The summer of 2000 - the beginning of a new millenium and my new job as a camp counselor for a girl's summer camp. The girls at the camp were mostly middle-class, coming from a variety of suburban enclaves, well- sheltered from the troubles of the world... from men like me. The girls ranged in age from 9 to 15, somewhat of a broad range, I personally thought. The changes over that many years in young girls are pretty dramatic. I figured there'd be at least one who had problems getting along with the others, one who would be...open...to my particular type of counseling.

It hadn't been easy to get this job; I was practically the only male on staff, except for one married cook and the aged groundskeeper. But I'd never been in trouble with the law, all my background checks came up clean and I used my smiling, coaxing ways to good effect during the interview with the dour spinster who ran the camp.

The first week of camp consisted of the usual: helping girls with their bunk assignments, breaking up minor disagreements, making sure they all had signed up for activities during the day. The sleeping quarters were the usual canvas tents on wooden platforms, inexpensive, but affording little protection from eavesdropping. Early on the fourth day, I'd noticed a sweet, lithe young thing, brunette with green eyes, crying silently on a bench near one of the tents. Her long, slender legs, exposed by her well-fitting khaki shorts, were crossed in front of her. Her bowed head and folded arms hid her chest from me but I guessed she was about 10, maybe 12.

Right then, the crying was what interested me most, as an opening into her confidence. Sitting down next to her, I placed my arm around her shoulder and pulled her to me, making soothing noises and gently stroking her shining, soft hair with my other hand. I inhaled her delightful, sweet aroma as she sobbed softly against me. After a few minutes, she wiped her eyes with one hand, looked up at me and simply said "Thanks."

I looked into her eyes, held her gaze for a long moment, reached for her hands and said "Anytime." She smiled, stood up, and reluctantly let her hands slip from mine as she walked away. The image of the gentle swell of her budding breasts locked inside her polo shirt collided with the view of her round little butt and long, slender legs as she walked out of my sight.

Two days later, I learned a bit about what had made her cry as I walked past her tent at a little after 9:00 PM, lights out. I heard voices from inside then, hushed but obviously agitated. I paused and listened.

"If Kelly's not going to do it, I'm not either!"

"Oh, yes you are! Who cares what Smelly Kelly wants, she doesn't know what she's missing!"

"What if she tells on us?"

"You won't, will you Kelly, or we'll make your life miserable, right?"

"No, I won't tell" I heard the voice of the young, crying girl from two days earlier. "Just...leave me alone, I don't care what you do to each other, I just don't want to do those things!"

"See, she's not going to say a word. Now come over here so I can kiss you."

I heard some quiet shuffling as several bodies moved around inside the tent, then the gentle sounds of moaning overlaid with the quiet desperation of a single girl crying softly to herself. My cock began convulsing in my hand as I squirted cum all over the ground. I hadn't even realized I'd started to jerk off but obviously my cock realized something my mind hadn't: inside that tent were several horny, young girls learning how to pleasure each other...and one sad misfit who was left out.

The next day as I was walking from boating lessons to lunch, I took a shortcut over a hill that most people walked around. Sitting on a rock at the top of the hill, I was surprised to see, was the young girl I'd seen on the bench a few days before. She was wearing a two-piece swimsuit, very stylish and very brief, but still sitting dejectedly. I walked up to her and said "It's lunch time, aren't you hungry?"

She had heard me coming of course, but when she looked up and saw who I was, she smiled happily, more happily than I would have thought but still, it warmed me up inside. "No" she said, "I'm not very hungry. I think I'll just sit here for a while."

"Kelly" I said, "...uh, your name is Kelly right?"

She smiled brightly and nodded her head, "Yes and you're James!"

"Yes, I am" I replied. "Are you OK? Is there anything you need to talk about? Are other girls treating you badly?"

She sobbed at that moment, her face momentarily darkening, her chest heaving up and down for a few seconds. I couldn't take my eyes off of her crotch as her legs began swinging back and forth in agitation. When I looked up at her face, I realized she had noticed I was staring at her slender, young body and I flushed, starting to panic that I might have tipped my hand entirely too soon.

"It's OK" she said. "At least you're a man. I don't mind if a man looks at me that way." Then she flushed and looked down again. I was certain then that I not only knew what was going on but had a perfect opening to get inside Kelly's pants.

"Kelly", I said, "I do think you're very pretty and I was checking out your body. How old are you?"

"Almost twelve" was her answer.

"Hmm. Are other girls trying to make you do things with them that you don't want to do?"

"Yes!" she said, looking up into my eyes. Her breathing was quicker now and I noticed that her nipples had hardened, as had my cock.

"Why don't you want to do them?"

"Because. They're girls. That's supposed to be for boys, not girls!"

I paused and weighed my options. I knew if I went too fast, pursued her too quickly, that I would lose her. I quickly decided.

"Kelly, let's walk down to lunch. I understand how you feel and I want to help you. I want to help you feel better. I want you to feel good about yourself...and your body...and what you do with it with other people. So, let's go down to lunch now and if you still want to talk about it, if you still want my help, slip out at midnight and I'll be waiting for you, OK?"

Kelly smiled brightly, leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and said "OK! See you then!"

As she dashed down the hill, her cute little ass wiggling back and forth, I pulled out my cock and jerked off on the stone where those sweet, round buttocks had been sitting moments before.

Later that night, I pulled on a pair of silk boxers and a flimsy t-shirt and stepped out of my cabin into the warm, summer's night air. The cicadas were almost deafening, they were all I could hear as I stepped down the gravel path toward Kelly's tent.

I stopped in front of it, pausing behind a tree that would conceal me well enough from an unwanted passerby if I held very still. Several minutes later, I caught my breath as Kelly slipped open the door to her tent and stepped out quietly. By the light of the half-moon I could just make out that she, too, was wearing nothing more than a t-shirt and a pair of underpants.

Kelly stepped lightly down the stairs and onto the path. I made a "psst" sound to her and she came to me, behind the tree. She hugged me, pressing her slender, young body against mine. I wrapped my arms around her, buried my nose in her hair, and reveled in the sensation of my erection pressing against her abdomen, nothing separating our nakedness save two thin layers of cloth.

I broke the hug, gave her a quick peck on the lips and said "C'mon, let's go."

"Where to?"

"I know a place, come on!" I whispered. I took her hand and led her off down the path. She walked along beside me, smiling in the half-moon light. I turned off the main path, down a narrower, rougher one. We came out onto a pond, fifteen minutes later, far from the camp.

"Come on," I said "let's go swimming!" I pulled off my t-shirt and looked at her expectantly. She smiled at me, nodded her head, grasped the hem of her own t-shirt at both sides of her body and pulled upwards, taking off the shirt and exposing her upper body to me in the moonlight. My cock twitched as I saw her nipples proudly erect upon the gentle, low swell of her near- pubescent breasts.

I looked her in the face, saw the willing trust in her eyes, and pulled my sleek boxers down around my hips, past my knees, to my ankles, stepping out of them. Kelly's eyes widened when she finally saw the erect fullness of my manhood gleaming by the moon's light. She licked her lips, looked at me, and I said "Your turn" with a wink and a grin.

Without hesitation, she pulled off her thin, white, cotton panties, dropping them to the ground and stepping out of them. Though I couldn't see enough detail in the soft moonlight, I was sure that her untouched womanhood was bare of a single pubic hair. She stepped toward me, I took her hand, led her into the warm, welcoming water of my private pond. The water shimmered around us, mirroring the moonlight, as I took her deep enough for her feet to leave bottom. Clinging to me, her arms encircled my neck as we embraced, kissing deeply, my tongue probing deep into her mouth, feeling out her lips, her teeth, her throat, our saliva mingling together.

Kelly's legs wrapped around my waist as she hoisted her body, buoyed by the water, higher upon mine. My cock began poking between her legs, against her butt, sliding into position against the opening of her 11- year-old crevice, pressing against the gateway to her womanhood, striving to penetrate into the realm it so desperately desired to own.

Sucking on her tongue, releasing it, I whispered into Kelly's sweet young ear "Is this better than what the girls back in your tent are doing, now?"

"Oh, yes, they have no idea!" she sighed as she pressed tighter against me, wiggling against my erection, taking it slightly into the opening of her underage sex. "Are you going to put it in me?" she whispered into my ear, licking the lobe at the same time.

"If you want me to. But if I do, I'm not taking it out until I cum inside you", I replied.

"What's cum?" she innocently asked.

"Cum is my sperm, it's what makes babies, sweetheart. Once I stick my cock inside you, I'm not taking it out until I know I've done my best to make a baby inside your belly!"

I felt her body collapse against mine, relaxing so much I had to grip her tighter, which forced her down further onto my hard penis, my cock head now entering between her spread labia. The warm water of the pond engulfed us as she spoke into my ear "Make a baby in me."

I shifted my hands to her hips and began pressing down upon them, thrusting my hips upward at the same time. My cockhead suddenly slipped all the way between Kelly's 11-year-old pussy lips as she gave a small grunt and a sigh. Relaxing the pressure on her hips, I eased my cockhead back out of her labia, put my hands on her hips, and pressed in again. Each time I did this, she let out a soft moan until my cock finally began slipping into her tight, underage cunt.

My cock pushed up against her hymen as I fought the impulse to just force my way into her. She gave out a small cry every time I pushed up against it, a little, tiny bit further each time, not wishing to hurt her. I asked "Do you want me to stop?"

"No, I think it can go in farther, just keep doing that" she gasped, as I pushed up against her hymen once more.

Four pushes later and suddenly her hymen tore, letting my cock slide another two inches inside Kelly's 11- year-old pussy. She let out a little cry, but I held her tight for a moment, the warm water caressing both of us as I caressed her. After a moment, she relaxed and whispered in my ear "Keep going."

I grasped her narrow hips, my fingers pressing into her soft, young buttocks as I pushed my prick deeper into her tight, twitching pussy. I kissed her, then looked into her eyes and said "I'll bet none of the other little girls have felt anything this good, have they?"

Kelly smiled, her eyes losing focus as her pussy began twitching against my cock, contracting against it as I continued fucking her tight little twat, pushing in and out, in and out...

"No!" she said, "Nnnnoo-o-oo-o-o-o!" as she began cumming, her orgasm making her tight, hairless pussy contract against my cock, over and over as she breathed in great, ragged breaths, her legs wrapped tightly around my waist, her arms encircling my neck as she came, again and again, against my cock, my cock inside her, pushing and thrusting, the warm, silent water of the pond making waves around our bodies as my balls began rolling, contracting.

I felt the tightening in my loins, just as she began going limp in my arms, nearly passing out from the pleasure of her first orgasm, I began cumming, squirting my semen into her 11-year-old womb, thrusting my crotch against hers, trying with all my might to squirt my sperm as far into Kelly's tight, young pussy as it could go.



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    I want to know what happens next. Will she have his baby?
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