She been lying there quietly for almost half an hour, gently pleasuring herself but resisting taking herself to that crescendo of ecstasy that she so desired. Her bedroom was bathed in the light of a full moon. Then, almost silently, the bedroom door opened and in the soft glow of the hall light she watched him enter her room, closing and locking it behind him. She watched, her heart beating wildly, as he walked to the edge of her bed.

He let his robe slide off his powerful shoulders and to the floor, revealing his nakedness to her for the first time in the strong moonlight. She had always admired and been proud of his physique and now, standing naked beside her bed within touch, he looked like one of those naked marble statues of a Roman God, except that unlike those perfect sculptured forms, his body was warm and alive and his sex was fully erect and pulsing with desire.

For a brief moment she saw his sex fully outlined in profile. She softly gasped in awe and eager expectation, observing that his manhood was thick and powerful, a full 8 inches of potency, its huge uncircumcised mushroom-like head just half revealed behind his generous foreskin. He lifted the sheet and slid in beside her.

Only half an hour before they had been spooning on the lounge watching television, with her mother usually sitting alone in the recliner nodding off to sleep. For the past few months she had been aware on many occasions of his aroused and rigid manhood that usually found its way into the cleft of her arse, throbbing and jerking spasmodically with just the thin material of her nightie and his satin robe preventing their skin from touching.

It had become an almost nightly ritual for the past 3 months, but nothing was ever said between them and she would always reluctantly move off the lounge and kiss him goodnight as she took herself to bed. But, tonight had been different. Somehow her nightie had crept up high behind her, bunching at her waist, but still modestly covering her front. This left just the thin satin of his robe as the barrier between his erect sex and her gorgeously rounded buttocks.

Then all of a sudden it happened, he moved slightly and his thick aroused member escaped from his loosely tied robe to lodge firmly between her cheeks. She gasped and he groaned softly as she felt for the first time his hot velvety smooth cock pulsing against her skin. For 10 minutes they lay that way, his cock throbbing, as they luxuriated in the feel of skin against skin. For the first time also she felt his wetness, as his pre- cum oozed generously.

Their silent lustful hug, seemingly innocent as viewed by her mother, was interrupted by her mom saying it was time for bed. Somehow he had managed to cover himself modestly before she arose form the lounge, her nightie falling back into place, as she kissed him on the cheek and went to bed.

She had been hoping against hope that tonight he would succumb to temptation and break the taboo. Now he was in her bed, his strong powerful arms wrapped around her. She snuggled into his broad chest as his thigh eased between hers. His large hard ball-sack was lodged against her thick thatch and his huge cock was throbbing nakedly against her skin just above her pubic forest.

Little needed to be said, as their rampant desire was mutual.

His hand caressed her gently and found its way up under her nightie to her budding breasts. For the first time she felt a hand other than her own caress her erotically. Her nipples responded into erect little nubs almost immediately. Then his breath was on her neck and soon his lips were caressing and he was biting her softly. She felt like a lioness being taken by the king of the pride, almost swooning with pleasure and feeling her wetness below.

His strong but gentle hand made its way down between her thighs, his fingers weaving a path through her soft luxuriant growth. The first touch of his fingers on her wet slit caused her gasp aloud. "Oh yes Daddy, yes, touch me, touch me," she whispered, aware that her mother had not long gone to bed and may still be awake.

For 10 minutes his fingers worked their magic along her slit and over her clit until finally she could not stop the tidal wave of pleasure exploding in her cunt. Her thighs straightened and her muscles locked, she thrust her pubis forward towards his invading fingers and groaned, gushing a river of nectar from her sex as she was enveloped in the most amazing orgasm of her life. He was gentle and understanding, not over stimulating her and letting her enjoy her pulsing throbbing orgasm without any other expectation.

They lay in silence for several minutes and then her arousal and need for another orgasm arose. "Oh Daddy, that was so beautiful, so lovely Daddy... please come inside me now Daddy."

Although he wanted to penetrate her he wanted it to be desire as well, and he did not want to force her or hurt her. "Oh baby, are you sure this what you want?"

She took a firm hold of his huge throbbing cock, now leaking pre-cum profusely. "Yes, Daddy, this what I want, I want this beautiful cock in my cunt Daddy, shove it into me now Daddy."

He positioned himself above her and between her outspread virgin thighs, but he was still very hesitant. "Oh darling, I don't want to hurt you, my cock is big, even for mature women baby."

She grabbed his cock firmly and masturbated it lovingly. "Daddy, don't worry, I have been playing with Mommy's dildo for the past year now and I can now get all of its 7 inches inside me, besides Daddy, I'm 13 now and no longer a little girl, make me a woman Daddy, make me a woman," she whispered insistently with desire.

"Oh baby, baby, my beautiful little woman, my beautiful little woman," he groaned as he slid his thick shaft into his 13-year-old daughter. For several minutes he slid his huge throbbing cock slowly in and out of his daughters sopping wet cunt, not wanting to unleash his full load until he had experienced the maximum amount of time the amazing pleasure from this forbidden lust. The both of them were groaning and gasping as they were washed by waves of pleasure.

But eventually he knew he could not restrain himself and began to pound her fiercely with powerful thrusts of his hard sperm lance. "That's it Daddy, that's it Daddy, fuck your little girl Daddy, fuck me hard", she crooned in a tempting whisper.

"Oh baby, baby, I'm going to have to pull out darling, because Daddy is about to blow."

She grabbed his powerfully flexing arse firmly and opened her thighs even further. "Don't pull out Daddy, don't pull out, blow in me Daddy, blow in me."

Momentarily he stopped thrusting and looked at her intently, in the strong moonlight they were able to now see each other's faces clearly: "Oh darling, I can't, I may make you pregnant because you aren't on contraception."

She looked at her father with a look of hungry lust and a smile: "Do it Daddy, do it, sperm me Daddy, pump me full of your creamy cum Daddy and make a baby in me. I want your baby Daddy, I want to make a baby for you Daddy."

That was too much for him to resist. He let out a primal cry of lust, something from deep within him that touched on the primal instinct for a male to spread his seed and began to root his huge cock into his 13 year old little girl, his little woman, in a frenzy of lust. She met his thrusts with equally rampant thrusts of her own, feeling her second orgasm approaching fast.

By now both of them were caught up in a powerful whirlpool of lust and pleasure, each thrust bringing on a new wave of pleasure, pleasure that was increasing, the crescendo of ecstasy was now about to envelop them. They now didn't care about their voices as their incestuous lust consumed them.



His huge cock then poured forth with its first thick gush of hot creamy spunk, incestuous spunk, sperm infused spunk. The force, heat and thickness of that first spurt was so great that she felt it splashing against the walls of her cunt. Lovely warm fertile Daddy-spunk was gushing into her, millions of sperm all swimming into her womb to find her eggs and make them a baby.

What followed then was a seeming unending spending of his fertile seed as gush after gush of thick hot cream spurted from the eye of his cock into the warm wet receptive fertile womb of his daughter. For almost a minute his cock spurted, emptying the huge reservoir of sperm that his huge balls had produced.


A month later she and Daddy left Mommy and went to live overseas in Europe. The marriage had been on the verge of collapse anyway, as Mommy had been fucking the boss at her work for a long time and both Daddy and daughter knew this.

Nine months later she gave birth to healthy twin girls, the first of their 6 children over the next 10 years. Their incestuous marriage proved to be long lasting and happy, each idolised and truly loved each other, but they never lost the power of their awesome incestuous lust.


  • Anonymous said:
    2 years ago
  • Anonymous said:
    2 years ago
    Oh it was wonderful, my daughter showed it to me and said she wanted to lose her virginity to me. Like you I let my urges take over. I got mt 13 year old pregnant too. It took 3 months but it happen. My wife found out and said that it was ok just so I keep her satisfied.
  • Anonymous said:
    3 years ago
    Daddy, and her had 6 babies over 10, 5 girls and 1 boy, she decided to let the boy be a baby forever and nurse from her tits, and the 5 girls were free to breed daddy, each one giving daddy 10 more babies 9 girls each and 1 boy whom they also kept as a baby
  • Anonymous said:
    3 years ago
    I loved the story, my mother gave birth to six babies five sons and a daughter. I became daddies favorite while my brothers took over mother. I would sit on daddies lap feeling his hard cock between my legs and our juices mixing. Mother would be tormented by my brothers with there finger in her ass and cunt. They were always sucking her breast and she would be drinking there sperm. Before becoming teens and after my periods had started we had a party week-end mother and I both got pregnant. I with daddies babies and mother with my brothers babies. What we found out at birthing was that mommy and daddy were brother and sister. Also mommy had five other sisters and five brothers and now we are all moving in together.