I was home alone one evening. My wife was out with the girls and my daughter was doing a sports party at school. I took the opportunity to break out my old porn tapes and watch a few. About midway through the first one, I heard the front door unlock and open. I quickly turned of the tape and started flipping through channels.

"Daddy?" came a voice. It was my daughter, come home early. "You home?"

"Yes, baby," I called. "How did it go?"

"It was ok," she replied. She shrugged off her gym bag and her jacket. "It got boring, so I came home." She plopped down beside me. "What are you watching?"

"Oh, nothing," I lied. "I'm just flipping through channels."

"Thinking about going camping, daddy?" she giggled. "Nice tent you've erected."

I looked down, noticed my erection. I started turning red.

"It's ok, daddy. I'd go camping with you any day."

She got up, placed a hand on my erection, kissed me on the cheek, and headed upstairs. While I recovered from her touch, I heard her run a shower. Minutes later, I heard her call for me. Carefully, I entered the bathroom.

"Daddy, can you wash my back?" she asked, sounding innocent.

"Sure, baby." I replied. I could see her outline through the curtain, and I couldn't help being very turned on. She stuck her hand out of the shower, handing me the soapy wash cloth, and opened the shower curtain up wide enough for me to reach in. She'd pulled her hair to one side so that it wouldn't interfere. I took the soapy rag and began washing her back, taking time to cover every inch.

"Can you... go lower?" she asked.

I did as she requested, but I dropped the rag, washing her round cheeks with my bare hand. I made a bold move and slipped a finger between her cheeks. This was rewarded with a moan from her.

"All done," I told her.

"Thanks, daddy." she replied, bending over to retrieve the rag. In that moment, I caught a glimpse of her maturing pussy that I assumed was still virgin. Content with my view, I turned to leave.

"Umm... daddy?" came her sweet voice. "Can you do my front too?"

I paused.

"Please?" she seemed to plead.

In this moment, I knew that my life was about to change in a big way. Was this planned? Had she wanted this all along? I couldn't be this fortunate. I turned around and took the plunge.

"How about if I join you?" I suggested.

"I was hoping you would." I could hear the smile in her voice. I undressed and stepped into the shower with her.

"I think you need a place to stick your tent pole, daddy," she said, regarding my erection.

I took the rag and lathered soap into it. She put her hands behind her head, allowing me full access. I began washing her neck and chest, taking extra care on her supple breasts. I'd noticed how much she'd grown over the years, and now at 15, I could tell that as she got older, her breasts would only get bigger. Even more so once she got pregnant. As I got to her stomach, she took the rag from me.

"You don't need this anymore," she spoke softly. "Just use your hand."

I put some soap on my hand and continued down. I was expecting to feel a little tuft of hair, but to my surprise there wasn't any. She kept herself shaven. It was a pleasant surprise. I looked up at her to see her smiling. She moaned as I slipped a finger between her lips and brushed her clit. I stood back and let the water wash all over her body. My hands rubbed any last traces of soap away.

She was breathing hard and I could almost hear her heart racing. Without warning, she took my face in her hands and kissed me. Her lips were warm and wanting. Her tongue pleaded for mine and I gave it to her. My erection poked at her abdomen, looking for a place to go. My daughter lifted a leg and wrapped it around my waist. As I picked her up, I looked her and asked, "Are you sure?"

She nodded. "Yes, daddy," she whispered between breaths.

I pointed my cock between her lips and found her hole. Before I knew it, I was shaft deep inside her. She'd thrust herself onto me. She let out a quiet shriek and dug her fingers into my back. I heard her pant and breath through the pain. I was surprised at the ease that I slipped in. She was tight and I knew I was stretching her, but I was slightly disappointed. She wasn't a virgin. I was too wrapped in the moment to let that thought discourage me. My cock was deep inside my own daughter!

"I love you, daddy," she whimpered.

I looked at her and she was crying. I couldn't tell if it was from the pain or from the emotion.

"I love you, too," I replied. I felt no guilt because I truly loved her. Still holding her, I began slowly pumping in and out of her. She gasped and moaned at each thrust, rocking her hips against mine. She begged me to go faster. I did so. Her squeals and moans became louder. The faster I went, the louder she got. It wasn't long before I felt my own orgasm coming. I didn't know what to do.

"I'm going to cum soon," I spoke.

She only smiled and kissed me.

"Do it in me, daddy."

"But, what if..."

She stopped me with a kiss.

"If I do, I want it to be yours," she spoke. "That's how much I love you."

I thrust in her deeper and harder. She met my thrusts with her own. Finally, I pushed my cock deep and exploded inside her. She orgasmed, squealing at the feeling of me spasming inside her. I got at least five shots in her before she came back down. She kissed me deeply, releasing me from her grip. I set her down gently, caressing her body.

As we finished showering, she explained that she'd taken her own virginity with her mother's dildo, the same one I'd bought for her a couple years ago. She told me she'd done it the week previous and that my cock was the first real cock she'd ever felt.

"The only one I want to feel," she pointed out.

"Does your mother know about this?" I questioned.

"Yes," she smiled. "Mom gave it to me."

"But does she know about what we've done?"

"No... but she will," she smiled at me slyly.


It was the next night that my daughter made her move. She was standing at our door, listening to us as my wife and I made love. She'd listened to us before and knew just how I got her mother spun up. At just the right moment, she walked in and got in bed with us.

Without a word, she gave her mother a deep kiss and caressed her breasts. I was pumping my wife at the time, getting ready to give her a good helping of my cum. My wife moaned at her daughter's touch. She broke off the kiss and stood up on the bed, stepped over my wife and squatted over her face. My wife needed no invitation better than that. She began licking and sucking on her daughter's pussy, exploring her lips with her tongue and plunging it inside her.

As my wife was doing this, my daughter was kissing me and letting me suck on her breasts. In no time, all three of us were having our own orgasms. My wife was spent and so was I, but our daughter wanted more. I laid down next to my wife and our daughter got between my legs and began sucking on me, trying to bring my cock back to life. As she sucked on me, my wife laid back and watched, playing with herself.

My daughter reached a hand over and slid a couple fingers in my wife. This got her mother going again, which in turn got me hard. As soon as I was up, my daughter mounted me, taking me deep inside her.

"Mmmm, that'a girl." I heard my wife say. She got up and started kissing her daughter, fingering her clit as she rode me. She was orgasming in no time. With her mother's help, she came three times before I shot my load in her. She came a fourth time upon feeling that. I was spent and so was she, but my wife wasn't. Our daughter laid down next to me and my wife got between her legs and started eating her hairless pussy. I heard my wife moan in pleasure.

"So, you DID cum in her," she looked up at me. "This should be interesting."

She ate our daughter to two more orgasms, lapping up as much of my cum as she could, then laid down next to our daughter. The three of us then fell asleep.


Over the next month, the three of us played off and on. I came inside my daughter every time, whether it was the three of us or just the two of us. My wife was definitely satisfied with playing with her one on one.

I came home one evening to find my wife and daughter in the kitchen talking. My instincts told me something was up, so I asked.

"I got injured at practice today," my daughter began. "It's nothing serious, but I needed a reason to quit."

"Why?" I asked.

"Because, daddy," she spoke with a sly grin, "I'm late on my period. Mom bought me a test and confirmed it. Now, I'm going to be a mom and you're going to be a daddy all over again."

Things were definitely going to be interesting.



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    I thought it was good and would love to know what happens next.