Chapter 1


Connie was sobering up fast despite all the tequila she'd guzzled this evening. She sensed danger in the tent, felt the animal tension. She realized she was the only woman in here and all eyes were on her. She dug her fingernails into Matt's arm.

"Matt, take me out of here," she said under her breath, her words sluggish from the tequila.

"Don't be silly," Matt said, nowhere near as drunk as Connie although he'd put down a lot more liquor. "The show's about to start. Every vet oughta see something like this."

A hand started rubbing Connie's ass and she spun around. "Hands off, buster!"

The young Mexican showed his teeth in a dirty leer and tipped a green bottle to his lips. His companions, a half dozen shirtless Mexican youths, laughed at her. She turned away from them, searching the crowd for Billy, desperate to grab him and drag him out of here with her. To hell with Matt! He could stay if he wanted to be stubborn. She and Billy would find their way back to the hotel alone, even if they had to run all the way.

Connie scanned the crowd frantically, the haze of cigar smoke stinging her eyes and making her cough. Where had the little devil run off to? She spotted him at last, his blond head shining among all the dark heads. He was standing right at the front, at the edge of the circle formed by the crowd. He'd stripped off his shirt and looked lily-white compared to all the dark skin around him, and suddenly Connie feared for her son as much as for herself. She tried forcing her way through the crowd.

Matt grabbed her. "For god sake! Where are you going?"

"I'm getting out of here. I'm gonna' get Billy, and we're getting out of here. Let me go!"

Matt had her by the waist and pulled her against him. She wasn't sure, but she thought she felt something very hard against her ass for a moment. Matt turned her toward him. The Mexican youths were laughing.

"Calm down," Matt said. "It's too late to leave. The show's gonna start any second."

"Matt, I said I'm ..."

A cheer went up from the crowd, stunning Connie into silence. Matt turned her back toward the clearing at the center of the tent. A fat Mexican, smoking a cigar, his shirt open and his belly bulging out, led a huge mongrel stud into the ring. The dog looked like a cross between a Great Dane, an Irish setter, a German shepherd, and a Doberman. The dog growled, glaring at the crowd, and the Mexican cuffed it alongside the head.

Connie was entranced. What were they going to do with the dog? When Matt had suggested at the nightclub that there was a unique animal act in Tijuana that a veterinarian like herself simply had to see, Connie had been so giddy on tequila that she'd gone along gladly. Little had she known that Matt was going to drag her and Billy through dark streets and back alleys to a dilapidated tent that smelled like a combination barn and outdoor toilet. The tent was crammed with sweaty males, many of them very drunk. They looked at her as if she were a new zoo specimen and she'd begun sobering up immediately.

The cheering soared, punctuated with whistles and catcalls, most of them in Spanish. Connie couldn't believe her eyes. Making its way into the ring now was a donkey, being led by another fat Mexican. Astride the donkey's back sat a completely naked young girl, her tits well-developed for her age, her shiny black hair trailing all the way to her ass. As she rode through the crowd, smiling shyly, sweaty hands reached out for her, stroking her legs and feet, pinching her ass. A man broke from the crowd and shoved his head between her legs, biting at the black fur of her pussymound. An attendant beat him away with a riding crop, and the crowd's cheering crescendoed.

Connie stood there with her mouth open, frozen where she stood. She'd never witnessed anything so obscene in her life. Suddenly she remembered Billy and she panicked. She had to get him out of here. There was no telling what would happen next, no telling what kind of filthy show Matt had dragged them to. This was nothing for a young boy to see. She tried, but she couldn't move.

The girl unsteadily rose to her feet on the back of the donkey, her tits jiggling slightly, her black little cuntbush glimmering in the light of the bare overhead lightbulbs. Her toes curled against the donkey's back as she balanced. She squatted slightly, at the same time pulling apart her pussylips with her fingers. Her pink cuntmeat gleamed, dripping with juice as she flashed it at the crowd of men. The men cheered.

Connie was stunned, completely fascinated. She gazed at the scene, her heart slamming. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

The young, dark-skinned girl turned, showing her spread cunt to all the men in the crowd. As she displayed herself, juice began to trickle from her cunt and leak down the insides of her thighs. She bent forward then and tugged apart her smooth little asscheeks, showing the men her moist, pink, twitching asspucker. The youth who had felt her ass stepped up along side Connie, gazing at the girl's ass and muttering in Spanish, the muscles of his naked shoulder rippling as his arm moved.

Connie glanced down, her heart momentarily lodging in her throat. What she saw now was even more unbelievable than the naked girl on the donkey. The boy had his cock out and was slowly fisting it, working the foreskin off and on his shiny purple knob. Fucklube bubbled from his huge hard-on, running over his knuckles, dripping on the dirt floor of the tent. Connie started to shake. She felt a tightening in her crotch, in her loins. She looked away quickly, back toward the center of the tent.

The lithe young girl slid off the donkey. She was a dark, slim young girl with flawless skin, shiny raisin eyes, and upturned nipples at the ends of her large yet firm tits. The mongrel stud started to struggle as the girl approached it. She let the huge dog, which stood on all fours nearly as tall as the girl herself, sniff at her pussy, then at her ass. The dog's cock flexed, completely escaped from its hairy sheath like a long red snake. The sizzling dog prick, with its arrow-shaped head, squirmed and wiggled as the girl wiped some of her cunt juice on the dog's wet snout. The dog struggled so hard to break loose that two men had to restrain it.

The young girl slid under the dog, wiggling her ass in the dirt as she began to sniff the dog's prick. Connie watched in speechless shock, her head buzzing. It was as if she were surrounded by animals. She chewed her lips as she watched, aghast, as the young girl began to lick the hound's rampant prick.

Now it took three Mexicans to hold the dog. He put his snout in the air and howled as the girl swallowed his dogcock to the sheath and began to munch on it. As she bobbed her head, her tight lips sliding up and down on the dog's cock, her black hair swept the ground behind her ass. She gripped the dog's balls in her hand, squeezing them, massaging them. Her other hand moved up between the dog's legs and her middle finger wiggled under the dog's quivering, uplifted tail, the tip of it probing the hound's asshole. She twisted her small hand and deftly screwed her finger up the hound's asshole to the hilt. Suddenly she began choking.

The dog's cock slipped out of her mouth, shooting long strands of milky cum all over her face. She pumped her finger in the dog's asshole, squeezed his contracting nuts, and lapped at his flexing, spurting prick. The hound howled, humping frantically' squirting his cum all over the girl's cheeks, onto her tits, into her open mouth. She sucked up his cock again and sucked it until the dog stopped humping. Then she spit his cock out, swallowing his cum.

She slid out from underneath him and stood, smiling at the crowd as she wiped the dogcum off her body and face with her hands, then licked her hands clean. What she didn't clean off, she rubbed into her young skin like lotion.

Connie felt a hand on her lower back and she was about to twist away when she realized it was Matt's hand. She pressed her back against his hand, glad for the support. Her legs were shaking so that she feared they'd fold under her. Matt's thick fingers slid a few inches down into her jeans and the contact was comforting.

The Mexican girl crawled under the donkey now, dropping to her knees, reaching out to gather up the beast's dangling cock. As she massaged the naked donkeycock from one end to the other, it swelled and stiffened. The donkey began to snort as the girl rubbed herself all over his arm-like cock, stroking it with her belly and tits, hugging it, kissing and licking it as if it were her teddy bear.

Fucklube ran like thick syrup from the donkey's prong, trickling down the girl's brown stomach. She sat on her heels, her black hair brushing her beautiful round asscheeks, and she lifted the donkey's dripping cock to her mouth. As she licked the beast's throbbing cock knob, he brayed. She shoved her tongue into the open pisshole, fucking it.

Men helped steady the donkey as the girl blew him. The beast stirred restlessly, dancing on all four hooves. The girl ran her nimble fingers all over his cock as if she were playing a gigantic flute. She opened her mouth wide, allowing the entire head of the donkey's cock to fill it. Then she sucked, reaching her right arm out long, tickling his balls, which she could hardly reach, with her fingertips. The donkey's flanks quivered. Men shouted at him, holding him as he tried to rear up.

Connie knew this must be a dream. How could anything so perverted happen in real life? She realized that Matt's fingers had slid down farther, that he'd pushed them under her panties and was feeling her naked ass. His finger slid up and down between her ass cheeks, greased by the moisture there. She would have resisted him, but she was too stunned and too weak to fight. Besides, Matt's hand steadying her was all that was keeping her from falling over.

The donkey brayed wildly, trying to hump as the young girl sucked and jacked him off. The girl's hands became a blur around his cock. Suddenly her cheeks ballooned and she was choking. The donkey danced, humping, braying as he fucked his hot cum down the girl's throat. Cum poured from the girl's mouth, running down her brown skin like gray slime. She managed at last to uncork the throbbing cock knob from her mouth and gasped for breath as the huge fucker flexed in her hands, spurting hot fuckslime all over her.

It was like a fat hose spurting a milky glue. The girl grinned, letting the braying beast squirt all over her face and tits and belly. Gobs of donkey jism hung from her stiff nipples like frosting. When the donkey had stopped shooting, she milked his cock, sucking on the end of his knob and slurping down the thick cum as it bubbled out. Then she cleaned herself, licking off her fingers and smiling at the crowd of grunting men.

Connie felt drugged now, completely helpless. Her mind wouldn't function except in slow motion. The grunting of the men around her, most of whom were pounding their pricks raw, filled her head, along with the smell of hot, steaming cock. Matt was unsnapping her jeans so he could shove his other hand down into her panties. His hot fingers rubbed and pinched her swollen cunt and she found herself panting, moaning, getting dizzier and hotter by the moment.

The young Mexican girl bent over, bracing her elbows on her knees, showing the hound her ass. Her long hair hung along her cheeks now, the tips of it tickling the ground in front of her toes. The men released the dog and it lunged at her, shoving its snout between her legs, sniffing her crotch madly, licking her dripping fuckmeat. His snout twisted between her asscheeks, its wet, black nostrils rubbing her asspucker.

His pink tongue lapped up and down her asscrack and she wiggled her naked ass, gibbering in Spanish. The dog rose up on its hind legs, gripping her waist with his huge paws as he mounted her. His long red prick knifed at her open pussy, finding the cunthole in seconds. As his long cock sank into the girl's body, she shivered all over.

At that moment, Matt wiggled a thick finger up into Connie's cunt and she shivered all over too, the hot fuckjuices running out of her and into Matt's hand. She moaned out loud and she heard Matt grunt.

The mongrel hound sank his claws into the girl's brown skin. His tongue flapped as he panted, his dog-spit dribbling on the girl's lower back. He humped so fast that Connie could hardly see his prick. Only occasionally, when he pulled it nearly out of the girl, did Connie catch glimpses of the shiny, red, wormlike dogprick.

The young girl wiggled her ass, fucking her cunt on the dog's pistoning cock, churning her hot little ass against his hairy loins. As she fucked, the cuntcream ran out of her, sliding down the insides of her legs like a thick, clear glue. She tossed her head from side to side, muttering in Spanish. Her brown toes curled, digging into the dirt.

The crowd seemed to pulsate, grunts and groans and swearing poured from the men as they swayed dizzily on their feet, beating their lube-running cocks. Their eyes raped the young girl as they watched her squirm under the humping hound.

"Fuck her, give it to her, screw the shit outa her!" came the voices of the English-speaking men.

And words uttered in the same lustful tones came in Spanish from the mouths of the Mexicans. The hound responded by growling, clawing, ramming harder and faster. His furry loins hammered, his prick a blur as it pistoned.

Matt's finger pistoned in Connie's cunt, and Connie saw stars, her hot cunt squirming, the walls of her cunthole quivering and sucking. It had been so long since anything except her own fingers had been up her cunt that she'd almost forgotten how good it felt. She crossed her legs and squeezed them together, going out of her mind with the hot itchy feelings.

The hound started howling, his head thrown back, his snout up high. His flanks shivered. He suddenly dropped his head forward and rounded his back. He growled, his dangling tongue slobbering spit all over the girl's brown neck. His loins jerked powerfully and the girl's body jerked as if electricity were being shot up her cunt.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned, her head snapping back, her eyes rolling. "Unh, uhhhhh!" Her body shuddered, her toes clawing at the ground.

Two men stepped forward and forcibly uncoupled the dog from the girl. As his prick slipped out of her, he howled loudly and his jism squirted in sticky strands all over the girl's brown ass and back. The spasming girl cried out as if in pain and shoved her hand between her legs, clawing at her sizzling cunt as the dog continued to shoot all over her ass.

The dog's red cock looked like a beet-red, flexing candycane, and it shivered violently with each spurt. Before he was done shooting, the men allowed the dog to remount the girl and shove his spurting prick back inside her. Both the dog and the girl groaned in ecstasy.

Connie's eyes rolled back. She shook all over. She swayed dizzily and fell against Matt as the spasms exploded in her own cunt. She clung to Matt, grunting, humping, her fuck juices gushing into his hand as he finger fucked her to maddening ecstasy. As she writhed, completely helpless, her hand was taken and wrapped around a hot slippery rod of cockmeat.

Thrills shot up and down her arm as she massaged the squirming slab of fuckmeat. After only a few strokes, the cock exploded, spurting hot cockcream into her hand. She rubbed the jism on the pulsating prickhead and heard moans of pained pleasure. When she eventually opened her eyes, starting to recover, she found the Mexican youth leering at her, her hand full of his cock and cum.


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