It all started when I was eleven and a half and my parents, who own a Korean restaurant in the city, decided the city was no place for a good Korean girl. They found a house in the suburbs they really liked and when they found out there was a very mature sixteen year old who lived two houses up, would baby sit me on Thursday and Friday nights, plus the weekends, that sealed the deal and they purchased the house.

When I first met my babysitter, my eyes almost popped out, she was a very pretty redhead, with big tits, at least they seemed big to me and her name was Maureen. Now my parents treated me like I was a two year old and had left a whole list of instructions for my sitter, Maureen, one of them being, make sure I took a bath, which of course ruffled my feathers.

I was just a tad pissed when Maureen followed me into the bathroom, so partly out of curiosity to see what she looked like naked and partly because I was pissed, I told her she would have to get undressed too, to see me naked. She gave the smile I got so used too, it makes my heart melt and said that if I wanted to see her naked, I would have to undress her.

Now you have to understand that for a little while now I had this un-dieing curiosity to see another girl's naked and here I had the most beautiful girl I ever saw, telling me I could undress her. I stepped towards her, but she stopped me, telling me to undress first. My clothes were off in record time. Then she checked me out from top to bottom, making me turn around and then, making me spread my legs for her. When she was satisfied, she told me I could now undress her and my hands were shaking, I was so excited.

I unbuttoned her blouse, opened it up to see her bra encased tits and my pussy kind of jumped, then she told me to take off the blouse and bra. I took the blouse off, unsnapped her bra and when I pulled the bra off, out popped the most beautiful tits ever. They were bigger then I even thought, thirty-six D, with nipples sticking out like little fingers and surrounded by dark pink aerola, that covered a third of the front of her tits.

My mouth was at the perfect height for me to suck her nipples into her mouth, and just by instinct, I grabbed one tit with both hands and sucked the nipple into my mouth. I couldn't believe that I had this beautiful tit in my mouth and that I was enjoying it more then anything I've enjoyed in a long while. I had feelings happening in my pussy that made this whole tit sucking thing so much more pleasurable, I thought I died and went to heaven.

I could hear Maureen's voice through the fog I was in, telling me how nice it was to have me nurse her tits, but not to suck so hard, When I eased up, I heard her say, what a good girl I was and that we were going to have so much fun together. She let me suck on her tits for about ten minutes, then she said that I was making her so hot, it was time to take her pants off.

So with her tit still in my mouth, I undid her pants and started to pull them down, enabling Maureen to be able to step out of them. Then she said to me, "I know you don't want to stop baby, but you have to take my panties off and give my pussy some relief now." The thought of seeing her pussy up close and personal, brought me to my knees in front of her. She had on bright red panties that had screened on them, "For Pleasure Only" with an arrow pointing at her pussy.

I pulled her panties down to discover the prettiest pussy in the world, she had a forest of red hair and the puffiest pussy lips, just like the girls I saw on a porn site and her pussy was all wet. I asked her if I could touch it, she smiled that smile and told me I had better touch it and that she also wanted to feel my tongue on it and now I knew I was in heaven.

I ran my fingers all over that sweet cunt, saw that when I touched what I later found out was her clit, she would get real excited, so being extremely curious, I put a finger into her cunt hole, while at the same time rubbing her clit. Her pussy was wetter inside, then it was out side and when Maureen wailed like a banshee, her cunt exploded, shooting juice all over my hands and arms. She slid down to the floor, moaning very loud, then she said, "Be a real good girl baby and lick my pussy for me, I need you to lick it for me baby."

Again being curious, I got between her legs so I could taste my first pussy. I put my tongue on her hot cunt and she went nuts, moaning and begging for more, so I did to her pussy what I saw the porn stars do and made her erupt in my mouth three more times.

We lay on the floor for a few minutes, until she was breathing normal again, then she pulled me on top of her so that I could feel her tits pressing into my chest, my legs had straddled her so that my pussy was rubbing against her cunt hair and she gave me my first grown-up kiss. We lay there while she was teaching me to kiss and when she stuck her tongue down my throat, I knew that I was going to be a really good girl for her.

She filled the tub then, we got in, she put me between her legs with my back against her so I could feel those awesome tits rubbing against me and started to wash me, while talking to me. She asked if I enjoyed sucking her tits, to which

I responded, "Could I do that everyday?" to which she said absolutely. Then she asked if I liked touching her pussy and I told her I loved touching her pussy, especially with my tongue. She then said we could do this every time she sat with me, as long as nobody else knows and I told her they would have to kill me to get it out of me.

By now she was washing between my legs and I was getting the most incredible feeling there and Maureen told me that one day soon, I was going to cum for her, like she did for me, but in the meantime, she was going to make me the best cunt lapper in the world. Then she made me wash her, a job I relished and while I was washing her, she told me that I was now responsible for her body, bathing her, shaving her, which she was going to teach me to do, undressing and dressing her and she would also teach me how to put make-up on her.

I now had her tit in my mouth, my hand on her pussy she let out a moan and said, "That's it baby, you take good care of your mistress and don't forget to eat my pussy again." I now had three fingers in her sweet cunt, was finger fucking her like mad, she kind of screamed and came all over my hand again, then she made lick her sweet cunt clean, causing her to cum twice more for me.

After our bath, we went into the family room to watch TV, totally naked and this was the first time I had ever been naked anywhere but my room, which had an attached bathroom. We sat on the couch, with me between Maureen's legs, so that I could feel her tits pressing into my back and her pussy hair rubbing against me, I was in heaven and then she turned my head, French kissing me. Later when I was able to cum, she could always make me cum, by doing just what we were doing now, but now, all I got was a really good feeling in my pussy, especially when Maureen started rubbing my pussy, while kissing me.

It didn't take very long before I figured out Maureen was a sex machine, all she wanted to do was cum, all the time, because the next thing I knew, Maureen was on top of me, trying to fuck me, while moaning she needed to be fucked. She put my hand between her legs, so I started fingering her clit and I felt my pussy get enveloped with her hot cum, a truly wonderful feeling. That wasn't enough for my mistress though, she got on the floor with her legs spread wide apart and told me to put my fingers in her pussy.

I put three fingers in like I did earlier, but she was moaning for more. I put my other finger in, finger fucking her as hard and as fast as I could, but she wanted still more. Now I have very small hands, but I still didn't think it was possible for me to get my whole hand in her pussy, but she was yelling at me to do it, so I did. My whole hand was now inside her cunt, right up to the wrist, so I started touching the inside of her cunt, all over, when I hit what I found out later was her "G" spot and her whole body came off the floor.

Of course, that's where I concentrated my efforts, her body kept coming off the floor every time I made her cum, she also screamed every time she came, mumbling in between cumming, that I was going to kill her if I didn't stop. I told her after I had made her cum five times that if she really wanted me to stop, she would lick my pussy for me.

She was in such a state, I don't think she could have told me her name and she agreed right away, that she would eat my pussy for me. I pulled my hand out of her cunt, making a sound like you get when suction releases and the cum came pouring out of her still steaming cunt. I really wanted to lick her cunt then, but more wanted to have her lick my pussy, so I straddled her lovely face.

She immediately began licking my pussy, giving me the most unbelievable feeling there, then after a few minutes, she turned me over, so that she was between my legs, spread my pussy lips and sunk her tongue inside my extremely happy pussy. She tongue fucked me for a few minutes, pulled me down to her, so that I was in her arms again, "Holy fuck baby1 I've never felt anything so fucking good in my whole life, you are now mine, forever!"

Then she kissed me with so much passion, that if I was able to cum, I would have been cumming like a fire hose. She picked me up, carried me into the bathroom, we washed each others pussies and then she carried me to bed, getting in with me, holding my naked body next to hers, until I went to sleep.

Now my life evolved around waiting for Thursday to get there, so I could crawl between Maureen's legs and eat the most awesome little pussy in the world. On Thursdays and Fridays, my parents would be gone when we got home from school, so I would undress Maureen as soon as the front door closed, French kiss her, kiss her from head to toe and eat her pussy right on the living room floor.

I don't know which I loved more, her pussy or making her pussy cum in my mouth, but I knew I couldn't live without either one, which is why I am her sex slave. She taught me everything I needed to know about taking care of her body, I would shave her legs and underarms, trim her pussy, wipe her pussy for her when she peed, take care of her nails and the four days we were together, put her make up on when she wanted me too, plus suck and fuck her pussy until she couldn't stand up and there wasn't anything I wouldn't do for her.

We had been together for a little over two years and my parents really loved Maureen, my grades were better then they ever were, I was very respectful to them, helped around the house, so when Maureen, who would sleep over in the guest room when she sat with me, said that the mattress in the guest room was in bad shape, knowing my parents don't like to spend money on much of anything, suggested that she share my bed rather then buy a new mattress, my parents went for it, hook, line and sinker.

The first night we slept together, I couldn't believe what I had been missing all this time, having Maureen's hot body next to me all night and her pussy to eat first thing in the morning, her cum filling my mouth and I hate the days she's not here.

We had been sleeping together for two weeks when we came in, after school on Thursday and Maureen said we were going to spend the night in bed, picking me up, after I had undressed both of us. She carried me into my bedroom, put me on the bed, pinned my legs back and started to lick my pussy, slipped her tongue inside my cunt, then started to suck on my clit and this time the feeling was different.

My body was shaking, I was moaning so loud the walls shook and then for the first time in my life, I came, my pussy juice was filling up Maureen's mouth, while at the same time, running over my asshole. I was thirteen and a half, finally had the first orgasm of my life, my whole body was shaking and Maureen kept eating my boiling hot pussy, until I screamed out loud, as I came again. She didn't stop there, she was eating my pussy like it was going to disappear and it only took another minute before I was spraying her with my cunt juice again, but this time it was so intense, I blacked out for a bit.

When I opened my eyes, Maureen was laying on top of me, kissed me, which made me open my mouth and gave me a mouthful of my own cum. I was so excited that she did this for me, I told her that I loved her, she kissed me again and told me she loved me too. God, I never felt this good in my whole life and I owed it all to my mistress, the love of my life.

We spent the whole night in bed, did a sixty-nine twice, I fist fucked Maureen twice, she made me get on all fours, so that when I came, it would shoot down into her mouth, like I was pissing in her mouth. Since I was only thirteen and a half and agile as all hell, so much so that Maureen made me eat my own pussy for her and swallow my own cum, which to me, didn't taste as good as her cum.

From that time on, we slept in a cum soaked bed every night she was there and it was quite a while before we slept on dry sheets when we were together. I also grew hair around my pussy and tits, much to Maureen's delight and now when we to the movies or somewhere on the weekends, I wasn't allowed to wear any underwear or pants and Maureen bought me high heels to wear so that I looked like a little slut, a look she loved.

When I turned eighteen, Maureen took me on a lesbian cruise, where she booked the honeymoon suite for us and we got introduced to the strap-on by two ladies who really enjoyed using one on each other. I really wanted to use one on Maureen, so the ladies let me borrow one of the many they had.

I took Maureen into our cabin, undressed her while kissing every part of her body, got her so hot she was going to scream if I didn't make love to her, blindfolded her and stretched her out on the bed, making her a little crazy. I got between her legs, licked her sweet pussy until I thought she was going to cum, put on the strap-on and spread her legs as wide as they would go.

I pushed the head of the strap-on into her pussy, her whole body came off the bed, driving even more of the "cock" into her cunt so that it was now almost all the way in and moaned real loud, "Oh God! Oh God!" while I drove it in all the way to the hilt. The two nice ladies had given me a verbal crash course on how to fuck Maureen with it, so I did what they had said and moved it in and out of her sweet pussy real slow.

Maureen was now moaning like a bitch in heat, so I did what the ladies said and started giving it to her faster and harder. Maureen now wrapped her legs around me, a feeling that almost made me cum and said, "Yes baby, yes, give it to me baby, give it to me." So I did what the lady suggested, took her legs and pinned them back to her shoulders and started fucking her as hard and as fast as I could.

Maureen's whole body was shaking now, she had saliva running out of the corner of her mouth and she was panting like a race horse, while in between pants, telling me to fuck her harder. Then her whole body stiffened up, she was panting, "Baby, oh god baby, oh God!" My whole pussy area was enveloped with Maureen's red hot cum. Cum poured out of her pussy like a water main had broken and she just lay there gasping for breath for a couple of minutes before she could talk again.

When she could talk again, she wrapped her arms and legs around me and said, "I love you baby, I love you, fuck me some more."

Needless to say the rest of the cruise was totally awesome and I really, really enjoyed fucking Maureen with the strap-on because I could get her to beg me to fuck her, like a little tramp. Maureen had become a real estate sales woman for a big company and since my parents were desperate for me to go to college, Maureen had her company move her to the city I was going to go to college.

She was making real good money, so she bought a two bedroom townhouse for us in a very up scale neighborhood and believe it or not, my parents were very grateful to Maureen for being there to take care of me. My college life with Maureen is a another story, but she does take very, very good care of me, giving me a daily supply of the best tasting pussy juice in the world.



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    Amazing story and probably completely true.