Jackie Howard's tight young jean-clad butt rose and fell softly in the saddle as her horse cantered around the show ring. That sight was the cause of at least two throbbing hard-ons among the spectators: The cocks of my long time buddy Bill and my own. We watched her closely as she rode - rising and falling softly on the narrow leather seat of her English saddle. We were both rubbing our cocks through our jeans from at the delicious sight.

"Is that the greatest ass you've ever seen?" I asked Bill. He just nodded, eyes glued to the cute little rear of the teenaged Jackie.

Jackie was a short, tightly packed girl of American Indian ancestry. Pretty as a picture, she had full tanned cheeks and long black hair tied back in a long pony-tail. She wore her jeans like a second skin, stretched to the utmost across her fine young butt. She had perky young breasts, just the kind I liked. Bill always wanted 'em "bigger."

I had dated Jackie once, taking her to a local club where we danced and sipped beer. She lived in the mountains about twenty miles above Denver with her parents. We had made out some in the car when I took her home, and from the liberties she let me take with her, I was pretty sure I'd be able to get into her panties soon. Hell, she'd even played with my cock for a few minutes when I unzipped and released it while we were making out. But it was so late we were both half- falling asleep and I had decided to let it go for the first date.

Bill was several years younger than me and had no car. His dad owned the horse stable where we were watching the rise and fall of Jackie's fine bottom that afternoon. He was building a chopper, but it wasn't yet operational. So he was at a distinct disadvantage to me. I was employed as a traveling consultant and had money, car, a nice condo, and was generally pretty well fixed.

The next date a week later I took Jackie to the Playboy Club (this was in the 70s), which impressed her a lot, I could tell. But again, we partied until it was so late that we were both falling asleep and didn't look forward to putting off the twenty mile trip to her house, so after making out some in the car (and me rubbing her crotch through her pantyhose), we headed up the mountain.

By the third date another week had passed. I had learned my lesson. and only took Jackie out for dinner and a movie. After the film, there was still time so I took her to my condo for "a drink." Well, Jackie was a hot little pistol what with all her Indian blood, and it wasn't long at all before we had made out to the point where we were both horny as goats. We slipped out of our clothes (actually undressing each other) and slid into my bed. As things got hotter and heavier, she was wet and I was hard and wet and ready to slip it into her. But she held me off and said I'd have to use a condom.

I never liked the damn things. I mean, sex is all about physical contact and exchange of the electric signals through the lubricating juices. Putting a rubber film between pussy and cock just interrupted that exchange and not only felt worse but killed any hope of real sex. But, after debating with her a few minutes, I was too horny and gave in. I grabbed a rubber from the bedside table, and she took it from my hands and began to slip it onto me.

Of course, I was a bit surprised that she knew how - she'd obviously done this a few times before - and disappointed but still harder than a steel rod. It only made me harder to have her hands all over my dick and watch her watching my proud manhood as she worked with it.

Then as she worked the sheath down my seven inches, she murmured, "Ummmm, nice, but dry, huh?"

"Yeah, real dry," I replied.

"Here," she said, slipping her fingers inside herself to gather her juices and then smeared them over the condom. "That'll make it slip in easier."

God, I felt like I was about to fuck a whore, she was so "professional" about everything. But being young, I didn't let it bother me. Instead, I rolled over and mounted her, holding myself off her with my arms. I moved my hips back and forth, letting my dick slide up and down her slit until she reached down and guided me into her.

"Ohhhh, ahhhhhhhh," she sighed as I slipped all seven inches right up in her cunt and felt myself bottom against something. "Probably her cervix," I thought. Then I slid back out and began the old dance. Around and around stirring her inside like batter in a bowl; from high angle then from low angle, exploring her depths completely. She responded best to high angle entering her from the right lower corner. I did that lots, and she almost got off on it before I changed motions.

I looked down at this beautiful Indian princess, her bare boobs round and full with hard, extended nipples, her lips swollen from our kissing, her belly flat and smooth. I was in heaven, except that damned condom kept me from enjoying the real "her." I wanted to feel my bare dick sliding along her naked, wet, spongy cunt walls. Nothing less than mingling of our juices would satisfy me completely. Besides, it was something of a matter of pride.

But, you take what you can get. So I kept slipping in and out of Jackie's snug pussy - if she was experienced, hers was also still a tight little twat that caressed firmly me on each stroke. And condom or no condom, a man can only take so much.

As I felt my patience coming to an end and my balls filling up and tightening, I tried to hold off to give her time. But it didn't take her long. As soon as I leaned down and pressed my hairy chest to flatten her breasts and kissed her softly with a very wet and loving kiss, she arched her back, lifted her butt off the bed and began moaning, "Oh yes... my God! YES... now... give it to me now Jimmy... I'm going... Ohhhhhhhhh, Unnggghhhh!"

That was all it took for me, and I let go, clenching my butt cheeks and driving my dick as far into her pussy as I could I held him there, feeling that God-wonderful feeling of squirting my juices into... well, if not into her, at least in her into a condom. God damn! I hated that thing. Still, I had a big one, and she did too, after which I collapsed on her, sweaty and hot and breathing very hard.

If that night left something to be desired for me, it seemed to satisfy her very much. She was very sweet to me after that, a little clingy in fact. After that we had sex several times at my place and in my car in the mountains where we'd park as I took her home. That was great, I always liked screwing in the mountain forests where it was always cool. The only thing wrong was that Jackie always insisted on putting a condom on me before we fucked.

A few weeks later, we found ourselves in my bed again, about to make it once again. Same old routine, after making out like crazy for a half hour or so, I got out a rubber and handed it to her. She got up on her knees and opened and unrolled it down my hard shaft, and then smeared her own juices all over it.

It was a replay of that first time. We fucked like minks, her legs bouncing on the bed, then wrapping around my hips, her nails biting my back, her lips glued to my neck. After some minutes of that, though, we slowed to a nice, loving fuck.

I was stroking in and out of her snug wet box steadily, and Jackie was moaning loudly, obviously lost in the dreamland of pure pleasure. My left hand was on her butt, pulling her onto me with each stroke. Several times I had withdrawn completely from her, teasing her before reentering to drive deeply up inside her.

Sensing this was my chance, on one of those next withdrawals, I extended me fingers over to drag the condom off my cock as I withdrew, letting it fall to the bed. I teased her a little as before, then drove into her again as he had before, only this time I was finally bareback - my naked cock slid up into naked pussy, the way fucking was supposed to be.

And what a difference it made. The feeling was fantastic! It felt so good that I almost came immediately, and had to concentrate on some very un- sexy thoughts to keep myself from cumming right in her. I wanted to cum in her, I intended to cum in her, but not just yet.

She hadn't caught on, and the increased sensitivity of the flesh-on-flesh slopping around in our mutual electro-chemical juices made Jackie moan all the more. I could tell She was really getting into it, as I was. My cock was flying in and out of her, grinding around in her, then pushing far into her and just pumping. God but it felt good to us both, better than ever before.

I was nearing my climax. My nuts were creeping up tightly against the base of my cock, and as that happened my strokes were getting shorter and shorter. I knew Jackie was getting close, too, because she was squeezing herself more and more tightly against me, reaching for her own climax.

Then it all broke lose. I plunged deep inside her and held myself there, squeezing my butt cheeks like crazy to pump my juices up inside her. She immediately started cumming, too, crying out with pleasure and uttering words I'd never heard from her before. "Fuck meeeeee, Jimmeeeeee, I'm going... going... Ohhhhh God, Oh God, Oh God! Fuck! Fuck! Oh, Jeez!"

She kept that up for a long time as she arched hard into me, drawing out my orgasm into the longest I'd ever had, as if she were sucking the juice out of me. I responded by giving her all I could, and that was a lot, at least six big spurts.

We collapsed and I rolled off her. As I did my hand slid around on the sheets until I found the condom, and in the dark I spit into it and began to slip it back down onto my dick. Being still hard and all wet, the thing slid on easily being wet inside from my spit and from my juices.

About that time, Jackie must have realized that she was wet inside and that the pleasure had been much more intense than ever before. "You are wearing a condom, aren't you?" she whispered urgently in my ear. I didn't answer, just made one of those man-noises of letting my breath out my nose as if I were somewhat disgusted that she would ask.

I didn't want to lie outright. So I figured that I'd pretend to be pissed off that she would even question me. Suddenly, Jackie rolled over and reached for my cock. She grasped it, only to find it, yes, sheathed in the condom. She let out a big sign of relief.

"Oh my God," she muttered, "I'm sorry, but it was feeling so freakin' great I was afraid it had come off. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please don't be mad," she repeated over and over, stroking my cock and kissing me. I pouted coyly, milking the situation for as much as it was worth.

After a few minutes of this, she leaned down and grasped my now wilting cock. Slipping the condom off my cock, she leaned toward it and began kissing and licking the head. This was new! Jackie had never indicated any willingness to suck cock before. "Alright!!" I thought. I win again!

Soon, once again he felt the old familiar prostate tickle start deep in my ass, move to my balls and then surge upward, pushing spurt after spurt of my second helping of hot, thick cream through my urethra and into Jackie's sweet young mouth. She didn't back off, but kept sucking, swallowing my load - which was less than the first, by quite a bit. All in all, it was a great little blowjob, especially being so unexpected.

When my balls had pumped all their liquor into her mouth, my cock began to deflate and I slid my cock from her sucking mouth with a "plop." Inside, I was chuckling at the young cunt who didn't want my seed, but now had my seed, hot and fresh, buried deep within her teenaged womb. Almost made me hard again.

Thoughts of Jackie's fine little ass rising and falling on that English leather saddle filled my brain at the same time as I imagined his seed working its way inside her. "Hey," I thought, "that's what a girl gets when she fucks around." Call me crass, but condoms are NOT good birth control, ever! Unfortunately, I never got another chance at her - or more correctly, I never took another chance. That mountain drive late at night almost did me in as I fell asleep at the wheel a couple times, so I decided to end that.

Luck was with her, she didn't turn up pregnant, which was fine with me. But it was all sweet, and I'll never forget her cries of, "I'm going!" I always thought it was supposed to be, "I'm cumming!" And I never regretted fooling Jackie.



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