It is a dark, cold night, there is no moon, and only a few scattered stars. The wind is cold on my bare arms, my nipples growing rock hard, visible through the thin white knit top I'm wearing. As I walk up your sidewalk from my car, I have on low rise levis, with the air making me shiver as I stand in front of your door, gathering up the courage to knock. But I don't have to; you open the door. I smile into your welcoming face.

You smile as I walk through the door, as you look at my jeans ripped under each cheek. You get a good peek at my tight ass. You smirk at the thought of shoving your hard cock up my tight asshole.

As I walk beside the couch, I bend over and un-strap the buckle on my 4-inch black heels, as I slide out of them and walk bare foot over to my smiling prince, who looks into my eyes, heavy with lust. I put my right hand on the back of your neck, pulling you into an intimate kiss, standing on my tip toes exploring your hungry mouth.

Your strong hands slide down from the center of my back and slides under the torn flaps of my jeans, cupping my smooth ass. You break our kiss and tell me to bend over. I smile up at you and fluff my hair playfully, as I roll my hips and turn around and spread my legs and touch my toes. You run your finger along the denim string/strap that runs from between my pussy lips and in between my ass, feeling the wetness from my wet, tight pussy on the string/strap. You smile as I wiggle as you rub the string/strap against my clit.

Then you slap my ass, I smile and close my eyes and tilt my head up. As I stand back up you come up behind me and run your hands under my shirt cupping my firm breasts, rubbing and pinching my hard nipples. My breathing is getting heavy, my heartbeat quickening as I feel you pull my shirt over my head.

I feel your breath on the back of my neck, as you run your fingers through my hair, putting it on my right shoulder as you kiss the side of my neck, running your hot tongue and trailing burning kisses from my left side to the center of my back all the way down to my bra strap. My eyes are closed feeling every touch, every breath graze over my skin.

I feel you unfasten my bra and run your fingers along my arms and let the bra fall to the floor. As you intertwine our fingers, I lean my head back against your strong chest as you kiss the top of my head. I smile and turn around and start kissing your neck and down your manly chest focusing in on your hard nipples, licking and sucking them gently.

As I kiss down your belly, and get down on my knees, your cock is rock hard as I free him from your gray shorts. I smile as I lick the tip playfully, staring up at you. I suck your cock, sucking in the head and then taking all of you down my throat. My head bobs up and down your hard shaft.

I look up at you, your eyes are closed, your breathing heavy as I smile and stroke your shaft and go down and suck one then the other of your heavy balls, and lick the bottom length of your shaft, then taking your cock in my mouth and taking all of you down my throat. I can taste your pre cum on my tongue as I look up at you staring into my eyes, your hand lost in my thick blonde hair.

You sigh and tell me, "Stand up," taking my hand and leading me to your bedroom. I turn to you and smile, slightly blushing as I unbutton my jeans and pull them over my hips and step out of them as they hit the floor. We stand there for a second, the only sound is our breath...taking in our naked vulnerability. As you walk to me and bend down and kiss my hungry mouth, kissing me firm and strong, I follow your lead. My hands resting on your shoulders, I feel shaky as my legs tremble slightly.

My legs are slightly parted, your thigh pushed between, as we kiss slowly headed sideways to your bed. I back away from you slightly, and sit on the side of the bed and lay back, resting my feet just on the side of the bed, spreading my thighs. I slowly part my pussy lips and slide my middle finger on my left hand, in my tight wet pussy; my right hand pinching my hard nipples as you stand beside the bed slowly stroking your cock. You crouch down and take my left nipple in your mouth, circling the hard nipple with your tongue.

As we hear a knock on the door, you grab some shorts out of a drawer and close the bedroom door, me propping myself on my elbows waiting for you to get back. You walk to the door, your cock sticking out straight as an arrow, and open the door to see my mom standing before you, her short nearly black hair brushed smooth framing her cute round face.

She is wearing a tight green skirt cut about 4.5 inches off the knee, a low cut green suit blazer. You look down at her 5'5", 145lb frame, and your eyes graze over her full 36C cup breasts, held up in a black lace bra. She looks up at you with one eyebrow raised and a cute smirk on her face of dark ivory skin and her light brown eyes. Then she looks down to your throbbing erection and asks to speak with me. You lead her to your bedroom.

When the door opens I say, "I hope you won't mind if I started with out you," and my mother walks in my lust- filled eyes glint fire in her direction. She smiles and says, "I was just on my way home, I had to work late at the bank. Thank god it's Friday."

She giggles slightly, as I glare at her as she glazes over your chest and your cock very sturdy standing at attention. She looks at you and back at me and says, "I was just wondering when you were going to pick up Nathan, or if you wanted him to stay the night, your father called and said he was already asleep."

I smile back at her and say, "I think you know I'm going to stay the night." She smiles sweetly and say, "I guess I did, I just wanted to see who's got you all hot and bothered lately."

As she runs a manicured nail down the center of your chest, she says, "Now I can see, but I think I could see better if I..." She shimmies her way to her knees and pulls your shorts down, smiling as she takes your throbbing cock in her hands and strokes the soft head and down your shaft, cupping your balls in her right hand. She smiles up at you, licking her thin red lips.

She slowly licks your shaft and very carefully sucks the top half of your throbbing hard cock. You look at the bed, and I'm lying on my side with my head laying on my hand. You can see the hurt in my dark brown eyes, and the pout in my full lips. As you do a come hither motion with your fingers. I get up and slowly walk toward y'all and when I get to your side and put one hand on your shoulder, the other on the left side of your face pulling you into a passionate kiss. You wrap your arm around my waist cupping my right butt cheek. I smile and look at you and timidly lick the corner of your mouth.

I move away back to the bed and lay in the center spreading my thighs, licking my right index finger sliding it into my soaking wet pussy. You smile as you help my mother up, and she sweetly kisses your neck. You walk over to the bed and slide your cock into my pussy. With every stroke getting faster, you pound my ass into the bed.

My legs wrap around your back as I moan softly in your ear. Out of the corner of your eye you see Debbie walking in front of you, as you're fucking me. She stands in front of you, her hand massaging her breast as she uses the other to unbutton the first of four big black buttons holding her blazer over her tits... soon the jacket is hanging open and she lets it fall to the floor letting you see her big brown nipples under the black lace.

She unhooks the fastener for her skirt and pulls it down over her hips; she is wearing nude pantyhose and a white cotton thong. She slowly turns to give you a side view as she rolls her pantyhose to the floor. As I pull your head into a kiss, I move my hips meeting you thrust for thrust.

As my pussy quivers and tightens as you groan out, my pussy tightens and cums for your hard cock. You kiss me passionately as your cock explodes in my pussy, filling me to the brim with your hot cum. I'm kissing you, lying at your left side. My mother crawls on the bed and starts sucking the cum and cream off your cock... while she plays with your balls.

You look down and see her pearly white ass and see some black pubic hair peeking out around the sides of the thong. You smile and look into my eyes and kiss me slowly, exploring my mouth. Once your cock is hard, I kiss you with my hand resting lightly on the side of your face. She straddles your cock and slides you into her wet older pussy. She moves her hips as she rides your cock, and I suck and nibble your tight nipples.

After she cums she stands to dress, and you look over, your eyes heavy with lust. I move over as you roll on top of me and stare deep into my eyes, reaching down to bring my left hand and kiss it gently. I smile while staring into your eyes, as you slide into my pussy and start sliding in and out, out and in of my tight gripping pussy. If I start to close my eyes you kiss me and start fucking me hard, giving me some quick thrusts and then I kiss you.

You gaze into my eyes as you begin to cum. I smile dreamily up at you after I cum and you collapse beside me, snuggling close to you and falling into a peaceful slumber with my hand resting on your cock.



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