Bobby Reed's family was pretty normal. His father, Dennis, was a high school geography teacher. His mother, Katherine, was a registered nurse at the local hospital. And his sister April was an 18-year-old freshman in college. Bobby, himself, was 12-years-old and finishing up seventh grade.

Like any seventh grader, Bobby's hormones were raging. So were his friends'. He would constantly be annoyed by hearing them talk about how hot his sister was. Although it may have annoyed Bobby, his friends were right. April was a beautiful young lady. She had curly brown hair that reached just above her shoulders.

She had bright blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. And her lips were what his friends called DSL's. No, not Digital Subscriber Line. Dick Sucking Lips. She had the kind of mouth guys dream of getting blowjobs from. Besides her beautiful face, she had a smoking hot body. She was 5'5, 105 pounds, and sported 36C breasts.

Bobby, being April's brother, thought it was gross that his friends looked at her like this. But he had no problem looking at April's friends as hot pieces of ass. Specifically, April's best friend Georgia had stolen Bobby's interest for some time. Georgia wasn't the prettiest girl, but she had enormous 38DD breasts and Bobby loved to stare at them.

He had even jerked off to the thought of rubbing his dick in between them. He had seen her topless before, and the image of her naked breasts had been burned into his memory. In addition to Georgia, Bobby also had a crush on April's college roommate. He had only met her once, but she was extraordinarily nice to him. Her name was Emily. She was 18, like

April, but had long blonde hair and green eyes. Like April, Emily was hooked up with DSLs as well. Emily was smaller than April, though. She was 5'2, 95 pounds, and her breasts were a full cup-size smaller at 36B. Regardless, Emily was beautiful and any guy would have been lucky to get her into bed. Like Georgia, Bobby had jerked off to Emily quite a few times. He loved imagining her sucking down his cock and then begging for him to fuck her.

Alas, this was all the fantasy of a 12 year-old boy. Bobby continued his life: fantasizing about hot girls, watching his friends drool over his sister, and of course, doing his schoolwork.

Then, spring break came about. He had a whole 10 days off. For 7 of those days, he would be fine because his parents would be able to watch him, but on days 8, 9, and 10, Dennis and Katherine Reed had planned an excursion. That's when Bobby overheard his mother having a phone conversation with his sister, who was at college at the time.

"April," Bobby's mother said, "Don't get an attitude. I'm just asking if Bobby could stay up in your dorm room for 2 or 3 days. We don't have anywhere else to send him."

"What about Grandma's house?" Bobby heard April ask.

"Well, that could be an option," their mother replied. "But you know that you and your brother always hated going there. Plus, it's really out of our way."

"That would be so funny if he had to spend 3 days with Grandma," April laughed on the other end of the phone. "He would probably rather kill himself."

"Exactly," her mother said. "Now you know why I'm asking you to help us out. He looks up to you and he'd have fun spending just a few days with you."

"I know, Mom," said April. "But didn't you ever consider I might have plans this weekend?"

"Well, do you?" her mother asked.

"No," April laughed, again, "But I just wanted you to ask. He can stay up here, but he better not be a pest, and he better not ruin my weekend."

"OK," her mother responded. "I'll make sure he knows he needs to behave and stay out of your hair. And thanks, you're doing us a big favor."

"No problem, mom," April said. "I need to go now, though. Time to study."

"Alright, bye dear. I love you."

"Love you too. Call me before you drop him off. See ya."


On the other end of the line, April was not going to go study. She was about to go out and drink for the night. But her mother, of course, didn't need to know that.

Katherine and Dennis Reed both adored their children and considered them angels, but that was far from the truth. April was not, by any means, a slut, but she did like to have fun. She had only had sex with 2 guys, although she had sucked well over 10 guys off with her lovely DSLs. But that was counting all the way back to when she was 13.

And Bobby was no saint either. Although he'd never done anything sexually, sex was always on his mind -- just like most boys his age. He had jerked off in every room in the house several times and even masturbated while rubbing his mother's or sister's dirty bras against his penis. A couple times he even made his friends pay him 5 bucks to let them "accidentally" walk in on his sister while she was getting changed.

A week later, Katherine called April to let her know she and Dennis were dropping Bobby off at her dormitory. When they dropped him off, he was greeted by April and his crush, April's roommate, Emily.

"Hey there, kiddo!" April greeted her brother. "You ready to see what college is all about?"

Bobby couldn't keep his eyes off Emily. She smiled at him, then he looked away in a state of embarrassment.

"You bet ya," he answered his sister.

The two siblings waved goodbye to their parents and headed back to the dormitory entrance.

"We better take all your stuff up to the room," April suggested.

"Good thinkin," Bobby said, his eyes still checking out Emily at every chance he could get.

As they entered the dorm and walked toward April's room, Bobby's eyes started to wander. There were girls everywhere -- hot ones, fat ones, ugly ones, tall ones, short ones, cute ones, etc. He felt like he was in paradise. He started to lag behind.

"Hey April, your brother..." Emily said, as she noticed him falling back.

"Hey Bobby," April said, turning her head backward. "Are you gonna keep up or am I gonna have to make you hold Emily's hand?"

Bobby blushed.

"Aww," said Emily in a sweet voice, "He's so cute and adorable."

Bobby actually was a pretty cute kid. He got the attention of quite a few girls in his class. He was fairly tall for his age, measuring in at 5'3 -- a little shorter than his sister -- but he still had quite a bit of time to grow and would probably end up being over 6 feet tall, like his father. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and stayed in shape since he was an active kid.

"Yeah," April said in return. "Try living with him for 12 years."

They both laughed a little.

"I'm only joking," April continued. "Bobby is a great brother. Isn't that right Bobby?"

She turned around to catch Bobby staring at Emily's ass as they walked up the stairs to the 3rd floor.

"Umm... Uh..." he stuttered, "Yeah. Exactly..."

April gave him a weird look.

"OK," said April. "Here's our room."

They opened the door and Bobby was bombarded by a sea of pink and other girly things.

"What do ya think of the room?" asked April.

"I-it's..." Bobby couldn't find a tactful word. "It's kind of girly."

Emily giggled. "You're hilarious. Of course it's girly. We are girls, ya know!"

"Yeah," Bobby said, a little embarrassed. "That's true."

"Oh, lighten up, Bobbo," April said. "She's only kidding with you.

Now, are you hungry, there's a great pizza place down the street if you want some dinner..."

"Wooh!" Bobby said, sounding excited now. "I'm starving! I could eat a whole pie by myself."

"I'll take that as a yes," April laughed. "You want to come, too, Em?"

"Yeah, sure, why not?" Emily replied.

At the Pizza place, Bobby only managed to eat 5 slices of pizza -- not a whole pie. April and Emily split the rest of the 3 slices. When it came time to pay, Bobby offered his money to take care of the bill.

"Bobby," April said. "I told you I'd treat."

"I know," Bobby said, "But mom and dad gave me some money for food and stuff. I mean, I could keep it all and pocket it, but you're being nice enough to let me stay up here and not stay with grandma. It's the least I could do."

"See, Em? What'd I tell you? Best brother ever, isn't he?"

Emily smiled in agreement.

By the time they got back to the girls' room, it was 9:00 p.m. Emily and Bobby played foosball in the lounge while April got showered and ready to go out. By 10 p.m., Emily and April were both, surprisingly, ready to go out and party and they both looked hot. April was wearing a plaid skirt with a white top that made her look like an innocent Catholic schoolgirl.

Emily was wearing a black mini-skirt with a red halter top. She looked to-die-for. Bobby said he didn't mind that they leave him there alone. He would just go on the internet and talk to some people on AIM or something.

The girls left at about 10:20. By 10:30, Bobby was on the internet, looking up porn and jerking himself off to the image of Emily still in his head. At about 10:50, Bobby heard somebody jiggling the doorknob.

He was glad the door was locked, but before he could cover his dick, the door flew open.

It was Emily. Bobby's face turned bright red.

"What're you doing?" she asked, even though she knew the answer to the question.

Bobby was too embarrassed to answer.

Emily walked closer to him and then sat down on the floor next to him.

He was desperately trying to hide his exposed penis.

"What do you have there?" Emily asked with an evil grin on her face.

"You're in trouble...April isn't going to like this."

Emily moved Bobby's hand away, exposing his rigid six inch cock.

"Please don't tell my sister," Bobby pleaded, not realizing what was going on.

"As long as you don't tell her about this," Emily said, leaning down and wrapping her lips around his cockhead.

"Oh... my... god!" Bobby said, not knowing how else to respond.

Emily ran her tongue up and down his shaft like a professional

cocksucker, then dove down onto it, taking the whole thing into her mouth.

"Am I dreaming?" Bobby asked. "This feels amazing."

Emily didn't talk. She just bobbed her head up and down on his cock.

She lifted her head up to take her halter top off and then immediately resumed the blowjob. She took his hands and put them on her tits, letting him know it was alright to play with them. She knew he wanted to.

She slid her mouth down his cock and then started to hum on his balls while jerking his cock off with her right hand.

Emily started to moan as she returned to sucking on his 12-year-old dick. She started to suck hard and fast, and within seconds, Bobby was erupting in her mouth. His cum wasn't thick; it was thin, but there was a lot of it. Bobby grabbed the back of her head like he had seen in porno flicks and forced her to swallow it all down.

Bobby sat back in the computer chair and collapsed. He was still in shock with what just happened. Emily made sure she sucked and licked his dick clean and then got up and sat on her bed.

"Isn't the real thing a lot better than watching it on that monitor over there?" Emily asked.

Bobby nodded his head yes.

"Speechless?" she wondered.

"I love you," Bobby told her.

She giggled.

"You're gorgeous," Bobby told her again.

"Thanks, Bobby," she smiled. "You're a really cute kid. Now, come over here and sit on my bed, I want to talk to you."

Bobby got up, completely naked, and went over to sit on Emily's bed. He couldn't help but stare at her perky 18-year-old tits. They were spectacular.

"Are you a virgin?" she asked, not wasting time.

"No, of course not," he said.

"Bobby, you're a good kid. You don't have to be ashamed."

"Yeah, I am. I've never even had a girlfriend."

"Really? A cute kid like you? So was that your first blowjob?"

"Yeah," Bobby smiled. "And it was amazing."

"Thanks," Emily smiled. "Sex is even better."

Emily pushed Bobby down onto her bed so that he was lying down and squatted over top of him. Bobby's cock had become hard again and was sticking up like a flagpole. She dug her nails into his chest and looked into his eyes.

"You're so beautiful," Bobby said to her.

"Do you want me Bobby?" she asked him.

"Yuh... yuh," he stuttered. "YES!"

"It's a shame I have a skirt and panties on. If not, I could just sit down on your cock right now."

"Oh god, that would be hot," Bobby said.

"Wouldn't it be sexy?" she asked him, as she pushed herself further down, closer to his cock.

"Yeah," Bobby said, looking at the beautiful girl on top of him.

"You wanna fuck me right now, Bobby?" she coaxed him on.

"Fuck yeah. Let's fuck!"

"Guess what?" she asked.


She got real close to his ear and whispered, "I'm not wearing any panties." And then she pushed her 18-year- old pussy down onto his 12-year-old cock, taking it balls deep.

"Oh my god!" they both moaned together.

"Your cock feels so fuckin good, Bobby," Emily moaned as she fucked her roommate's 12-year-old brother. "How do you like my pussy?"

"I love it. I fuckin' love it!" he screamed.

"Fuck me, Bobby. Pump your cock up in me," Emily moaned.

Bobby grabbed Emily's waist and started pounding his cock up into her.

Emily could do nothing but grab her tits and moan in ecstasy as an incredible orgasm passed through her body.

"FUCK ME, BABY!" she moaned. "Don't stop! Slam it into my pussy!"

"Like this?" Bobby asked, as he grabbed her ass now and started slamming his cock into her pussy harder and deeper than before.

"Just like that, baby," Emily moaned again. "Fuck me as hard as you can...Don't hold back!"

Emily grabbed onto Bobby's legs and started to bounce her pussy up and down on his eager young cock. She would meet his thrust every time and allow his cock to go balls deep into her. Bobby laid there, pumping his dick into his sister's roommate's pussy and watching her amazing tits bounce around as she rode him.

"Fuck me, baby!" she moaned. "Ram that cock into me. Don't be shy!"

"Ride my dick, babe," Bobby groaned back. "Ride it hard!"

Emily leaned forward and started French-kissing Bobby and sucking and licking his neck. When she would move up a little, he started to suck and lick her neck as well as her perky tits.

"Suck my tits, baby!" Emily screamed. "Squeeze 'em if you want. Hard. Do whatever you want!"

Bobby started squeezing her tits and sucking on them as she bounced up and down on top of him. She started to bounce wildly, coming all the way off his cock and then slamming back down onto it. After a few seconds of this, Emily was having her second orgasm.

"Oooooooh! Fuck me baby! Ooooooh! Fuck my pussy!"

Bobby grabbed her ass and started to pound his cock into her again.

"FUCK ME! OOOOOH! FUCK ME!" she moaned louder.

This set Bobby off.

"Oh, shit. I'm gonna cum."

"Cum in me! Pump me full of cum!"

As Bobby exploded in her, sending spurt after spurt of cum deep inside her pussy, she had her third orgasm and started bucking wildly on top of him again, moaning and groaning louder than before, until she finally collapsed on top of him.

They just laid there for a few minutes until finally Emily spoke.

"That was fucking amazing. You sure you're only 12 and a virgin?"

"That was better than amazing. And I'm sure," Bobby smiled.

They laid there for another few minutes and then looked at the clock.

"Holy shit," Emily said. "It's almost 1 a.m."

"Wow!" Bobby said, bright-eyed. "We were at it for almost 2 hours!?"

"Well, yeah," Emily said, "But that's not what I meant. We need to clean up and stuff. Your sister will probably be home anywhere between 2-4 but I don't wanna take any chances..."

After they cleaned up and sprayed the room with Febreze so it didn't smell like sex, Bobby seemed puzzled.

"What's wrong, hun?" Emily asked him.

"Well, you're a beautiful 18-year-old girl. Why would you want a 12-year-old kid like me?"

"You're a cute kid, Bobby. But honestly, I didn't want you. I just thought you were a sweet kid. When I walked in on you jerking off and saw your cock, I don't know what happened to me. I needed to suck it off. And once I did that, I was so horny I needed to fuck you."

"Wow," Bobby said, speechless.

"And I wouldn't mind fucking you sometime in the future. All this talk is making me horny again."

"Me, too," Bobby said. "Let's do it again. We can do it before Ape gets back."

"Alright," Emily said, with a look of lust on her face, "But we need to make it quick..."

To Be Continued...


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