One Saturday I was lounging around home when the phone rang. When I answered, it was George a friend of mine.

"Hey Bud, you busy?" George asked.

"Nope. Just watching a game on TV," I replied.

"Remember that fifty bucks I owe you?" He said.

"Yea, you've owed it to me for a month. When you going to pay it back?" I asked.

"How about right now?" George said.

"Sure," I replied, "But why right now? Are you at work? You want to wait and bring it by later?"

"Yea I'm at work, but I need you to come by here, right away and collect it," he said.

George works as security for a large department store and he works most Saturdays, so it wasn't a surprise he was working, but I was curious why he wanted me to come to his work place right away to collect the debt he owed me.

"Why right now?" I ask.

"Trust me," he said with laughter in his voice, "You'll appreciate why when you get here."

I figured what the hell, I wasn't doing much anyway, and besides my curiosity was getting the better of me. I drove over to the store, went inside and found the locked door that hid the stairs leading to the upstairs office complex. I picked up the red phone next to the door and dialed George's extension.

"Hey I'm here," I said as he answered my ring.

"Hang on, I'll be right down." He hung up and a few minutes later the door swung open and George grinned at me. "Come on up!" He said.

As I followed him up the stairs I said, "So why insist on paying me here? And now?"

He looked back at me with a grin and said, "Trust me!"

Moments later we reached the top of the stairs. George opened a door and motioned me through. I found myself in a small room with a large window on one wall showing another small room with a table and chair.

At the table sat a young attractive redhead. She was dressed in hip hugger jeans, slip on shoes and a short, tight top that exposed much of her midriff and was tight enough to show off the firm globes of her tits. As she turned I noticed how her breast jiggled and looking closer, I saw the outline of her nipples through the material of her top. She didn't have on a bra! I could feel my cock stirring as I watched her.

Finally I tore my eyes away from the young woman and turned to George.

"Can she hear us, see us?" I asked.

"Nope. That's a one way glass and the room is sound proof. She can't see us or hear us," he said.

"So why is she in there?" I asked, my curiosity aroused.

"I caught her," he said pointing at the window, "an hour ago shop lifting from the store."

"She had on that coat," he said pointing to a large over coat hung over a chair," and she had about $3000.00 worth of merchandise on her. That amount of money takes her out of the petty thief bracket and puts her into the grand larceny scale. That's jail time if she's convicted and I have her on tape so she is sure to be found guilty. She had some jewelry and a PDA stuffed into the pockets and several items of clothing stuffed under it."

"So what are you going to do with her? Call the cops?" I asked.

""I'm not sure yet." George said, "It depends on some things."

"What things?" I asked.

"Just things." George grinned, "But let's get back to your payment."

I shrugged and said, "Ok. So why get me down here to pay me?"

George grinned and said, "Well, I've got deal for you. I owe you $50.00, right?"

"Yea, so?" I said, wondering what George had up his sleeve.

"So how about a trade?" He said.

"What kind of trade?" I asked.

George walked over to the window and looked at the young woman in the next room.

"Her name's Tiffany. This is the first time she's been caught. I talked to her for half an hour and she told me some interesting things. Like she did it for the thrill and her parents would kill her if they knew. She really doesn't want this on her record, so I proposed a deal and she accepted. But it hinges on one other thing." He said staring at the girl.

"What's that?" I asked.

"She is a sexy thing isn't she?" George said.

"Yes she is," I replied, an idea of what he was going to offer in trade suddenly popping into my mind.

"The deal I offered her was sex for letting her off the hook. She's already given me a blow job. I figured I'd offer her to you in exchange for the fifty I owe you," George said, watching me intently.

That's what I had suspected but I was still a bit shocked as he voiced the offer. I stared through the window at the girl. She was attractive and I could feel my cock stir as I thought about slipping it into her sweet, young snatch.

"Well?" George said after a few moments.

"No one is going to know about this but us?" I asked.

George grinned, knowing by my question I was going to take his offer. "No one but the three of us, me, you and her," he said.

"Have you blackmailed shop lifters before?" I asked.

"Yep," George said, a smirk stealing across his face.

"So this isn't the first time you've done this. How often do you do it?" I asked.

"Every time I get a chance. About once every six months on average. Whenever I catch a young sexy thing like Tiffany trying to shop lift." George grinned, "Which isn't as often as I'd like."

As I listened to George an idea struck me and as he finished talking I said, "I have an idea how we can make it happen more often. And I'll tell you if you deal me in on a regular basis."

George looked thoughtful and said, "How often are we talking?"

"If it works, once a week or more," I said.

He grinned and said, "If I can get some young pussy once a week, you're on!"

I said, "Here's what we do..."

A few minutes later we both walked into the room where Tiffany waited.

"Who-who are you?" She asked looking at me.

"He's an integral part of our deal," George said. "He's the one you're going to fuck."

The young redhead stammered, "But... I... you said, what I did earlier..."

George grinned and cut her off, "No buts honey. The blow job was just an earnest payment. I told you before you were gunna have to fuck for me ignoring what you did. Well he's the one you're gunna do it with."

Tiffany looked frightened but seemed to know she shouldn't argue. She nodded her head in agreement.

George said, "Besides, we need to talk to you about another part we've decided to add to this deal."

"B-but you said..." Tiffany began to protest.

"I know, but we're going to add to it. You can try and leave now, but if you do I'll just call the cops," George said, "and don't think you can tell them about our deal and make them believe it. I have you on tape stealing, remember? I think they'll believe me and not a thief caught in the act."

Her shoulders slumped as she accepted the circumstances.

She let out a sigh and said, "Ok."

"As I promised, I'll give you the surveillance tape of you shop lifting but only after you fulfill the requirements," George said," First you fuck my buddy here, and two, you tell some of your girl friends how easy it is to shop lift from this store. Get them to try it. Of course you will let me know who they are and when they will be here so I can catch them.

"Don't worry, none of them will go to jail. They will be given the same deal you have, fuck or get turned over to the cops. As soon as I have the first one you send on tape, I'll give you your tape. So what do you say? Or do you want the alternative?"

Tiffany sat for a full minute then slowly nodded her head, "O-Ok. I-I'll do it." "I don't want to do her in here," I said, "Anybody can walk in and see us. You got a better place?"

"Follow me." George said to me then adding to the young redhead, "I'll be back in a few minutes to get you."

I followed George out of the room down a hall and into another. It appeared to be a storage room and had a desk with a couple of chairs stacked atop it, a pile of boxes against one wall and a couch with several more boxes piled on the cushions.

"Will this do?" he asked with a grin.

"It will do," I said pulling the boxes off the couch and putting them on the floor.

"Wait here and I'll send her in," George said. "You'll have a couple of hours so enjoy!"

I leaned against the desk as I waited. A few moments later George opened the door and led the redhead into the room.

"Ok Tiff, as we discussed, fucking him is part of the deal. Go to it!" George said.

She stood biting her lip saying nothing.

George grinned and said as he stepped out the door, "I've got the only key for this room. I'll lock the door and be back in a couple of hours unless you finish earlier. If you do, come find me."

After he closed the door I walked over and checked it to make sure it was locked.

I turned to Tiffany and looked her over again. She stood staring at the floor a scared expression on her face. She was young, 16 from what George had said, slim, and very attractive.

"Come here," I said.

She glanced up at me and I motioned for her to come. She walked slowly over to me and stood in front of me staring at the floor.

"Look at me," I said.

A few moments went by and finally she looked up meeting my eyes.

"OK. We have two hours, I said. "I'm going to get my moneys worth so..."

I pulled her to me and cupped her young firm breast. As I thought when I saw her through the window, she didn't have on a bra. I could feel her erect nipple against my palm as I squeezed and kneaded her tit.

"I-I-I'm not sure I want to. I-I think I've changed..." She stammered and I could feel her trying to pull away from me.

I jerked her hard against me and pinched her nipple between my fingers.

"Too bad little girl, it's way too late to change your mind. You're about to get your sweet little cunt packed with cock."

She used her hands to push against me, again trying to pull away and stammered, "I-I-I don't want to!"

I grinned, grabbed both her wrists with my hands, pulled them behind her and held them with one hand. I slipped my fingers under the bottom hem of her top and slowly pulled it up, relishing the sight as first I bared her stomach, then both her small firm tits. I grinned as they popped free of her top and I was treated to the sight of her nipples standing hard and erect.

"Please," she whimpered, "Please, I'm not sure I want..."

I cupped one of her small, bare, firm tits placed my lips against her ear and whispered, "Sure candy britches, I'll stop. But if I do you go to jail. So this is your last chance, choose, jail or getting stuffed with a hard cock."

We stood there for moments, me rubbing her tit, rolling her nipple between my fingers as it grew harder and more erect. When she didn't answer, I slid my hand from her tit slowly down over her stomach until my fingers touched the button of her jeans. With one flip of my fingers I had it unbuttoned. I grasp the zipper and slowly pulled it down. When it hit the bottom, I slipped my fingers into the top of her panties until I could feel her curly pubes and a moment later the silky feel of the inside of her cunt as my finger slipped between the warm lips of her snatch.

"Choose now," I said, "Jail or my cock." "I-I-I..." She stammered.

"Choose, NOW!" I growled as my finger slid up and down along the lips of her cunt.

"Please I-I-I..." She again stammered.

"Ok," I said, letting go of her wrists and pulling my hand out of her panties, "I'll go get George and he can call the cops."

"NO, PLEASE DON'T!" She gasped in panic.

I grinned, grabbed her and began to work her jeans down off her hips, "You don't want me to call George, then you must agree to the other."

"No, I... but..." She again started to protest.

I jerked her to me, grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back so she was looking up at me.

"I'm done playing games. You don't have a choice now," I said, grinning at her and pinching her nipple, "You're going to get fucked."

"But..." She started to say, then a gasp of pain escaped her lips as I clamped down on her nipple with my fingers.

"Shut the fuck up!" I growled, then returned to working her jeans down.

I pulled them down to her ankles and instructed her to step out of them. When she did I tossed them aside, grabbed her hand and walked to the couch. I sat and pulled her onto my lap. I leaned forward and took one nipple into my mouth. At the same time I ran my hand up her leg and pulled her panties to one side. Roughly I rammed my fingers between the moist lips of her little cunt. She gasped as I began to pound my fingers in and out of her.

"Th-that's a little uncomfortable," She protested.

I grinned and in answer rammed three fingers into her hard. She again let out a sharp gasp.

I grabbed her by the hair and again placed my lips against hers and said in a whisper, "I told you once, shut the fuck up. You are here for my use, my pleasure. I'll use you anyway I want. And you'll do anything I want. You got that?"

She didn't answer so I rammed my fingers into her with each word I spoke, to emphasize what I said, "Do-you- understand?"

This time she nodded.

"Good, good, now tell Daddy what you want. You want me to fill your sweet little snatch with my hard rod don't you? Go ahead tell me," I said, working my fingers gently in and out of her.

"Ah-ah-I, ah, want..." She started to say.

I put my lips against her ear and said, "No one can hear but me. So go ahead, tell me what I want to hear. Tell me you want daddy to slip his hard cock into your wanting little pussy. Go ahead tell me."

"Please daddy, put your cock inside me," she said in a voice I could barely hear.

"Come on little girl," I whispered. "I told you, no one but me can hear you. Tell me you want me to fuck you. Come on little girl tell daddy what you want."

All the while I had been fingering her snatch and it was starting to get wet. I could tell she was getting turned on, despite the fact she didn't want to. "Please fuck me daddy," she whispered back to me, a breathy edge starting to creep into her voice, "Fill my pussy with your hard cock."

I could tell she was starting to get into the game. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my stiff rod. I hooked my fingers into the band of her panties and worked them down, then pulled them off. She was sitting sideways on my lap with my cock thrust up between her legs.

I pushed her legs apart, reached between them and worked the head of my cock up and down her slit, coating it with her juices. Then with a push of my hips I slid the head into her tight snatch. She groaned as the engorged purple head of my hard rod stretched her tight hole. I looked down at the sight of it, my cock head buried between the wet lips of her young snatch.

I worked my cock head in and out of her for some time, watching with delight as it popped in and out of her slick tight box. After a time I grabbed her ankle, pushed her leg up and over my head, spinning her around until she was sitting facing me, the head of my cock still embedded between the wet lips of her tight little hole. I grabbed her hips and pulled as I pushed my hips forward.

"That's it baby doll, take all of daddies big cock. You like that don't you? Having a man's cock buried in your little pussy? You like being used don't you? Tell me you like it slut!" I said as I lunged forward and buried the full length of my dick inside her tight snatch.

"OH GOD!" She gasped.

I jerked her to me and slammed my mouth onto one of her nipples as I began to ram my cock in and out of her.

"Oh, shit! You're a nice fuck you little cunt! Oh god you feel so good, your snatch feels so good around my cock. Tell me you like it. TELL ME!" I groaned.

Oh, oh, oh, oh," she moaned, "I-I-I like it! More, give me more cock. Fuck me more! Please, OH GOD, OH GOD! PLEASE! I'M CUMMMMING!" She screamed. The pulse of her tight cunt around my cock was too much for me. I groaned and dug my fingers into her firm young ass cheeks as my cock throbbed, pumping my cum deep into her young snatch. I sat with her impaled on my cock for several minutes, enjoying the feel of her tightness. As my cock began to soften, I pushed her to one side, leaned back and said, "Come baby cakes. Papa needs a blow job."

The young redhead eyed my cum covered cock and stammered, "But...it's..."

"I know little girl, I know, it's wet and slippery and covered with cum. But that will make it all the more tasty for you," I said reaching for her.

Come," I said placing my hand behind her head and pulling her face down to my cock, "Suck it, lick it!"

She strained against my hand as I pulled her mouth to my cock. I took hold of my shaft, half erect as it started to reawaken, and rubbed the slippery head against her lips.

"Open," I said as I pushed my hips up and pulled her head down.

She resisted for an instant more, then my cock slipped between her young lips as she opened her mouth and allowed it to enter. "That's it sweet thing," I whispered, "Daddy wants you to suck on his cock. Be a good girl and make daddy happy."

We both sat still for a moment. Then I felt her tongue begin to slide up and down the under side of my hard shaft. A few moments later I felt her hand cup my balls. I leaned back, closed my eyes and reveled in the feel of her young sweet mouth as it work up and down my hard rod.

After a few minutes I reached over and stroked one soft firm cheek of her ass. Slowly I worked my hand between her legs, until my fingers were buried in her sopping slit. I felt more then heard her groan as I stroked her clit and allowed my fingers to glide in and out of her wet, warm pussy.

"That's it baby. Suck daddy's cock. You like daddy's big rod in your mouth don't you? You like the taste of his cum and the flavor of your own pussy don't you? You've shown yourself to be quite the little slut. To bad this is a one time thing. I could get use to fucking you."

As the minutes ticked by I could tell my whispered words and my fingers working her tight snatch were turning her on. I could feel her cunt getting wetter and wetter until I became aware of her juices dripping off my hand. I decided it was time to again fill her with cock. But this time I had a surprise for her.

"Up," I said pulling her away from my cock.

She looked confused until I said, "Up on your hands and knees. I'm gunna fuck you doggy style."

She turned and placed her hands on the arm of the couch, one knee on the couch and one foot on the floor. I marveled at the view I had. I moved up behind her and rubbed my cock up and down her slit, making sure I spread her juices over the puckered little brown eye of her rectum. I put the head of my cock at her entrance and slowly pushed it in, watching as the length of it disappeared into her tight snatch.

I began to slowly fuck her. I marveled at the sight of my cock, shiny with my cum and her pussy juice, as I slowly slid it out of her clinging snatch. Just when I could see the ridge of the head of my cock appear I stopped, then pushed forward sliding it back into her warm, wet depths.

For the next several minutes I slowly stroked into her, then I leaned forward and whispered to her, "Lay down, on your tummy. Daddy wants to try something else."

Obligingly I felt her sink under me until she was laying flat out on the couch, my cock still buried deep in her young tight snatch. I slipped one hand under her chest and cupped her tits and slid the other under her hips, placing two fingers on her clit. With long, hard, jarring, strokes I began to fuck her as I massaged her nipple and hard little clitty.

At the same time I placed my lips against her ear and started to whisper to her, "You like being daddy's little fuck slut, don't you? Spreading your legs and letting daddy use your sweet tight little pussy for his pleasure. Your wanting little cunt pulling at daddy's cock until you make him shoot his load of cum inside you. Tell me you like it. Tell me you want it. Tell daddy you want more. Tell me."

I heard her moan, then heard her gasp, "Oh, god! Oh, god! Fuck me. Fuck me more."

I chuckled and whispered, "So daddies little red haired whore wants more does she? Yes my little slut, I'll give you more."

I pulled my hand away from her tit and slipped it between my belly and her ass. I placed my thumb against her tight little brown rectum and gently began to rub. Slowly, very slowly, I worked my thumb into her ass. She was so turned on she either didn't notice, or didn't care. Before long it was buried to the knuckle inside her. I figured it was time.

I kept my fingers on her clit rubbing furiously as I gently slipped my cock out of her snatch and placed the swollen purple head against her tight little brown eye. She lay with her eyes closed, moaning as I rubbed her clit. She didn't seem to notice where my cock was until I began to push forward and the plum sized head of my dick began to slide into her ass.

Her eyes popped open and she gasp, "Wha-Wha-What are you doing to me?!"

"Why daddies going to fuck his little slut in the ass," I whispered as I pushed forward.

"NO! NO!" She gasped out in panic, trying to pull away from my invading cock. She couldn't move, for I had her trapped beneath me, my weight pushing her body into the couch.

"If you relax, it will only hurt for a moment or two," I whispered, pushing my hips forward, sliding another fraction of an inch of my cock into her.

"OH NO! Please! Take it out! I've never had it there! It hurts! Take it out! Please!" She whimpered, trying to squirm away from me.

"You, my sweet little slut are here for my pleasure," I whispered holding her tight, "And I am going to fuck you in the ass!"

With the last word I lunged forward, driving my hard shaft half way into her tight rectum. I could feel her shaking under me and hear her whimpering as I said, "Relax, relax. It will stop hurting in a moment. If you relax, you will like it."

I waited a moment or two more, then again shoved forward, driving my cock balls deep into her. I lay there for a bit, working my fingers on her clit to distract her. After a while I felt her shaking subside, and a bit later I felt her hips begin to move in time with my fingers. Slowly I pulled my cock out of her, then pushed it back in. For a while I kept the pace of my strokes gentle, slow and steady. But as I fucked her, and as she adjusted, my pace grew more and more rapid, until I was slamming into her.

"Oh damn! I like the feel of your tight asshole around my cock! You are a great fuck! Damn you're the best little fuck slut! Oh, FUCK! I'm cumming!" I groaned as my cock exploded, pumping squirt after squirt of my hot cum into her. Just as the first throb of my cock pumped cum into her, I felt her tremble, moan, then the fantastic feel of her anal sphincter muscles pulsing as she climaxed.

I lay on top of her for a long time, reveling in the feel of her young body against me, her tight orifice around my slowly deflating cock. Finally I pulled out of her and stood up. "Well my little redhead, I'm finished with you," I said. "To bad this is only a one time thing. I'd love to have another go at you. Well your friends will have to do. Wait here, I'll go find George."

I zipped up my pants, unlocked the door and stepped out.

I found George in the interview room reading a magazine. He grinned as I entered.

"Enjoy yourself?" He asked.

"I sure did," I replied.

"Debt paid?" He asked.

"Yep, Paid," I said, "Paid in full."

"Good," George said.

"Call me when she gets one of her friends set up," I said.

"Absolutely!" He replied.

"You should really go in there and fuck her," I said, "She's damn good. But I'm going home."

As I walked down the stairs I wondered how long it would be before I had one of Tiffany's friends impaled on my hard cock.



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