Brandi is seventeen, five-foot-six, 105 pounds, silky slightly wavy natural blonde hair. Her breasts point proudly out from her chest. They are according to Brandi too small. She has 34-A cups, with nipples a lovely shade of pink. Beneath the soft pink nipples, lay a lovely shade of pink areolas no more than the size of a quarter. Her breasts have never been touched or suckled by anyone. She is a virgin.

Brandi is ever the charmer. Her school mates voted her most personable. She is one of those girls that everyone wants to be associated with. She always has a smile on her face and offers everyone a word of kindness. Brandi Lawson is an innocent 17 year old with one burning desire. She wants her breasts to be larger.

It was nearly 11:30 on Tuesday morning, and Brandi was walking across the evenly cut grass of Camp Down's Hidden Lake. The image of the young beauty was highlighted by the tailored tee-shirt and shorts she was wearing. Brandi wore a small tee-shirt, and the seams on each side sown again, and the matching shorts, had been tailored to fit her hips perfectly, without appearing obscene. The tailoring of the shorts reflected the gentle roundness of her hips. Tailoring of the legs, and the seams taken in, had created an added touch with a "v" cut at the bottom and outside of each leg opening.

Unknown to Brandi, she was being studied by Viola Down, the wife of Joe. They were the owners of the nearly 1,500 acre camp. A man-made lake covered more than 200 acres, of the camp, and ran between two of the hills of the camp ground. The shoreline twisted in and out following the little stream beds and tree line. Viola or Vi as she was known watched the girl as she walked across the grass. She watched as Brandi walked in a zigzag pattern viewing the patches of flowers that grew around trees, or the open lawn, or even around the various building of the camp.

This was Brandi's sixth year of attending the camp, Vi recalled and then she remembered it was her first year as a counselor. She also remembered Brandi was self assured, and respectful of others regardless of her age. It was the main reason Vi had approved of her as a counselor. Vi had been impressed with the letter Brandi wrote inquiring about a counselor's position. In fact she was so impressed she did not just write her back she called her as soon as she had read the letter and confirmed her appointment as a counselor.

What confused Vi was Brandi's insistence about wearing clothing that was tailored for her instead of just buying what was on the shelf in the stores. As Brandi passed Mrs. Brown she said hello and continued on to the mess hall. She got her food and went to sit with the other counselors.

Easing toward the tables, Brandi spotted a 20-year-old boy she knew, Rob Hennings. He was sitting with two other counselors whom she did not recognize. She assumed they were new and had not been at the camp before. Rob lived in the same exclusive neighborhood where she resided. Brandi knew of his reputation with girls. Her friend Traci Engram had been enticed by Rob to go for a ride with him in his new car. Rob had taken her out into the country and convinced her to disrobe so he could see how beautiful she was.

Traci went on to say Rob coached her on how to touch him and how to get him hard. He then caressed her breasts, and when he got her turned on enough he managed to take her virginity. He told her she would be his girlfriend and his one and only. However, Traci was not fully developed and her little pussy was not able to accept Rob's manhood. He damaged her to the point she had to be hospitalized.

The damage was severe enough that Traci's doctors told her parents she probably would never have children. To avoid a scandal Rob's father paid for all of Traci's medical care and according to Traci gave her a very large cash settlement making sure she would be set for the rest of her life. Brandi would sit with Rob and his friends but she did not trust him.

The other counselors at the table with Rob were 18- year-old Linda Brickell, an attractive blonde, and Norma Brown, a vivacious 17-year-old redhead. Brandi greeted the three, and asked if she could join them. Over lunch, they spoke of their assignments and the campers arriving tomorrow. They were anxious to get the summer camping underway. Within ten minutes they were joined by Jan Proctor, another 17-year-old, with long brown hair.

After lunch Rob announced he was going to take a boat and go up the lake. He asked all the girls to go with him. Three of them said yes but Brandi remembering her friend's situation said she would be going to a place she found in the hills that was special to her so she could rest and think about the rest of the summer. It was a place she found her very first year as a camper and she always went back to it on the first day each summer she came to camp.

Brandi walked down to the dock with the other four, saw them off, and then started walking along the shoreline, till she found the trail going into the woods. While walking, Brandi, remembered the conversation she and her mother, Julia, had yesterday. She had asked her mother to let her get breast implants. Julia had repeated her "No" once more, and informed Brandi that her breasts were perfect, and said she was too young to have implants.

Brandi realizing it was fruitless to pursue any further discussion with her mother went to her room. She was going to call her father. But she looked at the alarm clock and noticed it was almost ten thirty. She showered, dressed and got ready to go to town. Her plan was to take her father to lunch to give him the opportunity to discuss her idea of having implants. She was not sure he would go along with her but she was going to do what she could to convince him.

Arriving at her father's office, she was greeted by the receptionist, and Brandi asked if her father was available. The receptionist called her father, and after a brief conversation, Brandi was told to go into her father's office. Brandi looked at the engraved nameplate on her father's office door that read, Bradford Lawson, President. Walking over to her father, Brandi kissed his cheek, and asked, "Would you like to have lunch with me, Daddy?"

"Sure, why not, I have no appointments until four this afternoon, so what say we go to my club for lunch?" He admired his daughter. She had the looks and figure of her mother. She was beautiful and she was his!

Entering his private club, Bradford was greeted by the hostess, who asked, "Having lunch with us today, Mr. Lawson and Miss Lawson?" Then the hostess added to her greeting, "There is about a fifteen minute wait, and if you would like to wait in the bar, I will come and get you when a table is available."

"That would be fine, Shelly, my daughter and I will go into the bar."

Bradford walked to the end of the bar, and helped Brandi, up onto the barstool. He was treated to a view of her legs under the short skirt. The bartender, Janice, asked, "Mr. Lawson, would like you usual martini' Something for Miss Lawson?"

"May I Daddy' I would like something smooth."

"Janice, please fix Brandi a grasshopper. Not too heavy on the alcohol."

While having their drinks, they both decided to have the soup and sandwich lunch special, and Bradford ordered them both another round of cocktails. They finished their lunch shortly after one, and Bradford ordered one more round. As they were enjoying their third cocktail, Brandi had twisted sideways on her stool, and had her legs propped up on the rungs of her father's bar stool. Bradford glanced down and realized he could look up his daughter's 17-year-old thighs. In fact he could see that her panties had slid over and had split her sex down the middle.

The view to Bradford was unreal, as he could see the hair as it grew down the side of her right labia, and that she shaved it where her legs joined her torso. Bradford was unable to determine if his daughter was intentionally allowing her sex to be shown, but believed that she did not know her sex was split by her panties, and she was exposed. They continued to speak, and when Brandi asked Bradford, "Daddy, will you tell mom I can get implants, because I'm tired of being a 34-A".

For several minutes the topic of having implants took over the afternoon conversation, and Brandi was treated to another cocktail, as did her father. Calling his office, Bradford informed his administrative assistant that he would not return to the office until the following day.

Looking down at his daughters legs, Bradford was surprised that the crotch of his daughter's panties, had moved even more, and he was able to view part of Brandi's inner sex. What caused him to reach out and, and using his fingers, catch the material of his daughter's panties, and to pull it over to cover her sex? When his fingers touched Brandi's sex, he could feel how wet she was as his fingers slipped under the material. Pulling his hand out from under his daughter's skirt, he looked at Brandi and told her, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have touched you like that, but you were exposing your kitty, I'm sorry baby girl."

"Don't worry Daddy, and besides I should be more careful." Then Brandi thought of how she would be nude at times when they were at home, or traveling in the RV. Having seen her father nude also, Brandi hadn't found her father's touching her, inappropriate, although she knew her mother would be critical, as she had told her many times not to be nude in front of her father.

By now, Bradford knew that neither could drive after the four drinks they had consumed. Calling Janice over, he asked if she could get them one of the small rooms where they could set and drink coffee and wait for the effects of the alcohol to wear off. The rooms were actually small bedrooms, and their usage was never discussed, nor a charge made for any member who requested use of a room. Charges were made when someone from out of town wished to stay in the club, as a guest of the club member.

Entering the room, Bradford removed his suit jacket, kicked off his shoes, and then decided to remove his tie and shirt. He got on the bed and watched as his daughter flipped through the channels on the TV. To his surprise, he watched as Brandi kicked off her heels, and then slipped her blouse over her head, and then unsnapped her skirt and let it slide down her legs, and onto the floor. Picking up her skirt, Brandi placed it on the night stand. Looking at his daughter, in nothing but her bra and panties, Bradford saw that she had no problem being in such a state of dress, or undress he chuckled to himself.

Moving over to the bed on unsteady legs, Brandi more or less fell onto the bed, and as she settled back, moved onto her side and rested with her right leg up over her father, and went promptly to sleep. For Bradford, the scene was unbelievable, and he felt the smooth young skin of his daughter against him. For three hours they napped, and then Bradford called Julia, and told her that he and Brandi were having a bite to eat at the club.

Waking Brandi, he told her she should shower and then he would, and then they would get their cars and head for home. Bradford watched in surprise as his daughter stood directly in front of him, no more than two feel away, and removed her bra, and then pushed her panties down over her hips. Then she walked to the shower and washed off. When she was finished, Bradford undressed and showered. While drying off, he knew Brandi was watching him as he undressed, and looking, saw her eyes were studying his partial erection.

Brandi walked over and hugged her father, only wearing her panties, and asked, "Daddy, you still haven't said I could get implants."

Thinking to himself, Bradford knew he was holding his nude body against his daughter's panty clad nubile young body. "Brandi, wait until you are eighteen, and if you still want to have them done, then I will say you're old enough to make your own decision, and I will pay for the implants, but let me tell your mother."

Then the two of them dressed and left for home, first getting a coffee each to drink as they drove home.


Now Brandi was walking through the wooded trail, and soon found the clearing with the flat rocks that seemed to have been placed on the ground by someone. During the times she was attending camp, the counselors had told the campers that the stones were placed in the clearing by Indians. One thing that stood out in Brandi's mind about the stones and the area they were in was that the grass never grew high in the clearing.

Looking, Brandi saw Linda and Jan were cruising on the far side of the lake, while Rob and Norma were on this side of the lake. In a short while, Rob had pulled around the bend in the shore line and Brandi lost sight of him and Norma.

Moving onto the larger of the flat stones, which were about three feet high; Brandi stretched out and decided to get a sun tan. Setting up, Brandi pulled her tee shirt over her head, and then removed her shorts, and using them as a pillow, lay back to tan. Finally, Brandi decided to remove her bra and panties, and suntan in the nude, as she had no tan lines as she would lie in the tanning booth in the basement at home.

Unknown to Brandi, Joe Down, was hiking and video taping the birds and deer or other wildlife in the woods on the camp ground. Looking toward the clearing, he saw a girl was removing her shirt and shorts, and then to his surprise she even removed her underwear. Joe turned his attention from the wildlife to the pretty teen. He could not believe how beautiful the girl was. Her breasts, though small, were perfect cones, and her nipples were a pink shade he had never seen, and that included the girls he would see in strip clubs when he went once in a while.

As Brandi lay back, she opened her legs, so her thighs, on the inside would tan. Looking at her sex through the camera lens, Joe was moving the zoom image in and out, and seeing how her sex was partly opened. Using the zoom on the camera, he was able to capture the dark blonde hair of her pubes, and he saw how she had trimmed it around the lips of her sex. Moving the camera up, Joe could not believe the perfect shape of her small breast, what would it be like to suck on them? He wondered. And asking himself, "Man, how many guys have had their mouths and lips on those nipples?"

Joe had no idea that the lovely girl was still a virgin, and no boy had ever touched her body. He continued to record her actions, when she turned on her tummy to tan her back, he could not believe the perfection of her buttocks. They were perfectly shaped, and rounded. Brandi spread her legs open, and as she lay on the rock, she recalled her father's promise. He would allow her to get implants if she wanted them when she turned eighteen.

She recalled how her father's fingers had touched her sex, only to pull her panty over her. While she lay under the warm sun, she pressed down on the hard rock spread her legs apart, allowing the hot stone to rub her clit to the point of a gentle climax.

Joe continued to tape the girl as she masturbated using the stone to get off. Joe watched and zoomed the camera lens so he was looking up in the partial opening of her labia. He caught the puddle she was leaving as she continued to work herself to a climax. Unable to join her, Joe continued to move the camera's zoom lens back and forth on the girl as she lay nude before him.

Brandi was thinking about her father. His erection as a result of seeing her clad only in her panties. She knew she had crossed some taboos when they were in the private room at her father's club. When she moved to him and hugged him against her body, she'd felt her father's passion, felt his penis become completely erect. It was large it seemed to Brandi, her mother was so lucky he was so endowed. She remembered she almost fainted as it pressed against her stomach. She couldn't get over the feeling of the male organ against her body.

Now she was rubbing hard against the stone her hormones finally exploded and she cried out, "Daddy, oh Daddy, if only we could be close, Daddyyyy!"

Brandi felt her body starting to relax from her climax, and as she did, her eyes closed and she went to sleep. When she woke, she sensed she wasn't alone. She had an uneasy feeling someone was watching her. Looking around as she sat up on the rock, she saw no one. She dressed, while Joe filmed the action. He managed to catch it all. The bra, panties, tee shirt, shorts and finally her sandals.


Norma was excited as Rob rowed the small boat around the shoreline, and when he reached a small area where some trees had fallen from the ice storm last winter, he pulled the boat up to a tree and tied it down with the rope used to anchor the boat to the pier. Helping Norma from the boat, he continued holding her hand as he led her into the trees and soon found a level spot with thick grass, and he sat down, pulling Norma down with him.

The pretty redhead found she was being kissed in a manner she had never known. Her lips were pressed upon with a firm pressure from Rob, and his tongue was almost immediately attempting to enter her mouth. Norma had been kissed by boys, and had allowed them to put their tongues into her mouth. This was different, and she wasn't certain exactly what was the difference between the boys in her past, and the kiss from Rob.

Norma knew that the handsome older youth was from a very wealthy family, and his reputation with girls was very simple, he got what he wanted or he didn't date the girl. Somehow, Norma believed she could capture the young man where others had not, especially as she listened to Rob telling her how beautiful she was. While allowing boys some freedom, Norma had never gone all the way, and had not done it yet.

The closest Norma had come to letting some boy take her sexually was with Bobby Hardesty, and she had allowed him to push her sweater up, and kiss and suck her nipples through her bra, while he lay on top of her and rubbed against her sex.

With Bobby she was supposedly going steady, and now she was cheating on him, but she believed she could become Rob's steady girl. Norma knew she would likely need to let him touch her intimately, perhaps after a few minutes, she would allow him to touch between her legs. Will I need to let him touch me inside my clothes, Norma wondered' Then she felt her body being pressed down onto the ground, and her tee-shirt was being pulled from her body. Before she could respond, her bra had been removed and it was lying on the ground next to her shirt.

Feeling her nipples being kissed and sucked for the first time, Norma felt a strange sensation run from her breast to her sex. She made a feeble protest as she felt Rob easing her shorts down from her body. Soon she felt her panties being pulled following her shorts down her legs. Rob never moved his lips from the pink nipples and the large sized areolas that surrounded the tall and somewhat long nipples that crowned Norma's 34- B cup breast.

"No, Rob, I've never been touched like this! You must stop! Stop! Oh Rob! Please don't put your fingers there! Rob ohhhhh, Rob!" Then Norma felt Rob kissing her stomach, and when his lips moved and kissed the thick mat of auburn colored hair that spread about two inches across her lower stomach, and part way down her labia, Norma's hips bumped up from the ground.

Norma was fearful of the act of oral sex. She had not liked it in the past though she did not understand why. Now the sensations of a male tongue licking and flipping her sex and across her clitoris, was so wonderful, that Norma was becoming a quivering mass of jelly. Then the mouth moved away from her sex, and the loss of contact between Rob's tongue and her sex, left Norma in a frantic way, but she could not bring herself to ask him to lick her more.

Watching, as if in a dream, Norma lay on the ground, her body nude, with no clothing covering her, and looked at Rob as he removed his own clothes. When Rob pulled his boxers from his body, Norma was face-to-face with the first penis of her life. At seventeen, and still a virgin, Norma could not believe a boy was nude, as was she, and there could be no doubt, if she didn't stop Rob now, she would never stop him. She was about to be penetrated for the first time.

Her body trembled in unknown fear. It is a fear all virgins face when they have their first sexual experience Norma reached out and pushed against Rob's chest when he lay over her. She pushed as hard as she could. She brought both of her hands to press on his chest attempting to stop him. He just continued to press on. She pushed herself up and tried to turn over but he had covered her so well she couldn't move him. Norma felt Rob moving his body between her legs, and she pushed even harder on the boy's chest, but to no avail.

"No, Rob! No we can't have sex! Please, I'm a virgin! I want to stop and dress!" Norma sobbed out as she felt a penis pressing against her vagina. Then Rob moved his lips to hers, and kissing her, then moved his lips against her ear and told her, "Be mine, just you and I, let me love you and feel your love for me."

Norma did not believe everything she was hearing from the young lover. She reached down and placed her hand onto his groin to stop him from entering her. She was successful for a moment. Rob guided her hand onto his erection, and she wondered if what she was feeling was true.

She had heard Rob had a very large thing. She had nothing to compare it to other than the fact her hand could not close around it. She determined from feeling that it must be large. Now before he could remove her she had to feel how long it was. She moved her hand down the shaft till she reached pubic hair and skin. She was sure it was at least three of her hands long.

Then in the heat of the moment having lost all reason she guided the end of his penis into her virginal opening. Rob becoming impatient, reached down and took his penis and commenced working the head up and down between the lips of her sex. Each time the thick crown of his manhood struck the clit at the top of Norma's cleft, Rob felt her body jerk. The 20-year-old was soon to capture his eighth cherry, and he moved so the head of his penis slipped inside the labia of the lovely redhead.

"No! Rob! Stop! No... I can't do it! I'm not that kind of girl! Take it out! Its starting to hurt! NO!" Norma was no longer able to speak. She felt the pressure building inside her, and the thick thing was pushing back and forth into her body, finally he shoved as hard as he could.

"Rob! Stop! Stop! Take it out, ohhhhh, Gawd! You're killing me! Someone help me! Augh! HELP NO! OH NO! Why did you go all the way in me? Now I'm not a virgin," Norma sobbed out. Like other girls, Norma knew that some girls had no problem losing their virginity, but she did not want to have sex for at least two or more years, and even considered waiting until she was married. She had never wanted to have sex this way. Rob continued to force himself in and out of her. Her pain was growing.

Rob was telling her that he loved her, and how wonderful she felt as she gave herself to him. For Norma, she knew she had not given herself to him, and then she feared the worst. She knew how a woman's cycle worked and she knew she was in the most fertile part of her cycle. 'Perhaps I will get pregnant and have our baby, Rob's and mine,' she thought. She endured the burning sensations of the first erect penis moving in and out of what she felt sure was her torn and bleeding sex.

Afterward hey lay side-by-side, and Norma felt some comfort in listening to the handsome Rob tell her he loved her. 'They could be together all summer while in camp,' he said to Norma. She heard that they would always be together. She could feel the evidence of their bodies having joined as the wetness dripped from her sex. She sat up and felt pain crossing her lower body, and through her sex, as she moved. She knew it was from the penetration but she didn't how bad he had hurt her.

Looking at Rob, with tears in her eyes, she saw the evidence of her lost virginity on the half erect penis of the boy, red on his pubic hair and body. Norma commenced sobbing. She was viewing the blood from her torn virginity, and looking between her own legs, saw a reddish mess, this was more than she expected.

She wrapped her arms around herself, sobbing and rocking back and forth as she remembered what had happened in the last half hour. Rob moved to stand next to her, wrapped his arms around the crying teen, kissed her face, then her lips, and once again told her how he loved her; that they would be together all summer, she would be his forever. There was no doubt that Rob had used these same words before, and he had them almost memorized.

Rob saw the evidence of the girl's ruptured cherry. "Norma," he said, "Come on, we will get in the water, and I will wash you off." They took turns washing the other, and as Norma was washing away the evidence of her torn virginity, she watched Rob becoming erect.

"What if I'm pregnant that would mean Rob and I would need to marry, and with his family being wealthy, I and my child would be living in a big home and have nice furniture and clothes," Norma thought to herself.

Rob's erection belied his excitement of being with Norma. He wanted her again and he convinced her to do it once more. This time when he laid Norma down on the grass, She had only one thought, "I might become pregnant when he lets his sperm come into me." Norma had studied the facts on becoming pregnant, and knew the mechanical aspects of how it worked between a man and woman, and how the woman becomes pregnant.

The sex still hurt her, but Rob worked to make it good for the pretty girl, and he loved the lush red hair that covered Norma's head and the auburn lush growth covering her sex. Then Norma felt her body responding to Rob as he plunged in and out of her driving hard and fast. Her mind began to focus strictly on becoming pregnant, and how wonderful it would be when they were married and she could have money for she and her baby. As Norma's mind traveled that line of thought, her body responded to Rob's firm and demanding strokes.

Norma knew that Rob was about to release his semen into her waiting body, and she cried out, "Now! Rob! Rob! Oh Rob now! Give me your seed! I want you! Now, aughhhh!" With that moment in time, Rob was shooting his sperm into the red-haired beauty, and Norma's wishes of becoming pregnant were being fulfilled.

For the almost three months of camp, the two lovers met daily and enjoyed the acts of creation, and only Norma considered it such an act, while Rob only enjoyed the soft and shapely thighs of the red-haired beauty and her soft breasts with pink nipples. He could not get enough of her He loved sucking her and working her up to climax orally. He took exceptional pride in bringing her off each time he went down on her. For Norma, she did not relish having Rob's semen in her mouth, but she finally was able to swallow his juices, and once she had mastered the act, enjoyed it thereafter. The two youths were soon adapted lovers, and knew the touch, the other wanted as they gave each other the forbidden pleasures. Norma somehow knew she had a child in her womb.

When summer ended, Norma had returned home and to high school. She was a senior now. Rob, returned to his Ivy League university to complete his senior year and graduate. By the end of October, Norma knew without doubt she was pregnant, and one Saturday morning, while her father was playing golf, she confessed to her mother that she was pregnant, and who the father of the baby was.

When Norma's father, Arthur returned from golf, the three of them sat down at the dinning room table, and Arlene explained Norma's pregnancy. Arthur rose from the table and swore in a loud voice, "I will kill the son-of-a-bitch," and then he asked, "Who got my little girl pregnant?"

Looking at his daughter, who was crying and afraid her father would kill Rob and herself, spoke with a tear filed eyes, "Daddy, it was Rob Hennings!"

When Arthur heard who had gotten his daughter pregnant, he cursed and swore he would send the young man to jail forever for raping his daughter. After more than an hour of ranting and raving Arlene finally got the family to settle down, and suggested that she telephone Rob's parents, and ask to meet with them. Arthur agreed to this. They called and set up the meeting, and Rob's parents could not understand why the Brown family wished to meet with them.

When they were seated in the Hennings' living room, the conversation started out with just normal greetings. Finally Arthur explained that their son had gotten his daughter pregnant, and to give the child legitimacy Norma and Rob needed to get married.

The Hennings were shocked at the least. They tried to protest about whom the father of Norma's baby was. Arthur simply said it all in a terse statement, "Your son is an adult, and he had sex with an underage girl, my daughter, he was the first with her, and now she is pregnant. He told her all summer long that he loved her, they would be together forever."

Rob's father tried to stop the discussion by saying, "My attorney will be in touch with you, and will make arrangement for the care of your daughter and her child."

Arthur stood up, and with a cold look in his eye, told his wife and daughter, they needed to leave, "He's trying to make you a prostitute by thinking money will settle this matter. Mr. Hennings, we came here in good faith, thinking our children would marry, but if you want to insult my daughter, then we will file rape charges immediately with the police department, good day."

"Wait, let me call my son, and hear what he has to say, please set back down, and this is a problem for all of us," Mrs. Hennings spoke in a calm voice. This was a day she had prepared herself for, especially as her husband had always found the sexual antics of their child humorous.

Moving into Mr. Hennings den, they called on the speaker phone, and Mrs. Hennings asked that they all allow her to speak with her son without his knowing the others were listening. The Browns agreed. Norma felt anxious in knowing she would be hearing the person she loved speaking but unable to speak with him. Thinking to herself, Norma wondered, "Will Rob admit he loves me, or say it can't be his child?"

When Rob answered the phone, his mother asked if he was alone, and he said yes, but he was expecting a couple of his fraternity brothers to come over in an hour. "Rob, I have a question to ask you, and remember I'm your mother, and I want the honest truth, understand, son?"

"Yes, Mom."

"Rob, could you be the father of Norma Brown's child?"

For a moment, no sound could be heard, then after a deep breath that could be heard over the phone, Rob responded, "Yes, Mom she is a wonderful girl, if she is pregnant, I will marry her, and I know it would have to be mine, as she and I were intimate at camp."

"Thank you, Rob, now your father, Mr. And Mrs. Brown and I are going to leave the room, and you can speak with Norma, and son, she is a very lovely young lady, you be nice to her, bye, and here is Norma."

The adults left the room, and for more than an hour, Norma remained on the phone, and when she returned to the room, Norma told the four adults, "Rob is coming home next weekend and wants to marry me, and he hopes that he can continue his education, and wishes for you to call him, Mr. Hennings."


Back at camp, Brandi took a quick shower and as she had sunned herself on the rock, and walked back to the camp grounds, she felt someone was watching her. Perhaps I'm only thinking that someone is watching me because of laying nude under the Sun.

The next day, Brandi was up at six o'clock, and as she dressed, she remembered how she had thought of her own father as she masturbated while laying on the rock in the nude. Brandi had only masturbated a few times in her life, and going to her diary, she opened the book to the last page, and made a notation, "M-DAD" and then wrote the date next to the letter. Brandi had written numbers down the page, and the entry was number seven.

Studying the ledger, Brandi saw that she first had masturbated when she was about thirteen and a half, and her fantasy was about a band that was popular at the time. Looking more closely, she observed it was nearly six months between each occasion that she would find the need to release her sexual desires.

Taking the book, back to her bed, she sat down and wrote the following, "Yesterday, my mind was filled with images of a strong man. He touched my sex briefly, but not intentionally, and it was so quickly done, I barely felt it. It was as though it was unintentional. I wanted more badly. I pressed my nude body into his. His thing seemed so large. I wanted to hold it in my hand. This man gave me the best fantasy ever as I masturbated while laying nude on the rock with my cunt against the stone riding me as I moved up and down. I could not but wish for a manly hardness penetrating me to my inner most depths. Hearts and flowers to my dream. PS: I feel the need to masturbate again this morn, will likely do it tonight."

The first group of campers was to arrive at nine this morning. Brandi dressed for the busy day, applied her makeup, brushed her hair, and headed for the mess hall. Over breakfast, she ate with Norma. She felt something was different with her but couldn't determine what it was. Then Norma asked her, "Brandi, would you go all the way with the guy you love?"

"Perhaps, but to be honest, I've never done anything, and I mean, "a n y t h in g!" Brandi replied as she spelled the word out. "Why, have you done it, Norma, I don't mean to be nosy, but I'd like to know what it is like."

"Maybe, well, I will tell you later, okay?"

"Norma, did you do it with Rob yesterday? Because I watched the two of you taking the boat ride. Please tell me. I won't tell anyone else. Please! Norma, what was it like?"

"My friend Traci Engram said she and Rob Hennings did it when she was 13. She told me she hurt like hell afterward and said the pain was terrible. She also said he was so long and thick as a baseball bat. She was sorry she had done it afterward because she felt so bad. Please don't repeat this to anyone."

"Norma did you really do it? Tell me Please!"

Norma responded with another question. "Did he really do her? What happened?"

Brandi began, "Traci was thirteen and had not yet begun to develop. Rob took her in the woods behind his house. He didn't exactly force her but she was hurt so badly and bleeding so much that her mother took her to the hospital when she got home. The doctor told her Mom she would not be able to have children because she had sustained such severe injuries. The doctor also said she was torn and so messed up there was little he could do to repair the damage short of taking her organs. When Rob's parents were informed of his behavior with Traci they settled with the Engrams giving Traci an income that was substantial enough to carry her for the rest of her life."

"My God!" responded Norma. "Brandi, we did it twice yesterday when we were on the boat ride, and twice more last night, but he also licked me down there, you know oral sex, and it made me cum, HARD. I think he must be big, as I couldn't get my hand around his prick, and I gripped it three times, and it still was longer than my fist."

Norma showed Brandi what she meant by making a fist and showing how her hand couldn't close all the way, and that showed how long his thing was. "It is hard to walk today, and I'm sore between my legs, I hope he didn't hurt me so I can't have a baby."

She looked at Brandi and whispered, "Gawd Brandi, when we did it the last time last night, Rob had my legs on his shoulders, and I thought he was killing me as he pounded into me until I could only lie and cry as he did me."

"Are you going to do it again, and tell me, did you bleed like all of us girls have heard?"

"Yes, there was blood on both of us, but Rob said some girls hardly bleed, entering their sex easy. He said I was extra hard. I was the hardest cherry he ever got. He couldn't get into me at first. Brandi, should I let him keep doing it, and what if I get pregnant? I'm scared! But I love the feelings and the way he makes me cum. I think I became pregnant when he did me the second time yesterday! What should I do?"

Brandi thought for a minute or two before she answered her friend. "Ask yourself why Rob was insensitive enough to tell you about his other girl friends. It seems wrong for him to do that. Does that mean he is going to tell the other boys about you' Norma, he sounds cruel. Be careful!" Brandi admonished her before they both had to leave the mess hall and meet the bus that was bringing the campers.

When the bus arrived, Brandi found her entire group was on that bus. All of them knew each other making her job so much better. They were typical girls but Brandi wondered if she acted like them when she was 13. She escorted her charges to their cabin and helped them settle in. A few wanted upper or lower bunks most did not care. The rest of the morning she spent making sure they all had the right clothes, and everything was put in its proper place.

The daily activity around camp was almost the same each day, but when weekends came, they were loaded on buses and taken into town to a mall, and allowed to shop, meet friends and have lunch at the mall.

After four weeks, Brandi's father called and said he would be near the camp the following weekend, and perhaps they could spend the weekend together. Walking into the camp office, Brandi saw Joe Down looking at the TV, but she could not see what he was watching. When he saw it was Brandi, she noticed he seemed to be out of breath.

Brandi felt uncomfortable being around Mr. Brown. She did not understand why, but he seemed to be starring holes in her shirt and even between her legs. Not wishing to spend time around him, she asked if it was all right for her to leave the camp on Saturday as her father was coming to visit. He told her to have a seat and he would check the rooster. He returned shortly, and informed her she was scheduled this coming weekend to enjoy being with her father. Brandi walked out the door as quickly as she could she still did not understand why he gave her the creeps.

That afternoon, Brandi decided to hike up her special spot in the flat rocks and sunbathe. She was off for the afternoon with nothing to do until six pm. It had been a month since she had enjoyed lying nude in the sun. So she left the camp and went up into the woods. Soon she found herself lying in the sun in the clearing she found so pleasing. Within a couple of minutes, she stood, looked around and seeing no one, removed her bathing suit to get an all over tan.

Joe Brown true to himself followed Brandi. He began video taping her immediately. This time he had extra film and batteries along so he could film her until she left and returned to camp. Brandi lay on her back, spread her legs allowing the sun to completely bathe her in the heat of the day. She gave an unbelievable view to Mr. Brown. When she pulled her left leg back, and rested her foot flat on the rock, she opened he r sex and exposed her cunt to him. Brandi would have died had she known she was being video taped. Her sex was wide open, and the camera recorded her glistening inner lips. Joe zoomed in so close that he could have tongued her to orgasm. After lying on her back for almost a half-hour, Brandi turned onto her stomach to tan her back.

Within moments, Brandi was thinking about her father's visiting her on Saturday, and wondered if he would stay overnight. Then she wondered if he would bring the recreational vehicle or RV so they could camp some place.

No more than five minutes passed. Brandi was recalling the time she and her father spent at his club. The memories were turning her on. She began to realize she hadn't had an orgasm since the day before the campers arrived. She remembered her father touching her and how good she felt. She looked for the stone she had used the last time she was here, found it, and began to rub on it again.

Reflecting back on that day with her father, she pressed her vagina harder against the stone. Her movements were getting rather rushed as she pushed her cunt against it. She thought of Norma's relating how large Rob was, and how Norma had enjoyed him. Now she was humping hard. Her wetness was visible to the camera and to Joe. He decided it would be in his best interest to use slow motion to capture every move, every drop and her climax.

Joe moved around the clearing hoping to capture Brandi's facial expressions as she went through the throws of orgasm. He already had the visual evidence of her rear and her cunt now he wanted her facial expressions as well. Moving between the trees, and small brush, within the woods, Joe finally was about twenty feet in front of the girl.

He was able to watch her face become tight with desire, and her eyes were squeezed tight, with her mouth making mewling sounds of her climax. She raised her head up from her arms. He zoomed the camera to capture the images of her orgasm. He caught her hips actually slamming down onto the rock, and listened as she mouthed, "Oh! Yes! I'm cumming! Oh! It's so good!"

After climaxing, Brandi lay still, getting her breath back. Then she rolled over on her back. As she did Mr. Brown moved so he could focus on her cunt and ass. He watched as she began to move her hands down her body and gradually began to finger fuck herself.

Never before had Brandi touched herself. Now she wanted to feel something inside her. She needed another release. She pistoned the finger in and out as she played with her clit. Her body responded with a new found zeal. She fantasized her father's fingers were playing over her clitoris and cunt.

Joe played the camera back and forth over the teenager's body. He felt his own orgasm building as he watched as she pinched and pulled her nipples. When her climax came he managed to record it all. Her distorted facial features, the humping, and the "Ohs," and "Ahs," as she came and came hard. When she came, he too ejaculated into his pants.

After she calmed down she still felt as though someone was watching her. She looked and listened but heard and saw nothing. She continued to sunbathe for another half hour. Then she dressed and walked back to camp. Her mind was filled with erotic thoughts of her father, and her friend Norma. As she got closer to the camp she saw several boats on the lake and girls swimming off the dock.

Nearing the camp buildings, Brandi saw Mr. Brown walking fast toward his office. She saw he was carrying a video camera. For a fleeting moment she wondered if Mr. Brown had been spying on her, capturing her on video, she brushed it off thinking it was just her imagination and fear.

When she arrived at her cabin, she showered, dressed and left to go to the mess hall. Selecting a meal of spaghetti and meat balls and a fresh green salad, instead of something from the sandwich line, Brandi looked around and moved over to a table where Linda and Norma were seated. She joined the two of them. They spoke of the evening program that was going to play what instrument. Linda laughed, and commented, "Guess a few cherries will be lost on the grass tonight, so girls, be careful you don't get stuck."

"You re terrible, Linda Brickell, and just because you fell under the spell of the midnight moon light a few years back, don't say things that make us sex crazed women," Norma commented. Then she added, "Perhaps, Brandi and I will get lucky tonight, and who knows, we might just fall in love with a 13-year-old stud muffin, right Brandi?"

After eating, Brandi walked over and spoke to Mrs. Down, then went back to her cabin and changed into the clothes she had to wear for the evening. She would carry her jacket with her in case it got cold. She left the cabin and met Norma as though prearranged at the foot of the hill. They walked down to the lake and out on to the dock. They sat down on one of the benches and watched the boys and girls as the frolicked on the hillside.

"Look!" exclaimed Norma, "Those two are heading toward the bushes and woods."

Brandi looked, as Norma pointed. "Should we save them from themselves, or should we let nature take its course?" She asked.

Laughing, Norma said, "Maybe we should just go watch them and see what they end up doing. We can always stop them if things go to far."

They both got up and headed toward the spot where the two had disappeared. "The girl is assigned to me. She is a well developed twelve year old. She is also very wise for her age. I think the boy, is 13, and is in Cabin Bear 3."

Entering the trees, they stopped speaking and soon heard the two campers. They eased in the direction the voices were coming from. They found the couple were lying on the ground behind some scrub brush. They were holding hands. Sonja looking at her friend asked him, "Have you kissed a girl before, or done anything?"

"Yeah, last week when during free night, I was with Candy, and we kissed and touched a little, how about you, have you done it yet, Sonja?"

"Not all the way, but would if you like, we can undress, and touch each other, or whatever you want, and besides, I want to find out what it is like to do it, and all that stuff."

Sonja sat up, and began to remove her top. She exposed her ample breasts. Sonja asked, "Want to touch them like we talked about today, Ronnie?"

"Should we stop them, Norma, or what?" Brandi whispered in veiled excitement.

Norma whispered, "Let's watch them, have you ever seen someone do it, I haven't and I wonder what the heck it looks like?"

For the next few minutes, the two counselors watched as the couple eventually removed their clothing, and before long, Sonja was giving Ronnie head. When she turned on her back she told Ronnie, "Get on me."

Brandi was surprised to see that the boy had a penis about four inches long, and sticking out, while Sonja had a full patch of hair surrounding her pussy. Brandi and Norma watched as Ronnie got between the girl's legs, and eventually got his penis into the entrance of Sonja's pussy.

"Oh, Ronnie, that hurts! Wait for a minute! Oh hell, take it out!"

But it was too late and Ronnie soon had his four inches of growing manhood pushed completely inside Sonja's vagina. Nature provided the way, and Ronnie was soon stroking his erect penis in and out of the slightly bleeding Sonja. For the next three minutes or so, the older teens watched the younger couple, as they completed the initiation into the world of sexual activity.

After they were done, Sonja began to cry. Brandi and Sonja listened as she told Ronnie that he shouldn't have done it. Now she was sorry she was no longer a virgin. The young boy leaned over and hugged the girl, but the counselors could not hear what he was saying. In few minutes more and they saw the boy was again hard. He pushed Sonja down and then entered her again. This time she pulled her legs up and wrapped them around his mid section. She pulled him as hard as she could into her.

Norma whispered, "Gawd, I wondered what I must look like when I pull my legs up around Rob, and..." Norma looked at Brandi and knew she had admitted something she wished she hadn't.

Brandi moved over and patted Norma on her shoulder, telling her, we best leave before they dress and find us watching them. "Norma, we must never tell anyone of finding these two doing this! Can you believe we watched them lose their innocence?"

The two voyeurs left the trees and headed back to the camp ground and spent the rest of the evening shadowing Sonja and Ronnie as they walked around hold hands. Brandi wanted to speak with the young girl and ask what it felt like when she was penetrated by the boy's erection, but knew she could never do so, without giving away that she had observed them and didn't stop them from making love.

Saturday arrived warm and sunny. Brandi showered and dressed, then packed a bag to take with her while away from camp. She knew she needed to convince her father to purchase a dress and shoes if he was taking her to one of the more elegant restaurants near by.

At nine o'clock, a camper who had runner duty, knocked on her door, and told Brandi, "Your father, Mr. Lawson, is waiting for you at the office.' She added curiously, 'Is your father a bus driver?"

Laughing at the comment, Brandi told the runner, a girl who was in her own cabin, "No Dawn, that is an RV. If you would like, I will show you inside, it is just like a house."

"Yes please. I would like that very much. It is so big!" Dawn exclaimed. Dawn walked with Brandi back to the office. Before she went to see her father, she gave Dawn a tour of the RV.

Dawn was overwhelmed by the beauty of the thing and asked if she could ride in it sometime. Brandi asked if she liked it. "Boy do I," came the reply. "You're so lucky to have such a nice home." With that Brandi hugged the girl. She could feel Dawn's small breasts rubbing against her stomach. "Will you ask your father if he would take me for a ride someday? Maybe we could arrange a sleep over. You and I could share the room in the back." Dawn said. Without answering the girl Brandi resumed walking toward the camp office.

She gave her father a big hug and a kiss without waiting to introduce him to the Browns. Finally when she calmed down, she said, "Daddy this is Mr. And Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Brown works us to death."

Her father shook their hands. "Nice to meet you both. I hope my daughter is doing well."

"Of course," the Browns replied in unison.

"Daddy this is Dawn. She is one of my charges. She would like to go for a ride in the RV someday." Brandi said.

"Nice to meet you Dawn."

"It's going to be fun being away for a day from camp," Brandi said interrupting her father as he was starting to speak to Dawn. With that both he and Brandi climbed into the RV. "See you Sunday afternoon Mrs. Brown!" Brandi shouted above the roar of the diesel motor which was revving to get the heavy motor home moving.

Brandi and her father headed out onto the highway and soon were on the interstate. "Daddy, can we stop at the outlet mall I saw advertised on the sign, it is at the next intersection. I need a dress and shoes to wear when we have dinner tonight?"

"Sure," her father replied, as he guided the home off the interstate and on to the surface street that led to the mall.

Brandi looked for a spaghetti strap dress, matching pumps, and a purse. If they were going to a posh restaurant she had to look her best. She found what she was looking for about an hour later. Bradford enjoyed shopping with Brandi much more so than his wife cause she did not take too long window shopping. Rather she was all business. Got what she wanted and then left the window gazing to others.

Back on the road and about a half hour later Brandi spotted a billboard advertising a water park. She begged and pleaded for her father to stop there as it had been a year or two since she had been at one. He gave in left the interstate and entered the park. They parked the RV way in the back of the lot to be out of everyone's way and to get some privacy.

The bus was equipped with electrically controlled curtains that closed off the view of the interior from outsiders. The family kept a few clothes in the bus, and Brandi was soon standing nude as she put on her bathing suit. Once she got that on, she put on a wrap around skirt for modesty to walk to and from the park.

Brandi watched her father undress and put on his trunks. She noticed his dick and wondered how it would feel in her hand. She was getting wet thinking about it. But she said and did nothing. Once dressed, they left the RV and entered the park walking hand in hand.

For almost two hours they enjoyed the park, and then decided it was time to leave and find a place to eat. They returned to the RV. Brandi had two towels laid out on the floor of the vehicle so as to not drip water all over the place. She and her father had to undress there as there was no where else to go. It came to be she was nude in front of him and he to her.

Bradford felt he was watching a goddess. He wondered if Brandi was leading him on. Brandi grabbed another towel and dried her father off. First his arms, then his torso and finally his legs. She wanted to grab his penis in the worst way but because he was her father she remained aloof to his semi erection.

For his part he led his daughter to the shower, and pulled her in with him. He too was not trying to entice her or to start anything sexual. The problem was the water was limited and it was better to save water than to waste it on two showers when one would do.

"Brandi, don't you feel a little strange being nude with your father, and I need to stop being like this with you. Can you imagine what your mother would say if she knew we were nude in the shower together? Tell me, little one, are you trying to seduce me, and be honest?"

"No, Daddy, I enjoy being nude with you, and sometimes I-I, have thoughts, of... you and I. Not evil thoughts, but how much you mean to me. I can't explain it, Daddy, but it may be that I find you attractive. Mom would have a fit, as she is always telling me I shouldn't be nude in front of you." Then laughing, told her father, "You're liking me, I can see."

The shower was sufficient in size for a person to bathe, but with two people it was a little crowded. Bradford listened as his daughter talked. His dick was beginning to harden. He tried to control it. To make it remain flaccid. The more he tried the harder it got. Finally the entire situation was just too much. Brandi had been washing his chest and back and in so doing had rubbed her breasts and nipples against him. It was too much. He knew he shouldn't but his daughter's actions and the feel of her pussy against him was the last straw. He turned around pulled her to him and grabbed her ass.

For a moment Brandi wondered if she should, or even could, take her father's penis into her hand and wash him off. Poor Brandi. Now she was the one who had to do something. Her father's dick was hard as a rock and rubbing her lower abdomen. She wanted it inside her in the worst way. She could feel the wetness down there and she knew if she stayed any longer she could not hold back. When he grabbed her ass she had to grab his dick. She crossed the taboo and it felt good. Delicious in fact. She rubbed it up and down and washed it from the tip to the stem where it was attached to him.

"Little Girl, you shouldn't touch your father like you are, it could get us both into a lot of trouble."

"Daddy, I just want to touch you, and I know it isn't right to do such things with a relative, especially a daughter with her father, or a mother with her son, but I like and want to do this, okay?"

She knew it wasn't okay but his man hood was too enticing and she was so hot. The need for relief was more than she could handle. "Brandi, you best stop, or things will happen, and... oh hell, I'm cumming! Brandi!" The excitement of viewing his young daughter's body, her hand stroking him, under the guise of washing his penis, caused Bradford to ejaculate in less than two minutes, of his daughter's rubbing him.

The suddenness of her father's cumming startled Brandi. She was unable to get out of the way so most of his semen landed on her. Still she hung on to him until she got every last drop out of him. Brandi was flushed with excitement and her own body began to shiver and build to a mini orgasm.

"Daddy, you aren't mad at me, are you? Please don't be upset with me! I had no idea that would happen!"

"You... Brandi, you... you're my daughter, and it was wrong what you and I did, but I cannot be mad at you. Brandi, I should have stopped this, but I didn't, and I did not expect to cum so quickly. But mad at you, my gawd, I could never explain away the feeling you just gave me, but I could never be upset with you."

Brandi still gripping her father's member, wasn't certain what she should do. Should she make it hard again, release it, or just continue to hold it. Her father settled the question for her. Speaking softly he said, "Hand me the soap, and turn around and I'll wash your back."

The shower had been turned off after they had initially gotten wet, Bradford turned on the water and wet Brandi's body, then turned it off, and commenced rubbing his hand with the soap over his daughter's back. Moving his hand down and bending his knees at the same time, Bradford was washing his daughter's legs. His hands were now moving up the shapely thighs, and he saw Brandi spread her feet further apart, as if inviting him to reach between her legs, and play with her pussy.

Bradford washed his daughter's legs an watched her muscles tighten as he neared her sex. She squeezed her buttocks tight when he did the back of her legs and her ass. Her body quivered indicating she was getting turned on. Brandi placed her hands on the wall of the shower and leaned a bit forward so her father could do feel where he wanted. She waited eagerly for her orgasm. Her father rubbed her pussy, separated the labia and found her clit. He didn't finger fuck her but he teased her enough to build her up a bit more.

"Turn around and I will wash you in front," he said.

She did her eyes were closed as she was enjoying the feelings he had awakened in her. She felt him wash her shoulders, arms, her sides and her stomach. He discretely would not touch her breasts. He knew she wanted him to but he could not. He wanted to touch her, rinse her and of course take her to bed but he couldn't in good conscience do that. She was after all his daughter. Bradford reached for the shower and holding the cord, rinsed off both of them. They stepped from the enclosure and Brandi quickly took a towel in her hand and dried off her father, then herself.

Neither the father nor daughter spoke. Brandi was so turned on and still hanging without having reached the orgasm her body craved. She had no choice but dress in front of her father. He watched as she put on her thong, then a lace bra that was almost no bra, and then her new dress which she had to slip down over her head. Her body was exquisite! He wanted her in the worst way! Still he remained ever the doting father.

He dressed and then went to the wheel started the motor and eased out of the park and back on to the road.

"Daddy, I feel so lucky to be with you. What happened in the shower was wonderful, but I cannot believe how it struck me and how it has ignited me. I'm on fire Daddy! Please I need relief!"

It was another five minutes or so before Brandi spoke, and she was still in shock from the simple way her body had responded to her father's touch. "Fuck me, and have your touch ignite my soul. Let's find a nice restaurant to eat at tonight daddy, something extravagant and expensive, and do you remember the time, mom, you and I ate at the hotel in Hawaii? That's the kind of place I would like to eat in tonight."

"Thanks for the kind words, but I should not have touched you so intimately. My God! Little one, you're my daughter, and feel very upset for what occurred between us. Again, I ask you not speak of this to your mother, and I'm sure you know she would be hurt and feel betrayed."

"I understand that relatives don't indulge in incest, and that it is against the law. Daddy, you are the first one to touch me like you did, and I have never- ever, held a 'thing' in my hand before. I'm a virgin, and the most I have ever done with a boy is to kiss. Sometimes I thought about maybe letting a boy touch me, but in the end, I didn't. I always wanted to let you see me nude. I guess I have wanted to have you - or at least someone like you to be my first. Does any of this make sense, Daddy?"

Before answering, Bradford looked over at his pretty daughter and saw she concentrating very hard on something. He weighed his thoughts carefully then said, "Brandi, you are the one, and the only one who can determine if and when you wish to allow a man to have relations with you. Until you want sex, no matter to what degree, no one, has the right to force you to participate in something you do not want or are willing to do."

He looked across at his daughter, and noted she seemed to understand what he was saying. Continuing, "It's wrong for me to touch you, but I must be honest and tell you, your hand on me caused me to ejaculate, as if I was a young boy, your age. A few weeks ago when we were at the club, I was thrilled to see and touch you as we did. Today, I knowingly turned you on but was not able to bring myself to make you cum. I am your father after all. I could not do the things I knew you wanted. I loved feeling you. Thank you for sharing and allowing me such a wonderful liberty."

"Thanks for being honest Daddy. Now please find a great restaurant, I'm hungry!"

For the next hour, they drove along the interstate, nearing a large city, they saw a billboard advertising a restaurant he thought Brandi would enjoy. 'Brandi, turn on the computer, call the restaurant, and make reservations for two. Tell them we will arrive in about an hour.' Brandi got them on the phone but handed the phone to her father. He asked where he could put the RV. He was told they had a parking lot big enough all he had to do was to be out of the way.

An hour later they pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant., Bradford exited the coach first, then reached his hand out to his daughter and helped her step down. Looking at the girl, he could only think one thing, and he spoke his thoughts, "Brandi, you look just like your mother did at your age. You may not believe this, but she had a dress, similar to the one your wearing. You're a very lovely young woman, you best watch, or I might try to seduce you." then he laughed.

Brandi took his hand in hers and squeezed it tight. "Look, you big lug, you had your chance, and you turned me down for, what is it they call what I did, yeah, you turned me down for a simple hand job!"

They both laughed. She let his hand go skipped ahead of her Dad about twelve feet or so and tried to wiggle her hips ever so seductively. Turning she smiled, held out her hand to her father, and said, "Maybe someday I will give you a second chance, just maybe. I'm starving! Hurry up please! And by the way, did you like seeing my butt shake?"


Entering the restaurant, the hostess checked their name against the reservation listing and advised it would be ten minutes before their table was ready. Bradford always smiled when being given excuses for delays. It was a little thing but it made people relax. The hostess asked if they would like some cocktails.

They followed her into the lounge. She seated them near the piano. Bradford and Brandi both enjoyed listening to a good pianist and this one seemed exceptional to them. He asked if they could have their meal served where they were. The hostess agreed and went off to get menus. They ordered drinks. A martini for himself and a virgin Pina-Colada for her. The pianist asked them if they had a favorite song. Brandi replied she would like to hear something romantic and sort of slow She told him she really enjoyed his playing. He began with a waltz and then went on to play some additional mood music. Brandi was in heaven as she listened. "He is so good! I could stay here all night. Thanks Daddy."

He chuckled and looked over the menu. When the waitress arrived, he ordered for both of them. A lobster dinner for her, and prime rib for him. "The talking heads in this place thinks we are a couple, me a dirty old man, and you his young hussy," he laughed. She laughed with him but said nothing, just nodded. The meal was perfection, the pianist was excellent. He left a generous tip and then they walked out to the RV.

Leaving the restaurant, and getting back on the interstate, Bradford set the GPS and found it would be another hour or so before they arrived at the RV park where they were to spend the night. It was the same one he had stayed in with Julia many years ago. It held special memories and emotions which he was finding hard to control.

"This park has a club house. Would you like to go for a drink hon?" he asked.

"I would like that," replied Brandi hugging her father. They went in found a table next to the dance floor. The band was country western. Not Brandi's favorite, but she still enjoyed listening to them. He danced with her once, and every time a man asked her for a dance she always asked her father for his permission. Most of the men were surprised she was so polite.

Finally they decided to leave the club house, and they entered the bus, and Brandi hugged her father, and told him, "You're such a wonderful father, than you for today, everything about it."

When they left the club house Brandi decided she was really going to try to get her father to fuck her. She was so turned on she could not help herself. When they got to the RV her father sat on the sofa turned on the TV to watch a boxing match. She went to the bathroom, changed into a very gossamer negligee and a white robe. She returned to the sofa and sat down next to her father.

He was trying hard not to notice her. He watched the TV. He looked at the ceiling. He just could not look at her. Frustrated Brandi stood up and placed herself directly in front of him. She let the robe open. He gasped and got a big grin on his face. Still he did not move. She finally sat down and curled up almost on top of him. She knew she was totally visible and on display. The negligee she chose was so filmy nothing was left to imagine.

The child woman was turning him on. He looked at her again. Her tits were round and firm with hard red nipples waiting to be sucked and fondled. Her mons was just perfection. She was blonde so her hair though thick was still not able to cover her sex. She was offering herself to him and he was finding her hard to resist.

"Brandi, you realize what you are saying, not in words, but in the image displayed to my eyes as we are here alone. How can I resist such an honor, I find impossible to explain, but my child, you are truly a vixen, and I would love to be your first, but I'm your father."

They sat on the sofa and watched the boxing match, and finally the champion landed a right hook that took out his opponent. Bradford told his daughter, "We need to move, I want a drink, so get your cute little body up so I can get one."

"Fix me a drink Daddy. Please! I would like to have something with you. Can I get something else on the TV, maybe a movie or something, Daddy?"

"Sure, and here you are. Drink it slow."

The movie was science fiction. They watched it together but he could hardly concentrate. Brandi had deliberately positioned herself in such a way as to allow her father to see every thing she had. The view was to exquisite for him not to stare and she caught him looking more than once. Each time she got turned on a little more. When the movie ended He said, "You sleep in the bed. I will take the other one."

They had two one was a fold out and just as comfortable.

It was now or never! "Daddy! Please! We can both sleep in the same bed. It'll be okay. I promise I won't do anything. Remember how we slept together at Yellowstone when Aunt Mary and Uncle Bart were with us?"

"You were 13 then. I had no reason to be enticed."

"Do you remember when Mom said we should all sleep in the bed because I was so scared? I had to sleep in the middle between you two. I rolled around all night." Her choice of words was almost more than he could handle.

He knew it was wrong. But he could not resist this vixen. He decided he would grant her wish. Now his problem was what to wear. He was not going to sleep in the nude as was his habit at home. He decided to wear some pants that would be hard to get off. This he hoped would be enough to keep him away from her.

Turning off the lights, Bradford walked to the bed, turned back the sheet and bed covering, and slipped into bed. Brandi was already in bed, and as he lay back, she moved over and kissed his cheek, and telling him, "Night, Daddy." Then Bradford felt Brandi curl her body against him and place her left leg up over his, and press tightly to his body.

Bradford said nothing, but he felt the nude body of his child against his physical being. Her knee was pressed against his penis. Her leg rubbed against his. He was becoming jelly in her hands. She placed her upper body on his chest. Her firm breasts added to his desire.

His libido was working overtime. He was getting turned on as never before. She knew what she was doing he thought to himself. Yet his parental instinct and conscience would not allow him to go further. Still he was being seduced so exquisitely. Finally he gave in. The separation of parent-to-child would be forever changed.

"Daddy, hold me, and don't be afraid, just let me feel what it is to be a woman!' she whispered. 'This will stay between us.' she said as she reached down and opened his zipper. She pulled out his dick and began to play with it. Stroking it and rubbing it till it became hard.

Never in his life had he felt such a desire! He allowed her to take off his pants and then he moved to take her. "Oh, Daddy! I feel you and its going in me! I- I... Oh Daddy, daddy, oh daddy! You're going in me all the way! It hurts, but don't move... I want you in me. Daddy it stings. I don't care, make me yours in every way. DADDY! GAWD IT HURTS!"

As she uttered out from feeling her virginity being taken her father penetrated her sex, Brandi knew she was now a woman, and she whispered to her own father, "Daddy, you are my first, you have made me a woman, I love you, even more than ever, daddy, I..."

He no longer thought of the repercussions of what he was doing. He was full of lust and it had to be slaked. Nothing could have prepared him for the next few minutes. He entered her. He broke her cherry. He began humping and she put her legs up around his back pulling him into her. She had to cum to make him cum. Nothing would stop the two of them as they passionately fucked. Finally he spilled his cum into her hot wet pussy. She felt him cum and squeezed him so tightly he could not move. When he was able to pull out of her she felt their juices drip down and wet her ass and the bed.

He went into the bathroom, got a wash cloth and returned to clean her up. He did not like a wet bed. He was sure she wouldn't either. Brandi hadn't had a good orgasm yet. She was so turned on that when her father put the wash cloth against her she sighed and spread her legs as far as they could go. She grabbed him and began to play with him trying to get him hard again.

Finally she was able to do so. This time she took his pants off and made him take off his shirt. Now she could feel his whole body against hers. His hairy chest was a turn on for her. She pulled him down on top and made him enter her hot tunnel again.

He began stroking his erection back and forth inside her tight and clinging sex . He no longer thought of this girl as his daughter. He didn't think. Never had a man loved a woman more. For several minutes he stroked his erection back and forth making it slow and building her up.

Each time he was ready to ejaculate, he would stop, wait for the need to pass, then he recommenced once more. Brandi moved her hips up and down with his in and out strokes, wrapped her legs around his waist, gripped his hips and pulled him into her. He heard the sounds of passion escaping her lips.

Stoking faster and deeper, he knew his daughter was about to climax. This was what he had been waiting for. Again he stopped moving. He listened as Brandi passionately began to cum. Now she was ready to explode, and she uttered out into her father's ear, as his head was near her mouth. Then it hit her. Suddenly and hard, "Daddy! Oh yes! Oh! Oh Daddy! I'm getting it! I'm c-cumming! Daddy! Oh yes! Ohhhhh YES!!" she went into a deep orgasmic cum.

"I'm cumming with you! Brandi! I'm cumming Now!" and as he spoke he shoved as deep into her sex as possible, and his semen splashed against her womb.

They lay together, slightly sweaty, their torsos pressed together, and Brandi still holding her legs around her father's waist, and her hands and arms hugging his neck. She moved her lips against her father's lips, and they shared a passionate exchange of kisses. After perhaps five minutes, Bradford felt his erection again growing inside the wet and warm sex of his daughter. He resumed his fucking her.

He had not really gotten flaccid and she had not released him. He swore she was trying never to release his cock from her body. She was milking every last drop of semen he had. She yielded to her desire again and sobbed, "Daddy! Give it to me! Give it to me! I want your juices in me! Ohhh Daddy, do it! Cum in me! YES!" Then her young hips were in her father's hands, and he began to drive in and out of her sex. Faster he moved, and once more he unleashed a thick and large load of semen into her.


They lay in each other's arms, resting on their sides, then as they allowed their incestuous emotions to fade, they fell asleep. Before the sex induced sleep over took her, Brandi was amazed to feel her father's male juice seeping from inside her sex, to leak down across her anus, and onto the bed. The liquid seemed to cool and it felt slick as it left her. She wondered what if must be like to swallow. Smiling to herself, she suddenly understood what her girlfriends were speaking about when they spoke of jacking off a date.

It was nearly five in the morning when Brandi stirred, her body felt sore, the area between her legs felt like she had been torn apart and hit with a hammer. She felt the dried semen. There was also some minor evidence of the loss of her virginity. When she felt it she realized it was matted in her pubic hair. She sought her father's manhood, and found it to was caked with dried fluids as was his pubic hair.

Holding her father's deflated penis in her hand, she remembered the actions between she and her father, and realized they had done the one act that was never to occur. For Brandi, the final act of giving herself to her father, allowing him to be the man to get her cherry, was something that she believed was ordained to have happened. There was no other man good enough for her. No one else had been allowed to touch her.

She had wanted her father to be first from the time she understood what sex was all about. Now it had happened. Her dream was fulfilled. Her father was her first, he had deflowered her, made her a woman. She hoped she was safe and would not become pregnant. That thought repulsed her severely. When she rolled over she awoke him and he instinctively began to suck on her tits. She was getting turned on and he hips began to undulate accordingly. Her breathing became more erratic. Moving onto her back, she pulled her father over onto her, and her hand guided the large penis to her hot wet entrance.

"Give it to me!" she begged. "Fuck me. Fuck me," she begged for it asking to be done harder and harder. She wrapped her legs around him pulled him to her as hard as she could while she rode out her orgasm. "Oh daddy I'm cumming! I'm cumming. Don't stop! Please don't stop! More! Harder! OH FUCK!!!" she cried.

When it was over, and they had showered and dressed, they walked a short distance to a restaurant and ordered breakfast. Sitting at the counter on the stools she pressed her legs against him and when she could discretely grabbed his crotch. 'Are you happy' Was I good' Are you bigger than most men''

After showering, and dressing, they walked over to the restaurant and sat at the counter and enjoyed a breakfast of steak and eggs. Brandi would press her leg against Bradford's and she reached down and gripped his penis through his shorts he had put on when they dressed. "You happy, tell me the truth, are you happy daddy, because I am, very much so, and I feel sore. You're big, aren't you, and did you like what we did?"

An hour later, they were driving down the interstate, and headed toward the camp. Once more they approached the water park. Suddenly he remembered a nudist camp nearby. He and his wife Julia went there once a month during the summer. Before the children were born. He hadn't been in years. Was it possible it was still open' Would Brandi go with him' He wanted to take them both sometime but that was in the future. Now she had to return to her job and the camp. He did however mention it.

"Would you like to go with us to a nudist camp after work in the fall?" he asked.

"When you and Mom go next time, I might. You should mention it to Mom first. But right now I only want you and no one else to see me nude. No one! I don't know when I will allow another man to touch me. I do want you again. I want it to be special only with you! Should I get on the pill?"

"I hadn't considered the possibility of your being or getting pregnant. Would you want a baby by me?"

"I am safe enough at the moment because I just finished my menses. No I don't think having your baby would be a good idea." Then she changed the subject. "Could we go to the water park one more time? Please? Please? I just want you once more before I have to leave you and return to work."

He returned to the park once more and took the RV as far to the back of the lot as possible. He closed the curtains and then went into the bedroom. "I planned for you to take my cherry. I wanted you and no one else. Come here."

He did and she pulled down his pants. Then she took her own off and lay on the bed beckoning him to climb in next to her. When he did she grabbed his cock and for another first, took him in her mouth. She sucked and sucked and then licked and tongued the thing as though she was sucking on a Popsicle.

Once he was hard, she again pulled him on top of her and guided his turgid member into her hot and waiting box. Then in a flurry of activity she decided she wanted to ride him. "Daddy I want to be on top. I want to be the one to control the speed. Let me get on you."

He stopped and rolled on to his back. She straddled him. Then she lowered herself all the while guiding his member not to her cunt but to her last virgin hole. She knew it might hurt but she had to find out what it felt like. When he realized what she was doing he told her to wait. He found some baby oil and slathered it on his hard cock. Once more he lay on the bed. Once more she got on top and lowered her self on to his skewer.

This time though she was more relaxed. The oil did its work and she took him up her ass with very little pain. Now she began to bounce. "This way I can't get pregnant. We can do it as often as we want and you can come in me as hard as you wish! Make me cum please!"

He grabbed her pussy and began to finger her. He could feel his member in her anal canal getting hard and ready to spit. He found her clit and began gently playing with it. She became hotter and hotter. Finally an explosive shutter overcame her body. She had a major climax. When she calmed a bit he came deep in her nether passage. She felt him release.

She felt his jizz fill her. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. They both had to wait until he calmed down and his erection subsided before they could get up. He dressed and again put the RV into gear and started for the camp. Brandi couldn't get over the feeling of fullness. It felt like she had to have a bowel movement, but nothing came out. Just air and a few drops. She dressed, and combed her hair and they were at the camp.

Brandi was met at the camp by the Browns. They were going to accuse her of being late but she had five minutes to spare. She said her goodbyes and rushed to the mess hall to meet her campers for dinner. Her father Bradford stayed for a moment out of politeness then he too got into the RV and started for the highway.

Brandi could not wait to meet her fellow counselors and tell them of her experiences. Of course she would not say who the man was. In addition she decided not to have her breasts altered or touched in any way. She did not know it but she would soon have more problems than any young girl should have.

To be continued?


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