It was that time of day again, I worked as a janitor at a prestigious law firm run by the bitchiest ice queen alive. She was an epiphany of sexual beauty but with the mindset of a pit bull.

That fucking bitch was always on my case, bitching about not cleaning the windows properly, not emptying the trashcan when there wasn't anything in it an so on. This had been going on for almost a year now. I was really pissed at the bitch, man I wished there was some way to get back at her.

I finally managed to persuade the supervisor to put me on the night shift so I wouldn't have to put up with her anymore.

I didn't see her for maybe four weeks or so, until one late Friday night when I was doing the rounds.

Part of my nighttime duties was to go check that all the office doors were locked. I went through all of the associates doors and they were all locked.

But when I reached her door I found that it wasn't locked.

That's when the devil found me so to speak, I decided to go in and see if there was something I could do to get revenge.

I slowly opened the door, the desk light was still on. "Shit, maybe she's still here." I thought to myself.

I carefully looked into the office, there she was, lying on the couch sleeping.

On the table was a half empty bottle of Jack Daniels. I figured that I would go in and get a closer look at her, she was so damn hot! Though she was a total bitch.

I slowly and carefully walked over to her, I looked at the table, the bottle of JD was recently opened, the plastic wrapper around the lid was still on the table. She must have downed half a bottle by herself. Only one glass and a set of pre-sealed bubble pack pills.

"What the fuck?" I thought, "Has she tried to kill herself or what?"

I picked up the pack, "fluphenazine," it took a while for me to make the connection.

"Rohypnol," a very strong and very illegal sedative.

Man if she had downed half a bottle of Jackie D and a rophy she would be dead to the world for several hours. If she also took the other drug she would be dead period.

The devil inside smiled at the god sent opportunity.

I stepped over to her and grabbed her shoulder, - "Miss Lassiter!" I called as I shook her, "Miss Lassiter! Wake up!"

Nothing, she just continued her slow calm breathing as if nothing had happened.

This was just too good to be true, but if there was even a hint of a chance it was real I would definitely try and get as much as possible out of it.

I looked down at her perfect face, so sweet when she was sleeping.

She had the face of an angel, perfect in all aspects, her long flowing auburn hair was released from its usual knot framing her face in the most exquisite way.

Looking lower her moderately large bosom was just a foot away from my now shaking hands.

She had removed her usual jacket revealing the thin flimsy fabric of her white blouse. It hinted of the gorgeous cleavage that lay beneath.

A slender and well toned waist, no doubt from some kind of aerobic exercise, made a perfect curve with her perfectly rounded hips. Her long legs would make even a supermodel jealous.

Her skirt had ridden up mid thigh showing off her firm flesh.

I finally decided what to do, I would fuck her. Then and there I was going to take her, dumping as many loads of my baby juice in her unprotected womb as humanly possible.

She can't have been more than 30 years old, just a couple of years older than me.

When the decision had finally taken a firm hold of me I bent down and unbuttoned her blouse. Button after button came undone, I opened it up and to my delight found a bra with the clasp at the front.

The white lacy bra perfectly accentuated her breast, I stopped and made a mental photo of her this way.

Finally I reached for the clasp, my hands shaking a bit as I figured out the mechanism.

It came undone, her breasts were finally revealed to me, firm yet not surgically enhanced. Like every other part of her body completely perfect.

I played around with her boobs for a minute before reaching down and pulling her skirt up higher.

Into my sight came the sexiest of white panties I had ever seen, a flimsy lace thong that just barley hinted at what was concealed.

I stood up watching her as I slowly undressed, my raging hard on making it difficult to remove my boxers.

A minute later I was totally naked beside her, my cock standing in upright position rock hard.

I bent over her face and let my cock graze her lips, man was that a beautiful sight.

It dawned to me that I had my digital camera with me, I had just picked it up from a buddy before going to work.

I hurried out and retrieved it up from my carriage.

Back in her office I straddled her face taking several shots of my cock resting against her face. With a slight nudge I managed to open up her mouth and insert the head of my dick. Another couple of shots of this breathtaking image. Her breath on my shaft made it difficult to restrain myself. Her tongue was trying to adjust to the intrusion but the only thing it managed to do was stimulate me in the most erotic way.

Reluctantly I withdrew from her taking pictures of her lying there.

I reached down and managed to pull down her thong, she was totally clean. Shaved, or maybe waxed. My mouth watered as I took shot after shot as I undressed her.

Finally I managed to get her panties off completely, My cock was throbbing with excitement. There she was, the daily torment of my life at my mercy.

Spreading her legs I bent forward and stole my first taste of her sweet pussy.

I lapped for a couple of minutes making sure she was all wet before mounting her.

I flipped her over. Pulling her legs down on the floor, giving me a perfect view of her tight ass. Slowly, as if in a dream, I positioned myself behind her. I spread her legs giving me better access to her.

My cock lodged in nicely between her buttocks, I slowly let it run up and down her crack a couple of times before I put it at her entrance.

She was still slick from my saliva, the head popped inside but she was way tighter than I had imagined, It was as if she hadn't had sex in a long time.

Maybe that's why she was such a bitch...

Slowly I eased myself into her, she was tight as a vice. My cock throbbed and pulsated inside of her. All this time I had the camera in my hand shooting from every imaginable angle my penetration of this bitch.

Finally I couldn't take it any more, I shoved myself into her, plowing her womanhood open with my solid manhood.

I fucked her like crazy, thrusting into her with an animal passion that was even surprising to myself.

With a final thrust I started shooting jet after jet of my white juice into her, forcing myself as deep as humanly possible into her I unloaded a monster load of cum.

I couldn't help the roar that came out of my mouth, but I didn't care. no one else was even on this floor, I had her all to myself.

When the last spurts of baby juice dribbled out into her unprotected womb I felt totally spent. I rested on top of her feeling her vaginal muscles massaging my cock.

Slowly I regained my breath and I pulled out taking care that I got good shots of my semi hard shaft exiting her cum filled pussy.

I wasn't finished though, I could feel that my erection returning.

I made sure to scoop out some of my cum from her pussy and taking several shots of the lewd sight.

I played around with her soaking cunt for a while until my cock had regained it's full vigor.

Again I flipped her over this time seating her with her hips at the edge of the couch. Her legs spread as wide as they would go.

With a gleeful smirk I again entered her, set my camera on automatic. The pictures would be for eternity.

This time I went slowly, I fucked her almost gently letting myself enjoy every second.

Suddenly she started buckling her hips, meeting my thrusts.

This shocked me a bit. What the hell! her eyes were still closed, she was still unresponsive to me pinching her.. What the fuck! Some kind of natural reaction to me fucking her"

After I had calmed down, I again started thrusting into her, this time with a bit more force.

I bent forward letting my tongue graze her beautiful lips, it wasn't long before I was thrusting both my cock and my tongue into her.

She tasted sweet, only very vague hint of whiskey.

This went on for almost ten minutes before I felt another climax closing in.

Her thrusting became more frantic, she seemed to be at the verge herself. I prayed that she wouldn't wake up.

Just as I was about to dump another load of cum into her she stiffened, her panting became ragged and the muscles of her cunt took a vice like grip around my cock.

When the first shot of baby juice hit her womb she climaxed, I felt her cunt milk my cock for every drop of juice. Shot after boiling hot shot of man milk was dumped into her as she writhed in ecstasy.

"Man was this awesome," I felt as if my whole being was pumped into her.

I laid panting on top of her for several minutes before I regained enough composure withdraw from her.

I was just about to get dressed when I noticed that she was awake.

"Shit! Busted! This means 20 years in the slammer for me. Fuck." I thought.

- "Thank you." she whispered.

"What the fuck!"

"Can we do it again sometime?" it sounded like she was begging me.

I just stood there dumbfounded looking at her, what the hell" I had just raped her and she wanted me to do it again".

"Please.. Don't leave me now... I need more. Please." I realized that she wasn't drunk at all.

Here she was, this stuck up fucking bitch who had made my life a hell for over a year, begging me to fuck her again.

To hell with caution, this fucking whore wants me to fuck her and fuck her I will.

I walked over to her and stood between her legs. My softening cock dangling in front of me.

"You better earn it then." I ordered. "Suck me hard."

"Yes master." she gladly agreed.

What the hell was wrong with this bitch, was she so fucked up she needed to be dominated into enjoying sex"

She bent forward opening her gorgeous mouth and wrapping it around my sloppy manhood.

She enthusiastically slurped my cock clean from our combined juices.

"All the way down your throat slave!" I ordered.

She immediately began swallowing my cock down, It wasn't long before I was hard again. The feel of her throat surround my shaft was so fucking amazing. I grabbed her head and started plunging my cock in and out of her throat, she just relaxed and let me abuse her face without as much as a peep in protest to the harsh treatment.

After a while I decided I wanted to fuck her again, I pulled out as she greedily slurped around my shaft.

"Bend over the desk slave!"

"Yes master." She complied.

She walked over to the desk but before she bent over.

I spoke, "Take off all of your clothes, no fuck toy of mine wears clothes when she's around me."

"Yes master." she complied willingly.

She dropped her blouse and bra, zipped down her skirt and stepped out of it.

"Leave the stockings and the heels on."

"Yes master."

"Now bend over, show me what a good cum dump you are."

"Yess master! it was almost as if she got turned on by my name calling.

She bent over arching her back to present her ass more invitingly, she spread her legs allowing me full access to her womanhood.

Slowly I walked over to her with my cock in my hand, "Please master, I've been a good girl, fuck me, please make me yours, use me as your cum dump, Use your slave... please master." her voice trailed off.

I was a bit shocked at how this played out but I wasn't about to stop, this was just too fucking hot.

I positioned myself behind her and pushed inside, her pussy sucked me in like a vacuum, man was she hot, my cum and her juices dribbled out if her as I shoved inside.

"Thank you master, ugh, thank you, fuck your bitch, please, fuck me hard."

I started a rhythm in and out of her, making her grunt as she received the thrusts.

I slowly paced up, I was fucking her so forcefully that she had trouble standing up.

Her grunting turned into yelps as I rammed into her from behind.

Only a couple of minutes later she was again climaxing. I pummeled into her with even greater speed and force. She shrieked out her orgasm. Her pussy griped my cock so tightly I was afraid it would never come out.

Finally her climax subsided, slowly I pulled out.

I shifted a bit leveling my cock with her asshole, our combined juices and her relaxed state made it easy for me to penetrate her ass.

"Oh god, yess... so fucking good master, I've never felt so good."

I was completely buried in her ass now, she was just panting as I let my hands roam her ass cheeks.

"You ready for this slave?"

"Yes master, please fuck my ass, please."

I started a slow rhythm into her, gently increasing the pace as I felt her anal opening squeeze my cock tightly. Man this was so fucking awesome.

It wasn't long before I was again thrusting into her with all my might.

She wasn't far behind, meeting my thrusts, trying to get me as deep inside of her as possible.

I wasn't really much for anal sex, I just wanted to make sure she knew that she was mine.

When I pulled out the head of my cock came out with a pop.

"On your knees and suck me clean fuck toy!"

"Yes master."

She quickly got on her knees and cleaned me up with her tongue after that she started sucking me down her throat again.

A few minutes of her ministrations and I was again ready to cum.

"Here it comes slave, swallow it all!"

I grabbed her head and forced my cock as deep into her throat as possible as I unloaded my cream into her.

Even though her face was mashed into my pelvis she managed to swallow my entire load.

She slurped and massaged my cock with her mouth for several minutes after I had come, obviously enjoying it.

With a loud sigh I slouched down in the couch. Miss Lassiter crawled up beside me and snuggled up resting her head on my chest.

A bit bemused by this behavior I put my arm around her.

"You have no idea how long I have dreamed about this, she whispered, ever since I first saw you when you started working here."

"Why didn't you say anything?" I asked.

"I couldn't, I wanted to but I didn't dare."

"So why do you want do be dominated like that?"

"I don't know, it just turns me on like nothing else, I've never tried it before but it just felt natural doing it with you. Fuck, that was the best I've ever had."

"So all the bitchiness" What was that all about?"

"It was hard for me seeing you without being able to tell you what I wanted. I guess I just jumped into the bitchy role I play at the firm as a way of covering up what I wanted."

"Okay. Makes sense in a way."

"I thought I had lost you when you didn't come around anymore, I tried using alcohol and these, she motioned towards the rophys, to at least be able to sleep."

"Don't do that again, those things are very addictive."

"I know.. That's why I didn't take any tonight. Only a couple of glasses of whiskey. I woke up feeling you thrust into me, I thought I was dreaming."

"Aha.. I thought you were out cold."

"You won't leave me will you" I couldn't take being left by you again."

"Nah. We have a good thing going here, I won't go anywhere."


  • Anonymous said:
    4 years ago
    made me fee randy wishing that the woman had been me [a gay] and that the guy had been three black brothers - all super-hung.l