Becca in the woods...

Becca, at 14, was a young beauty: Long blonde hair that shone like burnished gold, 5'5" tall and although she was still very much a nubile young thing she was perfectly shaped for her age and size. Her cute little nose was set off by big, clear light blue eyes and a small, well-formed mouth with lips that look chiseled from smooth marble.

Her hips were narrow, but with that girlish bell-bottom shape. Her breasts were small. She was self-conscious about their size, but most guys thought they were perfect - unless they were crazy for big ones. "Perky," her girl friends called her. Her little butt was high, small, tight and hard from eight years of gymnastics.

She breathed deeply of the fresh forest air, then walked away from her cabin and down the wooded path alone. She was glad to get away for a while; she was tired of being under the watchful eye of the nuns from St. Aloysius, the Catholic school she attended.

She was with a small group of girls who were on a week- long retreat at this woodsy camp with a half dozen nuns. She had just finished her last meeting of the day - and of the retreat and now she just wanted to be alone for a while here in the cool evening air.

As she wandered happily through the darkening forest, enjoying her temporary freedom, she heard laughter somewhere in the distance. She walked on for a while, getting closer and closer to source the source of the happy sounds. It became obvious it was a "woodsie," an open-air party. She could see a clearing with several tents around a nice campfire. Scattered around the site were a number of what appeared to be older teens, seniors probably, she thought to herself.

Most of the guys were in cut-offs or swim trunks - one was even in his boxer shorts. Some of the girls also wore cut-offs, but most wore bikinis with towels draped around their shoulders. They sat mostly in pairs, on rocks and logs, some of them "making out," necking and hugging. Others, she could see, were sitting inside the tents and some were farther out among the trees. Becca had the distinct impression that there was more than just making out going on in the tents, but she didn't have a clear view and couldn't be sure.

'Round the campfire...

She watched the scene wistfully, wishing she could join in the fun with them. But she knew they were older and besides, she was shy with strangers and they might not like her. There really was no reason for her shyness; she was a vibrant, beautiful young girl, but she had the natural lack of self-confidence most young teenaged girls share.

So, she remained hidden among the bushes and trees, watching and wishing. She could see that some were drinking, and she could smell the odor of pot (she knew that one, alright); one or two of the girls, she observed, were acting a little tipsy, but not crazy.

The guy in the boxer shorts was up dancing around the fire to the girls' giggles. No doubt he was loaded, and Becca watched him for a minute before she noticed a bulge in his shorts flopping from side to side - left to right -- as he danced. She started giggling, herself, like the other girls, wondering when that thing was going to flop out into plain view.

The sight and thought excited Becca. Oh, she had seen a couple of guys' penises before, but only briefly through a window as she and a couple of her girlfriends had window-peeked through the bathroom window at a guys-only beer bash one night.

Becca's vision...

Trying to find a better view, Becca crept around the clearing through the trees, pausing behind a large evergreen to watch the dancing guy. Then, from the other side of the evergreen, she heard low voices - a male and female. She crouched down and peeked through the needles to see a young couple lying on a blanket, making out.

The guy wore only a pair of short cut-off denims and no shirt. The girl wore a short, pleated, and green plaid skirt, with a white blouse that buttoned up the front. Several of her buttons were already undone, Becca noticed, her blouse falling away from her breasts. Her skirt was pushed up far enough that Becca could see she wore red panties, little more than a thong really, she thought.

Becca squatted down further so they wouldn't see her and at first thought she should get the Hell out of there before she got caught. But she just couldn't take her eyes off them. Finding another hole in the evergreen needles, she decided to risk it a little longer and see what was going to happen. Dirty, lusty thoughts were coming to life in Becca's young, inexperienced mind about where all this petting would lead.

Becca, herself, was still a virgin; heck, she'd hardly even dated, although she'd been pleasuring herself for a couple of years. Attending a Catholic girls' school, she had heard all about sex and guys from her friends... some of whom had gone all the way already. So, she was eager to see this. She decided to take the risk and stay and learn.

The young couple had rolled over on their blanket, and it put them in a better position for Becca to see. This was much better, she thought. "Woah!" she thought, as she watched with widening eyes as the guy slid his large hands up and down the girl's leg, lifting her skirt up to show off her tiny red panties. The boy's hand slid in and out of her panties, moving up and down her belly to her mound. The girl was cooperating, too, squirming and moaning as he continued kissing and stroking her, more and more feverishly.

Becca gets moist...

When Becca saw his hand go further down inside her panties and cup the girl's mound, she had to put a hand on her mouth to stifle her little gasps, afraid they'd hear her.

"God," Becca thought, realizing how turned on she was by this all. She knew she was all creamy down there, and now she could feel her panties getting really damp. Her hand had been on her mouth, and she realized she had been kissing her own palm. She slid her hand down her neck, down over her breast and squeezed her nipple. Then she dropped her hand lower to her inner thigh, where she rubbed her tender flesh there.

She noticed then that there was a rich and different odor combining with the forest smells that tickled her nostrils. It was a familiar musky, scent -- hot, wet and exciting. She recognized it as the same scent she produced when she masturbated in her little bed at night. Sex! The smell of sex!

"Was she producing that strong a scent?" But then a breeze wafted toward her from the direction of the couple in front of her, bringing more of the tantalizing odor and she decided it must be a combination of hers with that of the young couple. For the first time, she realized how much the sense of smell contributed to sexual excitement. She didn't yet realize that all through the rest of her life the smells of a pine forest combined with sex would be a terrific turn on for her.

A hard cock comes into view...

As Becca watched them, the boy used a free hand to unsnap his cut-offs, then he slid them down on his thighs and with his legs and feet he fought them off his legs until he was naked. "God," thought Becca, "he didn't have any shorts on!" She was thrilled at how good this was getting.

Then she saw his prick clearly, hard and looking shiny, like it was wet. It made Becca shiver and reach down to touch herself through her panties. She was surprised at how big it seemed to her. She wasn't sure, but she thought it must be a least eight inches long and very thick. The sight of it was enough to make her cream again into her panties, already soaked.

As soon as his prick was free, the girl had reached down to take it in her hand She began squeezing it and stroking it up and down. Becca noticed that there was a loose layer of skin on his prick, and that it seemed to move inside that skin. The guy seemed really excited by what she was doing, moaning, and kissing the girl's neck and shoulders. He began pushing his hips toward the girl, pushing his prick through her hand so that the head punched into her soft belly.

This was getting really intimate. Becca thought she should look away but she just couldn't! She wanted - needed - to see more, see better. The longer she watched, the more she really wanted to stay. She was convinced now that they would soon be "doing it" and she just had to see it!

As that thought took over her mind, she suddenly was aware that her face was very hot and she was breathing in short, quick breaths. She slipped her hand up under her skirt and resumed stroking her little cunny through her silken panties. She was astonished at how wet they were down, but she noticed that the moisture really made it feel wonderful.

Becca watches a woodsie...

Her eyes still glued to the couple, she watched the handsome boy slide the girl's panties off her bottom, then down her legs. He raised them to his nose and inhaled their scent before tossing them beside the bush. The girl beside him seemed fascinated by that, moaning, "Oh, Tommy, that's sooooo dirty..."

Then he moved between her legs, still kissing her lips, her neck, her nipples. She was squirming under him like crazy, rubbing her body against his hard young stomach and loins. She arched and pushed upward toward him for a moment, then relaxed back down and raised her legs and wrapped them over Tommy's narrow, muscular hips. She crossed her ankles behind his back and pulled him into her crotch so that their loins were pressed tightly together.

Becca was sure he had just pushed his big thing right into her cunny when she heard them both groan loudly. Becca could hardly breathe. Her little hand was working in and out of her naked pussy, now, having pulled the thin panty material aside so nothing separated her fingers from her wet, swollen pussy flesh.

She was literally dripping her juices onto her hand and the ground. Becca crooned softly to herself with pleasure. She wanted to scream out, but she knew she had to stay quiet or she would spoil everything.

But the teenagers now fucking in front of her were too far gone to notice even if Becca screamed at the top of her lungs, let alone hear her little muffled noises.

They fucked fast at first, as the intense sensations of first penetration hit them - that wonderful feeling as his throbbing hard young-man pricks slid all the way up into the young girl's tightness. Then, regaining control, he slowed their pace and began to fuck her with a steady rhythm. She was moaning and sighing as he fucked her and kissed her squeezed her butt with his hands.

Our girl seeks satisfaction...

Becca was going crazy with sexual excitement. Her eyes wide open, she could now plainly see the boy's big slick pole slide in and out of the girl again and again, making squishy, liquid sounds and little sharp noises as their bodies slapped together. As Becca knelt there with her thighs spread apart, one small hand played with her pussy and clitoris, the other squeezed her teenage breasts and hard little nipples under her sweater. She had pushed her drenched panties down onto her thighs and the cool night air felt wonderfully liberating on her hot naked flesh.

She was now thoroughly turned on, silently moaning like the girl she was watching. She wanted to feel that boy's hands all over her body, gripping her ass cheeks like he now gripped the ass of the girl he was fucking so powerfully and noisily.

"Fucking!" Becca whispered that magic, forbidden word, "fucking," over and over, relishing the sound and nastiness of it and the way it made her feel - mature, sexy and yes, slutty! That thought turned Becca on even more!!

Her breathing got shorter, heavier, as the two young lovers fucked faster, he thrust his hard-on harder and faster into her slushy little quim as he neared his climax. Becca's hand kept pace with him, her fingers plunging inside her and back out again, and again in time with the boy's thrusts.

Suddenly the boy went quiet for an a few seconds. He arched hard against the girl. Becca knew he was buried to his big balls in her, and her fingers plunged deep up inside her, moving around in small circles. "Oh, God ... God," she murmured, "it just feels sooooo goood." She wanted to close her eyes and cum right then... but she couldn't... she had to keep watching, afraid she'd miss something.

The girl laying under the boy and wrapped tightly around him gasped and moaned, not caring about anything else, and the boy groaned and moaned loudly now, "Ohhh, baby. God! Fuck! Your pussy feels so good. You're so hot. So wet. Fu-uu-uc-ck, ba-by... ohhhh..." on and on he went.

His words were hypnotic to Becca's impressionable young mind, transporting her into a dream-like state of excitement and pleasure. She easily imagined that it was she who was being fucked by the naked, sweaty boy. She could almost feel him inside her. Her wide-open eyes were filling her memory banks with images of the two half-naked teenagers joined in the throes of intercourse, and the intense feelings in her own body were reinforcing those memories - these were images she would not forget as long as she lived. But in those memories, she was the girl being penetrated again and again by that hard, wet, staff of that cute, cute, boy!

Becca sees her first cum...

Then, as the ravaged girl on the blanket threw her head back, arched her body and squealed in orgasm Becca, too, was overcome by an overwhelmingly wonderful feeling that started deep inside her pussy. She gasped and slid her fingers deeper into herself, pressing hard with the base of her hand on her mound and came hard, wetting herself and her panties.

The man and woman fucked hard and fast for a moment more, then he pressed hard into her and groaned out, "Ooohhhhhh... GOD! I'm cum... cumming... in your... P- U-S-S-Y... Uhhhh! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH!" as his husky teenager's prick squirted its cream deep inside the clinging flesh of her young, sweet cunt.

Then she cums on her own hand...

Becca's little orgasmic moans were scarcely audible as she came all over her hands. She just opened her mouth, held her breath, and pushed against her hand and the fingers up inside her as wave after wave of sweetness washed over her, starting from deep inside and moved outward in circles up her spine, down to her bottom and her legs, overwhelming and exhausting her.

Becca fell into a heap on the ground, her hand still inside herself, head resting on her arm, nearly unconscious in the afterglow of the awesome orgasm that she had just experienced. Then, slowly she opened her eyes and peeked again at the sweaty, panting couple laying exhausted on the blanket.

Every so often the girl would gasp softly, and Becca wondered why. Then she noticed that every time the girl gasped, the virile young hunk's buttocks were contracting. She wasn't sure what was happening, but of course, he was occasionally flexing his semi-hard prick inside the girl's soft folds, something Becca would learn about later.

Becca's hand softly stroked her little mound and the slippery lips of her young slit. She, too, was temporarily exhausted and she whimpered softly, still feeling the heat of what had just happened. In a few minutes the couple recovered, kissed and hugged, then pulled on their clothes.

Arm in arm, they walked back to the fire together, leaving Becca there hidden in the bushes. She pulled her panties back up, straightened her hair a little, sniffing her scent on her hand. Then tentatively, she extended her cute little tongue and tasted herself on her fingers. "Ummm, not bad," Becca muttered to herself.

As she finished straightening her clothes, she gathered her thoughts. "I've got to have a boy like that, inside me, all strong and hot and hard - just like them." There was now no doubt in her mind. Becca's life had changed enormously this night.

A boy surprises Becca...

Then, as Becca stood and turned, she bumped right into a tall, well built blonde boy standing behind her, wearing cut-offs and a sleeveless sweat. Losing her balance, she stumbled, almost fell, but he caught her by the arms and steadied her. "What're you looking at there, pretty girl?" he asked, flashing a wide, handsome smile.

Becca's face flushed with guilt as thought, "Lord, how long has he had been standing there?" But it didn't seem as though he was aware that there was anything unusual. "Probably," she thought, "he just things I've been out here peeing." Still, she was so flustered that all she could do was shake her head and mumble, "N- Nothing! Nothing at all... I gotta be going." Looking down, as she was, she couldn't help but notice that there was a good sized lump at the boy's crotch, and she could see the outline of his organ laying down the leg of his cut-offs. "Wow," she thought! "I can't believe this."

The boy let her go and she started to leave. The cool air rushed over where his warm hands had touched her skin and she shivered. Becca took a couple of slow steps, then stopped. By now she was thinking to herself, "Isn't this was I was just wishing for? Do I really want to leave?" She could still feel the heat and creaminess between her thighs, and her panties were still very damp. Almost immediately she made up her mind to stay, and turned back toward him, smiling up at the tall lad.

For a minute or two, they just stood there gazing at each other He thought she was really pretty, with her disheveled hair and rumpled clothes, although she did look a little young. In fact, he did think she had been out here peeing, although he knew she wasn't part of their group and wasn't sure where she came from. But the thought of her peeing in the woods kind of made his prick twitch in his cut-offs and he didn't really care where she came from.

Becca wants Brad...

She considered the tall, tan boy with the bushy blonde hair, carefully. She loved his mile-wide smile and the lump in his cut-offs excited her. Had it just twitched? She was having trouble keeping her eyes off it. Becca decided then and there to take a chance with the boy. After all, he looked like he was the perfect candidate for her plan hungry and hopeful; and she definitely was!

"Hey," he said in a low, confidential voice as he leaned in toward her a little, "I'm Brad. Like you want to get high, maybe? I've got some really good weed in my tent just over there." Becca thought for only a few seconds before accepting: "Hi, I'm Becca. Uhhh, yeah, man, that'd be great, if its cool with your friends." He chuckled, "Them? They're all high already, beer, pot, wine, you name it. This is party night."

Brad offers a toke...

Now, pot was not new to Becca, she'd smoked it lots of times at school and at home during the summer, since she was 12. So it didn't scare her and she knew she could handle it. Brad reached out to take her hand and his touch was like fire on her skin, but she loved the tingling sensation it sent through her.

"C'mon," he said and led her toward the fire. Becca locked hands with him as they headed to the campfire. She was glad for his offer of grass, because she knew it would calm her nerves - something she needed, considering what she was considering here.

Becca was still a little shy and quiet, still unsure of herself among these older kids. But on the way to the campfire, she found Brad easy to be with. They talked about trivial things and she found out he was a college boy and this was an annual party for a group of friends.

Becca lied to him, telling him she was 18. She didn't like lying, but she was afraid he wouldn't want to be with an 14 year-old. She figured she could pass okay, especially in the dark, and she knew she looked as good as most of the other girls here.

When the got to the campfire, Brad introduced her to the others, and someone offered beer or wine. She took some white Zin wine in a big plastic cup; she didn't care much for beer. As they stood around talking for a few minutes with the others, she sipped her wine and soon was laughing and taking part as if she'd known these people all her life. She was having a good time. "How cool!" she thought.

The boys were all good looking, slim and well built, like athletes - she could see that several of them had that prominent lump in their shorts or cut-offs and again she had trouble keeping her eyes off their crotches. But they made her laugh with their antics and jokes. The girls where all friendly, pert and pretty, and all wore skimpy swim suits or very short cutoffs and tank tops. She had been right: a few of them were a little tipsy.

She spots the lovers again...

Then she saw the two lovers from the bushes and she looked down, blushing, afraid that somehow they would know she had watched them fuck their brains out just minutes ago while she fingered herself in time with them.

After a while, she finished her wine. She remembered the promise of pot and looked up at Brad. "That weed would really taste good, now," she said. Brad smiled, took her hand again and led her toward a large blue tent. He unzipped the door and showed her inside, patting her little fanny as she stepped in. "That felt nice," she thought.

For the first time in her young life, Becca really understood the word, "apprehensive," as she looked forward to getting high then making out then ... . Brad closed the tent's opening, and unzipped a top screen to let cool air flow inside. He sat down on a blanket and cleared her a place to sit beside him. He smiled up at her, "Come, sit!" he said, patting the blankets, and she plopped down beside him.

Brad offers Columbian Gold...

He leaned back on an elbow and faced her, "Hey, you were a hit out there." he said. "They all liked you ... especially those horny guys," he laughed. "Now, let's get to that grass I promised you. You're gonna like this stuff, it's great."

He leaned back further, reached under the blanket and retrieved one of those intricately carved little wooden stash boxes from India or Indonesia. He opened it and took out one of several fat joints. He drew it under his nose, inhaling the rich smell, then held it under Becca's.

"Smells really good," Becca said, greedily. "Let's do it!"

"It is good," Brad said. "It's Colombian Gold - you should see the color. My brother scored a pound of it in Iowa City last week."

He lit it and toked in deeply, raising his shoulders to make more room in his lungs for the smoke. Then he handed it to her, watching her from the corner of his eyes to see if she knew what she was doing. The way she pinched the joint carefully by the edge, held it just up to her cute little lips, puckered and sucked in a long slow-burn toke without coughing showed Brad that she did. "Hot damn!" he thought, "this girl is okay!" He let his first toke out with a big sigh, filling the tent with blue smoke

Becca held her smoke down, looking Brad in the eyes with a little smile as she repeatedly dodged her head slightly as if keeping time to music in her head. Then, after holding it for thirty seconds or so, she let out enough blue smoke to fill the tent nearly as much as Brad's toke had.

"Alll-freakin'-riiiiight!!" Brad said, then pulled another big toke and passed it again. They repeated this routine until there was only a short roach left and the air in the tent was rich with the smell of weed.

Any nervousness Becca had felt from being alone in the tent with a strange guy soon disappeared as the weed relaxed her mind and body. "Good body trip, this stuff," she said, raising her knees and looping her arms around them.

Brad & Becca mellow out...

"Yeah, I told you its really good shit," Brad said as he reached back behind himself for the box again to retrieve a roach clip. As he did, he casually braced himself with a hand on Becca's thigh just above her knee. As he sat back forward, he looked down between her legs where he could see a large expanse of white panty under her plaid skirt. "Ohhh, man!" he thought. "Please, Lord, let me get some of that!"

"You are very pretty," he said, looking at her face again, his voice a little deeper and hoarse now from the grass. His hand on her thigh slid a little higher as he leaned back to put the box back. She was pleased by his flattering comment, and really liked the feel of his hand on her - it was very hot on her thigh.

She smiled and blushed, managing to say "Um, Thanks." She was definitely feeling her grass, and it felt great. She replayed in her mind the scene of the boy and girl on the blanket cumming, wondering if Brad would make a move on her. Her cunny twitched a little with the thought, and she felt herself cream a little.

Hands on thighs, lips on lips

As Brad raised back up, he scooted in closer to Becca, and his hand gently squeezed the inside of her thigh. No more "accidental touch." This was now definite, he was moving on her, Becca realized. When she didn't protest, he took one of her hands and kissed her knuckles, "You're really great to get high with, Becca..."

Before he finished his sentence he leaned in to her and kissed her gently on the lips. Becca was surprised at how warm and soft his lips were for a big strong guy, and at the gentleness of his kiss. His hand on her thigh moved a little higher, only a couple inches from her panties. His other hand slid to her waist and pulled her to him as he kissed her.

Becca melted under his relaxed attack, the warmth of his hands on her flesh. The grass had mellowed her attitude and she was having no trouble accepting all this. Not only that, it had expanded her senses, magnifying her sensations. It was all feeling so very good. And she was getting really wet down there, again.

"So, this was what it feels like?" Becca thought as she relaxed into his arms. "Ummmmm, just like the girl in the woods, just like her. God! I'm about to get fucked, too, I think."

Thought after thought flowed softly through Becca's young mind like a slow moving stream moves over moss. Brad was kissing her over and over, wonderful kisses, each becoming a little more firm, and it felt marvelous to Becca.

Then the tip of his tongue flicked over her lips and penetrated between them ever so slightly, barely darting inside her mouth to see how she would react. A giant shiver went through Becca and she grabbed his shoulders as if she were holding on for a roller coaster ride.

She remembered playing kissing games when she was 12, like spin the bottle, but this was so different. Her own tongue met his and he knew it was okay. Then, he pulled away and she felt like she'd lost something as cool night air replaced his warmth. Was he going to leave her? She didn't want him to stop. He didn't, but what he had been doing was nothing compared to what he did next.

Brad's hands are everywhere...

He pulled off his sleeveless sweat then took her back into his arms. Now his lips found her neck, her sensitive little 14 year-old girlish neck, and he kissed her there: wet kisses, sucking in little bits of her flesh then rasping his tongue around the sensitive spot he had just made. And he nibbled her ear, the tip of his tongue circling inside that erotic spot.

All this seemed to send deep thrills directly to her young pussy and bottom, driving her nuts. And his hands! As he kissed her, his manly hands were everywhere on her little body, moving, stroking, squeezing, pressing.. Becca became lost in the pleasure he was giving her (and himself!) ... pleasure she had never known or even suspected. Chills and hot flashes alternated up and down her entire body, all seeming connected to her baby cunt and, strangely, to her that little unmentionable spot in her bottom.

Soon she realized that Brad's fingers were undoing the buttons of her shirt and then he was kissing her collarbone, her shoulder, and then, "Oh God!! He's kissing my breasts! And my nipples!" It was almost too much for her, almost.

She was surprised at how hard and erect her nipples were on her little teenage breasts. She was even more surprised at the strange "hunger" growing just below her girlish belly; not a hunger for food, but for something else, deep inside.

Sweet girl tummy...

Now Brad was kissing her girlish tummy, her flat soft teenage belly. She felt a hand on her breast, and then realized another hand was now between her legs, stroking up and down the inside of her thighs, sometimes coming up and rubbing her pussy through the soggy material of her panties. This was what Becca had wanted! And now she was getting it. This young god was making love to her and making her feel more wonderful than she had ever felt in her young life - like a woman!

When Brad's warm, soft hand left her breast, she whimpered softly, "No, don't stop." Then she felt something new. She felt two hands on the insides of her thighs, and they were gently prying her thighs apart. She relaxed, 'cause it was okay with her.

And now lower, lower...

But then she felt an intense heat right at her crotch, through her panties. She opened her eyes and raised up slightly to look down. She saw Brad lying between her legs, his beautiful face at her crotch, breathing onto her swollen pussy. Then she saw his tongue reach out to her pussy and felt it lick up and down her slit outside her panties. "Ohhhhh, my God, Brad," she moaned. "Ohhh yes! Baby, do that, pleeeasse do that some more. Ohhhh FUCK!"

She felt, more than heard, his grass-hoarse voice moan up tight against her clitoris, vibrating it. And she felt his fingers pull the crotch of her panties aside, then, "OOOHHH M'GOD!" she felt his tongue slide up and down the raw lips of her slit, then plunge inside. Becca started cumming immediately, arching into Brad's face. She reached for his hair, filled her little hands with it and pulled him into her cunt. "My cunt! Eat me Brad! Brad! Ohh-ohh-ohh! Fuu-uck!!" Becca felt like she was all vibrating CUNT, one big PUSSY as she came in waves that flowed up her one after another for several minutes, her body arched and tensed as if in a seizure, no breathing... just waves of orgasm.

Brad held on, his tongue swirling around her little clitoris, one finger deep in her pussy, circling inside her, the other hand on her mound pressing in circles, round and round, his face so tightly pressed into her baby cunny he could scarcely breathe. He felt intense pressure on the sides of his head from her powerful young thighs tensed in orgasm... he fleetingly wondered if she would crush his skull before it ended.

Brad: Did I do this to her...

Then, suddenly, Becca collapsed into an unconscious bundle of sweaty young girl flesh. Brad kissed her little pussy and belly a few more times, then grabbed part of the blanket and dried the sweat and juices from her. He pulled her up and encircled her into his arms and just held her, rocking slightly. He was surprised by the intensity of her passion, but he was really proud that he had affected her so deeply.

Still cuddling Becca, he reached back with his free arm and produced another joint from that ivory-inlaid box, mouthed it, lit it, and drew deeply as he relaxed. He was still hard as a rock, and his nuts were full to overflowing, but he thought he'd be able to wait a while to get off.

It wasn't long before Becca's eyes opened a little. She sniffed the air, sensing the odor of the Gold weed again. "Don't Bogart that joint, m'man," she said sluggishly, smiling. Brad looked down at her, grinned and said, "Welcome back to the world of the living, sweet girl." He held the joint to her lips, and she drew a big hit.

"Oh, man. Did all that really happen?" she asked when she let out the smoke, looking up at him with her big baby blue eyes. She answered her own question, "I guess so, huh? Looks like your face is still damp from ... well, from me," she said, laughing.

"Yeah," he chuckled, "I'm never going to wash again, I swear!" They both laughed softly, and snuggled up tighter. Then, Becca's hand slid down his hard-muscled stomach and found his prick, now only about two-thirds hard, but still formidable. "Looks to me like I'm going to have to do something about this," she said, squeezing his shaft and running her thumb over the tip.

"Golly," she said, "its still leaking all this sticky," and she rubbed it into his head, making him harder. Then she brought her fingers to her mouth. "I wonder what this tastes like?" she mused, slipping her little tongue out to test it. "Ummmm. A little sweet... a little salty... not bad."

Becca learns to suck a man...

Brad whispered into her ear hotly, "Would you like to make me feel real good, like I did for you, baby?"

"Boy! How's a girl to answer that to a guy who just took her for a tour of the planets?" thought Becca. She knew what he was talking about. The older girls at school had talked about how guys liked to be sucked and licked. When she didn't answer him right away, he began to stroke his hard-on, bringing it back up straight again. Becca was perfectly willing to do what he wanted, but she wasn't too sure how, exactly.

Becca looked down at his prick and was amazed at how the sight of it excited her. Then she felt his large hand on her chin, turning her head to look at his face. He whispered sweetly, "No, it's okay. You don't have to if you don't want to... but, maybe you could... just touch it?"

"Oh, Brad," she said softly, "believe me, I want to."

Then she shifted her weight, getting on her knees before him. He took her hand and guided it to his erection, wrapping her little fingers around it. Her heart beat faster as he moved his hips to slide himself up and down through the wetness of her grasp. Becca drew in her breath sharply as for the first time, she played with and studied this hot column of man flesh - this thing that was just made for fucking. She couldn't take her eyes off it.

Brad loosened his grip on her hand, leaving her free to explore. She ran her small fingers over the tip and grabbed the shaft gently. Becca scooted up and used her other hand, too, touching and gently caressing him. He smiled down at her, touching her head lightly, he whispered again, "I'd sure love for you to kiss it for me." That sounded okay to her; in fact, it sounded real good to her right now. She nodded, flashed him a brief smile then lowered her head toward her first cock.

First, a light kiss, then...

She placed a warm kiss on the tip. As new as this was - and a little frightening - she was determined to please him. Besides, she wanted to experiment and was high enough on this fine weed to just go ahead and do it! She licked the head and around the wide rim, making him shiver, vibrating his shaft in her small hand. She licked it again, putting the tip in her mouth a little. When she did, his hands pushed down on her head and he pressed his cock upward, pushing it well inside her little mouth and bringing a groan from deep in his throat.

She made a small swallowing noise in the back of her throat, and then he started moving his cock in and out of her mouth slowly, going a little deeper each time. She sucked gently at first, and then harder as he moved his prick a little faster and deeper. Soon she found the rhythm and began to suck him in deeper, then turning her head as she moved up and down, then experimenting with other movements to see what he liked. He seemed to like all of it, she noticed. "Why not," she thought, "I sure liked all of what he did for me."

She found that she was getting better, taking his big shaft far down her throat, and then suddenly she felt the hair at the base of his prick pressing on the edges of her mouth and on her nose. Surprised, she realized she had taken him all the way into her mouth, now. The thought that she now had his entire cock in her mouth was so hot for her, that she moaned a deep, throaty moan, vibrating his prick in her mouth. He really went nuts with that, groaning, "Oh, God, Becca, careful! I don't want to cum yet baby, easy now..."

She pulled back up breathing deeply, and for a few strokes just sucked the head in and out of her mouth, running her tongue around the head. Then, again, she took him all the way, and again she moaned, and again he arched and nearly shot his load into her mouth, protesting, "Not yet, baby not yet ... careful!"

And those big, big balls...

She repeated this cycle a few more times, and he moaned continuously, praising her mouth, her lips, her tongue over and over. In return, she sucked steadily harder and faster. She felt his hands on her shoulders, then slipping under her to cup her breasts and pinch her nipples. That felt great to Becca.

Then she began to focus on his big balls. They clung snugly up against the base of his prick, one on each side. As she sucked his shaft, she gently grasped first one and then the other, rolling them in her hands.

She'd learned in sex-ed class how a guy's nuts were really sensitive and easily hurt. But from Brad's moans of pleasure, she knew she wasn't hurting him. She could almost feel all the sperm filling his soft, hairy nuts.

She decided that she wanted to taste his sperm, his cum. So, she started moaning and took him all the way in again, pressing her mouth and nose into his crotch, circling her little tongue around his shaft and balls. He protested only for a moment, "Not yet, please, not yet!"

But this time, she didn't stop. She moaned louder, vibrating his shaft and nuts, swirling her tongue around his shaft, one hand gently squeezing his balls. Up and down his shaft she sucked, all the way to the top, then back down, her tongue sliding along the bottom side where she could feel a big thick vein.

Now, deep in Becca's mouth...

It was too much for Brad. His hands on her head, he pushed his cock up into her mouth hard and groaned between short breaths, "Oh, Becca... I'm... gonna... cum... oh God! I'M CUMMING! NOW!" His muscles tensed and he held her head down on him and exploded in the back of her throat, gushing the thick creamy load from his big balls into her throat.

Becca's eyes widened as she felt the salty sticky taste and feel of his cum. She tried to swallow it all, but she couldn't get it all down until she gathered some saliva to moisten and thin it. Then she was okay, and proceeded to suck him dry. She had thought for a minute there that she might choke on his hot cum, but once she learned how to do it, she relaxed, proud of herself.

After a few minutes, Brad sat up and pulled Becca up across his lap, kissing her deeply and hungrily. He massaged her little breasts, played with her belly, roving his hand down between her wet thighs to stoke her slit and probe softly inside her little pussy. He was definitely ready to fuck now, and he was getting Becca ready, although she didn't seem to need much preparation. She'd been ready for more than an hour. Still, she was a little frightened of him putting that big cock into her little box. Oh, she wanted it there, she just wasn't sure it would fit.

But the more she thought about it, the more she wanted it, and she felt the heat rising more and more down there. Her pussy was creaming and pouting again, and his finger was literally swimming in her liquids.

The final act...

His hand on her back snaked around her small waist and down her rump, where it slipped under her to begin dipping into her pussy from behind at the same time his other hand was stirring her from the front side. All the while he was kissing her, deeply, with hot, wet, wonderful kisses. It was now like there were two guys probing Becca. Damn, she thought it was really sexy! She felt her passions rising big time again.

Then, Brad lifted her leg and put her astride his lap, his big bloated prick lying between her pussy lips. She gasped as he pulled her close, his hands on her hips moving her back and forth along his cock, rubbing it up and down her pussy and along her clit. She was so wet! He felt her heat and wet girl flesh sliding smoothly on his cock and he shivered from excitement and the effort of trying to keep from plunging into her immediately.

The familiar scent of their mutual arousal drifted up into their nostrils. His flared like a wild horse from the overdose of pheromones in the air. He moved a hand down between them from behind, , grasped his hard-on and rubbed it all over her clitoris and between the moist lips of her narrow, teenage slit. She squirmed in delight, pushing her little bottom down onto his prick, feeling its heat and hardness, wetting it with the juices flowing from her.

Getting up into Becca...

She lowered her head to his neck, kissing him there, and whimpered girlishly in his ear. He rubbed his now rock-hard cock between her cunt lips a couple times more before sliding the tip inside her. She sat up straight then, tensing a little but ready, wondering how it was going to feel when it really all the way up inside her, all hot and throbbing and plunging. But she forgot her worries as he nibbled and sucked on her neck.

Then, grasping her hips, he began to pull her down onto his hot column of flesh. She spread a little more for him, and her tight warm, dripping pussy accepted him about halfway, then as she felt it meet resistance she rose just a little again. He kissed her softly on the lips, murmuring, "Oh, Becca, I'm inside you now, up inside you and it feels soooo good! Now, I'm going to fuck all the way up into you, girl."

Brad glued his lips to hers in a passionate, deep kiss, then as she seemed to relax just a bit, he pulled her down firmly onto his prick, at the same time pushing up into her. She squealed loudly as she felt her hymen break and grabbed his upper arms so tight it hurt. But it hadn't really hurt her as much as she had thought it might. Just a sharp pain, and then a little soreness. And she was thrilled at how wonderful it felt to have that Brad's huge muscle all the way inside her little 14 year-old cunny. "Oh man," she thought, "I've finally done it!"

Brad and Becca's first fuck...

She looked for a minute like she was going to cry. He circled her with his arms and held her tight, close to him, soothing her with soft words. Then after a minute or two, he rolled her over onto her back, laying on top of her. Slowly he withdrew his cock from her little opening and then just as slowly penetrated her again. This time, she realized, it didn't hurt; instead, it felt really good, really sweet and satisfying.

She whimpered and writhed under him then, and together they began fucking - slowly at first, the pot making it extra sweet. He held her tight as he stroked in and out, only a little way, then all the way inside her and around in small circles, grinding their pubic bones together. He kissed her everywhere on her neck, her ears, her lips, her cheeks and his hands squeezed and rubbed her little ass.

He began to withdrew further, then re-enter deep, again and again, all the way into her until his balls were tight against her little butt. It felt so fucking good he almost came several times and had to hold very still, his prick throbbing in protest inside her, to avoid cumming. Then he would start again: out slowly, and back into her again, moving a little faster each time, now.

Becca's ragged breathing evened out to short gasps of pleasure as the pain was replaced by the pure pleasure of Brad's long penis moving in and out of her. She ran her hands up his back and onto his strong buttocks, urging him on.

He slipped in and out of her smoothly now, each time filling her small grasping pussy with his cock and then just when she felt so good, she felt it sliding out again until only his head was nestled inside her slit, then back in to penetrate her again, and again. She soon sensed his rhythm and matched his movements.

She heard the "slither" sound of his prick as it slipped in and out of her. The sounds, the smells, the delicious feelings of their young bodies fucking, were all combining to raise their heat to boiling.

She ground her hips up against him, rocking with him, arching to take more of him. Then he paused, looked down at her, whispered, "Turn over baby." His cock still deep inside her, he lifted one of her legs to help her, and she managed to turn over under him, without losing contact. Then he grasped her hips and pulled her up against him, and quickly stroked in and out of her several times to make up for the lost time.

Becca cums on Brad's cock...

Now Brad started fucking her in earnest, ramming himself into her harder, pulling her back with each thrust into himself. She was moaning steadily now, loudly, and buried her face in the blanket to muffle her cries. Her little butt was high in the air, she was spread shamefully open and he was pounding into her. And then Becca started to cum.

She squeezed her cunt around his big prick, and she could feel waves of ripples moving inside her cuntal channel. "Ohhh, Brad! It's cumming! Oh... Oh... fuck me... now! NOW!!" Her girlish cries and the feeling of her cunt squeezing him excited Brad enormously, swelling his prick, turning him into a raging stallion. He grabbed her hair, pulling her head up. With one hand around her middle, the other holding her hair, he thrust deep inside her hard and held himself there, throbbing violently. She started shaking as she came hard around him.

And Brad squirts into Becca...

He felt his own load starting in his balls. No stopping now. He pushed even further into her and with little contractions of his ass, he began pumping his cream far up inside her, flooding her cunt with long, powerful squirts of rich, thick, hot man juice.

Like statues, they froze motionless in extreme tension, all his energy focused on emptying his balls inside her, all hers on keeping herself open for him and his cream. Then, they both collapsed, bodies exhausted from the workout. Their loins where soaked with their sexual fluids and sweat. They lay there, his prick just outside her pussy, both of them panting for air. Brad nudged himself back up just inside her slit, missing the heat of her.

Becca spooned back against him, turned his head and smiled. She ran her small hands up and down her sweaty body, feeling alive and more awake than ever. He looked down at her and smiled. How he would love to take her over and over again.

A visitor to their love-tent...

He looked up and she noticed somebody at the tent door. Brad let him in without even thinking twice. Becca covered herself with a blanket and sat up to see another young man come in. they laughed and talked for a moment and Brad motioned to Becca, "Remember her from earlier?" the man looked her up and down, smiling, "Yeah. Remember me. Becca, was it? I'm Nat."

He reached out to shake her hand and she smiled as she took it. He sat down on his knees in front of her. Nat wore no shirt and he wore real sort tan cargo shorts and was barefoot. He had a beer in one hand, which he finished it off promptly.

Brad moved behind Becca on his knees and placed his hands on her shoulders firmly. He spoke in her ear, looking at Nat, "This is my good friend. He wanted to come in here and meet you, you know, better than before."

She didn't get what he was hinting at right away, but then she caught on and let out a little gasp and blushed, "Oh..." She was confused, not knowing what to think. The idea didn't turn her off, but it did worry her a little.

Brad produced another phat, lit it, toked it deep, and passed it to Becca, who did the same and then passed it to Nathan. They shared the joint pretty much in silence, Nat all the while studying Becca's face and what he could see of her body.

Brad was still naked, and his cock was still at half- staff, so Nat was sure they'd fucked at least once, and he knew he sure would like to share this pretty child- girl, too. Pretty soon, the weed had relaxed them all, and they were talking and laughing a lot more freely.

Brad suggests something...

Brad slid his thumbs under the top of her blanket and slid it down a little bit, whispering in her ear, "Why don't you show him your beautiful little bod?"

She hesitated, looking coyly at Nat, but let Brad slide the blanket down to reveal her breasts with their nipples hardening again rapidly. She looked Nat over boldly, now, not at all displeased with him. He had reddish hair, lots of light freckles, and green eyes. He was almost as tall as Brad, and just as cute, but in a different way. She could see that he was getting a hard-on, because his shorts looked full and, she wondered, "Is that what I think it is peeking out of the leg of those shorts?"

Sure enough, she recognized the tip of a circumcised penis there, against his leg, a large drop of clear syrupy liquid at the little slit there. She smiled, then giggled a little.

"What?" Nat asked, grinning.

She pointed and then cracked up. Nat looked down, then both he and Brad saw it too and joined her in one of those extended belly-laugh-ins you get now and then with good grass. It took them a while to start to recover, and by then Becca's blanket had fallen completely away as she rolled with laughter. She was now completely nude in front of Nat's eyes, and Nat quickly sobered up as he scoped this beautiful sight.

Becca appears willing...

She was stoned enough to just lay there, all smoky- eyed, kind of eager to go along with Brad and let Nat do her.

Nat wasn't wasting any time, either. He plopped onto his butt, and slipped his cargo shorts right down without even unfastening them. Like Brad, Nat was naked underneath, and already half-hard. His dick, Becca noticed, wasn't quite as big as Brad's, but almost. Like Brad, he was circumcised.

Now naked, Nat lay beside Becca, and lifted his leg over her and dropped it between hers as he leaned in to kiss her with warm, nice kisses, his hand busy on her breasts, tweaking her little hard nipples. Becca was starting to climb the ladder again, getting hotter, feeling good!

Friendly sharing can be fun...

She had almost forgotten about Brad until he spoke up - how could she forget him, she wondered. "Isn't she just beautiful, man?" he asked Nat. "God yes," Nat answered between kisses.

Becca felt Brad's hands join Nat's now, stroking her body, her other breast, her thighs. The cool air coming in the tent vent felt really good on her body and her nipples grew hard and goosebumps crawled up and down her body with the multitude of sensations from the air and all the hands and lips now loving her.

Nat continued kissing her, a little more forcefully now, while Brad sucked on her breast and played between her legs. Becca wasn't sure where all this was going, but it was very nice and she didn't pull away, she kissed Nat back, and pushed herself into Brad's hands and lips.

Then he hand found Nat's hot, hard prick and grasped it, starting to stroke it up and down. He was really leaking now. She reached out and pulled Brad's leg until his cock, too, was within reach, grasped it - it was already hard as a rock - and with a prick in each hand she thought this was the most exciting thing she'd ever experienced; she was in heaven.

After a while, Brad lifted her to her knees, then pushed her forward onto her hands and knees again. She looked back at him, wondering what he intended. Brad just held her by the waist and bent her forward, pushing gently but firmly on her back until her cute teenaged butt was where he wanted it lined up with his cock. As she turned her head back to the front, she saw that Nat was kneeling in front of her, his prick sticking straight out.

"God, that looks wonderful," she said, out loud so Nat could hear. Nat smiled, touched her face with one hand to steady her then moved his cock toward her lips.

She reached out with one hand and grasped the gorgeous, hard, hot shaft in front of her, squeezing it. "Harder," Nat said, "squeeze it as hard as you can."

"Noooo," she answered, I'll hurt you."

Nat shook his head, "No you won't. You never squeeze balls hard, but you can squeeze a hard-on with all your might and not hurt it... unless you're a weight lifter."

"Well, okay," she said, and applied pressure with her little hand as hard as she could to his massive muscle. Nat sighed deeply, "God, that's good, girl. My cock has been about to explode all night, and I needed that wonderful counter-pressure. Now," he said, pushing it closer to her mouth, "how about licking it a little for me?"

Two beautiful cocks tonight...

Brad smiled as he watched how she squeezed his friend's hard-on. The way her little hand fit around it and the way she looked as he pulled her head closer, urging her to suck him. It made him proud of her. This was some girl, Brad thought to himself.

Then Brad ran his hands around her soft creamy white rump and spread the cheeks of her cute little butt apart. He moved closer in between her legs and softly rubbed his cock up and down narrow little ass-crack. He slipped two fingers inside her pussy to gather her juices, and she moaned and slipped back onto his fingers, creaming even more.

Now she was sucking Nat's cock, taking him into her mouth and throat deeper and deeper, harder and faster. She wanted to look back to see what Brad was up to, but Nat held her head firmly and pushed himself deep, fucking in and out of her mouth slowly.

He was amazed at how good she was; he'd never been sucked so deep before, and he'd never been in a three- way, either. He couldn't make up his mind whether to watch Becca's lips around his hard meat, or Brad about to penetrate her little ass.

He bit his lip as she sucked him especially deep with a powerful suction. Brad watched her head and slipped his two fingers deeper inside her. Becca whimpered loudly against Nat's cock and gurgled and moaned on the hard staff.

She realized that she was starting to really like the hot, cheesy taste of prick, and strangely, found it really satisfying to suck on these things. She liked it a lot!!

And now Brad is in her...

Then Brad slid his cock inside her pussy from behind, pushing it slowly into her tight little box. He slowly fucked her for a few minutes before pulling his wet cock out and then, holding his hand firmly in the middle of her back, he aimed his prick at her little ass and began to push. With the help of her lubricating juices, he soon popped his prick head past her sphincter and there he let is just rest for a minute. She jumped a little as he went into her, there... it wasn't exactly painful, but it was... what? uncomfortable?

But soon, she was focusing on sucking Nat again, and the feeling in her little butt was okay then it was good... then it was pretty good... then Brad was pushing a little further into her and it was getting downright pleasurable. And it just kept getting better and better as, inch by inch Brad slipped his big, veined pole into her little sweet butt and she sucked Nat's cock deeper until her nose was pressing into his dark hair and she actually felt his helmet-head down inside her throat.

She knew if she didn't control herself, she'd gag, but she'd already discovered how to breathe and swallow to stop the gagging, and she was getting used to having all that meat inside her mouth and inside her little butt, too! She was just full of boy meat, and Becca loved it!

It dawned on her, then, that she was being double fucked. It sounded so dirty, so depraved and so sexy that she started cumming and her little pussy just squirted juice as the waves moved up her body one after the other. It felt strange cumming with nothing filling her pussy, but the prick in her ass was almost as good.

As her orgasm increased, she moaned from deep in her chest, the vibration giving Nat a "hummer" on his prick, still buried deep in her throat. It caused him to lose his load right then and he squirted streams of hot, creamy cum into the back of Becca's teenaged throat.

Becca fought to swallow it down, remembering to gather saliva to help. That movement of her cheeks and tongue was the purest, absolute pleasure for Nat's prick like a cock massage. As soon as his balls were empty, Nat pulled from Becca's mouth and collapsed onto the blanket, fighting for air.

Becca lowered her head to the blanket, which raised her butt to a better angle for Brad, and he went deep into her ass, moaning and groaning with every stroke. He bent over Becca now, and reached under her with one hand on her box and the other on one of her breasts.

Holding her tight, fingers inside her wet teen twat, an orange-sized breast squeezed in the other hand, he pressed into her and ejaculated deep in her bowels. Ropes of searing hot cum squirted up from his balls -- pressing tight into her butt cheeks -- up the length of his shaft only to be squeezed right back out of her snug little ass by the tight fit of his cock in her narrow channel.

Becca felt him cumming and screamed into the blanket with the intense pleasure and excitement. Nat, recovered a little, raised up on an elbow to watch his friend finish fucking Becca's tight little butt - a very hot scene, indeed. He wondered if he'd ever get that chance, and felt his dick twitch in anticipation.

The sight so excited Nat that his cock was soon standing proud again. He raised up to his knees and moved to Becca. He rolled her over easily, leaned down onto her and kissed her. "Can I fuck you now, Becca?" he asked softly - expecting her to say no. She just spread her legs, reached down for his prick, and guided him right into her sweet little pussy slit.

They fucked slowly, easily, her legs first wrapping around him, then spreading out... then Nat slipped an arm under one of her legs and lifted it to his shoulder, kissing her calf as his rod slipped in and out of her. Brad watched this with keen interest, and then slid over to kiss Becca's neck and ears and breasts as Nat plowed her little furrow steadily.

It wasn't long before Nat paid his tribute to Becca again, this time making very little noise, a quiet cum, but from the arch of his back and good one. As he seemed to finish, he suddenly was overtaken again and had still another orgasm almost immediately. As Becca felt that, she moaned out loud, almost wailing, and pushed up against him and came too.


After a few minutes, Brad produced still one more of those fine, gold joints, and they all three shared it easily, relaxed, fucked out, but all feeling good. As they toked, brad found some towels and a water bottle, and the boys first cleaned themselves, then lovingly and carefully washed Becca's fine, lithe little body.

She was loving all the attention from these two handsome studs. She wondered to herself just how she got so lucky. Then she thought about going back to St. Aloysius, and she realized it was time for public school; she'd never be able to handle all weird priest- nun stuff again, what with all their guilt trips and mumbo-jumbo.

That night was ten years ago. Becca did switch to public school, pestering her mom until she gave in. She kept contact with both Brad and Nat, and the three of them dated as a trio many times, enjoying wonderful sex many times after that - several times in the woods again, as they especially enjoyed that.

Four years later, when Becca was 18, she and Brad were married, and moved to Seattle, soon to be joined by Nat. Brad and Nat were hot shot computer programmers, and they had taught Becca many of their skills.

The three set up housekeeping together in a very nice condo while Becca attended community college, working on her Computer Science degree, too. The trio worked hard and invested in and then buying a Web consulting and design business, making a small fortune before Becca turned 25, still a very beautiful, leggy blonde.

The three are still together, sharing their lives and love. There are no children yet, but they're thinking about it.



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