Monday, 10AM, Emergency Assembly

I huddle offstage, hiding, while 800 puzzled students pile into the auditorium. Principal Boingington is standing at stage center behind the podium, mike around his neck. When the noise finally subsides he speaks.

"Ladies and gentlemen, two weeks ago in the Clarion I wrote a brief article in which I promised a new program to deal with those who bring illegal drugs into Darwin High. Although I could not be totally specific because the provisions of the new program were still under review, I did say that we intended to replace mandatory suspension with public humiliation as a means of discipline.

"I had hoped that this statement alone would deter, but it did not. Ironically, the first person to be caught after my article appeared was none other than the editor of the Clarion, a girl I would have thought would be the last person to do drugs. Miss Bridget Shue, please come out."

There is a loud murmur as I slink out and stand to Boingy's left, tremblingly facing the audience.

"Miss Shue, on Friday morning our new drug-sniffing dog caught you with three marijuana cigarettes in your purse. You will not tell us where you got them. You maintain that you were not going to sell or use them, but give them away.

"Your parents were in my office a short time ago. In order to spare you from being prosecuted by the D.A. for posession with intent to deliver, which carries a mandatory prison term in this state, they signed a document giving me temporary authority to discipline you as I see fit, within the written boundaries of our new program.

"Therefore, Miss Shue, you will immediately strip off all your clothes and stand naked on stage, showing us all your private parts. Your hands and arms must not cover any part of your body."

There was a huge collective gasp from the audience, but no one gasps louder than I. I stare at Boingy, momentarily stunned, but then I smile because I figure out he's got to be bluffing. There are all sorts of laws I'd be breaking if I stripped. There's public indecency, lewd and lascivious conduct, and maybe I'd even have a case for sex discrimination under Title 9 unless he had some guy get up on stage beside me and pull out his dick!

So sure, I figure, Boingy's going to humiliate me by letting me THINK I'm going to bare it all before 800 kids, but when we get down to those last two intimate items he's got to call it off. So I decide to bluff back. Don't ever let them see you sweat.

I nonchalantly shrug and bend down and take off my shoes and socks. Then I give him a big smile as I pull my sweater over my head and immediately go to work on my blouse buttons. I pull it off and briefly face the audience, still smiling. There's nothing particularly sexy about my white cotton bra. It covers me well. Then I turn my back to the audience as I slide down my jeans.

They probably think I'm shy, but actually I'm doing it this way to see if there are any black hairs poking out from the sides of my panties. Sure enough, there's a few random tufts I casually push back as I pull down. I step out and glance briefly. My pubic mound swells out my panties and below it there's a soft looking lump where my hair puffs the gusset out.

But overall I'm not showing anything more than I would at the beach. Still, it is embarrassing to turn around and face 1600 eager eyes, but I do, while I wait expectantly for Boingy to call it off. But he's staring just as hard at my panties as any of the boys. Then he catches my eye and makes a downward hand gesture. I do nothing.

Then from the back of the room a deep male voice calls out. PUSS...eee! And in a flash every boy and lots of the girls are chanting rhythmically PUSS...eee, PUSS...eee, PUSS...eee! And Boingy just about breaks his hand gavelling for silence, but it takes quite a while before he gets it.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is no way to behave. I understand fully your frustration upon seeing that Miss Shue is delaying her disrobing unnecessarily, because I share that frustration. But in view of the fact this this is a new program, I believe we must patiently give Miss Shue one last chance before initiating coercive measures. And while I certainly agree with your choice as to what part of Miss Shue's anatomy we would most like her to bare next, yet I will allow that choice to remain with her."

From another part of the auditorium, a male voice filled with mock disappointment rings out.

"Oh, well, tits then." The auditorium rocks with laughter.

"Miss Shue," says Boingy, "you have done very well. But you seem to be stuck. Do you need any assistance?"

"Sir, what you are asking me to do is illegal, whether or not my parents signed off."

"No, Miss Shue, it is not. The Republican Legislature of our state is fed up with the problem of adolescent drug use. Two days before you chose to bring the doobies in, the governor signed the High School Anti- Drug Humiliation Act. It specifies that no person stripped under the Act can be found guilty of any crime relating to that nudity. To the best of my knowlege, you are the very first person to fall under the Act. I sincerely hope that your example will make you the last."

I decide I will take off my bra but nothing else. I stand facing the audience. There is a wave of excited buzzing when they see me reaching behind my back. I unhook the clip and drop the shoulder straps. Now it would fall down if I wasn't clutching it to me. I look up at the ceiling as I let it go. My hands are covering me. I bring them slowly down to my sides. Pandemonium.

Not that I'm anything special up top, just average. But guys are guys.

When the noise subsides I look over at Boingy and I tell him that's the last thing I'm going to remove. He orders me to step forward until I am right at the edge of the stage. He comes up besides me and looks down at the front row.

"I'm taking a poll of those in the front row only. How many of you would like to see Miss Shue pull off her panties and spread her legs good and wide?"

Every boy and a surprising number of girls raise their hands.

"Now, how many of you boys in the front row would be willing to come up on stage and forcibly assist Miss Shue if it becomes necessary?"

It was unanimous. I knew I was beaten. Either way I'd end up naked, but if I did it myself at least I wouldn't be bruised or groped. Besides, I was thinking I might not be quite as exposed as Boingy expected, and here's why--

When I was 10 or 11 I started to get small breast buds, and a few months later I began to grow curly black pubic hair. And it's grown ever since. Well, I did trim it a little last summer so I could stuff it all in a swimsuit, but not since then. So I was pretty sure I wouldn't show much if I could just stand there facing the audience. My thick black bush runs from my mons completely down my labia on both sides, and is heavy enough that it pretty much completely obscures my slit. It's the last refuge of a modest woman.

I hook my thumbs in the waistband. The students fall completely silent. I slowly lower my panties and step out. I look down. Just as I hoped, there isn't that much to see as long as I press my legs together. Boingy waits a good fifteen second before speaking.

"Please spread your legs, Miss Shue. I made a promise to the boys in the front row. Please give them a nice long look, then turn your back to the audience."

By now I am pretty much in shock. I go through the motions. I don't look down, but I know I'm showing pink. The boys gasp. It's almost a relief to turn my backside.

Boingy is relentless. "Please spread your legs once again, and bend forward with your hands on your knees. Yes, that's quite nice."

There are no further instructions. After a while I bring my legs together and turn around. Nearly every eye is on me, except that a few girls are looking at the boners tenting out their boyfriends' pants. I bend forward and pick up my panties, giving everyone a nice view of my hanging breasts. Show's over, thaaats allll folks!

"Miss Shue? I'm afraid you can't get dressed just yet." says Boingy. "Your punishment continues all week. You must remain entirely nude while on school grounds. You cannot cover yourself in any way and must remain on view at all times except for short toilet breaks.

"We will give you a special classroom schedule for this week only which will put you in contact with as many students as possible. You will also be taking boy's gym with a different group each day and using their locker room. You must cooperate fully in any posing that you are asked to do, even poses which require you to assume revealing and embarrassing positions. You must agree to be photographed in these positions, with the understanding that any photos taken are solely for the private use of the photographer and cannot be sold, traded, or posted on the internet."

He turned and faced the audience.

"However, under no circumstances may a student touch Miss Shue in any way, on purpose or by accident. Of course we recognize that a girl has many cracks, crevices and secret parts that may not be easily visible. If there is a sexual structure that you wish to see, you may not expose it to view with your own hands, but you can request Miss Shue to do so, and she will comply. Any student who touches her private parts will be prosecuted for sexual assault.

"Now this assembly is nearly ended, but recognizing that many of you sitting in the back of the auditorium may have been somewhat disappointed, I'm going to ask Miss Shue to walk up and down the aisles. Because of time limitations, she is not available for posing, but will turn 360 degrees if asked. Now Miss Shue, please place your hands at the back of your neck, lock them, thrust out your chest, and begin your walk."

My stroll was one long nightmare and I only was able to do it because I was partially in shock. The boys just stared and stared, and the teachers did nothing when some of them crouched down real low in front of me. The worst was when I got to Brian's row. As he looked at my breasts I knew we were both remembering our last date, when I let him take off my bra and suck on my nipples. They were hard then and got hard now. Other boys noticed and said embarrassing things to me.

When I had walked up and down all the aisles the students were dismissed. Boingy told me to proceed directly to the nurse's office and that he'd be along shortly after he picked up some documents in his office.

The halls were fortunately deserted so there were no boys to ask me to pose. I thought in horror about what poses they'd soon make me take. And boy's gym! Would I have to do calesthenics?

"Stand in front of them doing jumping jacks, my breasts bobbing? Would a boy hold my ankles, legs well apart, while I did sit-ups, looking at my breasts and pussy as I bobbed up and down? Would I have to climb a rope nude, my legs spread completely apart at eye level as I anchored my feet to frog-leg up? Would I be inspected in their locker room, laid out on a training table?

Nurse Fetherstone's office was empty. I luxuriated in being away from prying eyes for a few moments. Boingy and Fetherstone came in almost together. The nurse walked over to a kind of a low padded bench which was covered with a wide strip of disposable paper and started to attach metal implements to the base. I realized with a start that they were stirrups. Boingy cleared his throat.

"Miss Shue, we have a problem and a solution. I am going to read you the relevant parts of the Anti-Drug Humiliation Act.

"Section 7, Mandated Female Nudity.

"A nude female standing facing forward with her legs together may show surprisingly little of her genital structures. Therefore, boys need to learn how to pose her to greater advantage. It is presumed that they will learn how to do so rather quickly by trial and error. When posed correctly, on her back with legs raised and wide apart, a girl will show the following structures:

"1. A mons or Mount of Venus, in the natural state covered with light to dense pubic hair; 2. A genital slit, bordered by the outer lips of the labia majorum; 3. A clitoral hood. The clitoris may be visible, depending on the particular girl and most especially depending on her state of arousal. A ruddy clitoris engorged with blood will stand out noticably; 4. "The Pink"- an internal structure comprised of basal tissue surrounded by the lips of the labia minora. The urethra is difficult to see. 5. The fourchette; 6. The introitus of the vagina. It may glisten with moisture. 7. The perineum; and finally 8. The tight pink anus, which may sometimes be bordered with light hair."

Before continuing Boingy looked at me meaningfully and raised his voice.

"In many cases, the natural covering of pubic hair will interfere in the legitimate viewing of these structures. The principal of the school has the unalterable right to oversee the shaving, waxing, or other depilation of the female subject. This procedure will be done on school property at the very first opportunity, and only by the school nurse."

Great. Just my luck that the school nurse is a man. And hetero, too, judging by the bulge I see. Jim Fetherstone takes me by the hand and lays me face up on the bench. He puts my feet in the stirrups, brings them way apart, and fastens them in with leather straps. He takes a longer look than I think is necessary.

"OK, Miss Shue, we are going to let you decide which of two ways you want this done. The first is to use wax, this is typically called 'Brazilian' or 'hard' wax. If you choose this option, I will put some wax in a special beaker that heats it to exactly 100 degrees so it becomes soft and flexible. Your own body temperature is of course 98 plus degrees; naturally your skin is always cooler than that. So the wax will definitely not burn you when I apply it, though it will feel a bit warm. But before I press the warm wax into your intimate areas that need to be defoliated, I will put on gloves and apply a little soft cream containing a solution of 4% lidocaine.

"This may tickle you a bit and you may feel a very short period of warmth, but almost immediately thereafter you will feel those tender tissues go numb. Then I will apply the wax in multiple strips and let it harden. I will then pull it away sharply, strip by strip, and the wax will tear away the underlying hair. It will make a ripping sound, but you will be too numb to feel anything. The chief advantage of this system is that since the roots come out also, the wax job will not have to be repeated if you behave yourself and your sentence is not extended beyond this week.

"But I also can simply shave you. I would expect to use a Quattro. Having four blades you get a very close shave since each blade tugs up slightly on the hair beneath it as it cuts, positioning the remnant for a cut by the following blade.The disadvantage is that I will have to repeat the procedure later in the week. Also, there is some danger of nicks. I'll have to ask Mr. Boinginton to assist in stretching out your labia tight and flat so I can make an even neat cut."

I didn't want Boingy groping me or to go through it again so I told Jim I'd go with the wax. He started by filling a basin with warm water. He took a soft washcloth and dipped it in the water and started washing my exposed pussy with it.

"Hairs are hydrophilic." he said. "They absorb water and become easier to remove."

Of course his washcloth felt good between my legs, but he didn't rub me very long. After first wetting all my hairs, he just left the warm washcloth in place. Now I had to tell them, blushing, that the warmth made me need to pee real bad. Jim immediately took away the cloth, went to my feet, and started to undo the straps. Meanwhile Boingy went to the door and pulled. Several boys were crowded right at the open door, looking in, seeing me spread obscenely open. Boingy quickly closed it.

"There's got to be fifty boys outside, waiting for you, dreaming up poses." he said. "We just don't have that much time. It could take you an hour just to make it to the girl's, and then they'd all want to crowd in and watch you go."

"No problem." said nurse Fetherstone. "I'll just empty out this basin and she can go right here."

Now I told them I suddenly didn't have to go, but of course they weren't buying it. The nurse put the empty basin on the floor and Boingy kept me from falling over as I squatted over it and let it rip. It was so embarrassing I thought I'd die. It wasn't just the sight, but also the harsh sound of pee hitting hard into the basin. When I was done Fetherstone put me back in position on the padded bench, feet once again in the stirrups. He took out a Handi-Wipe from a drawer and carefully wiped off a few remaining drops of urine. The ultimate humiliation.

The waxing went pretty much as he described. But there was one thing he neglected to tell me beforehand. He handed me a hand mirror, proud of the job he did. I gasped.

It wasn't just my totally bare pussy that shocked me. That was bad enough, since I hadn't seen it like that since I was 10, and my slit is a lot bigger now. The lidocaine was still working, so I felt nothing. But in the mirror I saw a bare pink mons and two bright red swollen labia. Obviously the procedure had irritated my tender tissues, and now I looked like some kind of grotesque parody of an aroused woman.

"Well," said Boingy, "that's about all we can do here."

I handed Jim the mirror and climbed off the bench. I approached the door. I opened it. Many boys were looking at me. The one closest to me gulped.

"Bridget, could you, I m-mean, I'd like you to..."

It was going to be a hard week.


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