Katie Henning didn't fit in at Grover Cleveland High School. She had skipped ninth grade making her the only fourteen-year-old sophomore in her class. The school was also proud of its athletic student body. Katie wasn't an athlete, in fact; she was the only student at GCHS confined to a wheelchair.

When Katie was ten, she was struck with multiple sclerosis. While she could still feel and move her legs somewhat, she had difficulty controlling her muscles. Thrice weekly, she had physical therapy to keep her legs in shape so she could be ready when they found a cure, although, in the back of her mind, Katie was afraid they never would.

It wasn't easy for Katie to make friends with the healthy, active youths of her hometown, and as she got older Katie found it even harder to find a boyfriend. It wasn't that Katie wasn't pretty, far from it. She had long red hair, sparkling blue eyes, a sweet smile and pert breasts that she wished were slightly larger. Unfortunately, most guys couldn't see her cute features past her wheelchair. But a girl can still dream,

Most of Katie's dreams involved Alex Duncan. He was in several of Katie's classes and the alternate captain of the school basketball team and a very handsome young man. He was tall for sixteen, strong with dark brown hair and playful green eyes. Katie knew she didn't have a chance, though. As a basketball player, Alex had his pick of cheerleaders and gymnasts. Fortunately for Katie, her luck was about to change.

It was mid-October when Katie' biology teacher, who was also the school's basketball coach, asked to see her after class. She wheeled up to his desk, "You needed to see me, Mr. Landon."

He nodded, "Yes Katie, there's a student who I think could benefit from some outside tutoring."

"I don't know anything about tutoring." Katie said.

"I'm not asking you because of experience, I'm asking you because you're the smartest student in class."

"I am?" Katie asked, blushing.

"You're the only student with a grade over 90." Mr. Landon said.

"Who do you want me to tutor?" Katie asked.

"Alex Duncan." Katie's eyes widened and he turned bright red. "He really needs help in this class and he needs to maintain a 'C' average to stay on the team. You don't have to tutor him, Katie, I could ask one of the upperclassmen."

"I'll do it," Katie said.

Mr. Landon smiled, "Good, I'll have him call you to set up a good time for tutoring." Katie wheeled out of the classroom and toward her last class. She couldn't believe her luck, a chance to be alone with Alex Duncan.

<> <> <> <> <>

Two days later, Katie was getting her room ready for Alex' arrival. The Hennings' house was a large, single- level home. The spacious four car garage had long since been converted into the house's largest bedroom for Katie. It was almost like her own apartment. Her large bed and small TV were in one corner and her computer was in another. The third corner housed her desk and art table, indulging her newfound affinity for drawing, and the last corner had her therapy table where her leg muscles received electrical stimulation from special equipment.

She had never had a boy in her room and even though they were just studying, her stomach was twisted in knots of anticipation. As Katie was setting out her biology books, she heard the front doorbell ring. She turned her chair and wheeled down the hall, arriving just in time to see her older sister open the door. Katie's sister Laura was seventeen and, like Katie, had skipped a grade, graduating from high school early. "You must be Alex." Laura said.

"Yeah," Alex said.

"Katie's been really excited about you coming over."

"Laura!" Katie shouted, wheeling past her sister. Katie turned to Alex, "Ignore her Alex, taking a year off between high school and college has numbed her brain."

"I love you too," Laura said, walking back into the hall.

Alex pulled out his biology book, "So, should we get started?"

Katie led Alex back to her bedroom. He looked around the room, obviously impressed. "Nice room," Alex said, "My room is barely large enough for my bed."

Katie pointed toward her desk. "We can work over there."

Alex looked around for somewhere to sit, but to no avail. "Is there a chair I could sit in?"

Katie realized that there was no extra chair. "I always take my own chair with me."

Before Katie or Alex could do anything, Laura came in with a chair from the dining room table. "You weren't going to make your boy toy stand all afternoon, were you?" she asked.

"LAURA!!" Katie shrieked, blushing brightly.

Alex took the chair from Laura; "Thanks." he said quietly. Alex sat down next to Katie and the two started studying biology.

<> <> <> <> <>

Over the next several weeks, Alex and Katie continued their tutoring sessions and they quickly grew to be friends. Katie started going to the school basketball games to watch Alex in action. Her heart would pound as she watched his strong, sweaty body dominate the court.

When the semester ended in December, Alex' report card showed an incredible improvement in biology. He showed up at Katie's house to show her his report card. She was excited that he'd done so well and that her tutoring had worked. It wasn't long before Alex asked Katie something she didn't expect. "Katie, do you want to go out with me this weekend?"

"What?" Katie asked, not sure that she'd heard him right.

"Go out, to a movie or something."

"Okay." Katie said quietly.

Alex smiled, "Great, I'll pick you up at five on Saturday."

Alex leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. Katie watched as Alex left. "I have a date," Katie said quietly. She laughed out loud, "I have a date!"

<> <> <> <> <>

Katie was sitting on her bed, Laura sitting behind her, brushing her hair. "So, you're going on your first date." Laura said.

"Yeah," Katie said, "I'm so excited!"

"I have something for you." Laura took something out of her pocket and handed it to Katie. It didn't take Katie long to realize that Laura had given her a box of condoms.

"I don't need these!" Katie said.

"You never know."

"Yes I do!" Katie said, "I'm not ready to have sex, with Alex or anyone!"

Laura took the box of rubbers back and put it in the drawer of Katie's bedside table. "Don't tell mom and dad, but I lost my virginity when I was fourteen."

"With who?!" Katie demanded.

"Dan Carter."

"Chess Club Dan Carter, the fat guy?"

"You'd be surprised how great a lover he is."

Katie shook the image of her sister and Dan Carter together out of her head. "Well I'm just not ready." She sighed, "Besides, I don't think Alex thinks of me that way."

Laura tied Katie's hair with a blue ribbon. "You never know, but Alex is cute and if you don't jump him, I just might." Katie ignored Laura. She knew she was kidding, at least she hoped so.

<> <> <> <> <>

That night, Alex took Katie to see a movie followed by dinner at a nice restaurant. The two had a great evening. At the end of the night, when Alex took Katie home, she received her first kiss. Before Alex left, he asked Katie out again. Still breathless from the kiss, she whispered; "Yes."

Over the next few months, Alex and Katie dated steadily, going to movies and concerts together. For Christmas, Alex gave her a pair of earrings and she gave him a watch.

On her fifteenth birthday, Alex took her out to a very nice restaurant. He gave her a necklace with a real (but small) sapphire. That night, when Alex took her home, he told her something he hadn't before. He told her that he loved her. In April, Katie decided that it was time to move her relationship to a new level.

Katie was lying on her stomach on her therapy table letting the electrical pads stimulate her leg muscles. Laura was sitting in a chair next to the table talking to her. "I was at this club last night and the bass player in this band was so hot." She turned to Katie, "So what's up with you?"

"I think I'm ready."

"Ready for what?"

"I'm ready to have sex."

Laura smiled, "Well I can't help you there, sis."

"You know what I mean, Laura." Katie said, "I think I'm ready to sleep with Alex."

"Well what's stopping you?"

Katie sighed, "A couple of things, first: I don't know where to do it."

Laura smiled, "You know, I could have mom and dad take me on a college visit that should get them out of the house."

Katie shook her head, "There's more, I was talking to Dr. Schram the other day, she said that when people with MS have sex they might feel only pain, or nothing at all."

"Well, what does it feel like when you masturbate?"

Katie turned to Laura, "What? I don't do that."

Laura gave her a stern look, "You mean to tell me that you never masturbate."

"No, I don't!" Katie said.

"Are you sure you're my sister?" Laura said, "I do it two, three times a day." Laura saw the concerned look on Katie's face and decided to stop teasing her. "It seems to me that if you really love Alex, and you're sure about sleeping with him, whatever it feels like shouldn't matter."

Katie smiled, "You're right, I'll do it."

<> <> <> <> <>

On the next Friday, Laura and the girls' parents went off to see the State University, leaving Katie home alone. Katie had invited Alex over to watch a move on Friday night. She hadn't told him the rest of her plan. At seven o'clock, Alex arrived and Katie invited him in. They ate some Chinese delivery food that Katie had ordered before Alex came over. After they ate, they went into the living room to watch a movie Laura had rented for Katie.

Alex helped Katie out of her chair and she sat on the couch next to him. Alex put his arm around Katie and held her close. Much to Alex' surprise the film quickly turned from romantic to erotic. Katie stroked Alex' chest, do you like the movie?" she asked sensually.

"Yeah," he said.

Katie bit her lip, "You know, my parents won't be home until Sunday."

"What are you saying?"

"What do you think I'm saying?" Katie asked. She saw a look of confusion in his eyes, "Do you want me?"

Alex leaned toward Katie and kissed her passionately. Alex stood and scooped Katie up in his arms. He walked slowly toward Katie's bedroom, kissing her several times as they went. When he reached the bedroom, he set Katie down on her bed and kicked off his shoes. She was breathing hard as he slowly took off her shoes and socks. Alex admired her perfect feet. He ran the tip of her finger along the smooth sole. "That tickles." Katie giggled, wiggling her toes. Katie gazed at this lean, muscular torso. "Take your shirt off."

Alex pulled his t-shirt off. Katie reached out and stroked his smooth, muscular chest. He was sweating in anticipation, as was she. Katie sat up and kissed his chest, the salt sweat teasing her tongue. "You taste good." Katie said.

Alex pulled off Katie's shirt, revealing her light pink bra. He leaned over and kissed her soft stomach, "You taste better." Katie hot breath heaved as Alex unbuttoned her jeans. He slowly pulled them off revealing her light pink panties. They were soaking wet, Alex could smell the musty aroma from her delicate cunt. His cock was painfully swollen in his jeans, but he wanted something else first.

Alex' hand stroked Katie's breasts through her bra. She moaned in pleasure. Her nipples were erect, begging to be released. Alex unfastened the front of her bra and parted the B-cups, freeing her small, but firm breasts. Alex admired her tiny pink nipples. There was almost no areola and the nipples themselves stuck out a quarter of an inch. He leaned down and lightly kissed the hot, pink flesh of her left nipple. Katie groaned in pleasure as he began to knead the soft flesh of her tit and suckle on her hot nipple.

Katie was disappointed when Alex stopped, but didn't mind. He took hold of the sides of her panties and pulled them off very slowly. Alex was in awe of beautiful mound topped by a wisp of red hair. "Now it's your turn." Katie said. She reached out and unbuttoned his jeans. Alex stood up and quickly relieved himself of his jeans and boxers. His swollen shaft sprang free, standing seven inches erect and pointing hungrily at Katie's sweet young vagina.

Somehow, logic got through the lusty ether and Katie reached into the drawer of her bedside table. She fumbled with the box and pulled out one of the condoms inside. "Come here," Katie said, "I want to put it on you." Alex knelt on the bed, straddling Katie's hips, his rigid member staring her in the face. Katie tore open the wrapped her put the rubber on the bulging head of Alex' cock. She licked her lips in impatience as she rolled the latex down the length of his manhood.

Alex positioned himself between her legs. Katie put her hands on his shoulders. "I have to tell you this, you probably already know, but I'm a virgin."

Alex leaned forward and kissed her deeply, "Me too." Katie smiled and moaned as Alex' cock head began to run the length of her slit. As he began to penetrate her, she steeled herself, knowing that pain would follow. She underestimated it, though. Her hymen was strong, and Alex thrust with all his strength to get through. When her maidenhood separated, Katie cried out in agony.

"Are you alright?" Alex asked.

"I don't know," Katie cried.

"Do you want me to stop?"

Part of her want to stop right there and never try sex again, but Katie could feel the pain beginning to dull and she wanted this more than anything. She shook her head, "Keep going." Alex nervously complied. He began to pull out and push back in again. He'd been so concerned about Katie before, he'd failed to notice the incredible heat and tightness of her. Alex grunted in sync with his pumping, Katie virgin cunt gripping him like a vise.

For Katie, the pain was almost gone and being replaced by a warm, pleasurable sensation. She moaned deeply every time Alex pushed his thick manhood into her. Alex, lacking the skills of a seasoned lover, continued to pump, his thrusts growing more forceful with every stroke.

He had masturbated since he was twelve, but four years of self-gratification could never compare to the hot tightness of the real thing. Alex was simply amazed that he had lasted as long as he had. He longed to try it unprotected, but he knew that the risk was too great. He loved Katie too much to make her a mother, at least for a few years.

Katie felt a hot sensation growing in her belly. She'd never felt anything like it before. Before she could figure out what it was, a powerful orgasm shook her entire body. Her pussy clamped down on Alex' cock tightly and soon, a torrent of hot, sticky come burst from her body. Alex knew that he wouldn't last much longer after that. His thrusts increased in speed and strength until he was fucking Katie like a wild animal.

Much to the surprise to both of them, Katie came again, her pussy try to make up for years of neglect. As Katie's second orgasm shook her, Alex felt a deep rumbling in his loins. He pushed in as deep as he could and held Katie tight.

A deluge of hot, fertile semen erupted from him, intent on impregnating his first lover, but it was stopped dead on a thin layer of latex. Alex groaned as what felt like a gallon of come came from his body, filling the condom and seeping out of the base. Alex pulled out of Katie and collapsed on the bed next to her, completely spent.

Katie turned onto her side and stared at Alex. "That was great." she said breathlessly. Alex nodded, too exhausted to speak. Katie reached over and pulled the sticky rubber off Alex' softening cock. She tied up the open end and threw it in the garbage. She handed Alex a tissue when she was his cock was still oozing slightly. "I never knew it was this good." Katie said.

"Me either," Alex said.

"I should have started this ten years ago."

Alex smiled, "When you were five?"

Katie laughed, "Okay, maybe not ten years ago."

Alex kissed her passionately, "I love you."

Katie smiled, "I love you, too." The two teens held each other close, sharing the warmth of their bodies. Before they fell asleep, Katie giggled, "My parents won't be home until Sunday and I still have most of a box of condoms left."

Alex smiled, "I don't have the energy."

"We can wait 'til morning." Katie sighed, holding him closer. The two young lovers drifted off to sleep in each others' arms. Neither of them knew what the future held in store save for one thing, love.



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