wasn't ready for this. She did not understand what she was feeling. "PLEASE STOP!" All she could do was beg, maybe another time. Maybe another day she could understand this. She wanted to be able to leave this situation. She needed some time to think about this. Perhaps a little time on her own, to explore her own body in private, and discover its secrets before she could reveal them.

Her eyes fluttered open as she realized the sensation had suddenly stopped. She looked up at him. Was that disappointment in his eyes? She suddenly felt like sobbing, her world shattering. But he wasn't angry.

He took her face gently into his hands, locking eyes with her.

She gave her full attention as he started to speak.

"What are you afraid of?" he demanded of her.

She searched his eyes. But she answered truthfully. "I am scared master. I... don't know what this is I am feeling. My body feels as if it would go out of control. I-I," She paused unsure. "I-I like what you do. It feels good. But I don't know what will happen."

"Like?" He raised an eyebrow at her. "Your body and moans indicated that you did a lot more than 'like'""

She cast her eyes down. "I loved it master," she conceded.

He raised her chin slightly so their eyes will lock again. "My slave." He said. "You belong to me. And you will understand that it is not your call to stop any activity that I may choose to put you through. Unless you are being physically hurt, in which case it is your duty to inform me."

"But," she was unsure, crying. "I don't know... if this will physically hurt me, I don't know... "WHAT" this is master."

His eyes softened. But then he pulled away from her. His voice was a shade cooler as he spoke. "You will give in to your body my slave," he informed her. "You will endure whatever is being done to you, and fully."

"Yes master," she whispered in obedience.

"Your body will explode," he continued. "as you cum. You will cum for me for the first time. You will not hold back a single emotion as you do. I will derive great pleasure watching you experience your first orgasm. And you will cum for me many times in your lifetime with me. Perhaps several million times. In your ultimate submission to me as your body gives in to me."

With that, two fingers plunged deep into her again. This time they fucked her senseless, as she screamed her response, as his other hand resumed rubbing her clit intently. Waves and waves of pleasure lashed over her over and over. She screamed, she moaned, her hips lifted, her body vibrating uncontrollably. She felt as though she was losing her mind, as the sensations kept hitting her over and over.

She could not even respond coherently as his wet finger slid out of her pussy and plunged uncomfortably into her ass. She squirmed, still screaming, trying to get away from the intrusion, but it stayed firmly in place, as she felt herself tighten around it, the pleasure on her clit becoming unbearable.

Her wrists and ankles felt raw from the strain. Her body was covered in sweat, as suddenly she felt an intense sensation descend upon her. It kept building in magnitude and her eyes widened in shock as she stared up right into his eyes, searching for mercy

He then realized it was about to happen, his eyes breathing in her stressed body, building up in climax. Each muscle was as tight as a drum, her pussy red, swollen and dripping, her eyes bulging in horror, her breasts engorged, with dark nipples hard-pressed into tight peaks, her lips parted in preparation to scream for him. His hands almost trembled as he administered the final stimulation.

"CUM!" he ordered.

"AAAAAAARRRRGHHH!" her scream was endless, as her eyes still locked into his, her only place where she could hold on to anything she knew, as her body thrashed and convulsed to its fate. Her very first orgasm shot through her, taking away all her control, which she gladly gave up in her desperate willingness to gratify her most primal need. Her body rode his hand in frantic requirement to see the climax through.

Pleasure lashed her, like a merciless whip, putting her in her place, as she lost control of her body soul and mind, giving all to him. There was nothing she hid from him, nothing she could. And then her body collapsed in an exhausted heap. She was his. Never had she felt this more thoroughly. She now knew she was worlds away from anything she had ever given him in the past when she had obediently submitted to his various uses. Tonight, she had given her very soul.

She did not even resist as he positioned himself over her and fucked her. His member brutally assaulted all that was remaining, as she just gave in, grasping her bonds for dear life, as her body rose to betray her again and again. Twice she came, almost painfully upon his cock as he used her. His own senses were lost in the amount of love he received from her very being.

His strong muscles tensed as he growled out his pleasure. She was so soft and pliable surrounding him. He suddenly frantically needed to release her. He worked feverishly to let loose all the bonds. Finally she was free. Her legs gratefully wrapped around him. Her nails bit into his back as he rammed her wetness.

Finally, his own climax was building. He could never last long with her. With three powerful thrusts it came, and he grunted almost painfully in his torrent release. His semen filled her body, and finally he fell, spent atop her.

He quickly then rolled off of her and took her in his arms.

He crooned into her ear and whispered softly to her, about how good she'd been. He urged her to share all her thoughts and feelings.

She struggled to explain her orgasm and her experience as she gave him all her afterthoughts. It was the most intense thing she had felt. She shared with him giggling slightly that she was glad that her bladder was empty, for there was a point when she wasn't sure she could have controlled it.

"Next time, we'll make sure it is full," he said.

Her eyes widened in horror, as he laughed gently.

"My slave, you will hold nothing from me," he reminded her. "Not even this. I will see you in your deepest need. And you will release control of everything to me."

She gazed up at him in fright and wonder.

"I was gentle with you tonight," he informed her. "This is a week of many firsts for you. But in a few years you will be amazed at the things you will be begging for. Your body will become accustomed to many a thing. For now, just let it sink in... that everything, including your future, will all be in my hands. That you are all... mine."

The slave smiled happily as she drifted off into her sleep. She could not think of a better fate.



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