It's not a bad job, teaching. You'll read complaints and articles in the press about how poorly paid you are, how long the hours are and how dangerous it can be, but there are good teaching jobs. I've got one of the best.

Lady Ottakers is an English girl's school for 13 to 18 year olds. Set in the heart of the West Country its target market is very much the upper middle class family, which has the money to send their daughters to a boarding environment that almost guarantees a sound education in a caring environment. Many of the real world issues never reach Lady O's as it's known. In particular the growing issue of pedophilia and child sex attacks that seem to appear in the press every other week... .

I'm convinced sex incidents with young teenage girls are rising simply because of the freedom of thought the internet has brought to men. Now one can log on anytime and view young girls in various states of undress on websites with freedom of speech it makes you think, and look around.

Take Lady O's for example. A safe environment like this you'd expect sexual issues to be few and far between. In reality the governors have put it firmly on the agenda through the foundation issue of uniform. Lady O's summer uniform for the girls is the fuel of fantasy; brown sandals with white ankle length bobby socks, a pleated skirt for summer that is normally only half-thigh in length though on some of the taller or faster growing girls it starts to become almost hip length. For their tops a simple, high quality white short sleeve blouse. The girls are not permitted any significant jewelry or make-up and must adhere to the uniform dress code rigidly.

Now I mentioned earlier I have a great teaching job. Well, I lied; it's not really a teaching job rather a maintenance man's job. Odd jobs around the school, that kind of thing. I've only been here for 9 months and now we're coming into summer term I couldn't believe my eyes when the girls returned from the Easter break in the summer uniform.

The girls are all shapes and sizes as you'd expect in a school of nearly 300 but in amongst them all there are some crackers. You can't help but have your mind wander when you see a group of 14-year-old, haughty-taughty, rich girls striding down a path towards you in skimpy skirts and see-thru blouses...


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