How could she have been reduced to this? Princess Evenia, 18, engaged to be married to the son of the wealthiest Lord her father commanded, kneels squat on the floor, hunched forward with a heavy iron collar and chain dragging her once proud countenance low. It was not that she was unworldly; she knew the risks of admitting the roguish knight Girramor into her quarters. Oh, but it might have been so worth it!

Evenia had traversed the perilous tunnel her sister used to sneak her many paramours into the castle. Evenia often used to watch from the balcony into her sister's room as her sister was roughly taken by various guardsmen, lords, merchants, and once even a bum who begged for coin outside the castle gates.

Evenia was fascinated by the way the men would rut into her sister like beasts, craving cunt as a wolf craves the blood of the most tender ewe of the fold. Yet, Evenia remained chaste; she could not go through the disgusting and dangerous procedures the wet nurse used to start her sister menstruating again if one of her sister's lovers managed to impregnate her.

Despite what Evenia had seen, despite the nearly scholastic knowledge she possessed about sex, she also possessed many delusions and inhibitions common to the women of her culture. Evenia never pleasured herself directly; she never attempted to penetrate her virginal veil.

Of course, after an evening of watching her sister be plowed, Evenia would straddle a large pillow in her room and rock back and forth, rub up and down, allowing the pillow to gently separate her labia and stimulate the tiny pleasure nub she identified solely with the sin she yearned for. She would speak to the pillow and hug it tightly, practicing the moves that she would one day use for her own first lover.

Evenia, as expected of the women of her day, wanted to remain pure for her wedding. But having seen Girramor at the Harvest Festival had convinced her to change her plans. Her future was to be a political marriage to a pudgy, bloated, total bore.

But Girramor was athletic, charming, beaming with confidence and ready for conquest. He was broad- chested, trim, with dark-hair cut at a stylish angle down to shadow of beard on his tan face. He had searching, chestnut eyes that had caressed her body all through the dinner celebrating the harvest.

Yet he was not only hungry for her, she truly felt his passion and a certain shyness toward her. Imagine she thought, this gorgeous man, so bold and fearless, charmed and made shy by me! And don't think she did not notice the languid snake draped from his crotch over his left thigh beneath his hose; what a fuck pole he must wield!

They spoke openly at dinner of trivial concerns, then more intimately at the dance that followed. He expertly worked her body with slight touches, while maintaining propriety at the affair. He whispered how infatuated he had become with her and begged to see her alone later that night.

Before the dance had ended, she had told him her sister's secret, of the tunnel that ran into the castle through which he could approach. She would wait for him at the trap door that blocked the way, and would let him pass.

And so Evenia prepared for her night with Girramor. Tonight she would become a woman, and she was even willing to risk being impregnated. "Why not?" she mused. "I am sure he would fight to defend my honor, perhaps my father would even assent to a change of plans, and allow me to marry the gallant knight."

An aside to you gentle reader: how foolish can a young woman in love be? Is there no excuse she will not muster in order to have the object of her desire? How many times has this same play been enacted, how many bastards wander the street as a result of this obtuse reasoning?

Having stripped to her underthings, perfumed her hair and her woman's treasure, and carrying an oil lamp, she made the way down the tunnel to the large oak door that barred the way. Triggering a switch, she waited with tension building through her chest and neck, straining to see her lover emerge from the dark. Pearly teeth grinned from around the corner; the broad smile of Girramor seemed more malevolent than she had remembered. He reached forward rapidly and snuffed the lamp, in the dark she heard shrill whispering voices, and then she lost track of time.

Now Evenia's blond tresses hung limp around her face, as she surveyed the cell in which she was a prisoner. She tasted blood on her full pink lips, and felt her ample breasts hang forward, soft pink nipples grazing the stone floor. All that maintained what dignity she had left were the rags her underclothes had been reduced to.

Behind her, Girramor sneered coldly as he watched the young woman gauge her surroundings. Emerging into the room came three goblins, the hired goons called Gix and Bix, and their master Riggle. Girramor broke the silence, "Well Riggle, I have delivered your prize. Now where is mine?"

Riggle, gazed menacingly at the knight, "You did good, Sir. Real good. Who would think you stoop to this, eh?"

Girramor feigned indifference, "Well, I had little choice in the matter. Is she here?"

Riggle nodded rapidly, slobber flying from his drooping bottom lip. "Your woman is upstairs, unharmed as promised."

The knight spoke with stern distinction, "For your own sake she better be. And tell your employer Hyram the Snipe that I consider my debt to him settled now." Girramor turned for the door and grabbed the pig iron rod that constituted a key.

Riggle's yellow eyes narrowed as he waited for the trap to spring. Within the lock a latch cleverly concealed snapped into place as Girramor attempted incorrectly to open the cell. From a tiny needle jabbed into his thumb, poison entered the knight's blood and quickly brought him down. Evenia heard Girramor gasp sharply, then moan dreadfully as the goblins sank their claws into him.

The goblins stripped him and greedily snatched whatever they could find of value. Now naked and bleeding from many long scratches, the drugged knight was rolled onto his stomach and shackled. Then the goblins turned their attention on the girl.

There was no warning, no foreplay, and no hint of conversation or even menace. Riggle unlocked Evenia's chains while Gix and Bix lifted aside their loin coverings and let out their green cocks, limp but already oozing with slime. Evenia immediately kicked and struggled, charging past Riggle like a startled rabbit. She turned and saw Girramor bloody and woozy, completely naked with that lovely organ she had envisioned now cringing between his thighs. The moment had reached the height of surreal and she was paralyzed, as if dreaming. Gix and Bix latched onto her arms forcefully and drug her down onto her back, she looked up to see Riggle lowering his body onto hers.

"I am going to be raped by these monsters," she thought, "and there is nothing I can do about it." Frankly, she was stunned by the turn of events!

Within moments Riggle had spread her cunt lips and was searching for her hole. His cock oozed slime and pus, his phallus was gnarled and covered in syphilitic sores. The slime made penetration easier than it would have been otherwise; his twisted cock tore open her hymen and found its way into her fuck tube. The feeling was indescribable, intense pain followed by an unbelievable fullness. Her vaginal walls groped the intruder in a most unseemly way. "God, please, oh God please don't! Please take it out of me, God please!" She whimpered and gasped, tears streamed down her lovely ivory cheeks. Riggle just leered dumbly at the wretched girl.

The vicious thrusting sprayed copious amounts Riggle's green precum up onto Evenia's stomach as the remainder of his juice dripped down across the tender bud of her asshole. She wailed in pain and humiliation, and sobbed deeper than she had ever in her life. Gix's and Bix's cocks dripped their male milk onto her face in sympathy with their master's strokes.

Evenia was being rutted, as her sister had been, but this was no man, this was an animal, a monster that took her sweet cherry and made her his bitch. Riggle demonstrated the move that gave him his name, his dick twisted right and left rhythmically as it banged painfully and repeatedly into the young woman's cervix.

The pain had become blinding, but within the experience was a feeling of connection that Evenia had imagined Girramor would give her. Riggle brought his mouth to her firm round mounds, and engorged his mouth with her left breast. As he fucked her, spewing his precum up her hole and directly into her womb directly, he would suckle and bite her breast, as if milking it with his powerful mouth.

Suddenly, the mood changed as Evenia let out, amidst her whimpers, a guttural grunt, which was followed by a series of rhythmic contractions of her cunt around Riggle's invading prick. Gix and Bix hooted with delight and stroked their misshapen cocks, whipping their slime about so that it covered the lady's face. "Stop. Stop. Stop. Unnnnhhhh�" Evenia's cries had become unconvincing.

Gix was the first of the two goons to act, off completely came his rags, and he lowered his heavy ballsack onto Evenia's eyes and placed the purple head of his cock to her lips. The smell is what struck Evenia first. Gix smelled of excrement and garbage, his huge cock tasted like blood, and she realized she had been biting her lower lip as Riggle fucked her. Gix lowered his balls into her mouth, and she could taste his flesh sack. She felt something moving around her lips, and realized that fleas, or some other crawling parasite that called Gix's balls home, was finding a new habitat on her face.

Riggle punched Gix in the stomach and howled obscenities at him in the goblin language. Riggle's motions had become furious and he lowered his entire body upon the length of Evenia's frame, face to face. Her whole being shook from the assault of her sex, she was filling with unbearable desire for this violation; was this what she wanted all along? Riggle brought his mouth to hers, and she smelled the stench of decaying flesh on his breath. His slobber flowed down into her mouth, and she found herself leaning up to catch it, to swallow it and then caress his tongue with hers.

Riggle tensed, his claws bore straight into Evenia's back, the twisted black hair of his chest chaffed her nipples and his balls clenched tight up against her sphincter. Waves of pleasure replaced all the pain she had felt, the humiliation and violation was delicious, she needed it now like a drug. Her cunt obeyed its own rules and contracted around the foreign pole. Riggle moaned and released his foul seed into the princess's depths, her cervix lapped greedily at the flow of juice he provided.

And then, there was nothing but the sound of Riggle's heavy breathing, and the stench of his diseased sex lingering in the air. Gix and Bix were next, but they could not top their master's performance. Riggle lay propped against the wall, watching the young princess take his goons with passionate intensity. She sucked, and fucked, and gulped until the goblins were satisfied and only as her pleasure subsided, did the horror of what had happened return to her. She had been raped, regardless of how she had felt, this was an unwanted event.

Once again she called upon God, this time for forgiveness, and for someone to come and save her from this horror. Again and again she prayed while the goblins fell asleep atop of her, their draining cocks oozing their cum onto her belly, now full with goblin seed. The thought terrified her, was she now pregnant with a half-human half-goblin child? "Please god, help me! What have I done?"



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