Stacy must have been 13 years old when my wife Mary and I were in the auto accident that claimed Mary's life. We were coming home from an office party one night when a drunk driver crossed the line and hit us head on.

Mary was killed instantly. I awoke several days later to find out I was a quadriplegic -- only able to move my eyes and facial muscles. Why did I live?

My immediate concern was what was going to happen to Stacy? Fortunately, Mary had a sister living in the same city who could watch after Stacy while I was recovering in the hospital, and later going through the rehabilitation center for six months.

Finally, my house was remodeled to accommodate my disability. My bedroom was basically turned into a care facility. A special turning bed was installed that would allow a caregiver and eventually Stacy to turn me regularly to avoid developing pressure sores. A full- length mirror was installed on the ceiling to allow me to see myself, as well as people in my room.

Life was totally different for me now. I had a caregiver who would spend eight hours with me to insure I was bathed, clothed, and fed. Since Stacy was only 13, and still in school, there was little she could do during the day hours. Stacy would help feed me dinner in the evening, and if an emergency occurred, she could call the caregiver center for assistance.

I needed help for just about totally everything. My caregiver had to assist me with my bowel movements during the day. I had a catheter that drained into a drainage bag that had to be checked periodically. I was totally dependent upon others for my survival. Why had I lived?

I had a call button I could activate with my mouth to call my caregiver during the day, and also Stacy in the evening. It was mine and Stacy's decision for me to stay at home, so her and I could be together. She was such an independent person. She enjoyed cooking, house cleaning, and she did her home work without having to be reminded. She enjoyed after doing her chores and schoolwork to be able to spend time with me in my room. Reading to me if I liked, telling me about her day in school -- about how she hated the immature boys at her school, etc. She always was good at sharing her feelings with me. However,

Shortly before the accident I had caught Stacy watching me make love to Mary. In addition to that, she was always bumping into me and taking a casual feel of my cock. The first time I just assumed it was an accident. The second time I realized it wasn't, and had a very serious talk with Stacy.

One day, things changed completely. I happened to look into the mirror and noticed that the area on my sheet near my crotch area was wet. Did a tube become disconnected? Something wasn't right. I buzzed Stacy, who came in right away. I told Stacy of what I observed. She slowly lifted my sheets, and discovered that my catheter had came out, and I had wet all over myself. I told her to page the caregiver service, which she did.

They called back and Stacy told them the problem. They indicated someone would be out within the hour to replace my catheter. Stacy came in and told me the news. She told me she would clean me up before the nurse came out so I didn't suffer any skin irritation. Then, as Stacy had prepared a warm washcloth to wash me down, I noticed Stacy's startled face.

I know she had seen my penis before, but as I looked up into the mirror, I noticed that my penis, which normally had a catheter inserted, was standing erect. I was totally embarrassed. It was bad enough that my thirteen year old daughter had to see her father naked on occasion, but here, with me having no control, my penis was standing totally erect!

Stacy slowly started to wash my penis with the warm wash cloth. I was praying to god the warm water would reduce my hard-on. But as she continued to wash me, my erection became larger. Stacy put down the wash cloth, watching my erect penis with awe. She placed her hand over on my penis, and began to play with me. I told Stacy not to do that, as I was her father.

"Stacy, don't do that -- I'm your father."

"But dad, this is so wonderful. I saw your penis several times before, but never imagined it could become so large." She slowly slid her hand on my penis and began to masturbate me. I too was shocked my erect penis maintained its shape. Stacy masturbated me for a full twenty minutes before the erection subsided. I had to sit there and stare in the mirror as my thirteen year old daughter masturbated me. She exclaimed about how wonderful an experience this had been, and promised she would never tell anyone.

Shortly afterwards, a caregiver nurse arrived, and replaced my catheter. I noticed from my view from the ceiling mirror that Stacy was peeking in from the door, watching very closely the steps the nurse went through in changing my catheter. She watched all the special steps the nurse went thru to be sure all was done to avoid contamination.

During the next several days, nothing was said about the "incident", so I assumed things would be fine. Then one day, after preparing me dinner, I noticed that Stacy was acting very strange. After feeding me and taking the dishes out of my room, she returned to my room, and was gathering some supplies from the cabinets. I asked her what she was doing, and she said she thinks my catheter is plugged, and is going to change it for me. I told her to call the 24 hour caregiver service, but she very quietly said she could now take care of me as she had watched the caregiver change my catheter several times.

Slowly, Stacy pulled off my sheet, and examined my penis. She cut the release valve, and slowly pulled out my catheter. She took a small washcloth and carefully washed my penis. In doing so, I began to notice how my penis gradually started getting larger. Stacy's eyes glowed in amazement. She dried my penis, and slowly with her right hand began to masturbate me.

I pleaded for her to stop, but she continued to pleasure herself and tell me how much she loved me and had always wanted to touch me. "Stacy, for god's sake, I'm your father!" I pleaded, but she continued to masturbate me for a good 30 minutes until my hard on subsided. Then she followed the procedures she had learned from the caregiver, and put in a new catheter. When she was finished, she told me how much she loved me, and that she would always take care of me.

For the next couple of weeks, Stacy would repeat this every night. Only now, instead of masturbating me for only 15-20 minutes, I was staying hard for almost and hour. Now, instead of using her hands, she would place my large penis into her mouth and suck on me until I subsided. I didn't ejaculate anymore, but my penis stayed hard longer and longer.

Then one night, after dinner, Stacy came into my room, wearing only a pair of panties and a bra. I asked Stacy to please not come into my room dressed like that -- it wasn't proper. Stacy insisted that she had been wrong the past several weeks, in that she was only pleasing herself, and not pleasing me.

"Tonight," she said, "I will please you as well." Then Stacy removed my catheter, and then removed her bra and panties, and slowing leaned toward me and placed one of her breasts in my mouth, and begged me to suck it.

I cried for her to stop, but it was no use, so I tenderly sucked her breast, and then she removed it and placed the other breast in my mouth. Then Stacy commented how quickly my penis had grown hard all by itself, and began sucking on my cock and pleasing herself. Then to my horrifying surprise, she mounted me like a prized possession, and carefully placed my penis into her loins and began to hump me like a wild animal.

She fucked me for about twenty minutes, emitting joyous sounds of pleasure, while I was helpless with nothing to do but watch her beautiful body in the mirror above taking carnal pleasure from her father. When she was done with me, she proclaimed her love for me, and promised no one would ever know our secrets.

Now I was perplexed at what I was going to do. My thirteen year old daughter was using me for her sexual pleasure. But if I told anyone, She would be removed from my house, and I most likely would be sent to a nursing home. I loved Stacy, and wanted to be near her, so I knew I could never tell anyone.

Stacy has now turned 18, and nothing has changed between us. She has finished high school, and is adamant that she will continue to live with me and care for me. Besides, she doesn't need to leave home, as she has me to take care of, and she has me to meet her sexual needs. No friends or family even suspect the secret relationship that Stacy and I share.

When Stacy and I are alone, she refers to me as her personal "sex toy" that pleases her to no end. I am somewhat embarrassed with our relationship, but am helpless to do otherwise. I guess there are a lot of others out there who would die to be "Stacy's Sex Toy."



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