"Come on Mom!" Eric called from the pool. "You can't lie around all day. The water's already warm, just jump in."

The sixteen year old did a backstroke as he watched his mother. She was lying on her stomach in a lounge chair next to the pool. Her shapely legs were spread apart giving Eric an opening to ogle her crotch. From his vantage point however he couldn't get a very good look at anything except his mother's feet and calves. That's why he'd been pestering her to get into the pool for the last ten minutes.

Eric had been obsessing over his mother all summer. He had known since he hit puberty that Andrea was, by all standards, a babe. He'd even fantasized about her on numerous occasions. But like most boys he suppressed these desires and went looking for other girls to satisfy his urges.

Eric had dated several girls from school but they all seemed to be lacking something. Sure they were beautiful or funny or sweet, but none had all of these characteristics. They all seemed incomplete. What he wanted was a girl who could be everything. For Eric the total package only existed in one place: His own mother.

This realization came when Eric lost his virginity. The girl was no novice. She had shown him things that Eric didn't even realize he didn't know. He had thoroughly enjoyed the sex, but he felt empty afterward. He had sex with the girl twice more. During the third time he had fantasized about his mother.

Eric really didn't know how to deal with these strange desires of his. He knew with absolute certainty that he wanted to fuck his mother. He wanted her as a lover. The problem was that he knew that he could never have her. She was his mother. It was supposed to be wrong. So he contented himself to watching her and finding excuses to see her scantily clad or even naked. The more he watched the more his lust for her grew.

Andrea was not oblivious to her son's growing obsession with her. She had caught Eric spying on her when she got out of the shower or changed her clothes. She thought of it as harmless teenage curiosity. She believed that in time he would grow out of it and return his attentions to girls his own age. Secretly, she also enjoyed the fact that she could instill such desire in a teenage boy.

Andrea decided to acquiesce to her son's wishes. She got up out of the chair and walked toward the diving board. She caught the gaze of her teenage son as she passed by him. Eric always tried to be careful to hide his desire for his mother. Still he couldn't help but do everything in his power to put himself in situations were he could admire her body. He didn't know that Andrea secretly liked to create those situations.

Andrea appeared to be a decade younger than her thirty- five years. She took pride in her youthful physique and kept fit. She wasn't slim, but her body held the curves of an athletic build. Her legs were long and shapely and she enjoyed displaying them. Her buttocks were firm and her waist was trim. She had a taut, flat stomach that showed no hint of the child she had carried sixteen years ago. Her breasts were large, but didn't sag. In the opinion of her lascivious son Andrea was a perfect ten.

Eric felt his cock grow hard as he stared at his mother's body. She was wearing a red bikini that left little to the imagination. Andrea stood at the edge of the diving board preparing to jump in. She flicked her waist length honey colored hair back and dove into the pool. Eric watched her body slicing through the water with ease. When she emerged he actually gasped at the sight of her.

"All right," Andrea said, "what was so urgent about getting in the pool?"

A sly grin crossed Eric's face. "This," he responded as splashed water into his mother's face.

"Oh, you little brat!" Andrea cried. She returned her own splash at Eric.

Eric laughed as he deftly avoided his mother's retaliatory strike. He quickly gave her another drenching. The two of them splashed back and forth like two children. Both of them were laughing and yelling. Suddenly Eric dove under the water and swam straight for Andrea. He grabbed her ankles and she yelped as he pulled her legs out from under her.

Beneath the water Eric pulled his mother toward him. He grabbed her around the waist and feigned tickling Andrea as he pressed his boner into her butt cheeks. Andrea felt the strange stiffness against her ass but assumed it was her imagination. She wrestled her way out of Eric's embrace and surfaced for air. She swam to the edge of the pool and stood their gasping.

When Eric emerged beside her she scolded him, "Eric you're being too rough. I didn't have a chance to hold my breath."

"I'm sorry Mom," he said with false humility, "I was just trying to have some fun."

Andrea pulled herself out of the pool and started walking away. Eric followed her. "Where are you going?" he asked, "You barely swam."

Andrea sighed and spoke without looking at her son, "I don't feel like being rowdy today Eric. I just want to relax."

If Eric had been thinking with his head instead of his dick he would have let the matter drop. However his intellect was being overridden by his libido and the memory of his mother's body pressed against his. In desperation Eric took hold of his mother's shoulders. He dropped into the pool and dragged his mother along with him.

Their wrestling match resumed but this time there was a more serious edge to it. Andrea was scared by her son's actions. Instinct told her to flee and she fought Eric as though he was trying to drown her. Eric was equally driven to keep his mother in the water. He tried desperately to hold onto her but Andrea pulled away.

Eric made a desperate grab for his mother's bikini top. He pulled it with such force that it ripped right off. Andrea screamed and quickly covered her bare breasts with her arms. Indignation was written all over her face as she shouted, "Eric what in the hell is wrong with you?"

The words barely registered in Eric's brain. His hard- on was throbbing in his suit. His cock peaked out of the waistband and dribbled pre-cum into the water. Seeing his mother without a top had awakened some animal part of his brain. He could plainly see how vulnerable she was and how easily he could have his way with her.

Andrea was shocked when her son took hold of her arms and pulled her close. He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. He held the kiss for a few seconds before Andrea pulled away and stared at him. When she looked into his eyes she saw something that both frightened and aroused her. She had never felt this much sexual heat from a man before. The fact that the man was her son was even more surprising.

Eric put his arms around his mother and held her tightly. Andrea's arms were pinned between their bodies and she was helpless. Eric kissed her once more. This time Andrea didn't try to pull away. She allowed her son to continue without a word of protest.

Eric's lips moved from her mouth to her cheek and then to her neck. He traced her neckline as he kissed his way to her shoulder. Gradually Andrea relaxed. She closed her eyes and tilted her head to give Eric access to her throat. A stirring began deep within her loins.

Eric gently pushed his mother up against the side of the pool. He took hold of her wrists and pulled her arms away from her chest. Eric stared at Andrea's gorgeous breasts. They were round, about the size of softballs, and capped with quarter-sized pink aureoles. Their tan complexion revealed the fact that Andrea had been sunbathing topless. The thought made Eric's cock twitch inside his clinging trunks.

Andrea's heart fluttered in her chest. She could see the lust in her son's eyes as he stared at her bare breasts. Andrea's own eyes began to roam Eric's body. She was surprised by how truly masculine he was. Up until this moment she had always thought of Eric as a boy. Now she knew he was a man.

His tanned body was muscular and athletic. He had well developed biceps, pecks and a washboard stomach. His face was chiseled and angular. His dark hair was normally spiked but it now lay flat against his scalp. Eric's brown eyes were smoldering with sex. It was a second before Andrea realized her son had met her gaze. She suddenly felt embarrassed and tilted her head down.

That's when she saw her son's most impressive feature. Eric's cock had worked itself out of the confines of his bathing suit. It was now fully erect and pointing directly at Andrea's bellybutton. At nine inches it was the largest cock she had ever seen. Andrea became frightened when she realized Eric's intentions.

The power of speech returned to her and she said, "Eric you have to stop this. I'm your mother for god sake. Just let me go and we'll pretend it never happened."

Eric wasn't really listening to his mother but he did let go of her wrists. His hands moved to cup Andrea's perfect breasts. She gasped when he did this but didn't attempt to stop him. Eric gently massaged her tits, teasing her nipples with his thumbs. Despite her verbal objections Andrea closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling.

Andrea's nipples grew stiff as her son played with them. Eric bent down and started kissing her breasts. He traced the edges of her aureoles with his tongue. Then he put his mouth on his mother's left nipple and gently sucked. The act caused waves of pleasure to shot through Andrea's breasts and deep into her body. But Andrea was also reminded of the fact that this wasn't the first time Eric had suckled at her breast.

She mustered her courage and spoke: "Eric we have to stop now. This isn't right. You're my son and this is incest. We can't do this. Please stop."

Eric ignored her and continued to suck. He gently applied pressure with his teeth and licked the nipple before sucking it again. Once he got tired of sucking on the one nipple he would switch to other. Andrea was sinking deeper and deeper into a state of ecstasy. Her body was paralyzed while her id and superego waged war in her mind. She was oblivious to everything but the pleasure.

Eric meanwhile was concentrating on his next move. He continued to suckle while he removed his swim trunks and let them float away. He took hold of his mother's hips and gently lifted her so that her breasts were even with his face. He pressed his knees against the side of the pool and rested Andrea on his thighs. His steel cock was now resting against her groin.

Andrea could feel her son's cock pushing on her pussy lips with only the flimsy material of her bikini preventing entry. She wanted to say something but couldn't. It was as if her rational mind had been evicted from her body. It could observe but it couldn't act. The bestial lust had won out. It didn't care about morality or consequences. It just wanted the large piece of meat between her son's legs.

Eric broke away from his mother's breasts and looked up into her eyes. Without hesitation Andrea leaned down and kissed her son on the lips. Eric didn't need any more encouragement. He reached down between his mother's legs and pulled the material of her suit to one side. He took hold of his cock and pushed it into her entrance. Andrea slid down her son's pole until he was buried to the hilt inside her. They began to fuck.

They held onto each other to keep from separating. Andrea's whole body was bobbing up and down as Eric pumped himself inside her. She could feel his thick cock sliding along slick her pussy walls. His cockhead was pounding her cervix. Eric felt his mother's vaginal muscles contracting each time he thrust into her. The pressure was exquisite.

Andrea wrapped her legs around Eric's waist and fucked him back. She met each upward thrust with a downward pull. She grabbed her son's shoulders and threw her head back as they fucked with complete abandon. Eric's pace increased as his own excitement grew. He buried his face in her tits as he desperately tried to balance.

Soon their wild lovemaking overwhelmed him. He grabbed his mother's hips and pulled her down, burying his cock inside her. He cried out as semen erupted from his tool. Ropes of hot sticky come were being deposited into Andrea's unprotected womb. The feeling triggered her orgasm. She shrieked as her pussy clamped down on her son's husky pecker.

When it was over Andrea's legs slid down into the pool. Eric's cock slid out as her feet touched bottom. A milky cloud floated away from their groins as evidence of their deed. They still had their arms around each other for support. Their breaths came in pants and they both kept their eyes firmly shut. Neither of them wanted to deal with what had just happened.

Eric simply didn't know what do next. He had just fucked his own mother. He'd broken a taboo as ancient as sex itself, and he felt exhilarated. He knew this changed everything between them. They were lovers now. He could finally have his mother exactly as he wanted her. What could he possibly say or do to express the joy in his heart?

Andrea was dealing with an entirely different reaction than her son. She was deeply upset by what had happened. It wasn't only that she had fucked her son, but that she had been complaisant in the act. Technically she had said no, but she hadn't really tried to stop her son. When he started to fuck her she not only allowed it, but actually participated. She had consensual sex with her own child.

The mother in her told her that it was her fault. Hadn't she encouraged Eric's growing attraction for her? Then when it was time to assert herself and tell her son to stop she had merely given a weak objection. She felt guilty and angry with herself. Her son set his moral compass by her example. What kind of example had she set?

Eric finally let go of his mother and separated from her. He wanted to say something to her but he couldn't think of anything. He suddenly felt nervous and exasperated. He needed to say something. He needed to tell her that he loved and that he wanted her. He struggled to make his mouth work. With monumental effort he said, "Mom... I-I'm gonna take a shower."

Andrea looked up at her son as he got out of the pool and headed into the house. She suddenly realized that she was topless. She was standing in her backyard pool with her breasts exposed to the world. What if a neighbor peaked over the fence? What if they already had? Andrea never felt more vulnerable in her life.

She covered her breasts with one arm and struggled out of the pool. She bolted indoors, leaving her top floating in the pool. She went upstairs to her room. She could hear the bathroom shower running and realized that it must be Eric. It made her blush with embarrassment to think of her son. She went into the private bathroom adjacent to her bedroom. She stripped of her bikini bottoms and watched a string of semen drool from her pussy.

Realization hit Andrea like a ton of bricks. She hadn't used any form of contraception. She'd last taken the pill over two years ago when she was dating a steady boyfriend. A sense of dread formed a pit in her stomach. She was fertile. She could have her son's baby.

In a panic Andrea searched for her douche bag. She collected it from under the sink and ran over to the shower. She cleaned out her vagina as thoroughly as she was able in such a distraught state. Her hands were shaking as she returned the bag to its place. She started up the shower and held her head in her hands. She had no idea what to do next.

Eric was in no way near as conflicted as his mother. He felt a little weird about fucking a relative, but to him it was closure to an inner struggle he had been dealing with for over a year. He felt liberated and excited about his new relationship with Andrea. Just thinking about her caused his dick to grow hard again.

He considered jacking off in the shower but decided against it. He wanted to save himself for his sexy mother. He finished cleaning and then toweled himself off. He tried putting the towel around his waist but his cock was still iron hard. He shrugged his shoulders and exited the bathroom. His mother had already seen him naked. Thinking of repeating their earlier dalliance he walked into Andrea's bedroom.

She was still showering so Eric lay down on her bed. He made himself comfortable and then took hold of his cock. He gave a few slow strokes as he watched the bathroom door. He was growing more aroused by the second. He couldn't wait for Andrea to step out of the bathroom.

Andrea was busy thoroughly scrubbing every inch of her skin. She left nothing untouched, washing herself from head to toe. When she was done she just stood under the hot spray of water. She felt much better. Under the soothing drench of warm water she felt renewed. What happened between her and Eric could now be pushed aside. It would just be another bad memory.

When she was finished Andrea turned of the shower. She dried herself off and wrapped the towel around her body. She blow dried her hair and brushed it out to prevent tangles. She was finally feeling normally when she opened up the bathroom door and stepped into her bedroom. Then her very naked teenage son who was stroking his engorged cock and staring at her with a wry smile on his lips confronted her.

"You kept me waiting," he chastised. "I almost had to start without you."

Andrea was frozen in place. She just stared unbelieving at Eric. She was torn between the desire to flee or to confront Eric head on. She wasn't afraid of her son, just of what might happen if she stayed in the room. Somehow Andrea had to reason with him. She had to make him see that what they had done was wrong. In the back of her mind Andrea knew she also had to convince herself.

"Eric, for god's sake put some clothes on," her voice carried the weight of parental authority. It made her feel surer of herself.

Eric moved as if her were going to obey his mother. He stopped himself and instead got up and walked over to Andrea. She reacted by taking hold her towel with one hand and holding out the other. Eric stooped when his chest touched his mother's palm and just looked at her. The lust in his eyes was plain to see. Andrea trembled and looked away but kept her son at arm's length.

"Stop it Eric," she said trying to sound angry. "Honestly, what do you think is going to happen? You think I'm just going to jump into arms and... and... make l-love to you? I'm sorry to disappoint you but it's not going to happen, ever."

Eric just smiled. He brought his hand up to his mother's forearm. With slow, sensuous movements he ran his fingertips along her arm to her shoulder and then back. Andrea began to breathe more heavily. Despite her own mental objections her inner folds started to moisten. Her body was remembering the fantastic sensations in had experienced less than an hour ago.

"Why not Mom?" Eric asked. "We had sex in the pool. I certainly liked it and I know you did. It's not like we'd be doing something we haven't done before."

"Damn it Eric." Andrea pushed passed her son and hurried to the other side of the room. She held the towel around her tightly with both hands. She turned toward Eric and said, "This isn't a joke. What happened in that pool was a mistake. It was probably the worst thing either of us could have done. Incest isn't like jaywalking. It's a serious crime like murder or rape."

"I didn't rape you!" Eric shouted defensively. His cock went flaccid.

Andrea held up her hand, "I'm not saying you did. We're both guilty; I should have done more to stop you. But I am stopping you now. We can never let that happen again. Do you hear me Eric? I have to trust that this will end here and now."

Eric closed his eyes and bowed his head. He took a deep breath before looking up at Andrea and saying, "Mom, do you love me?"

Andrea was startled. It was the last thing she had expected to hear from her son. "Of course I love you," she replied. "Why would you even ask me that?"

Eric gazed at his mother with a strange intensity. "Because I love you," he answered. "But not just as a son. You're my mother and I'll always love you that way, but for me it's more. I love you as a woman. When I look at you all I can think of is how much I want to be with you. I want to be the man in your life. I want us be partners not just mother and son. After today I know there has to be some of that feeling in you. Please, Andrea, let me make you happy."

Andrea was baffled. She couldn't believe what her son was saying. It defied all common sense. She was his mother she couldn't be his lover. Eric was talking about them like they were some kind of Romeo and Juliet. She had to put a stop to this thinking it wasn't healthy. Yet something inside her was stirred by her son's words. She did have feelings for him beyond those of a mother for a son, but she wasn't ready to admit that.

"Eric will you listen to yourself?" Andrea pleaded. "You sound crazy. We are mother and son. We can't have a romantic relationship. The world just doesn't work like that. I don't know how you got this notion in your head but it has to stop. We have to forget this ever happened or it will haunt us forever."

Eric just smiled at his mother. "Don't you get it? I want this to be with us forever. I want us to be together forever." He walked toward her. Andrea backed away until she bumped against the wall. She had no place to hide. Eric put his hand on his mother's cheek. He traced her lips with his thumb. He put his other hand around her waist and pulled her into his arms. He leaned down and kissed her.

Andrea resisted at first. She didn't want to give in to the feelings boiling up in her heart. But after a moment the desire for Eric overwhelmed her. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around her son. She returned his kiss with an intense passion.

They separated and looked into each other's eyes. They were filled with primordial lust. Eric gently tugged his mother's towel and let it fall to the floor. Her beautiful body was bared to him once more. His cock became engorged and rose to fullness. Eric kissed his mother again. His rigid tool pressed against her stomach.

Eric's lips moved from Andrea's mouth to her cheek and then to her neck. His kisses traveled down to her shoulders and arms. He took hold of her breasts and began kissing the fleshy mounds. He took the nipples into his mouth and sucked them into stiffness. His mouth traveled down her body until he was kneeling and his face was level with her groin. Eric coaxed his mother's legs apart and pushed his head between them.

Her bush was well trimmed but the hair still tickled his nose as he sniffed at her pussy. Andrea pressed her back against the wall, not trusting her legs to support her. Eric reached up and spread her cunt-lips with his fingers. He used his tongue to make a deep probing lick inside her passage.

Andrea gasped and closed her eyes. Her son made deep, slow laps with his tongue. His saliva mixed with her juices. Eventually Eric thrust his tongue inside her snatch. He swirled it around and pumped it back and forth. Andrea was almost dizzy with pleasure. She put her hands on her son's shoulders and moaned her approval.

Eric continued his oral assault. His muscular tongue rolled, pumped and lapped at his mother's vagina. Eventually he found her clit. He teased it with the tip of his tongue until it was enlarged. Then he took hold of it with his mouth and sucked. Andrea shrieked in surprise and joy as her son worked her nub like a vacuum. She gripped his head and pressed it into her crotch.

Andrea could feel her orgasm building inside of her. Sex juices dribbled down Eric's chin as he continued to suckle her clit. Andrea's whole body trembled on the verge of release. Eric tongued the tip of his mother's clit inside his mouth and she finally exploded. The air was pierced by a ferocious scream of primal ecstasy.

Eric continued licking his mother strait through the orgasm. His mouth was flooded with her warm liquid as she came. Afterward he cleaned her up with his tongue and swallowed the precious nectar. He stood up and kissed Andrea. He swirled his tongue inside her mouth so that she could taste herself.

Andrea returned her son's kiss and frenched him nearly to his throat. She took hold of Eric's cock and gave it a gentle squeeze. The steel organ responded by leaking a drop of pre-cum. Eric picked up his mother and carried her to the bed. He laid her down and climbed on top of her. He took hold of his tool and began rubbing it along Andrea's pussy lips, lubricating himself for entry.

Andrea put her hand over her son's. "Stop baby," she whispered. Eric looked at her with puzzlement. He thought she had gotten over her earlier objections. She continued: "Lie down. Let me take care of it."

Eric complied by rolling onto his back. He was curious about what his mother would do next. Andrea grabbed his cock by the root and without hesitation lowered her mouth to its head. Her lips wrapped around the shaft as she took it in her mouth. Eric groaned as the warm wet orifice engulfed his manhood.

Andrea's head bobbed up and down as she moved her mouth along her boy's cock. Her tongue played along the shaft and she maintained suction with her cheeks. Waves of ecstasy rolled through Eric's organ and into his body. His mother worked his cock like a popsicle.

Suddenly Andrea pushed her head down. Eric's cock completely disappeared inside her mouth as she deep- throated him. Eric was in rapture. Andrea worked her mouth furiously as she pumped her son's prick in and out of her esophagus. It wasn't long until Eric went over the edge. With a guttural moan he exploded inside his mother's mouth.

Gobs of semen shot out of his cock. The first went straight down Andrea's throat. She nearly gagged but managed pull back enough for her son to fill her mouth with his seed. The sticky fluid ran past her lips and down her chin. Her cheeks bulged from the volume. In desperation Andrea swallowed the load to clear her breathing passage.

When it was over Andrea rose up on her knees gasping for air. Eric's cock deflated and he came down from his high. He pulled his mother on top of him and kissed her cum stained lips. He rolled them onto their sides facing each other. He stroked her flowing hair and flashed an exuberant smile. "That was quite a trick Mom," he said.

Andrea laughed. "That's not the only one I know," she quipped. She put her arms around Eric and pressed her body against his. She lay there for a moment just basking in the afterglow. Finally she sighed and said, "Eric we still need to have a talk; a very serious talk about what we're going to do."

"Well, I thought we could try it doggy style, but if you have something else in mind," Eric joked.

Andrea could feel the heat in her face as she blushed. "Eric please, I'm trying to be serious. If we're going to continue doing this then we have to lay down some ground rules. We can't do anything we want anytime we want or we'll be caught and then we'll both be in a lot of trouble."

Eric processed what his mother just told him. "So, you're saying you want us to keep doing this?" He couldn't keep the enthusiasm out of his voice.

Andrea slapped her son's shoulder. "Listen to me damn it! This is important. Yes I want to continue, but no more stunts like the one you pulled in the pool today, understand?"

Eric nodded soberly. His mother continued: "We're very lucky someone didn't spot us or I'd be on the way to jail by now. From now on we only do this in private. That means inside the house, away from the windows. Are we clear?"

Eric nodded his assent. Andrea breathed a sigh of relief and buried her face in her son's chest. She inhaled his musky, manly scent and smiled. Eric felt his cock stirring to life once more. He put his lips against his mother's ear and whispered, "Hey mom, were inside and away from the windows."



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