"Connie, telephone," Abby Johannson called out to her 12 year old daughter.

"Okay, I got it in my room," the preteen hollered downstairs. "Hello," Connie said.

She listened to Mrs. Alberts say she needed a babysitter for tomorrow night.

"Sure, Mrs. Alberts, I'd be glad to watch Susan and Erik" Connie answered her. They chatted a few more minutes then said their good-byes.

"Mom, I have to baby-sit for Mrs. Alberts on tomorrow night." Connie shouted down to her mother. Connie thought that to herself how easy that money is going to be to earn. Susan is 8 and Erik is 10 and both kids like Connie. Connie lay on her bed and thought about Heather. Heather was Connie's best friend and the girls were talking about Heather seeing her daddy's thingy when he got out of the shower.

She opened the door thinking the bathroom was empty, but got the shock of her life when her dad was coming out of the shower stall. His huge thing hung down limp but thick and long. Heather told Connie she got a real good look at it and then went to her room and rubbed her cunny. That is what Connie was doing now. She put her hand inside her shorts and rubbed her little bald cunny until she soaked her underwear in pleasure. She moaned out as she creamed her shorts.

"Connie, supper is ready, honey," her mom called from the kitchen.

"Coming," Connie yelled back.

Abby looked at her daughter as she entered the kitchen. "Are you feeling okay, sweetie, you look flushed" Abby asked her.

"I'm fine, it's just warm in here and I ran down the stairs," she replied to her mother with a grin on her face.

Mother and daughter ate their meal while discussing the events of the day. Ever since Connie's daddy died of cancer, they made a point to talk about each others day during supper. At first Connie thought it was a silly idea but now she looks forward to it every night. They talk about anything and everything. Abby was very open about free discussion of any subject.

"You know Connie, your getting old enough for me to explain about the birds and bees" Abby told her preteen daughter.

"Jeez mom, I'm not a baby, I know about sex," Connie cried out to her mom.

"I think there are a few things that need to be explained to you," her mom shot back at her. "You may think you know everything but I'm sure there are things you want to ask me," she added.

"This is gross to talk about at dinner," Connie laughed. "Let's talk about it after dinner," she told her mother.

They finished eating. Connie helped her mother pick up the dirty dishes and put them in the dishwasher. Abby washed the pots and pans while Connie did the drying. When the kitchen was back in order, they went into the family room. Connie sat on the couch and her mother sat in the chair opposite of her lovely daughter. Abby was sipping a glass of wine to build up the nerve to talk sex with her 12 year old daughter.

"Okay, where should I start," Abby said to herself out loud.

"How much do you know about sex?" She asked her daughter.

"Mom, do we have to do this, it's embarrassing," Connie whispered.

"I want to explain everything to you so you know what to expect in different situations when you get older," Abby said.

"In a few years you will be dating and need to know this stuff," she added.

"Tell me what you know or what you think you know," she asked her daughter.

"I know that a man puts his thingy into a woman's cunny and that's how a baby is made," Connie told her mom while blushing deeply. "I heard it feels good," she added.

"Okay, that's a start," her mom said.

"Let's get the names of the organs right first," Abby said to her

"A man has a penis, not a thingy, it is sometimes called a cock, prick, dick, stiff rod and many other names but cock is the most common," she informed Connie.

"A woman has a vagina, not a cunny, it can be called a pussy, cunt, slit, gash and many more but pussy and cunt are the most popular," Abby explained.

Abby looked at her daughter and she was blushing bright red at the terminology of the sex organs. She asked her mother what she should call them. Abby said what ever you like to call it.

"What do you call them, mom," Connie inquired.

"I call my vagina a pussy and sometimes a cunt, and I call a man's penis a cock," Abby explained turning red herself at the frankness of their discussion.

"Alright, I just told you about the vagina, but do you know what these are, vulva, clitoris, cervix, urethra, anus, rectum or how about breast, nipple or areola?" Abby asked her 12 year old daughter.

"You know that a man has a penis but do you know what scrotum, testicles, sperm, or foreskin is?" she added

"Gee mom, I never heard of any of those things," her daughter answered.

"What are they, do I have all of them yet?" she asked seriously.

"Yep, you sure do, honey," Abby laughed at her daughter.

"Can you tell me about them or better yet, can you show them to me?" Connie asked of her mother.

Abby thought about her request of showing the body parts to her 12 year old daughter. She wondered if she really should do that. Abby figured she has to learn somewhere and where else is better than at home with her mother. Abby weighed the pros and cons of Connie's request and decided she would show her the different body parts.

"Are you sure you want me to show you?" Abby asked Connie. The little preteen girl nodded her head yes.

"Okay, stand up in front of me and take off your clothes so I can show you," Abby instructed her young daughter.

"MOM, I meant you could show me pictures from a book," Connie shrieked out.

"Well I would if I had a book with pictures, if you don't want to learn, we can just forget this" Abby told her. Connie hesitated, thinking about what she wanted to do. On one hand she wanted to learn about her body and sex but she didn't want to get naked in front of her mother. Her young mind was spinning in confusion. She finally made her mind up.

She reached up and removed her t-shirt pulling it off her body. She pulled her shorts down and kicked them off. She now stood in front of her mom in her training bra and panties. Abby gazed at her pretty daughter. She looked at her shoulder length dark hair framing her beautiful face with its dark brown eyes and little turned up button nose. She moved her gaze to her daughter's chest. Connie's breasts were just small mounds.

Connie reached back and unhooked her training bra, shrugging it off her shoulders. She then hooked her fingers into her panties pulling them off her supple body. Abby gasp slightly at the sight of her gorgeous daughter. Her breasts were small but firm with small nipples.

She looked at her daughter's pussy noticing that she had no hair yet and puffy little lips. Abby couldn't believe that she was getting damp between her legs just from looking at her daughter. Abby hasn't had any sexual activity with anyone since her husband died.

She takes care of her needs by masturbation when Connie is sleeping. Now, seeing her daughter naked in front of her, Abby's cunt was leaking her juice soaking her own panties.

"Okay, lets start with your breast," Abby said.

"You mean my boobies," Connie inquired.

"They are called breasts or many people call them tits" Abby told her

"The nipple is right here," Anna pointed and touched the hard knob. Connie sucked in a breath when she felt her mother's finger touch her nipple.

"The dark circle around the nipple is called the areola," her mom explained.

"You can feel pleasure by squeezing your breasts and pulling and pinching the nipple." she said. Abby took one of Connie's small breast and massaged it, rolling and pulling the young girls nipple.

"AHH, OHHH, mom that feels good when you do that," Connie sighed at the feeling of her mom's actions.

"I can't really see my areola and nipples, could I see yours," she asked her mother blushing bright red.

Abby removed her blouse and bra. Connie stared at her mothers breasts. He mother's breast were firm and didn't sag. Abby was only 32 years old and kept herself in good shape. Her mom's breast had large areolas and long nipples. Connie took her hand and placed it over her mother's breast. She could feel the heat generating from her tit. She gave it a couple of soft squeezes and could feel the nipple harden in her palm. Both woman were massaging and playing with the other ones breast.

"Sit down on the couch and I will show you the parts of the woman's sex organ," Abby said as she led her daughter to the couch. When Connie was seated with her legs parted Abby knelt in front of her.

"This is your vulva" she told Connie as she placed her hand on her daughter's sex.

"These are the vulva lips or they are sometimes called the labia," she added. Connie could feel herself getting wet and hoped her mother didn't notice. Her mother's fingers were gently spreading the lips apart. When Abby spread her daughter's cunt lips she noticed the moisture beginning to seep out of her cunt.

"Connie, do you masturbate," Abby asked her daughter

"What does that mean," Connie wanted to know.

"Do you ever make yourself feel good by rubbing between your legs," her mother said.

"MOMMY!!" Connie screamed out. She was blushing so bad. She didn't know if she should tell her mom or not. She didn't want to make her mom mad or disappoint her by doing something wrong.

"There is nothing wrong with doing that," Abby stated seeing her daughter struggle with an answer.

"Okay, yeah, I do that sometimes because it feels so good," Connie whispered.

"That's fine honey, I do it to sometimes," her mother told her. She went back to her explanation of the parts of her sex.

"This little bump at the top of your slit is called the clitoris," Abby told her daughter.

"OH MOM!" Connie's hips bucked as she felt her mother's finger touch her young clit. Abby quickly moved her finger off Connie's clit.

"This really small hole is your urethra, that's where you pee from," she said "And this larger hole is your vagina" her mother added. Abby circled her finger around Connie's cunt hole. She noticed that her daughter bald little pussy was leaking a steady stream of juice.

"UUMM, OH!" Connie moaned out loud. Abby stopped her fingering and removed her finger.

"And finally, this is your anus" Abby said as she ran her finger around her daughters little pink rosebud.

"AAWW!" Connie gasped as she felt a finger on her butt hole. That was a completely new sensation for the young girl.

"Mom, I can't see any of the parts you're talking about," Connie whined.

Abby didn't hesitate, she stood up and dropped her jeans and soaked panties.

"Take a look, and ask me anything you want to know" she told her child.

"You can explore and feel what you want to learn about," Abby said to her.

Connie got down on her knees in front of her mother.

"I thought there was suppose to be more hair," she asked her mother. Abby explained that she shaves her pussy to keep it neat and cleaner. Connie slowly reached out and touched her mom's pussy for the first time.

Abby gasped at the touch to her hot cunt. Connie pulled her mother's cunt lips apart and stared at her slit that was already slick with her juice. She saw her mom's clit sticking out proudly. She moved a finger up and rubbed it around her mom's clit.

"OOOHHHH!" Abby sighed out as her daughter played with her clit. Connie ran her finger up and down her mothers wet slit.

"AH baby, OH!" Abby groaned to her daughter. Connie could smell the musky scent of her mother's pussy.

"Do you want to feel the inside of my vagina," Abby asked her preteen daughter.

"Just stick you finger in the hole and push gently," he mother instructed her.

"UGH, OOHH!" Abby moaned out her pleasure.

"Gee, it's so warm and slippery," She told her mother.

"I can feel you squeeze my finger, mom" Connie said in amazement. Connie removed her finger and looked down at her mothers butt. She ran her finger through her mom's butt crack, stopping when she touched the anus. Connie drew circles around the brown hole and her slick finger slid into her mother's ass hole up to the first knuckle.

"OOHHHH, AHHHH!" Abby cried out as her daughter's finger slid up her ass.

Connie quickly withdrew her finger from her mother's rectum.

"I'm sorry mom, it just kind of slipped in," Connie apologized.

"Oh, honey, that's okay, it felt kind of good," her mother said.

"It's been a long time since I was touched there," Abby told her young child.

"Your daddy use to do that to me when we made love," she told Connie dreamily.

Abby was remembering the great sex her and her late husband use to have.

"Don't you ever miss do those things since daddy's gone," Connie asked Abby.

"I do, your daddy was a wonderful lover," Abby said to her.

"I help my self feel good every so often after you go to bed," she confided in Connie.

"Mom, can you show me how you do it," Connie asked Abby shyly.

"I don't know if I'm doing it right or not," she added.

Abby pondered Connie's request in her head. There were a million reasons not to do this and very few reasons to go ahead with it. She was always open with her 12 year old and didn't want to hold back now. She knew that Connie masturbated already. She didn't want her daughter to hurt herself by experimenting with herself. She decided that it would be better to demonstrate masturbation to her preteen.

"Okay, first I start squeezing my breast and pulling my nipples until they get hard," she told Connie.

"Then I move my other hand down to my pussy and begin to rub my clit," she showed her.

"Wait a minute, let me show you how by doing it to you and when you are done feeling good you can do what you learned on me, how does that sound?" Abby asked her daughter. Connie nodded her head enthusiastically. She couldn't wait to try it. Abby took her daughters hand and walked to her bedroom.

They lay on the bed side by side. Abby reached over and cupped one of Connie's small titties. She lightly pinched her little nipple and gave it a slight twist.

"UUMMM, mom, I never knew my boobs could feel so good" Connie told her mother. Abby never expected her talk this evening to turn out like this. She was so hot and horny. Abby's cunt juice was running down her legs. She bent over placing her lips over Connie's nipple.

"OH YEAH!" Connie sighed. Abby bit down on the nipple gently.

Her daughter groaned out in pleasure.

Abby moved her hand down to the little girl's hairless cunt. She could feel the wetness of her daughters slit. Her finger slid up her slit bumping her clit. Abby took her daughters clit and began to rub in circles all around the hard button.

"OOHH mommy, I fees so funny in my belly," she cried out to Abby. Abby slid a finger down the slit and pushed slightly into her hole.

"AAAAAAWWWWWWWW, MMMMMMMMMM," Connie groaned as her mothers finger sunk in.

"OWWW," Connie yelped as her mother's finger hit her hymen.

"Ow, that hurt!" she cried out.

Abby explained that it was her hymen and that every young girl had one. She apologized for hurting her and withdrew her finger. She slowly began finger fucking her daughter. Abby never in her life had a lesbian encounter and here she was now having one with her daughter. Abby was sopping wet at her cunt. She couldn't remember the last time she was this aroused sexually. She wanted to do everything with her daughter.

She kept her finger slowly going in and out of her 12 year olds pussy hole. Connie's young cunt was seeping girl juice out steadily. Abby took her other hand and slid it in the slimy cum juice and circled the little girl's ass hole.

"UGHHHHH, mom, that feels real good like that," she sighed out.

Abby bent her head and placed her lips on Connie's clit. She took a finger from her free hand and slid it slowly back up Connie's love canal.

"EEEEEOOOHHHH!!" Connie screamed as she felt her mother's tongue on her little clit. Connie arched her back and forced her mother's finger deeper into her.

"OUCH" she shrieked in pain as her mother's finger plunged through her hymen.

"UUUGGGGHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHHHH," the preteen shrieked as Abby's finger went into her ass.

"OOOOHHHHHHH, Oh mommy, Oh mommy," she panted to Abby.

Her hips were bucking up and down. Cunt juice was gushing from her bald slit into her mom's mouth.

"OOOHHHHHH, mom I feel it coming, OOHHHHH, gee mom, don't stop, AAAWWWWWW, AAAAHHH!!" she screamed as she bucked her hips down forcing her mothers finger up her cunt hole and ass hole at the same time.

"AAAHHHH!" she bellowed as she flooder her mother's mouth with her slick sticky cum.

"AAAAHHH, Oh mom, AAAAHHHHHH!!" Connie cried out arching her back as another wave of pleasure washed over her preteen body.

"AARRRRRRGGGGGGGG!" she groaned as the last of her cunt juice flowed from her body.

Abby sat back looking at her lovely daughter lying nude before her, basking in the glow of a gigantic orgasm. She licked her lips, getting all of Connie's cum off of them. A wave of guilt crashed down on Abby.

"Oh Connie, I'm so sorry, I never should have done that with you," she cried.

"I'm so ashamed," she wept to her young daughter.

"Come on mom, I liked what you did and you taught me about my body," Connie comforted her mother.

"You didn't do anything to me that I didn't want to happen, I love you mom, and I want to do that stuff to you so I can make you feel good too," Connie said.

"Connie, I could get into big, big trouble if anyone found out, I could go to jail," Abby told her.

"You can never tell anyone EVER," Abby warned her.

"I won't tell a soul, I promise on daddy's grave," Connie swore to her mom.

"This will be our secret for ever and ever," she added as she looked at her mother.

"Sweetheart, I need to feel good too," Abby begged her daughter

"Can you do what I did for you to me," she asked her preteen daughter.

"Could you show me how to kiss," Connie asked her mother.

"I have never kissed a boy and wouldn't even know how," she said with a sad face.

Abby told her child that it was easy to kiss and she would be glad to show her all about it.

Connie moved her lips over her mothers. She looked into her mom's eyes and lowered her lips to hers. She pressed her tightly closed lips to Abby's lips. Suddenly, she felt her mother's tongue licking at her lips. She didn't know what to do, so she opened her mouth to lick back when she felt her mothers tongue enter her mouth.

Abby licked all around the inside of her young child's mouth. Connie thought that was kind of neat so she pushed her tongue into her mom's mouth. Abby sucked her daughters tongue deep into her mouth. She sucked Connie's tongue letting Connie taste her left over cum. Connie broke off the kiss panting heavily.

"That was sure neat mom" She panted at her mother. She moved her mouth to her mother's tits. She sucked on a tit, washing the nipple with her tongue. She gently bit and pulled on her mom's hard nipple.

"OOOHHHH," Abby softly moaned.

Connie wasted no time to taste her mother's cunt juice. She moved down between her mom's legs and stared at her gaping cunt. She could smell the musky odor of her cum. She could see large amounts leaking from her slit. Connie bent her head down touching the tip of her tongue to the sopping wet slit. She pulled her tongue back tasting her mother. She decided that it wasn't all that bad and began to lick eagerly.

"OOOHHHHHH, Connie, I'm so close to cumming, don't stop!" she begged her preteen daughter. Abby was gushing cum out of her cunt like an open faucet.

Slowly Connie sunk a finger into her mother's wet cunt hole.

"AAAWWWWWWW, honey, push it deeper," she cried to her child.

"OOOOHHHHHHH, Connie put another finger in," she pleaded with her.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHHH, another, put another one in," her mother begged.

"UUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!" Abby groaned as a third finger entered her pussy.

"Another, shove another one in" she told Connie. Her preteen daughter slid a fourth finger up her mother's cunt.

"AAAAAEEEEEEEEE, OH! OH! OH! OH!" Abby panted as four fingers worked her cunt. She begged Connie to put the last finger in.

"Oh, mom, I have all five fingers in you now," Connie yelled in amazement at her mom.

"OOOOHHHHH, baby, OOOHHHHH, push your hand in, please push your hand in!" she begged of her daughter. Connie slowly pushed until her hand popped inside of her mother's pussy. She began to fist her mother's cunt.

"OH FUCK!!" Abby screamed. Connie could feel her mother's cunt muscles squeezing her hand tightly.

"OH FUCK! I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm cumming, OH GOD! I'm cummmmming!!" Abby shouted out loudly. She bucked her hips to meet her preteens driving fist. Connie was fisting her mom with a strong hard stroke.

"AAHHH!!" she hollered as Connie twisted her hand and spread her fingers inside her mom's cunt hole. This drove Abby to another orgasm.

"OH, enough, Connie enough already!" her mom panted to her. As Abby was coming down from her orgasm, Connie withdrew her hand and licked the juice from it. When she cleaned her hand of all the cum, she bent down and cleaned her mothers cunt.

"Connie, we can never talk to anyone about this, remember that and promise me," Abby told her 12 year old daughter. She asked Connie if she had any questions.

"You never told me about a man's stuff," Connie told her.

Abby explained that since they didn't have a real man to show her, they would have to use the internet. Abby logged on to a medical site and showed Connie the various parts of a man's sex. After she was done with the explaining, she went to a couple of porn sites and showed her how a man uses what he's got. She showed the various positions of fucking. She also showed some short video's of blow jobs. Connie asked many questions when she saw a woman with a cock in her mouth. Abby explained what she could about blow jobs and how it tasted. When they were done, the logged off the computer and went to bed.

Friday arrived and Connie was getting ready for her baby-sitting job. She put on her favorite shorts and a halter top. She brushed her dark hair and ran downstairs.

"I'm leaving now mom!" she yelled to Abby.

"I'll be home by midnight," she added.

Connie walked the five blocks to the Albert's house. She rang the doorbell and Mr. Albert's answered.

"Hey cutie, come on in, we are almost ready to leave," he told her.

"The kids are in the backyard in the pool, you can go back there now" he said.

Connie walked out the back door and saw the two youngsters splashing in the in-ground pool. She wished she had brought her swim suit so she could join them. Mrs. Albert's came out to say good-bye to the kids. She saw me staring at the pool and said that I could go in with my panties and bra if I like. Connie thanked her and told her that she might later on but not now. The Albert's left and Connie returned watching the two kids play in the water.

"Okay guys, get out of the pool, it's time for supper," Connie told the two kids. They climbed up the ladder and grabbed their towels. Susan was the first to get out. Eight years old and already a beauty. She had golden hair that reached her waist and the brightest blue eyes. She had no tits yet but her body was beginning to shape up nicely. 10 year old Erik followed her out of the pool. He was a good looking boy with dark hair and a well trimmed body for his young age. The two kids dried themselves off and followed Connie into the kitchen.

After dinner of pizza and soda's, she told them to take a bath and get their pajamas on.

They complained that it was too early to go to bed. Connie laughed told them that they didn't have to go to bed, just get ready so if their mom and dad came home early they could run to bed pretending to be asleep. She told them that they could stay up late as long as they didn't tell their parents. Susan clapped her hands together excitedly and ran upstairs to shower first, but Erik was running after her yelling that he was first. Connie could hear the two kids yelling at each other so she went up to settle the argument.

"Stop the fighting or you will go to bed early," She scolded them.

"If you can't decide who goes first, you can take a bath together," she told them.

"We haven't done that since we were little" Susan told her.

"Then I don't want to hear any more fighting, now who is going first?" Connie asked.

"ME, no ME!!" Susan and Erik both shouted.

"That settles it, you take a bath together or go to bed now!" She hollered. Both children fell silent at the prospect of bathing together. It had been years since they did that. Secretly, they both were excited about seeing each other with no clothes on. Connie went into the bathroom to run the water in the tub. When the tub was filled she told Susan and Erik to get undressed.

"Aren't you going to leave, so we can undress?" Erik asked Connie.

"No, I'm going to sit here on the toilet and make sure there is no more fighting" Connie informed the two young children. Erik and Susan looked at each other wondering what to do. Connie told them to hurry and get in the tub if they wanted to watch a movie before bed. Susan stripped off her clothes and got in, followed by Erik. Connie watched with interest as they got into the tub. Susan had a flat chest but puffy nipples. Her pussy was bald but she could see Susan's small clit sticking out on top of her slit. When Susan climbed into the tub, Connie had a great view of her 8 year old butt, so round and firm.

She also checked out Erik when he got in. His chest was hairless but developed. You could tell he was a very active young boy. Connie could make out his muscles as he undressed. Connie gazed at his crotch. His little cock hung limp between his legs. It didn't look anything like the one's her mother and her looked at on the internet. When he swung his legs into the tub, she could see his little ball sack hanging down beneath his cute little ass.

Connie sat back on the toilet watching the two siblings in the tub. Susan and Erik were checking each others body out. Susan picks up the soap to begin washing. She lathered her hands up and rubbed them over her face soaping it up well. She splashed water on it to rinse the soap off. Erik told her that he would wash her if she wanted him to. Susan handed her brother the soap. He lathered his hands and ran them over her flat chest.

Connie could see the little girls nipples harden under her brother's touch. Susan let out a little gasp as she felt them stiffen. Erik told her to stand so he could wash her legs. Susan stood up facing Erik. He ran his hand over her stomach and down her legs, skipping her bald pussy. Connie watched intently as she felt her own pussy starting to get damp with excitement. Connie told Erik to wash between her legs because a girl needs to be clean there or she could get an infection.

Erik lathered his hands again and ran his hand over his sister little cunt. He ran a finger into her tight slit bumping into her clit. Susan let out a loud moan when she felt him hit her clit. He blushed brightly and apologized to his sister for hurting her. Susan told him that he didn't hurt her, just surprised her. Erik turned his sister around and washed her little butt. He ran a finger down her crack causing another moan from her when he touched her pink little rosebud. He told her to sit down so he could rinse her off. When she was all done, Susan said it was her turn.

Eric turned around and told her to wash his back first. He didn't want his sister to see his hard dick. He got a woody when he was washing Susan and now it won't go down. Susan scrubbed his back and told him to stand so she could wash his butt too. Erik looked at Connie blushing bright red as he stood up exposing his hard cock for her to see. Susan ran her hands over her brother's ass cheeks. She ran a finger down his crack and circled his butt hole. Erik drew in a deep breath when he felt his little sister's finger at his butt hole.

Susan declared his backside clean and told him to turn around. As Erik turned, Susan's eyes locked onto his erect cock. It was sticking straight out pointing at Susan's face. Susan started with Erik's legs and lathered upward. When she came to his cock, she stopped and told him that maybe he should wash that himself. Connie told her that he was nice enough to wash you, you should was him. Susan reached up and took her brothers rock hard cock into her hand. Erik groaned loudly as he felt her slippery hands move up and down his shaft. She washed his hard prick and gently lathered his ball sack. When she was done, she told him to sit down and she would rinse him off.

When they were all done, Connie told them to go to their rooms to dress while she cleaned the bathroom. When they were gone, she shut and locked the bathroom door.

Connie pulled her shorts down. She had to relieve herself. Her cunt was pouring cum out. She sat back down on the toilet seat and began rubbing her pussy. She stuck her finger into her cunt hole and pushed it deep. She was moaning and humping her hips. When her orgasm hit, Connie let out a long sigh, trying to be quiet so the kids wouldn't hear her. When she was finished she licked her hand clean enjoy the taste of her own cunt juice.

She met the two kids in the family room where they had turned the TV on already. They wanted to watch a movie. Connie asked them which movie they wanted to watch. They went to the cabinet looking over all the titles. Erik saw a couple that were way in the back on the top shelf. He took on and looked at it. It had no title or anything, it was just a blank case.

"Hey, this one doesn't have a title," he told his sister.

"Let's see what it is, maybe we haven't watched this one yet," he added.

Susan ran back to the couch while Erik put the tape in the machine. The movie started out showing a young preteen girl getting ready for bed. When the child was in bed, the bedroom door opened and a man came in saying his good nights. He bent to give her a good night kiss and the little girl reached and stroked the man's cock. He lifted the covers and pulled her nightgown up. He ran his finger into her slit as she stroked his hard prick. Connie jumped up and stopped the movie.

"HEY, what are you doing!" the kids yelled.

"You two are way too young to see that," Connie told them.

"That's not fair, how are we ever going to learn about sex," Susan giggled.

"That's something your mom and dad will tell you about," Connie said.

Erik got up and ejected the movie from the machine. He returned it to where he found it, so his dad wouldn't know that they saw it. As he walked back to the couch, Connie and Susan saw his pajamas tenting out in front from his hard little prick.

"Look, Eric has a stiffy, Erik has a stiffy," Susan teased her brother.

"SHUT UP, you twerp," he shouted at her.

He blushed brightly as he sat down trying to hide his problem. Connie whispered to him that he shouldn't let his little sister get to him. He smiled at her and nodded his head. The three of them sat on the couch wondering what to do after seeing that porno tape.

"Can I see your stiffy," Susan suddenly asked her brother.

"HUH" Erik said in surprise.

"I want to see you're stiffy again. I saw it in the bathtub so I don't see why I can't see it now," Susan explained to her brother.

Connie told him that he should let his little sister see him. She told Susan that if she saw Eric it was only fair that he saw her too. Susan stood up and removed her nightgown showing us that she wore no underclothes. She stood before us completely naked. Erick stood up and removed his pajamas and underwear. Now both kids were naked and curious.

Susan reached out and touched Erik's hard cock. His prick jumped when she touched it and that caused her to giggle at the sight. Susan wrapped her small hand around Erik's shaft and began to stroke it.

"OOHHHHHHH!" Erik groaned out

"OH, Susan, OOHH that makes me feel real good!" he told her.

Susan started pumping harder causing Erik to moan out louder. Connie leaned down and whispered in Susan's ear. Susan stopped what she was doing and looked at Connie.

"Really, I don't know Connie," she said.

Connie told her, "I've seen movies showing it."

"Why don't you show me how, then I will try it," Susan said to Connie.

Erik didn't know what they were talking about. All he knew was his cock ached because his sister stopped rubbing him. He was just about to complain when Connie dropped to her knees in front of him. She took is hard cock in her hand and brought it to her lips.

She kissed her first cock all around the head.

"OH!" Erik sighed loudly as he felt Connie's lips on his cock.

"AW, gezz!" He moaned as he felt his cock enter Connie' hot mouth.

"OH, OH, OH, OH" he panted as Connie suck on his 10 year old cock. He never felt anything so good in his life. Connie let his cock slip from his mouth.

"OH NO! Please don't stop!!" he begged her . Connie told Susan to take over. Susan got down on the floor and licked her brother's hard cock. She slipped it into her mouth and began to suck gently.

"AAAWW GOD!" Erik groaned.

"OH, OH, Susan don't stop please don't stop!!" he said loudly to her.

"AAAHHHH, AAAHHHHH, OOHHHHH, I, I, I, I, OH, OH, OH!!!" he screamed. Erik's hips bucked up to Susan's lips causing his cock to enter further into her mouth

"AAAAHHHHHH!!" Erik shouted as he arched his back and humped his dick into is sister mouth. He had his first orgasm and he loved it. He couldn't produce any juice yet but the feeling was there. Erik pushed Susan away telling her it was really sensitive now. He lay back on the couch panting out his pleasure.

After a few minutes he told us how he felt when he had is cum. He tried to explain the feeling to Susan. Connie told him that maybe he should just do it for her so she could feel as good as he did. Erik pushed her back on the couch and opened her legs so he could see her bald little slit. He rubbed his finger into the damp crack up to her small clit.

"OOOOOHHH, AAAHH!" Susan groaned out.

"AAAWWWWWWWW, that's the spot, of Erik rub right there," Susan told her brother.

Erik was rubbing her clit gently. Susan was moaning and groaning at his oral work out.

I told him that he should lick her little pussy like she did to him. He leaned forward and licked up her slit to her clit.

"AAAAHHHHH, OH ERIC!!!" she screamed as she felt his tongue on her clit.

"OH, OH, OH" Susan panted as she felt his tongue probe her hole.

"AAWWWWW, OH GOD, OH GOD!!" shouted Susan as her brother's tongue slid up her tight little cunt hole. Susan was leaking out her little 8 year old girl juice and Erik was lapping up every bit of it.

UGH, UGH, UGH!" screamed Susan as her first orgasm washed over her. Wave after wave of pleasure hit the little girl. Erik pulled his mouth off his sister's cunt and watched her come down from her sexual high.

"How would you kids like to make me feel good," Connie asked the two.

"YEAH!!" they both shouted.

That's when we heard the garage door open. Susan and Erik dressed quickly and I told them not to ever say anything about what we did tonight. Susan turned the TV on just as her parents walked in the back door. Mr. Alberts told us that Mrs. Alberts wasn't feeling good so they had to leave the party and come home. Mrs. Alberts went upstairs while he reached for his wallet to pay Connie. She accepted the money and said good bye to Susan and Erik. Connie was so horny from watching the two siblings please each other, she was rushed to get home so she could please herself.

"I'll give you a ride home, it's late," Mr. Alberts told her.

"Okay, and thanks," Connie replied.

They got in the car and began the short trip to her house. He asked if the kids were any problems and she told him that they were just great. She could smell her own juice that had soaked her panties. She hoped that he didn't notice the smell. While they were at the red light, he put his arm around her and told her that she was a very pretty girl. Connie blushed and thanked him.

"I don't even have any breasts yet," she complained to him.

"You look perfect to me," he replied to her. He slowly moved his hand to her chest and massaged her nipple.

"Ummmm," Connie murmured. She laid her head against his shoulder and enjoyed the feeling of his hand on her chest. She knew this was wrong but she was so horny from before.

"Oh," she sighed as he pulled and twisted her little nipple.

The car behind us honked his horn when the light turned green and we didn't move. Mr. Alberts stepped on the gas and went on.

"Connie, would you like to stop at the park for a little while," he asked her softly.

"Okay, I guess so," she whispered back to him

He pulled the car into the parking lot of the deserted park. He shut the engine off and turned toward Connie. He took her face into his hands and bent to kiss her. He slid his tongue into the preteen's mouth. She sucked on his tongue and swirled hers around it.

He reached down and untied her halter top. She could feel him fumble with the snaps of her training bra. Her nipples stiffened when they hit the cool evening air. Mr. Alberts reached down and tweaked her stiff nipples. Connie pulled back from him and told him that she wanted to see his cock.

He told her that she should unzip his pants and take it out. She reached out pulling the zipper down. Connie reached into his pants and found his cock. It wasn't completely hard yet. She snaked it out of his underwear and pants. She stroked the shaft as she felt it grow in her hand. Soon she was holding a 7 inch hard cock that was getting wet. She bent down to see what it was happening and saw a stream of liquid leaking from his pee hole. She ran her finger through the slimy liquid bringing a drop to her lips. She tentatively tasted his pre-cum. She licked her finger clean and scooped some more into her mouth.

"Why don't you just put it in you mouth, Connie, then you can get it all" he told her

"I never did that before, I don't know what to do" she answered him.

"Just put it in making sure you don't rub you teeth against it" he urged her.

"I don't know, Mr. Alberts, I shouldn't be doing this with you" Connie whined.

"What if someone found out" she added.

"Call me Bill, and nobody will find out if you don't tell" He said to the young preteen.

"Come on, put it in your mouth and suck it for me" he said softly as he pulled her head to his cock. She spread her lips wide to get his 7 inch cock in her mouth. She could hardly get the head in. When she finally got her lips around the head she licked all around the purple throbbing cock head.

"OH Jesus! AAHHHH!" Bill moaned to Connie.

He bucked his hips up and drove his dick farther into her mouth. Connie was afraid that she would choke on all that cock. Mr. Alberts grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head up then pushed it back down forcing her to take more of his cock.

"You are a natural cocksucker," Bill complimented her.

Connie bobbed her head on his rock hard cock. She twirled her tongue over his piss slit and licked the underside of his cock as well. Bill's cock was pouring out precum and she was lapping up every drop.

"OH baby I'm cumming! OH! OH! OH! AAAHHH!!" he screamed out as Connie felt the first blast of cum in her mouth. She swallowed fast to prevent choking on the slimy mess. Bill kept pumping his cock into her mouth as he shot string after string of hot gooey cum down her throat. Her throat was working hard to swallow the flood of cum pouring into her mouth. When he finished cumming, Connie licked his cock clean and sat back smiling.

Bill's cell phone began to ring. It was Susan saying that Bill's wife was really sick now and needed some medicine from the drug store. He told her that he would be right home. He hung up and started the car.

"I have to go right now, but I will make you feel special the next time, I promise," he told Connie.

"Come and baby-sit next Friday and when I take you home, I will suck you like you did for me" he promised

He dropped her off at her house and drove off. Connie walked into the house looking for her mother.

"MOM, MOM, where are you," she yelled out.

"I'm up in my bedroom," Abby answered back.

Connie went upstairs to talk to her mother. She entered the bedroom noticing that her mother was naked on the bed. Abby told her she interrupted her masturbation session. Connie smiled at her mother telling her that she would be glad to help her out with her problem. Connie striped off her clothes and crawled into bed with her mom. Abby and her 12 year old daughter continued the sex education lessons once more.



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