Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to wear a red velvet cape with a hood. Everyone was so used to seeing her in this cape; they quickly referred to her as little red riding hood. Little Red Ridinghood lived in a house with her mother and father on the edge of a big, dark forest.

Her grandmother lived in a little cottage in the wood and Little Red would often go to visit her, taking a basket of goodies with her. Ever since Little Red could remember she had been warned to be careful of the big bad wolf who lived in the forest. If she came across him, she was told not to talk to him, because he was bad and would eat her up if she did. Little Red was always careful, but she never did see this wolf.

Little Red loved to visit her grandmother. She was a very loving old lady, and her hugs and kisses always made Little Red feel warm inside. She would take off bright and early, and before too long she would be knocking on grandmother's front door.

Grandmother would open the door wide and have a huge smile on her face. She was always glad to see Little Red. She would open the door wide and welcome Little Red into her house with wide arms. Little Red would hand her grandmother the basket and grandmother would put the kettle on for tea. She would always say to Little Red "Let me have a look at you" and lift her onto the table.

Little Red would smile and stand quietly on the table. Her grandmother would give Little Red a big cuddle with one arm, and the other would slowly slide up under Little Red's cape till she found the join between her thighs and she would find there were no panties there.

She would smile to Little Red and tell her what a good girl she was for not wearing any panties. Then she would put her mouth to Little Red's and give her a kiss while her finger gently stroked Little Red's pussy, a finger slowly slipping inside to play with the clit. As this happened, she would slip her tongue into Little Red's mouth.

Slowly she would get faster and as Little Red began to moan, her grandmother would say into her mouth, lips still touching, "That's my girl, cum for granny," and before long Little Red would be moaning as she cam on her grandmother's hand. Then grandmother would lift her fingers to Little Red and she would suck her own juices from those knobby, old fingers.

Grandmother had started to add some very enjoyable things when Little Red turned 9. Now on visits, grandmother wouldn't let Little Red cum with just her finger. She would do all the same routine, ask to see how she'd changed, lift her to the table, finger her as she kissed her, but then when Little Red was about to cum she would stop.

"Does my little girl want to cum for her granny?"

"Yes grandmother, I would please love to cum for you."

"Well, go into the bedroom and get my special" With that she would help Little Red down from the table and the little girl would obediently go to the bedroom and bring back her grandmother's special. Little Red loved her grandmother's special very much. She handed it to her grandmother, who then sat on one of the large chairs.

The old woman lifted her skirts to reveal she also wore no panties underneath. She placed a harness about her waist, doing it up between her thighs and then adjusted the 8 inch black dildo that was attached. It had a smaller one on the other side, which the old woman inserted into herself for her own pleasure. She would beckon the little girl over with a crooked finger, then with one hand she would push the little girl's head down and Little Red would begin to such the dildo.

"Yes, little one, that is good. You are a very good cock sucker my sweet. Ok, it's wet enough now. Get up here and hop on grannies cock." With that the little girl would climb up on her grandmother, place her legs either side of the chair and slowly lower herself onto the erect cock, impaling herself there.

"Now fuck granny my sweet," and the little girl would begin to hump her grandmother's 'cock'.

"Ooh, you love fucking granny's cock don't you little one. Oh you are so good at it sweetie, so good on granny's hard cock" When the grandmother spoke like this, Little Red would fuck her all the harder. Little Red really did love her grandmother's 'cock' inside her. She rode it faster, feeling it hitting against her cervix, loving every minute of it up her.

The grandmother would rub over Little Red's chest where one day her tits would be. She would place one thumb into the little girl's mouth and then Little Red would really be off. She would moan and buck on the big dildo and please her grandmother to make her 'happy'. Her grandmother would smile and lower her hand to the girl's snatch, placing one finger against the girls' now swollen clit and slowly circle it, until the girl exploded.

When Little Red slumped forward, her grandmother knew she had had enough and now was her turn. She would give the girl a minute to get her breath back, and then help her off the cock. She would remove the harness and spread her legs wider apart.

"Now little one, after all that fucking you must be very hungry. Why not having some of granny to eat? Here my sweetie, snack on granny's cunt," and the little girl would smile and lean in to lick her granny's pussy.

Grandmother would slide forward just a little and hold her cunt lips open, while Little Red lowered her lips to her grannies and placed her tongue on her grannies clit. She made little circles and felt the clitty jumping up and down in time with her actions. Long ago, she had learnt that granny liked her to suck on the sweet clitty, so she closed her lips around the small nub and began a gentle sucking. Grandmother moaned, so Little Red began to suck harder.

"Oh my sweet, sweet granddaughter, you are one find clitty sucker. Oh yes my sweet, that is just fine" and the old woman moved one of her hands to the girl's head, to stroke her hair. She was beginning to feel the orgasm build and quickly grabbed two handfuls of Little Red's curly brown hair to keep Little Red's face lock onto her clit.

Grandmother began to moan louder and to buck, trying to fuck Little Red's face with her now sopping cunt. Little Red loved it when her grandmother began to really soak. Often grandmother squirted thick pussy juice into her mouth while she was lapping up her granny's cunny, and Little Red loved nothing better than to be fed precious pussy juices by her granny.

Little Red could hear the moans getting louder, so she raised one of her hands to granny's twat and began to slowly push one finger into the gaping hole. Grandmother always froze at this point, finding the feeling too intense to move. Little Red would quicken her pace and insert 3 more fingers in quick succession. Now she began to fuck her grandmother in earnest while sticking her remaining thumb in. Grandmother scooted forward so Little Red had easier access to her sopping hole and Little Red began to fist granny with gusto.

"Holy fuck little one, but you are one good slut. Ooh, I cannot wait until the day you have a man to fuck you so good like you are doing me now. Oh God little one, oh God, I'm cumming!!" And with that, grandmother let out a scream as she reached orgasmic delights.

Little Red kept fist fucking her grandmother. She knew from previous experience not to stop until granny pulled her hand away; it wasn't too long a wait. Pulling the child's hand away, she said "Oh sweetie, that was wonderful, now quickly mop up granny and your hand and then we can eat afternoon tea."

Little Red quickly licked her granny dry and then sucked all the juice from her hand. She had a broad smile on her face as she did. Afternoon tea was enjoyed and then it was time for Little Red to go home. As usual, Little Red's grandmother warned her about talking to the big bad wolf. But as usual, Little Red saw nothing on her way home.

A few months later it was Little Red's 12th birthday, this was going to be a special visit to grandmothers, she knew. Grandmother had been making all sorts of comments about 12 being a special age because after that a girl enters her teens and her body starts to change. So 12 was the real birthday to be celebrated.

Little Red had no idea what grandmother had in store for her, but she knew it would be good. As usual, Little Red started out for grandmother's house. On the way she met a woodsman, calmly going about his business.

"Hello Little Red, where are you off to today?"

"I'm going to grandmother's house, it's my birthday and she has a special surprise for me."

"Do you know what it is?"

"NO, but I know it will be nice."

"Ok, well I have to go that way, I'll walk with you."

"Ok" and they walked the rest of the way to grandmother's house, talking aimlessly as they went.

Little Red knocked on the door and the woodsmen parted company. Grandmother was there as usual, happy to see her granddaughter. She took her inside, but this time the table was laid for a party, so grandmother didn't pick her up as usual. Little Red felt a little sad about this; would she not get her usual lovely greeting? Grandmother saw the look of dismay and assured her, "Don't worry dear; I have a special welcome for you today."

Little Red smiled at her grandmother, reassured. Then she went and sat at the table, in the chair the old woman indicated. Her grandmother handed her a cup of tea and just then a knock was heard at the door. Grandmother went to answer it. Little Red could just make out the voice of the woodsman. Not long after, he entered with grandmother.

"Little Red, this is the woodsman as you know. He has come to give you your special present." Little Red was wide eyed, with a huge smile on her face. What could the present be? This man was tall and extremely muscular with bulging arms and chest muscles. He had really firm legs that looked like tree trunks and extremely tight clothes. Little Red could see he wasn't hiding it on his person. She was a little confused.

"Come here sweetie, come to granny." Little Red got up and went to her grandmother. "That's the way; now lift your skirt for the man, yes that's it. Isn't she pretty? Isn't that the prettiest pre-teen snatch you've ever seen? OH and oh so sweet to the taste too. Go ahead, taste her, she won't mind."

The woodsman looked at Little Red who smiled broadly and nodded. The woodsman lifted his hand to rub the girl's pussy and found her already moist. He then raised his hand to his mouth and tasted the sweet child.

"Mmm, yes she is really sweet. Come here Little Red, so I can get a better taste of you." Little Red went over to him; he lay on the floor and pulled the girl onto his face. She squatted on him like she had done it many times before and instantly felt his tongue part her nether lips.

Oh, it felt really good. He had a bigger tongue than granny and it seemed stronger too. His finger stabbed at her small girl's hole and almost filled her up. It felt wonderful and she began to moan loudly. A few more licks and he stopped before she cam. Little Red was feeling a little confused about that.

"Don't worry my sweet," he calmly smiled her grandmother, "There will be plenty more fun for you yet. The woodsman is here to give you a special birthday present, but before he does, you should really thank him with a quick fuck, don't you think?"

"Oh yes granny, I certainly should. Mr. Woodsman, how would you like to fuck me? Which position?"

The woodsman smiled. "Oh, lean over the table Little Red, I'll take you from behind". The girl quickly obeyed, pulling her skirts fully up. The woodsman got behind her and quickly jabbed his rock hard, hot 10 inch cock into her small, waiting cunt. Little Red gave a little yelp. She'd only ever had granny's 8 inch rubber cock up her, this was bigger than that.

"Keep still slut, my cock won't break you" The woodsman began to fuck the girl in earnest. He was humping her quite brutally and it was beginning to hurt a little. Little Red looked at her grandmother, who came to her side and stroked her hair.

"Hush my sweet. This is real man cock. You will love it, I promise, you just need to relax. Then she leaned down and began to kiss Little Red passionately, while the woodsman banged away at her twat. It wasn't too long before he pulled out, letting the girl breath just a moment. Her grandmother looked up, smiled and nodded. She resumed kissing the girl, while the woodsman once again made a jab for the girl, but this time he shoved his cock into her virgin arse. Little Red screamed with the white hot pain shooting through her arse, but the scream was muffled by her grandmother's mouth on hers.

The woodsman kept fucking her arse roughly. "Oh fuck, but this hole is tight. Oh my God, I never thought I'd have one this good." He pumped even faster. Grandmother pulled away from the girl and looked at her face. There were tears streaming down her cheeks, she was in pain from the arse fucking, the grandmother could see that.

She smiled at the girl. "It only hurts at first, but you will come to love this, I promise."

Once again the grandmother nodded to the woodsman and then he began to fuck the girl's arse as if there were not tomorrow. Little Red screamed again and begged for him to stop. The grandmother smiled at the woodsman who was obviously having fun. They were both getting off on the girl's pain.

Little Red moaned loudly, this hurt so much, "Please, oh please stop. Take it out, I don't want it. Granny please make him stop"

"This is your birthday present my sweet, you shouldn't be ungrateful" Then the grandmother reached around Little Red and began to massage her clit. Little Red cried some more, but quickly she began to quite and the tears lessened. The arse fucking wasn't as painful now and her clit was beginning to grow.

She softly moaned as pleasure began to replace the pain. It wasn't long before she began bucking back into the woodsman, keeping rhythm with his strokes and trying to get him deeper into her. She moaned loudly now, enjoying what he was offering.

"Oh fuck, that feels so good. OH OH, granny I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna..." and she screamed with the orgasm flooding her. This caused the woodsman to climax, dumping his seed inside her now no longer virgin arse. He gave one quick pump, and then slumped over her body. It had been amazing.

Little Red thanked the woodsman for his present as he left. She turned to her grandmother and hugged her, "Oh granny, that was the best present ever."

"Yes little one, I knew you would love man cock much better than my rubber one. I wanted to be here the first time you experienced it, I'm so happy you enjoyed yourself."

"Oh yes granny, very much."

"Good. Now come here my sweet, granny hasn't had her fuck yet," and Little Red went over to her grandmother, to suck her clitty until the old woman got off. Soon after that it was time for Little Red to go home again. As usual, grandmother warned Little Red about the big bad wolf, "Remember, don't talk to him, he'll eat you up!" and with that Little Red started off.

It had gotten a lot darker in the wood since she had left home. She could still see, but only just. Carefully, Little Red picked her way along the familiar path, toward home. She had gotten just out of view of grandmother's house and still not in view of her own, when she saw someone moving in the bushes. Little Red stopped and strained to get a better look. It didn't take long to realise it was the wolf. Her heart pounded. Was this the big, bad wolf everyone talked about? Would he really eat her? She didn't want to find out, so tried to quietly sneak away.

"Hello there Little Red, where are you off to then?" asked the wolf.

"Nowhere, just on my way home."

"Oh, would you mind if I came with you? I'm a bit lonely you see. No-one ever talks to me."

"Oh" said Little Red, feeling a little sorry for the wolf, "Well, I guess it would be ok. You won't try t- to... eat me will you?"

"Eat you? No, I don't eat people. Where did you get that idea from Little Red?" asked the wolf as he was now beside her on the path.

"Oh, it's what everyone says. They say if you talk to the wolf he'll eat you. I'm sorry if that is wrong, I didn't know," and she turned to start walking.

"Never mind dear," said the wolf as he pounced on her, pushing her to all fours on the ground. "I used to eat little girls, but now I like to fuck them instead," and he began humping his cock toward her.

Little Red was in shock and didn't try to fight him off. A few more quick stabs between her legs and he found his mark. His cock slid home as if it has always belonged here. He thrust vigorously in her, pumping strongly with his powerful back legs, while his front paws held her still.

Little Red didn't have enough time to comprehend what was going on; she went straight from shock to horny. The humping in her tight pussy had caused her to wetten quickly. She could feel the wolf fucking her with his hard cock and she loved the feel.

Suddenly, she felt something trying to push into her cunt. It felt large and was putting pressure on her pussy lips to part. A couple more thrusts and the wolf had his knot inside her. He was cumming inside her in a continuous stream and Little Red was taken away with the pleasure sweeping over her, starting at her cunt.

As he thrust faster, Little Red could feel herself beginning to be overcome with arousal. She was moaning so loudly, she was sure someone would hear her and try to stop the wolf from fucking her to orgasm. He was thrusting at full steam now. She felt suck pleasure it was almost painful.

Suddenly, an orgasm like none she'd ever had before ripped through her entire body and she screamed as she passed out. It wasn't much later when she came to. She found herself locked to the wolf by her cunt. "What? What happened?"

"Its ok, we're locked together by my knot. It'll go down in about 15 minutes now, just relax."

"Do you do that to many people?"

"Fuck them? No, most are too wary of me. They think I'll gobble them up. Eat them sure, but I've always been partial to the taste of girl pussy. I've never actually eaten anybody."

They both laughed at this and not much later they parted. Little Red felt liquid gushing down her leg and felt kind of horny because of it. She knew it was the wolf's cum. "I go this way every Saturday to visit my grandmother. Would you be here again?"

"Why? You going to send someone after me?" asked the wolf suspiciously.

"NO! That was awesome. I was kind of hoping to do that again. Every Saturday would be great."

"Sure, we can do it when ever you like."

"Excellent, I'll see you here next week then, but now I really must get home."

With that, they both went their own way. Little Red lost in thought about her wonderful birthday, having her arse fucked for the first time and then taken by the wolf. She thought about trying that out with her dog at home, and wondered how the wolf would feel about doing that up her arse next week.

The End


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