I had just finished my shift at eight o'clock, at the steak house where I worked and decided to stop for a drink in the lounge about a block from my work. My husband, Larry, was out of town on another trip, and our both of our children were now in school, and my home seemed empty when I was home alone.

Entering the lounge, I took a seat at the end of the bar, and Betsi the bartender greeted me, "Hi Maryanne, glad you stopped by. Did you have a good night, and hope your tips were better than what I have gotten so far?" After Betsi took my order, I looked around and saw the band was one that had played in the bar previously. Betsi came back with my whiskey sour, and she and I spoke for a few minutes, a couple of men at the middle of the bar called for her to get them another round.

A few minutes a couple entered the lounge and took stools one up from me. In a few minutes we begin speaking to each other, and listened as they told me they were from Chicago, and were on vacation. They introduced themselves as Jenny and Steven Fillmore. I judged them to be in their early or mid-thirties. While walking to the hotel where they were staying, after eating, they saw the bar had music so decided to stop for a drink. As we spoke, they asked if I worked at the Flame Steakhouse, and I replied that I did.

As we spoke, they had eaten dinner at the Flame Steakhouse, and thought that I served the tables next to where they were seated. They told me their server was Diane, and she was an excellent server and the food was excellent. I informed them Diane and I were neighbors and best of friends.

For the next hour we spoke about various things, including some general information about sex, and Jenny asked me a question that about knocked I off my barstool. "Maryanne, don't become upset, but Steven has been after me for months to try a threesome, and to watch me be bi with another woman. This is something I had indicated that if the person was right, and the time as well, and as we are on vacation, thought perhaps you might consider our offer."

Looking at the pretty woman, and seeing that her face was showing the strain of asking the question, I glanced at Steven, and saw he was also having trouble with what his wife had just asked me. What my own face looked like, I didn't know, but I'm certain my eyes were wide open and I tried to find a way to reply to Jenny's inquiry.

"I'm... well... the question is a shock, and I must say, one I have never been asked before." Then I thought back to my husband having asked me the same thing on more than one occasion, except he wanted to include another man. "To be honest, I must say that my Larry has asked me to consider such a course of action many times, and so I understand why your face shows the fear in asking me such a personal thing."

"Maryanne, I'm sorry if I have offended you, as you are the first woman I have ever met that I felt comfortable in not only asking, but even consider in doing such a thing with, please forgive me."

About that time Betsi stopped by and set us up another round of drinks, and said they were on the house, as we seemed to be in some deep conversation. That broke the ice, and Steven said, "No, not deep, but honest in our respect to each other's ideals."

After Betsi left, I looked at Jenny, and told her, "You know in today's world, easy relationships seem to be the norm, but believe it or not, I have never been with anyone but my husband Larry."

"That is wonderful, and we don't want you offended by our comments," Steven stated, and added, "Perhaps tomorrow night we can have dinner and you can be our server."

Jenny looked at me and asked, "Not to be overly personal, but are saying you have never had sex with another man than your husband, not even when you were a teenager?"

"It is true, and Larry and I did not engage in sex until my final year in college, while he was going to grad school. So my experiences are limited. How about yourself, have you had a couple of men, or can you say in front of Steven?"

"Steven doesn't know how many, and I doubt if I will ever tell him, as he would beg me for all the juicy details, he is such a perv," Jenny laughed and held out eight fingers.

I understood what she was saying with the sign language, and by how we were seated, knew that Steven could not see that Jenny had told me with the number of fingers she held up, meant she had eight other sexual partners. Jenny did say aloud that she first had sex when she was fifteen. I was surprised to hear Steven tell how he had just turned twelve when he first had sex, and it was with a girl who was nineteen.

How the conversation got into the actual discussion of my joining them, I still don't remember. It seemed to open up my need to speak with someone about the frustrations I was having in my marriage of twenty- seven years. I spoke about how I wondered if my marriage was going to survive. When I mentioned how long I had been married, Jenny asked me if I was in my late forties, to which I replied, "I will hit the big 50 in a couple of months."

"You look my age, and I just turned 32 a month ago, and your skin is perfection," Jenny told me.

Within the next hour, I was becoming more in tune with my two new friends, and as I thought of their offer, I remembered it had been more than two months since Larry and I had sex together. Thinking back over the past three years, since Larry and I had the house to ourselves, now that our children were in college and that sucked. I explained how I had become bored and taken the waitress job to have something that helped me pass my time.

Larry, as I thought about our sex life together, had even started getting up from our bed and sleeping in our son's bed. My mind quickly found the idea of going with Jenny and Steven to their hotel room wasn't repulsive. Perhaps a night of sex with another man would provide some relief of the frustrations I had been experiencing lately.

In addition to a lack of a normal sex life, I felt my marriage was falling apart. To accept sex with a woman was another problem, if it was only with Steven, I might find the nerve to experience sex with someone besides my husband, the only man I'd ever been intimate with.

Looking at the couple, I said, "Maybe we aught to go to your hotel room, and at least be able to speak without worrying that our conversation will be overheard, as I come here often. Should we go to your room, please understand, I cannot guarantee you that I can allow anything to happen, but I'm lonesome, and need company?"

When we reached the hotel room Steven and Jenny were staying in, I found they had rented a suite, and the small living room area was decorated very nicely. There was a bar, stocked with various airplane size bottles, and beer. I answered Steven when he asked me what I would like to drink, and asked him to fix me a Scotch on the rocks.

For another half hour we spoke about their decision to open their marriage, and the lack of sex in mine for the past few years. As I was enjoying the last of my Scotch, Jenny sat down next to me and asked if she could explore my body. Looking at the lovely younger woman, I smiled and told her, "Perhaps just a little, but I would like Steven to be included."

Within a few minutes, I was being kissed by Steven, and Jenny had unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off my arms. When Jenny unsnapped my front fastening bra, and removed it, and now my breasts were exposed. I wondered if I could go all the way in a threesome.

Then my mind seemed to get lost in the sensations of Jenny kissing and sucking my nipple. Steven moved his mouth down and captured my other nipple in his mouth, while he was removing my skirt. Jenny broke the spell and suggested we move into the bedroom. I was only wearing my pantyhose and panties at this point, and after we were all completely undressed, become comfortable on the bed.

Looking at the sight of my breast being nursed by two people at the same time, and the feeling of the suction on my nipples, had me ready to forget my wedding vows. For reasons of unknown factors, I said, "OK, but I can't promise I won't have to stop when things might become hot and heavy, but I enjoy feeling your mouth on my breast, Jenny." While I was speaking, Jenny had moved her hand down onto my stomach and soon had her fingers playing over and inside my vagina.

The feeling I was receiving from Jenny fondling my body was certainly different than I had always felt when Larry played with my sex, even when we were in college. Jenny seemed to caress me with a gentleness that left me wanting something more. What that something was, I don't know, unless it was the fact that over the years, Larry had always touched me with a hardness and that was what I wanted, instead of the soft caresses Jenny was giving me.

In the bed room, we undressed ourselves, and when I removed my pantyhose, Steven looked at me and commented on the hair covering my mons. For some reason, the hair on my mons had commenced to turn silver, and it was likely half reddish and half silver. I kept my hair trimmed at the junction of my thighs, and knew that it was longer than most women's pubes.

Moving over to me, Steven kneeled down and studied my pubic hair intently, and lightly stroked and tugged it before standing back up. "I love the sparkle of hair covering your femininity," Steven said as he rose to his feet.

"You have lovely breast," I said to Jenny, as she became nude, and looking at her pubic area, saw that the hair on her mons, was blonde and sparse. When I looked at Steven, I was surprised that he was erect. The size of his penis was at least twice as thick as Larry's, and it must have been ten inches in length. Could a woman take something that large inside her body without pain?

When I felt Jenny take my hand and lead me to the bed, I moved with her, and then the two of us were laying side-by-side. Jenny moved her lips on mine, while holding my right breast in her hand. Never in my life had I considered kissing or being kissed by another female. Feeling the softness of Jenny's lips kissing mine, I wondered if she had kissed a woman previously.

"Jenny, have you kissed another woman before, tell the truth," I asked as I broke our kiss.

"No, never, but I have thought how I would want to be kissed by another woman, and how I would with another woman, if Steven and my fantasy should come true." Then our lips were again pressed together, and when I felt her tongue attempting to enter my mouth, I opened my lips to her searching oral member.

We broke the kiss and Jenny moved to suckle my nipples, the left and then the right. The sensation of a soft and easy sucking at my breast was so different than what I had experienced with Larry, and just a few minutes previously with Steven.

To my complete surprise, my hands pulled Jenny's face back up from my breast. Desires I had never known took over my body, and I wanted the feel of Jenny's lips against mine once again. I moved my lips onto Jenny's, and slipped my tongue into her mouth while my hands sought out her pubic area.

During our early period of marriage, I had always found it exciting to breach down between Larry's legs and find his penis, and take it in my hand. There were times when it would be soft and I would stroke and caress it until it became firm and stood out from his body.

Now my hand moved between Jenny's thighs and when I did not find a penis, I was at first taken back, but then the knowledge that I was searching between a females soft and smooth legs struck me. Even stroking my own legs did not give me the feeling I received from the silky touch of Jenny's thighs and pubes when I moved my hand and fingers over her skin and hair.

When I begin kissing Jenny, and then moved my mouth to her breast, taking her rather round, but short right nipple between my lips, I wasn't certain if I wanted to stop the softness of our kissing. Why not, I thought, as I moved my kips down across Jenny's stomach, seeking out where my hand was touching her sex, and I rested the side of my face on her fine maiden hair.

Then I felt Steven move and was soon taking my sex with his mouth. At the first touch of Steven's tongue on my vulva, I moaned out, "OH, that is nice, and don't stop." My lips and tongue moved until I was kissing and licking the first female sexual organ in my life. Larry had never satisfied my desire for oral sex, and I had over the years asked him to do it as I wanted, but that was never to be. Larry did as he wanted and I never climaxed from his technique.

Now I was licking and sucking on Jenny's vagina and clitoris as I had wanted to feel from my husband. I begin to such Jenny's clit and flip it back and forth with my tongue. Moving the tip of my tongue to her urethra, I soon was pressing the tip of tongue on her tiny duct that allows her to expel urine.

My actions soon had Jenny building to a climax, while I felt Steven move his mouth from my vagina, and placing his penis at my sexual opening. "Um, oh yeah, yeses," I moaned out with my face against Jenny's sex as Steven begin working his thick and long penis into my body.

I moved my legs until I was resting on my knees, while still taking Jenny with my tongue, and this allowed my hips to be raised up in the air. My position allowed Steven to enter me fully, and when I felt him enter me until his pubic hair was pressed against my hips, I sobbed out, "You're so deep, oh yes, like that, gawd you're big."

Jenny was pulling my face to her sexual opening, and my tongue was moving and flipping against her clit as fast and hard as I could do. Then Jenny cried out, "I'm there, oh Maryanne - don't stop, oh now, now, I can't stand it - it's so strong... I'm cumming so hard, yieeeow, yeah, now!"

Then I forgot about anything but the thick and long penis that was being shoved deep and hard into me. Never could I have believed that I could accept such a pounding of a large male organ that could hurt my insides, and still make me cry out for more. Yet, that was what I was doing, while if felt Jenny move her face under me as I was now on my hands and knees, and Jenny was begin sucking my breast.

"YEAH, OH YEAH," I cried out over and over as Steven somehow struck the inner walls of my uterus, and the opening to my womb, with his large penis. Steven was moving into me, and he was slamming his erection so it struck one side of my inner sex, then he would shove it so it struck the opposite interior side of my vagina.

I could feel him move so he was shoving upward inside me as well, as if he was under me and pushing up. Never had I felt the inside of sex being struck from so many different angles. The feeling of someone other than my husband taking me sexually, made me wonder if I could ever stay true to my husband after this night.

Then I felt my body becoming alive with a pending climax, and then it overpowered me so suddenly that I thought I would pass out. Never had I built up to an orgasm so quickly, and went it brought my release to the ultimate and I climaxed, I cried out, "STEVEN, I'M CUMMING! OH GOD STEVEN, NOW!! AUGH!"

As I finished climaxing, I simply fell forward on top of Jenny, and felt my moving downward, pull the large phallus from inside my body. Never had I been taken so deep and hard by husband, and I found out that size does matter. I could feel my sex as it seemed to be opening and closing as it quivered and felt the emptiness from what had been around and inside me, but was now missing.

For at least five minutes I could do nothing but try to get my breath back and to recover the strength to move onto my back. Once I was laying on my back, Jenny moved between my legs and begin to lick and kiss my sex. I knew Jenny was licking the cream from Steven's ejaculation, from my tender and quivering sex, and wondered what that would be like. Within the next hour, I found out, as Steven had taken Jenny in the missionary position, while I made love to her breast and lips.

Immediately after Steven had shot his cream inside his wife's sex, I moved down and begin to lick the fluids that Steven had unloaded inside Jenny's vagina. The act was not repulsive, and I found drinking the semen provocative and enjoyable.

After I got Jenny off with my oral sex, we got up from the bed, and walked out to the small living room, and fixed ourselves drinks. Setting in the nude was something I found pleasant, and I enjoyed looking at how Steven's cock had shrunk up until I looked like a stubby worm of some sort. Jenny and I had not placed towels under ourselves, and I knew we were getting our sexual fluids on the sofa where we were seated.

Steven moved and sat on the floor between Jenny and I, and begin to caress our legs, stomach and finally his fingers were seeking out the inner folds of our sex. Within moments, I found the sensations of Steven's fingers teasing my clitoris and sexual parts into a desire of needs.

This was especially true as I watched his wife being fingered in the same manner, and she was evidently building to a climax. My body scooted forward on the sofa, and my legs parted widely to give Steven full access to my female opening.

Then I heard Jenny moaning out, and her hand reached over and clasped mine and pull it onto her breast. Then her climax hit, and she sobbed out, "Steven, I'm cumming... gawd honey, this is better than I ever thought it could be... your finger... Steven... your finger, oh! Augh!"

With that I watched as Jenny clamped her shapely legs tightly around Steven's arm. Steven's fingering me didn't bring me to orgasm, but the sensations were enjoy for me to receive warm and wonderful tingles, especially as I watched Jenny go-off.

For the next hour we spoke about our threesome, and Jenny and I could not get over the pleasure of being with another woman. Then Steven asked if he could video tape Jenny and I having sex together? Looking at the pretty woman, I smiled and said, if you don't mind Jenny, then I don't.

After finishing our drinks, we returned to the bed room and Jenny and I took each other for the next half hour, and Steven continued video taping Jenny and I, as we devoured each other with our mouths and fingers in a bi sexual assault of the other's body. As we took each other, I looked over one time and so Steven was so hard, his erection was about half way upward from his body.

Once we both climaxed, I looked at Steven and told him, "Steven, bury that thick piece of meat inside me, and... easy," then he shoved it all the way in and I cried out, "Oh hell, fuck me hard!"

For about ten minutes I was laying on my back and with Steven on top of me, soon had my body being ridden as never before. Steven moved my legs up onto his shoulders, and my body was taken violently by Steven, but I begged him for more, and he answered my request with a pounding that I felt inside my sex for several days.

I lay on the bed exhausted after Steven took me in a brutal way, and I thought of my crying out over and over, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, don't stop, just fuck me." Never had I uttered the "f" word in my life, and guess I made up for it with Steven.

Looking at the clock on the night stand, I saw it was midnight. I went to sleep between Steven and Jenny, and the three of us woke around nine the next morning exhausted, but in a way that was pleasant. After another round of sex, the three of us showered together, dressed and ate breakfast in one of the hotel restaurants.

After leaving Steven and Jenny when we finished our coffee after eating breakfast, and was driving home, I thought of their wanting me to have dinner with them that evening. There was no doubt that I had enjoyed the sex, with both Jenny and Steven, and my desires would likely lead me to commit adultery in the future. My mind could not decide immediately if I wanted to cheat on Larry again in one twenty-four hour period.

Then it struck me, I had noticed the clock said it was midnight after Jenny, Steven and, I had finished having sex last night, and I thought how Cinderella turned back into herself when the clock struck midnight

Arriving at home, I walked in the door, and to my surprise, found Larry seated in his chair, and he looked at me with scorn on his facial features. "Where have you been?" Larry asked in a stern voice.

"None of your business, and I want you out of my life, so pack and leave, as I'm waiting for midnight."

What the hell is midnight?"

"Midnight is when I found out about sex with you and I..." and I did not finish my sentence, but guess Larry thought I had by the way he responded.

I watched as he looked at me, and then he asked, "How did you find out about Dennis and I?"



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